How tall is Dave East

Dave East's Height

6ft 4 ¾ (194.9 cm)

David Brewster, Jr. is American Rapper. When a fan asked him how tall he was, Dave said he was "6'5".

How tall is Dave East
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Average Guess (55 Votes)
6ft 4.66in (194.7cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jun/23
Expecting this guy to claim 6ft6 or 6ft7...surprised really.

Reasonable claim
Lav said on 14/May/22
One of the more honest rappers

IceCold said on 31/Mar/22
Needs downgrade to at least 6'4 1/2. Click Here
Click Here
mori said on 19/Oct/21
Click Here Not the best photo but here is Dave with 6'6 1/4 barefoot Kenneth Faried who is listed at 6'8" but is probably 6'7" range in shoes. Dave looks a strong 6'4 1/2 although i dont think theres a full 2 inches between the two camera angle is not the best it favours dave since hes closer
Canson said on 15/Aug/21
@Editor Rob:

Looks the same at best as Colin Kapernick. Considering Kap was likely not at a low when he was measured at 6’4 5/8, East is probably 6’4.5” too. Christian posted this picture a while back

Click Here
Editor Rob
without knowing footwear, they can look very close there, accounting for position.
Canson said on 14/Aug/21
@Mori: maybe 6’4 5/8”
mori said on 12/Aug/21
East with 6'2 5/8 Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace. He looks about 2 inches taller I think. What do you guys think? Id give him 6'4 3/4
recapa said on 18/Apr/21
194.5-195cm range.
Canson said on 17/Feb/21
I’d go with 6’4.5”. Even in boots in the pic above he doesn’t quite give the full 6’5 impression. I would say a weak 6’5 range is more like it but on the lower end of weak. Can look 6’4 range quite often too
Realist said on 8/Nov/20
I will give him 6'5
FriedChicken said on 15/Oct/20
He'd be shorter than Kobe most definitely so i say 6'4 1/2.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 25/May/20
@DP276 194 is too low, 194.9cm as listed is good.
DP276 said on 17/Apr/20
He’s a really very tall guy and one of the tallest rappers in the industry. He gets 194 cm from me, which is around 6’4.5.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jan/19
6'4 1/2 not less maybe 6'4 5/8.
Definitely Not Nick said on 12/Jan/19
Rob, how tall is Kevin Gates?

Click Here

Is 6'0-6'1"reasonable?
Editor Rob
In that photo I'd expect him to measure over 6ft. How much? Possibly half inch or so, if the ground is flat.
Canson said on 17/Sep/18
I doubt he’s more than 194-194.5 tops
Canson said on 22/May/18
@Christian: that would actually be feasible between them. I’d put Snoop about 191-192 max and East maybe my height or maybe 1/2 cm taller
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 17/May/18

Snoop had some footwear disadvantage as well as not standing as straight. If everything was equal the difference would look nothing more than an inch. Click Here
Anonynouss said on 15/May/18
He looks taller than snoop Dogg in his latest ig post. Easily 6'5.
Canson said on 25/Apr/18
193 or 194. Could be as high as 6’4.5 but no less than about 6’4.25
Canson said on 4/Mar/18
Actually with Durant looks 193-194
Canson said on 16/Dec/17
@Christian: I notice how it’s always shorter guys who try to encourage someone to want to be taller. Like if I would say 6’4 1/2 I had a couple 5’6 and 5’7 guys tell me say 6’5 or even another person who is solid 6’4 like slightly shorter than me try with me and my friend your height to inflate. He would tell my 6’5 friend well you’re 6’6” in shoes. Surprisingly someone my height doesn’t realize that there’s no benefit to being any taller than we are yet inflating people still I never get it
Canson said on 15/Dec/17
@Christian: agreed! You’re still within a decent range being you’re down around 196 at a low. Anything maybe where it’s over 197 at most 198 at a low is pushing it imho.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 1/Dec/17

Good point, I really don't feel the need or want to be any taller than what I am either.
Canson said on 30/Nov/17
@Christian: likely is my height or thereabouts maybe a little shorter or taller and either rounded up on an early measurement in the day maybe a couple hours up or is counting shoes. I guess i think differently in that once your this height there is no added benefit in claiming higher. Nothing wrong with 6’5” as i don’t have any issues first thing out of bed either but i would surely not want to be 6’6” for a large portion of the day.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 30/Nov/17
5 inches shorter than 6'9.25" Kevin Durant Click Here Dave honestly looks 6'4" range with everyone including Carmelo, Kaepernick and Charlamagne. I have yet to see even one pic where Dave looks a legit 6'5"
Nik said on 28/Nov/17
He doesn't look it in the above picture, but that is just an illusion'
Canson said on 27/Nov/17
Grant hill is 6’7” range barefoot 6’8” in shoes
Guess said on 27/Nov/17
Lillard is listed at 6’3”. 6’5”
Pshan said on 21/Nov/17
Dave is not 5'9.. he is alot taller than Chris Brown and he is 6'1... So he does look around 6'5
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 15/Oct/17
He looks a bit shorter than Colin Kaepernick who's 194cm. I know it's hard to tell Colin's height exactly because of the huge afro, but you can see that Dave's eye's are a bit lower than Colin's. Click Here Dave could be around 6'4"-6'4.5", or 6'4.5" if footwear disadvantage, but either way Dave's not 6'5".
Nick92 said on 12/Oct/17
Rob I think he is less than this because he is shorter than Colin kapernick
Rapper 6'7 said on 27/Sep/17
This guy's got to be a strong 6'5 or weak 6'6. Here he is looking the same height as 6'8 listed Grant Hill. Click Here
PewDiePie fan said on 20/Sep/17
Rob how tall do you think quavo is he blowing up in a youtube video in court when arrested and asked his height he claimed 6ft1 but he only looks 5ft11 what do you think
feez said on 16/Sep/17
What is your estimation for G Herbo Rob ? I've read 5'9"5 and 5'11 for him. Probably in that range.
Editor Rob
not so familiar with him yet
Canson said on 15/Sep/17
Guys Christian is 6'5 his lowest so he can tell what a 6'5 guy looks like. I mean the difference from 6'4.5 especially at night to 6'5" isn't all that resounding. It's not even noticeable. If he wears a pair of Jordan's or boots he would be 6'5.75-6'6 so he could easily pass for 6'5 if someone else even has 1/4" difference in shoe. You can't assume that when even the most honest person clsims 6'5", that isn't claiming a shoe height, really is that in the afternoon. A lot of people round half inch or could be rounded to 1/2" by a doctor or nurse from maybe .4" then round up to 6'4.5 then say they're 6'5". Look st all the people who said Joe mangisnello is 6'5" when rob had him listed that way then others said he didn't look it and even pics and rob even said he looked close to 6'5" and gave him the benefit of the doubt then now has him at 6'4.75. Max, a poster here who measures 6'5.5 at night said he met Joe and had him by about an inch so he could even be 194 or 195 either or. This is not to say this guy isn't 6'5" legit because we don't know but just because a basketball roster has him 6'6" doesn't mean he is. Jordan is 6'4.5 yet listed 6'6" as is a guy like Kobe 6'4.75 and listed 6'6" throw in Michael redd who is somewhere around there (listed 6'4.75 but more likely 194 range next to Kobe). I mean look at Howard stern he is a legit 6'5" this guy doesn't look as tall as him. Stern is one of the very few other than maybe Peter Hermann and maybe a peak John Cleese who all could've cleared 6'5 or touched it at their lowest. Keep in mind he was an athlete at one point. Typically athletes measure earlier than later in the day and even claim shoes. Not saying he claims shoes but the possibility of measuring 6'4.5 is a good one for him and 6'5" morning height

@6'7 Rapper: Kenneth Farieds pre draft is only a solid 6'6" barefoot. That also is likely a morning height but I wouldn't put Faried below prob 6'5.5 worst case. He doesn't look as tall as Melo who really is 6'6.25. But that shows this guy isn't likely his height either
Frost said on 15/Sep/17
Looking at that Karlie Kloss pic I think I can buy that 6'0.75 Canson.

And with all of that in kind Dave looks more 6'4.5 than anything else.
Canson said on 15/Sep/17
@Rapper6'7: by the way I played college ball as well and was measured (or at least told) I was measured 6'4.5 (morning measurement freshman year then grew a tiny fraction to where I'm near it at my lowest). Then was 6'4.75 at morning the next time then 6'4.5 another time (assuming maybe it was afternoon gen because I didn't become as aware until I came to this site). I've always just claimed 6'4.5 then found out I'm 6'4.33 at night. I can even come down on a day I go to the gym regularly to 6'4.25. I was listed at 6'6" for the majority of my college career with the exception of when I first got there I was listed 6'5" because that's how I was listed in high school. I got bumped to 6'6" after the first few games though. Another guy on my team is 6'5.5-.75 and was listed 6'7 (still claims it too). He's only 3cm or so taller than me as was a 6'6 or so guy prob 198-199 (Melo's height) that was listed 6'8". You aren't always inflated only one inch often it's more and take into account if you're measured like I was During a 6am practice prob more like 630 where I was only up for about an hour at that point. Keep in mind that Jalen Rose measured at the draft combine 6'6" and was listed 6'8" in college and the pros. Same can be said about Caron butler who I've also played against and ran into when he played for the Wizards and is still 6'5-6'5.25 after being listed 6'7" in the NBA.

only way Melo grew is if that was somehow a morning height for him. I Stood right next to him almost 2 years back at a restaurant (he was with his wife and others). I am 193.9 cm at my lowest and both of us had on dress shoes. Everyone there including my wife said he's only 1.5-2" taller than me so he's not above 6'6.25 probably not under 6'6" and likely could be in between at his lowest. My cousin has also met him and didn't think he was over 6'6 either and he's 6'2.5. That's also how he looks with 6'4.75 Kobe Bryant and with amare stoudemire and KMart. The latter are 6'8.75 barefoot combine measurement and edge him 2-3". Keep in mind combines are usually in the morning so you can deduct a cm or half inch but I don't think that is the case with Melo. He looked an afternoon height when I met him so my guess is that the measurements were done in the afternoon back then. I have also met and played ball against Keith Bogans who was drafted in the same class as him as well as Kirk Hinrich. Bogans for sure is near my height maybe a tiny fraction shorter no less than 6'4". Hinrich could look 2" shorter than me so maybe he's 6'2.5 not .75 is my guess but both looked near enough to their pre drafts as they could've been a bit shorter and rounded up to 1/4 or 3/4.
Sam said on 14/Sep/17
Christian you literally just proved my point. Now you think he's 6'4.5 after seeing another photo. See what happens when you look at more than one picture and stop making premature assumptions?
Zack said on 14/Sep/17
How tall is Damian Lillard really? He is listed as 6'3" but he doesn't even look taller than Karlie kloss who is according to this site 6'1.5" Click Here
Chase said on 14/Sep/17
Click Here

Lmao Karlie Kloss is 6'1.5 and she looks about 1.5-1.75 inches taller there. No way in hell is damian lilliard 6'1.75.

Dave East looks 6'4.5-6'5
Rapper 6'7 said on 13/Sep/17
He also used to play college basketball and his listed height was 6'6. Definitely measured in shoes so his barefoot height is most likely 6'5. Click Here
Rapper 6'7 said on 13/Sep/17
Carmelo Anthony was measured 6'6.25 as an 18 year old, he's clearly grown since then, because be doesn't look an inch shorter than 6'7.25 measured lebron. I'd give Melo a solid 6'6.75 at least without shoes. Dave east is about an inch and a half shorter than Melo so I'd say he's a solid 6'5. Also looks very close in height to 6'8 Kenneth Varied so a solid 6'5 barefoot would be my guess.
Canson said on 13/Sep/17
He looks more my height. He can look an honest 194cm guy with Carmelo. As Christian highlighted that is Melo's barefoot height. In person he may dip to 6'6" or a hair over at night but that still puts East at 194cm range so 6'4.5 is a good shout. I mean at that stage a 6'4 1/2" guy typically "may" decide to round up to 6'5". I mean if he measured in the morning he likely is close to 6'5" even an hour out of bed and likely right at or over it waking up first thing. That's all 6'5" means in this context not that that is actually his lowest

@Frost: I'd have actually said 6'0.75 for Lilliard. His pre draft doesn't line up with how the others can look such as Wesley Matthews. Not to mention some of those point guards such as Wall CP3 to name a couple look an inch shorter they're pre draft states. I can say the same about curry but likely he is just a morning measurement that was maybe rounded up to 6'2 as he looks a strong 6'1" still. None of these guys is as tall as Westbrook tho and Russ always looks the exact height Rob lists him from his pre draft 6'2.25 esp compared to a guy like Caron Butler who I have met as well and can attest that he too looks around his pre draft height 6'5.25 (looked a solid 196cm at worst doesn't dip under 6'5)
Canson said on 13/Sep/17
He looks more my height. He can look an honest 194cm guy with Carmelo. As Christian highlighted that is Melo's barefoot height. In person he may dip to 6'6" or a hair over at night but that still puts East at 194cm range so 6'4.5 is a good shout. I mean at that stage a 6'4 1/2" guy typically "may" decide to round up to 6'5". I mean if he measured in the morning he likely is close to 6'5" even an hour out of bed and likely right at or over it waking up first thing. That's all 6'5" means in this context not that that is actually his lowest
Frost said on 12/Sep/17
Honestly Lillard needs his own page. I promise you he's barely 6'1.

Click Here

Click Here

He and Derrick Rose are both wearing the same Adidas boosts in different styles and it's a stage. About as perfect a comparison as you can get.
feez said on 12/Sep/17
Rob,what is your estimation for Offset ?
Editor Rob
not sure yet
feez said on 12/Sep/17
Carmelo Anthony is actually about 6'5"-6'6" nothing more. So he stay like 6'3 or 6'3 at best.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 12/Sep/17
@Rapper 6'7

Carmelo's actually 6'6.25" like he was measured at the pre draft Click Here and Dave looks about 1.75" shorter, so 6'4.5" for Dave. I might've underestimated by saying he was 6'4", because he didn't look over 6'4" next to Charlamange Tha God.
MD said on 12/Sep/17
I'm surprised how short Lillard looks there.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 11/Sep/17

You can clearly see their shoes, posture and even ground level. And no camera angle advantage either. Click Here The pic with Dave and Charlmange is very clear. I stick to quality over quantity when it comes to pics. One good, clear pic is better than a 100 terrible pics with distorted camera angles, bad posture, and without visible footwear. Dave looking 9.5 inches taller than Charlamange (10 inches due to less footwear) in a very clear and definitive pic is enough to convince me he's 6'4".
KH said on 11/Sep/17
Frost, Damon Lillard measured a fraction below 6'2 at the NBA combine barefoot. He is at least two inches taller then Chris Paul. Brewster looks significantly taller, at least two incheas and change, then Lillard so yeah he is about 6'5.
Rapper 6'7 said on 11/Sep/17
Click Here
Here's him next to 6'8 listed Carmelo, he almost looks as tall as him. He's easily 6'5.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/17
Click Here
Here's him next to 6'8 listed Carmelo, he almost looks as tall as him. He's easily 6'5.
travis said on 10/Sep/17
bruh he is 6'5 i seen the pictures
feez said on 10/Sep/17
Well, look at him next to 21 savage who is nothing more than 6ft he can't be 6'5. That's a 6'3 or 6'4 guy a best
feez said on 10/Sep/17
he looks 6'3 on most pictures
Sam said on 10/Sep/17
Christian has it ever occurred to you that perhaps just one photo isn't an accurate reflection of someone's height? Some pictures you'll look taller, some shorter. In that picture you can hardly definitively tell me that Dave East is 10-10.5 inches taller than Charlemagne, and that's assuming that Charlemagne is 5'6. I think a large issue on this site is people thinking two pictures, where a variety of factors like posture, shoes, angles can wield influence, can easily depict someone's unarguable height.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 10/Sep/17
Dave's just another 6'4" guy that claims to be 6'5". He's 10 inches taller than Charlamagne. Kind of annoys me when people do that, particularly because I'm a legit strong 6'5". People like Dave distort the perception and devalue a true 6'5".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Sep/17
The other guy looks about 6ft2
5ft10guy said on 10/Sep/17
Wow he is a legit huge guy.
Frost said on 9/Sep/17
Damian Lillard has been routinely listed at 6'3 but he's hardly even an inch taller than cp3 and has at times looked taller than Kyle Lowry.

He's more than likely a flat 6'1

Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 8/Sep/17
He's 6'4-6'4.5", not 6'5". Look at him with 5'6" Charlemange Tha God. Click Here
faza said on 8/Sep/17
How Tall would you guess the other guy in that pic then 6'0 range?
Editor Rob
he was measured 6ft 1.75 barefoot I believe.

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