How tall was Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

Canadian actor, best remembered for roles in films such as The Sound of Music, Star Trek VI, The Last Station, All the Money in the World, Battle of Britain, The Man Who Would Be King, The Insider, Knives Out, The Return of the Pink Panther, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Beginners and Murder By Decree.

How tall is Christopher Plummer
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Average Guess (20 Votes)
5ft 10.05in (177.9cm)
Gerald S said on 6/Sep/23
Rob, so you agree Moody should get a 5’10.25” listing?

5’10.5” is possible but potentially too generous; Moody had a slim frame at times which helped him looked taller. He was definitely close to the 5’10” mark, but likely cleared it at peak.
Editor Rob
Yeah I think more chance of a stronger 5ft 10.
Gerald S said on 5/Sep/23
Rob, out of Plummer and Ron Moody, who could have the edge at around 15:42 below?

Click Here

I'd say Moody.
Editor Rob
Moody likely has the edge.
berta said on 8/Jan/23
dont really know but for some reaon i thought this guy was taller. if he was 178 peak then he cant have been more than 5+8 at the end. did he look that short? I think he was closer to 179
Rich Paul said on 26/Aug/21
He wore lifts in The Sound of Music.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/21
Christopher's proportions were such that he could easily have been taken for taller.

He was such an adaptable actor, and could act the charmer or freak one out, as he did so well in Stephen King's 'Dolores Claiborne', as a copper hell bent on pinning the crime of murder on the abused wife, Dolores, played by the 5ft3 Kathy Bates, whom he towered over.

5ft10. 😁👌🕯️
Sulu2021 said on 6/Feb/21
Hey Rob, once a celebrity passes away, does the page get updated to only their peak height (5ft 10 in this case) while it used to show their peak (5ft 10 in this case) and latest height (5ft 8 in this case) on the same page together?
Editor Rob
Never a task I like to do...but yeah, I will put a celebrity back to peak only.
slim 6'1 said on 5/Feb/21
Rip, solid 178cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Feb/21
Christopher Plummer tragically passed away today, aged 91.

Heartfelt sympathy to his daughter Amanda and to all those who loved him.
Christopher's career spanned some 7 decades. He was the oldest actor to ever win an Oscar.

RIP Christopher 🕯️ XXX
13th December 1929 - 5th February 2021
Sinclair said on 18/Aug/20
In The Return of The Pink Panther, I think Christopher Plummer gives a strong 5’11” impression. Perhaps Plummer wore lifts for that film but I’d still give him a peak height of 5’10.75”. I feel Plummer edged out Robert Shaw in Battle of Britain. In Knives Out, Plummer did look about 5’8” range, in my opinion.
James B 172c, said on 28/Mar/20
WOW thought he was 6ft2
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Dec/19
🎂 Happy 9️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Christopher! 🎂

Wishing Christopher Plummer a Very Happy Birthday today, as he turns the Big 9-0!

5ft10 peak; 5ft8.25 today.😁👍

Sandy Cowell said on 20/Sep/18
Could you please add 'Dolores Claiborne' to his credits Rob? He was playing a really creepy and unethical policeman in that, and seemed to be at pretty much his optimum height back then.

I go for 5ft10 peak, 5ft8 now.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Feb/18
Remarkable really as he had to quickly shoot his scenes within a few weeks when the Kevin Spacey allegations came to light as he replaced him. He's aged a lot past few years since the above photo but still looks very good for his age!
Jtm said on 8/Feb/18
He's clearly slouching with wahlberg but then again I doubt wahlberg is over 5'7.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/18
He looks similar to Mark there but in the film Wahlberg did look a bit taller.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/18
Mmm, not convinced he's taller than Marky Mark now Click Here As Diavolo says Mark in lifts is possible and as nearly 90 his posture wouldn't be great. He's nearly at the age where 3 inch loss is average. 5 ft 8 flat stood his best I can see but maybe 172.
Editor Rob
5ft 8 flat is possible now, didn't realise he was now aged 88 and still active in films!
diavolo said on 21/Jan/18
5'8" (or rather 5'7.5") Mark Wahlberg looked taller than Plummer in "All the Money in the World". Of course, it can be that Marky Mark wore elevator shoes in the movie, and also, Plummer is close to 90.
somerandomguy said on 14/Jan/18
I'll bet he may have been more in the 176-177 cm. (5' 9.25"-9.5") range when younger.
James said on 14/Dec/17
Plummer now says he has changed his mind about the film, although he's probably only saying that because it's what his fans want to hear.

He looks 5'8" today at 88.
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/17
He was shorter than Jack Hawkins in "Waterloo" in 1969.
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Dec/17
@ Richard - Well, I never knew that he disliked the film for THAT reason! I thought he did his singing himself!
I've learnt something today! Thanks for that! 😊👍
Richard said on 5/Dec/17
Plummer never shared a scene with Rod Steiger in "Waterloo".
Richard said on 5/Dec/17
Plummer disliked "The Sound of Music" because he was supposed to do his own singing. However they decided his voice wasn't good enough and he was dubbed by Bill Lee.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/17
I found it hilarious to read one day about Christopher's disdain for the movie that made him a household name! He renamed it 'The Sound of Mucus!'
We all regret things that we do in our younger days, but in this case, as the film and its music contributes so much to so many childhoods, Christopher should be proud rather than embarrassed! There is one way of looking at it: when I first saw him as a child, I thought he must be as tall as my Daddy (5ft11.5), and that impression kind of stayed with me! I expected that to have been his peak height and 5ft 9.5 - 10 to be his height today!
I liked him then and I like him now! I think he's made a truly spectacular transition into films of an adult nature, not least of which was, for me anyway, 'Dolores Claibourne' and 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'.
I look forward to seeing more of his daring stuff AND he gave us a smashing little actress daughter, Amanda, who is also in the sort of films (and TV parts) that I cannot resist!
Arch Stanton said on 22/Nov/16
Didn't seem 3 inches shorter than Fonda in Stage Struck.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Nov/16
Possible he wore lifts at times, as in some films he can really look tallish.
Chase Witherspoon said on 2/Aug/15
There's a scene in "Battle of Britain" (1969) where he and Robert Shaw (same age) are discussing clearing the field, standing SxS they appear to be identical in height, so I'm supposing 178-79cm would be reliable...
Arch Stanton said on 31/Jan/15
He edged out Rod Steiger in Waterloo Steve but I believe you thought Steiger was only 5 ft 8.
Steve said on 26/Dec/14
Paker wore high heels in The Sound of Music while Andrews wore flat shoes.

Plummer wore huge elelevators in that film. I think though he was roughly 5'9" peak height.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Dec/14
Thanks, he's changed quite a bit, looks little like he did when younger.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Dec/14
I just checked the Andrews page and actually it seems I thought Julie did look about 5 ft 7 with him. In some scenes I think it could seem more though, wasn't she in flat daps in some scenes I think. I know Julie was shorter than Eleanor Parker in it though as I remember noting the bedroom scene and Parker was supposedly only 5'6.5!!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Dec/14
I saw it last Christmas I think Sue but I don't think it seemed 5 inches. I remember thinking though that it could look almost 4 inches and he either seemed a bit taller than 5'10" or Julie seemed shorter than 5 ft 7. You're right though it was definitely more than 3 inches. I'm not convinced on Andrews being a full 5 ft 7, she looked 5'6" range with Paul Newman in Torn Curtain, although one can never rule out lifts for Newman.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Dec/14
Rob can you update with a photo and films like Beginners, The Last Station, Battle of Britain, Oedipus the King, The Man Who Would Be King, The Insider, The Return of the Pink Panther, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Murder By Decree.
littlesue said on 15/Feb/14
I would say more 5ft 10.5 to 11. Was watching The Sound of Music and he looks noticibly taller than Julie Andrews by about 4 or 5 inches. Also noticed how much he looks like a clean shave Michael Fassbender!
176,2Tunman said on 1/Feb/14
A legit 5'10 that's sure,could be a fraction taller.
Has anyone watched the Scarlet and the Black where he starred as Nazi colonel Kappler?He constantly looked 5-6in shorter than Gregory Peck who at that time was 6'2.5 max.The camera was definitely at Peck's advantage all along the movie as if to say I'm looking down at you not only because of your despicable acts but also because you're small"
jasperwazup said on 3/Oct/13
I too think he has a "tall mans face" In Wolf with Jack Nicholson in lifts both face to face I reckoned him as 5'11''-''5'11.5''. as Nicholson was his height more or less. I was at the theater not long ago and saw a genuinely tall man with his short 5'8'' girlfriend at first I thought 6'7'' but than figured he was 6'5'' after further looking. I'm 5'10.5'' on a bad day and he looked about 6'5'' 6'6'' in shoes.
Shaun said on 8/Sep/12
6'6.5 for Ken Howard is a joke surely! He might be 6'4" but pushing 6'7" is insane!
Shaun said on 8/Sep/12
Click Here

When you look at photos like this you imagine him to be a tall and quite imposing older guy don't you?
Shaun said on 8/Sep/12
Very surprised. I've never taken notice of his height but looking at him facially and his profile I assumed he was 6'-6'2". If I had to guess I'd probably have said 6'1". He definitely belongs to a small group of men who have a "tall face" and you'd think would be tall.
Willy said on 29/Aug/12
Just rewatched Murder By Decree which was filmed when Plummer was 48, playing one of the shortest Sherlock Holmeses in motion picture history. Christopher was even one and a half inches shorter than his Watson, then 69 year old James Mason who reportedly lost little to no height even in his later years and who still gave the impression of a legitimate 5'11'' guy in this film. So, I'd say 5'9.5'' (177 cm) peak for Plummer and 5'7.75'' (172 cm) today.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 9/Feb/12
Rob, i just saw a pic of him and Ken Howard, listed at 6'6.5!
Click Here
He looks at least 6'0 next to him and this photo has been taken two weeks ago...
Editor Rob
I don't know how tall the big guy is but I doubt he's that tall today.
Eric said on 5/Jan/12
5ft 8.5 or 5'10" Christopher Plummer is a BRILLIANT actor!!
guyfrommars said on 5/Jan/12
He was 6ft probably with all the lifts he wore in that movie. I recently watched The New World, and Plummer, close to 80, looks kinda short. He clearly shrunk with age. I'd say he's a 5'7" guy nowadays, and was 5'9" in his prime.
judy said on 30/Dec/11
In the book The Making of the

In the book


In the book The Making of the Sound of Music his height is given at 6ft tall.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 5/Dec/11
Rob back in 2006, you had Plummer listed as 6ft 0in?
Editor Rob
possibly, the question has been recently how much height has he lost in total.
jake, 1.82 m said on 26/Oct/11
5' 8" now and 5' 9.5" at peak is definitely closer to the truth.
jtm said on 10/Oct/11
he looks 5'7 nowadays.
guyfrommars said on 8/Oct/11
He and William Shatner acted in the same Shakespeare company in their young days in Canada, and Plummer said, they played the same roles, one night him and the other night Shatner, and they wore the same costumes as they were the same size. Shatner was around 5'8.5" in his prime. Also, Plummer wore lifts next to 5'7" Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. I think he was no taller than 5'9". Nowadays a bit shorter.
Sam said on 26/Sep/11
Plummer looked no taller really than 5'7" James McAvoy in The Last Station, and he's possibly lost more than 2 inches with age. Craig is definitely going to look a few inches taller, whereas even the old von Sydow would own him heightwise.
PatB said on 25/Sep/11
He apparently got cast in the remake of "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" because of his height. Plummer was born in 1929 as was Max Van Sydow. But Max is six four - much to big to play against 5'10" Daniel Craig. They had already rejected Jenifer Lawrence at 5'7" as too tall and replaced her with the 5'3" Rooney Mara. Just how tall is Craig really? I'll try to remember to watch for those scenes where Craig and Plummer appear together. They are both listed as 5'10". We'll see.
dmeyer said on 11/Aug/11
at 82 1.5 in moss hr did well
Lazlo said on 13/Jul/11
then ewan macgreggor needs an upgrade just saw beginners --in every scene he was two inches shorter than ewan who is listed at 5'9 --actually i believe ewan is 5'10.5. nuff said change the listing for ewan.
Editor Rob
he could be nearer 5ft 8, at 82 losing close to 2 inches is pretty typical.
Jamie said on 24/Apr/11
I met him last year. I am 5'7 and he was my height if not shorter.
Tom said on 22/Nov/10
That is not Christopher Plummer in the photo
jake said on 22/Apr/09
He looked marginally taller than Jack Nicholson in Wolf.
guyfrommars said on 27/Sep/08
In a documentary on the Star Trek VI DVD they say that when William Shatner and Plummer worked together in their early days at a Canadian theatre company they could wear each other's costumes because they were the same size. As Shatner was 5'9" in his heyday, this height seems to be correct for Plummer. With lifts he could look like 5'11".
Danni said on 30/Jun/08
OK. Here is the disconnect. When you see Plummer on stage he is a towering giant whose talent dwarfs everyone. Off stage he is very slight and shorter than your imagination. Hence he seems shorter than you think. Most actors in film are short that
Mr Mayfair said on 2/Dec/07
Never taller than 5.9 - now think 5.8, slim too.
ForensicNYC said on 9/Sep/06
(Frank2 says on 28/Feb/06
Plummer was 5'8" when he did The Sound of Music and wore three inch lifts to make himself appear taller than Julie Andrews who was at least 5'7".)
Hmmm....Julie wore flats and Chris had on what looks like a nicely done Sly Boots...
Click Here
I always thought he was taller.
Great actor.

Elio said on 3/May/06
Plummer was definately well shorter than both Sean Connery and Michael Caine in 'The Man Who Would Be King'. Great film btw.
Frank2 said on 1/May/06
Perhaps, but Plummer's still just 5'8". I knew people who worked on one of the Pink Panther films and told me he was almost as short as Peter Sellers who was about 5'7". Next time you watch Sound of Music check out his huge lifts. And if you ever have the chance to see the Sherlock Holmes film version that starred Plummer as Holmes and James Mason as Dr. Watson you'll clearly see that Mason is the taller of the two and by at least two inches. Mason was 5'11".

Editor Rob
yes, I agree. The point maybe is that the JLM (similar height to ewan mcgregor) mightn't be as you point out, plummer was shorter than Mason.
Frank2 said on 15/Mar/06
Plummer was 5'8" when he did The Sound of Music and wore three inch lifts to make himself appear taller than Julie Andrews who was at least 5'7". Why are there two listings for him?
Frank2 said on 28/Feb/06
Plummer was 5'8" when he did The Sound of Music and wore three inch lifts to make himself appear taller than Julie Andrews who was at least 5'7".
Claude said on 24/May/05
I once saw Christopher Plummer In Quebec City (Canada) in 1979 and he stands no more than 5ft 9. I was struck how small he was.

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