How tall is George Lucas

George Lucas Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American film-maker and producer, best known for creating the Star Wars empire. From about 2002 he looked to regularly wear a pair of large-heeled shoes which gives him an extra boost in stature.

How tall is George Lucas
George with Samuel L Jackson
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Average Guess (48 Votes)
5ft 6.3in (168.4cm)
5'7 and a fraction said on 21/Dec/22
I must be honest and admit I didn't think George Lucas was a short guy at all. Thought he was average height. Just seeing him in interviews and standing alone, i truly though he was like at least 5'10.
Very surprised to find he's not even 5'7. Must be something to do with his proportions.
dreus23 said on 2/Aug/22
@Tall Sam

Yeah, I definitely agree with the 5'6 consensus nonetheless. That pic I linked with Spielberg is how I think 5'7 should look next to 5'6
Tall Sam said on 16/Jul/22
I think it’s Lucas’s long neck that can make him seem not as short as he is, Spielberg is clearly a somewhat taller guy though.
dreus23 said on 14/Jul/22
He looks proportionally taller in every way possible, but then there's pictures like these

Click Here
Click Here

I don't know what it is, but Lucas never struck me as a short guy until I found this page. I'd just kinda guess that he'd be 5'9-5'10 ish, but he truly looks like he'd measure 5'6 or a fraction above it with other people

Deceptively average in my humble opinion, same as Ben Stiller
L.O. said on 8/Jun/22
@Blake HE is actually a background character in one of the prequels, so he does technically count from that alone
Blake said on 11/Aug/21
Does he not get Star Wars tag Rob I know he’s not an actor but you know...
slothee said on 6/Jun/20
I guess I must be crazy, but for some reason I thought he was listed as peak 5’7” and current 5’6”, but I only see one height. Hmmm 🤔
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 17/May/20
I think 169cm at most in his peak is fair enough
Nik Ashton said on 17/May/20
This is what 5’6” looks like!
GJ said on 15/May/20
I talked to him face to face in 1974. He certainly wasn't any taller than 5-6 then.
the thing said on 25/Feb/20
i allway thought he was 5ft 7 so it was a supersize to see him listed as 5ft 6
Nearly 180cm guy said on 14/Dec/19
Well, peak height 5'6.25" might be fine for Lucas. Rob, please look at his photos next to Tia Carrere from 2000: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Lucas in 2000 was not wearing thick heels yet, look also at Tia's heels from this event: Click Here Click Here
I really don't see anything like 1.25 inches difference between them. Also, Lucas probably lost some height today... Rob, could you give him peak height and current height now?
Editor Rob
6.25 isn't ruled out for his height, though 6.5 I feel would be too much personally for him. Of course, his achievements are gigantic.
'Annonymous' said on 14/Mar/19
Rob, I think it's time to give Lucas a peak height and a current height. Today, he looks a bit timid with 5'6" so I would give him 5'5.75" today but when he was younger he was probably over 5'6". Rob, could you give him a peak height of 5'6.5" or at least 5'6.25"?
Editor Rob
A peak of 5ft 6 and change and today a weak 5ft 6 might be possible.
Mark Harrison said on 16/Nov/18
Lucas is 5'4" today.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/18
@Rob: Yeah, Hamill is now in that borderline age, but does seem nearly as tall as he ever did last I saw him. Even guys who are older than Lucas and shorter like Pacino and Dustin Hoffman don't look to have lost a ton of height. Actually, George's external heels look smaller at the above event than the 2" ones and he looks shorter at that event than the Samuel L. Jackson tribute in 2008. Perhaps a combination of Jackson shrinking and George's heels getting bigger. Btw, good idea to mention when George started wearing big heels.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Oct/18
@Rob: Perhaps he does find them comfortable. I'm sure they're not cheap, but he seems pretty height aware to me when he wears them. He's really using Simon Cowell's look these days with the extra long boot-cut jeans: Click Here Don't trip, George! But he still looks close to JJ Abrams with them: Click Here So I'd guess he's only lost maybe half an inch or so. I can't see him below 5'5.5" for him to still be looking pretty close to a 5'7" guy.
Editor Rob
Some people do make it to 70 or thereabouts with only half inch or so. Obviously the shorter your spine, the greater the chance of lesser height loss. Maybe Lucas hasn't really lost that much height. Hamill as well is a guy who seems to have held onto height quite well into his 60's.
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Oct/18
Those boots he was wearing must have added close to 2" even assuming he didn't have anything inside: Click Here Click Here Click Here You can see he tried the Simon Cowell thing with the extra long boot cut jeans, but it didn't really work: Click Here This wasn't a good look for him, imo and he could have gotten the same height while being more subtle, especially with all of his money. That first pic from Venice looks like Cannon meets Saturday Night Fever.

But he could look about as tall as 171 cm Lewis Hamilton: Click Here and 5'7"-5'7.5" Spielberg: Click Here so I'd guess he was around 5'6" until maybe his mid 60's and has probably lost some height since.
Editor Rob
I think Lucas bought those boots in bulk, he's been wearing them for years..though, with a heel that size, they sure will fall apart at the seems quicker than the sole will wear down.

Maybe they are comfortable for him - never underestimate the path to a comfy pair of footwear.
James Keffer said on 30/Sep/18
Her's probably 5'6 now. 5'7 was his peak height.
Lapinux said on 28/Jun/18
Rob why no peak height for Lucas? He is definitely under 5'6" today. This is his peak probably
Editor Rob
Never got round to a current height listing for him.
Paul Wood said on 26/Jun/18
What is the difference between a stacked/cuban heel and a normal heel on a man's shoe? Personally, I'd say a heel of around an inch is normal and an inch and half is the upper limit of what could be considered normal whereas I'd say anything over one and a half inches is getting into stacked heel territory. The heels on George Lucas' heels in that photo don't look like Cubans to me. An an aside, has anyone else noticed that the heels on trainers/sneakers are a lot thicker than they used to be, sometimes nearly two inches?
Editor Rob
A heel of either 2cm or 1 inch is quite common. 3cm is getting into thicker heels with 4cm more like a boot or small cuban heel. Some cowboy boots might give near 5cm.
John (180 cm) said on 25/Apr/18
No more than 5'5.5 today I think. Peak probably 5'6.25, dont you think Rob?
M58 said on 14/Mar/18
Any possibility of 169 cm Rob?
Editor Rob
That's probably the upper limit of a range I'd guess him at.
5ft7Accountant said on 4/Mar/18
Rob, do you think George wears Cuban heels or lifts in his shoes when he goes to premieres or formal events?
Editor Rob
Large heels yes, but I'm not sure if they are what you'd call elevators, more like cuban-sized heels.
Richard said on 30/Dec/17
Not sure about his peak height, but Lucas is 5'4" today.
Morris said on 23/Jul/17
Several witnesses here tell that he is 5,4" max that's appears to be the same height of Mark Hamill. I assume many actors are less tall than they declare.
MJKoP said on 29/May/17
Hey, Rob - when did you remove his 5'7" claim from the top of the page? You know, the one where you said it would only be believable to a short-sighted Ewok? :P
Editor Rob
it wouldn't have been a 5ft 7 claim, it might have been more me referencing the idea of 5ft 9 mentioned in other publications. I'm sure he even got called 5ft 11 a couple of times...
Richardspain said on 30/Apr/17
He is short but rich.

169 cm young

168cm nowadays

No more no less
Alex 164cm 5'4 feet said on 6/Aug/16
Is it possible for him to be 170 in the morning?
Editor Rob
yeah it might be possible if he falls into a strong 5ft 6 and change range.
177cmGuy said on 2/Aug/15
5'5.75 could be his height today and peak height could have been 5'6.5
mabuhayman said on 8/Oct/14
Saw George Lucas attend events at Norris Theatre (USC) and 5'6" seems right to me. He walked right past me with the dean Elizabeth Daley; he is somewhat rotund which could give the effect of appearing 5'4" but in his slender youth his 5'6" is painfully apparent.
Adam said on 23/Jul/14
5'4 no way he is 5'6
Leggy Mountbatten said on 30/Jan/14
5' 4" sounds about right. I literally almost knocked him over once at a college lecture on Joseph Campbell he was attending, and I was shocked at how short he was.
Ashera said on 21/Aug/13
Click Here
Mike S. said on 2/Nov/12
I saw Lucas somewhere around 2002 (could have been '01 or even '03, forget now) in San Francisco at the Metreon Theatre complex -- he was just standing there near the front entrance with a few acquaintances, no bodyguards of the sort.

He is SHORT! I mean I was amazed at how short he looked. I would have guessed 5'4", or less!
Kay said on 27/Jan/12
Lucas isn't even a "full" 5'6 anyway. He's more closer to 5'5. 5'5.5 is most accurate.
poop said on 26/Jan/12
I always thought Stewart was more in the 5'7.5" or 5'8" range. He generally appears taller than most of the shorter (the 5'5" and 5'6" guys) guests on his show.

me says on 11/Jan/12
Something's wrong here. Jon Stewart interviewed George Lucas this week, and Stewart was a minimum of 2-3in taller, yet Stewart's listed on here as 5'6.5.
me said on 11/Jan/12
Something's wrong here. Jon Stewart interviewed George Lucas this week, and Stewart was a minimum of 2-3in taller, yet Stewart's listed on here as 5'6.5.
Asera said on 19/Dec/11
Of course unlike most child stars, Michael's incredible career lasted his entire lifetime. His talent and creativity just developed all the time. He was so unique in every way!
Asera said on 19/Dec/11
Yes, George. That makes a lot of sense and is very true. Michael was always "small" as a child AND as an adult, and it's no wonder because his mother is really tiny, only about 4'11 or smaller. And his sisters are all pretty short too. Janet is about 5'1 for example. Height is VERY much genetic.
Michael was the ideal cute little child star in so many ways.
Asera said on 19/Dec/11
MJ was definitely only about 169 cm and no more :

Click Here
George L. said on 12/Jun/11
To Asera, child stars are selected because they look younger and smaller for their age. As there are older, they have more acting skills but can still fit younger characters. If your shorter than average in your youth, you're more likely to be short in adulthood. It's astonishing how many examples we've got.
Asera said on 22/Jan/11
Actually I think Michael was trying to stand as straight as possible with GL in that picture,maybe he was EXACTLY 5'7 in the mornings or standing as straight as he could.Looking at other evidence he may have been only 169 cm most of the time.When he was around women who are 5'1 to 5'2 and if they weren't in heels he just didn't look that much taller...only about 5 to 5 1/2 inches at most.Michael sure is a mystery still!One thing's for sure he was never taller than 5'7 without shoes!Why is it that former child stars are often shorter than average height as adults...
Asera said on 19/Jan/11
"Mickey says on 16/Apr/10"

"I think I remember listening to his DVD commentary of episode 4 during which he said he often will cast a short actor in his movies to "represent" himself - Mark Hamill in Star Wars, Dreyfuss in American Graffiti."

Yes, AND Michael Jackson in Captain EO!

Take a look at this :

Click Here

They look pretty much the same there! MJ=5'7
Zach said on 11/Jan/11
Yeah, but all of his kids are adopted, so that isn't really surprising as they have no genetic relation.
sf said on 9/Jul/08
And that aint easy to do!!!
Brad said on 9/Jul/08
5' 6". Made Linda Ronstadt look tall.
rebenga said on 7/Jul/08
i do belive hamilton is about 167-169 cm no higher..rob can yo add lewis hamilton?
Sam said on 21/May/08
Lewis alongside Lucas, lewis is suppose to be 5"8... there they look the same.

Click Here

Editor Rob
they're hidden a bit by his pants but Lucas has been wearing oversized heels for a good few years now. He wants to look taller. Look at Spielberg at Cannes, he was donning about in a pair of tatty old converse style...he couldn't care less. here
Editor Rob said on 28/Feb/07
Note to George...when you attend the biggest award event, and decide to wear the big heels, make sure you remember to put on the pants that have an inseam 2 inches longer than your normal ones.
Me said on 22/Jan/07
In his good days he looked like 5'6 or, he is no taller than 5'5
McMurphy said on 9/Jan/07
Standing next to Mark Hamill who is 5'7 (1.70m) or so when they were making Star Wars he looks about 2 cm or so smaller so George Lucas at the time was perhaps 5'6 or so.
dtx said on 2/Jan/07
I do think so, because north america is so Obsessed With Height that a 180cm guy is short to them. Anyway, Happy new year.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/06
i dont think the simpsons would have made a short joke on him if he was only 5'6"

leonari said on 16/Aug/06
I think he is a tad shorter than 5'6"...around 167 least today....and those heels look ridiculous. the 70's are over!!!
ForensicNYC said on 14/Aug/06
He looks better without the beard...all classmates were about 5'6" to 5'8"...
Click Here
Cmore said on 31/Jul/06
I saw Lucas in Paris at the last stage of the tour de france last weekend. He is a solid 5ft 6" certainly no more.
YaoMing said on 22/Apr/06
i don't believe that lucas has ever been 5ft 6. he always looked shorter than that. 5ft 5 seems more right for him.
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
Lucas is no more than 5'6". Spielberg is no more than 5'8". Prince Charles who I met when he visited Universal Studios is about 5'10.5". His dad is at least 6'2".

Here's Spielberg with 5'10" composer John Williams: Click Here

Spielberg with Ford and Connery: Click Here

Spielberg with Munich stars: Click Here
Is that Eric Bana on the right? If so he's supposedly 6'3" so perhaps Steven is standing on his tiptoes or maybe is just hanging off the shoulders of these two guys with his feet not touching the ground.

Editor Rob
I'd forgotten to clean this page up with those daft pics above, a remnant from 2004 I think ;-)

Yes, Lucas really does enjoy wearing large shoes, I've shown a few pics in the past of them...

for those who haven't seen them, This pic illustrates how he sometimes can manage to look more than 5ft gotta wonder, with heels like that, if he's hiding anything else in those shoes?
Brock said on 3/Apr/06
looks more like 5'7, i bet spielberg's closer to 5'9.
LoyalSubject said on 31/Mar/06
In the lowest coloured photo, isn't that Camilla Parker-Bowles-Wales on the left? Boy! She sure looks like Prince Charlie! So....if Cammy is 5'4"! is Georgie one hell of a rich Ewok at 5'ft. even!
Glenn said on 15/Mar/06
Never saw him,but you are so right! Yoda taught him!
Nathaniel Woznak said on 14/Mar/06
George Lucas has the Force within him. He may be not too tall but on certain occasions such as galas and premiers he will make himself be taller, not by using shoe lifts which are so primitive and too obvious, but rather, he will use his special powers of a Jedi! He will levitate from 2" to 5" above the ground without anybody noticing. THAT WILL EXPLAIN THE VARIATIONS OF HEIGHTS from so many pictures! Why the variations? Well sometimes, he looses a little bit of concentration....just like Skywalker did when he plopped the X Wing back into the swamp in Episode 5.......
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/06
Lucas is a cheapskate ! I was offered a job at his Lucas Arts division as a programmer for 40k a year when other game programmers were making twice as much.
You are lucky to work for George.. people tell me.. Well it's slightly better than working at a sweatshop.
Thomas said on 24/Dec/05
Heh heh, he's stayed at the hotel at which I work several times since I've been there. Not only is he no more than 5'6", he has got to be the WORST tipping billionaire in the world! The $2 he dropped me was only the second tip my entire staff has ever seen from him. Other than that, he's relatively nice, though. His daughter (think her name is Katie) is pretty frickin' funny. She has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, just like George must have had back in his glory days. Otherwise, there's no way his movies would have had as much witty banter as they did. Er, getting off subject here. . . he's not a tall man. ;)
Marc said on 18/Dec/05
The harrison ford picture proves it-if you come up under someone else's nose, it usually means the person is about 5-6 inches taller than you.
Brett said on 14/Nov/05
Yeh I think 5'6" in his dreams, maybe 5'5 at most rob, look at your pic of him and prince charles, ( the line on lucas's head is too high , its inline with the top of his hair, hes probably an inch shorter then 5'6" maybe 5'5"), it proves hes shorter then 5'6"
Max Paddy said on 15/May/05
George Lucas,

This Guy Is Equal To 5ft 5in,
He Is Not Anymore Than This I Believe.
Mark said on 4/Mar/05
Lucas is 5ft6 tall...MAX.!!!
Issheuboy said on 14/Feb/05
Ford at 6ft and Lucas

Ford is leening is slightly - but still at least 5 inches difference between Harrison Ford and George Lucas

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