How tall is Dave Legeno

Dave Legeno's Height

6ft 3 (190.5 cm)

English Fighter turned Actor best remembered for playing Fenrir Greyback in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince/Deathly Hallows, and for roles in Centurion, The Raven and Snow White and the Huntsman.

How tall was Dave Legeno
5ft 8 Rob and Dave (1963 - 2014) @ Collectormania, 2013

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Average Guess (46 Votes)
6ft 2.79in (190cm)
Sh0ckeh said on 1/May/23
Looks like a decent 6'2.5 (189cm).
Charly95 said on 5/Mar/23
Darksol64 said on 21/Sep/22
To me he looks around Big Lewis' height next to Rob.

Would be really surprised if he measured an actual full 6'3 after being on his feet 5 hours. Really surprised.

My guess for this guy would range somewhere between 6'2.5 and 6'2.75 or possibly a solid 190 max. So I'm going to give him the benefit and agree with the average guess and say 6'2.75. Should wake up an easy 6'3 and a half so a 6'3 claim would still be totally legit, even if measuring slightly under.
Andrey200 said on 5/Jun/22
Solid 191
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
Guys, how you see 0.5 cm difference?
Andrea said on 9/Mar/22
Could be a good candidate for a 6'2.75 listing... Over 6'2.5, but not quite 6'3.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 3/Feb/22
Rob, who do you think got the edge, John Schneider or Dave? i'm leaning toward Dave ofc, what about you, Rob?
Editor Rob
It may be true if measured Dave could end up a little bit taller.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 14/Jan/22
legit 6'3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Oct/21
Roughly 6ft3, at worst an eighth shy of it
ChaosControl 189.3cm said on 5/Oct/21
Looks taller than I do with 5’8 range guy he’s at least 6’2 7/8
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jun/21
RJT, I think he'd edge both of those guys
RJT said on 14/Apr/21
Was he visibly taller than guys like Alastair Cook/Welling?

Editor Rob
I'd say seemed near 6ft 3 range in person, tall enough that I wouldn't have guessed him only 6ft 2-2.5 range.
Vincent Caleb said on 24/Jan/21
I think 6’3” is good. RIP
Jkiller said on 28/Sep/20
6'3 fits this guy well.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Sep/20
But he has a relatively small head for his size, so his facial proportions will be higher than average. He looks 190cm with Rob, all things considered.
184guy2 said on 7/Jul/20
Legit 6'3
Jordan87 said on 19/Feb/20
Dips slightly Under 6'3 for sure in the picture with Rob. Still he is easily taller than Guys like Brandon Routh and Tom Welling who are closer to 6'2.
viper said on 29/Sep/19
Top of Rob's head is even below his nose.

Gotta be 6-3
VelikiSrbin said on 23/Feb/19
6'2.75 but he may have lost a little in the pic
Peter 179cm said on 28/Dec/18
He probably was a fraction shy of 6'3,around 190cm.RIP..
Zampo said on 18/Nov/18
He looks 3 inches taller than myself based on the mugshot lines. Where the 5'8 & 5'10 lines come to his face are exactly where 5'5 and 5'8 would come on mine. I reckon his head size was larger. So wouldn't put him under 6'2.75. 6'3 looks OK.

RIP Dave.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/May/18
The Phelps brothers look 1.5-2cm shorter than Legeno.
Jordan87 said on 5/Mar/18
According to the Height Chart he barely misses 6'3. Probably 6'2.75. something like that. Tall Fellow.
tree said on 31/Dec/17
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/17
Real 6'2.5" guy. Start (taller than 95% people) for a very tall range.

Whaaat?this guy looks with Rob atleast 190cm
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/17
Real 6'2.5" guy. Start (taller than 95% people) for a very tall range.
Nik said on 27/Jul/17
@ Mark (5'9.5")

That's true Mark.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 26/Jul/17
Hiking alone is quite dangerous.
World Citizen said on 2/Jun/17
Looks 6 ft 2.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Nov/16
He does give a taller impression than the Phelps twins
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
Phelps twins literally look 1.5-2cm shorter than Dave Legeno
120 said on 22/Mar/15
Sorry he looks about 6'2"
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/15
Friggin huge bicep this guy have.. Looked 6'2.5 above
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/14
You should never hike alone...doesn't matter how fit you are.
Connor 183cm said on 3/Aug/14
Rob he's dead? how and when did he die? R.I.P great actor
Editor Rob
a couple of weeks ago, hiking in death valley and heat stroke got him unfortunately!
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jul/14
Wasn't it somewhere like that that James Cracknell got smacked by a passing lorry? That was somewhere in the desert in the southwest of the USA. I heard Dave was hiking through the desert. It's really asking for trouble walking through a desert for days on end! Fitness freaks like him and Cracknell though that's probably part of the buzz and challenge.
Editor Rob
sometimes you can be prepared and take precautions, but the elements can take their toll.
Tommo said on 16/Jul/14
Wow, so sad. Watched a few interviews with him recently, despite his tough appearance seemed like a really nice, family guy. RIP to him.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jul/14
Was shocked to hear about this weren't you Rob? Not one of those guys you'd expect, much like Paul Walker!! Just shows that we're all vulnerable!! Of course it might help avoiding Death Valley for starters. You'd have to be a crazy athlete to go running or climbing or whatever he was doing there!

Editor Rob
yes indeed! I avoid extreme sports or dangerous pursuits, but then driving a car is always a big risk itself...I don't like motorways, especially when other people are driving.
I actually don't mind Planes, I have no fear traveling by air as the risk is much smaller than cars.
Khalid said on 11/Jul/14
He passed away yesterday.
MD said on 19/Dec/13
Huh? His head looks as long as Rob's. Do they both have long heads, then?
Editor Rob
I'd say it was a little longer and close to 10 inches mark.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/13
That's one long ass head. Makes him look 6ft4.
Rob, is a fraction over 6ft3 possible or a fraction under?
Editor Rob
I would say just around 6ft 3 mark, there was a guy who is nearly 6ft 4 who was taller than him when he got his photo before me.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Sep/13
Yup, he's 6'4" on the height chart in Command Performance in footwear, but he looks half an inch taller than Dolph on it. Dolph looks 6'3.5"-6'3.75.
Connor 184cm said on 20/Aug/13
6ft 3 flat for Dave i think is spot on he looks it in this pic with rob. 6ft 2 1/2 is way too low he is a good example of what a 6ft 3 man should look like with a 5ft 8 man.
Tim said on 5/Jul/13
6 ft 2 1/4 Legeno is. A person 's height up to a little under another person's nose is about a 6 1/2 inch difference, so yeah.
otep90 said on 3/Jul/13
he looks 6'2'' (1.88m) or 6'1.5'' (1.87m)
cd said on 2/Jul/13
Maybe 6'2.75" (190 cm) would be nearer the mark.
76Inches said on 28/Jun/13
rule of thumb...the bottom of the nose is 6 inches from the top of the head. Give or take of course. I'm 6'4 and people that come up to the bottom of my nose are 5'10". Based on that, this dude appears in the 6'2-6'3 range.
teej said on 28/Jun/13
He does look a legit 6ft3.. Joe you cant tell how tall someone is by that, just because your underneath his bottom lip? That doesnt mean anything? People have different sized bodys and heads? For example im 6'1, and my uncle is 6'5 and im upto the botom of his nose, but my cousim is also 6'5 and im upto his lips, because my cousin has a longer body and smaller head. So my cousin looks taller, from my perspective, because of his body and head shape. By my uncle has a smaller body only just like (1cmm) but my uncles head is bigger. When they stand together they are both exactly the same height. You can only compare height if two people are both standing erect or slouching in a similar posture, and see the inches of difference from the top ones head to the top of the others head.
Larc 74in said on 18/Jun/13
He's clearly over 6'2 but not quite 6'3, I see 6'2.75.
Joe said on 17/Jun/13
My friend is exactly 6'3.5 & im underneath his bottom lip. This guy is exactly 6'2. Oh and im 5'8 on the dot.
Mike said on 11/Jun/13
Looks like Rob comes up to the bottom of his nose probably about a 6.5-7 inch difference
Bole said on 8/Jun/13
I think he's 6'2.5. He has a footwear advantage remember.
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Jun/13
Looks between 6'2.5 and 6'3, near enough to 6'3 to claim it! Rob, did he claim a height?
Editor Rob
he was 6ft 3 as a fighter, as an actor he has been called 6ft 3 and 4.
Moke said on 7/Jun/13
A guy the height of Rob comes right under my nose and I'm max. 6'2''. So is this guy. Maybe 6'2.5''...
Josh B said on 7/Jun/13
@Johno Clearly Joe is 2" taller, anyone can see that if you lower the screen and compare.
Johno said on 6/Jun/13
He looks same height with Manganiello Rob.That's another proof that Joe isn't 6'5".
LG69 said on 5/Jun/13
There is a 7" difference, maybe a bit more. If their shoes are equal, he's a solid 6'3".
Editor Rob
he's got a slight advantage, but it's a small amount
sweetie said on 1/Jun/13
He defines "intimidating bloke", just looks a hard knock doesn't he. Looks 190 to me.
lelman said on 1/Jun/13
Weak 6'3", but definitely a big guy. Agree with Arch, Wouldn't dispute his height to his face haha.
Arch Stanton said on 31/May/13
He defines "intimidating bloke", just looks a hard knock doesn't he. Looks 190 to me.
jtm said on 31/May/13
solid 6'3
avi said on 30/May/13
yep 7 inches exactly. no more though
Mathew said on 30/May/13
6'3" is fair in this photo next to Rob.
Mathew said on 30/May/13
Yeah he looks about to me 6'3" here. Possibly 6'2.5".
Yannis 181 night time said on 30/May/13
solid tall imposing guy

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