How tall is Robin Thicke ?

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Robin Thicke's height is 6ft 1.5in (187 cm)

American Singer. He claims he's 6ft 3
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/May/15
For once I agree with Hypado...
Legit62 says on 17/May/15
Met him tonight. I'm wearing flip flops and he was in dress shoes. We were looking eye to eye when I shook his hand. I'm right at 6'2. I mean 6'2 on the dot. I wouldn't give him over 6ft 1.5in. In fact, I'd lean more towards 6ft 1.
Hypado says on 16/May/15
Robin Thicke's height is 6ft 1.75in (187 cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Apr/15
188cm is closer. He can pull off looking near 6ft3
James B says on 26/Mar/15
Rob do you agree this guy in pictures really does pull of looking 6'3? He's probably the tallest looking 6'1.5 guy i have seen.
Judd says on 14/Jan/15
Tetris why you haven't still published the proof picture???

However I think he's a very strong 6'1.5"...he could be precisely as tall as me: 187 cms!
MD says on 2/Jan/15
Not the best picture, sends Leo seems to be standing slighly in front of Robin, but here he is with Leonardo DiCaprio, and well, you get the gist:

Click Here

6'3" he is not.
sixfooter says on 31/Dec/14
Towered 5'10 Iggy Azalea when they performed blurred lines at the euro MTV awards, so my guess is 6'3
Joe says on 7/Dec/14
Looks 6'1" here:

Click Here
Larkam says on 18/Nov/14
he is 6'3. you have to see him to believe that.he is pretty tall
KROC says on 15/Sep/14
Please upload this photo. Robin has never looked anything over 6'2 to me.
Tetris says on 14/Sep/14
I met him a couple of months ago. He had a buzzcut (meaning his hair had been almost completely shaved) and he was wearing flat shoes. I was also wearing flat shoes, and being a 6'5 guy, in the picture he looked at most, 2 inches shorter than me. Maybe even 1.5 inches shorter than me. We were both standing upright as well, I had even asked him how tall he was, to which he laughed and replied, "You must get that a lot too, people always asking how Goddamn tall you are, I'm 6'3!"
I have the photograph for proof and if anyone (or Rob) wants it for validation, I can upload it.
God bless.
Brad says on 28/Aug/14
Had G by 7 in his twitter photo. As listed.
John says on 7/Aug/14
In 'give it to you' he looks 6'3
Joe says on 20/Jul/14
Classic fake 6'3", he has got that lanky posture and hair to make him look a solid 6'3".
6'1 for him, looks that height with Pharrell Williams and T.I
James B says on 11/Jul/14
Honestly he looks a 6ft3 guy in photos.
thicke lover says on 7/Jun/14
I saw him once in the supermarket with his son,i am 6*2 but i had to raise my head and my eyes up to look at his face. So yeah his a very tall man and he is charming and has a great personality and of course he has a wonderful voice .
You should chek out his song : love after war . ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
Balrog says on 4/May/14
He can look 6'2'', but I think current listing is accurate
No Surprises says on 29/Apr/14
he does look a pretty big guy. I would have guessed 6'2.
James B says on 15/Mar/14
He does look 6'3 or maybe even 6'3 1/2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Jan/14
"Robin Thicke's height is 6ft 1.75in (187cm)"

At the very least. His hair definitely brings him to 6ft3, though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Jan/14
Rob, I know I might've asked this before, but could 6ft2/188cm be closer?

He does look at least 2in taller than his father.
Mathew says on 6/Jan/14
Hmm I thought he could be the 6'2.5" he used to be listed at, but I haven't seen much of him. So I definitely trust the 6'1.5" listing.
Emily says on 3/Jan/14
His head looks small. Anyone agree?
MetalKid says on 28/Dec/13
What's the point in claiming 6 ft 3 when you're 6 ft 1.5? I don't get it. I'd much rather be 6 ft 1.5 than 6 ft 3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Dec/13
Egotistically he's about 6ft8
Emily says on 13/Dec/13
His charming personality makes him 6'4.
Karen says on 8/Dec/13
I saw him in person and he's very tall. He's most likely 6'3....not any less than 6'2
Ryan says on 29/Nov/13
He's a tall man. 6'2 is correct.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Nov/13
He really can come across as 189-90cm because he's really lanky.
pataan19 says on 26/Oct/13
Rob, this seems like a solid listing, however, if Robin is 187, his father Alan can't be no more than 182-3 nowadays, which makes sense considering his in his late 60's. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: 183 range today is likely]
Joe says on 5/Oct/13
6'3 in shoes
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 4/Oct/13
Rob, do you think Alan Thicke might've shrunk?
Emil says on 2/Oct/13
I\'m a star says on 1/Oct/13
I'm a 6'5, top of his head was around my eyes when I saw him to take the autograph,186.5 min and 189 max. in my opinion.

Sounds more like he's 6 foot if thats the case
I\'m a star says on 1/Oct/13
I'm a 6'5, top of his head was around my eyes when I saw him to take the autograph,186.5 min and 189 max. in my opinion.
Jer1 says on 1/Oct/13
He appears to be 6'2. I looked at pictures of him with JB Smoove and they were the same height. I just saw JB Smoove hugging Andy Richter (6'2) on Conan and they were head to head. (Interestingly, I've seen Smoove listed at 6'4 but I think that's incorrect. I tried to find him on here but his name hasn't been added, yet.)
SomeGuy says on 24/Sep/13
When I compare the difference between Robin Thicke and 2 Chainz in Give it 2 U and Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz in the the live video of We own it Click Here I dont see a significant difference. I would say 189 for both Thicke and Khalifa would be fair but theres 5cm difference on their listings here.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Sep/13
"Robin Thicke's height is 6ft 2in (188cm)"
truth says on 15/Sep/13
Dean Is right, 184cm at the absolute max.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Sep/13
I pick 188cm over 187cm.
Bravo says on 7/Sep/13
I ran into him at the beach, i'm 5'11.5 and he definitely had about 2 inches on me. 6'1.5 seems right on the money.
cole says on 3/Sep/13
Doesn't strike me as much over 6'1 next to T.I.
Derek says on 31/Aug/13
If not 6'3", could a full 6'2" be possible Rob?
Lala says on 31/Aug/13
Just saw him today and he has to be at least 6ft3 if 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 31/Aug/13
Maybe 6ft2 flat, Rob?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 30/Aug/13
Why, Rob?

Is it the hair?
[Editor Rob: his hair can certainly add a bit more, but just seeing more of him, his 6ft 3 claim seems a bit much to believe]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Aug/13
Rob, did you downgrade him from 6ft2.5?
[Editor Rob: yes I think he's got to be shorter than that.]
Dean 5ft 9.25 says on 25/Aug/13
Click Here

What do you think of that rob? Even with the hair hes surely 6ft 1 max? without he only looks like a solid 6footer? He just doesnt come across anywhere near as tall as listed IMO.
Dean 5ft 9.25 says on 25/Aug/13
If you look at the blurred lines video, he actually doesnt look very tall at all. Pharrell Williams is 5ft 9..and is close in height with the black girl. Robin stands next to her and is taller but 5 and 1/2 inch? Just doesnt seem it...Id say he looks 6ft - 6ft 1..Thats what Id of said before knowing..Robs not usually off though so he probably is at least 6ft 2.
Nick says on 7/Aug/13
Just saw him tonight on colbert report, if colbert is only 5'10" then Thicke is only 6'.
thick says on 6/Aug/13
6'2.75 seems legit
Derek says on 30/Jul/13
He does look around 6'2"-6'3" range. 6'2.5" seems fair.
Mathew says on 29/Jul/13
I'd say 189 - 190 cm is likely. I could definitely see him at 6'2.75".
Boo boo says on 9/Jul/13
Met robin at a concert in San Francisco he is tall I am 5'9 and he is the height he claims.. I took a pick with him and talked to him. He nice dude, and smells good too.
Xevan says on 6/Jul/13
Saw him on de dutch x factor, he is thin and really have a good structure to look very tall. I do think his height is what he claims, 6'3.

Great singer and entertainer tough.
Mathew says on 27/Jun/13
6'2.5" seems about right.
Hov says on 1/Dec/12
ya he's pretty tall, 6'2-6'3

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