How tall is Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury's Height

6ft 7.25in (201 cm)

British heavyweight Boxer. He has claimed a few times "I'm 6ft 9" and "18 stones", although as an amateur he was billed as 6ft 7.

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6ft 7.61in (202.2cm)
Scott said on 21/Apr/17
It will be Interesting to see Wilder in ring with Wlad & AJ after the fight next weekend.

Fury is clearly about 1-2" taller than Wilder (they've been photographed in various footwear a few times now and Fury is always the bigger man).

Am presuming in ring with marginal footwear advantage Deontay will be noticeably bigger than either.

But they're all BIG men. 6-5+ - 6'8 ... they've got to all be in the 99th percentile!
luke said on 20/Apr/17
206cm out of bed and 203cm late on in the day. the only time Fury might be 6-7.25 to 6-7.5 as after a extreme workout session.
THFC said on 17/Apr/17
Jack - That pic is Fury on his tip toes but I still believe 6'8-6'8 1/2 is his height range when standing up straight
Jack said on 17/Apr/17
Click Here. here is Picture of Fury with 6-4 Joey Abel and he looks a whole head taller. if i was to guess i would say over 6-8 and under 6-9 hence rounds up to 6-9. 6-8 1/2 is my guess.
tom said on 16/Apr/17
i have met Vitali and he is 6-7. you dont think Fury would be taller. 6-8 seems fair. Fury does look bigger next that Wlad than Vitali does. i reckon his claim is with a shoes or out of bed.
Reece said on 13/Apr/17
He looked a couple inches taller from a lot of angles. But remember he had the footwear advantage of Half a inch. To me their is 1.5 inches taking that away.
184guy said on 13/Apr/17
Im dont know where is coming this comments saying that he is 2 inches taller than Wilder.He is 1-1.25in topa.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/17
I think he's nearer 6ft8
Alex said on 12/Apr/17
Fury puts the impression of a 6-7 guy on with his poor posture.Vitali Kiltschko is 6-7 and Fury looked bigger next to Wladimir than Vitali does in any picture. Boxers get their height measured so their is no way their is no way Fury is 6-7.
Robbe said on 11/Apr/17
Im not saying Tyson is not taller than Wilder, all im saying he doesnt look 2in taller. Click Here Like i said, he looks 201cm there. With footwear advantage (1cm) he looks about 3cm taller. That makes him 201cm. Hughie Fury has allway looked 6'4.5" to me. And what comes to Con Sheehan, there's a very good picture of him, John Fury, and Peter Fury, posted on 11/Mar, if you care to look. Sheehan looks only a good inch taller than John Fury. Sheehan is most likely the same height as Lennox Lewis and Hughie Fury. They all look like 6'4.5" guys to me. Problem is we dont know 100% sure how tall they really are. But we do know 100% sure handball goal is exactly 200cm ;) They dont make higher goals, you know. Click Here

I would like to see Helenius and Tyson face to face. Tyson should edge out Helenius at least by an inch, but im not sure any moore. Height is really a mystery. Well, actually its not, its just freaking hard to judge anybodys height by pictures, as we all know..
Ollie said on 10/Apr/17
here are two other angles of Fury looking Clearly taller than Wilder.Click Here. another angle both are standing straight but Fury looks a couple inches taller with a slight heal advantage.Click Here. both Wilder and Fury doing the same exact thing and Fury looking taller again.
Ollie said on 10/Apr/17
i would not go below 6-8. because if Fury is 6-7 or lower then Wlad is in the 6-4 range and then things dont make sense.
Ollie said on 10/Apr/17
@Robbe. if Tyson Fury is really 6-7 i wonder what that makes Wladimir Kiltschko who Fury could look like 2.5-3 inches taller than in the Ring. their is something wrong with that Wilder Fury Photo you posed maybe the Camera work is very dodgy.if Fury is shorter than the 200m Handball that puts him at 199cm with shoes and 197cm barefoot. if Fury is 197cm then what is Wlad. it would not really make sense.Fury gets measured by boxing officals so if he was 201cm or shorter it would be spotted. their are hundreds of Pictures that suggest he is a easy 6-8 guy. their is a picture of Wlad Kiltschko looking a good 3 inches shorter than Robert Helenius. but does that mean he is? no. their is a picture of kevin price looking clearly taller than Wilder yet he is listed shorter. their are pictures of all the tall heavyweight figures looking shorter. if u believe that Picture u posed then you believe Fury is 6-5.75 barefoot because even with shoes he is the Same as 6-6.5 Wilder. in that case then what are Hughie,Wlad and all the other oppenents Fury towered over.
Robbe said on 10/Apr/17
I posted this pic also to Wilder thread. I was surprised to see that Fury (with footwear advantage) looks about the same size as Wilder. Camera angles are terrible on this video, so i took a screenshot where they are both standing tall, before they start to shout eachother. Its possible Fury is as listed, 201cm. Click Here I rewatched also the handball video. Its indeed very strange that Fury is shorter than the official 200cm handball goal, even with shoes on. Camera angle is also very low there, which favours Fury, so he should clear the 200cm goalbar easily. But he doesn't? Either the goal is higher than 200cm, or Fury is shorter than we think.
Ollie said on 10/Apr/17
@Exorcist. Bad picture Fury is obs not standing properly Bellew is standing up straight. He rarely looks 6-8 when standing properly he posture is awful. Fury looks mnore in the 6-6 range in that Pic. here are some better Pictures of Fury standing better of Fury with other boxers
Click Here. Tyson Fury towering Over Con Sheehan who claims 197 but that is probably out of bed. Sheehan would be no less than 195/196 during the day and Fury is towering over him.
Click Here. John Fury who is a tall 6-3 himself looks very small next to Tyson.
Click Here. has a couple inches on Deontay Wilder with a little heel advantage and Wilder is no less than 6-6.5 he looks it.
Click Here. David Price claims 6-9 and look at him with other boxers he looks this or very close. and Tyson looks nearly the same a bit shorter.
he for sure is not under 6-8.Tyson doesnt even look 6-7 in that picture with bellew his posture gives away a inch or more.
The Exorcist said on 9/Apr/17
@Cvgo: If he rarely looks under 6'8", Rob wouldn't have him at 6'7.25". Here with (6'3" billed, but 6'2.25" listed) Tony Bellew:

Click Here
Transporter said on 9/Apr/17
Looked taller than 6-7 or .25 standing next to David Price. David Price said he was 6/9 and Tyson Fury looked very close to Price. and David Price does look this most of time.Sky said Price is 6-8.5. Fury was not more than half a inch shorter. i would peg Fury at 6-8 or 6-8 1/2.he is clearly taller than his Cousin Hughie by a good bit who is likely 6-5 1/2 to 6-6. he looks a good 4cm taller than Deontay Wilder who is 6-6.5 to 6-7 as well.
George said on 8/Apr/17
@Robbe. yeah that looks about right as a AJ Fury staredown.Fury looks at least 2.5 inches their.
George said on 8/Apr/17
Fury Posture is bad,it can sometimes make him lose a inch. Fury is easily 6-8 if not even more. here are some pictures of TF standing Properly to anyone who think 6-7.5 and lower.Click Here.
177 cm (m|GER/NRW/GER) said on 7/Apr/17
@Editor Rob
Did you watch the video on Furys Insta? He looks 6ft 6 with shoes on, considering the angle is ok...
Robbe said on 6/Apr/17
Aj and Fury staredown would probably look like this Click Here
Jane said on 6/Apr/17
Peter Fury said Tyson is 6-8/6-9. maybe he trying to suggest Tyson is 6-9 in morning at 6-8 later on or he is trying to say Tyson is in the middle of both. Wlad Kiltschko is 198cm to me. and Fury did look at least 2 inches taller if not a bit more.In their last press confrence were Wlad was not padding his shoes he look considerably shorter. i think he would clear 6-9 in morning though.
THFC said on 5/Apr/17
Have a look at furys fight against scott belshaw in 2009.... belshaw is a solid 6'7 and fury looked a bit taller imo.... think there needs to be an upgrade here
THFC said on 5/Apr/17
Do you guys think there would be a major difference between AJ and Fury in a staredown? Important to note furys posture isnt the greatest and probably gives away an inch+ with it
Cvgo said on 5/Apr/17
@The Exorcist. No he doesn't. He rarely ever looks under 6'8.
Robbe said on 5/Apr/17
@Ollie, i know Fury is not 199cm, that's why i said the handball video was quite useless. He just looked under 200cm cause he was shorter than the handboll goal. Like said he wasn't standing tall there. We just have to wait their match/staredown to see how much taller Fury is. Wilder is 199cm so Fury should be at least an inch taller.
Ollie said on 5/Apr/17
@Robbe. their is no way Fury is 199cm. Fury says he is 6-9 and he is probably that out of bed. Fury looks 6-8 in most pictures. the 1st one was not the best but the 2nd Pic Wilder is standing tall he is speaking in Fury face and Fury clearly looks a couple inches taller with a heel advantage though. Fury changed his height to 6-8 on his instergram page because that is probably what he is. he towers of proper 195cm and 196cm guys like Con Sheehan and Charles Martin. Fury and Wilder will probably fight in the future. i am confident Fury will be a 1.5 inches taller.i would not be suprised is Fury was 6-7.5 or 6-7.75 at his lowest but i think 6-8 is what he mostly is and 6-9 out of bed in the morning.
Ollie said on 5/Apr/17
@Robbe. their is no way Fury is 199cm. Fury says he is 6-9 and he is probably that out of bed. Fury looks 6-8 in most pictures. the 1st one was not the best but the 2nd Pic Wilder is standing tall he is speaking in Fury face and Fury clearly looks a couple inches taller with a heel advantage though. Fury changed his height to 6-8 on his instergram page because that is probably what he is. he towers of proper 195cm and 196cm guys like Con Sheehan and Charles Martin. Fury and Wilder will probably fight in the future. i am confident Fury will be a 1.5 inches taller.
Robbe said on 4/Apr/17
@Ollie, good angle? First picture is terrible, Fury is much closer to the camera. Second pic is awful as well, Wilder is not standing tall there. Actually there is not a single photo of these men standing straight, with good camera angle. All pictures are lying moore or less. Thats pitty.

Here's also a very good example of a picture which is lying a lot, Robert Helenius with Tyson Fury. Robert is closer to the camera. That's why he dwarfs Tyson Click Here

I watched the handball video and it looks like Tyson is nowhere near 203cm, but he was not standing tall there. Actually it looked like he was under 200cm. So i wouldnt pay so much tension on it.
Ollie said on 3/Apr/17
Rob,how come you listed Deontay Wilder at 6-7 and Tyson Fury a 6-7.25. here is a picture of Both from a good angle.Click Here and thisClick Here. Fury looks a couple inches taller than Wilder,Fury looks at least a inch and a half taller in the RING taking away the half a inch footwear. i think Wilder is a bit shorter than 6-7 probably 6-6.5 he was listed as that by showtime he might be 6-7 out of bed but not for most the day. TF is at least a inch taller than Listed here for sure. If Fury is really 6 foot 7.25 then that puts Wilder in the 6-5 range when i doubt he is. Tyson did change his height 6-8 on something on his instergram page this time last year. i think Fury is 6-8 and Wilder is 6-6.5. Fury 6-9 likely came with shoes on.Wladimir Kiltschko is probably a strong 6-5 197cm i doubt more because Fury did look close to 3 inches taller when they fought.
Editor Rob: Wilder has a chance of being 6ft 6.5, this mark was once mentioned in a match, so it is very possible...
177 cm (m|GER/NRW/CGN) said on 2/Apr/17
If you guys watch a video on his Insta you can see him next to 2m Handball Goal, he's sub 6'7" barefoot. That's why W.Klitschko is taller in lifts.
Matthew said on 2/Apr/17
Tyson towers over Con Sheehan in a picture. Sheehan 6-5.5 measurement is probably a early morning one. he is probably 195-96cm for most the day. if sheehan is 195cm like a think for most the day Tyson looks just over 3 inches taller so i would say 6-8 seems pretty accurate. his 6-9 Measurement must be a morning out of bed one.
Daniel said on 1/Apr/17
Not every body lies about height. Tyson Fury is 6-9 like he says but he will measure that early in the morning then drop to 6-8 later in the day. i mean come on. Tyson is much taller than his Cousin Hughie who is massive himself. Boxers get measured by officals so they cannot all be riging their Heights. Wlad Kiltschko is massive he claims to be 6-6 in the Morning and 6-5 later on and if you look at the Fury Wlad staredown you would see Fury was like 3 inches taller.Boxers get measured anyway so if Fury claims 6-9 he likely got measured that.
Canson said on 30/Mar/17
@Robbe: add to that Conan isn't 6'4" like he claims. If he were it'd mean every 6'4" guy listed here who's been on his show is taller than they claim they are
Canson said on 30/Mar/17
@Bizarre Oaks: anything height related coming out of Conans mouth I'd take with a large grain of salt. He overestimates everyone who comes on his show close in height with him just because he believes he's 6'4" he's actually 6'3 barefoot. Look at Tom selleck (he said selleck was 6'4/6'5). Selleck replies 6'4. Neeson he asked if he was 6'5. Neeson said 6'4 and change. Haysbert and Lithgow were legit 6'4 as was hasselhoff all edged him out. He went as far as standing on tippytoes with Hoff when he did as a joke. A guy who adds an inch to himself will conveniently add height to wlad as well. Wlad while agree isn't under 6'5" is at most a strong 6'5" like Rob has him listed 6'5.25 maybe worst case he drops to 6'5" flat
Canson said on 30/Mar/17
@Bizarre Oaks: but Wilder isn't taller than Carmelo Anthony.honestly Melo looks taller. As for Melo, He's exactly In the range of his pre draft listing 6'6.25. Maybe he's closer to a solid 6'6" at his lowest but nothing Lower. They actually did well with his listing as he actually looked a good 6'6" in person (I won't argue 1/4" and maybe he was the full 6'6.25). At 193.9 at my lowest he was 1.5-2" taller. Worst case puts him at 198 best case he's 199. But I can see him 6'7" out of bed. Sorry but I have to agree with Rob on fury as well. Max height 202. Shoes maybe 204-205 or 205-206
Reece said on 30/Mar/17
Fury would not be as low as 6-7 or 6-7.25 at any point of the Day. if Fury is taking his 6-9 from Morning then its likely he would be like 0-75-1 inch shorter before bed. Fury still is much taller than Hughie Fury like 3 inches taller. Hughie is the 6-4 everybody keeps saying he is Massive. anything under a strong 6-5 is not likely for Hughie.Fury is being underlisted and when boxers take their morning height but even if you want Fury height at his weakest he would not be 201cm. how can Vitali and Wilder be 6-7 and Fury be just 0.25 taller. Fury is more than 0.25 taller than both Wilder and Vitali. Fury was taller than Vitali in the Boxing Ring after Fury beat Kiltschko and he was wearing Flats. Fury always looks taller than Wilder too.
The Exorcist said on 29/Mar/17
There's nothing wrong with Rob's listing guys. Tyson consistently looks 6'7" - 6'7.5" range in pics and videos. A man that size will probably wake up at over 6'8", and maybe that's why he claims 6'9" himself, especially if he had a measurement early in the day.
Bizzare Oaks said on 29/Mar/17
Allen claimed he is 6-2.5 barefoot and in shoes he is the same as 6-4 Wlad.since when do trainers give 1.5 inches in height? their are holes in Allens story. Fury thinks he has 4 inches on Wlad so obviously he would be bias on the Topic. Fury was defo taller. i look at in the Ring and so far all 6-4.5 and 6-5 have been shorter than Wlad. David Bostice,Tony Thompson,Lennox Lewis,Pianetta. I think Wlad is 6-6 and Fury is 6-8 to 6,8.5. i could see about 2-2.5 inches difference. AJ does not look a inch taller than Wlad even in Flats most of the time.I think Wlad will be slightly taller in the RING but i could be wrong. i have see 2 pictures of Wlad and Wilder,Wilder. i see one were Wilder looks closer to 2 inches taller than Wlad but a doubt Wlad is Standing Properly. then i see another one where their is no more than a inch difference.
Daniel said on 27/Mar/17
Tyson Fury looks at least 1.5 inches taller than Deontay Wilder maybe 2,he also looked 3 inches taller than Wlad Kiltschko. towers 6-3 John Fury,He looks the same as 6-9 David Price. i think Fury is 6-9 like he says.
Paul said on 27/Mar/17
seems to be a lot of talk around Wlad. but Fury reckons he had 4 inches on Wlad when it is obvious that he did not. i can defo buy 2-2.5 inches but any more is a struggle. Fury seems pretty bias about Wlad Height and their Defo was not more than 2.5 inches.
Robbe said on 26/Mar/17
@Bizzare Oaks, yeah i know its just an estimation, but Fury have seen Wlad in boxing shoes, face to face. Wlad was wearing dressing shoes when Conan met him. So i trus more Furys estimation. Also, David Allen saw Wlad barefoot and estimated him as 6'4". Why on earth would he estimate him so short if he is really 6'6"? Beats me..

Wilder is no moore than 6'6.5 (at the most)and he appears 1.5in taller than Wlad in every picture i have seen. So i still dont buy Wlad is a full 6'6". Not until i see some solid proof of it. Wish there were moore Wlad/Helehius pictures. Its true Wlad's posture aint the best in that pic we have seen, but he is closer to the camera, ans still gets dwarfed by Helenius. And the fact Wilder/Helenius are both 6'6.5" and they seems to edge out Wlad by 1.5in is easy math.
Bizzare Oaks said on 25/Mar/17
@Robbe. thats a Estimate from Tyson Fury does not mean that it is 100 percent accurate. Conan O Brian Estimated Wlad to be 6-6 to 6-7.Wlad is usally seen to be anywhere from 6-5 to 6-7 from most people.Wlad is a 6-5 guy who many see as taller.Wlad claims to be 6-5 but has 198cm before to which is 6-6. also when he fights in Germany he is listed as 6-6.5.Wlad taller than Tony Thompson and Lennox Lewis and Lennox Lewis is not under the 195cm mark and Tony is the best example of 6-5. he was taller than Ray Austin who is listed 6-6. i would bet Austin is more 6-5.5 Though.Boxers do have their heights measured,and Wlad has been listed 6-6 and above throughout his whole career he keeps looking taller than 6-5 Heavyweights too. the only pic Wlad really appears shorter is the Robert Helenius pic and Wlad is standing awful in that pic and it is misleading.
Fred said on 25/Mar/17
Tyson Fury looks 6-8 next to Deontay Wilder who is 6-6.5. Fury is 4cm taller.Fury listed 6-9 looks off out of bed yes but not during most the day. Fury is no lower than 6-7.5 202cm though.
Robbe said on 25/Mar/17
You can find Carmelo Anthony's real height Click Here

To me Carmelo looks taller than Wilder Click Here Carmelo is though closer to the camera.

The big question is, how tall Wilder really is? Carmelo is 6'6.25 and looks taller than Wilder. And what we have seen, Tyson is only an inch taller than Wilder, so you can do the math..
Mathew Robinson said on 24/Mar/17
Over the flat 6'7", under the full 6'8". That's what seems logical to me. 6'7.25" - 6'7.75" somewhere in that range.
Canson said on 23/Mar/17
@BizarreOaks: how do you know Wilder is 6'7"? He's no taller than Carmelo Anthony is. Again you're making assumptions. Lead lists his real height
Robbe said on 23/Mar/17
Wlad cannot be 6'6" cause Tyson was 3in taller in the fight. If you noticed Tyson was laughing at him when he saw how short he was in the ring. He bended down to Wlad like saying " Hi, what's going on down there" :D

Tyson said Wlad is 6'5 and Hughie stated he's shorter than him. Dont you pay any tension on these claims?
Bizzare Oaks said on 23/Mar/17
Fury cannot be 6-7. Deontay Wilder is 6-7 and Tyson Fury is taller. Fury is much taller than his Cousin Hughie who is at least 6,5.5. Fury cannot be only 6-7 he made 195-196 Con sheehan look Small. Nicolai Furtha and Wlad are billed at 6-6 and Fury is a good bit taller than both. Fury 6-9 could be too much. Boxers get Measured so the 6-9 could be a early morning measurement. Fury is not under 6-8. 203-204cm is good.he is only a tad shorter than David Price who claims 6-9 and looks it. Price towered over AJ and Kugan Cassius. just because Fury posture is bad doesnt mean he needs to be downgraded by 2 inches. he is taller than Ustinov who is 6-7.5 and Ustinov looked that height because Vitali Kiltschko and Ustinov were near the same and Vitali looked half a inch shorter. if Fury is really 6-7 then Wlad is in the 6-4 range their was at least 2.5 inches difference and Wlad would not measure below 197cm before a fight.
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
@Bizarre Oaks: you're going off assumptions that the other guys are what they claim. If I were a pro athlete I'd claim 6'5" myself or at least be listed that or even 6'6". Most athletes measure in the morning and Wlad has said before that he's 6'5" at his lowest and looks it. Fury is 6'7" not 6'8
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
@Bizarre Oaks: you're going off assumptions that the other guys are what they claim. If I were a pro athlete I'd claim
Cvgo said on 22/Mar/17
Where's the upgrade?
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
@BizarreOaks: well he's said he's 6'5" multiple times and rob has him listed at that.
Bizzare Oaks said on 21/Mar/17
Fury is also bigger than listed here Rob. look at Fury tower over the 195-196cm Charles Martin.Click Here looks at least 6-8 he has a 0.5 inch footwear edge but even taking that away he is much taller. Fury looks like he is in the 203-204cm range. he did look 2.5 inches taller than Wlad when they Fought.
Bizzare Oaks said on 21/Mar/17
when i say standard i mean what he is most of the day. i think Wlad is 6,6.5 out of bed then drops to 6-6 for most the day but is around 197c when he fights late and is maybe a bit less after training sessions. You should check out the Lamar Odom pictures. Vitali does look a strong 6-7 their although he could be shorter.
Canson said on 21/Mar/17
@Bizarre Oaks: what you said makes no sense. His "standard height" is 6'6" yet he dips to 196.5-197. That means his morning height is 6'6" yes that part I agree with. And yea I can see him coming down to maybe 196-196.2 possibly but saying his standard height is 6'6" isn't correct. That'd mean he wakes up at 6'7" or very close in order to call himself 6'6" when he has said many times he's 6'6" out of bed and 6'5 is his real height. I agree with Rob it can look 2" but also see what you're saying maybe it's only 1.5" but def more than a solid inch. What nobody wants to mention (oddly enough or not) is that Vitali may not be a full 6'7" he could drop to 6'6.75 which is likely or even 6'6.5 and Wlad 6'5.25. That's what people tend to do here they never want to downgrade a height of someone else compared instead they will upgrade Wlad to make Vitali's math work for his height
Robbe said on 21/Mar/17
I would like to see Wlad and Vitali barefoot on even ground. In this previous posted pic Vitali is running on seaside (deeper water) and Wlad on the beachside. You can cleary see Vitalis feet are deeper in the water. If these guys swap places, Wlad would be looking noticeable shorter there. Wonder if they did it on purpose?

Click Here

Wlad is indeed listed as 6'6.5" in their website (198cm). Vitali is listed 6'7.5" (200cm). A bit odd listing?
Bizzare Oaks. said on 19/Mar/17
It looks like 2 sometimes but that is footwear Wlad was waearing trainers in a pic and Vitali looked to be wearing more of a dresser shoe their defo is not 2 inches barefoot. they are very close in height look at the picture below barefoot. Wlad is listed at 6-6.5 at his website but for some reason claims to be 6-5. could a 6-5 make legit 6-3 heavyweights look Short. AJ is not even standing 100 properly with Rob. AJ is 6-6 but looks more 6-5.45 to me but he doesnt seem to be standing properly.2.25 is far too much differenceClick Here here is pic of Vitali and Wlad both with similar footwear and no strange camara angle more than a inch is doubtful. Allen said 6-4 but Allen claimed on twitter to be anywhere from 6-3 to 6,5.5 and he said that he is 6-2.5 and he is the same as wlad in shoes. but veshoes dont usally give 1.5 inches in height unless it is like a boot. Allen is unrealiable. i duuno what Wlad is at his weakest probably 196.5-197cm but his standard height is easily a large 6-6. Wlad even looks bigger than AJ in some training pictures and some he looks smaller. they are likely both 6-6. Vitali looked a strong 2 inches taller than Lennox who was a legit 6-5 but to me looks a tad smaller nowdays. Tony Thompson is 6-5 and Wlad is always a inch or so taller. David Bostice was 6-5 and Wlad was clearly taller. Wlad was not shorter than 6-6 Ray Austin.if Wlad is 6-5 then Haye must be 6-1. and i doubt Haye is less than 187cm and Wlad was 4 inches taller.their could be 1.5 but that is the very most but to me it is 1 inch difference
Canson said on 18/Mar/17
@Tut Tut: rob himself said its 2 inches difference. That could of course mean 1.5-2" or 2-2.25 even. So assuming Vitali is a full 6'7" like he claims Wlad could be 6'5-6'5.5 range or even be as low as 6'4.75 (which I doubt but it's possible). But if Allen says he's 6'4 and another boxer has as well that should tell you he isn't 6'5.5 or 6'6". You're also under the assumption Vitali is 6'7" flat. They do measure athletes in the morning most times so possible that he dips below 6'7" too and could only be 6'6.5 or .75 which again puts Wlad 6'5 ish. I'd say yes he is a strong 6'5. But that's someone who is 6'5 or over but under 6'5.5 at their lowest. 197 at his lowest is more a weak 6'6" which I can't see Wlad as. Maybe Joshua is but it wouldn't surprise me if he barely holds 6'5.5 either and dips below it based on how he looks with Rob
Bizzare Oaks said on 18/Mar/17
Wlad is huge even are some picturesClick Here. Click Here. these are Pictures of Wlad without lifts or shoes. his 6-5 claim is off. Wlad is 198-199cm easily. his website says 6-6.5 this more accurate. Wlad can make legit 6-3 Heavyweights look average when 6-3 is huge in real life. he does wear Platforms as we saw him being the same as Fury or even a touch taller at the Weigh in.Vitali is huge to probably 201cm-202cm he is a inch taller some pictures it looks more. to prove my point even here is a barefoot picture of Wlad and VitaliClick Here their is not more than a inch sometimes more but that depends on the footwear.
Tut Tut said on 16/Mar/17
Vitali is a inch and a half taller than Wlad. look at Vitali with Lamar Odam. Vitali is 6-7.5 MAYBE 6-7 But no lower. I said this lift thing is going too far i doubt they go into his boxing shoes. if you look at training pictures with AJ and Parker he still looks massive.Wlad could be a strong 6-5 like 197cm but a flat 6-5 seems too low. Wlad was taller than Lewis and Thompson who are 6-5. i guess we will find out what he is vs Joshua in the RING. i ws told Wlad was measured 6-6 on German TV but could have got the wrong info.
Canson said on 15/Mar/17
@Tut Tut: I am not taking it too far. sorry. He is not 6'6". He's 6'5". At least I'm not like others even Allen saying he's only 6'4". He specifally has said before he is 6'5" on more than one occasion and mentioned he is 6'6" out of bed before. Rob has an accurate enough listing if not than he's 6'5" flat. By the way, show me the refer nice and loc of him measuring 6'6" in the afternoon on German TV because nothing that specific exists. He has said before he is 6'5" more than once now and he looks it with his brother.
Tut Tut said on 14/Mar/17
Wlad looks shorter than Helenius by a strong 2 inches in your pick. Helenius claims to be 200cm i think. Wlad looks 2.5 inches shorter for some reason.some one told me Wlad was measured 6-6 on German TV but it does not appear to be on youtube. Wlad wears Lifts but the question is in the boxing Ring were he is taller than 6-5 Tony Thompson and towering over 6-2 Heavyweights. would he be able to fit lifts in boxing shoes. Wlad looks even shorter in you picture,he looks closer to 6-4 than 6-5. that is defo the shortest i have seen Wlad on internet.
Robbe said on 14/Mar/17
I would also have said 6'6" if asked a year ago, but after seing Wlad with Helenius, im not so sure any moore. Ok, its just one picture, as we all know pictures can lie. Wlad's posture is poor, he is not standing straight, while Helenius is giving his best, he is standing very tall there, maybe he wanted to look as big as possible there. On the other hand, Wlad is a bit closer to the camera. Anyway, its very hard to believe theres only 1,5cm difference between these men.

Click Here

This pic is actually very rare, its the only picture found in the net, where Wlad doesn't look 6'6". Everywhere else he looks big as life. Maybe he forgot to stuff his shoes when he met Helenius? :D

If Wlad is really 6'6", then Tyson must be close to 6'9". He totally dwarfed Wlad in the ring, difference was ~ 3 inches. But i still believe Wlad is 6'5", and Tyson is close to 6'8". I believe Wlad vs. A.J. match will confirm that.

P.S. Is there a video available where Wlad was measured 6'6" in the German show? Reckon he was measured without shoes?
Tut Tut said on 14/Mar/17
@ Robbie
@ Canson
you guys are taking the Lift thing too far. look at training Photos with Joshua and Parker in 2014. i doubt he would be wearing Lifts in his Boxing shoes if he does it cannot be good for Boxing. Wlad was measured at 6-6 on German TV in the Afternoon. Wlad is a legit 199cm in the Morning then 198cm mid day evening and after a late training session or after a fight he drops to 197cm likely. Wlad is 6-6 easily. i reckon he does were lifts sometimes.Fury was a good bit taller than Wlad unlike the Weigh in. Peter Said Tyson was 6-8/6-9. i reckon when he says that he means Fury is in the middle of both. Wlad is 6-6 during the day but when he fights he is probably 197cm.their seemed to be 2.5 inches difference in the RING,Fury seems to be close to his 6-9 claim which i doubted before. he does look taller than Wilder who is 6-7 when they stood together.
anon said on 13/Mar/17
Fury at 6;7.25 seems a bit low, I wouldn't be that confident That if he was measured he would even be under 6'7.5, I agree Reece, Con Sheehan is listed 6'5.5 not that sure he is that high tho he must surely be 6'4- 6'5 range looking at him
Bud said on 13/Mar/17
My predictions on the Following heavys i saw some people doing it below. i am not counting morning or out of bed just mid day evening fight night heights and not a low like after training
David Price- 6,8.75
Tyson Fury- 6-8.25
Wladimir Kiltschko-6-5.75
Antony Joshua-6,5.75
Lennox Lewis-6-4.75
Lennox Lewis-6-4.75
Dominic Breazzale-6-6.75
Audley Harrison-6-5.75
V Kiltschko-6-7
Robert Helenius 6-6.75
Deontay Wilder 6-6.75
Muhammad Ali-6-2.75
George Foreman-6-3.75
David Haye 6-1.75
Larry Holmes 6-3.75
Evander Holyfield 6-2 shorter now though
Mike Tyson 5-10
Mariusz Wach 6-7.5
Reece said on 13/Mar/17
@anon. Yes Peter does look a legit 6-1 and John Fury looks 6-3 too. Tyson Fury is a whole head taller than them. Under 6-8 is such a unfair listing based on Kiltschkos Lifts
anon said on 13/Mar/17
Peter Fury Interview on Ifl he described Tyson as 6'8/ 6'9 and he said that he is 6'1 himself, Peter looks a big guy standing next to Tyson and Hughie tho he will look small, He does look at least 6'1 the height he claimed himself though.
Canson said on 13/Mar/17
@Reece: maybe he's 6'5.25 like he's listed by Rob but if he says he's 6'5" he obviously isn't a full 6'6". He does wear lifts and we don't know who tall Wilder is
Mr T said on 12/Mar/17
Wlad has been wearing Lifts for years long before the Fury loss. but Fury was the first oppenent to call him out.
Wlad was a touch taller Fury in the final weigh in but in the Fight Tyson looked 3 inches taller or at least CLOSE.
Wlad was 6-7 inches taller than David Haye in the bulid up, but in the RING 4 solid inches was the most that was seeable
Wlad was a lot taller than Pulev in the bulid up but in the Fight Wlad was taller but not by a huge amount

3 boxers have claimed he is 6-4 barefoot. Hughie Fury said Wlad is shorter than him and started pointing to his forehand which would mean 6-4. Chuck Wepener said he is 6-5 and Wlad is a inch shorter. Allen said Wlad is 6-4. If Wlad is 6-4 then he must be putting things in his boxing shoes like sole inserts. does Vitali do the same i wonder because if Wlad really is 6-4 then it makes Vtali only 6-5.5 their is never more than 1.5 inches between the Bros. Vitali always looks a Large 6-7 AND Wlad looks 6-6 or at least close. i would like to see him standing barefoot next to a big boxer. i would have said 6-6 if asked a year ago but now i am wondering if the 6-4 claims hold truth.
Robbe said on 12/Mar/17
There's obviously something wrong in that picture you posted. Wlad is not even standing straight there, and is still practically the same height as Wilder. Its probably due to crooked camera angle. This is perhaps the real deal.

Click Here

Its also possible Wlad stuffs his boxing shoes. You never know. Face of with Fury he wore 3-4in lifts, so everything is possible. He may even wear some kind of lifts in his socks. No offence, but he is height obsessed, really.

Price vs Thompson picture you posted is quite useless because Price is standing tall there, while Thompson is going down. Price is really only 6-7cm taller than legit 196cm guys. There are many pics in the net, if you care to look.

We just have to wait for the Wlad vs A.J. match to see the real difference between these men. Im pretty sure A.J. will edge out Wlad by an inch.
Reece said on 12/Mar/17
Wlad is taller than 6-5 Click Here. He is not more than a inch shorter than Wilder their is a picture of him look 2 inches shorter but he was not standing properly. Wlad is a strong 6-5 or the full 6-6.
Reece said on 12/Mar/17
Sheehan doesn't look 197cm that could be his morning height however he is 6-5 for sure. John Fury looks taller than 6-2 he looks 6-3 to me. In that picture you posted Sheehan still looks close to two inches taller and John could have the edge in footwear. Price claims 6-9 and Price stood next to AJ who is 6-6 and he was 3 inches taller. Click Here Price looks 4 inches taller than Thompson in the RING. Fury was taller than 6-7.5 Ustinov who looked to edge out Vitali. Tyson Fury is nearly 4 inches taller than Sheehan I see a 3.5 inch difference. Fury is still 6-8.5 to me. Wlad. Oh and Lennox Lewis like wearing boots so he would have had a footwear advantage. Hughie is a strong 6-5 likely 6-5.5 so his 6-6 listing is a round up. Fury is certainly not under 6-8
Robbe said on 12/Mar/17
What comes to David Price, he is nowhere near 206cm. If you look at him with Audley Harrison (196cm) and Tony Thompson (196cm) that's not 10cm difference, its moore like 6-7cm.

Click Here

Click Here

So Price is no moore than 203cm, which is also his billed height in Boxrec. But i agree, 201cm is a bit low for Tyson, he should be at least 202cm, what is also the average quess here.
Robbe said on 11/Mar/17
@Reece, theres nothing in the link you posted, but i reckon you meant this pic Click Here

Im not sure if Sheehan is really 197cm. He is barely taller than 188cm John Fury here Click Here

And compared to Peter Fury (183cm), Sheehan is nowhere near 197cm Click Here

Sheehan appears though roughly the same height as Hughie Fury in most pictures, so most likely they are very close in heights. Its possible they are both 194-195cm. Hughie appears actually shorter than 194-195cm Lennox Lewis in this pic Click Here

Wlas is 196cm and he seems to edge out Hughie, but we never know what he has stuffed in his shoes..
David said on 10/Mar/17
Weird.. i have been looking at a lot of Fury pictures he looks taller than 6,7. Deontay Wilder looks to be 1.5 inches taller than 6,5.5 Kiltschko and Fury looks taller than Wilder by a inch to a inch a half. i think 6,7 is harsh. i think between 6-8 and 6-8.5 is accurate.Wlad is not under 197cm on the way he is clearly taller than oppenents in the Ring.
Reece said on 9/Mar/17
Click Here Fury looks taller than 6,7 for sure. Con Sheehan is Billed at 6,5.5 Fury is like 3 inches taller than sheehan. Sheehan could also be 6,5 but no less. this proves Fury is not under 6-8
Reece said on 9/Mar/17
Spot on Jim bob. Fury also has a bad posture but under 6-8 is highely unlikely.
jimbob said on 9/Mar/17
looked taller in fight by more than an inch, seems taller than fighters billed 6 7". Weak 6 8" at worst, strong 6 8" at best
Robbe said on 8/Mar/17
Helenius is not 201cm, he is 199,5cm. He is one of the few heavy weight boxers who dont exaggerate his height. He said in an interview about his height: "Im 200cm. Well, to be exact, im 199,5cm".

P.S. Helenius is one of the boxers who is planned to fight against Fury in his comeback match. It would be interested to see these guys face to face. Quote from Worldboxingnews:

"The big Finn is two fights into a comeback of his own after losing to Johann Duhaupas shockingly in April 2016 and would be a meeting of two giants that could help Fury in later bouts."
Anon said on 8/Mar/17
Good Predictions these are mine
David Price-6,9 206cm
Tyson Fury-6,8.5 204cm
Dominic Breazeale 6,6.75 200cm
Mariusz Wach 6,7-201cm
Deontay Wilder-6,7 201cm
Robert Helenius 6,7-201cm
V Kiltschko 6,7-201cm
W Kiltschko-6,6 198cm-6,5.5 possible
A Joshua-6,6 198cm-6,5.5 possible
Audley Harrison-6,5.5 197cm
Lennox Lewis 6,5 196 at peak but now 6,4.75 or 6,4.5 194-195cm
Muhammad Ali-6,3 191cm peak
G Foreman 6,3.75-192.5cm
D Haye-6,1.75 - 187cm
L Holmes 6,3.5-192cm peak
Scott said on 7/Mar/17
Rob,do you really believe Fury is 6,7 or is this listing based on the press confrence Wlad was wearing Lifts? i dont think he is the full 6,9 expect for Morning or with shoes but 6,8 seem fair. their looked to be 2.5 inches on Wlad. and Wlad is 6,5.5 at least. i think Fury is 6,8.Fury was taller than Wilder by a fair bit and Wilder is 6,6.5. 6-8 seems fair.
Anon said on 7/Mar/17
Fury and Price look close in Height. Price claims to be 6,9 and i have no reason to disprove this, towered over 6,9 tony thompson
Robbe said on 7/Mar/17
To me, David Price gives a taller impression there. He is leaning moore, and still appears the same height. Fury is also closer to the camera. So i would definitely say Prise is the taller one there.

Click Here

- David Price, 203cm
- Tyson Fury, 202cm
- Dominic Breazeale, 200cm
- Mariusz Wach, 200cm
- Deontay Wilder, 199,5cm
- Robert Helenius, 199,5cm
- Vitali Klitshko, 199,5cm
- Anthony Joshua, 197,5cm
- Audley Harrison, 196cm
- Wladimir Klitshko, 196cm
- Lennox Lewis, 194,5cm
Anon said on 6/Mar/17
Canson their isnt a chance of Fury being 6,7.25 if so then Wlad is 6,4.25. their was 3 inches difference in the RING, not 2. Hughie was slightly taller than Lennox Lewis who is 195cm himself. Fury was taller than Wilder by a inch and a half and their is not a chance of Wilder being less than 6,6.5. Wilder looks 6,6.5-6,7 and Fury is a inch and a half taller he was clearly taller Climbing into the is completely Delusional to think Fury is under 6,8.
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
I think the downgrade to 6'7.25 is more than accurate. Wlad without his lifts is about 6'5-6'5.25 195.5-196. He definitely is not 6'4" like Allen said. He looks physically taller than most opponents even sans lifts and could look close to Joshua in height although I think he's shorter and that Joshua is 196-197 range like Rob said he can look in person
Anon said on 5/Mar/17
Fury is clearly taller than billed on this site. he is taller than Ustinov who is 6,7.5 and Ustinov was a tad taller than Vitali who used to promote him. he is taller than Hughie his cousin who is a strong 6,5. Fury is taller than Nicolay Furtha by far to and he is billed as 6,6.If Fury is 6,7 then Wlad,Furtha and Hughie are in the 6,4 range which is obviously not the case. he was taller than Lennox Lewis by far in the RING and even 6,7 Vitali Kiltschko you can see all this after Fury beats Kiltschko he does his singing and calls Wlad a great champ.Click Here 1.29.42 he is Fury easily looking taller than Vitali,Wlad,Hughie and Lewis. Fury is at least 6,8.5. he looked every bit his listing in the Ring with Wlad. I want to see him fight Wilder but they have met and Fury is the taller man clearly.
Moke said on 5/Mar/17
Fury is not the 6,7 listed here but might not be 6,9. i think 6,8 he was a strong 2 inches taller than 6,5.5 Wlad in the RING. Fury is taller tan his Cousin Hughie who looks in the 6,5 range. 6,9 could be with shoes or right of bed.
Reece said on 4/Mar/17
i dont think Fury is the whole 6,9 but below 6,8 is too little for Fury. 6,8 is reasonable for Fury. i would go for 6,8.5. 6,8 is reasonable but below is too hard to see. Fury is taller than his Cousin Hughie by far,Hughie is at least 6,5.5. Wladimir looked much shorter than Fury in the Fight,their was 3 inches to me when Fury was doing his signing you could see the height diffrence. Vitali is 6,7 i think and Wladimir 6,5.5.
Luna said on 4/Mar/17
Fury is 6'8 for sure, I have met him im 6'4 and he had me by 4 inches.
Robbe said on 4/Mar/17
Come on guys, if Fury is 6'9", he would be at least 6'9.5" with shoes on. Still, Wlad was 0.5in taller than Fury in the weight in. Means Wlad was 6'10" tall there! (208cm!!!)

Click Here

Really, thats not possible. Only explanation is Fury is not 6'9". Recently he has claimed 6'8", what is closer to the truth. Most likely he is a bit lower, 6'7.5". Vitali Klitscko is no moore than 6'6.5". Same height as Wilder/Helenius.
Tall Guy said on 2/Mar/17
Looked taller than 6,7 in the RING with Wladimir Kiltschko. both were in Boxing shoes then. their was quite a height difference. Wlad wore Lifts for sure in the Bulid up.Wlad is listed 6,6 and 6,6.5 on Website and Fury 6,9. i think these are the morning heights. i think Wlad wakes up at 199cm and drops to 197cm by the time of the Fight. i think Fury is 6,9 and drops to 6,8 by the Time of the Fight.
Reece said on 1/Mar/17
i still think Fury is at least close to that 6,9 claim. he looked clearly bigger than 6,7 Vitali Kiltschko even at night time. if you look after the FIGHT you will see their is the full 3 inches difference. you will see Fury is taller than his cousin and Lennox who wears boots by a good amount too. still looked in the 6,8 range in the Ring. i still think he is 206cm at his strongest point and 204 at his weakest.
Robbe said on 1/Mar/17
Check this out, Wilder appears exactly the same heighs as 6'6.5" Helenius. Once again, Wlad is 1.5in shorter than these men.

Click Here

Wlad and A.J. seems to be very close heights, so its possible A.J. is not a full 6'6".
Robbe said on 28/Feb/17
@Danu, that Wlad/Helenius picture have been posted here many times at full size, they are both wearing boxing shoes, and is taken after sparring match. Helenius is one of the few boxers we know 100% sure he is 6'6.5", he has stated it several times, and only that exact height. What comes to other boxers, we dont know for sure their exact heights, we only have to quess by the pictures. One thing which is sure, Fury is not 6'9". He is somewhere between 6'7"-6'8". Probably wakes up close to 6'9". Wlad has stated 6'5" many times, and i have no reason to doubt that, especially looking him with Helenius.

P.S. Fury is closer to the camera in that pic you posted. Actually Wilder looks taller there. But i agree, Fury looks generally an inch taller than Wilder pictures found in the net.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 28/Feb/17
Reece said on 25/Feb/17
Wlad is 6'6 so with lifts Wlad could appear 6'9 he must have got at least 3 inches in his feet to be taller than Fury. He might no be actually wearing direct lifts he might have somebody who raises the soles of his shoes but Lifts are likely. He looks 2 inches taller than 6'4 Parker in training photos so 6'6 fits in well.


Wlad is more a solid 6'5" than 6'6". Fury is probably at minimum of what Rob has him here, but I could definitely see him being 6'7.5" - 6'7.75". Not 6'8"+ though, because that would mean he's clearing 6'9" in shoes and I don't think Wlad could stuff enough lift to get to 4". 3" to 3.5" is more believable, and that's already a massive boost.
Danu said on 27/Feb/17
Wlad could have less in footwear in that picture he is in full boxing gear and Helennius could have other Shoes on. Boxing shoes give less in height that normal shoes.Plus Wlad may not be standing properly in that Picture than you have presented. i dont think Wlad is 6,5. i think he is 6,6 he looks taller than legit 6,5 Tony Thompson. and yes Wlad did wear Lifts he could have put 3 inches in his shoes that makes sense because he is a clean 3 inches shorter. i think Wlad could be 6,5 at a weak point like after training.Fury is certainly no less than 6,8. Also Wlad had been Training and i do not know if Robert was too but you generally look smaller after training.Click Here Fury looks more than a inch taller than Wilder here and i think Wilder Claims to be 6,7 he looks at least close or dead on. i think Fury is 6,8.5 or 6,9.
Robbe said on 27/Feb/17
Wlad is not 6'6", he is 6'5" (As he says). Picture with Helenius (6'6.5") clearly shows it. Or are you seriously saying this is 0.5in difference???

Click Here

If Fury is really 6'9", it means Wlad wore 4in lifts in his sneakers(!) Who can buy that? I think Fury is no moore than 6'7.5". He is an inch taller than Helenius. Wilder is the same size as Helehius (6'6.5") Fury looks an inch taller than Wilder. So all matches.
Danu said on 26/Feb/17
Here is a Snap of Fury and Wlad in the first press confrence,the only one Wlad was not wearing Lifts was their first German confrence in July 2015 and their second one in Manchester were Fury took his top off.Click Here 1.44 you will see that Fury is 6,9 for sure and he has a easy 3 inches on Wlad. i think 6,9 and 6,6 were the Rights billings. another chance is the 6,6 and 6,9 is a round up. i can buy 6,5.5 and 6,8.5.Fury is easily the taller man.
Reece said on 25/Feb/17
Wlad is 6'6 so with lifts Wlad could appear 6'9 he must have got at least 3 inches in his feet to be taller than Fury. He might no be actually wearing direct lifts he might have somebody who raises the soles of his shoes but Lifts are likely. He looks 2 inches taller than 6'4 Parker in training photos so 6'6 fits in well.
Sup Daily said on 24/Feb/17
Under 6,8 is unlikely. he looked much taller than 6,4,6,4.5 Lewis in the RING when Lewis was next to him interviewing him. Lewis look 6,5 in peak but seems to have lost a bit of Height. Wlad and Hughie are both 6,5.5 197cm guys and Fury was substancially taller than both. Fury had a thing on instergram Comparing him and Mike Tyson. i noticed he changed the 6,9 to 6,8. i think 6,8 203cm is highely likely.shows Wlad must have been wearing 3 inch lifts because he was taller than Fury by half a inch when in reality he is 2.5 inches shorter.
Mathew Robinson said on 23/Feb/17
Height Freak said on 22/Feb/17
@Tim181 that picture is while they are boxing and moving.Misleading.Click Here look at the staredown at 3.29 when Fury is not moving around. Fury is 3 inches taller. type down Wilder Kiltschko then Wilder Fury you will see it to. Fury is his 6,9 claim or at least close. Reckon he is 6,9 for most of the day and a bit shorter before bed.


I would say perhaps he is as high as 6'8.5" in the morning, but I doubt that throughout the bulk of day he's over 6'8". It's true that Wlad's lifts make for some misleading photos, but I think if he was over 6'8" midday then Wlad couldn't catch up to him even with lifts on.
Height Freak said on 23/Feb/17
Click Here. again Fury looking clearly taller than Kiltschko and another one below of the face down. he is much Taller than Lewis and Hughie his cousin to. and to all the People who think Fury is 6,6.5,6,7 and 6,7.5. below a strong 6,8.5 is highly unlikely. Fury 6,9 claim is pretty close to the truth.1.29.42 go to see Fury look much taller. this was just to hammer my point home.
Height Freak said on 22/Feb/17
@Tim181 that picture is while they are boxing and moving.Misleading.Click Here look at the staredown at 3.29 when Fury is not moving around. Fury is 3 inches taller. type down Wilder Kiltschko then Wilder Fury you will see it to. Fury is his 6,9 claim or at least close. Reckon he is 6,9 for most of the day and a bit shorter before bed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Feb/17
Minimum 6ft7½ and probably wakes up a bit over 6ft8...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Feb/17
Minimum 6ft7½ and probably wakes up a bit over 6ft8...
Bioshock12345 said on 21/Feb/17
6 foot 7.5 202cm is realistic cuz in shoes it would make him 6 foot 8.75 nearly 6,9 so that's why they say it. Just like mike tyson 5, 10 but when boxing boots are on he's 5,11.25 they measure him in shoes like tyson fury I think l wwe they measure there heights in boots or shoes than bill there height as that
Bioshock12345 said on 21/Feb/17
6 foot 7.5 202cm is realistic cuz in shoes it would make him 6 foot 8.75 nearly 6,9 so that's why they say it. Just like mike tyson 5, 10 but when boxing boots are on he's 5,11.25 they measure him in shoes like tyson fury I think l wwe they measure there heights in boots or shoes than bill there height as that
Tim181 said on 21/Feb/17
Height Freak, not sure where you saw 3 inches at their match up, but look at exactly 1:13:29 in good quality
Click Here
Height Freak said on 19/Feb/17
Rob i like this sight a lot but seriously,you have got this one wrong. No way is Fury 6,7 201cm. you are probably Judging this on Wlad wearing Lifts in all their pressers. in the first one Wlad looked a little padded but he figured Fury was huge you can see if you watch the July 2015 one next one Wlad and Fury were only 0.5 inches apart. then in the Final weigh in Wlad is taller. Fury looked a lot taller in the ring. their was for sure no less that 3 inches. Fury was much taller the Hughie Fury and Nicolay Furtha who are billed 6,6 and look close it.Kiltschko looked 1.5 inches shorter than 6,7 Wilder too.Click Here Fury is taller than Wilder by 1.5 inches. the real Debate should be weather Fury is 6,8.5 or 6,9.Vitali Kiltschko and Deontay Wilder are the best examples of 6,7 and Fury is clearly taller than both.Click Here go and pause at min 1.32 when Fury is not dancing and Wlad is not wearing Lifts Fury has 3 inches on Wlad easily that that is even considering Fury does not have any hair on his head and Wlad has a good inch of hair.
Editor Rob: Wlad does have a big head/eyelevel compared to Tyson...I don't know exactly the difference from that clip, at least a couple of inches though!
Reece said on 19/Feb/17
Fury seemed the full 3 inches taller than Wlad to if you look at the touch gloves.
Reece said on 19/Feb/17
Bradley. Wlad is not 6,7 he wears Lifts a lot.he is probably 197cm-198cm. 6,5.5 to 6,6 but i doubt anything more.
Bradley said on 18/Feb/17
He's taller than 6ft7 klitchko by at least 2 inches. Needs an upgrade to 6ft9
Reece said on 14/Feb/17
He was taller than 6,7 by 1.5 inches! i duuno why people think Fury is 6,6.5 and 6,7 and anything under 6,8. Fury had 2 inches of wilder climbing into the Ring but he had half a inch in footwear so that makes 1.5 inches. Fury looks identical height to David Price who claims 6,9 and i have no reason to doubt he is as least close he was much taller than 6,5 Tony Thompson. Fury had the full 3 inches on Wlad in the Fight and Hughie too.Click Here he makes 6,2 John Fury look small by a good 7 inches here! Fury is close to his 6,9 which i doubted until he got into the RING with Wlad.
Guyster said on 13/Feb/17
Tyson Fury needs an upgrade to at least 6'7.75, he is clearly taller than 6'7 Deontay Wilder, congrats to him for defeating klitscho for world title, hope he fully recovers from recent issues, and rule supreme when he defeats all other pretenders out there.
Reece said on 13/Feb/17
Manamal Hughie Fury is at least 6,5.5 and likely the full 6,6. he had a inch at least on the 6,4.5 Lennox Lewis
Chief Rocka said on 12/Feb/17
Who do you think would measure taller, Rob? Fury or LeBron James?
Editor Rob: Rocka, put a 2x4 bit of timber on these 2 blokes heads and you've got yourself a spirit level.
Avi said on 12/Feb/17
I previously Though Fury 6,9 claim was complete smack. i thought he was closer to 6,7. but when they Fought you could see Fury was clearly the taller man. look at the staredown Fury looked like he had a full 3 inches on Wlad! this shows Wlad somebody raising the heels on his shoes i doubt he stuffed Lifts though that many would not fit in. I think Wlad is his 6,6 listing he looks a 6,6 he has 4 inches of 6,2 Haye and 3 over 6,3 Jennings and one over 6,5 Thompson and he looked clearly taller than 6,4.5 David bostice. i think he is his 6,6 claim or at least close but Fury is just the full out 6,9. Fury is idenical height to 6,9 David Price.Fury needs at least a 4cm upgrade.
Manamal said on 11/Feb/17
If Tyson Fury is around 1.5 inches shorter than what he claims, does this put Hughie Fury in the 6 ft 4 6ft 4.5 range?
Reece said on 11/Feb/17
Yep true Anon. Team Kiltschko messed with the weigh in scales according to Peter Fury. Tyson was likely at list 10ibs bigger than Kiltschko in weight in that ring and more than the 1bs listing. Do you think Vitali does the same. His height seems to stay more consistent he looks his 6'7 billed listing he has at least a inch on his Bro. His height does not look like it keeps changing like Wladimir.
Anon said on 11/Feb/17
Reece, couldn't argue with anything you said there. Wladimir does have a history of clearly wearing lifts, indeed. Fury clearly a larger man. I'd kind of equate it to the difference between a 6' man and 6'2-3 man in stature - i.e. comparable difference in size of structure of the bones, joints etc. Fury is not blessed with the passion (PhD in Sport Science) in training, perhaps genetically predisposed to a big disadvantage in body composition etc. but that should not fool people in the natural stature difference. Wladimir clearly carrying more muscle, with a better body composition. Fury, though, the clearly broader man.
Reece said on 11/Feb/17
mid190s Wlad is a far bigger troll than Fury he wears Lifts he can look as low as 6,5 and as high as in the 6,8.5 range. i think he is 6,5.5 still a tall guy but wears lifts thus making him look 6,8 tall. i wonder if Vitali does the same.
Mid190s said on 10/Feb/17
Both Wlad and Fury are height trolls(very tall ones) but Rob has done a superb job cutting through the BS.

These listings are all spot on!
Editor Rob: there are people who think the sole reason somebody wears lifts is because they are insecure about height.

While the majority do, there is a not-so insignificant minority who buy and wear elevators to troll others, piss off those with heightist attitudes, or intimidate opponents (both in sport and in the boardrooms or meetings etc).
Reece said on 10/Feb/17
History Top 16 Heavyweights and my prediction of their heights in primes in no order.

Holmes 6,3.5-192cm
Foreman 6,4-193cm
Lewis-6,5-196cm. possibly 195 but no less
Holyfield-6,2-188cm possibly 186-187 too
W Kiltschko-6,6-198cm-Possibly 197cm-197.5cm but no under
M Tyson- 5,10-178cm
V Kiltschko-6,7.5-202cm. possibly 200.5-201cm but nothing under
Frazier 5,10.5-179cm
Louis 6,1.5-186cm
Dempsey 6,0.5-184cm
Marciano 5,9.5-177
Jeffries 6,2-188cm
anon said on 10/Feb/17
He probably wouldn't measure under 6'7.5 in all honesty
Luna said on 9/Feb/17
I'm a solid 6'4 he had me by 4 inches.6,8 is my guess
Reece said on 9/Feb/17
Anon spot on. my Friend met Wladimir in Hamburg in 2002 and said he was 6,7. Haye even said on the Graham Norton Wladimir was 6,8! no way are people mistaking his height by that much he wears lifts to give people this impression. Wlad was taller than Haye by as much as 6 inches in press conferences Click Here. but it the FIGHT it was closer to 3.5-4 inches difference.Wlad has never looked less than 6,6 but he might even Raise his boxing shoes to make himself look taller. he does not look more than 6,5 with Wilder who is 6,7 and he is a clean 2 inches shorter. Click Here Look a that pic both are slighly tip toeing Fury looks a good 3 inches taller. Their are even 6,4 Wlad claims but Allen story does not make sense. he says he is 6,2.5 and with trainers he is the same as Wlad.Trainers dont give 1.5 inches height they more give 0.75 inches.6 foot 7 is a joke. Wilder is a real 6,7 and Fury is 1.5 inches taller in their 2013 picture with similar footwear. Fury 6,8.5,Wilder 6,7,Kiltschko 6,5.5
Anon said on 8/Feb/17
He towered over Klitschko (in the ring, not at the conferences when Klitschko wore lifts), towers over his cousin Hughie, Nicolai Firtha... All of whom are 6'6''.

At least an inch taller than his billing on this site. Made 6'3'' Steve Cunningham look like a small man.
Reece said on 8/Feb/17
Fury is for sure taller than 6,7. Fury was taller than Wilder who is also listed the same by 4-5cm. Fury is at least 6,8.5. we saw he was quite a bit taller than Wlad when the fought.
Allei said on 5/Feb/17
Canson.Fury is 3 inches taller than Wlad. 6,7 Wilder is 1.5 inches on Kiltschko and Fury has 1.5 Inches on him. look a the touch gloves before the fight. Fury is 3 inches taller than Wlad but no more.
Fury 6,8.5
Wilder 6,7
Wladimir 6,5.5
Vitali is a 6,7 he looks Wilder size but still shorter than Fury. and lets remember Kilschko is a lifts wearer hence why he can look so close in height to Fury
Weiman said on 3/Feb/17
i doubted Fury 6,9 before but looking at pictures of him near tall boxers i would say he is pretty close to 6,9 prob a bit shorter.
Fury looked a nice bit taller than Kiltschko when the Fought,he Defo wore Lifts. Fury looked 2.5-3 inches taller you could see it before they touched Gloves. and Wladimir is not less than 6,5.5. i think Fury is in the 6,8-6,8.5 Range. 6,7 seems to short. Vitali and Wilder are to boxers who look close to 6,7 and Fury is taller than both.he is good bit taller than his Cousin Hughie
Ryan said on 26/Jan/17
Wlad has been wearing lifts for years and it is hard to know his real height.he is eye to eye with Fury in the Weigh in or a touch taller but Fury was 2.5 inches taller at least in the Ring and in the Manchester presser last year April 2016.Wlad was taller than 6,4.5 sky sports reporter in 2011 by 3.5 inches. Haye called him 6,8 on the Norton show and my Friends met Wladimir in 2011 and they told me his 6,5 was bs and he was actually 6,7! no wonder why people call him 6,7 and 6,8 because he makes people think that. I think Wlad is still 197 without lifts he looked no more than 2.5- inches shorter than 6,8 Tyson Fury. he looked only half a inch shorter than 6,6 Joshua. certainly no less than 6,5.
Wlad 6,5.5
Wilder 6,6.5
Fury 6,8
Nick said on 23/Jan/17
this is a proof Tyson Fury is another joker, always jabbering about Wlad lifts :) while he is tip toeing (look at Furys feet) in this picture Click Here trying to look taller while Wlad is comfortably leaning possibly quite shorter than usual and still not far from Furys height
Editor Rob: Fury's nowhere near as bad a Height Troll as big Vlad is, but tip-toeing is something you'd expect from a guy like Big G.
SportsFreak said on 15/Jan/17
These Fury listing are a joke. their are comments here saying Fury is 6,6.5.
Deontay Wilder is listed 6 ft 7-and Fury looked 1.5 Inches taller both in Trainers in 2013 when they met and he looked 2 inches taller jumping in the RING. but he did have a 0.5 inch shoe Advantage. Wilder may be 6,6.5 and not 6,7 but Fury is clearly no less than 6,8 with him a possibly 6,8.5. in the Manchester Presser in April last year Kiltschko did not wear his Lifts and Fury could look 2.5 Inches taller and Wlad is a 6,5.5 guy. Fury was also a little taller than Price who claims 6,8. Fury is 6,9 out of Bed and 6,8 during most the course of the Day. he looked 2.5 inches taller than Wlad with only 0.5 inch boxing shoes barely no height advantage.
Jordan Davies said on 5/Jan/17
Solid 6'8"
joe### said on 29/Dec/16
Carmelo ta near the camera, more impression than taller than wilder
Click Here
Canson said on 29/Dec/16
Fury is 6'7" range maybe 6'7.5 at his lowest. He's not 3" taller than Wlad maybe 2-2.5. Wlad is 196 at his lowest Fury 201-202
Reece said on 29/Dec/16
Wilder looks 1.5 inches taller than Wladimir
Reece said on 29/Dec/16
Wilder is 1.5 inches taller than Wladimir in pictures david. 6 foot 7 is to short for Fury. Fury looks 2.5 inches -3 inches taller than Wlad. Fury is 6 foot 8.5 or 6,9 in the morning and 6'7.5 and 6'8'at night
Reece said on 29/Dec/16
Wilder is 1.5 inches taller than Wladimir in pictures david. 6 foot 7 is to short for Fury. Fury looks 2.5 inches -3 inches taller than Wlad. Fury is 6 foot 8.5 or 6,9 in the morning and 6'7.5 and 6'8'at night
Reece said on 29/Dec/16
Wilder is 1.5 inches taller than Wladimir in pictures david. 6 foot 7 is to short for Fury. Fury looks 2.5 inches -3 inches taller than Wlad. Fury is 6 foot 8.5 or 6,9 in the morning and 6'7.5 and 6'8'at night
Sptwoody02 said on 29/Dec/16
Wilder is 1.5 inches taller than Wladimir in pictures david. 6 foot 7 is to short for Fury. Fury looks 2.5 inches -3 inches taller than Wlad. Fury is 6 foot 8.5 or 6,9 in the morning and 6'7.5 and 6'8'at night
Sptwoody02 said on 29/Dec/16
Wilder is 1.5 inches taller than Wladimir in pictures david. 6 foot 7 is to short for Fury. Fury looks 2.5 inches -3 inches taller than Wlad. Fury is 6 foot 8.5 or 6,9 in the morning and 6'7.5 and 6'8'at night
Sptwoody02 said on 29/Dec/16
Wilder is 1.5 inches taller than Wladimir in pictures david. 6 foot 7 is to short for Fury. Fury looks 2.5 inches -3 inches taller than Wlad. Fury is 6 foot 8.5 or 6,9 in the morning and 6'7.5 and 6'8'at night
David said on 26/Dec/16
Are you sure Rob? He looked taller that Wilder who looked considerably taller than Wlad in some pictures (3-5 cm maybe).
miko said on 22/Dec/16
6'6.5 for Wilder
anon said on 20/Dec/16
How Tall is Boxer David Price- 6 ft8 range?
Editor Rob: Price does claim to be 6ft 8 and 18 stones.
Scott said on 17/Dec/16
Here is Fury with Lineker

Click Here

He's definitely a very large guy. I've met him and I'd have to say if he didn't slouch or accommodate height he's probably about 6'8.

But when someone is or 9 or 10 inches taller than you its actually very difficult to gauge in person
anon said on 15/Dec/16
Wilder I doubt is under 6'6 range either, Remember him edging out Audley Harrison who was likely 6'5.5- 6'6 range, Wilder could be 6'6.5 guy, chance he would measure anywhere between 6'6 and 6'6.5
Andrew said on 15/Dec/16
JOshua and Wlad are exactly the same height in multiple photos then in some Klit looks an inch taller. I'd say Klit wearing different shoes Joshua is clearly a solid 6'6" can tell a tiny bit shorter than Breazeale (~1cm shorter) and much taller than Martin who was 6'5". Either way I think Wlad and AJ both 6'6" WLad just loves trying to be taller anyway possible. Fury 6'8" my guess.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 14/Dec/16
anon said on 6/Dec/16
The 6'9 is probably in sneakers or he was measured early morning in shoes no idea, Most boxers get listed 1-2 Inches taller than they are, I think Fury is around 6'7.5 somewhere in the 6' 7 range, Think He would be taller than A guy like Deontay wilder tbh.


He was taller than Wilder face to face.
anon said on 14/Dec/16
Tyson Cousin Hughie is listed 6'6 but Hard to tell to me he looks in the 6'4 range he might measure 6'4.25- 6'4.5?
anon said on 6/Dec/16
The 6'9 is probably in sneakers or he was measured early morning in shoes no idea, Most boxers get listed 1-2 Inches taller than they are, I think Fury is around 6'7.5 somewhere in the 6' 7 range, Think He would be taller than A guy like Deontay wilder tbh.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Nov/16
His 6ft9 claim is pretty egotistical, like he doesn't feel gigantic enough at a solid 6ft7!
Nik said on 21/Oct/16
Gets me dizzy thinking about all those heights below.
anon said on 21/Oct/16
Rob, What would be your estimate for Deontay Wilder?
Editor Rob: claims 6ft 7, but I'm not sure he really is that big...with Fury he looked under 6ft 7, but somewhere in 6ft 6-7 zone? Maybe between the two.
Muresan80 said on 21/Oct/16
Tyson Fury 202
Vitali Klitschko 202
Robert Helenius 201
Deontay Wilder 200
Wladimir Klitschko 199
Anthony Joshua 198
Audley Harrison 197
Lennox Lewis 197
Charles Martin 195
Shannon Briggs 193
Davi Haye 188
Alexander Povetkin 188
Dereck Chisora 187
Mike Tyson 178
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Oct/16
That looks better.
Editor Rob: a fraction over 6ft 7 is probably what he could measure.
Jm19 said on 19/Oct/16
I've met him 3 times now and he looks like a very big man from a distance but stood next to my friend who is 6ft5 he barely looked any taller.
Mansoor sharafat said on 18/Oct/16
Wladimir klitschko is solid 6'6.5".... and fury got 1.5" on him, that puts fury 6'8".....just look at his arm length 86" reach
anon said on 17/Oct/16
Looks Taller than a flat 6'7 imo, he might be 6'7.5 How Tall is Deontay Wilder, To me he would be a bit taller than a guy like Anthony Joshua, 6'6.5?
Spursfan said on 6/Oct/16
Is it just me or did Fury look taller earlier on in his pro career? He almost looked like a 6ft 9 in man in his first few years but his posture seems to have got much worse. It's understandable really because a man that big would always be bending down to go under doors and also when he's boxing much smaller guys etc
BSD said on 30/Sep/16
Seems like the consensus is 6 7 and change, what might convince you to upgrade him slightly Rob?
Editor Rob: well, it's early days, the voting is ongoing, so we'll see over time, maybe a fraction over 6ft 7 is possible.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 29/Sep/16
ly said on 3/Aug/16
In the ring i think 2 inches were visible between him an Wlad so strong 6ft7 maybe


I agree, he's at minimum got a 2 on Wlad.
Manimal said on 29/Sep/16
I think Tyson Fury is a legit 6 ft 7.5!
PhysicsEnemy said on 18/Sep/16
I have Wlad @ 6' 5" and Fury @ 6' 6.5".
jon said on 27/Aug/16
just a flat 6'7 really, I think he might be more 6'7. 5 looking at him with Wilder, How Tall would you guess Wilder then, I think he is above 6'6, maybe 6'6.5 for Deontay?
ly said on 3/Aug/16
In the ring i think 2 inches were visible between him an Wlad so strong 6ft7 maybe
Canson said on 1/Aug/16
As listed. He's similar to the elder Klitschko
Scott said on 18/Jul/16
I'd say 6'8 as every photo with David Price hrle looks identical height (listed 6'8 on Boxrec, 6'8.5 by Sky, 6'9 by himself, 6'10 by Anthony Joshua).

I think in the morning Fury clears 6'8 so rounds up to 6'9.

Whatever the actual height, he's in the 95th percentile so its basically academic to debate someone of that stature's height ... literally.
Derek Bolan said on 7/Jul/16
Christ if he is that tall what size trainers / shoes does he wear ?
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 25/Jun/16
Scott said on 23/Jun/16
In Moke's photo Fury looks 6'8 for sure. I think Rob has been a bit mean on Tyson here ... an upgrade of some sort seems due!


I agree a flat 6'7" appears just a bit too low. Wlad is a strong 6'5" guy who wears lifts on occasion. In that particular photo I'd say you could see 2.5" between them, which puts Fury at a weak 6'8". I think Anything between 6'7.25" and 6'7.75" looks his range, I'd split the difference and call him 6'7.5" personally.
miko said on 23/Jun/16
His height can vary a bit, he's obviously not 6'9, but I wonder if 6'7 flat is a tad low.

At times he could look a solid 2 inches taller than Wlad, but then in the pre-fight stare-down looked barely taller, maybe WK's footwear was dodgy that evening.

He is somewhere between 6'7 and 6'7.5 barefoot IMO.
Scott said on 23/Jun/16
In Moke's photo Fury looks 6'8 for sure. I think Rob has been a bit mean on Tyson here ... an upgrade of some sort seems due!
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 17/Jun/16
The Exorcist said on 29/Apr/16
My estimates

David Price - 6'8"
Tyson Fury - 6'7"
Deontay Wilder - 6'6.25"
Wladimir Klitschko - 6'5.25"
Anthony Joshua - 6'5.25"
Lennox Lewis - 6'4.75"
Charles Martin - 6'4.5"
Hughie Fury - 6'4.25"
Eddie Hearn - 6'4"
Luis Ortiz - 6'2.75"
Shannon Briggs - 6'2.5"
John Fury - 6'2"
David Haye - 6'1.75"
Derek Chisora - 6'1"
Alexander Povetkin - 6'0.5"
Peter Fury - 6'0"


I think I'd go from tallest to shortest:

David Price - 6'8"
Tyson Fury - 6'7.5"
Vitali Klitschko - 6'7"
Deontay Wilder - 6'6.5"
Anthony Joshua - 6'5.75"
Hughie Fury - 6'5.25"
Wladimir Klitschko - 6'5.25"
Lennox Lewis - 6'4.75"
Shannon Briggs - 6'3.5"
David Haye - 6'2"
Derek Chisora - 6'1"
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 2/Jun/16
Moke said on 1/Jun/16
Con Sheehan is billed 6'5 but nevertheless Fury's probably a bit over 201 cm, that is 6'7.25 or so...He's definitely off the "yard"-stick.
Click Here - could imagine this one was taken without Klitschkos special "insoles" or whatever he put into his trainers.


Sheehan was at 6'5.5" on boxrec but yes, only 6'5" in some other places.

Next to Wladimir in that picture he's looking north of 6'7" flat honestly. Could argue he's pushing 6'8" in that, but somewhere between 7 and 8 is what I think he looks there.
kaplaaa said on 1/Jun/16
6"7.5 imo
Moke said on 1/Jun/16
Con Sheehan is billed 6'5 but nevertheless Fury's probably a bit over 201 cm, that is 6'7.25 or so...He's definitely off the "yard"-stick.
Click Here - could imagine this one was taken without Klitschkos special "insoles" or whatever he put into his trainers.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 27/May/16
Click Here

If Fury is 6'7" I think that makes Con Sheehan noticeably shorter than his billed 6'5.5" on boxrec. I'd say there's a clear 3" between them in that photo. Makes me think Fury could well be in the 202 cm range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/May/16
Rob, is a fraction above this possible?

I think I've heard him give 6ft8 aswell.
Editor Rob: it is possible 6ft 7 and change
joe### said on 19/May/16
Mathew Robinson (190 cm)
I think wilder look 6'6.5

he looks than klitschko and barret and harrison
Joe### said on 17/May/16
Harrison 6'5.75-6'6
Wilder 6'6.5
Fury 6'7.25
David price 6'8.5
Joshua 6'5.25-6'5.5
Mariusz Wach 6'6.75
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 17/May/16
joe### said on 13/May/16
Click Here


Wilder looks 6'6" there to me. I think Fury is at least a legit inch taller than Wilder based on seeing them go face to face.
joe### said on 13/May/16
Click Here
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 11/May/16
How tall is Deontay Wilder? Tyson Fury looked a full inch taller. Is Wilder like 6'6" - 6'6.5" range?
Editor Rob: deontay does claim to be 6ft 7 himself.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 9/May/16
Click Here

Solid 6'7" range. Could even be 6'7.5". Not 6'9" barefoot though.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 5/May/16
I'd say a solid 201 cm guy, I'd give him 6'7.25" if I were Rob.
Canson said on 2/May/16
@Exorcist: I agree with Scott. Good estimates. And to Scott's point that should show as well if Haye is 6'1 that Wlad is 6'5" range like he claims and his brother right around 6'7"
tandy said on 30/Apr/16
Wladimir Klitschko admitted he was only 6.5, that makes tyson fury about 6.6/5 maybe 6.7 max
Scott said on 30/Apr/16
Good estimates The Exorcist.

I've been around almost all these boxing guys you have listed bar David Price All big guys to be sure and all a little exaggerated.

Briggs though is off. He's a big broad 6'3+. Haye describing him as 6'5 should indicate he's not 6'2.

Tyson Fury looked identical height to Price in their amateur fight and he was only 17.

I have a few photos posing with Hughie and he looks 6'5 rather than 6'6.
The Exorcist said on 29/Apr/16
My estimates

David Price - 6'8"
Tyson Fury - 6'7"
Deontay Wilder - 6'6.25"
Wladimir Klitschko - 6'5.25"
Anthony Joshua - 6'5.25"
Lennox Lewis - 6'4.75"
Charles Martin - 6'4.5"
Hughie Fury - 6'4.25"
Eddie Hearn - 6'4"
Luis Ortiz - 6'2.75"
Shannon Briggs - 6'2.5"
John Fury - 6'2"
David Haye - 6'1.75"
Derek Chisora - 6'1"
Alexander Povetkin - 6'0.5"
Peter Fury - 6'0"
Scott said on 28/Apr/16
Fury looked a solid 6'8 next to Wlad in Yesterday's press conference in Manchester.

Clear now Wlad was packing heavy duty lifts in the first fight when at the weigh in he was taller than him SMH.
Lenny said on 27/Apr/16
Click Here Fury posted this on his instagram with his height listed as 6 8, wonder if he'll bill himself at this height for the rematch. . getting closer to reality anyway
movieguy said on 27/Apr/16
If you look at todays press conference they stand side by side and in fairness Fury did look a fair bit taller, at least 2 inches. This shows Wlad was definitely wearing lifts at the weigh in from first fight where they were virtually the same height. I think Fury might not be too far away from his 6'9'' claim which I have previously doubted.
yos said on 27/Apr/16
Looked a fair bit bigger than Wlad today at the presser. I still think 6'7 is an unfair listing
anon said on 24/Apr/16
6'7'' is a joke. He has at least 5cm on Deontay Wilder. He is clearly much taller than his cousin Hughie, who is 6'6''. Is this estimate based on the Klitschko promotional conferences where Klitschko was wearing lifts? He is at least 6'8.5''
Mighty_- said on 22/Apr/16
Wlad is not below 6'6. He is more a 6'6.5" guy.
Fury could easily be 6'8" with a good/better posture
Johno said on 13/Apr/16
I meant 6'7.5
Johno said on 13/Apr/16
Could be upto 6'6.5 aswell.
_177 said on 8/Apr/16
@ICE "grotesque appearance" had me dying haha
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/16
"Tyson Fury's Height is 6ft 7¼in (201.295cm)"

Looks a very solid 6ft7 at least. Taller than Daniel Cudmore and similar enough to Peter Crouch
Ice said on 28/Mar/16
Hes 6'7. He hasnt got that grotesque appearance of a man thats over 6'8 .
joe @@ said on 27/Mar/16
this guy mainly seemed mart morgan terribly exaggerating its height
Josh said on 14/Mar/16
In an interview with Wlad before the title fight they asked how he was training to prepare for a 6ft 9 opponent, i thought his response was interesting. . .

"He’s actually not as tall as people say, surprisingly. I’ve been at the press conference with him and I thought he was kind of the size of Mariusz Wach [6ft 7 1/2ins]. . . . Statistics say whatever but in reality he is not as much of a giant as statistics say. In this fight, I’m the smaller guy though."

here's the link Click Here
BSD said on 7/Mar/16
Rob do you see Fury as a strong or a weak 6'7? Although miles off his claim, not sure he would dip under the mark
Editor Rob: maybe he does fall into a decent 6ft 7 range and not really dip under it
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/16
Rob, I meant to say a fraction over 6ft7?

I think he can look near 6ft8 at times.
Body said on 19/Feb/16
Rob how can you not make a site for heavyweight champ deontay???
john anand said on 7/Feb/16
is fury taller than wilder
The Exorcist said on 5/Feb/16
Here is a video of Tyson, in socks, walking through two doors.

Start the video at 7:10
Click Here

The question is: How tall are the doors? The second one is lower.
PLB said on 3/Feb/16
Wearing lifts for a large man can be troublesome. I had a bad Achilles tendon a few years ago. I was then an honest 6'4" in my bare feet. But my doctor prescribed lifts to help raise my heel and take the pressure off it.. I tried many different types. Finally I tried a pair I found as one of the advertisers on this web site. When I wore them I was 6'7". It was wonderful. I felt great - psychologically. But they threw my back out. I could only wear them for about twenty minutes. I imagine some other guys habituate to these things better than I did. But if Klitschko or Fury is really much shorter and is supposed to have donned lifts just for this weigh-in I'm skeptical. Maybe it's different for shorter guys but when I put them on they really screwed up my posture. I'd be afraid to wear the big ones again. Also when I lived in San Francisco I used to see a lot of transsexual men on the street dressed up like women (San Francisco's that kind of place). There would be these tall mostly black men wearing skin tight dresses and high heels. Believe me they walked funny. They could barely keep upright. I think women have to practice to wear heels and of course they are much shorter. So again from the evidence of the weigh-in both these guys seemed comfortable on their feet. I don't think there were any lifts.
Canson said on 3/Feb/16
He's probably similar in size to Vitaly. at most he may be a bit north (1/4-1/2" like CreepX said. Maybe a 6'7 guy who would wake close to 6'8 in the morning and would measure maybe 2" higher than Wlad.
CreepX said on 27/Jan/16
The Exorcist: You must also take the shoes into acount. WIlder had flat boxing shoes, and Fury probably more heels to him. But I think he's still sligthly taller. Some sources claim WIlder to be 6''6' 1/2 so Fury would be sligthly north of 6''7' My best guess.
Scott said on 27/Jan/16
Rob, Fury looked a couple of inches taller than 6'7 Wilder at the weekend ... And has looked clearly the taller guy in previous meet ups.

How tall do you believe the 6'7 listed Wilder really is?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jan/16
Rob, could he be a fraction 6ft7?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't go under. When he got into boxing at 18-19 there was a clip of him and his trainer running through his fact sheet and he had 6ft 7 as his height at that age and looked it.
movieguy said on 24/Jan/16
Did look a bit taller than Wilder when he climbed into the ring after Wilder's victory. Maybe slightly above 6'7'' for Fury.
Crane said on 20/Jan/16
He looked 6'6.5 in the stare down with Wladimir Klitschko. I'd love to see Tyson Fury VS Cain Velasquez in MMA or bare knuckle fights.
The Exorcist said on 19/Jan/16
Looks a good inch taller than Deontay Wilder in this vid. Wilder may be 6'6" flat.
Click Here
Gaz said on 19/Jan/16
Click Here with Wilder in the ring
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 11/Jan/16
In the fight Fury looked no more than 2" taller than Wlad. It's funny - both of these guys have been quoted talking about the other not being as big as they try to appear. Wladimir saying that Fury is not as big as everyone says he is claiming that Fury is the same height as Mariusz Wach. Then Fury said Wlad was wearing lifts in order to be eye to eye with him at the weigh in.

In reality, even though he claims he's 4" taller than Wlad I'd be shocked if Fury was any more than 2.5" taller than Wlad. 1.75" - 2" is an even a safer bet. I do believe Fury and his brother might be on to something with their fervorous accusations of Wlad wearing lifts. But those lifts would have to be pretty freakin' big to boost him up 3.5" - 4". And I believe he was wearing trainers. You can't fit something that big in trainers.

So Fury in my estimation probably goes at minnimum 200 cm. More likely 201. But the only way he's 205 cm range is if Wlad is - at bare minimum - a 199 cm guy barefooted.
EzioAuditore711 said on 6/Jan/16
Wlad ain't 6'7''. That's Vitali. Wladimir is 6'5''-6'5.5''.
1punch said on 3/Jan/16
he is probs 6'8.5 he is taller than 6'7 wlad by an inch and wlad was wearing another inch of trainer
Ice said on 2/Jan/16
6'9 really seems an awful lot for Fury .
Johno said on 28/Dec/15
Wladimir was being pretty vindictive about Fury's listed height of 6'9 in an pre-match interview, i believe he tried to make point when he wore those lifts in those press shots with Fury. Fury has about 2 inches on Wladimir in reality.

Fury ~ 6'7
John said on 21/Dec/15
Andy said on 19/Dec/15
I agree about Fury being roughly 6'7". I saw him next to
Wladimir Klitschko in a staredown with neither having the
advantage in footwear and he was only 1 inch taller than the 6'5
1/2" - 6'6" Wladimir Klitschko.


Click Here
According to Tyson Fury's cousin Hughie, Wladimir was wearing lifts that day so he can look taller next to Tyson during their staredown, hence why there was only an inch difference between the two.
Mike said on 19/Dec/15
Having seen dozens of pictures and lots video footage of tyson
with other celebs and boxers it's clear he's around 6'7.
That is very tall. Why bother adding the extra 2 inches on?
Andy said on 19/Dec/15
I agree about Fury being roughly 6'7". I saw him next to Wladimir Klitschko in a staredown with neither having the advantage in footwear and he was only 1 inch taller than the 6'5 1/2" - 6'6" Wladimir Klitschko.
EzioAuditore711 said on 18/Dec/15
Carmelo is more 6'6" than 6'7" and Fury looks only half an inch taller.
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 17/Dec/15
Anthony was measured 6'6.25" wo/s in the morning so he falls a bit under 6'6" in the evening/night. I can see roughly 1in between them so Fury must stand a legit 6'7".
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pablo77bar(184cm) said on 16/Dec/15
Lokks more 6ft 7.5 With Carmelo
Brah said on 16/Dec/15
Carmelo Anthony measured 6'6.75" barefoot. Take off Carmelo's hat and look at the shoulders, Tyson Fury is at least 6'7" with him but no more than 6'7.5".
Duhon said on 16/Dec/15
Carmelo is 6'6.25" barefoot. Fury is 6'7" max there.
EzioAuditore711 said on 16/Dec/15
Does he have an inch on Melo?
joe @@ said on 16/Dec/15
carmelo anthony here with himClick Here
Ice said on 16/Dec/15
ROB would Vitali Klitchko edge out Fury ?
Editor Rob: I doubt it
Ice said on 16/Dec/15
Why would Wlad wear lifts ? Hes legit 6'6 right out of bed , why would he want to appeare giant like ? I think at the press conference it was all camera angles , and you could tell Fury had a small height advantage . Wlad didnt wear lifts ..
Ice said on 16/Dec/15
6'5 is low for Wlad , trust me . He probably wakes up at a solid 1.98-1.99 and later douring the day measures like1.97 . Hes the definition of a very strong 6'5 guy , and pretty much everybody his height would just say they are 6'6 ..
Ice said on 16/Dec/15
6'5 is low for Wlad , trust me . He probably wakes up at a solid 1.98-1.99 and later douring the day measures like1.97 . Hes the definition of a very strong 6'5 guy , and pretty much everybody his height would just say they are 6'6 ..
Fredrik Farhadian said on 14/Dec/15
People get it wrong when they compare Tyson with Wlad because they underestimate the Ukranian's height. I've met Wlad myself and he's definetely somewhere in the 6'6 - 6'7 range. 6'5 is just nonsense, trust me.
So, with Wlad a tad under 6'7 I can easily see Tyson being a solid 6'8.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 11/Dec/15
Even if Wlad wore lifts in the pre-fight pics, there's no way there's anything like a 4" height difference between the two of them. It's not like he could stuff 4" worth of lifts into those running shoes he had on. Fury is not more than 2" taller than Wlad. Which would mean that at most, he's around 6'7.25".
guyster said on 8/Dec/15
Having a look at Tyson fury in pics with Deontay Wilder I would have thought closer to 6'8 however when pictured with Vladimir he does seem more 6'7 - 6'7.5, Rob do you think 6'7.5 is more accurate, I think he is a fraction more than 6'7, closer to 6'7.5 IMO.
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 8/Dec/15
No there is a noticeable difference.
A man said on 8/Dec/15
The camera heavily favours Lewis there, but even so there's no way you're getting 6,9" out of that unless Lewis is wearing high heels.

6,7" is bang on.
Ministry said on 8/Dec/15
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Heres tyson fury with 6ft 4.5 lennox lewis
miko said on 7/Dec/15
Fury and 6'7 Deontay Wilder are very close in height, a legit stare-down between those two would confirm if Fury is over 6'7 or not.
Gaz said on 6/Dec/15
Most fighter get listed an inch above there height plus you never know he may maybe one of those people who measured in shoes or in the morning and rounds it up if he was say 6'8.5 in shoes. And if he is not using a stadiometer to measure is height he could get an inaccurate measuring. So it is possible for him to be 6'9 with some thick shoes on lol. But he did look the bigger guy in the ring than in the weigh in where it did appear that Vlad may have had something in his shoes so there is something to be said about that.
movieguy said on 6/Dec/15
Bizarre that a 6'5'' to 6'6'' guy like Wlad would chose to wear lifts but appears this happened. Didn't help him in the ring though.
Mr. R said on 6/Dec/15
This proves that Wlad was wearing lifts in the pics before the fight. TF may not be 6-9, but 6-8 certainly seems pretty close.

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6'2 said on 5/Dec/15
Vitalli is 6'7 is fury not taller? I'd say 6'8 he's always listed 6'9 didn't think there was billed heights in boxing
Bx92 said on 3/Dec/15
I met Tyson fury recently and 6ft 7 is a very accurate listing.

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