How tall is Aaron Taylor Johnson

Aaron Taylor Johnson's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

British actor best known for starring in the Kick Ass films. Other notable movies include Savages, Godzilla, Albert Nobbs and Avengers: Age of Ultron. He was listed by his agency as being 5ft 11in tall.

How tall is Aaron Taylor Johnson
Aaron with Sam Taylor Johnson
Photos by PR Photos

How tall is Aaron Taylor Johnson
John Cena, Daniel Kaluuya, Aaron
Photo by kathclick/

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Average Guess (52 Votes)
5ft 10.46in (179cm)
viper said on 7/Sep/23
Hes a tall looking 5-10 guy
Sink'em said on 22/May/23
@Malcolm Oliver, yeah I find it funny how most of the male cast (Pitt, ATJ, Bad Bunny, Andrew Koji) of Bullet Train all fall between 179-181 cm.
Malcolm Oliver said on 19/Mar/23
In the pic above, the difference between Kaluuya and ATJ is the same difference between ATJ and Cena
Malcolm Oliver said on 19/Mar/23
Click Here

They are all the same range more or less
Sonnecker said on 4/Jan/23
After seeing him recently in various films and "civil" fotos, I'd give him the full 5'11", clean. He never looks less than 180 cm, sometimes 181/182. Usually a good posture, in recent years.
Keyten DeGraef said on 18/Dec/22
Rob he needs an upgrade he def looks 5’11 in bullet train
berta said on 28/Sep/22
he and bra pitt are very close. pitt have less hell on the shoes in every pic. i think half inche beetween themis about right.
Leesheff85 said on 7/Aug/22
He definitely looks 5ft 11 in bullet train same as Brad Pitt. More than this listing easily 2.5 inches on Daniel kaluuya
Malcolm Oliver said on 3/Aug/22
Pitt barely even gets 5’11, so yea, Taylor-Johnson is no more than that, no less than 5’10.
BT said on 2/Aug/22
Bigger heels than Pitt here and still doesn't look much taller. 178 cm range is quite arguable.

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QM6'1.5"QM said on 9/Apr/22
He was 3 inches shorter than Jim Carrey, "Kick-ass 2" (2013).
By the way, Chris Evans also had about 3.5cms on him.

I think he's over 179cm afternoon, like 179.4 and flat 179cm in the evening.
Mads Nielsen said on 31/Mar/22

Would give him the full 179
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 12/Apr/21
177 cm max
Jade Aimers said on 10/Mar/21
berta said on 15/Feb/21
look 178-79 beside john cena
FriedChicken said on 28/Oct/20
Thought he was the full 5 ft 11 a while ago but in Godzilla i knew something was up when he was only like a half inch taller than an older Bryan Cranston!
AlexisV said on 16/Mar/20
No way he's under 5'11. He looks just a tiny bit shorter than Chris Evans in their pictures together.
Vsquad said on 29/Feb/20
Chris Pine looked a good inch and a bit taller than Aaron during press for Outlaw King. This listing is spot on.
Dmeyer said on 24/Jan/19
Brad Pitt dosnt look taller considéring angle and footwear
Monkey knees said on 5/Sep/18
Typical 5ft 10in dead-on celeb.
Conan said on 15/May/18
I think 5 ft 10 1/4 in (178.5 cm) is suitable for him, I'm 5 ft 9 7/8 in (177.6 cm). He is just taller than me 0.4 in (1 cm)
Morelli said on 12/Feb/18
Rob, besides your official listings for Taylor-Johnson and Evans-- are they both prime examples of a 3 cm difference between people?
Editor Rob
yeah a solid inch
Joshua said on 16/Aug/17
He looks 6'0!!!
MD said on 3/Aug/17
The night of:

Click Here
Monkey knees said on 16/Jul/17
For once; dead on. 5 foot 10.5.
Berto said on 7/Jul/17
Weak 5'11"
Balrog said on 20/Jun/17
Thanks Rob, those are huge! Then I think Aaron at 5'10.5'' is fine.
Editor Rob
I can see how Aaron at times has only looked 5ft 10-10.5, but Styles certainly has pulled off looking at least 5ft 10-10.5 range himself, with hair+heels he manages it.
Balrog said on 19/Jun/17
Rob, there's something odd here: Click Here

Harry Stiles listed at 5'9.5'' is looking the same height as Aaron. I can't see Harry's shoes but, unless he's in some thick heeled boots, one of the listings is wrong.
Editor Rob
Styles has been known to wear 2 inch heels on shows like Corden's, giving him an inch boost over many men in 1-inch shoes.
Balrog said on 18/Jun/17
Cena has better posture and a bit more shoe than Aaron. I'm not surprised of this downgrade, he didn't look 5'11'' to me. Have to see him next to Stiles to know if he could be just 5'10''
Guest66 said on 18/May/17
5'9.5" Styles edged him out somehow though, it could only happen if Styles had his 2inch heels on, but what if his shoes were normal ? That would put APJ at same height with Styles.
berta said on 18/May/17
i dont think he is under 179 BUT the strange thing is that beside cena (if he is 184 ) he really look about 7 cm shorter than makes him 177.But i can believe cena being closer to 185 and have 1 cm better posture and that makes this guy 179
Marc said on 17/May/17
As MD said, Aaron looked an inch at most taller, possibly only a half inch taller, than James Corden with the same footwear. Is it possible Aaron is 5'9?
Editor Rob
he looked about 5ft 10.5 range in the clip against Corden, it is probably a reasonable figure to give him.
Kirker said on 16/May/17
I'm with MD, was thinking exactly the same. Harry looked way broader and bigger in general. Either Harry is bigger than we thought or Aaron is smaller
MD said on 16/May/17
He's on James Corden's show right now with Harry Styles. They look to have similar footwear; Harry might have slightly higher heels. Anyway, he looks barely taller than Corden and was not taller than Harry. I'm sure some pictures will be out fairly soon of this, but there is no way he's 5'11". He looked lucky to be 5'10" on this episode of the show.
MD said on 14/May/17
This 5'11" listing is too tall.
Josh1 said on 10/May/17
In kick-ass he looks 5'10.
Wrs567 said on 9/May/17
Is he really 5'11'' barefoot?

John Cena looks about 3 inches taller than him

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Balrog said on 21/Feb/17
Here's Aaron next to 6'4.5'' listed Armie Hammer and 5'11.25'' listed Jake Gyllenhaal. He's a bit closer to camera yet he looks shorter than Jake.
Click Here

Next to 5'10.5'' listed Bryan Cranston (he has looser posture, but Cranston isn't exactly known for having a great posture either)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Next to Gyllenhaal again:
Click Here

I think you could make a case of Aaron being under 5'11''. I think 179-180cm is his range, he doesn't strike me as full 5'11'' guy.
D said on 21/Nov/16
In here(with 181cm Jake Gyllenhaal) he looks like 177-179cm with lifts...
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 24/Oct/15
He also doesn't appear to be too much shorter than Chris Hemsworth in that photo.
Dan said on 16/Oct/15
He's a great actor and I'm a fan of him, but I really don't think he's as tall as 5'11. I always think he looks 5'10.5 next to the rest of the Avengers cast. I mean, Chris Evans is 6' and I see a bit more of an inch between him and Aaron. What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
I've generally thought he looked near enough 5ft 11. I'm not sure he would be only 179cm
Balrog said on 28/Jun/15
There are very few good pic of him next to Evans, but I agree with MD. Evans is noticeably taller than him, and Evans to me is 182cm not 183. So maybe this guy could be somewhere in the 5'10.5'' range...
Josh said on 14/Jun/15
He's not any lower than this listing. Probably wakes up near 6 ft
MD said on 19/May/15
I'm not sure about this listing. With photos showing actual footwear and such, it appears to me that Chris Evans is pretty noticeably taller.

Click Here

Chris is even losing height, here. It's more than an inch difference.
Mateo said on 16/May/15
I'm gonna go with 5'10". Looks a good 1.5" shorter than Evans who would be 5'11.75" max.. a couple inches or so taller than Ruffalo at the Ultron premiere..
Ron said on 11/Apr/15
I think he's a bit like Andrew Garfield, tall end of average but his naturally slim frama makes him look taller. I think 180 cm is a good bet, like many say he does look taller frequently though, however he also does look shorter sometimes too. Those photos with Cranston I think are very interesting, they look about equal in sone, but neither are standing straight, but in some Cranston looks at least a centimetre taller whilst still not standing as straight as Johnson, and his heels look smaller too. I think Johnson could be as low as 178cm, and looks taller because of his frame and usually straight posture - at that height you can easily look 180-181cm if you keep straight and are as thin as him.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Oct/14
FastEddy says on 23/Jul/14
Looks be exactly 5'11 on the button.. could be 181-182cm. What amazes me is that he's only 24! He could easily pass for 30+...

In Kick Ass he looked younger than he is actually but yeah seeing photos of him now he can look nearer 30, looks a lot different with short or long hair.
The Horse of FUNK said on 2/Sep/14
I've said for ages Chris Evans is not 6'0" or the 6'0.5" he's often listed at.
184.9 on a bad day said on 1/Sep/14
pause at 42-43, I know is not a good angle but no way he's shorter than Evans,
he's at least chris evans height or Evans is a little shorter than 183.
181 said on 29/Jul/14
He looks 179-180 imo
MrTBlack said on 26/Jun/14

No he hasn't. It is extremely unlikely that he or any male becomes taller past 18. Very few males grow more than an inch past 18.
Sam said on 24/Jun/14
I disagree, mike, if anything Cranston may edge out Johnson at premiere photos but they're very similar:
Click Here
mike said on 23/Jun/14
Rob he has a inch on Bryan Cranston could he be 182-183 range?
Editor Rob
he can look a solid 5ft 11 but then with looser posture cranston can look just 5ft 10 himself at times
Vecrotus said on 20/Jun/14
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. I definitely agree. He is noticeably taller in Godzilla than in Kick-Ass. Next to 5ft 10.5in Bryan Cranston Aaron Johnson could definitely pass for 6ft. I think he is definitely 182cm now. I didn't even know it was possible to grow at that age.
dobbsy said on 28/May/14
I'd say 5'11 or 5'11.5 is spot on. In kick ass he looked tall because of his thin frame, in Godzilla he is obviously wearing thick boots in his scenes... Taller than Cranston, but not 'tall' tall. 180 is good.
cole said on 20/May/14
@Hypando: Both are dropping posture, but Johnson could be a smidge taller, yeah.
Lee said on 17/May/14
I thought he is taller. He looks quite taller than 180 cm.
MD said on 15/Apr/14

He was presenting an award at the MTV Movie Awards a few days ago. He and Orlando Bloom were nearly identical in height (he's pushing down on Orlando in the second pic):

Click Here

Click Here

I don't think he's any taller than Bloom. I'm not sure he's a flat 5'10", but I'm also not sure how he could be a full 5'11".
chrisssss said on 14/Apr/14
He looks pretty tall to me, saw him at a beach once and i would have said 6'1 0.0 idl guys, to me i'd say 181cm
cole said on 20/Nov/13
With Brad Pitt: Click Here
cole said on 8/Oct/13
I thought he could pull off 5'11 most of the time, but recently he has looked shorter than 180 cm Donald Faison even with bigger footwear, and he the same height or slightly shorter than 179 cm Bryan Cranston. Now I would think he's 178-179 cm range.
NJP said on 19/Sep/13
He has a ridiculously small head making him appear quite tall in full body shots. 180 is good.
Bakura said on 7/Aug/13
@MD- He's edging out Cranston. The current listing is fine.
Bigpapi said on 5/Aug/13
I stood next to him at a local grocery store, I am 5'11 tops and It seemed that I was about half an inch taller. 5 '10.5 for him.
cole said on 27/Jun/13
He's 5'10.75, Kitsch is 5'10.25.
Freddy said on 8/Jun/13
People r saying that Johnson is taller than Kitsch. They actually look the same to me....look Click Here and Johnson is closer to the camera obviously...both r leaning a bit maybe even Kitsch a little more...@ ROb what do you think of the pic
Ash Navarre said on 8/May/13
In Kick Ass I had the impresson he's in the 5'11'' range, possibly a hair below that (179cm?). Smashing guy - he's the next Jimmy Dean IMHO (or Johnny Depp)
Trey said on 25/Dec/12
Taller than Kitsch, whom I think is 5'9.75-5'10 so 5'10.5/5'10.75 for Johnson.
kevin said on 11/Nov/12
yeah in savages he was a bit taller than kitsch. so 5ft11in for both isnt possible
Silent d said on 21/Oct/12
I think he might be close. I think he might be a cm or two taller.
Silent d said on 10/Oct/12
Taller than kitsch by a few cms. Rob is it possible he could be 6 foot? Next to all the zctors in the movie, he doesn'g look 180cm.
Editor Rob
I think he's around 5ft 11, not a 6 footer
Silent d said on 3/Oct/12
About the same height as taylor kitsch in savages. Slightly shorter than john travolta.
.... said on 9/Aug/12
Maybe 5'10.5 is more accurate.
Adamz said on 29/Nov/11
Maybe not a full 180 cm
Thor said on 10/Oct/11
Strong is 6'1" (1.85m), and he had at least 3" on Aaron. I'd say 5'10" (1.78m) is right...
Martin said on 29/Sep/11
He´s 5´10", looked it compared to 5´7.75" Mintz Plasse, implying he was 5´10" at age 19, he´s probably 5´10.5" now...
jeremy said on 28/Sep/11
implying he can grow when he is 21 years old beard,cracked voice
Adamz said on 5/Sep/11
not below 70.5"
Gained weight instead said on 21/Aug/11
177 is more like it, cause he wasn't much taller than Mintz Plasse who's 172 max.
Humberto said on 19/Aug/11
Looks 5´11, but I think 5´10.
Gained weight instead said on 19/Aug/11
About 5-10, possibly 5-9.5. He looks taller due to hair and build.
Xisco said on 14/Aug/11
Jed says on 6/Jul/11
Click Here

Pablo does have a point. He looks pretty tall in this. Although I wouldn't say he's over 6'

He´s wearing huge track shoes... He´s 5´10, not over that.
Jed said on 6/Jul/11
Click Here

Pablo does have a point. He looks pretty tall in this. Although I wouldn't say he's over 6'
Brett said on 11/Jun/11
5'10" or 5'10.5"
James said on 7/May/11
Closer to 5´10.5" (178-179 cm)
Pastore6foot1 said on 21/Apr/11
Looks spot on 5'11", maybe 5'10.75"...
Pablo N said on 12/Apr/11
Larc did u look at the video tho?
Larc 6 ft 1.5 in said on 10/Apr/11
He's 5'11 max.
Looks an inch (maybe less) shorter than Nicholas Cage in photos.
Pablo N said on 4/Apr/11
Did u see the new R.E.M video for 'uberline'? He looks very tall in that to me- 186cm and bulked up, he's young so is still growing.
K4 said on 21/Feb/11
USYD says on 28/Jan/11
Looked 182cm, or almost 6'0", in Kick-Ass. Maybe it's because he's thin.

He might be that tall on a good day.
5'7.37 said on 10/Jan/11
He's around that size for sure.
Maya said on 5/Jun/07
Here's Chris next to Dan and Katie in OotP: Click Here
Another spot on listing, Editor Rob!

Editor Rob
I've seen chris twice, never got a pic worth putting on here though. Spoke to him as he was hanging about the stalls of one show and really didn't look much taller than myself.

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