How tall is Brie Larson

Brie Larson's Height

5ft 6 ¾ (169.5 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies like Captain Marvel, Room, 21 Jump Street, Sleepover and tv show The United States of Tara. She did reply to my enquiry as to what her current height is. She said that she's grown in 2004 and is 'almost 5ft 8' now. In 2019 she said "5, 5-8ish..5-8 and a half"

How tall is Brie Larson
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5ft 6.64in (169.3cm)
TheBat said on 7/Aug/20
Lol 5'6" flat claiming 5'8.5". She needs to stop fibbing.
Olympian said on 18/Jul/20
That's an extremely unflattering picture of her Rob. Use this instead: Click Here
Mimi said on 12/Jul/20
Weird she is listed just shy of 5ft7 but a the Variety Women luncheon she was taller than Mariah Carey wearing similar heighted heels.
Tall Sam said on 8/Jun/20
I wouldn't place her as low as 5'5.5" but maybe closer to 5'6" than the listing.

I think the picture at top needs updating, she's a lot more glamorous looking more recently and is difficult to recognize there IMO.
Realist said on 6/Jun/20
She is 5'5.5 max made Jude Law look tall in Captain Marvel film.
Jammes said on 19/May/20
The fact that people think shes near 5'9 is hilarious. Jude Law is 5'10.25 and he has some height on her in Captain Marvel
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She can be a strong 5'5 at the shortest,I wouldn't not give her more than in the 5'6 range. With the exception of Tom Holland,the shorter Mcu actors look taller than her even when she wears heels
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 1/May/20
5'8.5" is such a bad claim , she would be lucky if she has measured anything more than 5'6.5"
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Mar/20
I feel that Brie Larson is more comfortable 5'6 3/4 than Jessica Biel.
Sharanya said on 15/Mar/20
She’s the same height as Daisy Ridley, who’s also listed at 5ft 6.75. Looks too short to be 5ft 8.5. And she’s slightly shorter than 5ft 7 Amy Schumer. Maybe 5ft 8.5 is her heel height.
Bull said on 23/Feb/20
Brie Larson is definitely not 5 ft 8 1/2. She was way too close in height to 5 ft 3 Scarlett Johansson to be 5 ft 8 1/2. 5 ft 6 1/2 is my guess.
Also, she deserves a new, more recent picture. How old is it? She's a big star now!
DeeDory said on 11/Jan/20
@Bobby Brown There is no need to shout here. Tom Holland is not taller than Brie Larson for sure. In fact, he is probably even shorter than 5'7. No way is he taller than 5'7
Bobby Brown said on 26/Dec/19
Guys give her 2004 claim slack please she was 15
Linke said on 23/Dec/19
5'8.5" is such a bad claim. She looks 169 cms at best, strong 5'6"
Bobby Brown said on 22/Dec/19
5’8 1/2 is laughable her claim at almost 5’8 claim can be given some slack however as she was still a teenager at the time in 2004 and girls still grow at around that time
truthteller25 said on 15/Dec/19
She is about 5'5.5 max out of bed
Bobby Brown said on 14/Dec/19
James King said on 18/Oct/19
Nearly 5 ft 7 is way off for Brie Larson, she is MUCH shorter. Here is a video with supposedly 5 ft 3 Scarlett Johansson. They are almost indentical height both wearing heeled shoes:

Click Here
Josue said on 16/Oct/19
There's a few pictures on ig with fans and Brie alongside other celebrities at a comic con this past weekend. Comparing those fans height with Brie I feel like she can be 5'6.5".
She was wearing these boot heels.
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Nicholas 5'8.5 said on 12/Oct/19
I really think, with all the evidence I've seen, she looks like a solid 5'6.25". You can not argue the facts
Editor Rob
I think for me, a weak 5ft 7 is believable. It is very possible claiming 5ft 8.5 is a 2 inch inflation.
TheBat said on 10/Oct/19
More I think, she's definitely 5'6" flat. Claiming 5'8" is BS when we know that Jeremy Renner is 5'8.25".
Jackson said on 15/Sep/19
She is just absolutely not 5’7” she looks 5’5.75” max. Claiming 5’8.5” is so laughable.

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Look at her with 5’8” Jeremy Renner who robs met. She’s shorter and she is in large heels???

Click Here

Again with Paul Rudd and in large heels he is still taller...

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Josue said on 13/Sep/19
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Definitely doesn't look 5'7" next to 5'2.5" Natalie Portman.
Josue said on 9/Sep/19
With Joseph Gordon Levitt.
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Josue said on 8/Sep/19
Again next to a 5'9" guy like Joseph Levitt. Joseph with 1 inch dressing shoes and Brie with somekind of thick 1 inch boot and by the looks of it Joseph has a good 3 inches on her. @Rob
Josue said on 6/Sep/19
Click Here
Say she's wearing 2.5 heels. Yet she's not able to edge out 5'9" Paul Rudd. @Rob
Editor Rob
Her heels will be more than 2.5, I doubt less than 3, she should have about 2 inch footwear advantage, if Rudd's are an inch - they look like they are a decent heel too.

A weak 5ft 7 does kind of suit her half the time...
Josue said on 6/Sep/19
@Rob, here Brie and Jude Law are standing barefoot in a scene from the movie Captain Marvel. Considering 5'10" 1/4 Jude Law, Brie is somewhere between 5'6"-5'6.5".
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Tall Sam said on 4/Sep/19
I'm going to venture to guess that she claimed her height in boots or something, she looked IMO a smidge under 5'7" near Lashana Lynch in Captain Marvel.
truthteller25 said on 31/Aug/19
I am going with 5'5 Jude law looked really tall next to her
Alex 5"10' said on 13/Aug/19
@Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 nah I'd peg her around 5'6", she was claiming to be around 5'8". Either way, she's not as tall as she says she is.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Jul/19
@Alex 5'10" You mean shes 5'5?
Dameron said on 24/Jul/19
Rob, she appears shorter than the 5'7' Amy Schumer in Trainwreck and in set photos.

Evidence supporting my claim:

Click Here
Editor Rob
5ft 6.5 isn't exacty impossible for her, but I am not sure I saw enough...yet.
Alex 5'10" said on 23/Jul/19
I met her once in Atlanta while she was filming for Endgame. She called me 6'0 to try and justify her lie about her height, so as a bit of petty revenge, I claimed to be 5'8" instead of my actual height. The look on her face was priceless.
Nik said on 15/Jun/19
It's interesting that she claimed to be 5'8.5"!
Jammes said on 13/May/19
Larson and a few of the other MCU actors took a group pic once and the short actors like RDJ,Renner and Rudd looked way taller than her and she was justing wearing regular shoes,Scar Jo was there but in Heels. Of Course Chris Hemsworth looked like a giant
Jackson said on 5/May/19
She’s literally only 5’6” and just wants to say she’s 5’8.5” because she wants to be a “strong woman” and wants people to think she’s tall like Gal Gadot... Downey jr and Jeremy Renner are taller then her even when she’s got big heals on.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 3/May/19
I know it's just out but avengers endgame should be added to her credits. Already one of the highest grossing films of all time and it's only been out a week I can believe 5ft 7 for her same as any schumer
harakiri said on 3/May/19
Click Here

she claims her height 5' 8" and a half.

could be morning height?
Editor Rob
It's still a very optimistic claim she gives! In heels with Jeremy Renner, she doesn't really look much different and believe me, in person Renner is absolutely not 5ft 10.5 (for her claim to make sense).

Downey in his high heels has her beat!
khaled taban said on 2/May/19
"5, 5-8ish..5-8 and a half", she claimed 5'8", when she isn't even the full 5'7".
Weak 5'7" at best!
Nik said on 29/Apr/19
It would be great to see her pictured with Rob!
Mark D. said on 25/Apr/19
I was surprised how short she looked in Captain Marvel. Great actress, cool person who got a lot of bad press for nothing. Still an attractive lady, but I'd put near my wife's height of 5'4.5". The Armie pic is revealing. He's my height, if my wife had spikes she had, she'd be close to her difference in height with me. height. I'd say 5'5" to 5'6", and she added to her height, to make her more "super hero" like. After all Gal Gadot being 5'9" or more means she wants to appear competitive. Gal is still my favorite.
Jackson said on 19/Apr/19
She is absolutely not 5’7” Robert Downey Jr has been looking way taller than her even when she wears 5 inch heals! We all know he wears lifts but not 5 inch lifts... she’s gotta be 5’6” max
Jammes said on 7/Apr/19
Carol Danvers is a pilot in the comics,isn't there are height Requirement for Air Force Pilots? Brie could be a strong 5'6 or Weak 5'7. Like Cruise in Top Gun,still think hes shorter than 5'7.
TheBat said on 17/Mar/19
Solid 5'7". And overall a great actress, even though Captain Marvel was one of her weaker performances, but she still did a fine job.
Lara said on 17/Mar/19
She is above the average I think she is 1.68 m.
Jackson said on 16/Mar/19
No more than 5’6.5” the 5’8 claim is wrong and the 5’8.5” claim is silly. Just saw captain marvel and was so dissappinted. Super boring and man was her acting dull.
Ilia Holandishvili said on 10/Mar/19
She looks wayyyy taller, 1,72 👌
Detective said on 7/Mar/19
I understand that here she is standing barefoot next to Ellen.

Click Here

But does she really look 5'7, Rob?

I mean, to me she looks an inch shorter than 5'6 Ellen in shoes.
Editor Rob
She could look a bit shorter, though I wouldn't have said as much as an inch. Her own height claim is rather inflated, the most I would argue is 5ft 7.
SD172 said on 6/Mar/19
In this video, Click Here she says 5'8ish then 5'8 and a half judging by the hesitation,she could be around that height.She looks 5'7 in my opinion
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Dec/18
@brianna Armie is 6'4 1/2 at best not 6'5 and Brie is what this site given at 5'7. Shes almost 5'8 out of bed thats believable than her almost 5'8 claim.
Paula said on 17/Oct/18
I remember meeting her during a Scott Pilgrim meet & greet. I'm a full 5'8, we were both wearing flat shoes and she looked only a tiny bit shorter than me. 5'7 in my opinion!
brianna said on 21/Sep/18
she looks 5’8” with 6’5” armie hammer

she was wearing these shoes
Click Here

armie was wearing these shoes
Click Here

and this is their pic together
Click Here
Caroline Pinto Torres said on 18/Sep/18
For Captain Marvel the actress would have to be at least 5'10, But that does not decide anything, what decides and the test of the sofa...
Nik said on 29/Jun/18
She is certainly not 5'8"!
MAD SAM said on 18/Jun/18
Her height is same as Cara 169 cm
Black Tom said on 10/Jun/18
Consistently looks about an inch shorter than 5'7" Amy Schumer in side-by-side pics, so, yeah, she's 5'6" at most.
Tall Sam said on 28/Feb/18
Man, she's lovely, but can look a little shy of the 5'7", I think 5'6.5"-5'6.75" range is possible for her.
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/17
She's 1isted at 5'7 128 lbs, that's quite right don't you think Rob?
Editor Rob: close to 130 seems plausible.
Marvel Fanatic said on 4/Dec/17
She's playing Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) in the MCU. Danvers is supposed 5ft 11. That's 4 inches apart. I do believe she is 5'7, but barely.
Alex said on 3/Nov/17
I think she's 1.68 but does not go below that and probably wakes up a smidge over 1.70
Spencer said on 21/Oct/17
Looks 5’6.75”
anonheight said on 27/Aug/17
She seems 5'7, maybe a weak 5'7
Josh said on 16/Aug/17
Wearing the same shoes as Amy Schumer, slouched slightly. A bit less than 5'7" is my guess.

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DirectorKrennic said on 3/Apr/17
Rob can you add Kong: Skull Island to her credits now?
Evan said on 25/Feb/17
She ain't 170. She's shorter than barefoot Amy Schumer (at least 5cm) and today she was at least 5 cm shorter than Emma Stone both wearing similar heels. Why do you put some actors up and others down Rob?
There's photographic proof she's shorter. Same for vikander. Is it because they won an academy award?
Editor Rob: really 5cm shorter than Emma. I've not seen the clips with Amy, I will watch the film one day.
AH said on 12/Jul/16
Rob, can you add 'Room' to her list of credits?
Tom said on 2/Mar/16
Looked a little shorter than Anne Hathaway in that Jenny Lewis music video and both were barefoot. So I'd say 5'6.5"?
Hypado said on 11/Nov/14
Brie Larson's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm), maybe a little more.
avgheighttallguy said on 27/Mar/14
She seems a legit 5'7" next to dany pudi (abed from community) who is 6'0"...either way beautiful and talented actress
greg said on 14/Mar/13
In recent publicity shots from the 2013 SXSW Music and Film Festival, she looks about one inch shorter than Tony Danza (who himself doesn't appear taller than 5'7") so I'd say probably about 5'6" or a fraction more.
xyz.reg(185.4cms-???cms) said on 4/Jan/12
@Rob 5ft 7 is too much for her..Even in pics she doesn't look that tall..she was wearing large heels and she was barely reaching brandon routh's tip of the nose who was wearing his converse shoes in scott pilgrim movie..5ft a better guess...??
Stephanie said on 21/Oct/07
How long ago was this? She said she was almost 5' 8" a few years ago, and now some fan site said she was 5' 9"... she is 18 now so she probably won't grow anymore, if at all... I think 5' 6" is closer to correct, but idk...
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/07
I know her from my karate and my sister took gymnastics with her and she lives 3mins. away from my house,by the way shes 5'5"
Stephanie said on 17/Apr/07
She went on tour with Jesse McCartney in 2005, so it might be him. He and Cody look similar in pics sometimes. ;)
A fan site says she's 5' 9" but I think she's closer to the 5' 6"-5' 7" range.
Charlotte said on 6/Nov/06
um... that isn't a picture of Jesse McCartney. that's Cody Linley.
Amanda said on 6/Sep/06
She is listed as 5' 9" on her fan site. Here is a picture from 22 April 2006, next to Jesse McCartney. I think she could be about 5' 8" now, but she might also still be 5' 7": Click Here
Amanda said on 16/Dec/05
Brie looks about 5' 7", from recent pics. I don't see how 5' 7" isn't near 5ft 8; it's only and inch difference. Plus, she's only 16 so she could still hit the 5' 8" mark in the next few years.
Alexa said on 18/May/05
Alexa Vega said she was 5' 1" in November 2004 and Brie is 4 inches taller. That would make her around 5' 5".

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