How tall is Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot's Height

5ft 5 ½ (166.4 cm)

French Actress best known for roles in films such as And God Created Women, Contempt, The Night Heaven Fell and Une Parisienne. A 1965 NY Times article mentioned, "Bardot who stands 5 feet 7 inches tall in her pale beige feet (with other dresses she likes lacy stockings, she said". In European publications she had been described as 166cm and 53kg.

How tall is
Brigitte Bardot photo by Michel Bernanau (CC 3.0 via Wiki Commons)

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5ft 5.22in (165.7cm)
Charline said on 2/May/23
BB absolutely looks tall enough in almost all her pictures. She looks tall enough but at the same time fragile like a doll. Rob do you think that 166 cm is a downgrade for her from the Google and websites. I truly think she was a strong 5'6 168.0 to 168.5 cm when she was younger. And too it doesn't make sense she's the same height as Marilyn Monroe, when BB clearly looks more lean and has taller neck and femurs, body proportions overall, her body is simply much better and feminine. BB is magnifique.
Gerald S said on 29/Apr/23
Rob, would you mind taking a quick skim through the below video and telling me whether you conclude Michel Piccoli is more 5’11.5” or 5’11.75”?

Click Here
Gerald S said on 16/Apr/23
Rob, how tall does Michel Piccoli look with Bardot in the below photos? 5ft 11.5 range?

w/Bardot Click Here
w/Bardot Click Here
w/Bardot Click Here
w/Bardot Click Here
w/Bardot & Jean-Luc Godard Click Here
Editor Rob
He is looking somewhere around 182, whether strong or not is debatable.
Pierric said on 4/Feb/23
Interesting post from Marianne Lulu. Interesting to see that she's described herself at 168 cms. But she was described as 166 cms in the movie "En effeuillant la marguerite", and the script was written by her husband...who must have known his wife's height. Bardot's peak must been between 166 and 168.
Sinclair said on 28/Sep/22
There was almost five inches between very worthy add Jean-Claude Brialy and Brigitte Bardot in Famous Love Affairs.

Jean-Claude Brialy- 5’10.25”
Brigitte Bardot- 5’5.5” (Bonne Anniversaire Brigitte!)
Sinclair said on 13/Aug/22
Rob, how tall does Brialy look with Bardot? 5’10.25”?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Marianne Lulu said on 14/Jul/22
168 cm
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Sinclair said on 5/Jul/22
Rob, does Ventura look under, on or over 5’7” with Bardot, assuming she has no heels on here?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Around 5ft 7 there, but if heels he could be taller.
Sinclair said on 13/Jun/22
Rob, does Jean Gabin look under, on or over 5’8” with Bardot?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
Can look easy 5ft 8 with her.
Sinclair said on 11/Jun/22
Yes, 5'5.5" is ideal for Bardot's peak. Very similar to Catherine Deneuve's height.
Nena said on 22/Jan/21
Fyi, thats not Alain Delon.
Alexie said on 13/Aug/20
Doesn't Brigitte look more like 5'7" here next to 5'10" Alain Delon?

Click Here
JakestJake said on 13/Jun/20
Likely shorter than listed.
Anna Smith said on 10/May/20
Anywhere between 5'4.5 and 5'6. No more,no less. She never seemed short ot tall
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Sep/19
🎉🎂🐈 Happy Birthday Brigitte! 🐈🎂🎉

Many Happy Returns to the legend Brigitte Bardot, who turns 85 today. Bless her for all the good work she does as an animal rights campaigner.

5ft6 peak height. 😁💐

Jancys said on 25/Feb/19
I think she need an upgrade to 168.9 cm. She looks like tall woman.
Danny gilad said on 6/Apr/18
Bardot was 168 cm tall barefoot!
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/17
Bardot was 1,69 m
Lanaka said on 30/Apr/17
@mande2013 Yes! I believe this listing is too low for Brigitte at her peak! She really was 5'6 to even 5'6.5!
mande2013 said on 15/Feb/17
If Bardot was only 1m66 peak, then Jean-Luc Godard couldn't have been more than 5'6.25 or so. There's an archival photo taken on the set of Le Mepris with the two of them side by side, and it's pretty revealing. I can't find it on the net anywhere. I saw it in some coffee table book on Godard's work. In short, I think BB may have in fact been at least 5'6.
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Dec/16
When I was a naive 14-year-old girl, I found a pretty, shiny magazine down a long footpath! I brought it home and found that it was 'one of those' magazines! It contained 'Brigitte Bared' and 'Andress Undressed' amongst its offerings! It was in that magazine that I read she was 5ft6 and 8st2lbs, though I can think of more, rather reliable sources!
I couldn't work out why some of the pages were stuck together, and that's the honest truth!
anyonmious said on 29/Dec/16
She is 5'4" for her peak height. May be 5'3" today
Sixseven said on 27/Dec/16
She is 168 cm.
mande2013 said on 6/Oct/16
Rob, what sort of height difference do you see between Bardot and Picasso here: Click Here. Granted, Picasso's old there and could have lost some height by that point, but he looks a weak 5'4 there if this listing for BB is correct IMO.
Editor Rob
I'd have said she was at least 3 inches taller taking account that the angle is in Pablo's favour there.
JAsPer said on 26/Aug/16
I saw the film ANd God Created Brigette Bardot (1956), and i saw her dancing and walking and calculated that she was somewhere between 5'5 and 5'6. I decided to choose 5'5. It would seem i was right. Figuring her weight at 115 to 120 pounds i was kind of close.
I'm surprised no one mentioned her resembelnce here to Claudia Schiffer who is way taller at 5'9 or 10?
In School i sort of knew someone who looked like Brigette but her personality was quite the opposite.
Cliff said on 22/May/16
Rob, she was often listed as 166 cm in the late 50s and early 60s. From photographic evidence, this is what she looks. So I think she's around an inch shorter than your listing.
Editor Rob
yes, the 166 in the biography makes more sense.
Hypado said on 23/Jun/15
Brigitte Bardot's height is 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Looks this next to Marcello Mastroianni.
a said on 7/May/15
she looks a couple inches shorter than her costar Trintignant from Et Dieu Crea la Femme (1.72m or 5'7 3/4"). Maybe about 2-3in less.
Mr. V said on 24/Apr/15

Click Here
Mr. V said on 23/Apr/15
I've recently seen 'Les grandes manoeuvres' where a very young Bardot appears opposite Michèle Morgan. I know for a fact Michèle was 163 cm (she mentions it herself in her autobiography 'Avec ces yeux-là'. For those who want to see it, BB looks barely taller in the movie (if any).

Sadly, this is the best shot I can find:

Click Here

Maybe Michèle had a footwear advantage, but if BB's official biography mentions her as 166 cm, then I believe it.

Here she's with 5'7" Anouk Aimée:

Click Here
pierric. said on 6/Mar/15
Rob, 5-7 or 5-6 and 125 or 121 lbs ?
Click Here
Editor Rob
anywhere in 120's range is possible, I know she got called both 5ft 6 and 7 probably equally.
Sam said on 19/Dec/14
Wow, sheer dresses are something else :=)
Sam said on 3/Dec/14
No image above although a photo is listed there, a shame.
Editor Rob
I put one up that works now ;)
Andrea2 said on 5/Apr/14
pierric, I believe the article states 1.66 meters which equals 5f5. Which sounds right to me.
Also, her weight is listed at 53kg which equals 116. Also looks perfect.
pierric said on 16/Dec/13
She was described at 166 cms and 53 kgs when "Viva Maria" was realised in 1965. Read this article :
Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 12/Mar/13
Hey Rob this post amused me:

Glenn says on 15/Sep/06
Vivian is 5-6.and Phil was mysteriously an inch taller than me last year.

Upgrade Phil, he must definitely be 5 ft 9 in that case!!! WInk wink.
Editor Rob
the collen page was removed and the number used for another page
Ingrid Jensen said on 16/Feb/13
Adding further to my previous comment, Thea Bjerkan Charriere also showed my daughter memorobilia of her grandmother Brigitte. Her measurements from And God Created Woman were recorded as 165cm, 48 kg.
Ingrid Jensen said on 14/Feb/13
My daughter went to school in Norway with BB's granndaughter Thea Bjerkan Charriere. She told my daughter that Brigitte was only 165cm tall in her youth. Thea is a tall & slender girl, but neither of BB's grangaughters are a fraction as beautiful as her.
Patrick said on 27/Jul/12
Height 1M66 (Biography "Brigitte Bardot plein la vue" author Marie-Dominique Lelií¨vre)
... said on 9/Apr/09
Steve Clark is 5'11 am I right ?
glenn said on 5/Jan/08
ive never seen him.5-11.
lep_fan said on 5/Jan/08
and what about steve clark? his height?
glenn said on 4/Jan/08
savage is me.ive met him enough.vivian is 5-6.true.maybe a hair smaller.
lep_fan said on 4/Jan/08
savage 5'10''??? no way, more like 5'9'', and thats in the morning! btw, vivian is 5'6''
glenn said on 3/Jan/08
what about it lep fan? the boots? please explain.thanks.
lep_fan said on 3/Jan/08
or this

Click Here
lep_fan said on 3/Jan/08
look at this

Click Here
glenn said on 9/Oct/07
no he didnt just stating what i saw.i was weird how phil and rick were so much taller than me this time.
Sara said on 7/Oct/07
Phil never presented himself as if he was bothered by his height, despite the girlfriends-du-jour and/or the fans he was posing with in pictures. He may possibly wear lifts, but I've seen no evidence of it. He seems as if he's comfortable/confident with who he is, height and whatever else. And when asked, he openly admits to his actual height measurements. Doesn't look like he has an issue with it, in my opinion. =/
On a side note, the whole band is vertically challenged, except for Joe, who is of average male height.
Franco said on 7/Sep/07
haha nah, its you that lost height Glenn :D
Glenn said on 15/Sep/06
Vivian is 5-6.and Phil was mysteriously an inch taller than me last year,and Allen appeared a couple inches taller.both in sneakers that had lifts I suspect.Phils girlfriend was 5-10.maybe the reason for the lifts.
Lmeister said on 14/Sep/06
Def Leppard heights:
- Phil 5'7'' tends to wear boots with huge heels
- Vivian Campbell 5'7.5'' same as Phil munster shoes
- Rick Allen 5'8.5''
- Rick "Sav" Savage 5'10''
- Joe Elliott 6'1.5''

Glenn said on 24/Jan/06
they both grew or have lifts.wait till you see it!

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