How tall is Olivia Wilde ?

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Olivia Wilde's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies such as TRON:Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens and The Change Up. On television she is well known for House and The O.C. ThompsonHotels had a brochure with a nice description of Olivia: "Wilde, 22, a formidable beauty with a 5-foot-7 frame, goddess bone structure, and hypnotic, feline eyes.". Her agency also listed her at that mark.

Photo by Chris Hatcher / PR Photos
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DirtyOlBastrd says on 30/Jan/15
With 5'2" Kate she lloks huge, so 5'7" for sure :
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Judd says on 23/Sep/14
5'6" in my opinion
Miiiiiiighty_- says on 6/Aug/14
I have the same bodytype as you cole and kinda like Olivia..
Long torso.. Big armspan.. Short legs.. Very muscular... Bad posture
I'm always underbilled most usually 5'9 but sometimes people call me 5'8 LOL
I've even been referred to by a guy who's 5'6ish as " he is my height " LOLOL
The guy in fact is barely reaching my eyelevel.. I'm 5'11 ...
Sam says on 28/Jul/14
Even though she seems to have gotten a more of her fathers genes in the face, she's still a really attractive woman. I agree that based on build she seems tall but is just above average, not especially tall.
Shar says on 28/Apr/14
I agree with SK and Emily--I remember seeing pics of her in magazines like Self, Women's Health, or In Style (I think those were the mags)and thinking that she looked 5'4", 5'5"-ish at most. I very surprised to find her listed as 5'7" on IMdB. The long torso makes her look shorter. Gorgeous face, eyes.
SK says on 2/Mar/14
Agree with Emily. Wow. Olivia's short legs definitely make her look shorter than 5'7". I assumed she was around 5'4" and that she was 5'7" with heels on. Her legs are not only short for her height, but they're also thick for her overall frame. Not everyone can have great legs, but I expected her to have a better body than this. If you look at her torso only, she looks like she would be thin and willowy, but her lower body is another story. She has stunning eyes and looks great in close-up photos for that reason, but her very square jaw makes her look harsh and masculine at times.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Jan/14
He had a very strange perception of women!!!
Arch Stanton says on 24/Jan/14
LOL, the hotter the girl is the more Cranberries is likely to complain....
[Editor Rob: cranberries was a tall troll, he got blocked for some insulting comments.]
Arch Stanton says on 17/Jan/14
Rob how tall do her parents look to you? Click Here The mother to me looks about 5'9" and father 6'2" range? No idea where she got her looks from, but a lot of very good looking people don't have particularly good looking parents!
[Editor Rob: about those ranges seem a good shout.]
Arch Stanton says on 17/Jan/14
Can look 5'8", soooo smoking hot it's ridiculous......
(S)aint says on 13/Nov/13
she is my #1 women haha. I thought she was taller then 5'7" but I can live with 5'7" as a low.
Emily says on 30/Sep/13
She's a good example of how proportions can fool your eye when guessing height. Her weirdly short legs make her look shorter than she is.
anon says on 5/Sep/13
I think Emma stone is 5'5 and Olivia is 5'6
Nelly says on 2/Sep/13
She is tiny! I'd say 5'0 to 5'2. She came into the place I worked and I was standing behind a counter that has a slightly elevated floor, maybe 2". I'm just barely 5'4 and she was a lot shorter than me. She is much tinier in person than she looks on screen/photographs. And she was jaw droppingly stunning. Absolutely gorgeous.
172 says on 2/Sep/13
OC, those are angle shots which doesn't prove much. Maybe this site will showa better example:
Click Here
jess171 says on 31/Aug/13
Looks abut 2 inches taller than 5' 5" Ashley Greene and also 5' 5" Alicia Silverstone.
Link: Click Here
OC says on 28/Jul/13
If Rosario Dawson and Willem Dafoe are 5'7" then Olivia Wilde is probably not 5'7"
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cole says on 28/Jun/13
She has weirdly short legs, but I guess everybody can't have long legs. I'm 5'11 and my calves are sometimes the same length as someone 5'8-5'9, my torso and arms on the other hand, resembles someone 6'1-6'2. My armspan is 189 cm, that's pretty strange, right? As for Olivia's height, I have no doubts she'd measure 5'7 despite her short legs.
Ras says on 25/Jun/13
5'7 is the equivalent of 6'0 on a man, so yeah, not extremely tall but if you consider 6'0 for a man tall then 5'7 for a woman should be tall, so if that's the case this girl is indeed tall.
Silent d says on 22/Jun/13
Big forehead but she is stunning. She has a well proportioned body.I wouldn't say weird. Not everyone can have long legs. 170cm.
Anna says on 31/May/13
170cm looks about right for Olivia, she usually does edge out other females in photos.
little sue says on 6/May/13
Medeline I mean a long torso compared to their leg length, Kiera Knightley a good expample, long slim body but legs short in comparison, it works the opposite of course, Tina Turner had short body and long legs
Madeline says on 4/May/13
@littlesue you know some people have a longer torso then legs right?
Anton says on 23/Apr/13
170 cm sounds about right. How can anyone think Mila Kunis is attractive when there are actresses like Olivia Wilde appearing on our screens? Tall, strong symmetrical jaw line, demure facial features, husky voice, seemingly well-read/relatively intelligent (the first 'celebrity' I know of who has used the word 'cognizant' at all, let alone in the correct context :P) and a perfect, toned body. No one looks like her, especially outside of Hollywood, *sighs wistfully*.
Shelly says on 14/Mar/13
5' 4" is the average height for a woman (in the US), not 5' 5" or 5' 6".
someone says on 19/Jan/13
cranberries sounds jealous indeed...olivia's face is flawless
173 says on 6/Dec/12
ai says on 19/Nov/12
shes about 5'7, and no 5'7 isnt extrememly tall. considering the fact that 5'5/5'6 is average
Not in the US/UK, 5'3.5"-5'4.5" pretty much covers the female average for all ages 20+.
Elizabeth says on 25/Nov/12
I don't see how she can be 5'7. Her arms and legs are very, very short. She looks about 5'2-5'3.
little sue says on 19/Nov/12
Not in Britian, its about 5ft 3.5 to 5ft 4.5 depending on ages
ai says on 19/Nov/12
shes about 5'7, and no 5'7 isnt extrememly tall. considering the fact that 5'5/5'6 is average
173 says on 11/Nov/12
@Cranberries: short legs or not, she is fit!
Chiara says on 10/Nov/12
She does have very short girls. I know a girl that´s 5´10, and her waistline is lower than that of her 5´11 boyfriend.
Larc-186.7-188.6cm says on 4/Nov/12
lol, she's super hot, Cranberries is blind.

5'7 is good.
John says on 2/Nov/12
Cranberries....Olivia Wilde is a 9/10+ She is incredibly hot. And you are like a 4/10. I remember your pictures. Please, get a clue before posting rubbish like this.

If you need to work out your anger towards pretty women, please do it in a therapists office not here.
Silent d says on 22/Oct/12
She is taller than jennifer garner who is listed as 171cm on this site. Weird. Maybe camera angle.s Cranberries that is so harsh. You cannot compare her to snooki. I don't see the ugly side. Maybe i'm not that shallow. I would love to meet her. You are out of your mind. Hot! 5 foot 7.
Karme says on 27/Sep/12
She has short legs, i'd prefer being 150 with long legs besides this.
Shaun says on 27/Sep/12
I worry about you Cranberries lol. You think Olivia and Christina Hendricks are mingers, but I find them super sexy. Click Here she's more than just hot!! And if she is 5 ft 7 perfect height for a woman too. Not remotely masculine, exotic and alluring most certainly. Excuse me I need to take a cold shower...
Shaun says on 27/Sep/12
Are her legs even short at all? Extremely short legs would be Josh Brolin. Looks at the pics of her in that grey jumper and poncho she looks drop dead gorgeous to be. Only flaw I can see is her nose..
Shaun says on 27/Sep/12
Couldn't give a rat's ass about her height but Click Here She looks ridiculously hot. I give her 10 out of 10. She defines sexy!
Sarah says on 14/Sep/12
I too have met Olivia in april, and she's about 5'7.5
Ace says on 15/Aug/12
She does not remotely resemble an oompa-loompa Cranberries. First off, she is far from a butter-body, and while she has a moderately masculine jaw, it if anything just makes her more striking in terms of exotic features.
You are certainly in the minority if you would only rank her a 6 out of 10.
As for her height, she is an easy 5'7.
Silent d says on 23/Jan/12
Cranberries and eli you are out of your mind. She is really hot. 5 foot 7. Nothing masculine about her. I guess you don't like tall girls. She is tops.

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