How tall is Devon Aoki

Devon Aoki's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American Actress and model known for roles in Sin City, DOA: Dead or Alive and 2 Fast 2 Furious. In a interview, when asked whether her height ever went against her, she said "Do you know what? I have no idea why it hasn't. I'm 5'5". I'm the shortest. I'm even shorter than Kate."

How tall is Devon Aoki
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How tall is Devon Aoki
Malin Akerman and Devon
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How tall is Devon Aoki
Anna Walton & Devon
Photo by s_bukley/

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Average Guess (20 Votes)
5ft 4.38in (163.5cm)
Zhanna said on 6/Jul/22
Rob is it true that 163 cm is average female's height? What do you think?
Editor Rob
it's within the average range
vaken said on 28/Apr/21
I think she’s 5'5
Ferris said on 14/Dec/20
Yo Rob, Could u add her to Martial Artists Category?

She's in a lot of MA Action Films.
ouh said on 12/May/19
How tall is steve Aoki?
Littlelee168cm said on 22/Feb/19
Not sure her brothers even 5ft 9 his wife model tiernan cowling is listed 5ft 9 and she's taller than him when both in trainers he could be about 5ft 8
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Jan/19

Her brother Steve is only 5'9", which is average for a guy. I don't know about her other family members though.
Nik said on 1/Jan/19
@ Christian 6'5 3/8" - If Devon is the shortest of the bunch at 5'5" then overall they are a tall bunch! Devon is above average herself!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Dec/18

How so? 5'5" isn't tall.
Nik said on 29/Dec/18
Goodness they're a tall bunch!
MAD SAM said on 3/Jul/18
161.5 cm max height, downgrade required Rob
Junior Hernandez said on 2/Feb/18
She was say to be shortest supermodel at 161cm so i think 5'3.5" would be her barefoot height. 5'5 seem too high.

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Marine said on 4/Oct/17
Anja Konstantinova is 5.4 and model without born into rich family. Charlotte Free also short, she is over 5.5.
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
@losdako - because she's from a famous family. See previous posts :)
M said on 2/Oct/15
She looks like 1.62m and it is her maximum morning height.
losdako said on 4/Sep/15
How come she is 165 and she's a model?? reallyy??
fray said on 6/Aug/15
She's actually a little over 5'4" but rounds up to 5'5"
@Peruna - you are correct. Famous surnames are an "in" no matter the height(Cara D, Jagger) or age (Carla Bruni started in her 20's). 5'8" and below...great face or very long limbs/good walk or a photog's darling
M said on 4/Aug/15
She is 1.60m, and Moss is only 1.65m - they were real exceptions in Fashion World.
SK said on 7/Jun/15
She really doesn't have the face or body/height for modeling. The only reason why she was able to get into the business is that her father was the owner of Benihana and she knew Kate Moss.
katie666 said on 21/May/15
shes gorgeous
TJE said on 6/Nov/14
Rob, how tall do you think her brother Steve is?
Editor Rob
maybe in 5ft 10 range
peruna said on 8/Nov/12
exactly, they are famous it wouldnt matter if they were 4ft0, they are being payed and modeling because they are a name. If you are not famous and want to break into fashion modeling you have to be at least 5ft8, 5ft 7 maybe if you have an extrodinary face. My sister is a booker at one of the worlds top modeling agencies I know what im talking about.
Kashfia said on 14/Dec/11
If Emma Watson is really 5'6" or shorter in her bare feet that means female runway models' height are exaggerated by 4 or 5 inches taller than they actually are.
angela said on 7/Dec/11
she has a perfect shape in DOA, better than other two actresses
5'8.56784 said on 25/Jul/11
Hell, 5'3 Mila Kunis and 5'4 Emma Watson are fashion models too! Devon Aoki still doesn't look 5'5, she's 5'3 and with a spinster body btw.
5'8.56784 said on 25/Jul/11
Peruna, if you are tall enough and famous, you can easily be a fashion model, even if you are not above 5'8. Ask Dakota & Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, etc.
linke said on 12/May/11
doesnt look 5'5
5'7.56 said on 22/Jan/11
Really, Rob? She looks 5'3 at best, most girls in Sin City are taller and she's dwarfed by everyone in 2 Fast 2 Furious.
Peruna said on 18/Dec/10
My sister kitty is a retired model, now a booker and my brother Suvi works in security, has worked for many cellebs. They have a pretty good knowledge of cellebs height. Devon is a shorter model, however she got there because her family connections, her family are good friends with the model agency boss, so she got there through her connections.Im affraid if your shorter than 5ft8, you are never going to be a fashion model, commercial model yes, but fashion model no way.
aiko said on 7/Jun/09
I've heard that she's the shortest supermodel, which is pretty cool! Apparently models in magazines and catalogs are often a bit shorter, but supermodels who do international runway shows are usually more like 5'7"/5'8" and up. I can see why she's successful, though...she has such a unique and distinctive face! She's also so slim!
Pam said on 30/May/09
One of my dreams is to be a model but I felt sooo discouraged because of my height since I am not tall enough. But Devon and Kate Moss inspired me to go for my dream and beleive in the notion height is not always important! c= Devon is a classic example of that c=
Bibi Blunt said on 27/Feb/09
You Inspired me to go for my Dream... As long as I've knowing, everyone have told me I can't do it cause I'm too short and I'll never make it..
My dreams is to be on the runway and to be in magazine all over the world.
I wana make an example just like you! no matter how short or what dackground you came from, if you have a dream go for it no matter what anyone say..
I'm 55" and all my life I wanted to madel,looking up to you will make my dreams comes true one day ...
Your's Truly The Next Biggest short Model Bibi Blunt...
P.S. look out for me I'll soon be your new best friend...
Miranda said on 13/Jan/09
Kate Moss = 5'6.5
Devom Aoki = 5'5

*Note that Kate is no taller than Devon by a mere inch and a half.
Blair said on 24/Dec/08
I think she is taller then Moss but only by an inch.
me said on 22/Dec/08
what you lack in some things (height) you make up in others (quality).
anony said on 28/Oct/08
If you're really short you really have to have a unique "look" or style for an agency to want you. Min height for catwalk is 5ft7, and even that is pushing it.
melis said on 30/May/08
I love you devon I am from turkey. And I love paul walker and eva mendes
olga said on 20/May/08
Let's just put it this way. When an agency signs a girl who is 5'5"-5'6" they bump her height up to 5'7"-5'8".

If her agency lists her as 5'5", that means she's under that, but her agency believed she could pull off that height.

She is around 5'2"-5'3"
amd FYI, Kate Moss is 5'5", not 5'6", so if she's smaller than Kate Moss, she's shorter than 5'5"
susan said on 1/May/08
next to alexis bledel devon is clearly taller, so alexis is shorter or devon is taller?
Bombay Rocker said on 13/Mar/08
How tall is her brother....Steve Aoki....The dj, apparantely he also owns a record label by the name of Dim Mak, which launched Bloc Party and is buds with people like Danny Masterson who Dj's with him and other people like Madden brothers, Dj AM so quite famous I guess.
anon said on 30/Nov/07
she was not introduced to kate moss and frogmarched into storm. She met a booking agent at a rock gig when she was 13 (snuck out) and she agreed to go see them at their office on the condition that he introduce her to the band, which she did. She was promptly signed up. I can't remember which agency it was or which gig it was but she was 13 at the time. She has quoted herself that she is 5"5, 'even shorter than kate'. by the way billie-inn, i'm 170cm and i am a model, so you are definitely not too short. Just don't let rejections deter you- keep trying until you find an agency that will take you. I'm with about 10 but after the christmas period i intend to go see one of the top london ones. at 171cm you are 5"7.5, not 5"7, and that half an inch makes all the difference. Hell, with that extra half inch, you can totally get away with rounding yourself up to 5"8, i always round my height up to 5"7.5!

And if you look at the storm website, dinky little kate moss who is widely recognised as being only 5"7, if apparently 5"8. Now if that were true, why would everyone make such a fuss about her 'diminuitive' height and 'breaking industry standards' if she meets minimum requirements?

good luck!
modelwannabe said on 11/Oct/07
im 5ft5 and dying to be a supermodel!! so glad this short-supermodel-thing really DOES happen
Christy said on 9/Oct/07
Is she really 5'5 barefoot, Glenn? I fact I thought she was smaller. 5'5 is taller than Kate Moss.
myspace celebrity said on 10/Sep/07
she is deffinetly 5'5 nest to rosario dawson (5'7)
glenn said on 24/Aug/07
got her again last week.she was still around 5-5.
lil john said on 23/Aug/07
she's 5'3", maximum. I heard she's a little as 5'2". In a magazine interview they constantly made comments about her height, such as calling her "dinky" and how her bag is almost bigger then her, which they wouldn't do if she was 5'4" or taller, as 5'4" is average height in England
anonymous said on 16/Aug/07
Cool picture glenn. You both look really cool. I am assuming she is wearing 4" heals and she looks your height. Does it mean she is under 5'5?
glenn said on 14/Aug/07
just got her again tonight.
Yitzhak said on 13/Aug/07
Looks a minumum of 5'6.
tamta said on 14/Jun/07
it's horrible. i can't believe that she's a supermodel at the height of 5'5. i don't understand why do model agencies need her??? :(
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/07
i heard that her agency made an exception about her height because she had a 'unique look'
billie-inn said on 13/Mar/07
I can't believe she can be a supermodel at the height of 5'5". I'm 171cm (5'7")tall but when I tried to enter a modelling agency, everybody said that I was too short.
Kevin said on 12/Mar/07
No, everyone Devonm Aoki is about 5'6 she is taller tha nmost girls who are near 5'5 or shorter. She is halway to thirty and could grow a couple more inches. I'm Kevin a bifg Devon oki fan I totally love Asian girls waht cna I say!!! I had a big crush on an Asian sweetie as a kid I would follow her home everyday that I saw her. If Devon and I hooked up I would probably do the same She gives me chills. By!!! Kasumi DOA
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/07
i know her when she was just 5 years old his parents r near 5foot 1 and 2
she is just 5 foot 3 thats matter fact
whiskers said on 16/Jan/07
She is definitely 5'4-5'5 (I don't think she is much taller). Kate moss is only 5'6 and Devon is definitely shorter thtan she is.
roxy said on 3/Jan/07
i'm a such a big fan of aoki!! so i buy all the mag cover she is in!! aswell surf on the web on aoki. i really want to know aoki's real height but i don't want to relie on 1 sorce, so i did ALOT of reached on her about her height.
i so agree with you Amy on aoki is about 5'4 i was reading this old newspaper artical posted on the web. about she was 14 and face of chanel at 5'4.
Amy said on 17/Dec/06
Aoki was face of Chanel said she was 5'4 and I really think she is 5'4 maybe she looks taller because she is very skinny!!

devon is not 5'6!! everyone knows model agency lie about their models height.
devon was listed 5'6 on her model card that must mean she is under 5'6, because if devon was really 5'6 her agency probelly change her height to 5'8 like kate moss( 5'5-5'6) on her card changed to 5'8 I think devon is 5'4 no shorter maybe 5'4.5 when she lokks superskinny!!
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/06
she's 5'6"
and that is a widely known fact.
it even states it here:
"Devon was just 13 when her godmother introduced her to Kate Moss. The rest is modelling legend. The supermodel took one look at Devon and frogmarched her into the model agency, Storm, who promptly signed her on the spot. But her discovery isn't the only thing that's extraordinary about Devon. Her 5ft 6in height means she is even smaller than her mentor, Kate (who pushed the height limit herself at 5ft 7in), her half-Japanese looks were still unusual in an all American-obssessed industry, and her slight frame hardly sported the Barbie-esqe curves of the Naomis and Helenas before her. But Devon broke the mould, achieving iconic status and becoming one of Women agency's highest earners and Chanel's catwalk queen."
Glenn said on 23/Jul/06
She appeared 5-5 to 5-6.
mel said on 22/Jul/06
tere is NO way devon aoki is 5"3 because realistically, they would never allow models under 5"9 to walk the RUNWAY. there are exeptions like KATE MOSS who is 5"5-5"6 but,there shouldn't be a dramatic gap between models. Since Devon Aoki is a runway model, she is at least an average height/ taller than average slightly. by the looks of her in 2 fast 2 furious and sin city, she has really LONG legs, so i doubt she's only 5"3.
Brett said on 10/Mar/06
Devon was next to jessica able in the sin city primair when they had a group picture and they say that (jess is 5'6) but when devon next to jessica albe she looked so small like about 5'3 noway devon is 5'5 jessica is toller than Devon about a half a head. Devon is 5'3 get it right!!!!!!
ai said on 7/Mar/06
she was standing next to britney 160 and she lokked 163cm in the sin city
Lela said on 17/Feb/06
I'm so glad she became a runway model at only 5'5! she really broke that standerd.
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/05
when devon was 14 she was face of this degerner and said she was 5 foot 4
nikki said on 1/Nov/05
wow I thought you had to be at least 5"7 to be a model!!!!Maybe I could be a model- joking! Is she really that small?
Z. said on 18/May/05
I thought it was common knowledge that Devon is 5'4. One of her agencies lists her at 5'6 and another at 5'5. And agencies always lie about models' height...
anonymous said on 17/May/05
I have seen her compcard and it has 5'9" written on it. I don't even understand an embellishment like this.
Richy Rich said on 8/Apr/05
Oh, for sure. She bought my girlfriend's Custom Air Force Ones, like 2 years ago, right off her feet. We were out to lunch--some 100% raw cafe in the Village--and Devon Aoki starts talkin up my girl. Anyway, they traded shoes and Devon gave my girl some cash for her trouble. Shes also a size 6 American.

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