How tall is Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis Height

6ft 1 ¼ (186.1 cm)

Irish actor best known for films such as My Left Foot, Gangs of New York, Last of the Mohicans, Lincoln, There Will Be Blood and In the Name of The Father. In a 1992 Biography Yearbook it described Daniel as being "Thin, tall (six feet one and a half inches), gaunt in appearance, and unassuming in manner.", a height that Daniel has claimed in every edition of the Spotlight Directory.

How tall is Daniel Day Lewis
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'He [Richard Attenborough] said, "How tall are you?" And I said, "Six foot one and a half."
-- The Fire Within, 1995

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Average Guess (61 Votes)
6ft 1.47in (186.6cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Aug/23
berta, I wouldn't say Brosnan peak would be shorter than DDL. I'd probably give Carrey the edge on both. Smith and Schwarzenegger arguably the same
Progking185 said on 28/Aug/23
Yeah does look tall but not much over 6'1. 6'1 1/4, maybe close to 6'2 in morning.
berta said on 27/May/23
saw last of the mohicans again. This dude looks his claim. i would never bet anything under what he is listed at. Im gonna give him his claim. Pierce brosnan looks fraction shorter, arnold was not taller, we all now that. JIm carrey identital and the samw with will smith.
Pat m said on 4/Mar/23
He’s such a good actor he can make himself appear 5ft9, 5ft10, 5ft11, 6ft and 6ft1, now that’s talent
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 27/Jan/23
Never under 6'1.
Tyler Cash said on 27/Aug/22
Rob,how do you think of his weight in the past? I think max 175 lbs.
Editor Rob
Yeah somewhere in that range.
Rhys 6'1" said on 29/Nov/21
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/21
berta, I think Day-Lewis, Brosnan, Firth and Butler you could that mark for. Over 6ft1 but not quite 6ft2
berta said on 2/Nov/21
the shortest possbile he have ever looked is 185 and the tallest 188 i think he really can be about 186,5 (was , maybe 0,5-1 cm shorter now)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Aug/21
But Rob, why necessarily 10:00am?

I would not rule it out as a peak. You could alternatively make him the second 6ft1⅜ guy on here after Firth (still think Brosnan and Butler are stiff competition for that prize aswell though)
Editor Rob
it's a time in which he could have got measured around that mark.
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 24/Apr/21
186 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/21
Rob, maybe 6ft1½ peak and 6ft1 flat today?
Editor Rob
I suppose the argument could be at 10am he might have measured that 1.5 range for an appointment.
Kyuuta said on 23/Jan/21
Hey Rob,
I met him and he was maybe 1cm taller then me almost same eye level.

When my height is around 186,5cm out of bed (maybe sometimes little more or less) and after 4 hours out of bed just measured 185,4cm and then before bed around184,4cm, can I claim 6‘1?

Would i be seen as almost same height as him?

Since we have metric system i always go by 185cm and everybody sees me like that range.
Editor Rob
I think you would look close enough that you may be viewed about same, but I do think if measured Lewis would be a bit taller.
slim 6'1 said on 22/Jan/21
186-186.5cm peak
185.5cm current
Slim 6'1" said on 11/Nov/20
solid 6'1" 186cm
Vincent Caleb said on 1/Nov/20
6-2 morning, 6-1 5/8 1 hour after bed, 6-1 3/8 lunchtime, 6-1.25 afternoon.
Slim 6'1" said on 21/Oct/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Apr/20
I only really took in how tall Daniel is when I saw The Gangs of New York. It's his Birthday today, so...

🎉🎁🎂🌎 Happy Birthday Dan! 🌎🎂🎁🎉

....who celebrates the 63rd anniversary of his birth today.

6ft1.5 😁👍

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/20
186-187cm zone
TheBat said on 23/Nov/19
Very honest. He's certainly in the 6'1"-6'1.5"
talker said on 22/Nov/19
i met him and got his autograph,i m 6'1" and he was little taller than me,i d say 6' 1.5"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Oct/19
A-B is probably the most feasible range. Could be closer to C now though
Neelasish Send Roy said on 8/Mar/19
What is his peak height, friends and Rob?
Editor Rob
I feel Lewis probably got close to 6ft 1.5 earlier in the day. If it was 10am, maybe that's what he he the kind of guy who would lie about height? Doesn't seem to be...
Neelasish Send Roy said on 14/Feb/19
How tall he is rob, 6'1" at peak?
Editor Rob
He claimed 6ft 1.5, is it realistic? I think measuring that mark at 9-10am might be.
Neelasish Send Roy said on 13/Feb/19
How tall he is rob, 6'1" at peak?
Editor Rob
Well, peak I think anywhere in 6ft 1 up to 1.5 could be argued.
Animus said on 19/Sep/18
6'1½ is very fair for him to claim. He'd probably measure that around noon, where a lot of people are measured.
Paddy said on 28/Aug/18
Watching Gangs of New York, he looked a SOLID 6'1".
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Aug/18
I can't believe his performance in 'Gangs of New York'! I reckon that I had a completely different, more 'romantic' if you like, impression of this guy, but seeing him act like this, playing a nasty piece of work, has turned that theory on its head! Not that his performance isn't brilliant - it is! It's fantastic even, and a real revelation to me!

I am also surprised that Daniel is so tall, and another thing is that he is older than I thought, having been born in the late 50's, 1959 I think.

I will give Daniel 6ft1.5. From what I've seen in 'Gangs...', which I haven't finished yet, I thought he was taller.
Animus said on 25/Dec/17
What do you think he weighs?
Editor Rob
at times he looked like he could be anywhere in 170-185 range.
cobra said on 19/Dec/17
Taller than Jackman:

Click Here

With Affleck:

Click Here
Junior said on 23/Oct/17
Daniel Day Lewis might be typical 188cm out of bed and settle before bed at 186cm.
Slim said on 20/Sep/17
I actually believe his claim, let's give the full 186
Editor Rob
earlier in the day I think the claim is valid.
Johnny said on 23/Jun/17
Too bad DDL decided to retire. One of the best actors of all time.
Jp said on 24/Feb/17
Looks 187-188 cm range
berta said on 26/Dec/16
yeah look somewhere in 186-187 range in his movies so both listings are good. i think hhe is a guy that is somewhere in beetween like 186,4 in afternon
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Oct/16
187cm for sure if Eric Schweig is 188cm. Hardly anything between them
Paleman said on 14/Sep/16
I've never seen this guy at a mere flat 6'1". Definitely looks to be in the 186-187 cm range most of the time.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jun/16
"Daniel Day Lewis Height 6ft 1½in (186.69cm)"
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 17/Jun/16
Yeah, definitely a very solid 186 cm guy in his prime anyways. 6'1.25" - 6'1.5" range. Maybe he's creeping down towards a flat 6'1" these days, who knows.
Elly m said on 14/Apr/16
I'd say 6'1 seems about right if you compare Madeleine Stowes height standing next to him then compare her standing next to Kevin Costner they look very similar. If Kevin is 6'1 Daniel must be very close to the same.
Sam said on 1/Apr/16
I think I'd go with B, I still think his mid-day at peak was 6'1.5" and, if anything, he's only a small fraction under his peak today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/15
I'd go with A in his prime.
Dr. Thriller said on 26/Oct/15
Never judge his height based on a scene in a movie. This is one of the finest actors of all time. He can probably look both 190 cm and 180cm without having a noticeable, strange posture. He just owns the camera.
Judd ISR said on 9/Oct/15
I think we're all agree about the fact he's a master or better the best master (IMO best actor alive).

Rob in your opinion what's the best choice for his range:

A) 188,5cms/186,5cms
B) 188,0cms/186,0cms
C) 187,5cms/185,5cms
D) 187,0cms/185,0cms
Editor Rob
between a-b, now maybe he has lost a fraction and nearer 6ft 1-1.25
Sam said on 2/Apr/15
Yeah, Rampage, I doubt Day Lewis does anything for marketing or greater reputation...not because he's anything like a saint but he's just not interested in being a "celebrity" as we define them today. When he decides to act, it's that he takes it very seriously and intensely, respecting acting as a craft and an art and having no time for or interest in self-promotion, this and his God-given brilliance at is what makes DDL unique.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Mar/15
I don't anyone can top DDL
Judd said on 2/Mar/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Feb/15
DDL plied his trade for years at the Old Vic in order to become the savant that he is today. As for those lengthy career intervals...that in itself requires immeasurable patience that no working actor in film could understand. To compare Heath Ledger to DDL is like comparing a high school basketball coach to an NBA coach. I really despise the way some actors over years have tried to mosey up towards him at award ceremonies as if it will help them become better at their craft. How he keeps a cool head amazes me.

Anyway I think he could be 6ft1½(187cm).

"every NBA coach has been an high school basketball coach".
I have no doubt about the fact that DDL showed more than HL, but he was 22 years older than him.
Personally i think that HL was, for a lots of reason, one of those few actors which could became actually a great actor...he had a rare talent...i actually preferred much more HL than DiCaprio or others...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Feb/15
DDL plied his trade for years at the Old Vic in order to become the savant that he is today. As for those lengthy career intervals...that in itself requires immeasurable patience that no working actor in film could understand. To compare Heath Ledger to DDL is like comparing a high school basketball coach to an NBA coach. I really despise the way some actors over years have tried to mosey up towards him at award ceremonies as if it will help them become better at their craft. How he keeps a cool head amazes me.

Anyway I think he could be 6ft1½(187cm).
Tania said on 2/Feb/15
@Judd - well, if Heath Ledger had lived we'd probably find out if he became the next DDL, but now we never will know. He died so young too, even DDL wasn't "famous" when he was Ledger's age. 28 is no age to die.

Anyway - DDL's height is perfect.
Judd said on 18/Dec/14
Sam, for sure those have been his best roles, also if i wouldn't forget his role in monster's ball and in casanova.
unfortunately he had actually short career, but he had much more talent than other actors of his generation, like jake gyllenhaal, ryan gosling, james franco...
i think that DDL made a tribute to Ledger not for marketing or to gain a grater reputation; i think he really felt the displeasure of Ledger's death, probably because he considered him one of his heirs...
Day-Lewis is my favourite actor not only because he has actually a rare talent but also because he always denied the life (full of excess) of a medium hollywood's should not forget he had a break from his career from 1997 to 2002...
Darren510 said on 15/Dec/14
This guy is kinda tricky to me. Sometimes he looks 6'2 and other times closer to 6'0. I would give him 6'1. In Lincoln 6'4 but obviously with lifts.
Sam said on 15/Dec/14
Ledger's best roles were in Brokeback and The Dark Knight, who knows what kind of heights he could have reached, obviously a very good actor, although not that many great films outside of those in his short career, I really think he was just getting started. Day-Lewis's tribute to Ledger at the Film Actor's guild show after he died was very touching.
Judd said on 13/Dec/14
rob, time ago I read an article which said that Heath Ledger could have become the "new Daniel Day Lewis." Both had in common the maniacal preparation of their characters and the almost total personification into they.
I have seen several movies of Ledger and i recognize that he was really an excellent actor, with great qualities, so I agree with this vision.
For sure Heath has been one of the most talented actors of the recent years.
do you share it?
Editor Rob
yes he was a very good actor, not sure I'd have said as good as Daniel who really is one of the best out there.
Judd said on 8/Dec/14
[Editor Rob: his posture in that movie isn't the best.]

yeah i agree too...there're just a couple of scenes where he has good one of those scene (in the baptism scene) he stays straight next to Dano and he does look (with similar shoes) a good 1" taller than him...great movie, however!
Judd said on 6/Dec/14
Rob yesterday I have watched for the N time there will be blood and I made attention to day lewis height and that film he doesn't look as tall as 6'1-1.25" as I am sure he will be if measured...
He does look not much taller than ciaran hinds (5'11.75"-6'0"), as tall as Paul Dano (who I think is 6'0.5") and not much taller than Kevin J O'Connor (who I suppose is 5'11" because he looked a bit shorter than Famke Janssen and at least 3" shorter than Brendan Fraser)...
I don't know if you ever watched that movie but I think day lewis has terrible think is part of his carachter (Daniel plainview)?
You can easily notice that in the last scene where he does look hunchback...
Editor Rob
his posture in that movie isn't the best.
Sam said on 1/Dec/14
That's interesting, but Kid is a surely less accurate than Butcher for sure. If everybody is worthy of a photo, Rob, than get to it. ;=)
Editor Rob
there's only so many hours I can spend, eventually as I say the majority of pages get improved but there's a few thousand still to be done.
Judd said on 30/Nov/14
Sam says on 21/Nov/14
"Billy the Kid"...I think you mean Bill the Butcher, Judd. Day Lewis is the best part of that film.
Rob, maybe Day Lewis deserves a picture if you can use one

i don't speak english as first the translated version that i have watched, his character can be translated roughly as "billy the kid"...
Sam said on 21/Nov/14
"Billy the Kid"...I think you mean Bill the Butcher, Judd. Day Lewis is the best part of that film.
Rob, maybe Day Lewis deserves a picture if you can use one?
Judd said on 10/Nov/14
Thank you rob! :)
Judd said on 7/Nov/14
rob in my opinion you should quote also "gangs of New York" as one of his best performance...when he portrayed Billy the Kid he actually gave an "oscar" interpretation...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/14
He still looks 6ft1-6ft2 now. Objectively, he must've been walking around at 6ft4 in Lincoln with the right lifts.
Judd said on 19/Oct/14
does look a strong 6'1" (with a chance to be 6'1.25") next to bradley cooper (6'0.5")

Click Here
Judd said on 13/Oct/14
In my opinion he's the greater actor of this time. He's the perfect example of the magnificent actors school "made in England". He can personify differents roles and he has always great prowess...
6'1" is spot on...
Arch Stanton said on 6/Oct/14
Really height maven? I'd have described Liam Neeson in Gangs of New York as more "tall as hell" compared to others.
height-maven said on 5/Oct/14
looks tall as hell in gangs of new york and there will be blood.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Oct/14
Looks 6'2 in The Age of Innocence.
Judd said on 29/Sep/14
6'1" on the nose
Sam said on 21/Aug/14
Cool, Seahawksfan 187-188 cm, where did you meet him? Doesn't seem like a celebrity a lot of people randomly run into.
FilMaker said on 23/Jun/14
Daniel Day Lewis height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)
Arch Stanton said on 11/Mar/14
Looking on the pedia it seems he's actually English with British and Irish citizenship.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Mar/14
Isn't he Northern Irish rather than Irish?
Arch Stanton said on 11/Mar/14
Rob can you add There Will Be Blood and Lincoln? I gather he was wearing lifts in Lincoln as he looks 6'4" in it and closely resembles the frame and appearance of Lincoln.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/14
"Daniel Day Lewis height: 6ft 1.5in (187cm)"

Somewhere in that 186-187cm range is probable. He looked near enough in height to Ben Affleck (max 1in shorter) and had 2in on guys like DiCaprio and Tommy Lee Jones.
Lenad said on 28/Dec/13
I really beginning to wonder if 187cm is closer to the truth considering how tall he looks among the cast of nine. Maybe there all a bit shorter than what there listed at.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/13
Not under 185.5cm at night. Definitely a strong 6ft1. I could accept 6ft1.5/187cm aswell but not over.
ian c. said on 15/Dec/13
Day Lewis, who is some kind of acting fanatic who tries to become the characters he plays, played Lincoln with a stoop. Well Lincoln didn't have a stoop, as anyone can see from a photograph of Lincoln standing (straight) with a group of soldiers in an army camp. So I'm guessing that Day Lewis affected the stoop as some kind of technical thing to suggest Lincoln's unusual height.
Sam said on 11/Dec/13
He could be a tad over that, other Sam, as he can look like a strong 6'1" (6'1.25"-6'1.5"), other times only around 6'1", but never under it.
Rusty said on 15/Oct/13
his lanky build can make him look taller. He had 2 inches at most on DiCaprio in gangs of new york. Rob's listing is good
Goose said on 7/Oct/13
I'm telling you guys - seen him in Soho when we was a cobbler (took break from acting) and he's 6'2 minimum.
cole said on 27/Jul/13
Rob could he be 6'1 flat?
Editor Rob
he might
jtm said on 11/Jul/13
no way is lawrence 5'7.5. she had huge heels on and still wasn't taller than joaquin phoenix. maybe phoenix was wearing lifts but that is still not enough to make her 5'7.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jul/13
Could 187cm be closer, Rob?
Sayalvian said on 31/May/13
Daniel Day-Lewis is 6'2".
Sam said on 22/Mar/13
Looks about an inch shorter than Ben Affleck considering that Affleck is closer to the camera, posture, etc.
Click Here
Sam said on 7/Mar/13
Sorry, Conti, stating it as fact is not going to make it so.

In Vanity Fair, he is attributed with a height of 6'2" (not quite) in an article about Liam Neeson.
Conti said on 6/Mar/13
Jay I don't have a problem with him.You all realize that he wore 3 inch shoes that made him 6'2,and Leonardo Di Caprio is really 5'10 barefoot.There footwear makes them taller between 2-3 inches.Basically Daniel Day Lewis is 5'11 barefoot.
Jay said on 25/Feb/13
Contii must have a problem with DDL being over 6'0.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Feb/13
yes says on 26/Dec/12
Daniel and Leo-DiCaprio are kind of similar in height..Leo is around 6'1 and Daniel about 6'2. I have met them twice, both standing together too, and both looked sooo close.

DiCaprio is 6' at best!
Arch Stanton said on 25/Feb/13
LOL @ Conti. He has very similar proportions and features to Jeremy Irons. Can look 6'2".
Conti said on 25/Feb/13
Sam I saw it on tv that he was wearing lifts that made him 6'2.Remember they use computer generater technology for some of parts that looked real but it's not.Therefore that makes Daniel Day Lewis 5'11 solid.
Conti said on 25/Feb/13
Sam I saw it on tv that he was wearing lifts that made him 6'2.Remember they use computer generater technology for some of parts that looklooked real but it's not.Therefore that makes Daniel Day Lewis 5'11 solid.
Chowder26 said on 24/Feb/13
I saw him in Soho too on Prince street in 98'. I am 5'10 and was struck by how tall he was - solid 6'3 then and possibly taller. Definitely did not want to be noticed BTW.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jan/13
Saw Lincoln last night (unbelievable movie). Looked a lot taller than Tommy Lee Jones. But they may have done a bit of work on him with camera angles and lifts to make him look more convincing as the 6ft4 president. They did a superb job. Him and Tommy Lee will probably win the Oscars.

TLJ 5ft11.75(182cm), DDL 6ft1.5(187cm)
Sam said on 15/Jan/13
Sorry, Conti, I think under 6'1" is a bad call for him. The 3 inch boast, if it was there, was due to the fact that Lincoln was 6'4".
Conti said on 13/Jan/13
I would say at least 5'11,he's no where near 6'0.In the movie Lincoln I heard he was wearing 3 inch shoes to make himself taller,according to Steven Spielberg on extra tv.
Hew said on 8/Jan/13
To me he seems 6'1 at most.
Sam said on 2/Jan/13
In some photos Leo DiCaprio and DDL look close in height:
Click Here
Click Here
But usually DDL looks taller than Leo, maybe by up to 2 inches. Close to the same different between Di Caprio & Djimon Hounsou as that with Day-Lewis:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Sam said on 2/Jan/13
I saw Lincoln and was quite impressed with how towering they made DDL look. He often has a hunched posture and still assuredly looks like the tallest guy in the room. 5'11.5" David Strathairn looks much shorter on screen.
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Dec/12
187cm, Rob?
yes said on 26/Dec/12
Daniel and Leo-DiCaprio are kind of similar in height..Leo is around 6'1 and Daniel about 6'2. I have met them twice, both standing together too, and both looked sooo close.
Goose said on 25/Dec/12
I saw him in Soho 15 years ago. He's a good 6'3. If you don't believe that compare him and Dicaprio at premiere pictures.
Kim in Bonita said on 17/Dec/12
Lincoln's voice was well known to be high pitched, something which was incogruent with his height. DDL does a phenomenal job capturing what is known about Lincoln.
Sam said on 30/Nov/12
As a matter of fact, DDL and Henry Fonda were right around the same height, as was another famous screen Lincoln, Raymond Massey. As a matter of fact, most people you look who have played Lincoln fall around the 6 foot to 6'1.5" mark. If these guys could have pulled it off than as gifted an actor as DDL would certain do the job too.
Patriot said on 29/Nov/12
Abe Lincoln was a towering figure. DDL doesn't have the stature. The man is a fine actor, but why did he select the voice he uses for Lincoln? And the director filmed DDL looking short in the saddle and short in the halls of the White House. I think Henry Fonda's Young Lincoln is supurb filming,acting and story telling. This DDL Lincoln?... Glory Be, it's me, not Mr. Lincoln.
alan said on 18/Nov/12
but abe licoln was 6.4 i think so hes not far off
will-free said on 30/Sep/12
Just saw Daniel Day-Lewis on the Acela train going from D.C. to NYC. He's got great posture and he's at least 6'2" tall.
Duhon said on 10/Sep/12
How do you feel about him playing abe licoln in the upcoming film? Do you think with the right shoes i suppose he could give his stature justice?
jtm said on 3/Sep/12
he wasn't in dark shadows.
SciFiSi said on 3/Sep/12
If you've seen Dark Shadows he looks really short
MR.HEIGHT said on 25/Jan/12
strong 6' 1". he should play lee van cleefs character (ryan) when they remake death rides a horse. cuz you know sooner or later they will. epic actor.
Ras_ said on 11/Jan/12
He doesn't have the best posture,usually slauches a bit.He did look around 6'2 especially when he was younger.Now he might be 185/6cm. as listed,but nothing below that.If he gives the impression of being 6' its due to bad posture.
maio said on 10/Jan/12
he's in the 6 ft 1 in range. Sincerly i think he's 6 ft 1 in/185 cm but he could be 6 ft 0.75 in...
ddl said on 2/Jan/12
he is tall its odvious in every movie he participates...whats so weird about that??
maio said on 5/Dec/11
Daniel Day Lewis is 6 ft 1 in/185 cm.
carceraci said on 26/Nov/11
I really doubt he is even as tall as 6 feet. This is the most off height I've seen on this sight..
LAN Jiao said on 29/Oct/11
He is 6'0.75 not more or less.
jake said on 5/Sep/11
You know good acting when you see it in that case Rampage. Day-Lewis is a superb actor, There Will Be Blood...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Sep/11
Could be 187cm. In most movies he looks near 6"2.
Best actor in the world, no debate.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Jul/11
I saw a picture of him with sacha baron cohen and he looks 6 cms shorter! i think he's no more than 185!
Terryman said on 22/Jun/11
for some strange reason i always think 'james bond' when i hear his name!
Sam said on 31/May/11
Rob, didn't Day Lewis say at one point that he was 6'1.5"?

Editor Rob
if someone knows where or when it'd be useful.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/May/11
He looked 6"1.5 or 6"2 in Last of the Mohicans and Gangs of New York....I think 187cm is possible
Toby said on 25/Apr/11
The only big name hollywood actor who doesn't need to lie about his height? Btw can't believe he is so tall! He looks a man of average height in his films.
jtm said on 25/Apr/11
nothing under 6'1 for sure.
Lenad said on 23/Apr/11
I think this is a pretty accurate estimate from what ive seen in movies and lookin at pics
Lenad said on 22/Apr/11
I wouldnt argue anything under 6'1 mark. In Gangs of New York and There will be blood he looks taller than most other guys he walks past. Not by a huge margin but sill noticeably.
Tmann said on 19/Apr/11
Umm Dave. Lincoln was not 6ft 5. I grew up up and live in Springfield Il. his home and the pres. Museum is here. He was 6ft 4. And that could b generous in my opinion. There are life size statues everywhere here. I'm only .5" shorter. I know they're statues lol. But I'm a tad over 6' 2". Btw Dd Lewis was here a few months back researching for the film. Seems like a very modest fellow
Johan Cruyff said on 10/Apr/11
Daniel Day Lewis's heights are:

Morning (out of bed)= 6'1.5" (1.86, 7 m)
After 1,5-3 hrs= 6'1.1" (1.85,7 m)
After 5-10 hrs= 6'0.75" (1.84, 7 m)

Great UK actor isn't over 1.86-1.87 m out of bed!
Toby said on 4/Apr/11
Why does he never look as tall as he really is in his movies? Must be because of his thin build.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Feb/11
Looks 186-187cm
Lenad said on 11/Jan/11
nah he's 6'1 range always has been
Dave said on 8/Jan/11
He's probably 6'2, Lewis will play 6'5 Abraham Lincoln who was quite lanky as well. Great casting call, grade A Actor.
Michael said on 12/Dec/10
6'2" out of bed that's for sure.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/10
Rob is 188cm possible for this guy?
Hugh 190cm said on 7/Jun/09
Did look close to 6ft2 in Gangs of New York. He's quite slim so that might give a taller illusion. Still, the guy's no less than 6ft1. 187cm is very possible. Maybe even 188cm peak?
Lenad said on 6/Jun/09
Strong 6ft1. I personally think 186-187cm
vikr09 said on 6/Jun/09
A strong 6'1 seems about right. And yeah, definitely the greatest actor in the world on his day/in his film! 1.85 m -1.87 m was my guess to begin with, just from watching him in his movies.
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
70 dollars on a strong 6'1 30 dollars on a weak 6'2
yoyo said on 3/Jun/09
The Ballad of Jack and Rose he looks everywhere from 6ft1 range..
Lenad said on 3/Jun/09
If Glenn says that Daniel seems 6'1 sometimes and sometimes seems 6'2 then that should make Daniel a strong 6ft1 possibly a weak 6ft2. I personally think hes 186-187cm
Lenad said on 1/Jun/09
186-187cm is what I saw in gangs of New York
Lenad said on 29/May/09
I'd go for at least 6ft1 from watching Gangs of New York.
James said on 13/May/09
He doesen't really look over 6'1 in the new pic with glenn
glenn said on 12/May/09
seemed 6-1,sometimes 6-2.i cant figure him out.
James said on 11/May/09
Glenn he looks about seven inches taller than you in the above picture. Would that make him around 6'3?
Lenad said on 20/Apr/09
Looks 186cm maybe 187
DejaVu said on 17/Apr/09
Wow glenn he looks at least 6 ft 2 in your picture. Did he have a pavement advantage?
thekiddd said on 3/Apr/09
claimed 6 foot 1 and 1/2 inch. Can't be 6 foot 1 if that's his claim.
D said on 22/Mar/09
He looked about 6'1" in TWBB.
Rani said on 16/Mar/09
I'm pretty sure Daniel's height is 6 feet 1.25 inches.
Zach #2 said on 23/Feb/09
Rex says on 15/Feb/09
in there will be blood he doesnt look that tall at all....I thought he looked around 5'10"

are you serious?..........DDL looked a solid 6'2 in TWBB
Rex said on 15/Feb/09
in there will be blood he doesnt look that tall at all....I thought he looked around 5'10"
talldude said on 11/Feb/09
He looked very tall in gangs of new york
Hugh said on 2/Feb/09
I thought he looked like 6ft2-6ft3 in Gangs of New York.
Lenad said on 31/Jan/09
In gangs of new york he looks a solid 6ft1.
sam said on 7/Dec/08
shrunk, nah. I'll bet he's always been 6'1.5
Hugh said on 27/Nov/08
Definately a 6ft1.5 and may very well have been 6ft2 in his prime. I see this guy at least once very two months. Sure he does look 6ft1 tops with Glenn but his posture is horrendous. One hell of an actor.
Zach said on 2/Aug/08
i'd say Day-Lewis is a good 6ft 1.5" maybe 6ft 2", but i know in "my beautiful laundrette" he looked very tall, almost 6ft 3/4" if thats true, my guess he has shrunk as he's gotten older.

the best actor alive!
sam said on 1/Aug/08
Aime, you bumped into daniel plainview at the deli, lol
RZA said on 20/Jun/08
Dang Glenn, he looks emaciated. You should have offered him a sandwhich. That ain't healthy.
Aimie said on 31/May/08
he is my neighbor here in soho (nyc) and he certainly looks 6'2" when i bump into him at the deli.
sam said on 24/May/08
the way he looks here, the better caption for the photo would be 5ft8 glenn with Daniel Plainview. Lol
Kathy said on 2/May/08
Daniel is at least 6'2". Here is an excerpt from the man who helped train him load and shoot his rifle in LOTM.
***Watching Daniel work with his trainer that morning only confirmed what I has suspected. Daniel takes his training very seriously. Besides his build (6'2" or so and sinewy) which promotes athletic agility, he was, at the time of the movie, a very compulsive runner--averaging 9-15 miles at a time. And he took his training for the woodsman role with the same determination which he approached his running.

Although I was averaging four miles a run at the time of the movie, I would have died trying to keep the pace which Daniel did on a routine basis in his brightly colored tights and athletic shirt. He only inspired me to push my pace farther and faster. I was supposed to inspire him to handle his rifle like a woodsman, but he, in just a few minutes, inspired me to train even harder. But at the same time, I also realized, and still do, that at 5'10" I will always be handicapped to a degree against the likes of him. Plus, Daniel had no obligations except himself at the time of the movie. If one is single--training can last all afternoon if you wish.***
Hugh said on 24/Apr/08
He's 6ft2. Quite tall in person and the finest actor of his generation.
glenn said on 21/Apr/08
i have one more.
Hugh said on 20/Apr/08
Hey Glenn, could you put those two pics up.
Hugh said on 1/Apr/08
Lives just down the road from me. I sometimes see him walking by. Seems 6ft2ish. And yes, the greatest actor of his generation. Gave an inspirational performance in There Will be Blood
glenn said on 18/Mar/08
thanks bd.i have 2 with him.nearly 3.
BD said on 17/Mar/08
Glenn, you've have pics with virtually every A-list celebrity, but this one is particularly impressive because he's something of a recluse. Nice one.
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/08
to me, he looks like a solid 6'2. the greatest actor of his generation
Ed said on 8/Mar/08
Looks an easy 6ft1! In There Will Be Blood he looked even taller at times 6ft2-3! In Gangs of New York he wasn't too much shorter than Liam Neeson(6ft4, who's most likely now around 6ft3 or so.
glenn said on 5/Mar/08
g-mann-exactly.thank you.gary can be a little irritating,if its who i think it is.also thanks for the info on his background.
Gary said on 28/Feb/08
My eye level is 5'9.5 so he looks about 2 inches away from me, and im 6'2 barefoot, he would be 6'0 even, im 6'3.5 with shoes
ER. said on 26/Feb/08
Looked an easy 6-1 1/4 at this years academy awards. Actually, I was quite shocked to read here that he is not taller.
G-MANN said on 17/Feb/08
I'd love to meet him to see what he is really like in person, providing he isn't "in character" working on a film. I don't think he's quite as weird or unapproachable as he's generally made-out to be. But I'm talking about a proper meeting, if I saw him in the street I think I'd leave him alone (I'm not really into autographs).
G-MANN said on 17/Feb/08
Daniel Day-Lewis is probably very anti-celebrity, he's certainly a very private person, he's the most hardcore, dedicated name actor around today who never does stuff for the money and never phones in a performance.
Matt said on 8/Feb/08
These claims of 5'10" are ridiculous. DDL is an easy 6'1", if not 6'2". Watch Gangs of New York and you'll see him leading huge crowds of men and towering over the lot of them. There is no way somebody who is 5'10", or even 5'11" could look that lanky and dominating.
glenn said on 16/Jan/08
alot of these guys mellow out.some of the mellow guys once get tough.its gonna get to the point where daniel will be common every day trash as i or we call it.i was the first to get liam neeson too,who never posed, and now i have 3,and see him too often and nobody cares.actually,maybe its me.or liam doesnt sign.i saw him turn down autograph collectors right in front of me.but when i asked for the photo with,i got to pose with liam and his lovely wife.the collectors seemed stunned.
D. Ray Morton said on 15/Jan/08
Look at his posture compared to Glenn's. He is quite obviously hunched over, leaning in toward the camera. And Glenn is closer to the camera. Add to that a lowish camera angle and things will naturally look distorted.
G-MANN said on 15/Jan/08
"he was one of the toughest photos with to get he poses and signs up a storm.i have 2.almost least 6-1."

Is he mellowing in middle-age and no longer quite the same intense young method actor who seemed to loathe fame?
Josh said on 13/Jan/08
6'1?????? He looks like 5'11 damm
PaulG said on 12/Jan/08
don't see more than 6ft!
sam said on 11/Jan/08
CJ, Day-Lewis is dropping more height than Di Caprio was. If you see the two in Gangs of New York, Day-Lewis is about an inch taller than Di Caprio.
glenn said on 10/Jan/08
he was one of the toughest photos with to get he poses and signs up a storm.i have 2.almost least 6-1.
CJ said on 10/Jan/08
If Daniel Day is 6 ft 1.25, you used heels to take that picture, cause he is just 7 or 8 cm taller than you..In Your photo with dicaprio, dicaprio looks at least 9 or 10 cm taller than you!183/4 to Day, or 175/6 to Glenn
Gago said on 10/Jan/08
Guys, please pay more attention, one: Glenn is closer to the camera,two: Daniel doesn't force posture, at the Critic's Choice Awards and afterparty he was 2 inches taller than Javier Bardem, almost 3 inches on Clooney, and made Penn look like a little man.
Ian said on 10/Jan/08
He looks 5ft 11 here but I would say 6ft due to his bad posture here. I am in his range of height around 5'11-6ft on a good day and I appear that much taller than a 5ft 8 guy and I tend to lower my head to look down because I generally one of the taller people. Saying that I can't see what he is wearing or how much he is stooping so he could be 6ft 1.25, Glenn would know best.Dmeyer you don't grow in height by tilting your head up. Just shows you how hard it is to judge from a photo.
Atoadaso said on 9/Jan/08
4 inches on Glenn. 6'0" it seems. His hat makes him appear a little taller.
AAAA said on 9/Jan/08
I'm shocked you actually got this guy glenn. He seems like an odd character in every interview I have seen or read on him. Truly great actor, but a bit of a nut, kinda like Deniro
dmeyer said on 9/Jan/08
looks barely 6'0 but it is posture
nick said on 9/Jan/08
looks about 5 inches taller than glenn

5'10 is rediculous antin
Antin said on 9/Jan/08
looks 5'10-5'11
Gago said on 9/Jan/08
Saw him at the Critic's Choice, could be 187cm, between 6'1.5-6'1.75.
dmeyer said on 9/Jan/08
glenn is over is eyer level so 5'9.5 for glenn
kol said on 9/Jan/08
Gleen, do you think he,s 6'1 (185 cm), because no offends, but he looks 5'11 at least in the night.
glenn said on 9/Jan/08
my friends say he is 6-2.
D. Ray Morton said on 9/Jan/08
IMHO he's in the top three of actors currently working. One of the very best. Looks like he could be over 6'1" if he were standing up straight (which he clearly is not).
glenn said on 9/Jan/08
yes,he is in the top 5 or 10 most respected today or ever maybe.maybe in the top 20 for long haul.i didnt realise he lived in new york city.
glenn said on 9/Jan/08
i have another where he is taller than no heels.he is at least 6-1.extremely difficult years ago.alot nicer now.i couldve obtained a 3rd pic just a couple of days ago.

Editor Rob
he's one of the top actors around, he must slouch a bit here
miko said on 9/Jan/08
Looks 6"0 flat here. Unless Glenn has lifts lol ;).
Tom said on 5/Jan/08
I'm watching "Last of the Mohicans," now. He doesn't appear taller than 5'10". Schwarzenneger is 186, there's no way he's as tall as Schwarzenneger.
JohnDorian said on 1/Dec/07
I am in agreement with Anonymous - in regards to "Gangs of New York," Daniel Day Lewis looked about the same height (even smaller, at times) as Leonardo DiCaprio. I would pin him at roughly six foot or quite possibly 5'11" - assuming DiCaprio is as he seems at 5'11.5" (182cm). Nonetheless, Daniel Day Lewis is far from the 6' 1.25" Rob has him listed as.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/07
This guy doesnt look any more than 6 foot, he isnt much taller than Dicaprio in GONY, but it doesn't matter, hes the best actor ever!
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/07
this guy is and irish legend and yes 186 sounds rite
bikagyura said on 14/Apr/07
Would that make Eric Schweig (Last Of The Mohicans) 6' 1½" or would you still think he is 6' 2", Rob?
Jason said on 25/Dec/06
Yeah, 185 or 186. Thinking again, I think I would list him at 186.
Jason said on 24/Dec/06
What made you change his height? lol. Yeah, he looks 6-1. Not over it or under it.

Editor Rob
I think 186 fitted him closer
Jason said on 26/Sep/06
Yes, because one couldn't possibly gauge the difference between an inch and half an inch when comparing him to someone else of similar height...

I'm guessing that's Danimal, Rob?
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/06
Excuse me,but I find that amusing. It's just like if somebody would say after seeing a large group of people "I don't think they are 25, 24 at most".

haha I agree.
Jason said on 23/Apr/06
Ayreon: Not the same thing. :)
Ed said on 22/Apr/06
I haven't seen the movie in a while, but in Gangs of new York I thought there was only a 2 inch difference between Neeson and Lewis, and I'm starting to think Neeson is more like 6ft3 these days. 6ft1 sounds right!
Jason said on 3/Jan/06
6'1''/185cm would be my estimate for him. IMO he doesn't look more than this. I think he was just innocently slightly off on his height when he said 6'1 1/2''.
elvoys said on 5/Nov/05
yeah but when stabbs liam neeson close up in gangs of ny he looks a good bit smaller - lucky if bigger then 6'?

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