How tall is Sofia Vergara ?

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Sofia Vergara's Height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

Colombian Model/Actress best known for playing Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on TV series Modern Family. In film she has appeared in Hot Pursuit, Four Brothers and Chef. An Examiner article once mentioned the "5-foot-7 Latina bombshell...weighs [between] 125-130 pounds."

How tall is Sofia Vergara
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Comment on the Height of Sofia Vergara

BT said on 3/Sep/15
I would say 5'6.5 is nearer, but 5'7 is not impossible.
Fray said on 30/Jul/15
There is no way she is under 5'6" She would look so much shorter than Joe - even with her massive 140-150mm heels. She towers over Reese - even with similar shoes. Beautiful woman.
hijopotamus said on 27/May/15
Crash and James b, why women hate Sofia as you hated Pam Anderson before? A-L-L men love them from toes to head.
Get over it!
Silent_D said on 25/May/15
She puts on a lot of make up but she is a stunner. 167cm.
Height guru said on 19/May/15
James B says on 4/May/15
Crash says on 2/Jan/15
Weird looking woman IMO, never seen the appeal. Everyone's just obsessed with her breasts.

I second that

Nope! It is not because of the breasts. It is actually more because of the huge smile... those lips! and of course the long hips and tight butt! As simple as that.
littlesue said on 18/May/15
We all looked better in 2001!
james b said on 16/May/15
I thought she looked better in 2001
Crash said on 13/May/15
"Lordy, we have some blind people here."

So says the man who clearly can't look above her chest.
SK said on 9/May/15
I agree with Cacau. I don't think she's 5'7". The height difference between her and Joe Mangianello is just too great--not only in that photo, but also in other photos that I've seen of them. Granted, he's 6'5", but if she were truly 5'7", she would easily be at least 6'1" in the massive heels she normally wears. She is rarely seen without heels, and her heels are always at least 5-6 inches high. If you look at photos of the two of them where she's not wearing heels, she looks at least a foot shorter than him. She's probably 5'4"-5'5".

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 5/May/15
Lordy, we have some blind people here. She's insanely gorgeous, and with her fantastic sense of humour she'd be a hoot to be with.
James B said on 4/May/15
Crash says on 2/Jan/15
Weird looking woman IMO, never seen the appeal. Everyone's just obsessed with her breasts.

I second that
Cacau said on 4/May/15
No way!!! She looks at least 30 cm lower than Joe Manganiello (1,96m).
Look at the heels !!! It's at least 15 cm. She barely has 1,63 m.
Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, Hot Pursuit premiere.
Click Here
Silent_D said on 14/Mar/15
Crash said on 2/Jan/15
Weird looking woman IMO, never seen the appeal. Everyone's just obsessed with her breasts.
Realist said on 27/Jul/14
Rob how tall is her son ? 5'8. Is it possible for a mother and son to be almost the same height (except Weeds the TV show) ?
Sam said on 17/Jul/14
Can look 5'11"ish in huge heels IMO, but even at 5'7" I think is fairly tall for a Colombian.
Amoney said on 9/Jul/14
She could be 6'1" in heels
Szymon said on 28/May/14
I saw Sofia Vergara in New Orleans last week. First of all, she looks a lot skinnier than she does on TV. My girlfriend is 5'0" and Sofia wasn't much taller. They both had high heels on so I would guess Sofia is 5'3".
Ted said on 2/Jan/14
Well, she claims to be 5'7" elsewhere, so according to Hollywood norms, that means she's anywhere from 5'5" to 5'7". Take your pick. I'd believe 5'6", that's how tall she looks to me on Modern Family.

Oh, and @NickyD - An average person might be 7.5 heads tall, yes. But it is not a hard and fast rule. Some models are 8 heads tall, and some ppl with large heads but not-so-large bodies can be as little as 6.5 heads tall (also very short ppl as well).

You can't really go by that alone.
Vintageous said on 23/Nov/13
At a recent Rodeo Drive sighting she looked about 5'5 1/2 but she so often wears ENORMOUS heels and platforms that she is a height mystery. She was so gorgeous pre-surgery...wish she stayed more natural. I think she is between 5'5 1/2 and 5'7.
JussDave said on 10/Nov/13
In the show she is a couple of inches shorter than Ed O'Neill who is said to be 6'1". But she is always in platform heels. I don't trust the 5'7" measure.
Search " sofia vergara and ed o'neill " and look at the images.
The platforms are 4 to 5 inches
Randomgirl said on 17/Oct/13
She is a half inch to an inch taller than I am. 5'6.5.
J.Lee said on 16/Apr/13
Would you say she is a solid 6 footer in those Rob?
[Editor Rob: near it]
J.Lee said on 13/Apr/13
Rob how tall is she in these monsters Click Here
[Editor Rob: those are real beasts, the kind that can get you near 5 inches of actual height.]
Peaches said on 2/Apr/13
I agree with Killat I met her once and she was standing right next to me I noticed she was wearing very high heels, (boots, it was winter) at least 3 inches, and she was still short, she was below my eye level (and I am giving her credit) Im 5'7" so she is very short maybe 5'2" the most.
Silent d said on 7/Feb/13
Modern Lady said on 16/Jan/13
Sofia has one thing most shorter women do not have - very, very long legs!
Her proportions aren't 'perfect' in the sense that her legs are actually 'too long' compared with the rest of her body - this especially makes her torso look squat. But of course this does't matter in Western culture as we admire longer legs on a woman.
Legs are the first thing to carry a viewer's eye up - the longer the legs, the taller the person will appear.
Have a look at the link that 'we be mad' posted of Sofia at the Happy Feet premier; look at her height compared with Pink's. There is certainly not that much difference between their heights in that photo, and we know Pink is a shorty.
But look at the difference in their legs.
She wears insane heels but is not a true 170 cm woman. Sorry. Time for a down grade.
Rach said on 9/Jan/13
I agree with nickyD. Definitely time for a downgrade. That being said, she is blessed with amazing proportions that make her look tall!
NickyD said on 3/Jan/13
At last proof of the lovely Ms Vergara's height.
Next to 1.91m tall Nick (both barefoot).Click Here

It is widely accepted that the human height is roughly 7.5 times the length of the head from top to chin. Ms Vergara is about one of Nick's head length shorter than him. So that is 25.4 cm in Nicks case (if not a bit more as he does have a longer face shape) That would make Sofia 1.656cm tall.
It is time she is downgraded.
Johnnyfive said on 5/Oct/12
Our lovely Sofia appears to be between 5'5 and 5'6 based on the photo posted by we be mad. Im going by how tall she lools in her heels next to 5'11-6'0 Common. She comes up to his eye level while wearing her mega heels which she should do if they were both wearing equal footwear. Therefore, i deduct shes 5'5, 5'6 max. She has amazing proportions which fool people into thinking she's taller.
Silent d said on 27/Sep/12
She looked tall at the emmys. He always towered her so i don't know. She was taller than 175cm nancy odell at the emmys so i don't know anymore. She looks bigger than 165cm.
Tina said on 31/Aug/12
Nivk is supposedly around 190cm. Here is a photo of both of them in flats and if Sofia was 170cm, I think the gap between their heights would not be this significant.

Click Here

I put her at 165cm
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
After watching new epsiodes she is at least 30cm taller than manny her tv son in heels. She always wears huge heels. Actually i think she is 165cm now. Still beautiful!
glenn said on 24/May/07
my friend has my rbd pics and never gave them to me.
mia said on 22/May/07
"glenn says on 23/Feb/07
perhaps the second time i spoke spanish to get a photo with.1st maybe recent with group rbd.sofia understood english well,but only stopped for my friend.was in a hurry after that.stopped when i pleaded in spanish.a doll nonetheless."

oh my gosh u should post that picture with RBD!!!!
D. Ray Morton said on 23/Feb/07
Niceness. No trouble believing 5'7".

Her new show is among the funniest on television right now.
Bombay Rocker said on 23/Feb/07
Hot latina, that's for sure. 5 feet 7 looks about right.
glenn said on 23/Feb/07
perhaps the second time i spoke spanish to get a photo with.1st maybe recent with group rbd.sofia understood english well,but only stopped for my friend.was in a hurry after that.stopped when i pleaded in spanish.a doll nonetheless.
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/06
I though this girl was around 5'6" not 5'7". Well Probably she could be 5'7", but I have notice that she likes to wear big high heels, thats why I always though she was like around 5'6".

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