How tall is Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen's Height

5ft 10in (177.8 cm)

Brazilian supermodel and actress in film Taxi. Giselle has said "I'm 5'11" although her modelling agency give her as 179cm with vital stats of: Bra/Bust size 35, Waist 23 inches, Hips 35.5 inches and shoe size 7US.

Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (69 Votes)
5ft 9.57in (176.7cm)
Bee said on 5/Oct/17
1.76 or 1.77 only. No more.
MAN19 said on 24/Sep/17
I think Gisele is 5ft 9.25in (177 cm)
Marilyn said on 21/Sep/17
More than 5'9".
Nana said on 19/Sep/17
Ivete Sangalo has 5'9" currently She says to have 5'9.5"
Caleb said on 16/Sep/17
Gisele and a brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo that has 5'9.5" for me Gisele maybe really 5'10.5".

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Stella said on 3/Sep/17
For me Gisele has 5'9.25" but maybe the day she has been measured at 5'10.5" and so she claims to have 5'11 "which is the perfect height for model
Alice said on 2/Sep/17
Gisele is not so high near Tyra maybe she's around 1.75 or 1.76 I do not think any more.

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Jani said on 20/Aug/17
Can't really see Gisele more than 176cm but probably a bit lower than that. Shorter than 178cm Tyra Banks in most pictures. She also looked about 2cm shorter with high heels next to 181cm Dicaprio. She probably is around 179cm with high heels. She gets 175cm from me.
Cartoon said on 16/Aug/17
Camila has 1.76 but said she was 1.77 and recently 1.78. She is a few inches shorter than Gisele.

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Cartoon said on 16/Aug/17
In the live of the Instagram Rosacha has perfectly the Gisele next to the Camila that has 1.76 and the Gisele has a two, to three centimeters more than her. Run fast. Search the name Rosacha fast.
Cartoon said on 16/Aug/17
Gisele and Camila Queiroz Brazilian actress that has 1,76.What do you think Rob?

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Canson said on 4/Aug/17
As listed about 3" shorter than Brady in heels putting her around 6'1"
even said on 7/Jul/17
after waking up : 5'10"
noon : 5'9.6"
before going to sleep : 5'9.3"
Mark(5'9.25 said on 28/Jun/17
She's easily taller than me, but it's more of the 'untouchable' vibe I get from her, Rob.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 21/Jun/17
Though I do like that she wants to protect forests which is why I'm not too scared.
Editor Rob: I know some men who do feel scared of taller ladies, a height-related phobia.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 21/Jun/17
Rob, this is just me, but she kinda scares me a bit.
Original said on 15/Jun/17
Gisele is 5'9.75".
Kendall said on 29/May/17
Giselle looks like 5'9-5'9.5... Definitely!
Max said on 24/May/17
5'9'' same height than mine.
Tryed said on 11/May/17
Gisele and a Brazilian TV presenter named Luciano Huck who says he's 5'8 ", but people who have been with him say he's 5'7". What do you think Rob? He appears standing next to her at the end of the video, she does not appear to have 5'10 '' no she is not so tall, very little thing of maybe 3 inches.

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Mary said on 10/May/17
Gisele Bundchen far of 5'10'' kkkkks.

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Mary said on 9/May/17
The Gisele doesn't use high heels of 6 inches she uses in maximum 10 cm. The high heels the both are same. Gisele for me is a legitimate 5'11'' is only to see her next to Next to Robin Roberts that near Michelle Obama who is 5'11 is almost the same height, although I think she is wearing heels higher. And Gisele is pretty much the same as Robin.
Mary said on 9/May/17
Gisele Bundchen and Robin Roberts that the google say 5'10''.

Click Here:

Robin Roberts and Michelle Obama that google say 5'11''

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Jan said on 26/Apr/17
Gisele is bigger in those images because she's wearing 6 inch heels whereas Chiara is in smaller heels. About 3 to 4 inch heels.
Marlon said on 22/Apr/17
In my view, Gisele with Chiara who seems to be at least 5'9.5 '' seems to be a lot bigger but seems to be a legitimate 5'10.5 '' as her agency says, but Gisele is bigger.
Gregg said on 19/Apr/17
Gisele and Chiara Ferragni because the images below don't are corrects.

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Gregg said on 19/Apr/17
Gisele and Karl Lagerfeld Which is 5'10 ", but I think it should be smaller because of age. What do you think Rob?

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Gregg said on 19/Apr/17
Gisele and Doutzen in the Ball Gala 2009 Doutzen seems to me to be bigger even though it is not the best angle, and remembering that Gisele's heels are much bigger than Doutzen's! This explains many people claim that Gisele is 5'9 ". But this is possible because in the photo of Gisele next to the Miss Brazil 2013 in which both are with jumps similar to Gisele is smaller being Miss Brazil a legitimate 5'9 '' how to explain it?

Click Here:

Click Here: - Doutzen shoes

Click Here - Gisele shoes
Paul said on 18/Apr/17
Gisele and Chiara Ferragni who is 5'9.5 according to the internet. What do you think?

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Click Here:

Click Here:
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Apr/17
I read in the late 80's that Gisele was 5ft11, and so that's what I believed! I also saw a picture of her looking like a stick and her weight was said to be 8 1/2 stone (119lbs), and I wouldn't dispute it either. It was part of a feature on particularly skinny female celebrities, so you see, it was even going on then!
She's probably shrunk a bit now so she can have 5ft10 from me!
Markon said on 11/Apr/17
Let's take this photo into account! Gisele is completely stretched, she is raising her head too much, and on the contrary Karolina is lowering herself! I wonder if Karolina takes a deep breath and she would be much taller than just 2 centimeters than Gisele. Gisele deserves a demotion, either to 1.77 or to my opinion and that of many colleagues who have mentioned here 1.76. I think the ideal.

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Markon said on 11/Apr/17
I can not see Gisele with body proportions to have 5'10 '' is practically impossible. I've been watching and I'm thinking it really can be a legitimate 5'8.25 ''. As I have seen in photos with models that yes has 5'9 '' legitimate and Gisele is smaller.

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Keitly said on 2/Apr/17
Proof that Gisele is not 5'10 ''. Gisele in a recent show with singer Maria Gadú who has 5'7 ''. Gisele is in high heels and Maria Gadu is not !! I wonder what true height of Gisele without the heels next to a legitimate 5'7 ''.

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Keitly said on 31/Mar/17
For me Gisele is between 5'9.25 "and 5" 9.5 "I do not see her bigger than that! I even think she could be a true 5'9 '' sometimes, because near models she is much smaller. When it comes to decreasing your height here on this site, 5'10 '' is a lot and unnecessary, maybe 5'9.25 '' would be ideal.
Alesz said on 26/Mar/17
Rob as you explain this situation: Tyra says it's 5'10 '' and Adriana too, but Gisele claims to be 5'11. How can Gisele and Adriana be 5'10 '' if they are much smaller than Tyra?

Click Here:
Editor Rob: some of these models poses and positions mean their height can seem to vary, I looked at a few of the gisele and tyra and at times they seemed to be an inch apart, then very close!
Alesz said on 26/Mar/17
I can not see her at all 5'10 ". She's much smaller I'm sure. What do you think Rob of this photo she next to Tyra, it is obvious that she is smaller, he is close, but not so much?

Click Here:

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Alesz said on 23/Mar/17
Gisele Bundchen and Tv presenter estimating height

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Alesz said on 20/Mar/17
Gisele and Cameron Diaz, Gisele Gisele is not as big as Cameron Diaz is a small difference, and even more people do not think Cameron Diaz is 5'8'' so Gisele can be a lot smaller than she claims to be.

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Arthur said on 15/Mar/17
Editor Rob: without heels beside Jimmy I think she still held up quite well, I can't really see her less than 5ft 10.

Rob, she can't be just 5ft 10 with Jimmy, he was wearing his big shoes and he was barely 2 inches taller than her. Either Fallon is just 5ft 11 (which I believe so), or she is more 5ft 10.5, like her agency listed her...
Editor Rob: 5ft 10.5 isn't impossible.
gtr said on 24/Feb/17
Gisele Bundchen film Taxi: Gisele and Ingrid Vandebosch 5'9'', Magali Amadei 5'9''/5'9.5''/5'10'', Ana Cristina de Oliveira 5'9''. Gisele looks much bigger than the ones mentioned, could she not be a legitimate 5'10.5"?

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gtr said on 24/Feb/17
Gisele and friends models, proving that Gisele is not 5'10 ''. She is very close to Carol Bittencourt who has 5'9.5 '' which is on her right side of the video. Carol Ribeiro, who is on her left side, is 5'10 '' and is much bigger than Gisele herself. So I have no doubt, Gisele is 5'9.25 "or 5'9.5".

Click Here 5:50
gtr said on 24/Feb/17
Gisele Bundchen and Ana Beatriz Barros:

Click Here:

Click Here 5:40
gtr said on 24/Feb/17
It's obvious that Gisele is less than 1.78 in this video.

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gtr said on 24/Feb/17
Gisele Bündchen last parade. Gisele is very close to Carol Ribeiro and Fernanda Tavares both 1.78, but they are not of the same height! I can not see Gisele as 1.75 as some say, to me it's 1.76 / 1.77 at the very least.

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In the order Carol Ribeiro 1.78, Luciana Curtis 1.76, Gisele Bundchen 1.80, Ana Claudia Michels 1.80, Fernanda Tavares 1.78 and Carol Bittencourt 1.77

Click Here:

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Click Here

Gisele for me is a legitimate 1.76! And without further ado, I can not see it as 1.78 and much less 1.75. Now that explains her close to Adriana Lima and the Tyra Banks in my view, she is smaller and has no body proportions for 1.78. I always wondered this, but seeing her alongside other models they claim to be 1.78 and she claiming to be 1.80, I see she's lying. I read in other sites that at the beginning of his career she was measured at 1.77 and it may be possible, but in the morning I believe. Rob ask me a question, if a model that has 1.76 or 1.77, if measured as soon as she wakes up she could reach 1.79?

Rob to Gisele with that high heel, can reach more or less height?

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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/17
Rob, how likely is 179cm?
Mike said on 20/Feb/17
Gisele and Carmen Kass, both in a video with the same high heels. What do you think Rob is any different? I see Carmen a few inches taller than Gisele.

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Editor Rob: not sure about the difference in that clip.
Weyland said on 20/Feb/17
she cant be 5 ft 10 because on a photo with Tom Brady she doesnt look any close to it
A have friend of mine who is 6 ft 4 and top of my head in front of his eyeline im 5 ft 10. She on heels even didnt touch it
Meryn said on 19/Feb/17
The best era of Victoria's Secret has never been the same without this quintet.

Click Here:

Click Here:

Gisele and Carmen Kass 5'10 "or 5'10.5". I believe that Gisele is very close, but not the same height as Carme. Maybe 1 or 2 centimeters smaller than own.

- Click Here
Meryn said on 19/Feb/17
In this video give to see that Gisele is smaller than the Tyra Banks, I think about 3 centimeters. What do you think Rob?

Click Here - 0:14
Meryn said on 18/Feb/17
I can not see Gisele as 5'10 '', I do not think she has body proportions by then. On look I would say she has 5'9.25 '', what do you think Rob is possible? For me it would be explainable, because she is smaller than Adriana Lima and does not even come close to the Tyra Banks, what beats in my mind is that if Gisele was 5'10 '' how high would Tyra Banks be a giant difference?
Ayten said on 6/Feb/17
Rob in this video when she takes her heels, how tall do you think she gets? For me, I do not think she has less than 1.76. She's very tall, I think.

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Ayten said on 6/Feb/17
Rob, how tall do you think Gisele is using those jumps? What if she's 5'9 "she could get by then?

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Editor Rob: without heels beside Jimmy I think she still held up quite well, I can't really see her less than 5ft 10.
Quoter 987 said on 6/Feb/17
23 inch waist at 5'10. What a farce.
Reyui said on 22/Jan/17
The true heights I believe:

1. Gisele Bündchen - 1,75/1,76
2. Adriana Lima - 1,77
3. Tyra Banks - Legitimate 1,78
4. Heidi Klum - 1,74
5. Alessandra Ambrosio - 1,73
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/17
Rob how high is Carles Puyol? Because if it's 5'10 '' as the Internet says, Gisele does not have that height! I always had the impression she was 5'9.25 ''.

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Mitryriul said on 15/Jan/17
Rob, how high do you think Gisele has in these photos? She is in a Brazilian show called Stars. The presenter is called Angelica and she has 1.63. What is your opinion of Gisele?

Click Here - 4:38 minutes.
Editor Rob: the low angle might not help show the true difference, it certainly doesn't seem any more than 5.5-6 inches, but I wonder how it would look if the camera was higher up.
Antje said on 31/Dec/16
and how tall is lindsay vonn rob?
Have you seen the video posted below by
She is listed 5'10 often
But next to gisele she seems 5'8
Maybe even less
Idk maybe she can be 5'9 and her posture is really bad there but she is not 5'10...
Editor Rob: I have her at 5ft 9.5, it is the most she really could be, especially when you seen her with big Tiger.
Antje said on 31/Dec/16
What is her weight?
Like 123-130lbs?
Editor Rob: Antje, I doubt it's over 130...she is beautiful and very trim/slim.
Anonymous said on 28/Dec/16
How tall is she near Lindsey and gives a reporter, who in my view she is intimidated by being smaller, is wanting to raise her feet to look bigger.

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Editor Rob: to me, Bundchen definitely seemed taller than big Lindsey there!
Antje said on 27/Dec/16
How much does she weigh rob?
Katie Mocca said on 17/Dec/16
Gigi hadid looks a lot like Gisele.
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/16
Gisele's mind fell to kkkks, she even giggled at Adriana, as if she were lying, Karolina was even slowing down to see if Gisele was coming, and even Gisele stretching herself does not come anywhere close to Karolina's height.

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Anonymous said on 10/Dec/16
Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova.

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ZaylonHair1986 said on 8/Dec/16
Look at the pictures below.

Click Here - Gisele high heels

Click Here - Gisele with Jakelyne Oliveira Miss Brazil 2013 5'9''

Click Here - High heels Jakelyne

Click Here - High heels Jakelyne

Click Here - Gisele has the boot down in the photos and Melissa Miss Brazil 2014 has a 16cm heel,She is 1,65.

Click Here - Gisele with Fernanda Leme second placed Miss Brazil 2014 is 1.82cm

Look at the high heels of Gisele and Jakelyne !!! If Gisele was 1.78 she would be the size where Jakelyne is, or larger, because Gisele has a boot 1 or 2 centimeters smaller than Jakelyne's heel and it would not change at all if she had 1.78 . My conclusion Gisele does not have 1.78 !! 1.75 is perfect.
ZaylonHair1986 said on 8/Dec/16
In these photos it is obviously seen that Gisele Bundchen is far from 5'10 ''. I like Gisele a lot, I admire too much, but to say that he has 5'11 '', being even close to 5'10 "is too much. In my view that I have already seen personally is a very thin woman, too much. He has a very short hip, which can influence his appearance to be bigger than he is. For me it looks like I'm 5'9 "over Heidi Klum, if you see both of them personally it's pretty hard to tell who is taller than who. But I've seen it measured at 5'9.75 '' and it may even be in the morning, but to say that she's the same height as Adriana Lima and Tyra Banks, she's very far away, because I've seen Adriana and just seen She seems to be 1.78 is very long-line, unlike Gisele who appears to be much taller because of her short hips, which allows her to have larger legs.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Anon said on 5/Dec/16
5'10 is what I always though Gisele was. A spot on listing
Mandy said on 3/Dec/16
Click Here
Mandy said on 3/Dec/16
Click Here
Mandy said on 3/Dec/16
What do you think of Gisele height of these videos Rob, thinks that 1.75 is possible, because obviously she is smaller than Adriana and that Tyra herself who is 1.78 and seems to have much more.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: I'm not sure on Gisele's heel there, but she can still look over 5ft 10.
Mandy said on 29/Nov/16
Look at the real difference of Karolina Kurkova to Gisele Bundchen !! For me it's a 4/5 cm difference. So I can not get away from the head that I saw her at the Olympics and she is from the same alura as Ludmilla 1.75 a Brazilian singer.
Mike said on 29/Nov/16
She is not so different from Heidi Klum 1.75 for me Gisele is 1.76 or 1.77 when she wakes up and no more than that. She is smaller than Adriana and than Tyra Banks and is far from Karolina Kurkova. What height would you find perfect for Gisele Rob?
Mike said on 28/Nov/16
Gisele Bí¼ndchen is 5'9 "or 1,75. She seems to be bigger because of her super skinny and short biotype! Soon to see her in person and in photos next to other models, we see a difference, especially next to Tyra Banks, she is very low and is far from 5'11 ".
Mike said on 23/Nov/16
She is 5'10'' - 1.77
Ivete Sangalo Fanclub said on 9/Nov/16
See this video, they are exactly the same height! 1.75, so that always doubted Gisele time claims to have 1.80 and Ivete is also now saying it has 1.77. The truth is that there's video, and even appears to me that Ivete is even greater than Gisele.

Click Here
Ivete Sangalo Fanclub said on 9/Nov/16
This video can see both together and Gisele appears to be no greater than Ivete, unlike seems smaller. Ivete Sangalo is 1.75 and knew as a teenager Gisele average 1.70 do not think that has grown 8 centimeters so quickly.

Click Here
Ivete Sangalo Fanclub said on 7/Nov/16
Gisele Bí¼ndchen and Ivete Sangalo (1.75). What do you think Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob: It is tough to tell the difference on the beach.
Gisy said on 28/Oct/16
Click Here

Click Here

In this picture it is clear that Gisele is well away from 5'10 ''.
For me Tyra Banks 5'10 ''
Adriana Lima 5 '9.5 "
Gisele Bundchen 5 '9.25 "
Heidi Klum 5 '8.5 "
Alessandra Ambrosio 5 '8 "
Original said on 21/Oct/16
Marie said on 8/Oct/16
Gisele and Ludmilla during the Olympics. Ludmilla has 5'9 ''. What do you think? For me they are the same height.
Click Here
Marie said on 8/Oct/16
Look the ví­deo

Click Here
Marie said on 8/Oct/16
Gisele is not so high near Alessandra! Look at this video. It is the minimum difference and are the same boots. I'm starting to believe that Gisele to be 5'9 '', I see a lot of people talking.
Karlie said on 7/Oct/16
Funny that in an interview she said she 5'11 '', and high heels would be to 6'3 ''. How so close to her husband, the very heels with barely reaches the shoulders of them kkkkks. Gisele has 1.78, for me it is at most 1.77. But the best time is 1.76.
Karlie said on 7/Oct/16
Funny that in an interview she said she 5'11 '', and high heels would be to 6'3 ''. How so close to her husband, the very heels with barely reaches the shoulders of them kkkkks. Gisele has 1.78, for me it is at most 1.77. But the best time is 1.76.
Karlie said on 7/Oct/16
She pants 9 shoes. No 7 as listed here. In Brazil the number of shoes it is 41.
Franco said on 18/Sep/16
I don't get it how she wears a size 7 while I know girls that are in the 5'2"-5'4" range that wear the same size or even bigger! It's a bit weird but I've noticed a lot of tall girls don't get past size 8
567 Red said on 16/Aug/16
Gisele is less than Adriana , that's obvious ! And as in the photo below the difference is the same height between Gisele and Adriana , Gisele may have 1.77 1,77.5 but surely it does not have 1.78 .
Carlinha12 said on 7/Aug/16
Gisele and Naiara Lili ( 1.78 ) , Gisele is lower. Gisele has 1,76.5 or 1.77 .
Click Here
Carlinha12 said on 7/Aug/16
Click Here
Gisele e Camila
Carlinha12 said on 6/Aug/16
Gisele and Camila Queiroz ( a model and Brazilian actress ) . Camila is 1.77 , what do you think ?
Click Here
Click Here
Fred12we said on 5/Aug/16
Click Here
Fred12we said on 5/Aug/16
It Gisele very close to Jimmy Fallon , Gisele is given as 1.79 , so I think this could be your height. And both are of similar jumps in height. When she gets the correct posture it grows quite even .And look it 's not even as close Fallow .

Click Here
Allie said on 2/Aug/16
I remembered she claimed to be almost 6 feet by 13-14 but in that interview posted she states 5'9 by 13 ish or so..
Rebelka said on 30/Jul/16
In this video he says he 5'11 .
0:52 Click Here
Mick said on 26/Jul/16
Do you think 5'9.75 is possible?
Rebelka said on 23/Jul/16
Gisele if sticking with Puyol she would be smaller and Puyol have 1.78 , I'm pretty sure she has 1.76 1.77 is just that .
Click Here
Rebelka said on 22/Jul/16
Look at the last picture of this link, Gisele is much smaller than Karolina Kurkova , to be precise think 4cm difference. Gisele has 1.78 it is much like Heidi Klum and 1 higher cetímetro , 1.76 for it.
Rebelka said on 21/Jul/16
1.76 1.77 it is not higher than Adriana Lima and much less than Tyra Banks
Click Here
YUH78 said on 13/Jul/16
Gisele Bundchen 1,76
Adriana Lima 1,77
Tyra Banks 1.78
Alessandra Ambrosio 1.74
thu134 said on 2/Jul/16
Gisele Bündchen 1.77
Adriana Lima 1.78
Tyra Banks 1,78,5
Alessandra Ambrosio 1,76
thu134 said on 2/Jul/16
Click Here
Click Here

Gisele and Lindsey Vonn 1,77
Original said on 12/Jun/16
Yep 177-8.
Allie said on 9/Jun/16
Actually, some sites list her shoe size as 8-8.5 US.
CARLOS said on 8/Jun/16
Gisele is less than the Adriana , I'm fixing it in parades and when they were together Adriana is greater .
see in 1994 at age 14 in a contest that Gisele was in 2nd place , the winner is Claudia Meneses today a journalist, she has 1.80 and 1.79 Gisele kkkkks the difference is huge .
Click Here
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 7/Jun/16
5'10" with a size 7 foot? Jeez. That's crazy.
carly148 said on 1/Jun/16
Gisele don't has 1,80cm, gisele has 1.78 , 1cm more than Bridget Moyhana which has 1.77

.Click Here

.Click Here
carly148 said on 1/Jun/16
Gisele don't has 1,80cm, gisele has 1.78 , 1cm more than Bridget Moyhana which has 1.77

.Click Here

.Click Here
carly148 said on 1/Jun/16
she has not 1.80 ! It is much smaller ue models contained 180, she must have 1.78 even the models with 1.80 are much longer than they repair in photos.
Dwt said on 29/May/16
She isnt very different in height than 5'9 heidi klum. Probably just one inch between them.
A flat 5'10 is fair enough for gisele(177-178).
By far the most beautiful model from the 90s until now
There is still not one girl who can compare to her yet.
There might be one in the next ten years, but i doubt she will be as good as gisele.
She deserves to be called a supermodel alongside all the other beauties like naomi, linda, christie...
a said on 28/Apr/16
Click Here

roughly the same height as fallon and they are both wearing high heels...
Jan said on 28/Apr/16
No Pedro, Adriana could not be 5"9.75, her and Gisele are the exact same height. A solid 5'10. Look at pics of her and Gisele together. Oh and no Isabeli does not have long legs. She also has shorter legs and she looks shorter than she is because of it but her legs aren't as short as Alessandra's. Next time be a little more observant before posting.
Pedro said on 27/Mar/16
Gisele is same height as fernanda tavares
Who is 5ft10
This listing is perfect
Adriana could be 5ft9.75-5ft10
So 5ft10 is fine for adriana too.
Jerome said on 26/Mar/16
@Antje her inseam is probably 34-35 inch or so
Original said on 23/Mar/16
She was measured as 177cm in Rio Grande do Sul.
Allie said on 19/Mar/16
Even in the prime of her career or early years there's no way her measurements were 35-23-35.5. Her waist has never looked THAT tiny, but her bust and hips did always look close in size.
Antje said on 14/Mar/16
Rob, how long do you think her legs are?
Like 1 meter long or more?
Naomi Campbell has said she has legs 99cm long
And izabel goulart has also said she has 1 meter long legs.
I think gisele might be 100-103 cm long
What do you think?
Editor Rob: an outside measurement? Yes, they could be around that length.
Pedro said on 3/Mar/16
Isabeli fontana probably isn't very tall, she is like same height as alessandra, so between 174-176(and they both have the same claim of 177, but they dont have that height). She is very gorgeous, face and body, but could be considered model short since she can be under 5'9. But isabeli fontana doesnt look short even though she might be, because she has long legs, unlike ale, that looks short because of proportions, and 174 isnt short for women.
Now izabel goulart seems very close in height with adriana, she is at least 176, and she is always consistently listed at 177 so i would guess 176.5-177 for her and 177-177.5 for adriana. Izabel goulart isn't model short like isabeli and ale are.
I used to think izabel was same height as ale, but ale is a lot shorter than izabel, izabel is close to adriana's range, and ale's 177 claim is very false.
Take a look at this: Click Here

Izabel looks 3cm taller than 174 Alessandra and a little taller than helena christensen too(i dont know how tall helena is, maybe 5'9-5'9.25) and their heels are all equal.
Allie said on 29/Feb/16
Maybe she is. Either way, I do agree though. Adriana and Gisele are at least 177 cm.
izabel well I've heard people say she's a little shorter so maybe 175 or 176. Do you know Iasbeli's height? She looks model short and people said that she's one of the shorter models.. Still beautiful none the less. Maybe she's one of those that looks short but is taller in person?
Pedro said on 28/Feb/16
Maybe she is 177
I saw this 177 listing but not in brazil, it was in an article in english, but i do understand that in the beginning of her carrier she was listed 177, so she might be close to that.
She is quite close to adri
I just think she might be a stronger 5'10 than adri, because she isnt stated at177 as often as adriana is, she is more listed at 179, which doesnt look like it, but i think 178 strong is the best guess for her.
You should see gisele next to izabel goulart, (iza looks close in height with adriana but might be slightly shorter, if not same height)
Gisele is a tad taller than izabel and i believe izabel is 177-176.5(maybe a strong177-177.5 like adriana if iza and adri are same height).
Allie said on 26/Feb/16
A commentor from Brazil claimed a while back that she has heard Gisele being 177 cm all her life.. Any thoughts on this Pedro?
Pedro said on 23/Feb/16
Strong 5ft10, like 178 for real, and maybe 177.5 at her low. While adriana is just a legit 5'10, but not as strong as gisele's 5ft10. Adriana is more like 177.5-177, maybe 178 sometimes.
Name said on 14/Jan/16
She is 5ft 10.
Allie said on 10/Jan/16
Briana are you sure that the person you know can actually guess height well? Otherwise Tom Brady's only 6'2 but I don't think he'll lose 2 inches by evening as he was measured at 6'4 range. :).

Gisele's 5'10 maybe a tad under or a tad over but nothing under or above that. And don't let her pics with Karlie fool you. Karlie's not the end all be all for judging someone's height. She's looks 5'10 with other models.
Jerome said on 8/Jan/16
@Brianna Hughes if Gisele was 5'8 the WHOLE Hollywood would need a huge downgrade
Brianna Hughes said on 8/Jan/16
Well, i just met a friend of theirs (chef) and she says Giselle is exactly 5'8 barefoot. So, this coming from someone who has a real non-fahion-industry relationship with her sounds a bit more legit. I saw pics of them together
Allie said on 5/Dec/15
@Dat Eh, always been kind of keen on model's heights and some of my fave singers or actors. Plus I love a good debate :) or putting in my two cents.
Tunman said on 4/Dec/15
5'10 is more reasonable.5'9.75 is the lowest arguable in my opinion.A good chance that Lima edges her but no more than a little fraction.
dat said on 4/Dec/15
Allie looks like you live here. your comments are everywhere :D .
Dmeyer said on 2/Dec/15
Thats whi leo looked 3cm taller she is just 178cm
Allie said on 1/Dec/15
I'm startng to think that 177 is possible, but with people like Jimmy or Tom she'd have to be at least 5'10 to pull off looking that tall next to them with a heel that doesn't look too big. I think she claims 5'11 because that's the height that's now desired in the fashion industry. Notice how before during the Cindy Crawford era, most claimed or were listed at 5'9-5'9.5 save for a few?

Now a days models want to be taller. 5'10-5'10.5 models become 5'11, taller than 5'11 becomes 5'11, etc. I do agree with her very slender figure making her appear taller and she's could be closer to 5'9.5 or a strong 5'10. That's tall enough for modeling though.
grizz said on 1/Dec/15
@Allie, it's possible that she's 177 cm in fact. Her very slender figure can fool anyone. That's still really tall, I don't know why she claims 5'11.
Allie said on 15/Nov/15
Well I did find one agency.. Option Model Management lists her as 5'10.5.

Also, Rob, interestingly enough, when she was 20, in September 2000, a Newsweek article described her as 1.77 (which I assume is 5'9.5 as models listed as this tall are usually given this height). Here..

Click Here

You might not be able to view it because it involves paying to view it if you've viewed the article too many times, but if you see her Wikipedia page, it takes the exact quote needed:
Click Here

Then after she became all super famous she decided she needed the upgrade to 5'11, even though she was 20 by this time, unless she was measured at around when she started (14/15) and she thought she grew.. Just wondering if you could mention in her little blurb. Maybe like: "When she was 20, a Newsweek described her as standing at 1.77m/5'9.5 tall".
Editor Rob: I think finding her first modelling agency page would be better, but her own claim always does seem like she added some height, how much exactly, 1 or 3-4cm is the eternal question.
Janet said on 12/Nov/15
She's definitely a solid 5'10. I don't know why she fibbed because she's already so tall
Allie said on 8/Nov/15
She still tries saying claiming 5'11 even though KK destroyed her claim all those years ago.
Allie said on 6/Oct/15
Rob, which agency if you remember said she was 179? Most of the agencies I see have her at the 180 cm she claims.
[Editor Rob: I can't remember now, many agencies change heights as you probably know. Sometimes older heights can be found going back using the internet archive, but it is time consuming...]
Allie said on 3/Oct/15
No way is just 5'9. Look at her with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon's 182 himself, wearing shoes that make him around 6'0.75 range according to Rob, and Gisele's heels have no platform on them and she's at least an inch inches taller. No way that a 173-175 person could pull that off without a platform with a person who's around 6'0.75 with the shoes.

5'10 for her.
N28 said on 13/Aug/15
Gisele Bündchen is maximum 5'9 and all those photos of her next to Karlie Kloss (whether she's slouching or stretching or dancing or whatever) confirms this. No matter what anyone says, seeing is believing. Karlie Kloss always wears the shortest heels in contrast to the other models and yet she is way taller than them all, especially Gisele, the latter always wearing chunky platform superheels.
Allie said on 12/Aug/15
No Gisele is not 180. She's a true 5'10. The exact same height as Adriana. Karolina herself has stated that's she only 5'11.
Jan said on 11/Aug/15
Gisele does not need an upgrade she was never any taller than Adriana Lima. Legit 5'10. No more.
MaryAnne said on 10/Aug/15
Click Here
with super tall Oluchi, 5'9 Heidi and 5'11 Daniela
Daniel said on 28/Jul/15
Rob Gisele needs an upgrade. 180cm. Karolina Kurkova is modeling lie height. Karoline is a solid 6".Toni Garrn must be 6"1
vegasBitch said on 25/Jul/15
I believe she's 5'11" at least. I saw her a few times at Whole Foods and she look like a beanpole, with a a rather horsy face. Very fit and photographs well, but arrogant. Like she's got something to prove.
Lovelife said on 25/Jul/15
I just noticed that in the infamous picture taken in 2013 with Gisele standing next to Karlie and Karlie looks 3-4 inches taller than Gisele. Gisele was slouching her head! If Gisele stood straight like Karlie than Gisele was actually only 2-2.5 inches shorter than Karlie. You can see in another picture at that event on Google. 180cm for Gisele and 185cm for Karlie.
ben said on 25/Jul/15
Bob finally downgraded her. Legit 178cm.
ben said on 20/Jul/15
Karlie Kloss legit 187cm in the morning
Gisele Bundchen legit 178cm in the morning
Gisele was measured 177cm when she was 16 years old so it made sense that she grew 1 cm after that
Just said on 20/Jul/15
Rob, this is a pic with full body shot of Gisele and Karolina, back to back, in similar high heels. Even with Gisele standing straight and Karolina slouching, Karolina is still 2" taller than Gisele. Click Here
So, either Gisele is not 5'10"5 or Karolina needs an upgrade to 6', right?
[Editor Rob: generally I think about 5ft 10 fits Gisele amongst most of the other models.]
MaryAnne said on 9/Jul/15
Max 178 with Tom
joe 193cm night said on 27/Jun/15
178 cm
Just said on 25/Jun/15
I think everybody agrees it's impossible for Gisele to be 5'10"5 since she's definitely more than 1" shorter than 5'11 Karolina.
And the majority knows her real height (before she got famous) is 177 cm.
Bishop said on 24/Jun/15
5'9" is too low. 5'10" flat is probably better.
Allie said on 23/Jun/15
5'9.75 is the lowest I'd go. Which is still 177cm.
maryanne said on 16/Jun/15
Allie said on 15/Jun/15
Actually, I was gonna say 5'9ish, but given how she and Adriana look dead on in height, I think 178cm. Also, given her pictures with Kurkova, Rob, do you think 178 is more likely closer in the very least?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
James said on 27/May/15
She can't be 179 according to pictures with Karolina Kurkova and Karlei Kloss; 175 is closer by.
Just said on 20/May/15
Rob, there's barely any height difference between Karlie and Toni or Karlie and Ireland, but still you've listed them 1"5 apart. And there's clearly a bigger height difference between Gisele and Karolina, but you've only listed them a half inch apart. Why?
Skye said on 14/May/15
More like 175-177 given her pic with Kurkova.
MaryAnne said on 12/May/15
downgrade her to 1.77
Just said on 3/May/15
Before she got famous she was 1.77 m. After she got famous she's all of a sudden 5'11 on certain sites (just like Jennifer Lawrence). She's clearly about 2 inches shorter than Karolina Kurlova. So there's no way Gisele is 5'10"5! If she is, then Karolina is at least 6' tall.
louise2002 said on 24/Apr/15
she can't be 180, she is over 176-177cm
Tunman said on 16/Apr/15
Brady was in fact measured 6'4 3/8" or 194 which was rounded down to 6'4
You're right however when saying measurements are performed in the morning
I think he's just 193 (a further cm loss from mid morning to late evening)
Panda said on 10/Mar/15
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Tom Brady is? I know he is listed as 6'4" (193 cm) and the NFL tends to be pretty honest however since it was done in the morning there could be several heights he could be. I think Tom Brady (when measured) could be anywhere from as low as 6'3.5" to as high as 6'4.25" in the morning (assuming he loses 0.5 inch by the end of the day) Brady, imo, is anywhere between 6'3" to 6'3.75". How tall do you think Brady is? I'd say he's 6'3.5" (192 cm).
MaryAnne said on 8/Mar/15
I Remember when Adriana Lima, Gisele and Karolina went to TRL, Gisele and Karolina both said that they were 5'11 but then they stayed back to back and Karolina was heigher...
MaryAnne said on 2/Mar/15
She looks 1.77 next to Karolina. Just my opinion :)
joe 193cm night said on 20/Feb/15
here she is a volleyball player from Brazil Jaqueline Carvalho listed in 186cm
Laura said on 3/Feb/15
a solid 5'11" out of bed.
Just said on 1/Jan/15
More like 2 inches shy of 5'11 rather than 2 cms, since she's 2 inches shorter than 5'11 Karolina.
BGee said on 26/Nov/14
Just a cm or two shy of a full 5'11, and stunning all the same!
james said on 21/Nov/14
Gisele next to Karolina Kurkova and Karlie Kloss doesn´t look any taller than 1.76 or 1.77, so 5ft9.5. 5ft10.5 is too much.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 5/Nov/14
Anyone who thinks she is 5,9 is not all there... If you watch her on Fallon she is barefoot and they are standing straight and he is in shoes (that give him at least an inch probably more though knowing Fallon) and so that would put him at least 6,0.5 and she was legit no more than 1-1.5 inches shorter. She is 5,10.5-5,11.
Asia said on 20/Jul/14
Bingo! Her agency lists her at 5 11" she's actually 5 9" looks tall because she's so thin. I was surprised when I saw her because she's listed at 5 11". Standing next to a true 5 11 girl like Kurkova shows she's not as tall as everyone thinks she is.
Just said on 18/Jul/14
With quite similar heels 5'11 Karolina Kurkova is almost 2 inches taller than Gisele. Click Here Click Here So no way Gisele is 5'10"5. Those pictures certainly destroy Gisele's 5'11 claim. She's 5'9"5 max.
Don't you agree that the evidence is quite convincing, Rob?
176,2Tunman said on 19/May/14
Seemed towered by 194 Brady despite probable heels advantage,she's rather 177-8
Kylie said on 1/May/14
rob, please could you do a height mention of russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova ?
she's even actress from the hollywood film which called 'clash of the titan'.. And, she is a industry icon of the fashion world recently.
Nicole said on 18/Apr/14
So yeah, Gisele is definitely 177cm.
Nicole said on 18/Apr/14
I'm 5'9.5 and I met Gisele in church in 2009 and I could've sworn she wasn't any taller than me.
Hannah said on 27/Jan/14
I heard she was 177 cm (5'9.5")
Slaya said on 17/Jan/14
Hey Rob on the celebrity weight page its written that she was 72kg. do you know if it was after her pregnancy or if it was her normal weight before drop to 58kg ?
[Editor Rob: yeah the quote was talking about her pregnancy and how she managed to go back down to that weight]
Liz said on 15/Jan/14
Does she tower Tom Brady??
troyCARSAN said on 11/Jan/14
Rob, please add a height page for the tall Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros.
Just said on 15/Dec/13
Gisele is 5'9"5 max. Especially in those pictures next to Karlie Kloss who towers over her. She never claimed 5'10"5.
Just said on 4/Dec/13
Karlie is 6'1, so Gisele is 5'9.
Jan said on 30/Nov/13
Toni Garrn is actually listed at 6'0 to 6'1. So she towers DiCaprio. Gisele is 5'9.5" or 5'10" max.
yoyo said on 15/Nov/13
Gisele is at least 5'10...Karlie Kloss just might be 6'4 or 6'3 1/2...she's a giantess!
George said on 11/Nov/13
Weak 5'9", strong 5'8". Next to Karlie Kloss (a solid 6'1") and both wearing the same heels Gisele was near to Karlie's nose
John said on 7/Nov/13
Rob, please put a picture of her standing next to karlie kloss at the recent YSL event (bellazon and search kloss). Karlie is 5-6 inches taller than Gisele. Gisele is not taller than 5-9. Katlie says she is 6-1, which means she is probably at least 6-2. Gisele looks like a midget next to her. There is no way she is 5-10 or even 5-11. If that is true, karlie is 6-4
strange said on 1/Sep/13
she cant be taht height..look at her next to dicaprio. he was always taller than her.
However, his new girlfriend, Toni Garnn actually seems a bit taller than him and is actually listed as shorter than Bündchen (Garrn at 178)..
so a bit of a contradiction
Original said on 11/Apr/13
5'9.75" or a full 5'10", not shorter.
Original said on 14/Feb/13
DeDe said on 28/Jan/13
Rob please could you do a height for Stephanie Seymour
Sinead Finn said on 21/Oct/12
Rob, pls do a height page for supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.
steven said on 20/Oct/12
She can't be over 5 feet 9. She was at an event recently and next to the backdrop, Karlie Kloss (who is listed at 6 foot 1 but is taller than that), was at least 5 inches taller. Look at
J.Lee said on 15/Oct/12
Rob please do a height for alessandra ambrosia
[Editor Rob: I Gave her one]
Jess said on 4/Sep/12
She's no more than 5'10". She's the exact same height as Adriana Lima maybe a hair shorter. She looks taller than she is because she has a lean figure with no hips and very shapely legs. So she looks very long and lean. But when you look at her next to the 5'11" and taller models you can definitely see the difference.
The Dutch Guy. said on 11/Aug/12
She's between 5'9.25" and 5"9.5"
Clara said on 6/Feb/12
Gisele is not 5'11! I'm brazilian and for my entire life I have always heard Gisele is 177cm :)
aspa said on 29/Jan/12
in ths Click Here photo, alessandra is at least 2 inches shorter than lima. lima is 179cm alessandra is 178 according to their agencies.not possible,really.
Sasha said on 25/Jan/12
Arguing about 1cm looks strange. The difference between morning and evening heights of some people may be 2-2.5cm. Also, the method of measuring may give a variance. For example, if someone stands very-very straight and tries be as tall as possible, he would be measured near 1cm taller than if he (she) would stand straight but rather relaxedly. I even don't say about the deviations, which different measuring devices have. So we may say, that Gisele is in 178-181 range dependently of the time of a day and the way of measuring. :)
Sunny said on 21/Jan/12
Ideal height for a supermodel is 5"10. If she would be 5"10,5 the agents will list her at 5"10.. See models like Candice and Adriana... The agents both list them at 5"10, but Adriana is clearly 1 or maybe 2 inches taller when she is standing next to Candice. 5"11 is for most agents the maximum.
I believe Gisele is a strong 5"11 .
And about the shoesize.. Im 5"11,5 woman, and I wear shoesize 8 (39EU). Shoe size doesn't say anything about the height.
Shaun said on 21/Jan/12
Rob you should start a page for Tom Brady. He's a huge American football celebrity.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 9/Jan/12
tom brady has more than six inches on her, and the guy was supposedly measured at 6.'4.3 or whatever.
Milli said on 4/Dec/11
Look at this picture seems like giselle is shorter than Tyra Banks....Click Here
Alex said on 4/Dec/11
I'll have to admit that pictures of several models being photographed together can be total mind****s. Recent pic.

Click Here

Heights according to fashionmodeldirectory, from left to right.

Karlie 5'11, Coco 5'10, Doutzen 5'10, Christy 5'10, Iman 5'10, Hilary 5'11, Lily 5'8.5, Jeisa 5'9

Karlie has been described as tall as 6'2 but with such a height being listed in your vita you're not likely to get booked. Hilary might as well be 6'0 but she's towering over almost everyone here. She seems to wear suede boots. The magic model size is between 5'9 and 6'0, it doesn't strike me as a surprise that so many models are listed at 5'9-11 but in reality appear shorter (Jeisa) or taller (Hilary, Karlie).
Jen said on 17/Nov/11
Gisele is not 5' 11". I am 5' 9" and my husband is 6' 4" the exact height of Tom Brady. I stand exactly proportionate the exacte same as Gisele in her pic at the beach w/Tom.
Daphne said on 26/Oct/11
Because I couldn't find where to post these heights of another Victoria's Secret models I decided to post'em here. Click Here In the pic. the "black" model who is 4th from the left side is said to be 5'8" and the "white" model next to her is also said to be 1.75. But considering from the height that the brunette model says, which is 1.73, but all the models lie about their height, so I put her a solid 1.66cm, HOW TALL is the white model?
Mhmm said on 22/Aug/11
Karolina Kurkova have to be taller than 5'11, or are they other just shorter than they have been listed.
guy said on 15/Aug/11
she always looked 6'1 to me
Pinky said on 2/Jul/11
Rob, look what I found:Click Here
Is an article from 2000 (Gisele was 20 yo) that describe her as 177 cm (5'9.69").
5'11 was too much for her, but I thought she was 5.10, well 177 is close to 5.10.
Brazilian Fellow said on 4/Jun/11

UK6 for a 5'4" lady is proportionate. 4-5 inches taller, and it would be a little small. For a 5'11" woman its very tiny. In Brazil, Women 5'11" tall usually wear a UK7.5/8, and we don't have particularly big feet in relation to our height as do Americans.
littlesue said on 2/Jun/11
Tiny shoe size?? I worked in a ladies shop shop and I would say a UK size 6 was one of the most popular sizes along with a size 5. Tiny I would say a size 3 and under. Of course for her height she could be a size 6, my mate is 5ft 10 and has a size 4, she is very narrow and small boned though
Brazilian Fellow said on 1/Jun/11
If she lies about her height and really is 5'8-5'9, then that explains her tiny shoe size: BR37/EU39/USW8/UK6.
JoannaCheck said on 27/May/11
ok guys every model lies too much about her height Gisele is only 5ft8.5 and Ale is 5ft7 Candice and Rosie too.Adriana is 5ft9.Karolina is the taller of them with 5ft10 so if Gisele is 179 cm than Karolina is 185cm!!!!!!!That's impossible!
linke said on 22/May/11
over 5'10 but not by much.
nick said on 2/May/11
Alessandra Ambrosio is not 5 ft 10 she is beetween 5 ft8 and 5ft9 i believe 5 ft8 every model lies about their height in this video she is listed as 5 ft9 watch at 0.44 Click Here so no way 5ft10
nick said on 2/May/11
Alessandra Ambrosio is not 5 ft 10 she is beetween 5 ft8 and 5ft9 i believe 5 ft8 every model lies about their height in this video she is listed as 5 ft9 watch at 0.44 Click Here so no way 5ft10
nick said on 2/May/11
Alessandra Ambrosio is not 5 ft 10 she is beetween 5 ft8 and 5ft9 i believe 5 ft8 every model lies about their height in this video she is listed as 5 ft9 watch at 0.44 Click Here so no way 5ft10
nick93 said on 1/May/11
Alessandra Ambrosio is not 5 ft 10 she is between 5ft8-5ft9 i believe she is 5ft8 because every model lie about their height in this video she is listed as 5ft9 at 0.44 you can see it Click Here
MissyWoW said on 7/Apr/11
Every model lies about her height!I'm 5ft7 and i've met gisele for several times (i'm a make up artist) she's 174-175 cm maxxxxxxx!
kg said on 31/Mar/11
Here we see CLEARLY alessandra isn't 5'10 cos adriana is 5'10 and she's clearly taller than alessandra here and the heels they're wearing are both 5inches
Click Here
Ed cullen look alike said on 20/Feb/11
Yea i believe shes around that definately leggy. I dunno shes for sure 5-10 to 5-11. Tom brady sucks, i cant stand him that will never last. I think lima and ambrosio are both hotter
dt said on 28/Jan/11
To say she's 5'9 is a joke. She's atleast 5'10 if not 5'11. I'd say 5'11.

It's much more difficult to for models to lie about their height. They can get away with at most 1 inch difference. But it doesn't seem necessary for her considering she's one of the taller of the models, already. If anything, she may try to underestimate her height as 5'11 is on the upper limits of what is wanted in the modeling industry.
Hugo said on 17/Jan/11
There is others brazilian celebrities heights on this site: Click Here if you speak portuguese it's a great heights and weights website.
Kate said on 30/Dec/10
@Larry: he's kinda bending down, but here she looks almost 2in shorter than leo here
Click Here
and here she looks 1.5 in shorter, since i don't think she's wearing heels nxt to him.
Click Here
that'd make her about 5'9.5-10
Larry said on 29/Dec/10
Click Here
Larry said on 29/Dec/10
It's typical for models in general to tend to round up, so 5 10.5 definitely is plausible. But then how tall does that make Leo D who was in fact, in Gisele's own words, shorter than her? I guess he's even closer to 5 10 then we thought.
lel said on 26/Dec/10
Jupitar says on 13/Nov/10
Why is it that you have to be really tall to be a model, yet the wealth of celebrity magazines which have appeared over the last two decades are full of short and average height actresses and singers with comments about their outfits (obviously with the purpose of selling the clothes).

because they stand out and make it look more beautiful than the average woman.
paula said on 22/Dec/10
gisele is 5'10- 5'10 1/2
karolina kurkova is 5'11 1/2 maybe even 6'(models taller than 5'11 are perceived too tall so their agency "lies" on their listed height)
Fiona said on 11/Dec/10
Solid 5'10 (178cm), 5'10 1/2 (179cm) on a good day.
E said on 6/Dec/10
looks 5-6 inches shorter then 6'4.3"(according to his nfl draft measurement) tom brady.
Jupitar said on 13/Nov/10
Why is it that you have to be really tall to be a model, yet the wealth of celebrity magazines which have appeared over the last two decades are full of short and average height actresses and singers with comments about their outfits (obviously with the purpose of selling the clothes).
Austrian said on 6/Nov/10
get a clue please "P.M", 179 = 5'10.5
P.M. said on 30/Oct/10
Courtesy of your google 1 centimeter equals 0.393700787 inches. Take 179 centimeters times 0.393 equals 70.347 inches divide THAT by 12 inches to a foot & it's 5'8.6. If you want to argue the math contact google.
Happy Halloween.
AKK said on 14/Oct/07
I'm sorry, but I have to laugh a little. "A tall girl" I have no problem with a woman being taller than me, and I think that women always wanting men taller than them(you) is just as bad as men always wanting women shorter than them(Ray). :)
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/07
She's 5'10". I see no picture proof of her being 5'11" and I am a fan of her and have seen her with many other models. Next to Karolina she is always at least a bit shorter (and no Karolina isn't 6').
Legs said on 22/Sep/07
Well Gisele likes to wear ultra flat shoes; sometimes they don't even have a sole to them. Tom likes to wear thick soled sneakers. This is where that difference comes in he looks 6'6 while she is still 5'10.
Anonimus said on 11/Sep/07
Next to Tom Brady she doesn't look 5'11. And the 5'10 is questionable. that's of course, if Tom Brady is only 6'4.
Legs said on 6/Sep/07
there no doubt that gisele is 5'10, she looks 5'10 when she stands next to 6'4 tom brady. Next to him, she stands a taller than his shoulders.
mary said on 3/Sep/07
actually my friend boyfriend claims he saw her in nyc like 2 years ago and she looks around 5'10-5'11. She looks tall on the runway I believe that. I mean the shorter girls stand out and she always on the taller end of the models. I say 5'11.
Legs said on 2/Sep/07
Anonymous, have you met Gisele or adriana in real life or know someone that has met them in real life or do you just believe what her modeling agencies says they are. Modeling agency do exaggerate statistics.
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/07
Adriana is 5'10" no doubt in my mind she is. Alessandra looks more 5'8" than Adriana. Maybe 5'8.5".
Bebe said on 26/Aug/07
Correction, I meant to say Adriana looks more like 5'8. And as for u d83, now that makes it a 2 inch difference. Are u gonna ask me now how I can tell 2 inches? yeah, I agree with Legs...
d83 said on 26/Aug/07
as a person who is 5'5'', i dont know how you can distinguish a one inch difference...
Legs said on 22/Aug/07
yeah I have seen Gisele and adriana standing next to each other and Gisele is definitely 5'10 and adriana is 5'8
Bebe said on 22/Aug/07
I've met Giselle Bundchen and Adriana Lima at a Perfume promotion at Victoria's Secret, and I have stood next to them when posing for a Pic, and I must say, standing at 5'5,Giselle looks about 5'10 next to me, and Adriana Lima looks about 5'9.
d83 said on 17/Aug/07
Click Here

Click Here

this is as good evidence as it can get. This was done on MTV because she claimed they were like 6'4'' in heels and the host wanted to know who was taller...when they compared them and found out Karolina was taller, she got a little annoyed and gave this whatever attitude. She definitely likes to be taller than she already is. No way, she is 5.10.5"
Anon said on 15/Aug/07
This is so pathetic. who really gives a heap of sh'it whether someone is tall or not.

People are so judgemental.
Do you not think tal girls are already self consieous about there height?
and then when they read this rubbish.
especially who ever that 'somebody' person is.
your so shallow.
you just need to grow a couple of inches and then youd understand you hobbit.
Hannah said on 11/Aug/07
Most agencies lie about their models height. Me knowing personally because I'm a model myself and I know that they add height. They usually add as much as 1 inch because 2 inches is a little too much.
So yeah a lot of these girls aren't as tall as they seem except for some who are really tall like Gisele, Tyra, and of coure Karolina.
I really don't think the other girls are that tall!
Legs said on 10/Aug/07
"A tall Girl" just out of curiosity, if you don't mind, how tall are you parents?? I am a young girl and I am trying to predict my final height so I always ask tall woman how tall they are and their parents.
Legs said on 10/Aug/07
"A tall Girl" if you are 6'1 and you husband is 6'10 that does not make you daughters automatically tall. Remember everyone has recessive genes too. Your daughters will be tall 5'9< but 6' guarantee there.
Legs said on 10/Aug/07
Ana Beatriz- 5'11
Alessandra- 5'9
Adriana- 5'10
Gisele- 5'10
Karolina- 5'11
modeling agencies fudge measurements about models to get more clients and boost the image of their models. I have heard celebrity news shows comment saying Gisele is 5'11 and other saying 6'0 when she is actually closer to 5'9 to 5'10. Also Alessandra is only quoted as being 5'10 by her agency; almost every other site says she is 5'9. Plus in the pictures of her and adriana, Ale is slightly shorter but much hotter. Go Ale!!!
ani said on 10/Aug/07
Anonymous says on 1/Aug/07
Alessandra Ambrosio is 5'8.5" or 5'8"

Realy???I've got some pics of VS angels.On the first one Alessandra is tall as Selita and they are with same shoes.On the other one she is a little bit taller then Ebanks.But on the third Selita is taller than Karolina!!!I dont know what's going on,but i want to know if Alessandra is 5'10(somewhere i have read it) or they just lying!
6ft MODEL said on 6/Aug/07
Yea plenty of models r smaller dan 5 9 but recently on a modelling show models taller dan 5 10 get most work nd olucvhi is 6f2 nd most supermodels r 6 feet elle mc pherson most under 5 10 apart from kate moss r never in the public eye ye all mite be short nd hating but ford modellin agency manager said 6 feet tall is best longest legs nd best run way body like ana baeatrix barros who is 6 feet in bare feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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