How tall is Vanessa Anne Hudgens ?

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Vanessa Anne Hudgens Height is 5ft 1in (155 cm)

American actress from High School Musical and Sucker Punch. In TeenRag she mentioned her height, saying "I like surfer guys and guys who are taller than me which is not hard because I'm only 5'3".

Ashley Benson, Vanessa, Selena Gomez and Rachel Korine
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Comment on the Height of Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Kira said on 3/Dec/15
I've met Vanessa this year and we're both exactly the same height. A few weeks before I actually met her, I had a doctors appointment and I had to have my height checked and guess how short or tell I am? 5'2! Which is 157-158 in cm, Vanessa isn't shorter than 5'0 and she is not 5'3. She's actually 5'2 and yes when I met her I thought she would've been shorter than me but nope, we were both wearing flats and we were exactly at eye level.
Kira said on 3/Dec/15
I've met Vanessa this year and we're both exactly the same height. A few weeks before I actually met her, I had a doctors appointment and I had to have my height checked and guess how short or tell I am? 5'2! Which is 157-158 in cm, Vanessa isn't shorter than 5'0 and she is not 5'3. She's actually 5'2 and yes when I met her I thought she would've been shorter than me but nope, we were both wearing flats and we were exactly at eye level.
n9 said on 17/Nov/15
5'1 seems righ, maybe 5'05. How I hate people who not only increase their height in interviews, but also say ONLY. Like, you're not even close to that height, please.
nessa said on 26/Sep/15
Rob can be between 5 and 5'05 also?
[Editor Rob: at times Vanessa can look not much over 5ft flat.]
Ally said on 4/Mar/15
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Austin is 6'0" so 5'0-5'1 seems fair for Vanessa
Arch Stanton said on 30/Dec/14
Rob how tall is her mother? G image Vanessa Hudgens mother. Click Here One picture there She makes Vanessa look tall!!
evil said on 23/Aug/14
Glams said on 16/Aug/14
i think she is 5'1.5 or 5'2
christy said on 29/Jun/14
agreed...she is 5'1 (max)
roza said on 3/Jun/14
she seems smaller than avril lavigne and not only of 0.5 feet
justme said on 13/May/14
I saw Vanessa Hudgens at Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles when she was playing with YLA. I am either 4'11.5" or 5'0". She was standing right in front of me for a few minutes. I was wearing 3 inch heels and I was slightly taller than her with my heels. She also had on 2-3 in heels. So assuming her heels were 2 inches and mine were 3, she MIGHT be 5'1".
yaknow said on 1/Mar/14
shes 5'1.5 and 107 lbs the same height as me and im only 13
Hola said on 26/Dec/13
Could be shorter, certainly didn't look above 5'1 back when she as with 5'8 efron.
The Barbie Blank said on 25/Aug/13
You saw I told you that she's taller more than 155cm thanks "TeenRag" :) I know that hehehe and Little sue I saw that either :D :D
kg said on 25/Aug/13
i think like you g 'cause she seems as small as hayden panettiere (even smaller than her somotimes) in some pictures and hayden is 5'0.25. maybe it the same for nicole richie she seems as tall as vanessa and in some pictures she's smaller than hayden.
little sue said on 18/Jul/13
She says in The Metro today that she put some weight on for her last film and that it showed on her '5ft 3 frame', obviously doing the 'two inch rule'
Mandy said on 11/Jul/13
She is at most 5'2 and at least 4'11
g said on 6/Jul/13
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she and kay panabaker who is 5 feet! rob there might be a chance she is 5ft ???
The Barbie Blank said on 26/Jun/13
Her pics with hayden p is old sweeheart! Look at her pics with josh on 2013 new year..
g said on 14/Jun/13
@the barbie blank. but check out her pics with hayden p shes looks shorter than 5feet.
kg said on 13/Jun/13
in some photos hayden pannettiere seems taller than vanessa but in heroes we can saw that hayden is smaller than kristen bell who is 5'1. vanessa can be only 5ft tall?????
Marina said on 7/May/13
Look at her with Ashley Benson. She's at most half an inch shorter than her.
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And with Josh Hutcherson. He is claimed to be 5'7" on the internet but you said he's 2 inches shorter so let's just assume he's 5'5".
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Ashley Tisdale (5'3")
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Vanessa must be at least 5'3" ! Actually, I think she can be even 5'4". But she definitely needs an upgrade.
marla singer said on 16/Apr/13
In the picture above she looks 3inches shorter than 5'3.5 Benson, and 4inches shorter than Selena. On Chelsea lately she also said she wasn't noticeably shorter than Selena (O.o) ... I'd estimate her at 5'0.5
rahul said on 3/Mar/13
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Silent d said on 11/Feb/13
heightyy said on 17/Jan/13
Theres a photo E! Online put on facebook of vanessa with selena gomez and sara hyland and im sure you've got sarah and vanessa as the same height. In the picture though vanessa dwarfs sara. Do you think vanessa is actually taller or is sarah smaller?
marla singer said on 7/Sep/12
Vanessa looks nearer 5'2" mark than 5'1"! Click Here
Just can't see 2in between her and 5'3" Ashley Tisdale
Izzhy said on 31/Aug/12
Im 21, and im 5 ... Makes me want to cry. I really wanted to be taller
Aria said on 6/Jun/12
She's definitely 5'1", there's no way she can be over like 5'1.5" at the most!
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Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
156cm. I remember this site had he listed at 157cm or something like that. Why the downgrade rob?
Ematzu said on 29/Jan/12
im 4 foot 11 1/2 and theres no way shes 5 foot 3 or 2 mabe 5foot or 5 foot 1 we weight about around the same of 95-100 ir so punds i weigh curent about 95 punds she apears to be about my hight when i think of short celebs my size she one definently iv read places and watched is were she s says shes short and avraging about what iv desvribed i dont rember the sites or anything im proud to be short and i admire vanessa hudgens a lot.
aliz said on 29/Jan/12
yaeh she's like 5'1'...............but i am shorter than her by 2'' hahahaah it sucks
holkahh said on 23/Jan/12
Pictures of her with hayden p. Show them at the same height. 5'1" us probably right.
curiosman said on 11/Oct/07
With miley cyrus, Vanessa looks about 3" or more shorter so if Miley is 5'4 so Vanessa is around 5'1 or less
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/07
she can be 156 cm, look at this picture with mily cyrus, she looks quite short
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curiosman said on 7/Oct/07
Uhm.I think Vanessa is 5-5'1.In this picture, both Ash and Vanessa wear sport shoes and Ash looks at least 1"-1.5" taller than Vanessa so no way she os taller than 5'1
Look --> Click Here
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/07
Fact 1: Ashley Tisdale is 5'3". (She said so a million times and wouldn't downgrade her height like any other celebrity. And she looks 5-3" anyways.)

Fact 2: Vanessa Hudgens is shorter than Ashley Tisdale. By how much?...that's the question. She's over 5'0" but under 5'3". So 5'1.5" is a good estimate.
anonymous said on 2/Oct/07
I think she is a little bit taller than me because I am 5.0 so she is probly 5.2
carla said on 1/Oct/07
she wears sandals in that "together' song in HSM.
Evanna said on 30/Sep/07
Vanessa looks really small here: Click Here 5'1", anyone?
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/07
She has to be taller then 5.1 On two appearances she's made on regis and kelly, wearing her 3 inch heels she looked to be only an inch or slightly over an inch shorter then regis and kelly, And Regis is about 5.6 to 5.7 which would make her to be about 5.2 and with 3 inch heels 5.5
Kristen bell, Alysa milano say and look like there 5.1. And they look very tiny on screen despite the fact that being on Camera makes you look taller.
and you can also count the few times there are wearing complete flats
Because there so tiny they can't get away with it. Unlike Vanessa who wore flats through out the whole HSM2 movie and she did not look like a midget, and the guys who are about 5.7 through 5.8 didn't over tower her at all.
5'3" Aix said on 19/Sep/07
diva, please notice: Ashley Tisdale is the tallest among the three girls, Vanessa loves wearing heels so much, as I have noticed in photos. Take a look in HSM2, there was a scene, both wearing flip-flops and Ashlee is still taller.
diva said on 14/Sep/07
well she cant be 5'2 coz if shes 5'2 then ashley tisdale is 5 oe less coz shes the tallest in the girls of cast of high school musical
Marca said on 13/Sep/07
brooke, I'm right now almost 5'6" - I'm 167cm. And I was 166 since I was 13 - now I'm almost 18. So it can also happen that you won't grow an inch in 5 YEARS!!! :(
brooke said on 10/Sep/07
Whats the maximum height you can grow in two years? I'm 14 and 5'4 but I wanna grow up to 5'8! =(
Jenn said on 8/Sep/07
yupp i think she is around 5'1.5 cuz she can't be any taller
i dont think she's 5'3, cuz there was a pic of her n zac n he looks like 4-5 inches taller than her n she was wearing heels.
n at mi school NO one thinks of short ppl in a negative way they think tall people in a negative way.
im 5'6 n ppl call me a giant
Racelley said on 7/Sep/07
Hey guys I think Vanessa is sooooooo not 5'3(sure in her dreams maybe not in real life)5ft 1.5 I think is a lot more close to reality, she is probably better to compare in height to Hayden Panetierre don't you think????
Sara said on 4/Sep/07
or maybe she really isnt short.
stephanie said on 4/Sep/07
well the thing is that in high school musical 2 she wore flats in like every scene minus one and acted really cutesy and small the whole time, so you'd think she'd try to make up for her height by acting like she was taller than she was, which is what all of the short girls i know do. or maybe she just likes being short. who knows.
jackieee said on 30/Aug/07
this makes much sens due to the fact monique coleman is taller than her (and LOOKS taller)
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/07
i thought she was taller when she stands next to zac they dont look 7 inches apart
Natalie said on 27/Aug/07
I don't hate her, but I don't dig her look as an actress. I can't picture her in any other role, except her being sugar sweet caracters.
Her singing voice is nice, but nothing special [just light and sometimes annoyingly tinkly]
I live overseas, so I don't really follow the HSM hype, just what I saw on Disney channel. I always switch channel whenever its Troy and Gabriella's ballad on-air, since I can't stand the voices.
So far from what I saw, I DO think that Ashley Tisdale is by far more natural and talented [and getting hotter in HSM 2 too, whereas Vanessa looks better in HSM 1 compared to in HSM 2].Its a pity that I heart HSM n HSM 2 for its support characters [Corbin, Lucas, Ashley], and not b'coz of the 2 leads.
And now, about height. I think its OK for an actress to be short. Lots of short actress are the more beautiful too. but they had to have some specialty so that they stand out. Then nobody will bash them so much if they lie about their height, since their talent is enough to cover the lie anyway. Elisha Cuthbert n Kristin Kreuk are small, but they're so beautiful too. MAry-Kate is tiny, but I'm never bored with her face, close-up, she got a unique model-face too. The list goes on...
I think some ppl don't like Vanessa [me included] bcoz she's quite boring, and have a fake smile. But probably I'll start getting replies here, bashing me as being jealous, very shortly. Lol :-P So, I'll just end it here.
Natalie said on 24/Aug/07
I'm 16 and haven't grown for a while, but being 5'8" I don't really need to! But, I bought sandals the other week that were slightly too big for me, and now they fit! XD So, I think i'm having a spurge again!
Zac Efron is about my height, and in 3 inch heels shes a couple of inches smaller than him, so i think 5'2" is probably about right!
Laydee. said on 21/Aug/07
I'm 18 going on 19 and actually grew an inch and a half over the summer. It is possible! I think it's because I've been getting more sleep lately. Yet, I'm still on the short side, but I don't mind my height. Proof that I have indeed grown is that I am now as tall as my dad (when several months back I distinctly remember him towering over me and I'd be just as tall as him when I'm in high heels) which feels pretty strange, but great at the same time haha.

Make sure to rest up kids.
3 said on 19/Aug/07
Some girls are done growing by age 13 or so. On average I would say girls stop growing at 15 or 16. I would say that girls could grow until age 17 or 18, but that is probably very very uncommon. Regardless, Hudgens is 5'1.5 and she isnt going to grow anymore.
18,181 said on 19/Aug/07
well,I can tell you that most women stop growing at 14,(statistics),some grow till 16 and some till 12 like my mother for instance,reached 5'3.5 at 12 and since at 25 was the same,and now at 43 too. It is very rare when a woman grows over 16,being that most stop growing around 14.for men its 5 years later like 17/19/21 and rare when over 21,but less rare than with women.
Anonymous said on 19/Aug/07
Yes Natalie, girls can still grow, I am almost 15 now, and just a little over 5 ft. I made a picture in a hospital(my hand), and it said that I would grow an inch more, and I would reach that height at 19/20
priscilla said on 19/Aug/07
yeah she is definetly not 5'3. she isn't gonna grow more, and she is about 5'1.5
Natalie said on 15/Aug/07
Maybe she's still growing? And 5'3" is what she's grown into now?
Aren't some girls grow until they're 21?
Sally said on 10/Aug/07
Monique Coleman, who plays the head of the Decathalon team in H.S. Musical, is 5'2.5''. If you watch clips of them, such as when they are singing the song, "Stick to the Status Quo" (youtube), you can definitely see that Vanessa is a tad bit shorter. So I'd say 5'2'' is about right, but definitely not 5'4'', which a lot of other sites state.
Anna said on 9/Aug/07
I think that Miley isn't a good comparison for judging Vanessa and Ashley's height because she's young and definitely seems to be growing especially from watching the show and comparing her to her brother on the show ( they make her wear flats all the time in the show cuz she's taller than him) but neway there's no way nessa is 5'3.. especially if ashley is 5'3.. 5'3 for ashley seems right but vanessa is def a lil more than an inch shorter than ashley..
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/07
well, short is not always thought of negatively actually, most guys prefer short women to make them look taller you know.
Anonymous said on 23/Jul/07
it doesnt make a difference whether she is tall or short. As long as her being tall or short doesnt effect you then you should jst mind your own business. Why is being short always portrayed as negative?
Reema said on 9/Jul/07
That's a horrid thing to say. Why do you hate her? She's lovely and it doesn't matter how tall she is. Maybe her parents were short. I think she's definately 5 foot or 5'1 can be the most. I myself am barely 5'2.
shikha paudel said on 1/Jul/07
vanessa, i know that you look pretty tall. i guess you are 5 foot 4 which is tall as miley. i am your number 1 fan and i look like you thats what everyone says.
Lauren said on 28/Jun/07
I hate you I love Zac If you didnt understand I hate Vanessa Hudgens.
Nicole said on 21/Jun/07
Vanessa, you shouldn't feel bad about your height. Everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes. I'm your biggest fan! Luv Ya!:)
Andrew said on 20/Jun/07
Vanessa and Ashley aren't the same hight and yes they are shorter then most people think they are and both of them lie about there hight, neither of them are as tall as they appear.
Anonymous said on 17/Jun/07
How tall is she anyways?some one says 5'1,5'2,5'4!!!I'm soooooo confused -like jen I saw her once and she was way shorter than me!!!!!!
anon said on 11/Jun/07
shes about 5'0.5 to 5'1
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in those pictures, shes wearing chuncky around 4 inch heels it looks like and ashley is wearing flats. she's slightly taller or around the same height as ashley
Jen said on 11/Jun/07
seriously ! How tall is she ? Come on people! Somebody says that she is 5'4, 5'2 . I'm soo confused
Kayslee said on 9/Jun/07
I've met her at the HSM Concert, I'm 5'5 and she was two inches shorter than me. And I know Stella, too. My friend's older sister used to do theater with Vanessa.
helenaaa duh said on 9/Jun/07
well ive seen her she is only like 5'1-5'2 she is short cause im 5'4 and shes like 3-2 inches shorter than me
Nani said on 27/May/07
She's 5' tops and weighs 50ish kg (She put on lots of weight). She's lying if she claims she's "5'3" because that would make Ashley around 5'4.5 or taller!
Melissa said on 26/May/07
i think that miley is taller than five two. one of my best friends is five-two and she looks way shorter than miley. and vanessa is probably five-two. she is short, but not that short. and ashley is taller than vanessa, probably about two inches taller.
anonymous said on 12/May/07
she said she was 100 pounds but she could have gained some. i remember seeing it on the over the hedge premiere with miley.
Jennifer said on 11/May/07
does anobydo know how much she weighs?
andy said on 20/Apr/07
I'm surprised..Really surprsied..She lies over her height, I'm really sure she isn't 5 ft 2, on every picture with ashley tisdale, who is 5 ft 3, she's like 2 inches smaller. Click Here
Click Here
She is small, I think she is 5 ft, I think ashley is 5 ft 2.
She lies about her height! I thought she said she was 5'4. She is under 5 ft 2
adam said on 9/Apr/07
this girl is 5 ft1 or smaller, I saw her once, I'm 5 ft 9 and she was like a 8 inches smaller than me, she was on 1 1/2 inch shoes..My schoes were 1/2 inch
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/07
That is true, 'when you're thinner, you tend to look a bit taller'. But Vanessa is my cousin and she IS 5' 3".
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/07
vanessa looks between 5'1"-5'2" maybe 5'3" but that's proboly because she's thin. when you're thinner you tend to look taller
kenz said on 18/Jan/07
i think that vanessa is atleast 5.3,1/2 she isnt that short because im 5.1,1/2 and ashley isnt taller than her because ashley is about 5.2-5.3 and miley is 5.2 so vanessa acually is atleast 5.3,1/2 plus i dont think sje going to lie about her height thats stupid
anonymous said on 14/Jan/07
miley actually admitted being 5'2 a little while ago so maybe she grew up to 5'3 the highest and ashley said she was 5'3 yet she was shorter than miley at least .5 inches so she's around 5'1.5 so vanessa must be 5'0.
nataliee said on 30/Dec/06
I think or I know vanessa is 5'2" because I saw her at the high school musical concert and she didnt really look that tall comparing her to miley cyrus she is 2 inches smaller and I also know from looking it up from the internet.
Qiana said on 29/Dec/06
I think shes 5ft1. She looks really short to me. Plus as alot of people have stated Ashley Tisdale is a so-called 5ft3 and when their standing together Ashley is always like two inches taller.
Anon said on 14/Dec/06
Um, if you guys can get a picture of her with Brenda Song, another Disney actress, I could possibly say more, cos I met Brenda in person and she's about 5'-5'1".
Becky Shuman said on 11/Nov/06
i dont think vanessa hudgens is this tall i think shes prolly 5'3" or 5'1" at the most!
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/06
If you watch High School Musical, you can clearly see that Vanessa is short. She looks 6 or 7 inches shorter than Zac Efron and is about one inch shorter than Ashley Tisdale, so 5' 2" is probably correct. However, I'll admit she looks somewhat tall in her video for Come Back to Me. You should know they used tricks for her to appear taller in that video. In most scenes of that video, Vanessa was in 3 inch heels. In addition, they shot the video from favorable camera angles.
Dias said on 29/Oct/06
Is she really that short?
I'd thought she'd be around 5'6 or 5'7?
Serene said on 20/Oct/06
weird.. both of them claim to be the same height but Ashley is much more taller
Alexa said on 22/Sep/06
She is deffinetly not 5'3", I'm like 5'3" and she was shorter than me... I saw her yesterday and I would say shes about 5'0" or a little shorter
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
she said 5'2 somewhere but she looks 5'1. ashley is also a questionable 5'3. i think theyre both lying and going up
Wachaa said on 10/Sep/06
In other website said that she is 5'4".

[Editor Rob: that's why I do try to find show what the celeb themselves say, and in this case she says 5ft 3, and even that is dubiously questionable]

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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