How tall is Adrian Edmondson

Adrian Edmondson's Height

5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm)

English actor, best known for playing Vyvyan in The Young Ones, Eddie in Bottom and for roles in Guest House Paradiso and The Last Jedi. He was listed 5ft 10 on his agency CV.

How tall is Adrian Edmondson
5ft 8 Rob and Adrian @ Collectormania

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5ft 9.36in (176.2cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Apr/23
That’s a sight for my sore and scolded eyes, having seen The Grey earlier today. I had to look away in parts. It’s worse than I remember it to have been. I should have been watching Bottom or Blackadder! They are cheerful!

Lovely Ade gets 5ft9.75. I get a fart from Livieliah!
RoyzDaBoi said on 21/Apr/23
Strong 5'9 here.
Andy Hodgson said on 17/Apr/23
Well editor Rob is a strong 5'8". We see YouTube videos of him measuring himself and he's usually a bit over 5'8". Ade Edmondson looks a good inch taller than Rob in the photo of them together. Conclusion = 5ft9.5 for Ade.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jan/23
Hello Ade! You’re a Random Celeb today, and my immediate thoughts were about when you starred as a German in Blackadder Goes Forth. He moaned about to the British, toilet humour is ‘the basis of an entire culture!’ (Good and comical German accent, to be sure….)

Well, I’m not going to argue with that! 🚽💩👌🏼

Sandy C said on 15/Jul/22
Ade’s face looks like he’s playing out a scene from ‘Bottom’!
He always seemed to be on a short fuse as Eddie Hitler, but then so would I be if I had THAT as my surname! 🤮

5ft9.75. 😂🤣🍑😹
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Nov/20
I always thought that Ade's spelling for Vyvyan, his punk rocker character in 'The Young Ones', was a rather odd, and possibly even a newly created spelling, but NO! I found out yesterday that Oscar Wilde's second-born son was called Vyvyan. His professional name was Vyvyan Holland and he worked as a British author and translator, living to the age of 80. His older brother was called Cyril.

In my last Ade-related comment, I wrote that he starred in 'Casualty', but it was, in fact, 'Holby City'. The two are sister programmes, and so samey that they could pass for identical twins! 😜
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Oct/20
I'm watching an episode of 'Casualty', and Ade is having words with his Mum, who has so far, by the looks of things, shown him very little love while he was growing up.

It makes a change to see Ade acting in a serious part. He's a beautifully spoken, well-educated man in real life, so it's good to see him playing something befitting of his education. Of course, someone of my generation will remember him best for his parts in 'The Young Ones', 'Bottom' and 'Blackadder', but watching him acting like this is refreshing to say the least.

It must have been awful for him when his comedy partner, Rik Mayall died so unexpectedly a few years back. Adrian continues to bravely soldier on, taking a part in 'EastEnders', albeit a very sad and finite one, but his comedy background shone through.

Good luck to him, and I look forward to seeing what he stars in next.

5ft9.5 XX 😁👍📺
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Feb/20
When asked if, while being treated for his cancer at home, Ade's 'EastEnders' character asks, "Will I be able to play the piano?"

He's told that, yes, he would be. Then he replies, "That's good because I can't play it now!" 😂😂😂👍

Always looking on the funny side, despite battling cancer. I haven't seen Jean laugh so much - EVER!

Ade gets 5ft9.5.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/20
Ade played a social drop-out called Edward Elizabeth HITLER in the sitcom 'Bottom', and his constant companion and comedy partner Rik Mayall played his oddball housemate. Rik's name was Richard Richard! The duo were together in 'The Young Ones' as well. When I found out that there really WAS a programme called 'Bottom', I found it extremely funny. I saw a sketch on 'Spitting Image' referring to the comedy. It involved a rebellious Prince Edward, stipulating to his parents what his future was going to be like, adding, "...and I'm going to stay up late and watch 'Bottom'!"

'Bottom'? I said! How can they make a programme called 'Bottom'? But make it they did, and I wasn't in any way surprised to find out that it was Ade and Rik who wrote it and starred therein.

I did used to think that Rik and Ade were pretty much height twins, and I was quite surprised that there was a difference of one and a quarter inches between them. Aha, I recall that Rik used to stuff out his clothes in 'Bottom' to look fat and lazy and maybe that gave him a slightly shorter impression.

Ade gets 5ft9.5. 😁👌
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jan/20
Hey! I'm so glad that I watched the Christmas edition of EastEnders on my phone!

I honestly didn't recognize Ade as a biker! Fantastique, and to think that I could even surmise that this ACE actor ADE could possibly have been written out! (I did actually, and thoroughly upset I was too...) ☹️

Well, from 'The Young Ones', 😄🤣🍺, 'Blackadder', 😁🐍and 'Bottom'🍑, Ade is always in demand, and so he should be! He's a particularly good actor, and it's great to see him take on a serious part this time round. (Alas, I've never watched him in 'Holby City').

He held up well playing a German in 'Blackadder', talking about "Your amusing jokes about zee breaking of ze vind..." 🤣💨 and I say that because I always said that 'Blackadder' has a particularly tall cast, and my 6ft4" friend, Brian, had to agree, so when Ade appeared as a blond German, if he'd been small, he wouldn't have been able to rip on Baldrick's height now, would he? 🤭 But he did, and he did it with much aplomb, so much so that I feel like hunting down my 'Blackadder' boxset and playing it right now.... 🎇🔥🎆

Today, Mr Adrian Edmondson gets 5ft10.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Nov/19
@ Vitto - Ade is a big fan of The Sex Pistols. He went on Mastermind and the band was his topic of choice!

5ft9.5. 😆👍
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 30/Aug/19
You might not agree, but I don't think it's a good idea to categorize actors and actresses by nationality. Because once you add too many (let's say Scottish actors for example), the Scottish Actors page will be too long and flooded. Actors and actresses make up the majority of professions in CH anyway.
Editor Rob
It's always a question of whether a page adds value or is used.

From the stats, there are some tv shows that weren't worth tagging, but countries have been worthwhile.

Unfortunately US/Canada/England has too many celebrities to make categorising practical, but scotland/new zealand/germany etc grow at much slower rate.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Aug/19
Yes, Rob, it looks a bit crowded even!
😂😆😂 Thanks for adding him! How about 'Bottom' next? (Only joking!)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Aug/19
Well, Ade has joined 'EastEnders' now and doesn't he look young? I think he's lost a bit of weight since the above picture and it suits him. I can't see him having lost any height at all and so I'm going for 5ft9.5.

'EastEnders' page, Rob?
Editor Rob
He's racking up the 'tag's, up to 5 now...although there will never be anything like 'english actors' unfortunatley there are far too many American/English to consider 😋
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Jun/19
I can't wait, Saltyfish!

saltyfish177cm said on 9/May/19
I hear he is joining Eastenders. Will be interesting to see how his 5'9.25 holds up to the other male cast members.
saltyfish177cm said on 3/May/19
Big Rob he barely looks 175cm here let alone 177cm. In person is he really similar height to a legit 177cmer like Russell Tovey?
Editor Rob
At his age he might have lost a 1/4 inch or so, I think today you could argue in 5ft 9.25 at most
Vibram said on 22/Apr/19
Peak 5ft10, today 5ft9.3.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Mar/19
Ade is a comedian; Robert is a horror actor, but he has made me laugh at times! 😂😂😂📺
Nik said on 25/Feb/19
@ Sandy Cowell - This photograph is very funny and reminds me of the one on Robert Englund's page!
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Feb/19
Yes, Nik, with him staring out at us in that funny picture with Rob, it can be a bit difficult NOT to visit his page at least twice in a day! 😲😝
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Feb/19
Yes, Nik, with him staring out at us in that funny picture with Rob, it can be a bit difficult NOT to visit his page at least twice in a day! 😲😝
Nik said on 20/Feb/19
@ Sandy Cowell - This is great to hear! I know we have both checked him out plenty of times!
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Feb/19
Ooh nice! Ade is No. 19 in the top 50 most checked-out celebs! Isn't that EXCELLENT? 😊👍
Nik said on 17/Feb/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Well toilets will vary in terms of colour and design so I am sure you would love to take up your toilet collecting again, it would be interesting to find out what different materials a toy (toi!) toilet could be made out of! I think collecting them in secret would be a good idea! Hey, at least you wouldn't ever have to call a plumber out to see to your toy (toi!) toilets (toylets!)! 🚽😂!
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Feb/19
PS Nik - If I ever take up toilet collecting again, I have come to the conclusion that I will have to do it in secret.

Sandy Cowell said on 14/Feb/19
@ Nik - Oh, but none of them were detailed, merely toys! Some were even keyrings, but they all had seats on them and lids which you could manipulate just like real toilets.

The toilet abuse started when I noticed that 'someone' had been placing dolls on them with their draws down. As if that wasn't atrocious enough, I lifted one of the dolls to find plasticine business inside one of them with PLJ (pure lemon juice) amongst what the doll had supposed to have used the toilet for! The mixture curdled and completely ruined my favourite pink toilet. I was heartbroken, and gave up toilet collecting there and then.

Nik said on 13/Feb/19
@ Sandy Cowell - It must be fun collecting toy lavatories, particularly if the manufacturer has an eye for detail!

No, it's not very nice when someone else lives on the toilet and it ain't cracking (crackin'!) when there isn't any toilet paper left when you need to go! I don't know which of these scenarios is the worst, but when you are faced with both of them ... well!

If there isn't any toilet paper left you can always think of alternatives, newspapers, a sock!

Maybe Ade looks taller on screen, the picture above may not do him any justice!
Andrea said on 13/Feb/19
He pretty much looks right around an inch taller here, so somewhere around 176 range certainly seems quite believable, based on the pic.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Feb/19
@ Nik - 🚽 It isn't very pleasurable when you go to the toilet and someone's beaten you to it!

Phwew! Especially if that someone has polished off all the toilet paper as well! 🚽 🅱️🅾️LL🅾️X to that!
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Feb/19
@ Nik - I know someone who collected toy lavatories for a while. It was me! They were all neatly on display until a certain nameless person decided to put obscenities in them, and they were discoloured for life. 😭


If you still aren't convinced that Ade is 5ft9.5, then I suggest you take a thoroughly good look at his 'Bottom'.
Nik said on 11/Feb/19
@ Sandy Cowell - This quotation certainly has grabbed my attention Sandy, there is nothing mundane and functional about ze toilet! It is an institution and a pleasurable part of our lives, both on and off the 'lav!

I am not convinced that Adrian is over 5'9.25"!
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Feb/19
Ade says, as German Baron von Richthoven, "I'd like to know why you English find ze toilet so amusing? To us, the toilet is a mundane and functional item. To you, it is the basis of an entire culture!"

Quotation from 'Blackadder Goes Forth'. Has that grabbed your attention at all, Nik? My German Mum agreed, but with me in the house, she soon changed her tune!
Nik said on 6/Feb/19
@ Sandy Cowell - My Dad used to like "Blackadder" and I think "Bottom" too, I could always give them a go!

It's interesting that Adrian doesn't appear to have a higher shoulder level than Rob in the above picture!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Feb/19
He only has about an inch on Rob. 5'9.25" max
Peter 180cm said on 5/Feb/19
Looks 176cm
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) said on 5/Feb/19
You can tell he's taller even while slouching, but I'm not sure on him measuring 5'9.5.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Feb/19
Edward Hitler in 'Bottom'!
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Feb/19
@ Nik - I can! You should watch 'Blackadder' and 'Bottom'!
Nik said on 5/Feb/19
I struggle to see him being as tall as 5'9.5"!
Greg99 said on 4/Feb/19
I'm not seeing an inch and a half between the guys, but I'll trust Rob's judgement on this - 5'9 1/2" it is...(would have thought 5'9" tops)
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Feb/19
This guy is so FUNNY! 🤣💨

5ft7SithLord said on 3/Feb/19
Domhnall Gleeson looked 6ft3 in The Last Jedi. It's possible he was wearing lifts because Adrian looked really short beside him.
World Citizen said on 3/Feb/19
Looks 175 176 cm at best.
184guy2 said on 2/Feb/19
Looking at most 5'9

Rob , did he had less footwear or posture ?
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Feb/19
Bloody hell! I haven't seen this picture before! I love this guy! He should be added to the the 'Blackadder' page!

What a star! I had the nickname of 'Bottom' at one time, and I felt well and truly flattered! My fondness for the programme was renowned!
Editor Rob
Adrian in person was somewhere around 176 range. I'd call his range between 5ft 9-9.5. At age 60 maybe a small fraction lost.

Not a guy who had done one of these events before (and generally doesn't like taking photos with fans), but to be fair to the guy, he participated with fans fully from what I saw and was doing all sorts of poses with people. One of the few who seemed to know that if you agree to an event like this, treat it professionally and give fans their money's worth.
SMART BERRY said on 2/Feb/19
I would say 5’9.25” at 176 cm
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
Seemed tall and around 6'0 in the young ones where he played vyvyan but remember he was in his late twenties then and was quite lean. He also wore boots as the character but still only seemed rik mayalls height (5'11). In Bottom he was shorter than Rik Mayall despite his character wearing heeled footwear so I'd say 5'10 in his prime and 5'9 now.
Scott said on 11/Jan/12
I'd say shorter - around 5'9. He wore boots in 'the young ones' and he was also slimmer which did make him look 5'11 - 6'0. Rik mayall (5'10 - 11") did look an inch taller in bottom despite ade's character 'Eddie' wearing boots. I'd say 5'10 in his younger days 5'9 now.
Daii said on 14/Aug/08
He does look quite tall in The Young Ones, maybe because he was skinnier in them days but he did look close to 6 foot. I would say from Bottom 5'10 because he is an inch shorter than 5'11 Mayall but he is wearing boots. I agree nowadays on maybe a weak 5'10 or 5'10, no more though
Rebecca said on 21/Jan/08
ive seen him a few times and i reckon hes about 5ft11. no more though. (and he was wearing converse which dont have a heel)
Steven said on 30/Jul/07
5ft10 right on the mark, he is an inch shorter than Mayall. Check it out in Bottom, they are the same height there but that's because of Edmondson's high-heeled boots.
DressyBessy said on 10/May/07
I'd say he was 5ft 11. In The Comic Strip Presents... he always look pretty tall, but he was fairly lean and everyone knows the skinnier you are, the taller you look.
Random Task said on 10/Feb/07
No more than five ten. Definitely not six feet. Remember, Ade Edmondson wears shoes with big heels (watch any episode of Bottom).
Tall_Guy03 said on 20/Jan/07
I'm sorry but there is no way in hell that this guy is 6ft. I'd say he is 5ft 9 MAX.
MissLiss said on 21/Oct/06
Hey,if ya guys click on this link, there's a vid with Adrian and Midge Ure, who is 5ft 6ish-Adrian TOWERS above him. I say Adrian is 5ft 11-perhaps 6ft, but not shorter.
Click Here
Kimage said on 4/Oct/06
He looks about 5ft 11, perhaps even a little more. I think you'll find his agency lists him as 5ft 11 too...
Tommy-C said on 3/Sep/06
He's about 180 cm-5ft 11, maybe taller, but not shorter
Tall Guy said on 9/Aug/06
He look's slightly shorter than Rik in "The Young Ones" but sometimes also equally as tall or slightly taller sometimes. I'll guess 179-181 is kinda accurate.
DaVinci said on 19/Jun/06
Sounds about right, though I would say he'd probably be 5'11". I hardly think he's around 6'1". In his show Filthy Rich & Catflap and in an episode of Blackadder episode, Fry and Laurie (at 6'4.5 and 6'2.5, respectively) definitely towered over him.
wrath said on 24/Feb/06
i saw adrian edmondson whilst he was on Whats eastign Gilbert Grape....he isn't that tall-i'm taller than him and i'm 6ft.

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