How tall is Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski's Height

5ft 5 ½ (166.4 cm)

British born American Model-Actress. Ford Models described her as 5ft 7 with vital stats of Bust/Bra Size 32C, Waist 24in, Hips 34 inches. She once said in OfficeMagazine "I’m not a typical model. I know people are always like, ‘What do you mean?’ but I’m 5’7”, I’m four inches shorter than every girl on set, I have big boobs."
How tall is Emily Ratajkowski
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There are a lot of ideas about models. Physically, I'm definitely not your typical model. I'm 170cm, full figured in certain places and I have a different look to a lot of models.

How tall is Emily Ratajkowski
Zac Efron with Emily
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Average Guess (90 Votes)
5ft 5.11in (165.4cm)
Misty2 said on 13/Mar/23
165 cm maybe with flat heels of 1-2".
Her real height is 5ft4.
Dom5'11.5 said on 16/Nov/22
167-168, she does seem to have long legs
mcguigan11 said on 17/Sep/22
If Zac Efron is 5'8", and he edges her out with an inch of footwear when she's in high heels, she can't be 5'5.5". 5'4" is more realistic.
Leximexiii said on 18/Feb/22
This girl is NOT 5’7 AT ALL!!! Lol I had no clue until I started doing height comparisons but 5’7 is WAY off comparing her standing next to Rita Ora who is 5’5 tall. This girl is definitely on the shorter side, gotta be around 5’3.5 inches tall — ain’t nothing wrong with that but why lie is the REAL question! Click Here Click Here
onika said on 6/Dec/21
she wouldnt be a model if she was 5’5
Wehrmacht180 said on 29/Nov/21
163 cm sure
166 cm is ridiculous
Stavro said on 13/Nov/21
5’5.5” does seem right.
Slim Shady said on 24/Jul/21
She is 5”6. I have seen her height measurement on Victoria Secret.
i got proof said on 10/Jul/21
she's no more than 5'4.5 , compare her height with rita ora ( 166 cm )
Patrick O'Connell said on 3/Jun/21
Emily is only 5ft3.5 or 5ft4 max barefoot, as I have seen her in real life and several people took photos on their mobiles of her. She is a photographic commercial model so catwalk height is not essential as it is for fashion.
Yes, she has a long torso, possibly the same length as her legs, and she is very toned and compact. Unusually pretty face.
JustJoey said on 11/Apr/21
As listed.
rkv said on 27/Jan/21
@ Victorina i wouldn't say anything is celebheight confirmed with no photo.
Hulk said on 9/Jan/21
She has comparitivily shorter legs

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Jessica H said on 8/Jan/21
It’s weird to hear her described as “lanky” or “leggy” when she’s built like a dachshund. Outside of high waisted pants or skirts it’s very obvious that she has a very long torso and shorter legs, especially compared to other models
Jans said on 26/Dec/20
@Sol Do you have the screenshot of the story?
Sol said on 25/Nov/20
She just posted a instagram story showing an image of her height and measurements! It says 5’6! End of story!
Victor Germann said on 25/Aug/20
168. 166 is too unrealistic, to be in the model world.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jul/20
Certainly the tallest 5 ft 5 range girl I've ever seen. I honestly thought she was about 5 ft 9! Great body but I think she suffers for it.
kiki99 said on 4/Jul/20
she is actually over 5.5 - 5.6, with accurat feminine body. Her height give her even more charm. I think 166 cm is pretty correct for this lovely lady)
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Apr/20
@Nik Ashton - 5ft5 is slightly above average height , definitely not petite
Linna said on 26/Dec/19
I guess this diva is over 5.5
Peter175 said on 22/Dec/19
She's very lanky and has quite a good leg length.
She's only average height though.
knallpilz said on 3/Oct/19
So, this is a screenshot from a movie she did with Aaron Paul: Click Here

And she does not look taller than 5'3 1/2 in it (at least that's what I got from comparing their body lengths in pixels, and using 172cm for his height : ).
The shoes he's wearing in this scene look like they're giving him an advantage of 1.5-2cm.

This is not surprising, since I did the same thing with a screenshot from Gone Girl once. The scene, where Rosamund Pike watches them kiss in front of the bar. She (Ratajkowski) is wearing heels and does not look like 5'7 next to Ben Affleck.
Nik said on 3/Aug/19
Her 5'7" claims are interesting!
koshkoff said on 4/Jul/19
Her 5'7 claim is well known in the industry as a total joke. She's 5'5.25 on a very good day.
Miku said on 4/Apr/19
She looks about a 5'1"5 or 5'2"to me. She's photogenic.
Mohsen said on 10/Mar/19
She looks taller in the movies
Jancys said on 23/Feb/19
Sometimes she looks like 5ft 4, sometimes like 5ft 6. But on this picture, she has similar height with Hailey Baldwin. So, 167 cm.
Tara Russel said on 23/Jan/19
how tall do you think her husband sebastian is?
Editor Rob
Could be over 6ft
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Jan/19
She's probably one of the shortest celebrity supermodels today, although I can't say for sure because I'm not that familiar with the fashion world.
Oliver said on 3/Jan/19
Rob,is 5ft 5 flat possible?
She looks pretty much the same height as Rita Ora(the odds are that Rita could edge out Emily).
And also a good 3inches shorter than Bella Hadid in many pics.
Thank you,Rob.
Rach said on 24/Sep/18
She’s not tall at all. The videos of her on the runway at Versace show how short she is compared to the other models. My guess is 164cm
Gregory said on 5/Sep/18
She's not tall, she's just very petite. My guess is around 5'5" and 110 lbs. Spoiler alert for anyone in the comments who thinks she's taller: thin and small-boned people only LOOK taller in photos due to their proportions.
Nik said on 15/Aug/18
I like her name!
Estelle said on 13/Aug/18
She might be 170cm with shoes, but I saw her at a GnR gig a couple of years ago. Small venue. Invitation only. She was wearing killer high heels.
I'm 5ft3 & was wearing 10cm heels...and as she stood right next to me, we were exactly the same height.
She's striking photogenic.
Paula said on 10/Aug/18
The 1.66 is quite generous, in my opinion. I see her as a flat 1.65.
Dianne said on 18/Apr/18
There's pictures of Kendall Jenner and Emily from coachella. Kendall is in sneakers and emily is in heels and is still a good 8cm shorter. If Kendall is 176 with a 3cm sneaker advantage making her about 179 and Emily is like 8 cm shorter...that makes emily 171 with heels!!! She is short. I'd say around 163cm
grizz said on 11/Apr/18
She is wearing platform heels, next to Jon Hamm, she's 5'5 TOPS: Click Here
RichardRich said on 3/Mar/18
Hi Rob.
How tall is the CEO Zelnick? I think he wears 3-3,5 cm shoes:
Click Here
Editor Rob
He can look a six footer.

But, it's not really surprising to me many big executives might wear special shoes.
Cass said on 25/Jan/18
Brook it doesn't matter. Agencies lie about height all the time. Especially these days! i think it's more about proportions then height.
Brook said on 14/Jan/18
For all I know, she's done

- Marc Jacobs SS 2016

- Bottega Veneta SS 2018
Brook said on 14/Jan/18
How did she do runways? Don't agencies and brands only take 5'8"+ models?
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/17
She kinda lioks 5ft5 to 5ft6 max in this photo although she is losyed as 170cm in google
Oliver said on 20/Nov/17
Rob,can you please take a look at my guesses and tell me if these are possible?
Emily Rataj.. 5ft 5
Hailey Baldwin 5ft 6
Taylor Hill 5ft 9
Stella Maxwell 5ft 8
Miranda Kerr 5ft 8
Jourdan Dunn 5ft 11.5
Bergerberger said on 9/Nov/17
Closer to 5'7 than 5'5 lmao
Cass said on 30/Oct/17
I would dare say she's 5'4
Marquis said on 29/Oct/17
REALLY surprised that she's this petite (for a model). But upon further review (premiere photos with Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddrio)... yup, good catch Rob.

She's probably more like 5'5" flat, actually. But who's holding it against her?
Sweet potato said on 29/Sep/17
She looks about 165 cm. But either way she's beautiful.
Marine said on 26/Sep/17
Click Here

ahh....even bella with her 172cm look gigant nex to her.My guess is 165cm.
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/17
rob so why is she shorter next to 166 rita ora?
Cass said on 5/Aug/17
She's consistently smaller then other celebs and models. My guess is 164cm or 5'4.5 and about 110 lbs.
WfromBrazil said on 25/May/17
In World fashion, always have small models. i don't know why the have idea of all models are tall. Kate Moss, Aurelie Claudel, Twiggy, Anais mali, Sasha Pivovarova, Sara Sampaio...all generation.
Marine said on 3/May/17
anyonmious@ 5.3 is too short for models. Minimum height fo (commercial) models is 5.6. 5ft 5.5in right for Em.
anyonmious said on 29/Apr/17
5'3" max without heels. Maybe 5'7" with heels
96 said on 29/Apr/17
Daddario is 170 or 5.7 so Emy over 166-165 or 5.5'5 or 5.5.
Az said on 27/Apr/17
Footwear next to Zoey C and Daddario... 5'4" max

Click Here
Az said on 25/Apr/17
Same height as 5'4" Zoey Deutch much shorter then 5'6" Daddario..... 5'3-5'4"

Click Here
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/17
She's 5'7". I know her.
Amanda96 said on 14/Apr/17
Nowdays height is not that determinant as it was 6 - 7 years ago becouse modelling careers just don't last. Many girls will work aroud 4 sesons and it's safe to say that none careers will be pretty much over. Not all models are 5.8+ Charlotte Free she high fashion model and looks very short in person 5.5-5.5'5, france Camille Rowe - 5.6 MAX, she was is VS fashion show 2016, Julia Hafstrom 170, Xenia Deli is only 5.5, Sara Sampaio - 5.7. Staz Lindes - 5.6. Halima - IMG have listed as 5'5.5". Vera van Erp - 5.7'1/2, Nova Orchid 5.7 MAX Polina Oganicheva - 5.6 Especially in this day where unique more and more, particularly in reference to print modelling, it's really not such a great deal-breaker any more so long as you have the face and body)
96 said on 13/Apr/17
Marine@ 5.5 her MAX)
Arch Stanton said on 12/Apr/17
You'd never think she was just 5ft 5 range in photos. She has the look of a 5 ft 9 woman. Shows how thin she is.
Marine said on 11/Apr/17
Mary@ Leticia Costs 166cm. High fashion models odd looking girls with super skinny body most of them are not pretty like molly bair or issa lish. VS models are more comercial then HF they are more feminine and pretty many girls in VS are over 5.7-5.9. jenner is a models becouse of her family she is not modelesque but gigi is OK. Emily is a skinny girl with natural big bust whch is very uncommon, she is over 167cm not 165. btw era of supermodels was over nowtime is era of IT girls sad reality(
Mary said on 6/Apr/17
Actually, I really do understand the inside world of modeling and to be a high fashion model, the face is usually very pretty. Kendall jenner, Gigi Haddad. Uh Nikki Taylor, Gisele has a unique nose but is still pretty. Victorias Secret models are all very tall 5'9" or 5 '10". They are also very thin. The bras usually make their bust big. The only short VS Models have been Kate Moss at one point and Leticia Costs 5'7" in 1998. They both have traditional profiles very pretty, unlike Emily Unusual over bit profile, although still attractive. A hot, busy girl who likes selfies. Like 50% of NYUS female populTion. Emilt could never make it as a model. Again, I'd like to see her acting skulls more often.
SAK said on 2/Apr/17
She has managed to carve out a good modelling career, despite being far off the minimum. Which is usually said to be 5'8" (but in reality that means 5'7").

Obviously she won't be doing much runway. As height requirements are usually much stricter in that genre of modelling. Usually 5'9" is cut off. Some are 5'8" but those girls usually have very long legs.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Apr/17
Mary doesn't come across as a hater Namor, quite the opposite. She's very knowledgeable about models and often says complimentary things about them.
Mary said on 1/Apr/17
Her profile looks are not model. She has an over bite but her front face is photogrnic. She's more of a pin-up than model. There is still the 5'8" 5'9" height requirement though. She has famous parents and became a "model. " it's good to have guidelines to model. I'd like to really see her acting not just gone girl and pictures showcasing her bust.
Rach said on 28/Mar/17
I would guess 165 cm and weight 110. She looks quite thin.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Mar/17
One of the most self-obsessed models in the business and that;s saying something. Shows how a super thin body can make one look tall, I honestly thought she was way over average!! I've seen plenty of attractive 5'5 women complain that they got rejected for being too short. Perhaps because Emily looks taller they accepted her.
Rach said on 15/Mar/17
Rob how much do you think she weighs? She looks quite petite
Editor Rob
120 pounds wouldn't surprise me.
Morris said on 17/Feb/17
160-163cm without shoes
Dragana pagnegnyeviejec said on 10/Feb/17
SOLID 5'5.5-5'6 Same exact height range as Sara sampaio! She has the torso of a 5'8 person which is why she looks taller than her height
Whoever said she's 5'3 is insane
Peruvian 1.73m said on 6/Feb/17
165cm is perfect for Emily
Justine said on 25/Dec/16
Fully agree with you Bilbobaggins. She is supremely dwarfed by Rita Ora (5'5) in similar height heels. Says lots that she is shorter than Selena Gomez (5'4.5), and struggles with Vanessa Hudgens (5'1.5). Emily is also far shorter than Jamie Chung (5'6)... She is stunning, but possibly below average height- 5'3.5
BilboBaggins said on 17/Nov/16
I'd say the 5' 5.5" estimate for her is close to pretty accurate. She actually looks even shorter than this next to Rita Ora (who's estimated to be 5' 5" on this site) here: Click Here

Here: Click Here

And here: Click Here
FatehL said on 12/Nov/16
rob could you please explain how zac efron seems a good few inches taller than emily in heels?

He wearing lifts? Or maybe a downgrade for emily or upgrade for zac?
Editor Rob
Fate, I believe in some cases he is simply standing military and she is standing an inch off her measured height.
katya said on 14/Sep/16
she doesn't look 5'7 at all 5'5 i could believe . Does she have a long torso and short legs? (example Rachel bilson)
Height Revealer said on 31/Jul/16
5'5.5 max, probably 5'5 flat
Maa said on 31/May/16
I just saw her. I'm 5'2 and she seemed only a couple /few inches taller than me. I would say no taller than 5'5
Jay said on 9/May/16
I can't believe actually think she's 5'4 or below.
imagork said on 5/Apr/16
I saw her last August(I think) in New York and she was wearing around 1 inch platform shoes and she was probably half an inch(could be less but certainly not more) shorter than me and I'm 5'6.

I reckon she's in the 5'4.5 - 5'5 range :)
Cliff said on 18/Mar/16
I honestly see little height difference between she and Sara Sampaio. I think Emily is 165cm and Sara is no more than 167cm at best.
Diane said on 9/Mar/16
I can believe 5'5.5. But I could believe 5'4 as well but nothin lower.
az said on 8/Mar/16
With Valetta and Ambrosio I think it's clear she's 5'4". Bc of my career I've worked with both Ambrosio and Valetta and they're both among the shorter girls, 5'7-5'7.75 barefoot. So I'm clear that Emily is 5'4" or under. Height is NOT a necessity for a model in this age of celebrity. Especially in VS and Music Video world. Confidence and unique beauty are a must though! oxx
Click Here
John said on 5/Mar/16
She's 3-4 inches shorter than 5-8/5-9 Amber Valetta and 2-3 inches shorter than 5-8 Alessandra Ambrosio. You guys must be from Colorado...too much weed if you think she is close to 5-7
Victorina said on 23/Jan/16
Click Here
With Celeb Heights confirmed 5'8 Zac Efron.
Heya said on 22/Jan/16
She has short legs and a long torso I think
Victorina said on 20/Jan/16
Click Here

With Rita Ora.
Miranda said on 29/Dec/15
I remember the pictures of her with Sara Sampaio who is 5'6.5" and Emily was wearing 5 inch heels whereas Sara was wearing 4 inch heels. Both looked the same height. Emily is only 5'5 and a half maybe. The fact that she still managed to look shorter than Zac Efron, there's no way that she's 5'6 or 5'7.
Tee said on 18/Dec/15
The picture with irina, irina is not standing straight. That's a terrible example haha
gigi99 said on 11/Nov/15
Rita as same height as cara d 5.6-5.7, emily is 5.7
F said on 11/Oct/15
@kendallRose in the pic you linked, she does indeed look around 5'7". but do you know why she looks shorter than Rita Ora? Is Rita Ora taller than 5'5"?
kendallRose said on 8/Oct/15
@F5'4" too short for her. she is 5.7
pic with irina shayk
Click Here
Click Here
F said on 1/Sep/15
I watched the VMAs and Emily presented an award with 5'5 Rita Ora. She looked at least one inch shorter than Rita and they both seem to be wearing similar footwear. Google them and you will see that in every single image, Rita is taller than Emily. Emily appears to be 5'4" or even shorter...
meeks said on 12/Aug/15
Click Here

If Zac is 5ft 8 flat foot, he's probably about 5ft 9 with shoes on. Emily is easily 1-2inches shorter than him, WITH HEELS. The heels she's wearing here are easily 3-4inches which makes her no taller than 5ft 4 or so!
ches said on 16/Jul/15
So if Emily is only 5'6, so Sara Sampaio of VS, who the agency claims is 5'8, is actually 5'5/5'6

Click Here
Dan said on 11/Jun/15
Click Here

Need we say more?

Here with Zac who is 173 and she has 4 inch heels on and is the same height!
Insey said on 8/Jun/15
Knowing how modeling agents put everyone down taller/slimmed than reality, she's probably around 5'6 and has a 32D bust.
Red silk said on 31/May/15
I saw her at a casting 3 years ago in LA for pilot season before blurred lines.. She walked in front of me, I would say she's about 5'4"
Ali said on 13/Mar/15
I think she's not that tall, she looks really shorter to me and in this pics with Jamie Chung (5ft 5in) she looks very similar in height, even wearing more cm in her heels.
Click Here
Click Here
I think she's shorter than everybody think, I bet she's 5ft 5.5in, no more.
kelly said on 22/Jan/15
Click Here in this photo Emily and Sara (5,7) are both on their toes but Emily looks shorter by a lot!! i reckon she's 165cm-167cm at the most! Rob what do you think??
Editor Rob
because it's on the sand it's harder to really say if both their toes are at the same height in the sand or not.
FlameBoy said on 8/Dec/14
REALLY Hot and not a bad height i thought eh she is going to be like 5 ft 9 - 5 ft 10 so a pleasant surprise though 5 ft 1 would of been Ideal
Samantha said on 7/Dec/14
She looks really petite, I think she must be around 5ft 5-5ft 5.5
Kate said on 11/Nov/14
Click Here

Here's an example. Zac and her are both in sneakers. There's heaps of other pics but yea...she's def not her 5'7 claim
Kate said on 11/Nov/14
I'm not going to lie, I have a mega crush on her so after studying numerous photos of her with other celebs and models, there is no way she is 5'7...more like 5'5. Check her out with zac efron for example...
Sam said on 7/Nov/14
Can look a little sub 5'7" at times but with her hot body, who cares?
Just said on 1/Nov/14
I saw her in "Gone Girl" yesterday. I thought she's only 5'5 or shorter. But compared to Ben Affleck everybody looks short..
Soldier 6ft 0.25 (183.5cm) said on 4/Oct/14
5ft 7 is about right for her i guess and is actually a good height for a girl not too tall not too short

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