How tall is Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell's Height

6ft ¾ in (184.8 cm)

American, former Mixed Martial Artist who fought in the UFC. He once said "I'm 6-2, 220 pounds".

How tall is Chuck Liddell
Heidi Northcott and Chuck
Photos by PR Photos

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Average Guess (32 Votes)
6ft 0.77in (184.8cm)
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 9/Jan/21
183 cm.
OriginalAnon said on 18/Nov/20
If Liddell is 185cm then Tito Ortiz can't be much over that, if at all.
mmaFan2020 said on 14/Nov/20
somebody mentioned Vitor(Belfort) as being a legit 6 foot,

honestly Vitor Belfort does not look a legit 6 foot, he looks about 5'10 1/2 - 5'11

there was a photo of him and 6'2 Brock Lesnar while Brock was filming the ultimate fighter, and Brock had 3-4 inches on him
I'm 6'3' said on 30/Apr/20
I genuinely thought he was 6'2' but in boots he is so I guess that's why.
viper said on 5/Jan/20
He's barely scraping 6-0.

This listing is way too much
miko said on 5/Jan/20
6'1 peak and 6'0.5 today I would say.

Maybe can look 6'0 in bad posture.
Bradley said on 4/Jan/20
5-11 today might be accepted. His 6-2 claim is hilarious.
Animus said on 4/Jan/20
Post-retirement Liddell has weighed around 230lbs. 220lbs is probably what he walked around at when he was still fighting. That's a fairly common weight for a light heavyweight in MMA.
Caldonio said on 2/Jan/20
Not 6-2 that’s for sure. 6.0-5.
truthteller25 said on 14/Dec/19
He might be 184 cms and 210 lbs
Jji said on 8/Dec/19
Wow I always thought he was about 5'10..
Frost said on 18/Jul/19
This is definitely peak and even then I can't quite see him this tall.

Click Here

6'0" today would honestly be generous.
maa said on 15/Jul/19
I don't know about peak height but today this guy is not even 6 ft...Tito Ortiz is shorter than Del Rio that Rob met and gauged at 6 ft 2....
Liddell looked 1.5-2 in shorter than Tito Ortiz
MrTBlack said on 1/Jun/19

Good find! I always knew 6’2” was bogus but man, he looks 6’0.5” at best next to Tito!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Feb/19
Rob, surely this can’t be his peak?
Editor Rob
Has he lost some height by now? 1/4 inch maybe.
Lkkss said on 16/Feb/19
Out of bed- 186.7cm
Before bed - 184.8cm
c-mo said on 25/Jan/19
Ceelo said on 26/Nov/18
@c-mo dana is definitely not 178 or 179 .. he's like 176cm max


no way

he slightly edges out mike tyson
olney28 said on 5/Jan/19
Two inches shorter than Tito
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Dec/18
Liddell and Muhtadi Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Dec/18
6'0.75" is a joke for him, at least for today. He looked max 6'0" next to 6'3.25" measured (likely 6'2.75") Click Here Dean Muhtadi and next to 6'2" billed Tito Ortiz, who may be even lower than that. Click Here I'd say 6'0" best case for Lidell today.
Ceelo said on 26/Nov/18
@c-mo dana is definitely not 178 or 179 .. he's like 176cm max
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 25/Nov/18
Definitely looked close to 6'2 in his prime but now.. Did any of you see the parody of the fight yesterday ?
Chuck looks like he aged 20 years in 5 years...
Hunched, hip problems ( can barely walk )..

He looks 184 range at best now.
Prime I'd say 187 though, and there is no way he was below 186cm.
star69 said on 31/Mar/18
6'0 minimum
6'0.5 maximum
Huw said on 18/Jan/18
Look at this video:

Click Here

He's standing next to the the reported 1.77m Steve-o and looks eye level if not shorter than him in some shots. Odd.
c-mo said on 9/Jan/18
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/17
how tall is dana white


from my analysis having compared him to other people on photos I would say dana white is 178-179cm - 5'10.25

185cm is a bit low for chuck I think . 186-187cm is more likely
Sixone said on 28/Dec/17
I went to high school with chuck and we were on the wrestling team together. He was definitely 6’2 then.
Anon2099 said on 23/Dec/17
Definitely not the 6'2 he claims, he was only a bit taller than 5'11 listed Wanderlei Silva and notably shorter than 6'1.5" Tito Ortiz. Liddell is about 6'0 - 6'0.5" max in my opinion
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/17
how tall is dana white
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/17
Well, Rob maybe give him a peak then?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Oct/17
Rob, why the downgrade?
Editor Rob: just doesn't seem as tall as he used to.
matt hill said on 13/Oct/17
He's no taller than 1.84m 6ft half inch
matt hill said on 13/Oct/17
No taller than 6ft half inch 1.84.m
Sonny Black said on 19/Sep/17
Liddell is no taller than 6'0 tall
tony t. said on 30/Jul/17
How tall is Luke Sanders? 5'6.5?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jul/17
Rob, how likely is 6ft1 flat?
Randomdude said on 30/Jun/17
honestly I'd put him at 6'0.5 6'1 on a good day at best
Sonny Black said on 25/Jan/17
Chuck is 6'0 flat, Tito is 6'1, and Jon Jones is 6'3.5. All UFC fighters are shorter than their listed heights.
Josh Jeffords said on 17/Dec/16
Peak 6 1.5 6 2 after way too many blows to the head he's likely under this now.
Also displays bad posture he's no less than 6 1 peak 5 11 is a bad joke.
I think you are dead on seen him fight in every major bout and a few movies.
Gerard H said on 1/Sep/16
Forrest Griffin would be 2 1/2 inches taller since he's 6ft 3in.
AAA said on 9/Jul/16
Struggling to look 6'1 with jon jones, IMO

Click Here

Click Here
5'11 quinn said on 12/Apr/16
(Mid) the guy on the right has the frame of a true 5'11 barefoot guy

Click Here < King Bach has admittd to being 5'8. I believe Chuck Liddell to be only 6 feet barefoot.
mId said on 27/Jun/15
6'0.5-6'1.. He ain't over 6'1.
Click Here the guy next to him says his height here at 3:40 Click Here He claims 6'1 on a good day, so in reality 6'-6'0.5 (if he's honest).. Based on this and other things I estimate liddell at max 6'1.
Ben said on 1/Sep/14
My best friend and I met Chuck. He is a nice guy but definetly not even close to 6ft2.I´m that height and he was min 2 inches shorter. My best friend is 6ft4 and Chuck didin´t reach his eyeline. 183cm or 6ft at most.- right out of bed !
Guy said on 30/Jul/14
In this photo Chuck looks a little bit taller than 178 george saint pierre, Dana white looks even shorter than saint pierre, i know he has a bad posture in this photo but he looks at much 175. Chuck looks like 183
Zekinho said on 28/Jul/14
In the life &bdeath of bobby z, he and paul walker are naked ik the showers, they are the exact same height
Sonny Black said on 11/Jul/14
Seems more like a tall 6'0. I met Dana and he was shorter than I expected, like 5'9.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Dec/13
Looking 6ft1.5-6ft2 with Tyson
Jordan said on 7/Jul/13
Chuck is at least 4 inches taller than 5'9.5 Tyson. Chuck is a strong 6'1 not a week 6'1 since there is no way Tyson is 5'8.5 people. Tyson with Rob Looks 5'9.5 minimum, Liddell can very well be 6'2.

Click Here
Damian said on 4/Jul/13
Don't forget Chuck is 42yo now. His peak fight might have been 6'2".
mike 181cm said on 23/Sep/12
Whoever thinks chuck the iceman liddell is anything lower than 6"1.5 obviously doesn't know what there talking about
Carlo said on 19/Sep/12
I've trained a couple of times with tito..he's pretty tall, I'm 6 ft and he was at least 1,5 or 2 inches I think 6'2 should be right!
jasperwazap said on 7/Jan/12
in Pride Championships Chuck got listed as 6'2'' and Rampage got listed as 6' in their fight. it was just on digital cable around the Overeem Lesnar fight. i'm ok with 6' for rampage and 6'1.5'' for chuck fully straightened out.sure he can look a weak 6'1'' when he's slouching but that isn't his full height 6'1.5'' is.

Shogun 5'11.75''
Machida 6'1''
Rampage 6'
Jon Jones 6'4.5''
Rashad Evans 5'10.5''
Yaspaa said on 26/Nov/11
Tito Isn't a full 6'2, he's more a strong 6'1. He needs shox to look this tall next to 5'11 Rashad Evans.
Click Here
Carlo said on 17/Oct/11
I think chuck is 6 ft 1-5. He's a bit smaller than tito who I believe is a legit 6'2 ( I trained with him)
But most fighters are overlisted yes, like rampage, franklin, shogun,
are all not 6'1 but more like 6'.
UFC!! said on 16/Jul/11
He is about 6'0.5" in my opinion
UFC!! said on 16/Jul/11
I stood next to him at a photo for a signing, I'm 181cm (5'11.25") and he looked at most 2-3cm taller than me so I think he is 6'0.5"
Chris175 said on 15/Jul/11
Givve, that is the interview i was talking about, toney appears similar in height in this video, he could have an advantage in footwear making it similar, and when he fought randy he was billed at 5-10 which i think is correct for toney. still think helwani is slightly taller here maybe about 5-11.5 for him, plus converse he sometimes wears equals 6-0. toney maybe has 1.5 inch boots here. im just speculating lol
Viper said on 8/Jun/11
Liddell near some measured NFL players. Click Here

Couture is bending down some next to 6-2 measured Shawne Merriman but its obvious Couture is under 6-0.

The really tall guy on the left is 6-6 measured Mercedes Lewis.
Sam said on 21/May/11
Does anyone know how tall Alex Varkatzas is? The one who is on the cover of Revolver with Chuck?
xkon said on 18/May/11
With Ed O'Neill. If O'Neill is still 6'1" than 6ft1.5 for Liddell seems correct because he looks a little bit taller.
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Anonymous said on 29/Jan/11
Chuck looked about an .5 of an jnch to 1 inch taller than 6'1" Brian Stann in a recent UFC video. I believe Chuck is 6'2", but this listing could also be correct.
Clay said on 17/Jan/11
random dude says on 15/Jan/11
Met him, I've seen him barefoot on a mat. I've seen him in massive boots inside of a nightclub. He was taller than my 6'1.5" friend.

He had my 5'11 buddy by a good 3 inches in a photo I saw.
random dude said on 15/Jan/11
Met him, I've seen him barefoot on a mat. I've seen him in massive boots inside of a nightclub. He was taller than my 6'1.5" friend.
Clay said on 26/Dec/10
Givve says on 21/Dec/10

Dana is not 5'11, he is way shorter than Chuck Liddell, about 3 inches who is about 6'0.

Dana WHite is easily 5'11''.
Chuck said on 23/Dec/10
Ariel Halwani looked the exact same height as 6 ft Vitor Belfort (who I believe is a legitimate 6 ft as well) in an interview, so I think Helwani's 6 ft claim is believable. Toney may be off on his estimate by a few inches, I have a feeling Toney is taller than 5'9". BUT, it could just be the camera playing tricks on our eyes. Shorter people closer to the camera may look taller than they actually are at times.
Givve said on 21/Dec/10

Dana is not 5'11, he is way shorter than Chuck Liddell, about 3 inches who is about 6'0.
SAK said on 21/Dec/10
I was hoping atleast UFC fighters would have extremely accurate height listings, that is annoying that even they boost there heights.
Clay said on 21/Dec/10
For starters, Dana White isnt '' 5'9 - 5'9.5 '' He's 5'11. James Toney says he is 5'9, yet he was barely shorter than 5'11 Randy Couture and as mentioned around the same height as Ariel who claims 6'0''.
The Horse of FUNK said on 20/Dec/10
I think Strikeforce has more reliable listings than UFC. Hell, I think Strikeforce even bills their fighters by fractions of an inch. For example, I was kind of surprised when Strikeforce billed Fedor at 5'11.5". I always thought the Fedor was 6'0" minimum because he tends to hold his own against a lot of bigger heavyweights.
Givve said on 20/Dec/10
mId, is Ariel really 6'? He looks the same height as James Toney and Dana White, who both are legit 5'9-5'9.5 guys. One of my friends, who is about 6'0 himself said that Helwani was about 5'10.

Click Here

Maybe the angle is a bit confusing, but I don't see much difference between a self estimated 5'9 Toney and 6'0 Helwani.
Clay said on 19/Dec/10
Yeah the UFC has some ****ed up listings, like come on....Randy COuture at 6'2''?
mId said on 18/Dec/10
I chatted a little with ariel some time ago.. he says he is 6'.. he seems a little under though.. anyway.. I asked him about height and asked why in many of his interviews he looked taller than the guys listed taller than what he claims.. and he said that many of them are overlisted.. no surprise there. I think he said somewhere that he estimated carwin at 6'1.
chris175 said on 9/Dec/10
6-1.5 is very believeable. As for gsp, i have studied a few interviews and pics of him beside people and i reckon he is a solid 5-10.5, have you guys seen ariel helwanis interviews with fighters, confusing for height judgements, ariel would be around 6-0 i think and when the fighters are next to him there are a few shocks, james toney was about an inch smaller
Viper said on 30/Nov/10
Liddell is towered over by Allen. Liddell MIGHT be 6'1, but thats a push
Clay said on 30/Nov/10
Take our own Alex for example as well who we know doesnt go under 6'0 1/8-6'0 1/4'', Alex was never more than 195-200 and lean looking, he got up to 212-215 and he is wide/bulky looking at that weight. Chuck Liddel is a slender, lanky 220-230, lol.

Liddel is 6'1.5.
Clay said on 29/Nov/10
Vegas says on 29/Nov/10
when was liddell 230?? hasn't he always fought at 205?? i doubt he is as tall as lesnar either

bobby lashley has a reach of 78 inches and he is cenas height

Liddell has stated he is usually 220-230 (and even more if he would let himself go) weeks before a fight. Vegas, they are all much heavier than the weight they fight at, except heavy weights. MMA fighters will cut 10-15 pounds of water out of their body one day before the weigh ins.

Horse - that is just what Viper does, trying to find the lowest possible height of anyone who hasnt been measured on record.
mId said on 29/Nov/10
well.. listen.. about chuck liddel. he wasn't that much taller than randy in the old days.. I've always seen liddell as a 6'1-6'1.5 guy but looking at him now compared to others. it does not make sense.. you can't have him close to 6'2 because he is shorter than anderson and he is shorter than frank mir. and both those guys are shorter than lesnar who some people claim are only 6'2 himself. I think brock is closer to 6'3. but then the rock truly is 6'4 etc. it just goes on. point is there is 2-2.5 inches between liddell and lesnar. so either liddell is shorter than listed or lesnar is taller.
The Horse of FUNK said on 29/Nov/10
They cut weight before fights, Vegas. Liddell before a fight was probably in the 220-225 range, and at a fight he'd cut down to the 205 range.
Vegas said on 29/Nov/10
when was liddell 230?? hasn't he always fought at 205?? i doubt he is as tall as lesnar either

bobby lashley has a reach of 78 inches and he is cenas height
The Horse of FUNK said on 29/Nov/10
Btw Viper, so nice of you to ignore my Allen photo and personally attack me. Whatever makes ya feel like big man on campus, eh?
The Horse of FUNK said on 29/Nov/10
I never mentioned Chad Johnson. You fail, try again.

I've seen you refer to Adrian Peterson as 6'1" when he was measured at 6'1.5".
Clay said on 29/Nov/10
You mean to tell me Viper that you think Liddell was a lean 230 ibs at 6'0? He has the proportions of a 6'2 range guy, his reach is 76 inches for pete's sake. Please dont tell me you think he is 230 lean at 6'0 with a reach of 76 inches.
Viper said on 26/Nov/10
LOL, Horse you need a mental ward stay. Ill set you up in one near your home town.

Liddel looks 6'0 range.

Since when was Chad Johnson measured at 6'1.5? He looked shorter than his 6'1 measured teammate Antonio Bryant. Chad might be just 6'0.
Clay said on 26/Nov/10
Viper has also tossed the photo of Brock Lesnar and 6'2.5 Chris Hovan out the window for unknown reasons.
The Horse of FUNK said on 25/Nov/10

Liddell is NOT 5'11" - 6'0" because I AM 5'11'75" and I can tell just by LOOKING at Liddell that he is taller than me. I know my own body; I know my proportions; I know when another man's length compares to mine; and Liddell is NOT my height.

Click Here WHOOPS, what do we have here? 6'6" Jared Allen with Liddell, a "measured athlete", as you like to trumpet on almost every board. I like how you conveniently ignore some things, Viper. For example, you ignore photos that debunk your own estimates. Just as you'll refer to a "measured athlete" as 6'1" when he was measured at 6'1.5", making a 6'2" listing just as legitimate. Yet you'll ignore that. Whatever makes you feel bigger, eh?
Viper said on 24/Nov/10
lol, Chad Johnson is closer to 6'0. He looked shorter than his 6'1 measured teammate Antonio Bryant.

Anyway, Liddell does look 5'11-6'0 in that pic.
mmafan said on 24/Nov/10
on another note you guys think Kendall is really 6'6
mmafan said on 24/Nov/10
After watching UFC 123, I think Hughes is 5'8 and Penn is 5'7
Clay said on 23/Nov/10
And for the love of god, the guy walked around at 220-230 pounds his entire career and had to drain a bunch of water from his body to make 205 pounds - do you really think he would look that lean on a 6 foot max frame at 225/230? He is also fractionally shorter than Ortiz who is an obvious 6'2 framed dude.
Clay said on 23/Nov/10
Viper says on 16/Oct/10
Chuck Liddell only looks 5'11-6'0 next to 6'4 Eli Manning here. Click Here


He is the same height roughly as Chad Johnson there who is 6'1.5. You jump the gun with EVERY pic next to 'measured athletes' you post. 5'11-6'0 is impossible I know this because I've seen a pic with Chuck next to my friend in Vegas WHO IS 5'11-6'0 and Chuck was looking 6'2.
Givve said on 18/Nov/10
@ mmafan

Anderson is 6'1.
mId said on 5/Nov/10
yeah there is a pic of demian maia and shogun barefeet next to eachother and demian is atleast an inch taller. I know he was listed as 184 cm when he faught in some organisation in europe a couple of years ago. I think that seems about right for him. but he looked more than 2 cm taller than shogun in that pic I saw Click Here I could'nt find the full shot but I'm 99.9% sure both were barefoot because they are standind on a mat. it would not surprise me at all if randy, shogun, couture are all about 5'11. I'm to lazy to look up the jon jones stephan bonner fight now to see if they are about the same height.. but I think bonnar and does santos are in that height range. 6'3 easy. 'cause bonnar is a smidge taller than forrest.
mmafan said on 4/Nov/10
mId, you think Jon JOnes, Stephan Bonnar, and Junior Dos Sants are all 6'4?
mmafan said on 4/Nov/10
you know demian maia is like an inch taller than Shogun, and is listed as 6'0. I do think he might be 6'1 though, he was very close to Anderson's height
mId said on 3/Nov/10
lyoto: 6'-6'05
shogun 5'11.5-6' he was always listed at 182 cm before and his translator said he was about 6'
GSP I would say is about 5'9.5
I haven't really looked into penn.. I just see him as short. I would guess he is about 5'7-8
Levesque said on 26/Oct/10
I stand 6'0 tall. chuck liddell is a legitimate 6'2. ive met him on several occasions.
Clay said on 23/Jun/09
Cutting weight doesnt happen over night for them. About a week before they have to weigh in they graudaly start losing wieght until the final night where they hit the sauna and cut right down to 185, 205 or what have you. When Silva says he weighs 215, he means he weighs that months before he fights - and he does.
Yaspaa said on 9/Jun/09
ToAlex,215lbs and 185lbs are their off season weights,where coming up to a fight they will be about 10lbs lighter before they start to cut weight.
Yaspaa said on 2/Jun/09
Where did this 6'6.5 come from for Sylvia,he was probably barefoot backstage with Taker. Click Here
Alex said on 28/Apr/09
Guys, I wasn't able to meet Chuck 2 weeks ago. He was suppose to come up my block at the karate place but didn't or came another time I didn't know about.
Alex said on 12/Apr/09
I would expect Chuck to be an inch taller than me. Hopefully I get to meet him and get a pic. If I do then I'll def have Rob post it on here.
Roger said on 12/Apr/09
If Machida is only a six footer, he's quite well built weighing 204 or 205 pounds ripped. Must be stronger than most expect him to be, as he carried little fat at the Silva fight.

And Alex, a photo of you and Chuck would be fantastic. As you know, I have him at 186 cm by now.
mId said on 11/Apr/09
I don't know what happened to my post so I'll post again.. machida may be 6' but thiago silva was the one who had 1" on machida not the other way around? and Alex.. a picture would be awesome but I would trust your estimate without a pic. being around 6' yourself you can see if he is like only 1" taller or if he's noticable taller.. hope you get to meet him.
Alex said on 10/Apr/09
Roger, never met him before. I may get a chance in a week. He is coming right up my street so I should meet him but question is will I be able to get a picture with him. I gotta see if they allow it.
Anonymous said on 7/Apr/09
Machida is definatly a legit 6 foot mid day IMO and he had a definative height advantage over Thiago Silva who supposedly had the same stats at least on paper. There was a clear 2 inch height advantage at least for Machida and he wasn't stretching to look taller but T. Silva wasn't really standing straight so maybe 1.5'' difference both were listed at 185cm (6'0.85'')
Roger said on 6/Apr/09
It's interesting that GSP wrote he cuts to 170 pounds by ditching carbs and sodium (and sweating a bit), but is back to 185 at fight night.

Wonder though if this is healthy, I guess it's not.

Have you already met Chuck, Alex?
Leung said on 31/Mar/09
mmafan, yeah I remember him fighting at 205 against James Irvin. Silva did look a little pudgy around the mid-section in that fight, but he still destroyed Irvin easily.
ToAlex said on 30/Mar/09
Anderson Silva has confirmed in many interviews that he cuts from roughly 215lbs. That weight cut isn't unreasonable. Sean Sherk cuts from roughly 185 to make 155.
mmafan said on 29/Mar/09
Anderson is 214 Alex(his own words), no reason to lie. He fought at 205 one last year. I know, he does not look 214. he look much smaller than 214
Alex said on 28/Mar/09
Mid, I am 6'0.25ish at midday. If I met Chuck I'd be 6'0-6'0.25. Chuck has said he's 220lbs. That would mean he'd have to gain 15lbs in a day or so, kinda im possible but him at 210-215 and cutting to 205 seems possible. Anderson Silva 215 cutting to 185lbs, ehh not sure. Probably more like 200-205lbs cutting to 185.
mma fan said on 27/Mar/09
Pictures with Chuck would be very nice Alex. Liddle at 6'1.5 looks very accurate to me. Anderson Silva is 97kg(214 pounds).
mId said on 26/Mar/09
that would be awesome alex.. you are the same height as me so it would be fun to see how liddell would look next to you. I think you will estimate him as 6'1. my brother is 6'1 and a staredown (just for fun) between him and me looks like rampage-liddell difference.. and that is giving rampage a full 6' before bed.. this I don't however think he is and that would make liddell about 6'0.5.. 184cm before bed. but I have a hard time seeing liddell under 6'1 still even at night. he can look tall.. anyway.. good luck on getting a picture or even a chance of meeting/seeing him alex. btw.. I was wrong in my previous post.. apparently anderson walks around at 215.. sorry. /greetings from sweden.
Alex said on 25/Mar/09
Chuck Liddel is suppose to be making an appearance at this karate place up my street. If so I'll go and see if I can get a picture with him.
mId said on 19/Mar/09
yeah.. rashad is a big dude size-wise.. this pic will be taken down soon but here you can see that rampage sure does not look like 6'1 or maybe even 6' when you consider that silva is listed 6'2 and is one inch shorter than listed 6'3 nog.. I have other funny pics that show how short some of these guys really are. rampage is wearing nike-shox in this pic.. not sure about silva.. probably shox for him too.. Click Here it just makes the silva pound for pound argument even more stupid.. this is a guy who walks around 220-230 and cuts to 185 and fights people a head shorter than him. and dana calls him the best fighter simply because he hasn't got fedor in UFC.. Fedor is the true p4p king and he's a short HW fighting giants. plus he's never lost unlike silva who lost to 2 small japanese guys in pride. I like silva and he's a good fighter but fedor is great.. p4p and HW king. /greetings from sweden
gerguy said on 19/Mar/09
so whats the deal? 5'10.5 rashad, 6'1.5 chuck. seems accurate
Roger said on 18/Mar/09
The thing is, mId, Rashad Evans is listed as 5'11'' by the UFC. But after all we know, even this might be too much. Here's Evans and Liddell, Liddell without a doubt has a strong 2 inches on Rashad (btw, look at the chest - Chucky looks a little skinny compared to Rashad) Click Here
mId said on 17/Mar/09
Roger: I'm just guessing so don't take my estimates as facts but I'm going with what some fighters say is there height.. what they say the doctor measured them as and then I estimate other fighters based on that. + some fan pics etc where the poster has measured and stated his height. At the end of one round in the tito-liddell fight.. I belive it's their second fight.. they stand straight and look at eachother and tito looks to be an inch taller than liddell.. I think tito is a true 6'2 he even said 6'3 on all access.. but I would love to hear more from the guy who said they measured tito at a party once and he was 6'1.5". (posted long ago on the tito page) I think that can be his evening-height. and that he would be 6'2 during the day and 6'2.5 in the morning.. and then he himself rounds up to 6'3. just a theory. but I would give liddell a full 6'1. I know someone said he was like 6'05.. but I don't know.. could be.. atleast before bed. the height listings are all over the place.. forrest griffin who looks 6'3 and is taller than tito with like half an inch was listed as 5'10 in one fight.. hehe.. crazy.. and in another fight he was listed as 187 cm.. so you never know :) but i belive him (forrest) to be around 6'3.
Roger said on 16/Mar/09
O.K., I actually believed Rampage to be a strong 6' until now.
So 185 cm is all there is for Chuck, not bad either. But that would mean that Tito Ortiz cannot be taller than 187 cm ... .
mId said on 16/Mar/09
Roger: the pics you have posted are not very good.. sorry.. I'll tell you why. in the silva rampage photo rampage is barefoot and silva is wearing nike-shocks. + you can't tell there but silva was actually little taller like half a centimeter than jackson there (see weigh-in video).. and the liddell jackson photo.. they are both wearing shoes.. barefoot weigh-in photo and video show that liddell is 1" - 1.5 inches taller than jackson. Something I like you pointed out (that very little people even taken notice to) was the rashad rampage staredown..unless rashad wasn't wearing lifts it shows that rampage is very close to rashads listed 5'11.. but this isn't a shock.. fans been saying this for years.. just look how crocop at according to himself is 186cm somewhat towers rampage.. this is what makes me belive liddell is 6'1 tops because there wasn't that much height difference between rampage liddell as rampage crocop (videos of them together etc).. and silva is 5'10 tops. but let's say he is 5'11 just for kicks.. with the biggest nike shocks on he is 183.6 cm going with the highest listed shocks here on this site.. he was taller than rampage with like 6 mm.. silva would have to be 5'11 before bed to make rampage a legit 6' before bed.. wich is crazy.. rampage is in the 5'11 range. same with couture.. I'm glad you point out though that they are overlisted.. sometimes it's even ridicolous.. but many people still belive it :) your estamations were good but you just had bad luck choosing pics to prove it. /greetings from sweden
miko said on 16/Mar/09
Rob, here are the Chuck Liddell and Glenn photo's if you want them.

Click Here
Roger said on 16/Mar/09
Guys, gals and Glenn, now I'm shocked - is there any value left to ANY official heights listings??? Check out this video first - it shows supposed 6'1'' Quinton "Rampage" Jackson confronting (verbally) 5'11'' Rashad Evans after UFC 96 .... but there's no doubt who is taller, and no, it's not Jackson: Click Here
Footwear being taken into consideration, they are around the same height, I guess, or maybe Jackson would have 1 cm, which would make him 181 cm.

Here's 5'11'' Wanderlei Silva vs Jackson at the weigh-in (so both are barefoot): Click Here
Let me add - 5'11'' is UFC's official listing for Wanderlei, so there is some possiblity left he is not even 5'11'' straight.

And now - fasten your seatbelts - Chuck Liddell vs Jackson: Click Here

In the direct staredowns before the Pride and UFC fights, Liddell had around an inch on Jackson - it makes 187 cm for Liddell very, very questionable.

Maybe the photos of Glenn and Chuck can be reposted?
mma fan said on 13/Mar/09
most estimations were ok, before Brock Lesnar. The fact is because of brock, now we are understimating others. The fact is Brock is at least 6'2.5. Randy at 6'0 and Chuck at 6'1.5 is totally right. If you put Brock at 6'2.5 things makes sense more. We can not understitame several people only becuae of assuming Brock is 6'2.
Roger said on 13/Mar/09
I thought Chuck was a real 187 cm, but have some serious doubts now. Reason - Couture is not 6'1'' and very probably not even 6'. And Chuck has around 3 cm on him, making a straight 6'1'' most likely.
mId said on 6/Mar/09
yeah Cliffy. I would guess you are right.. I heard from someone who was 5'10.. said he trained with shamrock on more than one occasion.. said shamrock was the same height as him.. maybe little under 'cause while the other guy was barefoot shamrock was wearing wrestling-shoes.. but he said 5'10 for shamrock 'cause wrestling shoes are so thin. and your franklin guess seems spot on.. could go 0'5 inches either way though.. he was listed 6' 183 cm when he faught machida outside the UFC. /greetings from sweden.
Cliffy said on 5/Mar/09
Shamrock's 5'10". I used to practice BJJ with some of his guys and he was always around coaching. I'm 5'11.5" barefoot and Ken was at least an inch shorter, in flip flops. I would guess that Franklin is about 6'.5", in the cage...
Tony said on 1/Mar/09
Leung says on 4/Jan/09
I think Shamrock is 5
Bob Williams said on 13/Feb/09
Guys, don't forget to watch Shamrock fight a 6' 8 Ross Clifton tonight on sherdog(.)com
Clay said on 5/Feb/09
Shamrock may have lost some height being in his early to mid 40's. At his peak he was at least 5'11.
scarlet said on 3/Feb/09
rampage look same height of gabriel gonzaga either hes more than 6' or gonzaga is just 6' not ufc claimed 6' 2''
cward said on 6/Jan/09
I met Shamrock, several times. Barefoot I'm 5'11" even. Standing side by side we were the same height (maybe an edge to me), but he was wearing running shoes and I was barefoot. Shamrock is 5'10 max.
Leung said on 4/Jan/09
I think Shamrock is 5
mId said on 3/Jan/09
forgot to post my name in the last post I belive *doh!* ;D
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/09
Clay: shamrock can't be 5'11 if you think Franklin is 5'11-6' because franklin was towering over ken in their fight by 2-3 inches it looked like. and you say bisping is 6 - 6'05.. but he is taller than rampage.. and did'nt you think I was crazy to think that rampage was under 6'? :)
Namely said on 1/Jan/09
I also think Rampage is not over 6'. I'm not trying to downgrade anyone, just analyzing photos and videos. For example, I have no doubt Lesnar is 6'3+.
mId said on 10/Dec/08
And I reckon you are right Halb.. I would'nt give rampage legit 6 feet. he was shorter than jimmy kimmel too. he did however have on converse-like shoes to that show. david duchovny who says he's 6 feet or a little over is taller than kimmel.
Halb said on 4/Dec/08
Met Rampage at my gym, I reckon between 5'11 and 6 feet.
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/08
I don't know why people are calling them liars. Henderson has said openly many times that he's 5'11 even, it's the UFC that list him as 6'1. It could be the same for many fighters.
Rob said on 17/Oct/08
I met Lindell tonite and he is about 6'2 atleast i'm about 5'9 and he was a lot taller then me
mma fan said on 14/Sep/08
swick is around 6'0, could be half an inch more
Clay said on 13/Sep/08
Franklin looks 5'11.5/6'0. Im with you on that. Swick I really have no clue.
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/08
I would bet that Franklin is a hair under 6'0. Probably a bit over first thing in the morning.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/08
Clay ,what are your estimations for Rich Franklin and Mike Swick?
Clay said on 8/Sep/08
Rick Michael Bisping is a liar as well. Listed at 6'2'' everywhere but thats funny since Elvis Sinosic, a genuine 6'3/6'3.5 was towering over him for their fight. Bisping is like 6'0/6'0.5.
Clay said on 5/Sep/08
For Shamrock/Ortiz 3 they listed them both at 6'2'' on the website. Which was just laughable. Shamrock's 5'11''.
Rick said on 3/Sep/08
Also, in case anyone was wondering, the average height of an American male is 5'9", 5'4" for the average female.
Rick said on 3/Sep/08
Anyone that follows sports--any sport--knows that height is the biggest exaggeration there is. Weight is the only stat you can truly trust. The biggest liar about his height in MMA is Ken Shamrock. I've seen him listed as tall as 6'2", which is a joke. He's usually listed at 6'1" or 6' even. Anyone who saw him in his Pride fight against Don Frye in 2002 knows he's not that tall. They were both listed as 6'1" for that fight, but Shamrock was clearly 2" shorter. At least. And I doubt Frye was claiming he was shorter than he actually is. Shamrock is lucky if he tops 5'11". Tito Ortiz, whom I despise, is clearly a solid 6'2", and Liddell is a hair shorter, so I'd list him at 6'1 1/2". Only the fighters themselves know the truth, though.
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/08
mma fan:if a fighter says his own height that doesnt mean is true ( basic reasoning ) you seems to allways supposing heights based on what the fighter says which is most likely not true.
The only height i would believe in that case would be Koscheck which i heard he said hes 5.9 during an interview and just because that contradicts his 5.10 lsiting in the ufc page.
Of course chuck lidell is tall ,6.2 is on the money.
Clay said on 22/Aug/08
Chuck Liddell at 6'0'' suddenly turns Rampage to under 5'11''. Use your noggen Brad.
Brad said on 18/Aug/08
If you believe Glenn's 6' 2" figure you can join him in the rain with an 8x10 and a Sharpie and have a cup of coffee with him. He runs up everybody to make himself 5' 8" which is a dream of his. People judged Chuck & Glenn thinking Glenn was 5' 8" and wore sneakers. Guess again.
Clay said on 15/Aug/08
Brad: 6 foot for Chuck is a joke he is minimum 6'1'' and I think 6'2''. And yes, Sylvia is 6'6.5/6'7, he dwarfs Dana White. That video with Undertaker was deceiving Im sure Taker was in boots there.
mId said on 15/Aug/08
I always belived frank mir was about 6,2-3 but his website says 6'1 and the lesnar staredown seems to make sense then. /greetings from sweden
mma fan said on 13/Aug/08
it was not UFC promo, it was after the fight between matt hughes and shawn sherk for the welterweight title. Tim Siliva is 6'7. He has a bad posture and he usually walks with flipflop or normal sport shoes, compare to Taker who has that big boot. Frank Mir said 6'2 himself, Lesnar is probably 6'2.5
Alex2 said on 12/Aug/08
Well Tim Silcia surely aint 6'8" as Undertaker had 2-3" on him in a UFC promo, so Id say Silvias is 6'6" max, also Frank Mir is listed 6'3" but was shorter than 6'2" lesnar.
Brad said on 12/Aug/08
He was 5" taller than Glenn who was in his "Portman's" which had an extra in inch against Chuck making him 6'. Another reason why the site failed with Glenn: gigantic boots/no proof of height vs. Chuck.People used the photo as their guide for Chuck's height.
Leung said on 10/Aug/08
Alex2 says on 9/Aug/08
Doesnt UFC usually inflate by 2" on alot of people (Silvia etc)

If you were talking about WWE that statement might be true.

But the majority of UFC height listings are accurate. However in some cases there are going to be some discrepancies due to the fact that for some fighters they have to round up or round down to the nearest inch.

UFC treats mixed martial arts as a professional sport and it would not inflate heights deliberately. UFC fighters with heights inflated by 2
Alex2 said on 9/Aug/08
Doesnt UFC usually inflate by 2" on alot of people (Silvia etc)
thekiddd said on 7/Aug/08
Griffin is 6'3" if he said it.
Leung said on 5/Aug/08
With regards to Forrest Griffin, I was watching UFC 60 on DVD last night and Forrest is about an inch taller than Tito Ortiz who is a solid 6
mma fan said on 29/Jul/08
he said 6'4, 280lbs in the interview he had about a year ago
Leung said on 29/Jul/08
Anyone here know how tall referee John McCarthy is? To me he looks about 6
cantstop25 said on 27/Jul/08
id say titos got him beat by an inch
thekiddd said on 24/Jul/08
And Tito is Definitely 6'2".
chrisCC said on 9/Jul/08
Anonymous on 18/Jun <-look, height's important in life, but don't assume everyone is that much obsessed with height like you. If two guys are same height, one wears bigger footwear..? come on. YOU do, not everybody. You're fuming with anger, smoke coming out your nose, all this over some athlete's height. Forrest's slightly bigger than Chuck so he's around 6'3. Simple as that. Is he a hair under? Maybe. But who cares? He's a great fighter, came a long way, now LHW champ. Maybe question your own height you measured with your palm.
Leung said on 2/Jul/08
Chuck tends to have loose stance, but when he straightens up he will be looking down upon you from his 6
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/08
listen guys , if you are true mma followers you would know that the old organizarion PRIDE where these guys fought before listed shogun at 1.82 cm and IMO he looks the same height than rampage.
I think that rob is not far from the truth of chuck being 6-1.5 . in this photo he is face to face with tito and tito is 6.2
Click Here
he looks just a hair under titos height making him the height hes listed here.
Clay said on 28/Jun/08
Chuck being 6'1.5 is just a guess by Rob. He is likely a full 6'2'' when he stands straight.
Joe257 said on 27/Jun/08
Check this video at 1:08, Chuck Liddell and Quinton Jackson are barefoot. Chuck looks about 1.5" taller than Jackson. So if Chuck is 6'1.5" then Jackson must be 6'0" or 6'.5".
Click Here
Joe257 said on 27/Jun/08
If Chuck Liddell is 6'1.5" then how tall is Rampage? I remember Chuck looked an inch to an inch and a half taller than Rampage at the stare down on their second fight. Can Rampage be only 6 ft and exagerated to 6'1"?
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/08
Its nonsense that someone says that forrest griffin is 6.3 and then the same guy says that rampage is 6 ft , if forrest is 6.3 then rampage is 6.1 the only way that ramapge can fit with the 6ft is that forrest is shorter than 6.3 otherwise rampage is taller which has ben proved hes not.
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/08
Listen mma fan , if you are so "sure" that forrest is 6.3 then you should explain this:

This is forrest near Rich Franklin.
Click Here

Someone may say that rich franklin is 6.1 but here is the thing:

Rich franklin besides robert patrick:
Click Here

Robert Patrick is listed on this site at 5.11 1/2 ,and a lot of guys say he is a hair shorter than that ,and if you look at the top of patricks head is slighty over richs head.I doubt the guy is wearing lifts since he was never billed as a lift user on this site , hes not the type of actor that was spotted or has been known for wearing lifts.
So lets back to the franklin griffin photo . No way in hell forrest looks 6.3 in that photo.if whe give rich the advantage of doubt and put him at 6 ft maximun ,i can only see forrest at 1.87 cm tops. And casually , thats the height he was listed when he fought edson paredao ( search on youtube ) way back when he wasnt famous.
I did see however a pic where forrest looks slighty taller than Tito , but they are all dressed up , so chances are forrest is wearing bigger footwear thus making him look taller,which is totally possible when you got two people similiar in height and one wears bigger footwear can look near two inches taller with no problem...and he is closer to the lence ,making him look taller as well.
Anoymous said on 18/Jun/08
The photo of Rampage and Josh Barnett has an horrible angle , how can you judge an eight with that ? You have to be no genius to see the photo was taken from a low camera angle ,which makes everybody taller than they really are ,making more difficult to judge height .For example in that photo , if it would been taken at eye level ( the best angle to judge height ) would be clear that ramapges head is not reaching josh barnetts eyebrows , is lighty under. not "above".

Plus , josh barnett is not fully straight ,hes slouching to one side , making him shorter as well.If he would be with correct posture it would be a different story.
mId said on 18/Jun/08
did you notice in ninja's last fight he now too is a 6-footer :) and he has gone from 5'10 to 5'11 and now 6'. it seems they wanna make everyone over that magic number 6 :)

but things don't add up.. what I wanna know is how tall bob sapp really is.. because he was listed as 200 cm in pride and k-1. I know they wanted him to seem like a monster.. but on this site he is listed as roughly 6'4. he even said he was this himself I belive.

but he's taller than remy bonjaski (watch their fight) who is listed as 6,4 himself too (his website says 6'4(192cm) so rounded up that is 6'4 but remy is taller than aleksander emelinenko who is listed as 6'5-6 (remy with alex-->) Click Here

but some say Alex is about 6'3 in real life and still he was little taller than listed 6'3 barnett even when barnett had wrestling shoes on.. anyway.. when Alex stands next to shogun.. shogun looks like a little kid :/ Click Here (<--scroll down and to the right)

and next to remy bonjaski vernon tiger white looked like a kid too in their fight and Vernon is almost the same height as liddell.. liddell is one inch taller the most (judging from their fight).

so either the small guys are listed way higher than they really are by at least too inches or the bigger guys are listed too low. here is one pic with remy and fedor Click Here

And Matthiew, in the rampage barnett pick I posted.. I think if anything barnett is the one not standing strait. And yes mma-fan, I will be here discussing with you 'till you get tired of me ;D Anonymous.. glad to see another sceptic in here *lol* I posted the shogun/ninja youtube video earlier too :) and Adam.. nobody's saying otherwise ;) Sorry for typing so much /greetings from sweden.
adam said on 18/Jun/08
it doesnt matter about his height if someone wants to diss his height step in the ring with the guy coz he will snap you like a twig
thekiddd said on 17/Jun/08
is 187cm closer to 6'1 1/2 or 6'1 3/4"? I know it is cutting close corners but I think it is just a itty bitty margin closer to be considered 6'1 1/2".
Anonymous said on 17/Jun/08
Shogun cant be 6 ft , his brother ninja rua is listed everywhere at 1.80 and if you watch in youtube the instructional video of both , in where they are barefoot next to each other ,they are almost the same height , if he is 6 it would be noticeable specially if you are barefoot.You cant be based on watching a fight , on fights everybody looks 6 at least weird camera angles.
Mattiew_- said on 13/Jun/08
mId Page is slightly bent on this picture plus Josh has hairs .
Taking this into consideration and I can see them being 6' and 6'3 respectively .
Plus Page is taller than every other man on this pic so he musn't be that short .
He is sporting Timberlands though ( prolly soil advantage over Josh ... so it nullifies the fact that josh is straighter .

So 6' and 6'3 seems to be accurate . Chuck 187 and Rampage 183 also look good to me by looking at their staredown ...
thekiddd said on 11/Jun/08
Rampage is a solid 6, and Randy looks a legit 6'1" to me.
mma fan said on 10/Jun/08
mId, that's exactly 3 inch, top of rampage head is above josh's eyebrow, Josh is huge, mostly weighted around 250 during his career. good job mId, hope we can discuss more in this place. forrest griffin is 6'3 for sure, he was slighty taller than 6'2 tito. We can wait until ufc 86 to see more about rampage. I watched forrest and shogun again, I am convinced that shogun can be 6'(183cm)
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/08
Guys , if you want to know the fighters height more accurately , you should looking for their heights at PRIDE ,a lot of the famous ufc fighters today fought in pride and there they list the height in cm which is more accurate than in imperial and seems they never rounded up heights ,or at least not as much as the uf does.

Some fighters height:

Shogun Rua ,is 1.81 cm , this was his height listing back in the PRIDE days , you can look for videos in google or youtube also listed at 1.82 1 cm more or less thats his height .No way he is 6.1 because he was a lot smaller than forrest griffin in their staredown and forrest is 6.2

Murilo ninja Rua: is 1.80 , use him as a comparison to measure shoguns height , because the two are similar in height. Other reason to conclude that shogun is not 6.1.

Forrest Griffin , is 6.2 , that was his height listing when he fought edson paredao and when he wasnt famous , also he is shorter than bonnar who is listed at 6.3

Rampage is a lot shorter than forrest in the tuf and thats more than an inch for sure.

Click Here

So yes IClick Here
agree he is around the 6ft mark.
josh barnett doesnt look that tall ,may be he is 6.2 bacause in a fight he had agaist yuki kondo he wasnt more than 3 taller than yuki kondo which is listed everywhere at 5.11 or 1.81.

I want to discuss rich franklins height .he is listed at 6.1 but ive seens his old listings and he was billed at 5.11. also he is the same height of robert patrick. which is listed here at 182cm. in the staredonwn against lutter he looked 6 ft.supposing that lutter is 5.11. what do you think.
mId said on 7/Jun/08
rampage was listed as 6' in his first fight against marvin eastman.. and his old webpage said 183cm (6'). But I just wanna throw something out there, Click Here <-- josh barnett has always been listed as 6'3 (even on his own webpage).. I have a cousin who is 6'3 after midnight and I'm 6' after midnight and when we spar I don't see myself as short as rampage looks in this pic with josh barnett. You are the height-masters so I'm asking you.. is this what a 3 inch difference is suppose to look like? I don't wanna bring Rampage down.. I like him, but sometimes he just doesn't seem 6'. /greetings from sweden
mma fan said on 7/Jun/08
rampage is not less than 6'0, i just saw his fight with chuck again, 1.5 inch difference is max, Randy was in Toronto 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine who is a legit 6'0 took a pic with him, Randy was slighty taller, I would say 6'0.5 for Randy, 6'1 is possible
The 19th Truth said on 7/Jun/08
I've stood next to Rampage and I am a Legit 6'0 ..maybe a hair over barefoot.......In my shoes, I'm closer to 6'1.5....Rampage is taller than me in his shoes and he doesn't walk around in boots...The dude is not small and he has a bigass head :-)
Clay said on 6/Jun/08
Good work M1d. Rampage is somewhere between 5'11 - 6'0.25 we can conclude.
thekiddd said on 6/Jun/08
He's shorter than Tito but by how much is a good question?
mId said on 4/Jun/08
Click Here <-- yes, found the video from where the rampage/chuck weigh-in pic is taken from.. look Clay.. at the end it's as clear as day.. no pic-illusions :)
mma fan said on 3/Jun/08
In weigh in, fighter take off their clothes ans shoes, after they go for staredwon, what tito does put his shoes on right after he is done with scale, in that pic tito has his shoes on, probably something like nike shox, tito in only half inch taller than chuck bare foot
mId said on 3/Jun/08
Clay- Click Here <-- yes, found the clip from where this staredown is taken from.. in the end of the video you can see how they are standing and when they show the staredown at the end you can see what I said before.. rampage looks even shorter in the vid than in the pic from that view. I know it sounds weird.. but looking at pics and videos, plus listening a little to people who met rampage.. he seems as low as 180-181 sometimes. and if this is true then shogun's old listing of 182cm (just below 6') seems right. Me myself haven't met them so I'm just guessing. But I heard from people I trust and has picture-proof that shogun is about 6' /greets from sweden
Clay said on 3/Jun/08
What the **** is going on there Tito looks 2.5 inches taller than Chuck and Chuck looks 2 inches taller than Rampage? Surely Tito isnt 6'4'' and Rampage cant be as low as 5'11'' IMO. Goes to show how much of an illusion can be created by pics.
mId said on 1/Jun/08
Click Here
<-- there's a good staredown from the weigh-in.. both were barefeet and standing strait (saw the video.. but in the video rampage seems shorter than in the pic.. weird).

Click Here
<-- there's the silva weigh-in staredown.. not the best angle to pick or judge from.

Click Here
<-- and surely tito must wear shoes in this one.. he is taller.. but not by that much :/

and also.. this is weird. we all now that shogun is listed 3 inches higher than his brother ninja.. and in shoes (even though shogun and silva like their shox)shogun is taller.. but what is up with this.. are they not the exact same height in this clip?! --> Click Here //greets from sweden
mma fan said on 31/May/08
mID, thanks for the info
rampage can not be less than 6', I wish I had the staredown between him and chuck, chuck was about 1.5" taller than him, unless chuck is less than 6'1.5(do not think so),6'1 for bisbing is good,
mId said on 30/May/08
I just wanted to add something to my comment.. Mike Bisping is listed as 6'2 and rampage 6'1 in the UFC. A fan called out bisping and said he didn't belive he was 6'2 more like 6' (he did this on sherdog's ask the fighter's forum) Anyway.. bisping replied he just got back from the doctors office and he was measured at 6'1 there. Ok.. then you see this link.. Click Here Now.. is it just me or is bisping almost 2" taller than rampage (who is listed as 6'1 himself) in some of the pics there.. especially the last one? I really belive rampage is 5'11 //greets from sweden
mId said on 30/May/08
mma fan: IVC stands for International Vale Tudo Championships and was a fighting organisation from brazil in the old days. Being a mma-fan you have probably seen some fights from there online or something and just never caught the name. Wanderlei and pele from chutebox rose to fame there. Chuck Liddell even fought there once against Pele. As the name says it was Vale tudo(anything goes) rules with no gloves.. like the first UFC's but with a ring instead of a cage. And I think I was wrong about shogun fighting there.. and I'm to lazy right now to look it up. I'm sure about his listing but it was in a different org in brazil he fought when I saw the listed height 182.He could have grown a little maybe but he still is only like one cm taller than rampage.. and some who met him even say he's a 5'11(180cm)..his website says 183cm(6'), UFC lists him as 6'1(185-186cm))If the fighters really are a few inches shorter than listed why not be honest? I mean I understand that the UFC or whatever wanna make them seem bigger and scary'er or whatever, but it's not like anybody would mess with them anyway ;D oh, and I see you have wandy at 180cm on your list.. he said so himself too in a recent interview when talking about having trouble with liddell's reach. most people who have met him say he is about 5'10(178cm) I know one guy claimed he was 5'10 and said if anything wandy was just a little shorter so he said no way was 5'11 listing right acording to him. Still Silva is one of the best fighters out there. for me it's a tie between Sakuraba, Silva, Minotauro Noguiera and Fedor :) And thanks for your reply and sorry for typing so much :) //greets from sweden
sean said on 30/May/08
i met chuck liddell at a club here in san jose, ca a couple months ago and he definitely could be 6'2".....he seems a lot bigger and taller in person....stephan bonnar was also at the same event and he didnt look much taller than liddell
Mattiew_- said on 30/May/08
IVC is International Valetudo Championship

My estimations :

Wandy 179
Shogun 183
Rampage 184
Fedor 182
Saku 182
Randy Prime 185 nowadays 184 tops even maybe 183 .

By the way Liddell is supposed to walk around at 225-230
He looks pretty small musclewise on those pics Glenn , when was it ?
mma fan said on 30/May/08
mId what is IVC, never heard of it?
these are my estimation
wandy 180
sogun 185
rampage 183-184
fedor 182
saku 180
randy 184
Slaz said on 29/May/08
Never knew glenn has a ponytail before, lol
In the secound picture he doesn't look 187 cm, maybe because they were on stairs or something?
mId said on 29/May/08
wanderlei silva: listed as 178 cm in the old IVC days

shogun: listed as 182 cm in the old IVC days

rampage: 181 cm (shogun was about 1 cm taller than Quinton Jackson in their fight in pridefc.. also I know a guy from sweden who met rampage at a ufc event and he said rampage was about his height 181 cm, but I don't know if he measured morning or evening height).

Fedor: been listed as 182 in pride but the majority who met him (and has the pictures to prove it) says he's about 180 cm.

Sakuraba: here is where it gets weird.. he was listed in the beginning as 5'9.. his website and instructional tapes and from he's own mouth he is 180cm.. later on he was listed as 6' but this is a joke.. he is shorter than fedor even with shoes on and fedor barefoot. But he is shorter than Rampage and taller than wanderlei (I'm pretty sure.. even though silva slouches alot during the staredowns.

Randy Couture: when sparring with rampage he is a little taller. He was listed as 185 cm back in the day and this could be true then but I think he is 183-184 today.

Theese heights are just my guess.. you think you have it figured out but then you see fighter A: tall guy next to fighter B: short guy and the look the same height.. what gives?! :D anyway.. if anyone met them in real life it would be fun to know.. help me out :) greets from sweden
mId said on 29/May/08
I'm an mma-fan since forever and Crocop is 186 cm (6'1) if you belive him.. he said so in a published online chat recently where a fan asked him his exact height. been trying to figure out some fighter-heights and it is tricky because the listings are all over the place depending on what org they are fighting for and even in the same organization it differs from time to time.. also, they seem to add and inch or two to the fighters. even the fighters own websites have a different height-listing, and some of them seem odd.. Frank Mir 6'1.. come on now? I think he even said himself he was about 6'2 :/ anyway.. liddell was listed as 187 cm in the old days in IVC (I think it is about right even though I've heard people who met him say he is about 6 to 6-1. He is a little shorter than tito. some fighters are listed way to high.. but for the most part I think they add an inch. also.. I think the fighters list their own height.. I know a commentator(goldberg in ufc) said during an event.. Brandon vera lists HIMSELF as 6'3. anyway.. greets from sweden :)
mma fan said on 29/May/08
werdum is closer to the camera. werdum is around 6'4 1/2, I missed the straedown between couture and gonzaga, couture is 6'0 1/2. 6'2 for gonzaga makes sense, he was at least an inch taller than cro cop
Mattiew_- said on 29/May/08
And this :

Click Here

So how much is Werdum in your book ? 6'6 ? 6'7 ?? And big Tim is 7 feet tall ?
Please stop overestimating ...
Mattiew_- said on 29/May/08
Ok Clay da troll

If Gonzaga is 6'3" please can explain me this because Werdum is 6'4

and this :

Click Here

I'm waiting for your explanation .

Also why was Gonzaga listed at 6'1 by UFC on UFC 80's website ???
Gonzaga is 187cm/6'1"1/2 that's why he is billed 6'1 or 6'2
Clay said on 19/May/08
Xander a lot of the time when they have those staredowns before the fight there is some funky camera angles going on. Hell I've seen Joe Rogan look within 2 inches of a 6'2'' guy.
xander said on 16/May/08
I disagree Clay, if you watch Liddell vs Ortiz 1/2, you will see some differences! Ortis is maybe 1 cm taller than liddell
Clay said on 14/May/08
Gonzaga is a legit 6'3'' he had Crocop by 2 inches in their staredown. Liddel and Ortiz I think are the exact same height at 6'1.5.
Nelssoni said on 30/Apr/08
Openeyes..just open your eyes man, glenn comes under his eyeline so he is atleast 5inc shorter
openeyes said on 28/Apr/08'd think a 6 ft 1.5 in would tower over a 5"8 guy, but even when standing as straight as possible he only looks 4 inches taller than glenn... to me liddel looks 6 ft tops in these pics..
mma fan said on 23/Apr/08
Diego Sanchez is 5'9 and Dean lister is in 5'11.5 range, Tim Silvia is about 2.5 taller than Arlovski which makes him around 6'6.5,Crocop is 6'1
Mattiew_- said on 22/Apr/08
"dana white says on 17/Dec/07
ok time to clear up some misconceptions. liddell is rounded up to 6'2. cro cop is a solid 6'1. he was towered by gonzaga, who is really >6'3. mike tyson may have been 5'9 when he won the heavyweight championship at 20 years old. but when he was 24, he was officially measured before a fight on HBO. he was 5'10.5 barefoot. fedor looks talker than he is, but he really is only 6'"

LOL @ Gonzaga being 6'3+ he is only 187 tops . I wouldn't be surprised if he was 185 . Cro Cop is 186 and they were basically the same height .

Look at how Werdum towers both , and he is 6'4 ( looks rather 6'5 in my books , maybe one of the rare fighter to be undersized )

We all know that UFC is like WWE concerning heights , there is no way Tim Sylvia is 6'8 , he looks in the 6'6 range to me . 200cm tops .
The examples of fighters height boosted by the UFC are countless .

I don't buy some poster's **** about Dean Lister being 5'10 and Diego being 5'7 .
Alex2 said on 20/Apr/08
Well even if footware is an advantage for Taker, Tim is still no way 6'8 and 6'6.5-6'7 at the most.
Yaspaa said on 16/Apr/08
You can't see the footwear of Undertaker or Tim Silvia,Silvia maybe in flat training boots.
Anonymous said on 1/Mar/08
rampage jackson should be really short. he is listed at 6.1 but he was several inches shorter than lidell in the pre fight staredown ,and its funny because the ufc lists forrest at 6.3 and bonnar at the same height and when they are together bonnar is taller by 1 inch or more.
JJ said on 22/Feb/08
I've taken a picture with Randy before, in 11th grade, when I was 5'11" flat and we were the exact same height with me having tennis shoes (.75") and Randy in dress shoes (also .75"). Randy is definitely not above 6'.
mma fan said on 22/Feb/08
yes Dave, 6'6.5 is estimation for Sylvia.
dave said on 21/Feb/08
Thats because the Undertaker is a legit 6'8''. Sylvia is 6'6.5 legit.
Alex2 said on 30/Jan/08
Tim SZilvia is 6'6 or less, Undertaker has 2-3" on him Click Here
GSP said on 25/Jan/08
I dont know about towerredd but a noticible difference. I noticed they billed burkman at 5'10 but before it was 5'9 in previous fights. Also I was surprised how well 5'8 rogan held up to Swick
mma fan said on 24/Jan/08
mike swick is not less than 6 feet, more like 6'.5, he towered over 5'9 josh burkman,
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/08
Hey Chris , how about mike swick ? the guy is listed at 6.1 but im sure he is struggling with the 5.11 any idea of his real height ?
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/08
If this guys look 187 cm I'm 2 meters !! yeah !!
Chris said on 5/Jan/08
I met Dean Lister and Diego Sanchez out together at a bar in San Diego. Both were at least three inches under their listed heights of 6'1" and 5'11". I'm 5'10.5" and they were both noticeably shorter then me. Diego seemed like he might even be as small as 5'7". Regardless of height though Dean Lister has one of the biggest heads I've ever seen!
MMA Fan said on 1/Jan/08
Chuck Liddell looked substantially taller then Wanderlei Silva during the fight. Silva has been listed between 178cm - 182cm, but is typically listed at 180cm. What's interesting is that Silva was listed at 178cm during many of his early Vale Tudo fights when he was in his early 20s, and is still listed at 178cm on the official Pride FC website.
height PI said on 1/Jan/08
randy couture is obviously taller than 6'8 tim sylvia.

link below
Click Here
Cuca said on 31/Dec/07
they are all big guys. 1 cm more or less. The problem is that they are so big that perhaps a 6ft fighter looks less than that, but its only an ilussion. Look what happends when a girl enter the cage..
Height Detective said on 28/Dec/07
I saw a picture of chuck and silva in the pre fight press conference , in where both are facing off ,and they are the same height ,when in previous staredowns silva was looking up at lidell ,interestingly in all these pre fight press conferences ,when fighters are dressed up, they all look the same height .
Then in the weight ins for the fight and the staredown that day barefeet , one looks taller than the other ej. lidell -rampage , lidell -silva franklin -silva
Or they are given lifts for the pre fight press coneference , or one is ordered to wear sandals while the other boots .
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/07
Hey guys , any idea of Mike Swicks height ?
nick said on 21/Dec/07
In the video shamrock is about three to 4 feet behind big show but show still has over a foot on him lol. Also the undertaker is looking really really tall against shane
dana white said on 17/Dec/07
ok time to clear up some misconceptions. liddell is rounded up to 6'2. cro cop is a solid 6'1. he was towered by gonzaga, who is really >6'3. mike tyson may have been 5'9 when he won the heavyweight championship at 20 years old. but when he was 24, he was officially measured before a fight on HBO. he was 5'10.5 barefoot. fedor looks talker than he is, but he really is only 6'.
Ace said on 12/Dec/07
Kinda random, but I'm pretty sure (if not positive) that Matt Hughes is struggling with 5'8". I recorded the Ultimate Fighter finale and when they awarded barefoot "5'8" Mac Danzig his prize, Matt hughes seemed barely an inch taller than Mac and he(Hughes) was wearing dress shoes.
Jason said on 9/Dec/07
I've always said Randy's 6'0''.
Yo, The Guy said on 8/Dec/07
Also, there's a pic going around of Wanderlei Silva/Couture at their gym which their nearly identicle in height! Seeing Randy corner Dan Henderson on TV, with Dan being 5'10 (what he was measured at against Frank Shamrock), Randy is either a short 6'0 or a solid 5'11 guy.
Yo, The Guy said on 8/Dec/07
It's hard to pick any heights in MMA. To the person who said Fedor was 6'0, if you look at pics with him and Tyson, and Tyson being 5'9-5'10, Fedor's got to be only 5'10-5'11. Mark Coleman is 6'0, and Cro Cop was originally listed as 6'1 but was towered by Gonzaga who might even be 6'3.
AAAA said on 1/Dec/07
He isn't as thick here as he looks on TV... Arms are more wiry than I expected
nick said on 26/Oct/07
lol, great observation there vegas, this video shows a lot. In the video the undertaker with great posture is taller than jbl, i know that he wore lifts during this time, but he is tall er by 2 to 3 inches so outruling it he still is taller. And if you pause the video at 2:33 you really notice the height difference. NOW this is the ideal picture that is needed level picture etc. 6'7 would be around were the top of the metal is on the titaltron. This looks like a peak bigshow that may have actually been 7'0.5 to 7'1'
dave said on 25/Oct/07
Shamrock has the proportions of a 6 footer, so I think he has lost an inch in height since his youth and is now 5'11''.A strong 5'11'' I would say though.

Vegas, Big Show makes everyone look tiny...
Vegas said on 19/Oct/07
shamrock looks tiny beside big show here, hard to buy even 5'10 for him here Click Here of course big show is really just 6'7, lol
Alex said on 18/Oct/07
Shamrock back then when I was younger I thought was 6'0-6'1, but looking at him now, he's 5'10. He sure looks 220 something pounds at least.
dave said on 17/Oct/07
Alex, Shamrock always striked me as a 6 footer in wrestling but after looking at some more pictures - I think he really is only 5'11''. Ortiz towers over him in many of their staredowns. Serra is 5'6.5 - the shortest "elite" fighter is Sherk at 5'5.75 or 5'6 I think.
Dunken said on 16/Oct/07
Serra is 5'6. he was considerably shorter than 5'10ish GSP.
Height Detective said on 14/Oct/07
Rich Franklin is 6 ft or 5.11 1/2 ,here is a photo of him with Robert Patrick who is listed here at 182 cm , and both look the same height.I posted in the Robert Patricks thread time ago and it was earased , just can find it now.
Plus in the xcience and damagewear website he is listed at 5.11 ,and in early fights when he wasnt a star in the UFC they listed him in the tale of the tape at 5.11 or 6 ft just in their post Shamrock fights he began to be listed at 6.1 , plus in the Ultimate Fighter 2nd season when Rich was the coach he picked Rashad as his teammate , and rashad is around 5.11 and when they stood next to each other and Rich gave him the shirt of his team , they were the same height.
Ken Shamrock is listed in his oficial website at 5.11 205 lbs its stated in an article inside the website ,other UFC fighters heights:

Anderson Silva , probably is 6.1 1/2 since Okami is taller than him. Watch this photo.
Click Here
and this one
Click Here
That , or okami is taller .

Josh Koschek is 5.9 , he said it himself in the post fight interview after he fought against Jeff Joslin ,(available at the UFC website ) he said "it was a though fight ,a 5.9 guy vs a 6ft guy " pointing of course that he was the 5.9 guy.

Diego Sanchez ,is not 5.11 as he is listed he is listed at 5.8 in the xcience website and he looks it.

Forrest Griffin is 1.87 cm , as he was stated when he faced Edson Paredao when he wasnt famous ,then in the UFC he was upgraded to 6.3.
Albert said on 29/Sep/07
That first pic that ace posted shows Couture and Ortiz with Bobby Jackson who has been measured as 5'11 in nba pre-draft measurements. If the pics are barefoot then Couture looks 5'10 and Ortiz looks 6'-6'1.
Ace said on 17/Sep/07
Rich Franlin is barely 6ft. Anderson Silva had at the very least 2 inches on him, and he's suposed to be 6'2". I know that you can't always be certain on what ufc fighters heights are according to how their listed on the ufc, but you can use basic deductive reasoning to find out what they're not. Look at Matt hughes, He's listed as 5'9", but he's the exact same height as Frank Trigg who was listed at 5'8" for the longest time. Same thing with Randy and chuck, They were the same height (within .5 of an inch) when they fought. I literally watched the barefoot staredowns on my comp as I have their last two fights. Tito is 1 inch taller than coutoure, 1.25 at the most, I wached the staredown on my comp. Chuck appeared to be an inch shorter than Tito, Chuck's gotta 6'1". His tallest height possible is infact 6'1.5", but that is more unlikely than 6'1". download the fights and wacth the staredowns they're barefoot. Hes the same height as Randy.
Anonymous said on 17/Sep/07
Okami looks bigger than 6'2 though. He gives the impression of what a guy who is 6'2 in shoes would look. I think he's about 6'2.5 or almost 6'3.

A lot of the fighters are listed with in-shoes height though (+1-1.5 inches) which makes no sense given they obviously don't fight with their shoes on! Rich Franklin looked barely 6' next to Okami. Mike Swick looked about 5'11.
mma guy said on 14/Sep/07
I met Tito once since I did a little muay thai and he was there along with Ken Shamrock. Tito is one of the few that is not exagerated. He's 6'3" but Shamrock seemed closer to 5'11" or maybe he had bad posture. I see Randy Couture about the same as Shamrock.
mma fan said on 9/Sep/07
I used to think cro cop was 6'1.5, but now I am convinced he is 6'1. Randy should be 6'0.5
Dunken said on 9/Sep/07
Crocop is around 6'1.
Zlatan said on 8/Sep/07
Does anyone know how tall is Mirko Cro Cop?
Art said on 28/Aug/07
Cotoure has pretty crappy posture though, I'm pretty sure he's no less than 6-1 when standing straight.
Jason said on 27/Aug/07
Couture was about an inch shorter than a 6-1 listed NBA player in a pic I posted here a long time ago.
dave said on 27/Aug/07
Tito has stated he is 6'3'' so he is at leasat 6'2'', and he looks all of it. Yeah...Ortiz is 6'0'' Alex.
Ace said on 26/Aug/07
Tito is 6'2", and is slightly taller than both Chuck and Randy who are the same height. Randy Couture is 6'1", hes one inch shorter than Tito, and about an inch shorter than gonzaga. You can see this on his fight versus Tito (UFC 44), and his fight vs Gonzaga (UFC 74). I have both fights on my comp. Check this out:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

That and the fact iv'e have yet to see see chuck appear taller than Tito. Although Tito has appeared taller than both Chuck and Randy on different occassions.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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