How tall is Scott Caan ?

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Scott Caan's Height is 5ft 5in (165 cm)

American actor best known for roles in tv shows like Hawaii Five-0 and Entourage. In film he can be seen in Ocean's Eleven and Boiler Room.

5ft 8 Don Cheadle with Scott.
Photo by PR Photos
Comment on the Height of Scott Caan

Ashley said on 30/Aug/15
So hott!! I think he might be shorter than 5'5 though. But either way, super sexy!
none said on 22/Aug/15
Met Scott at the theater he showed his play at the Falcon Theater in Burbank, CA and went to see it three times. He is very talented and a nice guy as well. Also met his father who is also very nice to talk to. Scott may not be very tall, but has a nice body with muscles in the right places. Will be seeing Scott again in Hawaii soon and cannot wait.
Aloha, Madeline
richkid123 said on 26/Jul/15
@arch Stanton ... He looks exactly like his father in person... The picture doesn't do the similarities justice
Arch Stanton said on 4/May/15
I don't think he looks much like his dad at all Carry. And much softer in temperament.
Carry22 said on 2/May/15
He looks and has similar mannorism of his dad James Caan. His body is definitely in shape but, odd. If he plays his cards right he can have a great career as a character actor, however I don't se him as a leading man.
1-89cm said on 25/Apr/15
Odd looking body,but good actor. Pretty short but no big deal
richkid123 said on 15/Apr/15
Legit 5'5"... Shortish guy
Shane said on 14/Apr/15
Have worked with him several times, but size difference is too much for me to accurately determine. He is taller that a 5'3 gal I know and shorter than a 5'6 gal I know. Very fit with excellent posture, trains Jiu-hits u and got his costar Alex into it as well.
Cat said on 18/Mar/15
Blonde, gorgeous, athletic and sexy.... 5'5" of total man 🏄
Sam said on 17/Mar/15
He is 5'5 or 5'5.5". Great actor, very athletic. Height isn't that important.
Josh said on 8/Dec/14
Rob, do you think he can be under 5'5 at some point of the day?
[Editor Rob: I think he pretty much can hold around 5ft 5, I'd be surprised if he really dropped under the mark more than a whisker.]
richkid123 said on 6/Nov/14
@Flowerpower He really is very handsome. I 've seen him in person
Flowerpower said on 24/Oct/14
Whats with all the anti height jibes , if he's a good person and personally I think he ,s gorgeous, and a brilliant actor, what difference dose it make how tall he is.
MarcusTheSwede said on 11/Aug/14
Marie: That was nice Said of you more girls should think like you
Powerhouse said on 23/May/14
@Max Yeah I think if they both straightened their posture there would be around 3 inches between them.
Max said on 14/May/14
He looks like a weak 5'4" next to Cheadle. Just compare the level of their eyes.
Marie said on 11/Apr/14
All you haters, so what if he is short, short is not inferior.

Dude is awesome and very hot. He just proves that height is not everything us girls are into.
richkid123 said on 24/Mar/14
He can look 5'6". Used to see him in hollywood here and there, thought he was shortish. Very built guy. Doesn't look like the type of guy to mess with.
Powerhouse said on 20/Feb/14
Something doesn't add up, in some earlier films like Ready to Rumble he looks every bit 5'5, in the film Novocaine he had maybe 2 inches on 5'2.5 Helena Bonham Carter, although recently he seems to look taller (I could be wrong) on Hawaii Five-0 and some of his more recent films and pics, not to mention in the pic with Don Cheadle. I wouldn't be shocked if he wears lifts from time to time although he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who is insecure about his height so I dont know haha.
Gina Maria said on 11/Jan/14
Well, I dated a guy 6' 4" that was afraid of his own shadow, so I don't see where height makes the man. I don't particularly care for big guys.
sam said on 15/Dec/13
MD said on 18/Nov/13
Hadn't seen this photo picture on his page. I think more than anything, it shows that the 5'8" listing for Cheadle is off, particularly when you take into Scott's lean.
LD said on 14/Nov/13
Love how disgusting being 4-5 inches below average height is to most people. Look at the comments here.

If Caan wanted to hide his height, he'd do so like Tom Cruise. The guy is 5'5". What's the point of looking short on screen if that height is fake?
richkid123 said on 25/Oct/13
saw him about a month ago and thought he was kind of short. Very built guy.... and hairy
yeye said on 14/Oct/13
Don is shorter or Scott is taller. Theres noe a 3 inch diffence in the pic. My call is that Cheadle is 5'7 and change
yeye said on 12/Oct/13
Looks the part of a 5'5 guy. He's a fairly good motivation for 5'5 range guys - looking through his videos on youtube he sure does have some hearthrob quality apparently. Many female fans. He is quite built.
Specific Jim said on 2/Oct/13
He'd make a great Wolverine. He's got the perfect height and build for it. He also has the gruff brawler demeanor that fits the character perfectly.
Powerhouse said on 19/Aug/13
Great actor, very solid build makes up for his lack of height.
cd said on 28/Jul/13
He's quite a bit shorter than his father, and his proportions are a bit odd, maybe he never maxed out his potential while he was growing?
Scarsdale said on 13/Jun/13
Yeah watch 'Enemy of the State' he's SHORT.
6-2Frank said on 11/Mar/13
He's listed as 5'5", so he's probably 5'3". Sounds right. He looks ridiculous on Five-O. Looks like he's always in a hole. Midget.
richkid123 said on 10/Feb/13
He does not look quite 5'5" in the photo, but he is leaning so that would explain it. He is exactly 5"5". right on the 65 inch line.
Woopie said on 4/Feb/13
He is way shorter than 5'5"
Kawela Rob said on 27/Jan/13
A lot shorter in Hawaii with his disrespectful comments about it
. Little mans complex luck of the sperm and spoiled....that's how tall he is.
richkid123 said on 8/Jan/13
I thought he was taller when I saw him, but he wasn't. Great actor, pretty solid dude, but he is a short guy.
leonari said on 5/Jan/13
What is this talk of 5'6" for Caan? Are people losing it completely now?? He is lucky if he is a full 5'5". The man looks tiny in every scene no matter the movie or show he is in. Folks: People look bigger on screen than in real life so looking as short as Scott does in films means he is tiny. Tiny= 5'5" and below.
Walkie said on 10/Nov/12
He's not 5'8". He's 5'6" at most. He's a creepy looking little person.
Silent d said on 4/Oct/12
jackie said on 26/Sep/12
It's not just his height he's oddly proportioned. His legs are way smaller than his upper body. Weirdly though despite all that I still find him hot. Not as hot as his co star but very hot non the less.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Aug/12
Thank you, Rob and sorry if i posted that question in this page. I thought it was Rupert Grint's :S
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Aug/12
Rob, if you type "rupert grint robert sheehan" there are several images of them... How tall you think Sheehan looks? He's listed at 6'. Could he be taller?
[Editor Rob: he looks 6ft range, sometimes he can appear a bit more]
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Aug/12
Rob, if Alex O'Loughlin is really nearly 6'1, Caan looks closer to 5'6! Maybe a weak one? Even in the photo above there arent 3 inches, but again Don Cheadle could be shorter than 5'8... I think he wouldnt be shorter than a Jet Li, listed at 5'6! You think about 5'6 is a possibility?
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 5 and sometimes a little more, but maybe he wears a bit bigger footwear at times, it wouldn't surprise me.]
Rob Rage said on 10/Jun/12
Scotts Dad James is 5'91/2...It's odd that He is much shorter..Must not have eaten all the Growth Hormone injected meat that's been consumed by the past couple of generations...He looks great..and has a hit that trumps being vertically Challenged..!
Rob Rage said on 10/Jun/12
Scotts Dad James is 5'91/2...It's odd that He is much shorter..Must not have eaten all the Growth Hormone injected meat that's been consumed by the past couple of generations...He looks great..and has a hit that trumps being vertically Challenged..!
Tommy Gunn said on 25/Sep/07
With regards to the post of "Anonymous" I totally agree with him, it seems that in many ways heights blown out of proportion. We should all be happy with who we are, it's our personality that counts!!
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/07
to the people who worry about their height,dont.I used to live in the US, many people there are obsessed with size and have a football mentality of being big,but none of the girls i knew there were especially attracted to height.In Europe where i live now,people care about size much less,its all about personality and many girls even dislike big guys.
glenn said on 15/Aug/07
i know recently i measured at 5-8 when i woke.a couple of times.
sam said on 14/Aug/07
hey glenn, just curious, when did u last get measured and found out you were five eight?
Michael said on 13/Aug/07
My parents: 5' 2''. Me: 5' 7''. Lucky to be at this height! Anyways, my bro is 5' 5'' and he gets ALL the chicks! Personality is where it's at. It's not the size, it's what you do with it.
colbertnational said on 11/Aug/07
hey thomas im 5'6 so we're in the same boat. when it comes to girls just be confident and dont think about ur height too much. i've noticed that taller girls are actually more attracted to me than tiny ones. take tom cruise for example he has been dating alot of taller women or james blunt who is dating a supermodel 3 inches taller than him.
Rubes said on 7/Aug/07
I saw him at a club in NYC a couple of months ago...I am a tall girl, but he was a widget...yet still very attractive!
Leung said on 6/Aug/07
Scott Caan has always been good value. Anyone seen ‘Ready to Rumble’? It’s a pretty crap movie but I remember the funny scene where Scott Caan is singing along to Britney Spears, a hilarious scene.
sam said on 6/Aug/07
actually my short problem essentially went away, "who cares", but ur right, there are always crutches, height or not, that we all need to avoid using
sam said on 6/Aug/07
ya, i skateboard so not to big of a problem with that but i definitly know what u mean about the ladies. height may just be an obstacle in ur head though, not totally sure on that....
thomas said on 5/Aug/07
i changed my name cause that just made me sound weak.....but scott does look pretty good even tho he is 5'5. For me my battles are mainly girls who usually pick on you the worst ha and sports because i had to stop playing basketball and football because my coaches would never give me a chance. I was talented enough they just thought it was not possible for me to compete. So now i just play baseball.
sam said on 4/Aug/07
depressed boy, i know what being short is like, always was until i was about 17, know what its like, i hated it, u could still get bigger though, i'm living proof, anyway scott caan doesn't look so bad at 5'5, let me know ur thoughts.
sam said on 4/Aug/07
depressed boy, scott caan may not even be as muscular as u sound, so look on the bright side, problably around ur height i'm guessing from what i've seen (5'5). but ur only 17, doctors arn't always right about this stuff.
who cares said on 4/Aug/07
I am 5`6" and my height has never bothered me. Why are you guys so depressed about being an inch shorter? Sounds to me like you guys are overly concerned about your looks abd using it as a crux for your failures, Life is too short to dwell on what God gave us, you should be happy your not a dwarf or invalid, retarded, etc... Count your blessings.
sam said on 4/Aug/07
also, depressed boy, send me an IM, (emericask84) we should consult about height, maybe we can work out some concerns, bet i can help, peace...
sam said on 4/Aug/07
scott caan always looked 5'5 to me, even though others doubted it. Hey depressed boy, i used to be shorter also, know what thats like. it used to piss me off too, felt embarassing, laughed at, pushed around. is that what bothers u about it? just curious. height can mess with u. you, me and scott, we know about this. let me know ur further thoughts.
depressed boy said on 27/Jul/07
i look up to scott because i am a 17 year old male whos dad is 6 feet and mom is 5 feet and i was unlucky enough to be 5feet5. I was told at 15 i was done growning at 5'3 but with help i made it to 5'5. Being short has made me suicidal depressed and i just do not enjoy life. Ive been through medicine and counseling but the only thing that helps is weight lifting cause i take out my aggression and i am one of the strongest people in my school. People do not mess with me acuse i let them know i have 17 years of hate and strength, but i am also a great friend. I weigh 180 and i am not fat because i have abs somewhat. So thanks a lot scott you are my role model.
Real said on 11/Jul/07
truthiness, good call on taller women being attracted to shorter men.. i'm 5'6 and seem to have much better luck w/ women 5'5-5'8

5'5 or not, scott caan is a badass.. kind of crazy that his dad is 5'9, but
my dad was 5'8, mom 5'5, and i'm 5'6.. so i guess it happens
Civilian said on 9/Jun/07
Give him a break. It seems that you are feasting on his height instead of giving a
reasonable response. He is 5'5 and definately not less.
Leung said on 6/Jun/07
Everyone is different. My colleague is only 6’0.5” because even though his father is 6’3” his mum is only 5’4”.

My parents are 5’5” and 4’10” therefore my chances of reaching 6’ were very slim, I managed to get to 5’11.5” which is taller than what my parents expected.
sidewinder said on 6/Jun/07
it happenned to me Aaron. my father is almost 5'10.5 and my mom is 5'1 thus i ended up being 5'7
Aaron said on 2/Jun/07
If Scott Caan's father was 5'9 then how tall was his mother? Coz I seen this sorta thing happen before where a guy ends up short even though his father is average but if his mother is really short than that's what causes it.
RICHARD said on 19/May/07
I guess Scott didn't have the same genes as his 5'9 father. 5'5 seems right
TheJerk said on 12/May/07
Thats not cool at all. People who would start something with you based on height must have nothing else to go on.
truthiness said on 27/Apr/07
You guys must be living in pretty tough neighborhoods cuz i am 5'5 and i rarely get any taller dudes trying to start sh!t. and yea i agree with you guys that society is messed up how they portray and treat short people. being short isn't something you have a decision over like race or ethnicity. And on the matter of women, i find that alot of taller women (around 5'8+) are more attracted to me than women that are shorter than me.
leonari said on 26/Apr/07
yeah he is very close to a full 5'5" in my opinion...
Aaron said on 25/Apr/07
I know how ya feel Peanut I'm around 5'4 myself and I have to put up with being made fun of and stuff too, but there really should be some sort of social club for short guys that aren't dwarfs, I mean they got Tall Clubs how come I never here about any short clubs? It's messed up and people are always trying to start sh*t with you coz they assume you can't defend yourself so that's why there's alot of short dudes who bulk up muscle and then other people claim that they have a "napoleanic complex" I mean c'mon if people didn't give us so much crap for being short then we wouldn't have to feel that we had to.
peanut said on 10/Apr/07
do any of you know any sites that give some,help and advice on being short,I am 5ft 4 not a dwarf so I can't join their society,and I am on the bottom end of the normal people society, I have felt the prejudice against height challenged people from family ,work ,dating and just walking down the street, if I was brought up with a little more support maybe my confidence or self esteem would be better,but when you are programmed from childhood that you are short and must lose(will lose)no good,,can't win or do anything good,I know I am rambling ,but look at society( tv commercials) when ever there is a very short guy in it ,he is disrepected or the brunt of a joke, anyway any web sites or help sent my way couldnt hurt me at this point , send it to , I'm just tired of being short and having to fight all the time, crap even women make me work my ass off harder to meet them than they would a 6ft tall man, but I know thats just the way life is.
Viper said on 12/Mar/07
Are you sure KT? I saw that movie but never noticed it.
KT said on 11/Mar/07
This site has Scott Caan listed at 5'5", and Jessica Alba at 5'6.25".

Yet, in into the blue, Caan was a little taller.
Leung said on 10/Jan/07
G-unit, you've probably also read that studies show that in the business world tall men are more likely to get promoted rather than shorter men.
So G-unit what this means is that I'll live longer than you, but you'll earn more than me. hehehe, those researchers that do these studies have too much time on their hands
dmeyer said on 10/Jan/07
i met 10 minutes ago he seemed around 5'5 he was over 5'4 and under 5'6 165 or 166 cm i had 1.25 casual shoes and he had converse but he didnt look under 5'5
Big and Short said on 10/Jan/07
I'm about 5'4" and weigh about 185 and do a lot of weightlifting. So, it's definitely possible to weigh that much and be that short. Muscle weighs more than fat so you can put a lot of lbs on if it's muscle weight. There are pro bodybuilders around my height that weigh well over 200 and don't have an ounce of fat on them. I don't have a 6 pack but Im not fat either. Just bulky. Thats probably about how Scott is too if he weighs around 180 at that height.
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07
I read about that with short people.
G-unit said on 4/Jan/07
as brittish guy say: Smaller people live longer. That's a fact. It has something to do with your heart. If we would compare 2 persons with different heights (5'7 and 6'2 for example), but with same genes and same lifestyle, the shorter guy will live 5-10 years longer.
Me, myself I'm 6'½ (184cm), which is considered tall. So don't think I'm lying just try saying that short people are better than tall people :)

On topic: Scott Caan appears taller in movies, but in real life shorter. I have no idea where I would've put this guy. But I guess 5'4-5'5 sounds correct.
leonari said on 17/Nov/06
Padraig: I agree . This guy is really short and I wouldn't be surprised if he is 5'4" in reality.
leonari said on 20/Oct/06
big daddy said on 20/Oct/06
Where did you get the 165lbs from? Hey may be 5'5.5", but I suspect he lies an inch or two below that.
Lmeister said on 16/Oct/06
Sorry bid daddy got kinda mixed up with the weight conversions Scott Caan is 75 kg = 165 pounds. Still really heavy, if he'd only be 5'3.5''. Hmm U don't really have to be 5'9''+ and have a sixpack to carry 180 pounds though. Depends really a lot of your body type not just how much muscles U've got...
big daddy said on 16/Oct/06
Considering he was in excellent shape for "Into the Blue" I doubt he's 180lbs. He'd have to be 5'9"+ to carry 180 and still have a 6-pack like he did. He's somewhere between 5'3" and 5'5". MAYBE 5'5.5" on a good day.
leonari said on 9/Oct/06
next to Paul Walker he looks like a's crazy. But plays suprisingly well...
Lmeister said on 6/Oct/06
He really cannot shorter than 5'5.5'', if he really is almost 180 pounds. You gotta be kiddind that he would 5'3'' or something...He is a short bulky guy, but not a "midget".
big daddy said on 14/Sep/06
For the record, I think there are some perspective issues in that picture making him look ridiculously short. Also, the sidewalk does look slanted downhill. From the pictures I've seen I would estimate 5'3.5" BAREFOOT, give or take 1/2".

What actress is that he's standing next to?
Leung said on 11/Sep/06
Yes truheight, those pics where he is wearing red sneakers and grey hat are way too much! My colleagues were wondering what I was laughing about. He looks tiny, a more solid version of Froddo perhaps
Regus said on 7/Sep/06
Yeah I have always noticed how SHORT he was in 'Enemy of the state', very blocky but dang he's kinda small.
leonari said on 14/Aug/06
I don't see this guy at 5'5"...sorry...he looks as if he is one of the shortest actors ever!
big daddy said on 9/Aug/06
Ok we have Paul Walker listed as 6'2.5". I agree with your 10-11" idea. I don't think Scott is shorter than 5'4" though. I really doubt he'd make it in hollywood if he was 5'2" or 5'3" like some are saying.
trueheight said on 8/Aug/06
that last pic by Jerv, wow he looks like a 'little person' or dwarf.

Big Daddy: if Walker straightened, it'd be a 10-11in difference; also, I believe Walker is at least 6'1.5 if not 6'2
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/06
on that third picture he looks like a midget, about 5'3 at most.
aceman said on 22/Jun/06
don cheadle is ofcourse standing on a step where do people get this pics they just try to spoof celebheights to make themselves feel better
Jack said on 12/Jun/06
Jerv, Don Cheadle has to be standing on a step in that picture. If he is 5'8 than Scott looks 4'11
Dagger said on 1/Jun/06
Why the .5?...I don't think so.
leonari said on 29/May/06
How in the wolrd should Scott Caan grow? The guy is waypast the age of growth. Where do you get such an idea British guy? He wears lifts in movies to look a little less short...
British Guy said on 27/May/06

Is it just me?

Or does Scott look bigger in every film?

I think this is completly weird any photographic proof?


Last time I checked on site he was listed at 5ft 5in... Grown a bit rob?
Max said on 26/Apr/06
This guy does look like 5'5...he has short legs
Wilhelm Fink said on 15/Apr/06
Scott in reality is actually 5ft 6.25 just so you know... I myself am 5ft 7
heightfan said on 28/Jan/06
Take into account the fact that Jen wears 4 inch heels
scottys friend said on 28/Dec/05
Scott is my friend and we measured our selfs at exactly 5'6", he also has a bigger head than me and my shoulders are about an inch higher than his so ill make him 5.5"
domenico said on 26/Oct/05
scott seems 1m63 near james caan that he seems 1m85
DP said on 15/Sep/05
5'5" is about right for Scott. Here's a pic with him next to his old man who measures about 5'9" so I'd say it's pretty close
wow said on 15/Sep/05
if scott is 5'5" then Vin Diesel is only about 5'11" maybee 6'
Mitch said on 21/Jul/05
Makes me feel good knowing he's that height, i'm 5'7 and a half! Although swear blind to be 5'8" whenever i'm asked!

[Editor Rob: his heels in some movies are suspect...and his brushed back hairstyle did make him appear slightly taller I think]
Mitch said on 21/Jul/05
Hmmm, thought he looked more 5'7 ish...

[Editor Rob: maybe he could be slightly above this mark you know...5ft 5.5, but 5ft 7? Hmm]
British Guy said on 28/Jun/05
This Is Getting Interesting,

Thanks, Guys I As Stated Before Am,

Only 5ft 6in Myself, And I Am Not The Smallest,

There Are Lots Of Males Smaller Than Me, Go On Scott.

This Guy May Be "Small" In The Hollywood Sense But He Sure Kicks Ass.

Jason I Was Pleased That You Were Willing To Find Further Information Any Luck?
Jason said on 19/Jun/05
I'll have to look it up. I do know how much you eat is a big factor in longevity, the more calories one takes in (regardless if they're from good foods or bad), the more free radicals created disgesting them and hence the shorter one lives. Might not sound too significant, but it's apparently a huge factor. Short people (generally speaking) eat less, so they'd at least have the advantage there.
Anonymous said on 19/Jun/05
Google this and you'll see a hundred different opinions on the matter of height and longevity. Most of them seem to say that there is no correlation. Howevever, short people who are short because they are less well nourished certainly live for less time. Height is mostly a matter of geners, however, in cases were it's not (e.g in cases were its directly related to poverty) you can expect to live less
Jason said on 19/Jun/05
Funny, I've read the best height (for a man) in regards to longevity and less disease/illness is around 6'2'' or so.
British Guy said on 19/Jun/05
As A Matter Of Fact,

It Has Been Proven Smaller, People

Live Longer, Are Stronger Overall, And Have Less Ilness.

They Are Of Course Stronger In Ratio Of Body/Height Ratings.
British Guy said on 7/Jun/05
Scott Caan IS 5ft 5in!!

Just Because You Are "Small" Does Not Make You Weak!!

I Am Only 5ft 6in Myself And Have No Problems Defending Myself,

I Simply Have Kept A Good Workout Routine I Imagine Scott Does Likewise.
leonari said on 2/Jun/05
So what are you saying BRITT? That Scott Caan is taller than 5'5"?? NEVER. Just take a lok at Oceans 12...He is dwarfed compared to any of the other stars. But he is in good shape and has a nice biceps...I believe this guy doesn't care how tall his opponent is when he is in a fight. I dn't know him but he looks like a guy who could kick ass.
Britt said on 1/Jun/05
I think it's kind of funny that he's only 5'5" but that he still got in a bar fight probabaly with a guy taller than him. Can't you just picture Scott Caan jumping on like...some 6' tall guy's back and taking him down? I think that would be freaking hilarious.

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