How tall is Uma Thurman ?

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Uma Thurman height: 5ft 11.25in (181 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Gattaca and Batman & Robin. In Time Magazine (22/9/03), celebheights read her mentioning her tall stature, saying "I'm like 5ft 11." She may in fact be rounding down her height by a fraction.

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LoganNoll1996 says on 27/Jul/15
Why would Uma downgrade her height? 5'11 is tall for a woman but no one really makes a big deal about it. Usually it's very short women or men under 6 feet that exaggerate their height.
Sam says on 30/Jun/15
Rob, could you add these to her credits: Dangerous Liaisons, Mad Dog and Glory, Beautiful Girls and Nymphomaniac to her credits?
Is there anything more ravishing than her appearance in Liaisons or Baron Munchausen?...she was a very key figure in my, uh...puberty.
Mon says on 14/Jun/15
She is surely as tall as Travolta, in Pulp Fiction dance scene she alone was in bare feet. Final verdict: Uma looks to be a quarter inch under 6 foot.
Mon says on 10/Jun/15
Jewel. I think a lot of models are billed as taller because that gets them work, but if they move into films their agents may well think claiming 6 foot will cost them work. I was overestimating Tarentino by a half inch (though she is as tall as him with moderate high heels). Maybe she isn't quite the full two yards tall. But I am absolutely certain she is a stronger 5'11 than listed here.
Jewel says on 9/Jun/15
Rob do you ever get celebrities and their agents contacting you to lower their heights? Reason being, an awful lot of women have been moved from the 6ft group into the 5.11! It's a but funny:)
[Editor Rob: none I can remember!]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/May/15
Affleck had 3in on her. That's why he's listed a fraction over 6ft2 and Thurman a fraction over 5ft11.
Judd says on 21/May/15
M, it she is 6' then Affleck has to be 6'3" because he had 3" on her...
I think she's closer to 5'11 than 6'...5'11-11.25" is better tran 5'11.75-6'0"...
M says on 19/May/15
She is for sure 6' tall (1.83m)
Mon says on 14/May/15
Women don't like being thought oversized, and very tall actresses especially have good reason for falsely claiming to be shorter than they are. Been watching Kill Bill. If she is as listed above David Carradine needs maybe an inch taken from his listed height. Throughout KB they seem to be shooting angles to hide her height relative to his, though she wears rock bottom shoes. In the extras docu Tarantino calls her gargantuan. Her head seems really big in shot with Carradine's, while her feet (you get to see a lot of her feet) look huge. IMO she is still six foot tall when she goes to bed in the evening. In the KB collection extras there is a deleted scene in which Carradine seems somewhat shorter than her.
Judd says on 9/May/15
James101 says on 23/Apr/15
Rob, what's the lowest she could be?
[Editor Rob: just over 5ft 11, generally she looks taller than just 5ft 11.]

IMO her low height is 180,5 cms, and probably wakes up at 182,5 cms...
5'11.25" is fair or even a very strong 5'11"...
shib says on 8/May/15
Must be 180 she almost as tall as john travolta
James101 says on 23/Apr/15
Rob, what's the lowest she could be?
[Editor Rob: just over 5ft 11, generally she looks taller than just 5ft 11.]
mrHeight says on 20/Feb/15
She is really 5'11. Definitely 5'11. She maybe can be 5'10.5, but 5'11 sounds better. Here there's a pic that will explain this better:

Click Here

While Travolta's peak height was 6'0.5 back then, he really looked about 4 centimeters taller than Thurman in that pic.
MasterX says on 1/Jan/15
Uma is like a weak 5'11. Shes a solid 5'10.5 girl. She looked 1.5 inches shorter than bryan greenberg who is 6'0
in the movie Prime
Fred says on 29/Nov/14
I just saw her on the Swedish talkshow "Skavlan". The host Fredrik Skavlan is 183 cm and when Uma stood next to him, there was a clear difference of at least 5-6 cm or 2 inches. Uma was wearing pumps with a 2 inch heel and Fredrik Skavlan dress shoes with a heel of appr. 1.25 inch. She is definitely not taller than 176-177 cm. Just search for Skavlan and Uma and you will probably agree.
Lee Whit says on 3/Oct/14
Just watched "be cool" equal to Travolta so has to be near 6'... or just under.
177cmGuy says on 11/Aug/14
Uma looked 5'11.25 next to 6'0 John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. At minimum she is 180cm. Anyone assuming 175cm is joking themselves.
Just says on 12/Apr/14
@MT Uma is taller than Nicole Kidman, so Uma can't be just 5'9. This listing is legit.
Anon says on 8/Mar/14
She doesn't stand much shorter than John Travolta in Pulp Fiction promo shots (she's not even standing straight compared to him). She can't be far from his 6'0+ measure.
MT says on 25/Jan/14
I just spotted Uma at a restaurant in NYC and there's no way she's 5'11". She's tall for a woman, but she's about 5'9", maybe 5'10" tops. Every celebrity lies about their height. And yes, she put on a little weight. She's still attractive, but she looks ordinary.
CL says on 29/Nov/13
I posted on here before that I sat next to Uma on a couple occasions at my favorite sushi bar. She always wore flats and was always consistently an inch taller than me. I stand 5'10" dead even and typically wear shoes with 1" heels. This height is dead on.
oneguy says on 19/Nov/13
She's 5'10''
nona says on 12/Nov/13
Uma is easily atleast 6 ft tall. Off late she has put on some weight and has fillled out her frame nicely. In the pic on this site she looks to be about 140 lbs but now she is closer to 160 lbs with nice shapely hips and a filled out chest
Silent d says on 3/Nov/13
Aerocobbler says on 29/Aug/13
She's 5'11.5. She's said so herself. Change this please.
Silent d says on 12/Aug/13
Quite tall next to colin firth and jefffrey dean morgan in the accidental husband. 181cm.
Askany says on 31/Jul/13
1.81m?? Really unlikely.
His brother Mipam is listed 1.90m on his model agency (Click Here).
And here (Click Here) there is a set of their pictures together. She has ~5cm heels, and still there are ~10cm difference between them.
Askany says on 30/Jul/13
1.81m?? Really unlikely.
His brother Mipam is listed 1.90m on his model agency (Click Here).
And here (Click Here) there is a set of their pictures together. She has ~5cm heels, and still there are ~10cm difference between them.
Been says on 18/Jul/13
Next to Jeremy Northampton in The Golden Bowl she is clearly taller in every scene and he is at least 6' tall
Silent d says on 22/Jun/13
181cm. She is about the same height as elle macpherson who is listed as 183cm.
truth178cm says on 4/Jun/13
at least 5ft11.
D says on 26/May/13
Pardon me, but if we accept that John Travolta was 6' in his prime, how on earth can Uma be 5'11''? In "Pulp Fiction they are both barefoot in one scene (the dance) and he is clearly 3'' taller-at the very least.
Those who claim there was 1'' max are probably either drunk or simply have no idea what an inch actually looks like.
Dmeyer says on 12/Mar/13
Uma 181cm plus 1cm sleepers 182cm caradine looks max 182-183cm 1.7 in heels on so 5'10-10.5 by kill Bill time
Dmeyer says on 12/Mar/13
Looks too tall NeXT to caradine to be just 180cm 181cm is better thanks Rob , also 181cm is close enaugh 5'11 to claim it
Ace says on 27/Feb/13
I know this has been posted before, but it's hard to buy 5'11.25 in this photo: Click Here
And it's not like she is wearing any heels: Click Here
Zach says on 26/Feb/13
When I saw her as Poison Ivy in Batman and Robin, she looked very smoking hot and that's my favorite movie with her in it. Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mr. Freeze saying, "TONIGHT'S FORECAST: A FREEZE IS COMING!" I bet that was funny! Uma Thurman looked hot in Batman and Robin. Gotta have that!
Dmeyer says on 14/Feb/13
Rob i cant buy 5'11 flat for please upgreat her 5'11.25-11.5 maybe got measured 5'11.2-11.4 and just says 5'11
Dmeyer says on 14/Feb/13
Rob i cant buy 5'11 flat for please upgreat her 5'11.25-11.5 maybe got measured 5'11.2-11.4 and just says 5'11
[Editor Rob: yeah, I think it is believable for her to measure a little over that mark, I'll give her 181]
Dmeyer says on 14/Jan/13
Rob i met her she looked taller than flat 5'11 she was 2-2.5 in taller than travolta in 1 inch shoes like 6'3.5 shoes on , please upgreat her 5'11.25 as i think she could be 5'11.5 and rounds down
truth says on 5/Jan/13
181cm and smoking hot!
Arch Stanton says on 31/Dec/12
Rob, any comments on her and Elle Macpherson? Do you think she looks taller or shorter?
[Editor Rob: they could be very similar, one (Uma) rounding down to 5ft 11 a bit.]
Arch Stanton says on 11/Nov/12
Yeah Dmeyer I think you're right she can look 6'3" range in heels. I think 5'11.5".
Silent d says on 31/Oct/12
180cm. I remember she claimed 6 foot but then said close to 6 foot.
MaskDeMasque says on 20/Oct/12
5'11. Very tall girl.
Dmeyer says on 3/Oct/12
IF she is. 5'11 travolta was never 6'0.25 , she said im Like. 5'11 not i am
Dmeyer says on 2/Oct/12
Rob she towerd me and travolta in person if she says im Like 5'11 it could mean 11.25-11.5-11.75 she did have 3.5-4 in type she apeared taller than Nicole Kidman and theron in heels travolta wearing 1 in shoes 8 years ago was easy 5-6cm shorter
Bobby says on 29/Sep/12
I was 6"1.5" for much of my life. Live long enough, and our height diminishes.
Now at age 62, I'm a mere 6'0". If she says 5'11", I'd say she's right. What difference does it make. She's obvious got a great figure and supermodel height for over 40 or any age. I would never throw her any woman like her out of bed.
Johnnyfive says on 16/Sep/12
5'11 is correct for her. I saw Pulp Fiction again for the 50th time and she consistently looks an inch shorter than 6'0 John Travolta in it, especially when they both dance barefoot, in that scene she even looks like an inch and a half shorter.
logan noll 1996 says on 9/Aug/12
5'11 sounds right.
Sam says on 25/Jan/12
She was not towered by Travolta but in Pulp Fiction they dance barefoot together and Travolta is taller than her by at least a solid inch.
SIlent d says on 24/Jan/12
She was never towered by travolta. How do you know travolta wasn't wearing lifts? Anything under 180cm is ridiculous. I think 181cm is right on the money. Nearly a full six foot.

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