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Ryan Phillippe height: 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films Cruel Intentions, AntiTrust, The Lincoln Lawyer and I Know What You Did Last Summer. He has said he is 5ft 9.
Comment on the Height of Ryan Phillippe

Ron said on 11/Sep/15
Hey Rob,

How much do you think ryan weighs? Maybe 150 lbs?
[Editor Rob: 150-5 range could be possible.]
MD said on 1/May/15
With a 5'11"(ish) Jimmy Kimmel:

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Kimmel's head is tilted a bit. I do believe he's a bit shorter than currently listed. Not much, but he's not 5'8.5"
Arch Stanton said on 30/Apr/15
In a big group of lads if you're legit 5'9 range you really shouldn't get called short as there'll usually be a fair few shorter. A proper 5'9" er should usually look in between in a fair sized group. A 5'8" range guy like this though in some situations might be the shortest and feel short, but it's lower average range overall.
Nick said on 30/Apr/15
Sorry Jackson but you're wrong for sure. I'm 5'9.5 and I've gotten. Crap for years from my buddies, just the way it goes.
word1234 said on 30/Apr/15
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These pics clearly indicate a serious downgrade for Ryan or an upgrade for Dan Folger. Either way Ryan is definitely under 5'8.5 thats just crazy for him
Sean said on 29/Apr/15
I gotta agree with Jackson, I know several legit 5'9" guys, and I've never heard anyone even call them short. Heck, I'm a flat 5'8 and short jokes are pretty rare. Sorry, James.
Jackson said on 9/Apr/15
Sorry James, you're not 5'9 If people make fun of your average height. You are probably 5'6
Clay said on 22/Dec/14
James says on 14/Aug/14
This guy makes me proud to be 5'9", whenever I get made fun of for my height, I'm just gonna reply back with "Ryan Phillippee's the same height and he gets all the chicks".

Im sure you have 10 out of 10 movie star looks like he does, hahah.
Ed82 said on 10/Nov/14
I just watched Lincoln Lawyer. He looked just two inches shorter than McConaughey, but then I noticed his footwear always had heels that gave him at least an inch boost, not to mention if lifts were involved. 173-174cm seems spot on.
Hypado said on 26/Oct/14
Ryan Phillippe height: 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

This, no doubt.
James said on 14/Aug/14
This guy makes me proud to be 5'9", whenever I get made fun of for my height, I'm just gonna reply back with "Ryan Phillippee's the same height and he gets all the chicks".
RobertJ said on 17/Jun/14
Just walked by him in downtown los angeles. Seemed easily a couple inches shorter than me and I'm a strong 5'10''. 5'8'' imo.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Dec/13
About right. LOL he looks lost and completely out of place in Gosford Park. He just looks too Hollywood for that movie!!
Arch Stanton said on 18/Oct/13
Yeah about right, two inches shorter than Matt Dillon in Crash.
Viper said on 11/Sep/13
Mccnauhey isnt taller than 5'9. After seeing him on video with 6'3 measured Vernon Davis I cant see him above that.
FM said on 27/Aug/13
I thought he was just a couple of inches shorter than Matthew McConaughey:
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Then I saw this pic:
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Talk about lifts...
Shaq said on 25/Jul/13
I think he wears lifts, sometimes he seems at least 5'9 and other times he seems to be barely pushing 5'6-5'7
Jason B, said on 20/Jul/13
He look more 173cm
refresh said on 13/Jul/13
on men's health he said 170cm
and i think he is 5'7
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Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
5 foot 8.
superman said on 21/Jun/13
i meant to say i think he is a flat 5'8 like zac efron can you see him at 173cm rob?
[Editor Rob: it's not impossible, 174cm though might be a fair shout]
superman said on 17/Jun/13
also he looks shorter than zac efron who is listed at 5'8 so he has to be a very strong 5'7 or 5'7.5 thanks
superman said on 17/Jun/13
what do you think ron downgrade him atleast the .05 of an inch?
[Editor Rob: it is a possibility he's not over 174]
superman said on 16/Jun/13
Inckuding myself and people who have met him, and on your site there is 9 out of 11 people who believe he should be downgraded, and dont belive for a second he is over 5'8. thanks
superman said on 8/Jun/13
hey ron do you think he needs a downdgrade at all, but 70% of people who posted beleive this guy is under 173cm, and even though ive onyl met him one time i would agree, but if you met him i for sure trust your anwser.
superman said on 4/Jun/13
like i stated before i met him at a soccer for his son game, he looked to be 5'7.5 inches tall i think your listing is perfect when he is in shoes. I agree with satchy, daniel, danMan and Lucy. thanks
superman said on 2/Jun/13
im a flat 5'9 and,I have only seen him 1 time at a soccer game for his son he looked 5'7 max and he was wearing nike heigh tops, so i would agree with satchy,and daniel. great site rob.
satchy said on 30/Mar/13
5ft 7 max
Daniel said on 25/Mar/13
He's only maybe 2" taller than Breckin Meyer, who I think might be close to 5' 3" (just watched Clueless).

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DanMan said on 30/Dec/12
No way is this guy taller than Marky Mark
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/12
Spot on I think, almost 4 inches shorter than 50 cent.
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
5 foot 8.
Lucy said on 5/Aug/12
5'7.5 max. He's not very tall.
Dmeyer said on 6/Jun/12
Solid 4 in under 5'11.75-6ft 50cent and shorter than 175cm statham , nothing over proper 173cm
Splitting Hairs said on 8/Feb/12
He only looked about 3-3.5 inches shorter than Freddie Prince Jr in "I Know what you did last summer", so given Freddies 6'1" height I would have guessed at least 5'9.5" for Ryan. He also towered over Jennifer Love Hewitt by a good 7-8 inches.

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