How tall is Zachary Levi ?

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Zachary Levi's height is 6ft 3.25in (191 cm)

American actor best known for his starring role as Chuck Bartowski in tv series Chuck and for voicing Flynn Rider in Disney's Tangled. In People magazine he commented on his stature, saying "[Rachel Bilson's] 5'2" and I'm 6'4" - lots of apple boxes were used to do those scenes, which were steaming hot" although co-star Adam Baldwin says he himself is 6ft 4 and Zach is an inch smaller. In CinemaBlend he also said: "I'm about 6'3", 6'4", something like that" This photo (by Daniel Schweitzer) is from Starfury Conventions T1 event, held at birmingham in April 2009. We all had about the same footwear.

Chuck Bartowski
5ft 8 Jenny, Zach and 5ft 8 Rob
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Andrea says on 12/Feb/15
Rob, Jared and Zach's listings should be "reversed" in a sense, Zach 6'3 and Jared 6'4.25 or Zach a weak 6'3 (which is what he looks with you) and Jared 6'4... I doubt there's only 0.75 between them, more likely at least a big inch!
joe 192cm says on 14/Jan/15
Padalecki had shoes larger then zachary this sobre6'3-6'3.5 191-192 sometimes looks 190 and Tom welling 6'3-190-191
Danimal says on 5/Jan/15
Andrea says on 8/Nov/14
Rob, who do you think would be taller? Zach or Sacha Baron Cohen?
[Editor Rob: both could be the same, a solid 6ft 3]

I think Sacha is close to 6'4" than he is 5'3".
Danimal says on 5/Jan/15
6'3" and change guy.
joe says on 17/Nov/14
190 cm
Andrea says on 10/Nov/14
So, you still think he's a solid 6'3 range guy? He looks a weak 6'3 next to you and next to J. Padalecki to be fair... Well, he looks clearly taller than 6'2 guys like Rob Riggle but i still have some doubts on a big 6'3.25 listing!!!
[Editor Rob: 6ft 3 flat is possible but so is a strong 6ft 3]
Andrea says on 8/Nov/14
Rob, who do you think would be taller? Zach or Sacha Baron Cohen?
[Editor Rob: both could be the same, a solid 6ft 3]
Andrea says on 29/Oct/14
Rob, what's the average height in this show? Hell, you got Zach, Adam Baldwin, Ryan Mcpartlin, Brandon Routh, Tony Todd and a lot of guest stars are very tall too! Imagine a Tom Cruise as a guest star, you think he would have accepted a role in it? Also the women are tall too, Yvonne, Sarah Lancaster, Mini Anden, Rebecca Romjin,... I mean, the average height man must feel pretty short in a show like that!
[Editor Rob: yeah those 3 were in the show a lot so maybe it felt quite tall if you were someone like Vik Sahay, and then with guys like Routh for a while, even Timothy Dalton half a season there were at times a big male cast.]
Bah says on 29/Oct/14
It's because he never stands up straight, never squares his shoulders, and always wears much more thinly soled shoes than those around him, so he rarely looks as tall as he actually is.
Andrea says on 10/Oct/14
He can look a weak 6'3 a lot, i'm wondering why he's still listed at just over 6'3.25 when he's noticeably shorter than the 191.5 guy and at least a big inch shorter than Jared Padalecki...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 9/Oct/14
Rob, would Levi measure 6ft4 out of bed?
[Editor Rob: he should be pretty near that mark.]
Nils says on 25/Sep/14
Tall guy probably 6'3.25 abit earlier on the day but not surprised if he dips below 6'3 at some point. 6'3 more fair Rob? Jared makes him struggle with 6'2 but he probably got bit shoe advantage.
[Editor Rob: Levi is a decent enough 6ft 3, 3.25 is a comfortable listing, but he could be 6ft 3 flat yes.]
Andrea says on 22/Sep/14
Well, Fillion looks somewhere between 186 and 7 and Zach looks around 190... I repeat: is he losing posture here with you? Because there's noway he's only 5 mm shorter than the 191.5 guy!
Andrea says on 21/Sep/14
Jared looks at least 5-6 cms taller, so Zach is no less than 3-4 cms shorter in reality... He could very well be a weak 6'3. And he looks no more than that next to the young solid 191 guy as well... Maybe a downgrade to an "about" 6'3 is better?
[Editor Rob: look at Zach with Kazinsky and Fillion, he's got converse and they have like half inch more. Kazinsky I think looks a decent six footer.]
Andrea says on 21/Sep/14
Only an inch?
Click Here
Sorry, Rob, but i really can't see just over an inch...
His eyelevel is under Jared's nose and that suggests he's at least 2-2.25 inches shorter, withouth shoe difference... And Jared is slouching a bit. Now, Jared does look taller than 6'4 flat with Jason Momoa, Zachary Levi, Jensen Ackles (if he really is a full 6'). So it's them being shorter than their listing (which is very possible) or him being taller than 6'4 flat. Maybe you didn't see him "enough" or far away so he could have given a shorter impression to you?
[Editor Rob: I'm saying after you take away the big footwear advantage then near an inch difference seems reasonable, I watched the clip and didn't see anymore than 2 inches]
Andrea says on 21/Sep/14
Still convinced there's only a 0.75 inch difference?
[Editor Rob: there's maybe an inch plus whatever the footwear difference is...]
Andrea says on 20/Sep/14
Sorry but if you go to the end of this video, at about 1:01, you can see he's noticeably shorter than Jared...
Click Here
To me he looks at least 2 big inches shorter, of course you should consider the footwear since Jared is wearing some cowboy boots and Zach something like sandals... So, let's say he's got one inch less... He looks more a weak 6'3 than a fraction over, as listed!
Andrea says on 19/Sep/14
Then, maybe 6'3 flat is better, since that it's bang on in the middle? I repeat, see him with Jared Padalecki, he can really look no more than 189!
[Editor Rob: 6ft 3 on the nose isn't ruled out]
Andrea says on 19/Sep/14
And... you also would have given the plumber 6'2-6'2.25 but revealed to be 1.5 cms shorter... So, what if even Zach turned out to be 189? You completely rule it out? He certainly can look it with Jared and i'm not even sure he looks that with the young guy, unless he hiding some height in that posture...
[Editor Rob: yes he's over 189, although how much you could argue both 190 and 191 for him.]
Andrea says on 19/Sep/14
Is he losing height in posture? I mean, even next to Jared Padalecki, that you say is not over 6'4, he doesnt look 6'3.25 at all. A Tom Welling looks taller in comparison... And, maybe it's only me, but why he never strikes as a very tall guy? Just think about Sasha Baron Cohen, he's "only 6'3" and he does look very tall against others...
Andrea says on 18/Sep/14
Rob, admitting i'm not as good as you in doing photo comparisons (so it could be a bit off), how can the 191.5 guy look so "much taller" than a guy who is supposed to be about his same height?
Click Here
And, btw, i've chosen the picture where Zach looks taller...
[Editor Rob: yes Zach comes in Weak 6ft 3. Big D has a flat hairdo, about 1/4 inch when i was measuring him I thought. Zach obviously has thicker hairstyle...but I didn't think he looked under 6ft 3 mark though, 6ft 3-3.25 a likely range.]
Gomez 189cm says on 22/Aug/14
6'3 is exactly
Giulio says on 23/Jul/14
6'3 not 6'4
scott says on 23/Jun/14
zachary levi always wears footwear that doesn't add an inch to his height compared to the other characters in the series Chuck.
Andrea says on 22/Jun/14
The funny thing is that on Chuck he doesn't look particularly tall... Generally, a 6'3 guy is a standout in "Hollywood". Ok, he's surrounded by very tall guys like Adam Baldwin and Ryan Mcpartlin but even next to the other guest stars he never looks especially tall.
Mathew says on 21/Jun/14
Alex 6'0 says on 23/Apr/14
Looks more like 190cm


I agree with this. That's my height too, in the picture with Baldwin there's no way he looks any taller than I would next to 6'4". If he straightened up maybe we'd be about the same.
Realist says on 18/Jun/14
Yeah seems 6'3 cause you reach his chin. 6'3 guys are almost a head taller than 5'8 guys i have noticed.
mike says on 17/Jun/14
6ft 4 out of bed Rob?
[Editor Rob: quite probable]
Andrea says on 10/May/14
To be fair, when you see him next to Jared Padalecki, it's hard to believe he's anything over 6'3... Especially after you saying Jared could even be a bit under 6'4! There is at least a solid inch between them, of course he can look nearly 2 inches shorter in some videos but he does have less shoes... Around 6'3 is ok for Zachary, 6'3.25 i'm not so sure.
Alex 6'0 says on 10/May/14
Rob, think he may measure more 190cm?
[Editor Rob: to be fair I don't think he'd dip below 6ft 3.]
avi says on 1/May/14
looking again, he seems more a 6'3 guy, Baldwin maybe 6'3.75-6'3.8 or a weak 6'4
Alex 6'0 says on 23/Apr/14
Looks more like 190cm
Lorne says on 1/Apr/14
Ha! He mentioned 6'3! I always thought it was strange upgrading his height, ESP with the converse, but saying "6'3, 6'4", I'll class that as honest, even if I think he's nearer 190 than 192...
Andrea says on 30/Mar/14
Yeah, but i doubt he's 6'3 on the dot in the evening... I mean, it's hard for a guy that is a legit 6'3, to be exactly 190.5 at his low. And if i had to choose, i'd say there's better chance he's over 6'3 than under that. What i'm saying is that very few guys are exactly a mark, like 182.88 for 6', 187,96 for 6'2,... You said Zach at over 6'3 is a good shout. So you're 100% sure he's not under 6'3, so something like 190.4 at his lowest is impossible to you? I know it can sound pretty crazy but i think that when you give that quarter inch to somebody, like Zach in this case, that means he never ever dips below a certain mark or you would have given just 6'3, which is what he generally looks...
Andrea says on 29/Mar/14
Rob, you think he could be taller than a Sacha Baron Cohen?
[Editor Rob: sasha probably is at very low 6ft 3, for parts of day would look taller to people]
Dietmar says on 19/Mar/14
Zach is 6'3. There are scenes in Chuck where both Zach and Adam wears similar shoes and Adam is a bit taller. So Zach is 191cm and Adam is 192-193cm.
Andrea says on 12/Mar/14
Rob, here Levi says:
"Yeah, I'm about 6'3", 6'4", something like that."
[Editor Rob: I'll add that aswell at top, it's good he had made mention of 6ft 3, that was in 2009 aswell...]
Andrea says on 8/Mar/14
Rob, he got described as a 6'1 guy on Chuck by Morgan (who would be under 5'5 in that case)... xD
Sarah says on 27/Feb/14
Zachary look about 191-192. Good call. He seems nice in real life. What was he like ,Rob?
[Editor Rob: he was a very friendly guy with people and on one of the days instead of doing his talk we all went on a 'subway march' to the nearest subway about 10 minute walk away...Here is my short clip, he actually mucked in and began making the subways aswell.]
Set says on 25/Feb/14
In November, during an interview at The Talk, Zachary clearly said he's 6.4. Click Here
lelman says on 1/Feb/14
Do they make Adam Baldwin wear lifts in Chuck or something? He always looked more than an inch taller than him throughout the entire first series (it's all I've watched so far). If Baldwin is 6'4", Levi looks 6'2" in the first series of Chuck.

Although he looks very 6'3.5" in these photos.
[Editor Rob: he's in 0.6 inch converse while Adam is sometimes in 1.3-1.4 inch boots.]
drew says on 18/Jan/14
met him in nyc- i'm 6"4" and he was slightly taller than me
Linebacker28 says on 16/Dec/13
After seeing my share of Chuck, this listing looks pretty close. He's got that slim, athletic look to him and always appears tall. Could range anything from a solid 6'2" to a decent 6'3", depending on the footwear. If I had to be exact, I think 190cm is what he would stand midday. Seems to be very close to Welling and ever so slightly taller than Routh. Wonderful guy, too; hope his career continues going well for him.
Tommo says on 30/Nov/13
Rob, do you think he would edge out Kevin Sorbo? Or the other way around?
[Editor Rob: they are so close it'd probably be a nickel width between them!]
cole says on 21/Nov/13
He probably wakes at 6'4, and claims his morning height. He's easily 191 cm most of the day.
Josh B says on 12/Nov/13
Rob, do you think Levi would edge out John Krasinski? I always imagined he'd look taller with you than Zachary does above.
[Editor Rob: levi at his tallest I think would edge john out, but they are pretty close so it might be hard to tell.]
afka says on 7/Oct/13
he is tall and broad man but he look like quite short.he is min 190-191 cm i think
roy says on 25/Sep/13
on chuck he was described as 6'1 but judging from his claim and the pics he is at least 6'2...I'll go with 189cm flat during daytime
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Sep/13
Around 6ft3-3.5 upstraight.

Baldwin does look 6ft4.5/194cm in the lower picture
Rusty says on 17/Sep/13
Now i see why he looks 6'4" in one of the photos, its because he is tilting his head up making it seem that Rob doesn't come as far up on him as he does. I think Rob would normally be a little under his nose.
avi says on 24/Aug/13
its possible he's 6'3 flat right? Baldwin strong 6'3.5
[Editor Rob: I think a fraction over 6ft 3 is a good shout for Zachary, Adam can walk about smaller than 6ft 4, but I think when he stands tall he looks a 6ft 4 guy]
Rusty says on 24/Aug/13
Of the upper photos looks near 6'4" in the left one but no more than 6'3" in the right one
cole says on 18/Aug/13
@Editor Rob: Sorry, I didn't realize you already had listed Kazinsky at 6' flat. Now it makes more sense :)
cole says on 18/Aug/13
Editor Rob says on 29/Jul/13
Check this photo:
Kazinky with footwear advantage, he looks pretty tall there.

Interesting pic. But would that make Kasinzky shorter than 184 cm, or Levi taller than 191 cm? There seems to be about 6-7 cm between them even when Robert has an advantage in footwear. Maybe Kazinsky is 6' flat or a shade over (6'0.25), and Levi is pushing 6'3.5?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Aug/13
Adam Baldwin - 6ft3.75in/192cm
Zachary Levi - 6ft3.25in/191cm

Both very tall men.
Editor Rob says on 29/Jul/13
Check this photo:
Kazinky with footwear advantage, he looks pretty tall there.
Silent d says on 24/Jul/13
6 foot 3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Jul/13
Levi could be just a flat 6ft3. Baldwin is definitely less than 1in taller, so weak 6ft4 range for him is possible. I seem to recall that Jeff Goldblum (probably 194cm at this time) looked a bit taller than him in Independence Day.

Levi 191cm, Baldwin 192-193cm
eu says on 8/Jul/13
he looks have 195 cm
Silent d says on 26/Jun/13
6 foot 3 is right on. Looks it next to yvonne strahovski and co stars.
Larc 74in says on 21/Jun/13
Barely looks an inch taller than 6'1.5 Fillion, sometimes he looks just the same height as him, I think he's a fraction under 6'3.
anonymous says on 11/Jun/13
He is probably 6'3.25/6'3.5 range but rounds up to 6'4 or maybe he measured near 6'4 in morning I would say he is more6'3.5 and says 6'4 which is fine, He is a very strong 6'3 minimum, Baldwin is a proper 6'4 guy that's all
gian92 says on 1/Jun/13
he is 6'1.5 not more
BEASTMAN says on 21/Apr/13
@space balls: I completely agree.
space balls says on 2/Apr/13
anything under 6'2'' is just plain ridiculous for this guy! personally,i think he is probably 6'3'' is a safe bet.
Finlay says on 11/Mar/13
Here's an larger picture which shows the height difference a bit better:

Click Here
Finlay says on 11/Mar/13
He looks to be a bit taller than Chevy Chase in this picture:

Click Here

If Chevy Chase is 6'3", Zach should be at least that height.
B.T. Stomp says on 10/Mar/13
In comparing Zachary Levi's height to Scott Porter's, I have some imput.
I worked background 2 days ago on 'Hart of Dixie' co-starring Scott.
I was standing in the wardrobe line when he emerged from a trailer.
I just happen to notice that he was wearing sneakers, as was I.
I'm 6'1" in my socks and when he walked right past me I thought he looked to be around 5'10".
I checked out his movie/tv page and discovered he was listed at 6'.
If that's true then the estimate of Zachary being 2" taller would put him at 6'.
Although he obviously has never looked that short.
I've never met him, but I'd just assume he is taller than me.
Either that or whatever reference has them listed as such could be mistaken.
Or maybe everybody in showbiz really does fib about their height... and age.
Estimate based on my up close sighting of Scott Porter, around 5'10".
Estimate based on reference to Zachary Levi being 2" taller, around 6'.
None of it sounds right so I'm just gonna say, whatever. Who cares?
Elijah says on 14/Feb/13
He comes across as a very tall man generally. This listing looks legit, I can go with it.
Alex says on 27/Jan/13
Rob, does he, when standing staight, appear really an inch shorter than Adam Baldwin?
[Editor Rob: I think he's shorter than baldwin by half or 3/4 inch. He's definitely no less than an inch smaller than ryan mcpartlin looks in person.]
Dmeyer says on 23/Jan/13
Does look a 191cm men
Trent says on 22/Jan/13
He does appear the same height, yes. But there are several factors to explain this.

See this Click Here By drawing a line along the advertising you can see that the ground is slanted a bit in Nathan's favour.

Also, Nathan might have 3/4 or so of footwear advantage. See this other photo from the Comic Con, Levi on left in Converse, Nathan on the right in casual boots: Click Here

Also, Levi has a terrible slouch on him.

So I think when you account for all this a strong 6'3 holds for Levi.
flame of orion says on 7/Jan/13
In this photo he appears the same height as Nathan Fillion(6' 1.5")
Click Here
flame of orion says on 7/Jan/13
In this photo he appears the same height as Nathan Fillion(6' 1.5")
Click Here
Balrog says on 6/Jan/13
A little over 6 feet Lutz next to Levi:

Click Here

3in difference? No way.
Balrog says on 5/Jan/13
I repeat that he never looked this height next to Kellan Lutz.
gf4670 says on 4/Jan/13
Levi is about 6'2", definitely not the 6'4" that some claim. Adam Baldwin is a solid 6'4" and in every scene in Chuck and these photos it's obvious that Levi is a good 2 inches shorter. Even Routh had a little bit on him. Levi's body has that long and skinny quality to it that makes him seem taller, plus his shoulders are very high and square that gives the illusion that he's taller.
Lo sgozzatore says on 29/Dec/12
Has ever done a uk con? I doubt he's gonna do a con soon since he's not working now...
[Editor Rob: he has't done typical cons, I don't know why though]
Lo sgozzatore says on 28/Dec/12
One thing is sure: Zachary Levi did look shorter than Padalecki more than Welling did... You should meet Welling, Rob!
[Editor Rob: if he ever does a uk con i'd be there]
Lo sgozzatore says on 28/Dec/12
Rob, who would win between a Zachary Levi and a Tom Welling? I bet Tom Welling :)
[Editor Rob: Zachary ;)]
BEASTMAN says on 27/Dec/12
If Brandon Routh doesn't get an upgrade, this guy has to be downgraded. Routh is no shorter than this guy.

Click Here (Levi's posture is perfectly fine).
Trent says on 15/Dec/12
He is losing some height from the way he's leaning in there in that pic with Adam. To illustrate: in the first pic Jenny comes to about along the bottom of Zach's nose when you consider her hair; but in the second pic she is maybe half an inch above that mark.

Accounting for the fact that Adam is a tad closer to the camera I'd say the difference between Zach and Adam is only .75 or so in reality. Here is a better pic: Click Here

Zach often has a terrible slouch on him, but when he stands up straight the two are very close. So you can see it was even, here's the footwear from that shot I just linked--Zach (in Converse-style) and Adam (in thin moccasins) respectively: Click Here Click Here

So Zach really appears a good 6'3 with Adam, and he looks that to me with Rob and Jenny too. So I think this listing is solid.
Lillo Thomas says on 18/Nov/12
He is looking 1.5 shorter than Adam Baldwin . Adam is a bit closer to the camera . He is 6-3 tops . He is fooling himself with that 6-4 claim .
Silent d says on 29/Oct/12
6 foot 3.
Itoldyou so says on 24/Oct/12
Zachary Levi is notorious for slouching. He never stands up completely straight. He's really close to 6.4
Yesil says on 19/Oct/12
Imd* has him listed at 62, and they tend to exaggerate most height listings. But with his loose posture and flat shoes it makes him look shorter, I think. Hes probably a full 63 when he stands up straight, 62 or less with his loose posture.
matt678 says on 18/Oct/12
this guy is a solid 6 ft 3 if he stood up straight
balrog says on 12/Oct/12
This listing doesn't match, funny because Rob met both Levi and Lutz and you search pics of these two and Levi is 2'' taller at the very most, but Kellan is listed 6'0'' and Levi 6'3.25''
Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
6 foot 3.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 29/Sep/12
An easy 191cm. Could be 192cm too
Joey says on 21/Sep/12
looks more like 6'2 flat in these pics and doesnt appear taller than 6'2 in his tv show Chuck either
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 13/Aug/12
Baldwin looks 194-195cm in this pic
if Levi is 191-192cm.
klem says on 13/Aug/12
He always looks 1inch+ shorter than Casey (Baldwin) but at the same time he is always in converse. Than again, he looked taller than 6-3 Jack Burton.
jaypee says on 12/Jun/12
Im not sure how tall he is but i don't think marvel will cast him as fandral if he is taller than hemsworth.
Da Man says on 11/Feb/12
He looked AT LEAST an inch shorter than Joel McHale, youtube search "Zachary Levi - Closing Emmy Awards 2011"
Niko says on 31/Jan/12
He looks 2-3 CM shorter than baldwin , about 1 cm taller than routh i'd give him exactly 190 cm , 192-3 to baldwin i think that's pretty accurate.
ramiz says on 30/Jan/12
he is flat 6'2 ı think..adam baldwin 6'3.5 and mr awosome 6'4.25

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