How tall is Scott Caan ?

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Scott Caan height: 5ft 5in (165 cm)

American actor best known for roles in tv shows like Hawaii Five-0 and Entourage. In film he can be seen in Ocean's Eleven and Boiler Room.

5ft 8 Don Cheadle with Scott.
Photo by PR Photos
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richkid123 says on 26/Jul/15
@arch Stanton ... He looks exactly like his father in person... The picture doesn't do the similarities justice
Arch Stanton says on 4/May/15
I don't think he looks much like his dad at all Carry. And much softer in temperament.
Carry22 says on 2/May/15
He looks and has similar mannorism of his dad James Caan. His body is definitely in shape but, odd. If he plays his cards right he can have a great career as a character actor, however I don't se him as a leading man.
1-89cm says on 25/Apr/15
Odd looking body,but good actor. Pretty short but no big deal
richkid123 says on 15/Apr/15
Legit 5'5"... Shortish guy
Shane says on 14/Apr/15
Have worked with him several times, but size difference is too much for me to accurately determine. He is taller that a 5'3 gal I know and shorter than a 5'6 gal I know. Very fit with excellent posture, trains Jiu-hits u and got his costar Alex into it as well.
Cat says on 18/Mar/15
Blonde, gorgeous, athletic and sexy.... 5'5" of total man 🏄
Sam says on 17/Mar/15
He is 5'5 or 5'5.5". Great actor, very athletic. Height isn't that important.
Josh says on 8/Dec/14
Rob, do you think he can be under 5'5 at some point of the day?
[Editor Rob: I think he pretty much can hold around 5ft 5, I'd be surprised if he really dropped under the mark more than a whisker.]
richkid123 says on 6/Nov/14
@Flowerpower He really is very handsome. I 've seen him in person
Flowerpower says on 24/Oct/14
Whats with all the anti height jibes , if he's a good person and personally I think he ,s gorgeous, and a brilliant actor, what difference dose it make how tall he is.
MarcusTheSwede says on 11/Aug/14
Marie: That was nice Said of you more girls should think like you
Powerhouse says on 23/May/14
@Max Yeah I think if they both straightened their posture there would be around 3 inches between them.
Max says on 14/May/14
He looks like a weak 5'4" next to Cheadle. Just compare the level of their eyes.
Marie says on 11/Apr/14
All you haters, so what if he is short, short is not inferior.

Dude is awesome and very hot. He just proves that height is not everything us girls are into.
richkid123 says on 24/Mar/14
He can look 5'6". Used to see him in hollywood here and there, thought he was shortish. Very built guy. Doesn't look like the type of guy to mess with.
Powerhouse says on 20/Feb/14
Something doesn't add up, in some earlier films like Ready to Rumble he looks every bit 5'5, in the film Novocaine he had maybe 2 inches on 5'2.5 Helena Bonham Carter, although recently he seems to look taller (I could be wrong) on Hawaii Five-0 and some of his more recent films and pics, not to mention in the pic with Don Cheadle. I wouldn't be shocked if he wears lifts from time to time although he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who is insecure about his height so I dont know haha.
Gina Maria says on 11/Jan/14
Well, I dated a guy 6' 4" that was afraid of his own shadow, so I don't see where height makes the man. I don't particularly care for big guys.
sam says on 15/Dec/13
MD says on 18/Nov/13
Hadn't seen this photo picture on his page. I think more than anything, it shows that the 5'8" listing for Cheadle is off, particularly when you take into Scott's lean.
LD says on 14/Nov/13
Love how disgusting being 4-5 inches below average height is to most people. Look at the comments here.

If Caan wanted to hide his height, he'd do so like Tom Cruise. The guy is 5'5". What's the point of looking short on screen if that height is fake?
richkid123 says on 25/Oct/13
saw him about a month ago and thought he was kind of short. Very built guy.... and hairy
yeye says on 14/Oct/13
Don is shorter or Scott is taller. Theres noe a 3 inch diffence in the pic. My call is that Cheadle is 5'7 and change
yeye says on 12/Oct/13
Looks the part of a 5'5 guy. He's a fairly good motivation for 5'5 range guys - looking through his videos on youtube he sure does have some hearthrob quality apparently. Many female fans. He is quite built.
Specific Jim says on 2/Oct/13
He'd make a great Wolverine. He's got the perfect height and build for it. He also has the gruff brawler demeanor that fits the character perfectly.
Powerhouse says on 19/Aug/13
Great actor, very solid build makes up for his lack of height.
cd says on 28/Jul/13
He's quite a bit shorter than his father, and his proportions are a bit odd, maybe he never maxed out his potential while he was growing?
Scarsdale says on 13/Jun/13
Yeah watch 'Enemy of the State' he's SHORT.
6-2Frank says on 11/Mar/13
He's listed as 5'5", so he's probably 5'3". Sounds right. He looks ridiculous on Five-O. Looks like he's always in a hole. Midget.
richkid123 says on 10/Feb/13
He does not look quite 5'5" in the photo, but he is leaning so that would explain it. He is exactly 5"5". right on the 65 inch line.
Woopie says on 4/Feb/13
He is way shorter than 5'5"
Kawela Rob says on 27/Jan/13
A lot shorter in Hawaii with his disrespectful comments about it
. Little mans complex luck of the sperm and spoiled....that's how tall he is.
richkid123 says on 8/Jan/13
I thought he was taller when I saw him, but he wasn't. Great actor, pretty solid dude, but he is a short guy.
leonari says on 5/Jan/13
What is this talk of 5'6" for Caan? Are people losing it completely now?? He is lucky if he is a full 5'5". The man looks tiny in every scene no matter the movie or show he is in. Folks: People look bigger on screen than in real life so looking as short as Scott does in films means he is tiny. Tiny= 5'5" and below.
Walkie says on 10/Nov/12
He's not 5'8". He's 5'6" at most. He's a creepy looking little person.
Silent d says on 4/Oct/12
jackie says on 26/Sep/12
It's not just his height he's oddly proportioned. His legs are way smaller than his upper body. Weirdly though despite all that I still find him hot. Not as hot as his co star but very hot non the less.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 15/Aug/12
Thank you, Rob and sorry if i posted that question in this page. I thought it was Rupert Grint's :S
ANDREA[ITA] says on 14/Aug/12
Rob, if you type "rupert grint robert sheehan" there are several images of them... How tall you think Sheehan looks? He's listed at 6'. Could he be taller?
[Editor Rob: he looks 6ft range, sometimes he can appear a bit more]
ANDREA[ITA] says on 14/Aug/12
Rob, if Alex O'Loughlin is really nearly 6'1, Caan looks closer to 5'6! Maybe a weak one? Even in the photo above there arent 3 inches, but again Don Cheadle could be shorter than 5'8... I think he wouldnt be shorter than a Jet Li, listed at 5'6! You think about 5'6 is a possibility?
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 5 and sometimes a little more, but maybe he wears a bit bigger footwear at times, it wouldn't surprise me.]
Rob Rage says on 10/Jun/12
Scotts Dad James is 5'91/2...It's odd that He is much shorter..Must not have eaten all the Growth Hormone injected meat that's been consumed by the past couple of generations...He looks great..and has a hit that trumps being vertically Challenged..!
Rob Rage says on 10/Jun/12
Scotts Dad James is 5'91/2...It's odd that He is much shorter..Must not have eaten all the Growth Hormone injected meat that's been consumed by the past couple of generations...He looks great..and has a hit that trumps being vertically Challenged..!

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