How tall is Viggo Mortensen ?

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Viggo Mortensen height: 5ft 10.75in (180 cm)

US Actor from Lord of the Rings and A History of Violence.
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hijoputa says on 11/Apr/15
Met him at Barajas Madrid airport, he spends a lot of time in Madrid. 5'10" max for Vigo. Cool and very cultivated guy that speaks perfect spanish with southamerican accent.
cole says on 14/Jan/15
@Editor Rob: Haha yeah, who would have thought he could even age. Still rocking that fabulous Aragorn hair though!
cole says on 13/Jan/15
@Editor Rob: Do you think he could have lost a smidge?
[Editor Rob: now in his mid 50's yes there is a chance of a small fraction lost.

Man you know you're getting old when guys like Viggo are approaching 60 soon!]
Richard says on 10/Jan/15
Been watching all the LOTRs recently and been noticing his height a lot - it's weird because everyone here seems to be stressing the same height over and over again and debating between .5 of an inch! To me, he can look either slightly shorter OR slightly taller than Orlando Bloom, and always very slightly taller than McKellan, as would be expected if McKellan was hunching with age. I'd say that it's best to view his height as between 5'10 and 5'11, even between those two you're not going to notice very much difference, and when you consider footwear, changing posture, hairstyles and shrinking/growing (with rest) during the day you're going to get almost nowhere trying to determine which fine gradation he hits.
Perhaps I'm buyust in saying this, I have a friend who claims 5'10, I claim 5'11 but there is no discernible difference in height between us two, people think we're exactly the same. I have no doubt he's been measured at 5'10, and me at 11, but with his bigger hair and both our changing postures there is literally too little in it to call.
Point is we'd all like to know the exact number, but I think trying to argue within half an inch is a never ending cycle, because no one had an exact height...
Sam says on 2/Jan/15
I bet he and Matthew McConaughey are the same exact same height, both could have feasibly be 5'10.75"-5'11", no shorter or taller. Conicidentally, I've recently seen them both overacting (and playing basically the same character) early on in their careers in Texas Chainsaw Masscare sequels.
Moris says on 21/Nov/14
5'11 flat to me
bob sagat says on 14/Oct/14
179-180 cm is perfect height for a guy
truth says on 16/Aug/14
wow Charlie you have some issues lol
truth says on 16/Aug/14
nah he did not shrink at all...maybe 0.25 to 0.5, today he looks closer to 5ft10, 5ft10.5 peak.
Ashley says on 3/Aug/14
WOW I always thought he was like 6'2", he has that Nordic look, very tall, thin, blue eyes, and handsome ^_^ mmmmm
cesar says on 27/Jul/14
Really?! He does look like 175cm(or less) in The Indian Runner...
Tim says on 23/Jul/14
Looks about 5-10.5, but for now he is not young, and I believe that he was a solid 5-11 or even 5-11.5 back in the days...
Charlie says on 8/Jul/14
If that really is his son he chosed the ugliest mother for his son. Or most likely its not his son at all. Not trying to sound mean but its the most likely options...
cole says on 20/May/14
5'10.5 just seems more accurate, but 5'10.75 is OK.
steven says on 14/May/14
I just stumbled upon this pic:
Click Here
John says on 6/Apr/14
5'11", not the strongest 5'11" in the world but near enough. Doesn't strike me as a guy who would lie about his height from what I've heard. His son looks 187-188 range, maybe. Looks nothing like his father.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Mar/14
Although Doyle Dykes is hardly skinny or chiselled , still compared to his son! Larry Carlton's son Travis is the most extreme one though, Larry's 5'11-6 and was rake thin in the 80s, his son is 5'6" max and 350 pounds I'd say.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Mar/14
Always amazes me how many skinny "chiselled" famous men have fat sons who look little like them! Larry and Travis Carlton, Doyle and Caleb Dykes etc...
Mr. R says on 27/Mar/14
Look at Viggo and his son

Click Here

Viggo has said a number of times that his son is 6-2. Based on this, Viggo is a weak 5-10.5
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/14
He does look 6 ft next to Liv Tyler and Ian Mckellan in LOR but maybe they were conscious of his height in relation to Liv and carefully monitored it.
Balrog says on 20/Aug/13
Always looking between 5'10" and 5'11". 179cm is better but this is possible for him.
G says on 14/Jun/13
I stood next to him in Dulles airport while waiting for a flight,yes he flew commercial, and yes he was 5'10"...with cowboy boots!! Lol! I felt much better about myself since I'm near 6'2"! Thanks
Len says on 12/May/13
I think you can give him 5'11". He looks it in almost everything he's been in.
Average Joe says on 7/Apr/13
Click Here 5'10 flat, or upgrade Sean Bean to 6ft.
Arch Stanton says on 16/Jan/13
Looks a legit 5'11 flat guy to me.
Hew says on 16/Jan/13
This listing is bang on accurate. I just saw some pictures from when me and my family met him in Copenhagen in the summer of 2001. He seemed close to 5'11 in those pics. I was around 4'11 myself at the time as I was only 11 years old and he looked to have 1ft on me, he also looked roughly 0.5" taller tahn my dad who was 5'10.25 at the time.
Dmeyer says on 13/Jan/13
He looks more 5'10.75-11 than 5'10.5
Silent d says on 30/Oct/12
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 20/Oct/12
Viggo Mortensen is 5'11. (Hence my nickname)
little sue says on 13/Sep/12
I would say 5ft 10, he looks well over an inch shorter than Micheal Fassbender in A Dangerous Method
Dmeyer says on 5/Aug/12
Rob when you list someone 5'10.75 it means there is a possibility they are 5'10.5 because if there was a chance of full 5'11 you will list them that
[Editor Rob: I think at times he can look 5ft 11 or 10.5]
Godred says on 10/Feb/12
He`s nothing over 5`10 - always looks average.
Sasha says on 5/Feb/12
At least 5'11". In "The Lord of the Rings" he has at least 1.5" over Liv Tyler.
SIlent d says on 24/Jan/12

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