How tall is Steve Nash ?

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Steve Nash's height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

Canadian basketball player associated with Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers. Official site and NBA gives this guy 6ft 3. This sounds like a height with big chunky 2 inch shoes on.

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Triplescrew says on 14/May/15
As a Lakers fan I can say with confidence that Steve Nash is between 5'11.75" and 6'0.25". Might have lost some height due to his back issues...was MAYBE 6'1.25" in the morning as a spry 21-22 year old.
Lorne says on 30/Apr/15
Click Here

There's this vid, part two of the episode. I'll have to heck to see the exact time but I think it's halfway through. Anyway, it's the source of his 6ft2 claim.
Lorne??? says on 27/Apr/15
Oh, and he also said that growing up, he was always just "average, or above height" and so was always a guard.

It's funny, as soon as him and Ron walked into the studio, the first thing that someone working there said to him was "man, I thought you'd be taller!". Nash replied "really?" With a bit of a smirk.
Lorne??? says on 27/Apr/15
Rob, he claims 6'2.

I was watching iconoclasts this morning, and it featured Steve Nash and Ron Howard meeting each other.
In an interview segment, while referring to himself and becoming a star NBA player, he says

They're aren't many 6ft2, white point guards.".

I think it's clear he's giving shoe height, though nonetheless it is interesting to have a claim from him.
(And at least he isn't claiming 6'3!)

Also, he looks roughly 3.5in taller than Ron Howard, whatever he is these days. (Max 4 inches)
glynny182 says on 17/Apr/15
looks this listed height of 6'1 if not a fraction or a few millimeters under from the research I have done,but near enough so a good, fair and accurate listing once again Rob.
b-mint1994 says on 18/Mar/15
I knew he wasn't 6'3". He could probably dunk if he was....
Lorne says on 25/Feb/15
6ft0.5-6ft0.75, he's not a full 6'1...

One my fave PG's, btw.
Josh says on 20/Feb/15
He seems to be 60.5
WalkingTall6ft3.35 inches says on 17/Feb/15
He does look a 6'1 guy next to 6'1 Ryan Babel and 6'2 Henry Click Here
6ftMagician says on 24/Jan/15
Here is a picture with 186cm Kaka:

Click Here

Steve is a strong 6ft. Not 6'1'' by any stretch of the imagination.
Daniele says on 2/Jan/15
He's a solid 6'. In the 90s every player was listed from 2 to 3 inches taller than he actually was. Why? Because American talent scouts and fans are just insane when talking about stats, measurements and so on. More than once I heard poeple saying **** like "This guy is too short to play in SG position, this one has such a poor wingspan and will never be a good defender...". Athletes are very sensitive when coming to measurements...
Sal says on 28/Nov/14
Looking 6'1" next to 5'11.5" Justin Timberlake. Click Here
Judd says on 22/Nov/14
Wow 2" shoes are as thicker as book...
Maybe he had a dictionary under his feet when measured...XD
SaveUsY2J says on 23/Jul/14
If he's 5'11 then David Beckham is 5'9... lol. Would love to see which kind of basketball shoes give a whole four inches of height too
KROC says on 9/Jun/14
Steve Nash is about 6ft I believe. Chris Paul is 5'10.
Duhon says on 9/Jun/14
Brandon says on 7/Jun/14
Chris Paul is 5'11 barefoot. 6'1 sounds good for Steve Nash

Chris Paul measured 5'11.75" barefoot actually.
Brandon says on 7/Jun/14
Chris Paul is 5'11 barefoot. 6'1 sounds good for Steve Nash
Bard says on 19/May/14
6'1 at max, barely taller than Chris Paul who probably isn't 6'
Emmett says on 15/May/14
Most basketball players have 1-2 inches added on to their height, as people have been saying. Point guards tend to be a lot closer to average height then the heights they're listed as, but often still on the taller side by everyday standards.
Yazz says on 24/Apr/14
Hes taller than Donald Trump
steve nash is 5-11 says on 30/Nov/13
stop the video at 26 secs mark and see for yourself
thats not how a 185cm guy look like next to someone whos 178cm
i would say he has only about 3cm on leno minus the spikey hair
that will make him 181cm which is about 5-11 and half
he doesnt even look a legit barefoot 6 feet tall next to leno
steve nash is 5-11 says on 30/Nov/13
this is steve nash on jay leno show . i think this will once and for all , clear any doubts about him being 6-1 or taller than he really is
jay leno is about 5-10 and steve looks about an inch taller at best not counting his spikey hair . this will make him 5-11 . i just dont see him being 3 inches taller here than leno . what do you think rob ?
i dont even think steve is a legit 6 feet tall guy
mike bibby was once on jay leno too and look to be same height as leno
who stood eye to eye with him
so basically mike bibby is also around 5-10
Lorne says on 5/Sep/13
Maybe a fraction under this mark, at worst, but either Way 185cm is a good shout. Meanwhile, the 6ft3 listings are atrocious...
issa says on 14/Aug/13
Lin is 6 ft 3 listed but Rob I think you list nash at 6' 5'11 what Danielle said
KROC says on 13/Aug/13
Agreed Daniele. I think Harden might be around 6'4. I'm still not so sure about Jeremy Lin though.
Daniele says on 12/Aug/13
Kroc you may be right. The year Harden got drafted, measurements took place in the early morning so the reported height is his morning height. Anyway according to me he looks the same of Dwyane Wade.
Daniele says on 11/Aug/13
6'1 listing is wrong. He's around 6'-5'11. Look at him with Kobe: he's definitely not that tall or at least he doesn't seem to be. Jeremy Lin is taller that Nash. He's the around 6'2, Harden is a weak 6'4 (6'3.75) and Parsos is a weak 6'9. Recent draft measurements are rrliable, while measurements taken before 2004 are just crap, like in the case of Nash. Has anyone give at least a brief look at the photos I updated? I guess no...
KROC says on 6/Aug/13
I think James Harden is closer to 6'3. Not so sure about Lin. 6 ft maybe? If Steve Nash is 6'1 then he really makes that height look like crap
issa says on 30/Jul/13
Jeremy lin is'nt 6'1 That would mean James Harden is 6'1 or 2 as well and Parsons would be 6 ft 7 I think he is 6'4 with shoes
issa says on 30/Jul/13
My bad
averagegiant says on 29/Jul/13
carl landry isn't 6'1. That would mean David Lee is 6'1 or 2 as well and bogut would be 6'7. I think he's most likely 6'7 without shoes
issa says on 27/Jul/13
Rob I beilive Carl Landry is 6 ft 1 too
Emil says on 4/Jul/13
I believe Jeremy Lin is 6'1 too
Mark says on 1/Jul/13
I'll say Steve Nash is a legit 6'1"
Daniele says on 1/May/13
Sorry for double-posting, here are some pics:
With Kyrie Irving (listed at 6'1.75) Click Here
With Chris Paul (listed at 5'11.75) Click Here Click Here
Daniele says on 1/May/13
Some pics suggest that he's almost the same of Chris Paul. It's just unbelievable that a 6ft guy is listed at 6'3... He's definitely shorter than other players in 6'1-6'2 range like Rose, Irving and Deron Williams. Why did you list him 6'1 Rob?
J.Lee says on 28/Apr/13
Rob, how tall is the average male american? I know I heard 5 ft 8 or 9, but on this site it seems like most of the males are taller than 6 ft. Are male celebs taller than the average male?
[Editor Rob: the average american is reported from 5ft 9 to 10 range.]
Jd2 says on 16/Jan/13
I have stood very near I'm at a suns charities function. I am 6 ft. 3, and I am sure I was a bit taller.
Trey says on 12/Jan/13
Shorter than Kaka by at least 2-3 cm. Proves he's 183-184 cm tops, it also proves Justin Timberfake is 178-179 cm tops.
blop says on 18/Aug/12
Looks about 2" shorter than 6'2" listed football (soccer) player Tom Huddlestone. Nash is no taller than 184/5cm max and only because we can't see their footwear - Huddlestone may be wearing football studs.

Click Here
The Dutch Guy says on 9/Aug/12
Steve Nash is a solid 6'1"

Ronaldo 6'0.5" (184cm)
Kaka 6'1.25" (186cm)
Messi 5'6.5" (169cm)
jasperwazup says on 28/Jul/12
steve was never 6'3'' but then again john stockton wasn't 6'1''. Allen Iverson wasn't 5'11''. steve has great posture for a guy near 40 years old. steve 6'1.5'' i'd say

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