How tall is Dane Cook

Dane Cook's Height

5ft 11 ¾ (182.2 cm)

American actor and comedian, best known for appearing in films like Good Luck Chuck, Employee of the Month and Mr Brooks. USWeekly called him a "six-foot-tall funnyman" although Dane himself said on his twitter account, "If I'm ever a fugitive. I submit this 2 the law as my artist rendition. I'm about 6'1" w/pencil like features"

How tall is Dane Cook
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Average Guess (11 Votes)
5ft 11.43in (181.4cm)
Nik said on 16/Feb/20
@ 191 cm Jason - He is tall!
191 cm Jason said on 15/Feb/20
He looks tall on tv apparently he's not.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Aug/19
I found out he that Dane Cook does look 182cm with Dax Shepard.
CDS said on 28/Dec/18
I should mention too that in the film, 400 days, Dane only looks around a couple inches taller than 5'8" (listed here) Ben Feldman
CDS said on 27/Dec/18
In the film, 400 days, Dane looked about 3.5 to 4 inches shorter than 6'2.5" (listed here) Brandon routh. I was actually surprised, since I thought he was more 6'3" or 6'4". But that tells me my suspicions that cook is more a 6' in shoes height, is correct. I'll give him an end of day, barefoot 5'10.75".
MAD SAM said on 3/Oct/18
6’0” claim would had made more sense ... anyway I think he’s a 182 cm guy at 5’11.75”
Nik said on 3/Aug/18
He looks small for his height!
Raul Bonilla said on 30/Jul/18
I'd say Dane cook is 5 11. A short 5 11 too. Almost feel as if thats stretching it by about. 5 inches. I'm a strong 6 1, Almost 6 2 and watched em perform standup, walked right by him on the way out and I easily had, at the minimum 2 inches on him. Id feel confident in saying I had 3 inches on him. I remember telling my gf at the time at how surprised I was that he was short.
Junior said on 13/Dec/17
Cook look more like 5'11-5'11.5" i see between this two height. He had to be 181cm.
Anonymous said on 6/Dec/17
rob I googled pic of dane cook and andy dick who you claim is 5 foot 10. cook had 2 inches on cook so either cook is 6 foot or andy dick is 5 foot 9
Fez said on 23/May/17
@Editor Rob

His height can b confusing?

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Sometimes he seem like a 5’11” range guy with others like Chris Evans.
other time he did look easily 6ft with Dax Shepard, but struggles to look over much over 5’11” with Brandon Routh, Chris Pine and Alex oloughlin.

What do you think, Rob?
Editor Rob: I still feel generally he might be close to 6ft, though at times can look 181cm too!
berta said on 13/May/17
dax shepard was looking about 6 cm taller than thid dude wasnt he? i dont believe dax is 190 but more in the 189 range and that makes this guy about this listed height ore could be 6 foot even but the current lisitng could be the best listing
S.J.H said on 6/Feb/17
Cook is 5foot11 no more
Sean73 said on 6/Apr/16
71" in Mr. Brooks next to 73" Kevin Costner. No more, no less.
Idk said on 29/Jan/16
Looks solid six foot in employee of the month
Hypado said on 19/Feb/15
Dane Cook's height is 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

same height of Chris Evans.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Nov/14
Barely 2in between Shepherd and Cook in Employee of The Month.

"Dane Cook's height is 6ft 0in (183cm)"

...and Dax is 6ft2½-6ft2¾ range.
Lenad said on 27/Jan/14
shepard looked 6'2 max in that movie
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jan/14
If Dax Shepard is 6ft3 this guy easily looked 6ft1 range. Now I am not saying he is that, but no way was there 3in+ between them in Employee of The Month. If anything there was less than 2in.
Lenad said on 5/Jan/14
he looks tallish in movies 182cm is perfect
Lenad said on 14/Dec/13
solid 182cm
cole said on 2/Aug/13
This is my estimate exactly, 5'11.75 is spot on for Dane.
Lenad said on 3/May/13
i agree with everyone here that Cook is closer to 5ft11 than 6'0. I wouldn't go lower than that though
SolidSnake said on 29/Apr/13
Is it right that most guys that are legit 6 foot tall or close to it say their 6'1'', some even 6'2''?
Jax said on 25/Apr/13
yep closer to 5'11....his 3-4cm round up to 6'1 is common hollywood practice...almost every actor rounds up height by some centimeters nowadays
Lenad said on 3/Apr/13
5'10 is too low.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
Looked 5ft11 flat in Mr. brooks. I think Costner maybe a lititle over 6ft1
richkid123 said on 24/Feb/13
He looks kinda tall. I doubt he is under the listed height.
Lenad said on 21/Feb/13
solid 182cm.
Silent d said on 10/Feb/13
In dan in real life, he looked 180cm but 182cm seems more accurate.
Limitless said on 30/Dec/12
I was standing next to Dane at the premiere of Mr Brooks. I'm 5'11" with my shoes on & we were eye-to-eye.
Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
182cm. He was pretty tall next to ryan reynolds.
John said on 2/Feb/12
He's closer to 5'11 than 6'0 imo. Lower the height to 5'11.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 28/Jan/12
He's around 182 cm or a bit more I think..
Jack said on 13/Jan/12
maYbe a full 6"0?
steven said on 11/Jan/12
mr.R , maybe 5'10 is closer.
Mr. R said on 27/Dec/11
Saw Dane at Christmas dinner last night in Hwood. He is closer to 5-11.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 29/Nov/11
jeremy says on 30/Oct/11
towered by 5ft9 taylor swift by 7 inches 5ft11

That is the most nonsensical (sentence?) I've ever read.
jeremy said on 30/Oct/11
towered by 5ft9 taylor swift by 7 inches 5ft11
LAN Jiao said on 17/Oct/11
he look little over 2inch down 6ft0.5 kevin costner in mr.brooks. costner dress shoe and cook in sneakers. so 179 and 184cm match. dane cook is 5'10.5
carnegie said on 8/Oct/11
he looked an inch shorter than costner in mr. brooks ill say 5ft11 barefoot
LAN Jiao said on 6/Oct/11
dane cook is tall... he is...5'10.5 not funnyman.
E said on 21/Aug/11
did not look 6 ft when i saw him... i would give him 5'11" but no more than that... the top of his head was at my eyes and im 6'1.5"
aaaa said on 16/Aug/11
he might not look very tall because he acts like a small guy and he likes to sit, crouch and do stunts a lot
Lenad said on 8/Aug/11
solid 182cm guy
Chelsea said on 22/Jul/11
Look how Dane is standing compared to Taylor. She's in massive heels standing with her feet together, he's in what appears to be chucks or some other flat shoe, he's bent over his guitar, and his legs are spread apart. I met him at a Vicious Circle show. I'm 5' 10". We had a brief conversation about me being "tall for a girl" and he remarked that he had a good two inches on me. The guy's at least 5' 11", 6' in shoes.
Bi bi said on 27/Jun/11
What matters anyways. Dane Cook is da bomb, and besides that... anybody 5'11 is considered tall anyways! At least waaaay taller then the men I've dated.
Lenad said on 23/Jun/11
Cook is 5'10?That makes Dax Shepard 6ft0.25in
Chameleon said on 18/Jun/11
So be it, he's 5'10
Lenad said on 15/Jun/11
if hes 5'10 than Dax shepard is 6'1 max. Gimme a break
Chameleon said on 1/Jun/11
Yes he is 5'10!
Somborac said on 6/May/11
I met him when his Rough Around The Edges tour came to Toronto. I am 6ft with shoes on & was looking slightly down on him. He's No more than 5'11" WITH shoes on.
Somborac said on 6/May/11
I met him when his Rough Around The Edges tour came to Toronto. I am 6ft with shoes on & was looking slightly down on him. He's No more than 5'11" WITH shoes on.
Lenad said on 27/Apr/11
I wouldnt argue under 5ft11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Apr/11

Looked close to 6"1 in Employee of The Month
Legend said on 12/Apr/11
How tall is Louis CK?
T.J. said on 10/Mar/11
Taylor Swift is 5'11" and so is Dane.
Ezio said on 21/Feb/11
Anonymous says on 29/Dec/10
This dude was owned by Taylor Swift on Leno. Now granted she was in 4 inch HEELS and he was wearing what looked to be Chuck Taylors which dont even give an inch. But there is no way he is above 5ft 11, MAX maybe 181 cm.

Is this a joke? Taylor Swift is around 5-11, so obviously she would tower him in 4 inch heels. He's much closer to 6 ft than he is to being below 5-11.
Lenad said on 7/Jan/11
this listing is definitley closer to the truth than 6ft0. No way is Cook below the 5ft11 mark but
Lenad said on 6/Jan/11
I think he's somewhere 5ft11 range like 181-182cm. That 5'10 talk is bs
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/10
This dude was owned by Taylor Swift on Leno. Now granted she was in 4 inch HEELS and he was wearing what looked to be Chuck Taylors which dont even give an inch. But there is no way he is above 5ft 11, MAX maybe 181 cm.
taylor4ever said on 23/Nov/10
yeah, look at him on the tonight show next to taylor swift. 6'0? NO WAY! Click Here
Eddie Denis said on 23/Nov/10
Dude can't be any taller than 5'10". Taylor Swift was standing right next to him and she's 5'10" and wearing heels at 6'2", she towered over him.
dani said on 22/Nov/10
he didn't look that tall.....
Lenad said on 27/May/09
5'9 is too low
Anonymous said on 22/May/09
I just met Dane Cook tonight and he is a LOT shorter than I thought. I am not quite 5'4" and I was wearing three inch heels. He was barely taller than me. I am guessing maybe around 5'9". No way is he six feet tall!
Anonymous said on 20/May/09
I thought he looked about four inches less than McHale, so six foot sounds about right.
MD said on 18/May/09
shorty McTall,

If you don't care, then don't post. If you have other interests, you shouldn't be here, anyway.

Some Guy,

Saw the same thing. I know McHale is tall (6'4"); but Dane looked tiny next to him, and I'm not exaggerating.
shorty McTall said on 18/May/09
Why are you people soooo obsessed with celebs heights?? I just don't get it? are you all midgits? I'm 5'9" and 3/4" but I tell people I'm 5'10" would I be beaten by this forum for my dishonesty?
Some Guy said on 17/May/09
Just saw him on the Soup and he came up to the bottom of Joel McHales nose. Unless McHale is over 6'5" then I dont see how Cook can be 6'.
MaterialisticMuch? said on 15/May/09
People are here arguin about a .5 inch difference in height. When does someone say, "hey I got better things to do?"
Anonymous said on 6/May/09
6ft/183cm maybe right because he did look 1 inch taller than Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock unless Baldwin is under 5ft11 at this point which is possible. He's certainly not the 5ft11.5 that most people see him at. That would make Dane Cool 184cm which is definitely over doing it.
wedge said on 30/Apr/09
in my best friend's girl, cook looks 1-2 inches taller than jason biggs. biggs is listed at 5'9.5" so i'd peg cook at 5'11". he doesn't quite have the proportions of a 6-footer anyway.
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
marcus-your brain is 5-8 morning.
Marcus said on 22/Apr/09
On all heights are inflated

Let us remember that 5'8" Glenn in the Army would have been 169 cm - 5'6.5" max.

Dane is 5'10"
mr.5 foot 10 said on 4/Apr/09
why is every celeb 6 foot. its like thats the dream height for every man
el toppo said on 28/Feb/09
I just saw Mr Brooks and he looked like he was only about 5 foot 9. Surprised to find he is 6 foot.
Complex said on 24/Jan/09
Yeah I agree Alex. To me personally, 5'10 guys with a thin build often look 6'0 on screen but I do agree with your ranges. Although usually 6'1 and over will seem fairly tall on screen, guess it's all the magic of hollywood. 5'11 seems right for cook, he could be more but idk.
Alex said on 21/Jan/09
Complex, I will say 5'11-6'1 is a tough range to gauge especially on TV and in pictures. One of the toughest ranges to guess.
Complex said on 19/Jan/09
Blade it's prolly safe to say that know one for sure knows the exact height of anybody on this site w/o a doubt, most ppl don't know there own heights, but that's why this is a HEIGHT FORUM, we discuss heights of celebs based on photo evidence movies measurements etc. If you're not here to discuss that and give you're opinion, then why are you posting here? Do you understand the concept of a FORUM?? Forums are full of opinions and we're discussing height opinions but you're here discussing us as we discuss opinions on height. Seems childish!
Alex said on 19/Jan/09
5'11 seems right
blade said on 19/Jan/09
uh-huh, because you ALL can look at photos and determine someone's height accurately, down to half an do you even know the accurate heights of the OTHER people you are comparing him with??
Lenad said on 18/Jan/09
Probably 5ft11 on the dot.
Complex said on 18/Jan/09
I agree mr. r, not quite 6'0 seems right. 5'11 and even slightly under wouldn't suprise me...
Mr. R. said on 18/Jan/09
In some interview, it mentioned that he was 5-11. He sometimes wears big boots that would make him look six feet, but he is not quite there.
Lenad said on 18/Jan/09
6'0 is a bit too high. He looks more like 5'11.
Complex said on 15/Jan/09
In my best friend's girl, he was a tad shorter than baldwin and at best the same height as him. He's prolly right around 5'11. The more I see him I wonder if he may be in the 5'10 range evening height.

Click Here
here seen with a leaning kevin costner.

Maybe 5'11 or 5'11.5 is his max, I doubt 6'0b barefoot seriously..
Alex said on 14/Jan/09
He doesn't seem that tall next to other people. He isn't short, but as for "tall" I'd say he's a hair short of that. 5'11" seems right.
Daii said on 7/Jan/09
Also, following on from down there, look at this picture - If Dax Shepherd (right) is 6'2, then Cook is definitely 6'0

Click Here
Daii said on 7/Jan/09
He looks at least 182 cms in Employee Of The Month, he stands next to 6'2 Dax Shepherd in that film a lot and it is 1.5-2 inches difference between them.. He must be at least 5'11 but he looks 6'0 to me
Hugh said on 6/Jan/09
183cm-184cm next to Baldwin.
Sam said on 17/Dec/08
I'm so glad he's this tall. I always thought he was short.
Lenad said on 4/Dec/08
Dane Cook looks a flat 5ft11 to me.
Complex said on 22/Nov/08
Assuming Carrell is 5'9 as listed, Cook would be 5'11 max, but if Carrell is 5'8 as I think, then Cook may be more like 5'10.5. 2.5 inches is the most between them, unless carrells a lift wearer..
Big T said on 19/Nov/08
In Jason's pic he looks 6', even though Jason posted the pic trying to prove he wasn't
Leung said on 29/Sep/08
He was a guest on Rove the other night, he looked 5
Anon said on 28/Sep/08
I remember checking out his myspace prior to him getting famous. And he listed 5'11". I noticed that change when he started becoming more well known. No taller than 5'11", especially since that was his claim prior to fame.
Hugh said on 17/Sep/08
6ft at least. Looked an inch taller than Alec Baldwin.
Mr. R said on 2/Aug/08
5-11 tops.
Nate said on 21/Jul/08
Karl Dane is as tall as andy dick because he wears heelies which add a lot of height
Leung said on 9/Jul/08
Nice photo Jason.
Jason said on 9/Jul/08
That Jason isn't me, even though he's the exact same height as me, too... Gee whiz. lol.
Jason said on 8/Jul/08
I actually have a picture next to Dane Cook. He was a lot shorter than I figured him to be. I am a little over 6'3" tall standing next to Dane Cook, who looks to be around 5'10" or 5'11". He is definitely not 6' tall. Here is the picture:

Click Here
Mike said on 5/Jul/08
No way he's 6 foot, 5'11 maybe 5'10, because if Kevin Costner is 6'1 he looked a good 3 inches shorter than him in the movie Mr. Brooks.
Anamalech said on 25/Jun/08
Looks 5'11 to me.
Brah said on 6/May/08
Does look like he could be 6 foot in Good Luck Chuck.
He has a huge head though which makes him seem shorter. Pretty skinny too.
GSP said on 19/Mar/08
"5'11. met him last month in manhattan. looks bigger because of his muscle definition."

lol what?
karl said on 24/Feb/08
in employee of the month he is as tall as andy dick
Marcus said on 16/Feb/08
yeah he totally is 6' because when i met him me and him were the same height and i am 6' 6' is pretty accurate!
dmeyer said on 7/Feb/08
on geety image he looks taller than in the movie like proper 183 cm so might 5'11.75
dmeyer said on 7/Feb/08
looks about 2 in shorter than costner sometimes 1.5 in so he could be 5'11.25 to 5'1.5 181 182 cm 183 migt be too high
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/08
In good luck chuck his height on his license said 6'. I'd say that is the max he could be.
Jay said on 29/Jan/08
I had no idea this guy existed till I saw Good Luck Chuck the other day. The whole time I was watching this movie I could have sworn he was 6'2, he looked tall and lanky. Very surprised to see him at a possible 5'11.
Robin said on 27/Jan/08
i'd say hes around 5'11-6'0. actually definaly 5'11. he doesn't look quit near 6'0.
Sureshot said on 26/Jan/08
no way on 6'. met him in Boston when doing Tourgasm. 5'10- 5'11 at best. 5'10-solid 6' is hard to tell even when you're taller. everyone really seems to blend together to me. if i'm staring at the top of your head. i doubt your 6' if i'm exactly 75"
HeightMaster said on 14/Jan/08
Yeah, looks every bit of the 6 ft that's listed here
dmeyer said on 14/Jan/08
i dont know about mr brooks but in pics ,cook looks very similar height with costner ,cook is solid 6 fter
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/07
I thought he was 1-2" less thank Costner in Mr. Brooks. If Costner is 6'1, then I would say Cook is 5'11-5'11.5".
Viper said on 18/Nov/07
I thought Cook looked a full 2 inches shorter than Costner.
Ed said on 13/Nov/07
Cook looked maybe an inch shorter than Kevin Costner in Mr. Brooks. I see him between 5ft11-6ft.
X said on 12/Nov/07
Sorry don't mean to re-post but in the beginning of that Film he was on "ROLLER BLADES" and thats where he was around majority of the cast..I Peg him at 5'10 , 5'10.5 at most.
X said on 12/Nov/07
No way he's six foot tall, in the movie "Employee of the Month" theres a part where Jessica Simpson arrives..and Dax, Jessica & Dane are all together...and Dax towers over Dane..So, either Dane's not 6 ft or Dax Sheppard is 6'4..
KidIcarus said on 18/Oct/07
In A pic of "Employee of the Month" He looks about 2.5" shorter than Dax Shepard. I'd give him 5'11 1/2" but not quite 6'.
myspace celebrity said on 8/Oct/07
completely 6 feet tall with the people in employee of the month
Bad Radio said on 6/Oct/07
looks 6ft to me.
RW said on 22/Sep/07
he looks pretty tall in his new movie "good luck chuck." one scene they flash his character's drivers license and it says "6ft" on it
MOF said on 31/Jul/07
Costner had more than an inch on Cook in Mr. Brooks, seemed like two inches. He's shorter than 6'0".
phil said on 15/Jul/07
5'11. met him last month in manhattan. looks bigger because of his muscle definition.
MarkMark said on 26/Jun/07
I just saw an SnL rerun, he said his shoe size was 12.
Jess said on 13/Jun/07
anyone know his shoe size? this is a life or death situation, i need to know.
dane cooks biggest fan said on 2/Jun/07
dan cook is 5'11 because dax shepard is 6'1 and is about 2inches taller them him in employee of the month.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 18/Feb/07
i'd say 5'11 tops in employee of the month their are times he looks 3 inches shorter than Dax Shepard(who is 6'2 and seems it)and also the security guard Semi in EOTM looks 6'3 maybe 6'2 and both hi mand dax make dane look pretty short
J-Dog said on 1/Jan/07
On the Tourgasm show Dane Cook said he stands at 6'1" when he was asked his size by the fighter pilot instructor.
eric said on 29/Sep/06
Dane Cook is obviously 5'11, he must wear chunky dress shoes that make him look taller, but when he was standing next to dax shepard in the movie they did he was clearly two inches shorter than dax, who's listed as 6'1. i don't think dax is any bigger than 6-1 because seeing him next to ashton kutcher in punkd made him out to be a bit smaller.
Derek said on 12/Sep/06
He looks no less than 6'1" to me.
Drew said on 12/Sep/06
Click Here

Jessica Simpson is supposedly 5'2.5", so the heals would make her almost 5'6". Cook looks at least six inches taller.
stan said on 9/Sep/06
Dane looks about 6'1 on television
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/06
I met Dane at the taping for the finale of Tourgasm at the Santa Anita Race Track and he was A LOT taller than I had expected, I'm about 5' 10" to 5' 11" with shoes on and he was a good 3 or 4 inches taller than me. He was wearing a flight suit (haha) and combat boots so u can probably take away like two inches so he probably around 6' 1" or 6' 1.5" barefoot. But that's just my opinion.
Mr. R said on 18/Apr/06
Recently, the LA Times I think reported him as 5-11. I just discovered that while I was gone last week, I was invited to his show at the Improv, which also had an appearance by Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame. Sorry to miss it for you all!
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/06
Well I am one of the lucky few who have been able to talk to dane cook personally after his show in boston. I am 6' 0" even and he was a little taller than me, I'd say an inch or an inch and a half at least. Plus if u look at his profile he has a picture of him and ryan reynolds standing right next to each other and if reynolds is supposed to be almost 6' 3" dane cook is at least 6' 1.5"
MD said on 13/Apr/06
He can definitely look around 6'0", but I think he's actually more around 5'11" barefoot.

Go to his website (Click Here), look under the photo gallery, and go to celebrities and you'll see him looking a little bit shorter than Chris Evans, maybe an inch taller than Justin Timberlake (who I will continue to say is no more than 5'10" barefoot), and an inch taller than Jay Leno. 5'11" on the dot seems about right in barefeet.

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