How tall is Whitney Houston ?

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Whitney Houston height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)

American Singer and Actress from The Bodyguard. She said on Primetime: "I'm 5-foot-7 and thin" but she also said 5ft 8 in the past.
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Anon said on 25/Aug/15
I always thought Whitney was 5ft9 because something has convinced me I must have read it somewhere. But I thought she looked quite tall for a girl as well. So very surprised to realize she was 5f6 on autopsy. But im sure you shrink on death and not being able to stand up straight and stretch your spine.
Hautney said on 25/Jul/15
So surprised to me that those celebrities always lie about their heights, I saw she and Mariah Carey perform When You Believe and she is 1 or 1.5 inches taller than Mariah, and now she is 5'6, what's that supposed to mean? In China here, Mariah Carey is claimed 5'9.
SHAHROOZ said on 11/Jul/15
I saw a documentary about her death yesterday and the doctor mentioned he was measured her for dissection and she was 167. I think it is available on youtube.
M said on 11/Feb/15
When somebody is measured in lying position (like it is a case in autopsy) then you even get more in height than you have when you measured in standing position, because your vertebra is elongated to its maximum, so if the Whitney was measured by autopsy like 5'6" (they never make mistakes in autopsy measurements) then she probabbly had been even shorter than 5'6''.
DiadicMagick said on 5/Feb/15
Look, SCREW the darn autopsy! That listed the height of a DEAD PERSON in the advanced stages of rigor mortis, for goodness sake! What good is that? The height of a LIVING Whitney Houston is only relevant here. If Whitney had really been as short as 5' 6" (not that that's even short, for a woman, though), she'd be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with people like Miley Cyrus and Simon Cowell (barefoot, ideally!)! Ha, can you imagine?! What a laugh! Whitney was 5' 7"-to-5' 8" for sure! Guessing her now-tragic daughter Bobbi Kristina is (was??) about 5' 3"...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/14
Rob, wouldn't somewhere between 5ft7 and 5ft8 be closer since claimed both?
[Editor Rob: it's a possibility, she could have been somewhere above 5ft 7 and near 8 and went with 5ft 7, her autopsy was 5ft it's very possible.]
Bishop said on 18/Dec/14
If autopsy was always correct, Tupac would have been 6 feet.
kay said on 26/Nov/14
why did the autopsy say she was only 5'6"? they had to have measured wrong, there's no way.
Blabs said on 18/Sep/14
Easily 5' 8" - no doubt about it. She was a statuesque woman. She usually towered over most people around her, and she was almost equal in height to 5' 9" Mariah Carey in the video for 'When You Believe' (when both are wearing similar heels). R.I.P.
cc said on 21/Aug/14
...well, if she said she's 5'7, then why not list her as that? i tend to believe the lower height when celebs give two heights. u can't really be bith. sure, u are slightly maybe an inch taller in the morning, but that lasts like an hour.
Dom said on 23/Jul/14
I think she's always looked a solid 5'9 or a bit more. Was about the same height a s Bobby Brown.
Jersey said on 26/Jun/14
If whitney was 5'6 then how tall is Mariah? Mariah always were higher heels than Whitney Click Here
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RiseOfTheKing said on 13/May/14
Rigor mortis was present during Whitney's autopsy. Rigor mortis makes it hard and virtually impossible to accurate measure the height of the body. So it's quite possible that Whitney Houston was in fact between 5'8'-5'9". Whitney's passport and old modeling comp card from Wilhelmina Modeling Agency that included her height and body measurements had her listed at 5'8"
Jeff said on 8/Apr/14
@Ian: Here is she before autopsy,
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Ian said on 18/Jan/14
Autopsy confirmed that she was 5ft and 6 inches.
cuTienOLi said on 5/Oct/12
Many said she's 5'7", some says 5'8"... Ricky minor on whitney's funeral says she's 5'10"... I saw a pic of nippy with michael jackson. They just have the same height...
That's all! I love U! I love U! Sooooooo much my dear, love Nippy!
cuTienOLi said on 5/Oct/12
Many said she's 5'7", some says 5'8"... Ricky minor on whitney's funeral says she's 5'10"... I saw a pic of nippy with michael jackson. They just have the same height...
That's all! I love U! I love U! Sooooooo much my dear, love Nippy!
runt said on 14/Feb/12
Which was more gorgeous? her voice or her face?
Carolyn Eastwood said on 13/Feb/12
I was out hin Santa Monica celebrating my birthday when my brother in law told me Whitney had died. I never knew she was that tall, I am 5' 7.5'' so I think we were just about the same height, that somehow makes me feel closer to her...God rest her soul, I have also battled with the same addiction problems, I never thought about that until now.....
In response to Sion said on 13/Feb/12
You'd have to have mush for brains to think that Mariah Carey is only 5'6", when she's obviously about 5'9".
Sinéad said on 12/Feb/12
She was thin and elegant, had a slender figure, like a model. I suppose that 173 cm is the right figure.
Jennifer said on 12/Feb/12
I'd say Whitney is at least 5'8 to 5'9.. She always looks quiet tall to me Even barefooted...

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Same height as J Hudson, i know Whitney almost NEVER wears platformed heels or a wedge... J Hudson WAS wearing some kinda wedge this event..
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jtm said on 12/Feb/12
i would say closer to 5' whitney houston.
Mr. R said on 12/Feb/12
I am ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED by Whitney Houston's death. Here in LA there is a huge sadness tonight. Today is my birthday, and my heart is heavy.
Josh B said on 11/Feb/12
RIP :(
Sion said on 10/Feb/12
Whitney is definitely 5' 8" - she's taller than Mariah Carey, who's about 5' 6.5", and Oprah Winfrey (roughly 5' 7"). I've seen footage of Whitney barefoot and she still looked quite tall.

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