How tall is Andrew Bryniarski

Andrew Bryniarski's Height

6ft 4 ½ (194.3 cm)

American actor, known for playing Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003). On his official site it says: "The 6ft 5" body builder".

How tall is Andrew Bryniarski
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Average Guess (26 Votes)
6ft 4.22in (193.6cm)
Slamo said on 25/May/23
6-4 approx. Many say he’s not the nicest guest at horror conventions.
5ft 11 3/4 said on 9/Feb/23
* 6' 4½" Glenn Ennis (Jason Voorhees 2003) *
6' 4" Michael Bailey Smith (Freddy Krueger 1989)
6' 2½" Kane Hodder (Freddy Krueger 1993)
6' 0" Chason Schirmer (Freddy Krueger 1991)
5' 9½ Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger 1984-2003)
5' 5" Jackie Earle Haley (Freddy Krueger 2010)
5ft 11 3/4 said on 5/Feb/23
6' 8" Tyler Mane (Michael Myers 2007 / 2009)
6' 8" Tim Sylvia (Michael Myers 2009)
6' 6" Casey Hendershot (Michael Myers 2007 / Leatherface 2013)
6' 5½" Dan Yeager (Leatherface 2013)
6' 5¼" Ken Kirzinger (Jason Voorhees 2003)
6' 5" Glenn Ennis (Jason Voorhees 2003)
6' 5" Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees 2009)
6' 4½" Andrew Bryniarski (Leatherface 2003 / 2006)
6' 4½" Mark Burnham (Leatherface 2022)
6' 4½" Vasil Yordanov (Leatherface 2022)
6' 4" Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface 1974)
6' 4" Ted White (Jason Voorhees 1984)
6' 4" R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface 1990)
6' 4" Brett Wagner (Leatherface 2003)
6' 4" Douglas Tait (Jason Voorhees 2003 / Michael Myers 2021)
6' 4" Dustin Dennard (Jason Voorhees 2009)
6' 3" Richard Brooker (Jason Voorhees 1982)
6' 3" C.J. Graham (Jason Voorhees 1986)
6' 3" Robert Jacks (Leatherface 1995)
6' 3" James Jude Courtney (Michael Myers 2018 / 2021 / 2022)
6' 2½" George P. Wilbur (Michael Myers 1988 / 1995)
6' 2½" Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees 1988 / 1989 / 1993 / 2002)
6' 2½" Brad Loree (Michael Myers 2002)
6' 2½" Spencer Stump (Jason Voorhees 2003)
6' 2" Bill Johnson (Leatherface 1986)
6' 2" Bob Elmore (Leatherface 1986)
6' 2" Chris Durand (Michael Myers 1998)
6' 2" Gary J. Clayton (Michael Myers 2002)
6' 2" Sam McKinzie (Leatherface 2013)
6' 2" Airon Armstrong (Michael Myers 2021 / 2022)
6' 1⅝" Tom Morga (Jason Voorhees 1985 / Leatherface 1986 / Michael Myers 1988)
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5' 9" Tommy Lee Wallace (Michael Myers 1978)
5' 9" Dick Warlock (Michael Myers 1981)
5' 7" Erik Preston (Michael Myers 1988)
5' 7" Chase Wright Vanek (Michael Myers 2009)
5' 6½" Tom Savini (Jason Voorhees 1984)
Wehrmacht180 said on 19/Jan/23
193 cm
Slamo said on 17/Dec/22
Looks more 6-4.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Nov/22
Not so sure on this one, Rob.

6ft4½ maybe closer?
Editor Rob
Yeah I think it could be a fair mark to consider for him.
Becheese said on 28/Jul/22
He’s not 6-5. 6-4 if that.
Voorhees Myers said on 12/Jul/22
6-4 max.
Andrey200 said on 24/May/22
Had big boots on in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, probably 193 range, don’t think he’s as tall as Derek Mears
Tech noir said on 23/May/22
6-4. Seen him at a convention twice. I’m 6-4. He’s no taller.
Mike voorhees said on 2/Feb/22
Andrey200 said on 13/Jan/22
Don't see him over 193, I'll say 192.7
Westbound on Olympic said on 18/Oct/21
Met him yesterday at horrorcon. He’s more a 6-4 guy. Stood right next to him.
Canson said on 19/Nov/20
I can see him like Rob said, between 6’4-6’5”. Maybe 194 give or take 1/8”
Andrea said on 23/Oct/20
Did you actually meet this guy, Rob?
Not that there are many pics of him out there, but from what I've seen, he looks nowhere near 6'5. Look at him with Tatanka: Click Here
Editor Rob
I've seen him wandering around an event before, I think maybe from measuring 6ft 5 and 4, he could fall somewhere within that rang.
Caldonio said on 31/Dec/19
Imo 6-4 guy
Littlelee5ft6 said on 14/Oct/19
Christian Sam strike played a teenage leatherface and is probably 6ft tall. But gunnar hansen definitely did the best job of playing leatherface and Dan yeager was pretty scary too
Hopping hopper said on 29/Jul/19
Hodder was never 6-3
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 19/Feb/19
Leather1938 said on 4/Nov/18

6' 4" Gunnar Hansen (1974)
6' 1½" Tom Morga (1986)
?' ?" Bob Elmore (1986)
6' 2" Bill Johnson (1986)
6' 1" Kane Hodder (1990)
6' 3" R.A. Mihailoff (1990)
6' 3" Robert Jacks (1994)
6' 5" Andrew Bryniarski (2003/2006)
6' 4" Eric Swiss (2008)
6' 2" Sam McKinzie (2013)
6' 5½" Dan Yeager (2013)
6' 6" Casey Hendershot (2013)
?' ?" Boris Kabakchiev (2017)
5' 11" Sam Strike (2017)

Kane Hodder was around that 6'3" mark 30 years ago (he claimed 6'3.5" back in the late 80's). He's lost serious height since then. NO WAY was he only 6'1" back then.
Dan Trojan said on 9/Feb/19
I've met this guy an honestly he didn't appear 6'5" to other guys that i met that are in the 6'5" range like ken kirzinger and dan yeager were definitely taller than him i'd say 6'3" he was huge body wise though
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Nov/18

Why would they hire a 5'11" guy to portray Leatherface? Lol
Leather1938 said on 4/Nov/18

6' 4" Gunnar Hansen (1974)
6' 1½" Tom Morga (1986)
?' ?" Bob Elmore (1986)
6' 2" Bill Johnson (1986)
6' 1" Kane Hodder (1990)
6' 3" R.A. Mihailoff (1990)
6' 3" Robert Jacks (1994)
6' 5" Andrew Bryniarski (2003/2006)
6' 4" Eric Swiss (2008)
6' 2" Sam McKinzie (2013)
6' 5½" Dan Yeager (2013)
6' 6" Casey Hendershot (2013)
?' ?" Boris Kabakchiev (2017)
5' 11" Sam Strike (2017)
Canson said on 5/Oct/18
Looks shorter than Benrubi who’s 6’6”ish. He’s probably a strong 6’4” right around the average guess (about my height 6’4.25)
tree said on 9/Jul/18
And that guy in the photo with Guuner,Mihailoff and Yeager is not Andrew Bryniarski,he is Bill Johnson he played Leatherface in Texas Xhainshaw Massacre 2.
tree said on 8/Jul/18
Gunner was Old there lost height,he was 190cm there,and Mihalioff looks a good 3 inches shorter than Yeager,he is not taller than 6ft2.5
jbaja74 said on 15/Jun/18
Mihailoff is a big dude for sure. I've been doing some digging around and found a article that said he was 6'5.5" when he did Chainsaw 3. He looks to be taller than Foree who is between 6'4" and 6'5". So, if Mihailoff is 6'4" tops, then that would put Bryniarski around 6'2". In your photo with the Leatherfaces, Gunnar is listed as 6'4", Johnson is listed at 6'2", and Yeager is 6'5.5". And that looks like a 6'4" for Mihailoff. I know they are at a angle. But no way is Bryniarski 6'5".
tree said on 14/Jun/18
Actually Mihalioff looks 6ft2.5 with them
tree said on 13/Jun/18
Mihalioff with 6ft5.5 Dan Yeager,old Guner Hanson Click Here
and 6ft7 Tyker Mane Click Here
I think he looks 6ft3
jbaja74 said on 5/Jun/18
This is a tough one because there aren't many photos of him standing next to others with legit and undisputed heights. I thought I saw one with Andrew and R.A. Mihailoff and it looked like Andrew was losing that battle.
So, does anyone know R.A's height? 6'3" to 6'5" I would guess?
I'm inclined to believe 6'3" and 265lbs for Andrew. He said he was close to 300lbs for Leatherface.
lee168cm said on 14/Dec/17
The actor who plays Freddie Kruger is pretty intimidating and he's 5'9" the actor who played Michael myers in the 1978 Halloween is five ten and vinnie Jones is 6'1" And he played a terrifying killer in midnight meat train and don't forget Doug Bradley in hellraiser he's five eleven all scary characters all under six foot two
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 28/May/17

I don't think there's a maximum height limit for portraying a horror character. The taller the more intimidating, although someone short as 6'2" would work as well.
Ice said on 18/Feb/17
6'5-6'8 is the best height range for Horror roles .
6fourSuperman said on 28/Jul/16
saw necessary roughness , he was standing right next to 6'5 Sinbad and appeared shorter , more like 6'4".
This was 1991.
tbonez. BLS said on 19/Oct/14
all of 6'5"
MrTBlack said on 28/Apr/14
He's usually listed as 6'4" or 6'5". Maybe.... 6'4 1/2"?
The Last Outlaw said on 26/Jan/14
He ain't nothing more than 6'3 1/2
George said on 16/May/11
I am watching ' Cyborg 3 ', which he is in.... and liked his performance in ' The Program '...
Danimal said on 2/Mar/11
He used to get listed at 6'6" on i m d b back in the day...
Alex says on 31/May/09 said on 31/May/09
I think 6,3 barefoot is perfect for him.
anonymous said on 20/May/09
I'd give him a solid 6'3" like Arn. Saw him chain smoking outside the Rainbow in LA. He's a big guy. Thinner looking than the picture here and he's got some weird hair going on. Not as tall as Derek Mears listed at 6'5".
Big King said on 2/May/09
I wonder if he's 6'5" barefoot or with shoes because he doesn't really look above 6'4" tall.
Arn said on 1/Apr/09
I met him last weekend.Im 6'3,and 270.Next to me it was obvious that he is at least 6'3,and made me feel small.Hes a big dude.Didnt have the tall shoes on like Kane wears either.
Big King said on 25/Mar/09
Remember, Bryniarski played Zangief in Street Fighter. In this film he looked tall but I was surprized when I rad 6'5" for his height because in Street Fighter I only estimated him 6'3", nothing more.
jchv190 said on 22/Nov/08
I saw the pic of him with Gunnar Hansen, and he looks like 1 inch shorter in that pic . I dont know if it is because he wasnt standing straigh, but if that wasnt the case he might be 6'3", although for some reason I also believe he could be 6'5 or close to it.
The Jerk said on 19/Aug/08
I'm friends with Andrew. I'm 6'4 3/4, barefoot. Andrew is 6'5. He wears Harley Davidson boots that put him around the 6'6-6'7 range. He is the height he says he is.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/08
no way he is 6'5'', at least barefoot, i am 6,4 barefoot and i am taller than him. That type of guys look big because of their big body.
Langelo said on 4/May/08
Well, I would give him 6'5 1/2".
thekiddd said on 18/Apr/08
He can't be past 6'4". He's not much taller than Walken and Shorter than Gunner. But remember, in the FAQS of celebheights? Rob says if an actual celebrity has their height listed wrong and they tell him, he will change it. But he himself thought 6'4" when he first added him.
Lastak said on 11/Feb/08
Let's place his height to 6'4 1/2". He really doesn't look 6'5". Maybe 194/195cm sounds right but he is not full 6'5". He's just a snitch under.
Darkman said on 21/Jan/08
He doesn't look much taller than Walken. But still looks pretty tall in most films. I would say 6'3 1/2" maybe 6'4" but I can't see 6'5".
Alex2 said on 19/Jan/08
This guy should have played Myers in Halloween, hes got a much better build than Mane and 6'8 is rediculous for Myers, 6'5 would have been great though.
ted T said on 13/Nov/07
Andrew Bryniarski is 6-4,75.
Matt Thomas said on 10/Oct/07
id say 6'3
ted said on 1/Sep/07
Isn't he shorter in that Gunnar pic?!
S.J said on 14/Apr/07
He Cant Be 6,5 if he's Shorter then 6,4 Gunnar Hannsen
Ed said on 18/Jan/07
So Rob, you met Bryniarski, is he 6ft5? Just saw TCM The Beginning and he looked huge, even bigger for some reason than the 2003 remake. I had my doubts at one time, but after seeing The Program and the new TCM, he's got to be close to that tall! Maybe they'll use him for the Friday the 13th remake, he'd make a great Jason.

Editor Rob
I've seen him strolling about, I think he had a few extra beers in him.. gave legit 6ft 4, arguably close to 6ft 5
Alex said on 6/Nov/06
Looks at least 6'4.
venus said on 9/Oct/06
He looks shorter than the original taller Leatherface. I say he is 6'3, no more no less.
Ed said on 3/Sep/06
Caught some of The Program on tv last night, I hadn't seen it in probably 10 years. Anyways, Andrew looked massive in that film, I forgot how friggin huge Lattimer was! I'm still not 100% sure if he's a dead on 6ft5, but man he looked it. He only looked 2 inches smaller than the 6ft7 guy that's on ER and played Kubiak, and he dwarfed the over 6ft Craig Sheffer. I also saw the episode of Firefly with him, and he was alot taller than the 6ft1.5 Nathan Fillion, and pretty much the same as Adam Baldwin. Even if he's more like 6ft4, the guy is a beast!
Rubus said on 16/Apr/06
Andrew is quite tall, no matter what you say... He has the correct height,look and size even to play Conan in the new movies! I just hope the guys at Warner Bros open up their eyes!
Ed said on 15/Apr/06
Well in Rob's posted pic of him and Gunnar, Andrew looks 6ft2.5 at best. Now none of us can be sure unless we actually met Andrew, but jeez do other celebrities actually come on this site and check their height estimates! That's pretty crazy!!! Yeah, no offence to Andrew, I liked him in The Program and TCM, but the majority of tall stunt actors fudge their heights. The majority of bodybuilders do as well, they don't have a great track record. Arnold( need I say more), Lou Ferigno, Kane Hodder,Sylvester Stallone, and Vin Diesel just to name a few. Pretty much all actors do to, an inch to 2 inches in exagerrated height. That's just my opinion!
Jason said on 22/Feb/06
No offence to Andrew, but a celebrity listed here can get upgraded to their publicised height by just coming on and saying they're it? I must be missing something here.
Ed said on 20/Jan/06
It's weird but in Batman Returns, he dosen't look more than 2 inches taller than Walken, but in The Program, he looked massive. That was when I beleived the 6ft5 listing, the same for Higher Learning. 6ft3 it is, maybe even shorter, with HUGE BOOTS to give him the advantage in these other films.
Jason said on 20/Jan/06
Yeah, changed my mind now. I do think 6'3'' for Andrew is more on the mark. I do recall noting how bloody ''normal'' Zangief appeared in height and size in the Streetfighter movie (considering the video game character is 7'0'' 380lbs :P). Maybe only 6'2 1/2'' even? Gunnar's old and likely closer to 6'3'' now.
Ed said on 18/Jan/06
Yeah, I think 6ft3 is about right. He admitted he had to wear huge boots for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to make him taller. He may claim he is 6ft5, but I think he's another Kane Hodder, wishing he were taller, and wearing huge boots all the time, to keep up the image. It seems a lot of these huge musclebound actors can't seem to get their own heights right. They all are great at exagerrating. Arnold, Vin, Stallone, Kane, and the list goes on.
answer said on 22/Nov/05
hes actually 6'3".. 6'5" wit those big boots he used in chainsaw massacre
mattykane said on 19/Nov/05
He doesn't work the front desk at Gold's, but does work out there. My guess is he's about 6 2" tops.
Jason said on 17/Nov/05
I heard he works at the front desk at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach, California. Maybe someone in the area can take a look some time & see. He looked pretty huge in Streetfighter as Zangief ... but I think I'd go with 6'4''.

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