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Peak: 6ft 5.71in (197.4cm)
Current: 6ft 3.22in (191cm)
jack said on 27/Jul/07
I would love to see the footware in that picture with Hasselhoff. Hogan hardly ever wears the boots anymore, but for a big formal shin-dig wih the papperazi around, I'll bet he broke out the boots. On an episode hkb the family went on the Tyra Banks show and he put em on.
Alex said on 27/Jul/07
Vegas, I think Hogan probably lost 2 inches of height. Thats most likely though. 6'5 peak down to 6'3 today.
Vegas said on 27/Jul/07
all i can say Danimal is watch wrestlemania 2. Hogan lost 1" max (i have always maintained that) of course you once claimed Hogan lost 4" Click Here 12/Jan/06 entry so its a bit pointless for me to argue with you on this matter.

All the video evidence, sid, piper, flair etc proves i am right.
1.How can Hogan look almost have the exact same height advantage over Ric flair in 1991 and 2003. if he lost 4" he should have been about the same height as flair or max 1" taller in 2003. You as well as I know those two videos basically leave your 4" height loss claims; if not dead, then on life-support. come hogan looks so tall next to 7ft wennington in 2002, well after his 4" height loss Danimal Click Here As i said before it that picture was taken in 1980 then ..........

of course ignore those questions as you always did with Ola too.
Danimal said on 27/Jul/07
LV, there is another pic of Hogan on Hibilly's webiste, where Hilbilly is standing next to Hogan Hogan and Brutus Beefcake, taken in 1989 and Hogan is clearly taller than Hilbilly. This is before Hogan's height loss.
Danimal said on 27/Jul/07
Joe, don't get frustrated with Vegas. It's not worth it. Vegas has ulterior motives. He wants you to believe that Hogan never lost any height. He wants you to believe that he was 6'4" and STILL is 6'4".
Halb said on 27/Jul/07
The pic of old HH and HBJ and the newer pic of Hogan and HBJ does make it look lie he has lost some height. The question is, how much?
Vegas said on 27/Jul/07
Joe in that first photo Hogan and Hasselhoff are the exact same height. In the second photo hogan is bending his head slightly losing him 0.5".

LV; Hogan is much much closer to the camera in that old pic with HBJ. Make hogans head the same size in both photos and see how much bigger the older HBJs head is over the younger one

LV you have also estimated HBJ to have a 2-3" shorter forehead than Hogan, unbelievable!!

you or Danimal obviously haven't ever watched Wrestlemania 2 if both of you guys claim Hogan was taller than HBJ. For approx 2 minutes during that both go around working out on weights etc and guess who is taller despite standing behind hogan the whole time!!

you also use ben davidson as an example (a truly awful photo, posture and footwear wise), what about hogan been 4" shorter than 7'0 bill wennington less than 5 years ago so, LV explain that.
LV said on 26/Jul/07
It's obvious that Hogan has lost at least 2" on height since he was younger. You can't go from looking 2" shorter than 6'8" Ben Davidson and then look the same height as 6'3 3/4" Dewayne Wade. Also, he was much taller than 6'3" Bundy and taller than HBJ years ago but in recent pictures is shorter.

FYI Vegas, the line pictures you drew below are WAY off. In the older picture you compare their eye line which is in HBJ's favor because Hogan has a bigger forehead and HBJ's hair makes him appear taller. In the newer picture, you compare their eyeline and with HBJ's head very tilted. If anything those pictures prove Hogan did shrink. Here is a better line drawing (Click Here). I realize Hogan is closer to the camera and the height difference is exaggerated but Hogan was significantly taller than and if HBJ was standing straight in the newer picture, Hogan would be shorter.
anonymous said on 26/Jul/07
hasselhoff looks like he may have an inch on hogan ,providing the hoff is 6'4" hogan looks 6'3" today,4 inches taller than daughter brooke.
Mike said on 26/Jul/07
PS I do like Hogan although i dont love/hate him like some people, otherwise i could lie and say he was barely 6'3 or say he was a towering 6'5 to 6'6 man
Mike said on 26/Jul/07
I did make the post about Hogan is like Stallone, Hogan is one of the few people on this site that Ive seen up close before, it was a Smackdown event in 2003, I had front row tickets..had a great view Im close to 6'2 Hogan looked like he was 2 inches taller then me making him 6'4, however I had sneakers on he had his wrestling boots so as of 2003 unless his boots give him a nice lift he was at least 6'3 but under 6'5-6'7 whatever this guy peak height is
joe said on 26/Jul/07
Vegas, what are you talking about? Hogan is obviously a little shorter than Hasselhoff. Not very much to be sure, but about a half inch at least, which fits for a 6'3 1/4 - 6'3 1/2 hogan. And that giving a 50 something hasselhoff his peak height of 6'4.
Vegas said on 26/Jul/07
hogan doesnt look shorter than either hasselhoff Click Here or wade here Click Here wade is standing on a higher platform in the first pic because there is no way he has a full head on ozzie smith in reality
joe said on 26/Jul/07
I can remember like it was yesterday a interview with mean gene okerland back 1982, in hogans NWA days, gene in schlepping hogans size saying "6'8 1/2 and 346 lbs. What a crock, the wrestlers back in those days were so small that the 6'5 300 hogan could pass for any size. He was wrestling guys who were 6' nothin and 220 with beer guts.
pete said on 26/Jul/07
I think a peak hogan size of about 6'5 1/2 and 305 would make the most sense because then it would put him at least close to size that he and some others say that he was, and yet small enough to where old age, baldness and some serious surgeries could justify a MAX height loss of about 2" today, 6'3 1/2. Alot of NBA players who were 6'7 in their prime have had serious knee and back surgeries and their not walking around at 6'3 when still in their 40's. (Hogan has been at this supposed lesser height for some time)
Chief said on 25/Jul/07
Hey Halb. I agree that as time went on with more large wrestlers showing up, it did make Hogan look not as big when he used to be among the biggest in the 80's and people would start asking questions more as to what Hogan's height actually was. It's crazy how tall they billed Hogan at. Who knows why? Maybe in the old days they figured that since the audience was more kids, they may have thought that kids will believe anything. The viewers have more knowledge nowadays than in the 80's and before.
Mike said on 25/Jul/07
Hogan is like Stallone we may never know his peak/current height...Hogan can still look decently tall, although alil shorter then david hasselhoff and dwayne wade. Hogan does look gigantic next to greg in their pic..even if Greg was only 5'10 Hogan does tower over him, the question now becomes how much height did hogan lose, I do think we all can agree though he was at least 6'5
Anonymous said on 25/Jul/07
Hulk Hogan look shorter than Dwyane Wade ( 6'3 3/4)in this picture which confirms that the Hulkster is only 6'2" 3/4.

Click Here

Talk about massive shrinking from 6'6 t0 6'2" 3/4...
Mr. R said on 25/Jul/07
I am old enough remember Hulk Hogan's first bout in the late 1970s. When he started, "The Hulkster" was billed as a villain and referred to as nearly a seven footer. This was also repeated in the Rocky movie.
Arjun said on 25/Jul/07
Halb says:
"Danimal, it's not a 'FACT' because you say it is Danimal."
Lol Halb, completely with you on that one. Hogan was definitely a "solid 6'6" 300 pounder in his prime". Why? 'coz Danimal said so. No further arguments ;)
Halb said on 25/Jul/07
Hiya Chief. I don't know the reason for the increase, when I started watching I didn't know Hogan had been billed at 6'8.
I would make a guess tho that they downgraded him when bigger men like Taker and Sid came in. That's justa guess tho.
Jason said on 25/Jul/07
I've seen Hulk billed as 6'9'' on an 80's WWF trading card.
Chief said on 25/Jul/07
Hey fellas, it does NOT matter what Hogan was billed at because it has very little to do with Hogan's(or should I say Terry Bollea)actual height. His billed heights cannot be justified by statements regarding his supposed "in ring height with boots and possibly lifts" or any bullcrap like that. This is wrestling entertainment with kayfabe being the only constant thing in the business. They lie their ass off. I think I vaguely remember a pathetic attempt to boost Hogan's popularity during Hulkamania's decline by Mooney saying that Hogan was 6'9" but it's been so long I would have to check on that. Furthermore, I remember 6'8" as being his usual billed height in the WWF from late 1983 to 1993(his glory years), although 6'7" may have been used occasionally in WWF prior to WM3.Anyway, the only height that matters is a person's legitimate BAREFOOT height and that's what people want to know even when they hear the supposed heights of any celebrity or anybody. For example, I'm sure nobody is going to take Gene Simmon's platform boot towering height as being legit. lol
Halb said on 25/Jul/07
Alex, when I started watching WWF in 89/90, they said he was 6'9 on the shows Challange and Superstars, especuially before WM6. Mooney used to say he was. I think JT here said they bumped him an inch (like they did for Andre at WM3) for the film No Holds Barred. Haven't seen that film for long time but I might watch it to see.

Danimal, it's not a 'FACT' because you say it is Danimal. In the WWF programs I got he said he was 6'7. This was well before WCW. I remmeber he was billed at 6'7, whether you like it or not or whether anyone else remembers, it doesn't matter. Coming from someone who whinges on the Andre page that they will never post again, and then immediately and blatantly ignores their own stance.
Danimal said on 25/Jul/07
Furthermore, you seem to be the ONLY one who remembers him having been listed at 6'7". EVERYONE else remembers 6'8". You were the only one remembering this Halb. the ONLY one.
Danimal said on 25/Jul/07
No I'm not Halb. Hogan was not listed at 6'7" until the WCW. He was listed at 6'8" from 1983-1993. FACT.
Alex said on 24/Jul/07
I've never heard Hogan billed at 6'9 before. He was billed at 6'8 for years in WWE. I remember in WCW he was billed at 6'7 though.
Halb said on 24/Jul/07
We've been over this and your wrong danimal. Hoagn was billed at 6'9 when I watched in 89/90. They said this on the show, and they also billed him at 6'7 from 91 onwards. He was billed at this when he faced Slaughter. And when he toured the UK in that Summer, so your wrong, again.
Danimal said on 24/Jul/07
LV, it's also very clear that Hogan's hips have been replaced. I saw an episode of H.K.B. where he was going for dancing lessons with his wife and where he said that his butt is gone after the operation. His entire hips were replaced, leaving him not only with a shorter and smaller lower body (not including his knees), but also a shorter upper torso (neck fusion and spinal surgeries on his back) AND he is 53 years old!
Danimal said on 23/Jul/07
Hogan was billed at 6'8" from 1983 (his return to the WWF) until the day he left. He was only billed at 6'7" when he began wrestling for WCW in 1994. Halb, we've been over this.

Hogan has both claimed his legite height was once 6'7" and he has also claimed 6'6". Other wrestlers and experts in the bus. have claimed Hogan was AROUND 6'5" at his peak.
LV said on 23/Jul/07
I was watching a show last night (I forget the name) that was discussing drug use and the physical strain that wrestlers put their bodies. Marc Mero was doing some commentary. They mention 60 wrestlers in the last decade that died before age 45 (not from natural causes). The main drugs of choice were painkillers due to the abuse that they give their bodies 250+ days a year. They mentioned that wrestling is the only sport without an offseason and the wear on their joint and spines can't be compared to any other sport. That makes it easy for me to believe height loss at an earlier age is very common, especially when coupled with multiple surgeries.

On another notes, I watched the newest episode on Hogan Knows Best. There was a scene with him in the shower and it appeared that he had a large scar aross his back from the surgery many of here are claiming that didn't happen. Did anyone else see this?
winst27 said on 23/Jul/07
From the pic with Zeus, minus Zeus huge lifts, Hogan has about an inch on him , Lister 6'5 Hogan 6'6
Vegas said on 23/Jul/07
Mike says on 22/Jul/07
the thing with Hogan is why would anyone want to admit they lost 2-3 inches of height if it didnt happen, unless its the truth or they want people to believe oh back in my heyday I was really tall, i just dont get it

Mike; many relatively young (in their late 40s/early 50s) wrestlers claim to have lost height. It probably had to do with the fact that in the 1990s wrestling companies started employing much taller guys with legit sporting backgrounds whose height was already known, and the older wrestlers just didn't match up. Thats just one reason, there are lots more though i suspect. as for hogan, be careful reading into what this guy says; on saturday he claimed nancy benoit was a satanist!!
Halb said on 23/Jul/07
Nova is right aboot Hogans billed height chamging. When I started watching wrestling in late '89 on Superstars and Challenge they used to say Hogan was 6'9. Tho PWI always kept him at 6'8. Even when official WWF programs took Hogan down to 6'7.
Arjun said on 23/Jul/07
Andre looks no more than 5 inches taller than Hogan in that pic, even with Andre having the footwear advantage. And Danimal, Andre surely lost "at least 1" " between 1987 and 1990, based on your reply to Jason????? What you are doing is taking a picture of Andre late in his career, where he appears a certain height, boosting that height a little (as you have done so subtly on other occasions, Hogan being "at least half a foot" taller than Flair to name just one), and then saying that he had to have shrunk "at least x number of inches" , and adding those inches onto the height he appears in that pic, to get his peak height. The wagon does'nt pull the horse Danimal. You have to compare pictures of the young Andre and the Andre from the late 80's - early 90's, and take the difference between them as the amount of height loss Andre experienced. What you (and the other 7'0" Andre campers) are doing is exactly the opposite.
Mike said on 22/Jul/07
Vegas nice picture comparison of hbj and hogan from back in the day to only a year ago...the thing with Hogan is why would anyone want to admit they lost 2-3 inches of height if it didnt happen, unless its the truth or they want people to believe oh back in my heyday I was really tall, i just dont get it
Viper said on 22/Jul/07
Id kill to see Hogan and Greg's feet in the first picture on this page.
JT said on 22/Jul/07
A few more shots of Hogan
nova said on 22/Jul/07
The wrestler and actor. In Feb 2005 Allure he said: "I used to be 6ft 7, but after knee, neck and back surgeries I'm now about 6ft 4".
Also 6'7 was the height he billed himself as so Vegas , Danimal are using his inflated billed height. As Hogan's character got bigger so did his billed height.
Danimal said on 22/Jul/07
Jason says on 22/Jul/07
If Hogan was 6'7'' in the ring then Andre the Giant was at least 6'11'' in 1987, which he wasn't anywhere even near by then.

REALLY JASON? Is that a fact?? Then how do you explain Andre having close to 2" on a legite 6'8" Mane in 1990 (3 years later)??

For the love of God JT, enough with your comparisons. No one cares about them anymore. They've been biased for so long and you bend them all to cater to your already pre-conceived estimation and NOT the other way around.

Nova, Vegas is right. Hogan was billed at 6'8" and NOT 6'7" in the 80's. Kind of shoots your credibility in the foot. Also, if you care to know, there is a 2nd pic of Hogan and Hilbilly from his site, taken in 1989, where Hogan STILL has height over Hilbilly.
Vegas said on 22/Jul/07
nova says on 22/Jul/07
making himself always look the billed 6'7 back in the 80's

Hogan was always billed at 6'8 in the 1980s as far as I remember at least from his first title win in 1984 through to his first clean pinfall loss against ultimate warrior in 1990.

Arjun the name of the dude who claimed to work for the WWE was JimmyV.
CK said on 22/Jul/07
I think Hogan may be close to 6'2" currently.
JT said on 22/Jul/07
IIRC, the ex-WWF employee said he was 6
Jason said on 22/Jul/07
If Hogan was 6'7'' in the ring then Andre the Giant was at least 6'11'' in 1987, which he wasn't anywhere even near by then.
nova said on 22/Jul/07
Even if Hogan's barefoot height was only 6'5. He wore huge soles on his boots and also most likely had a boost from inside his boot making his in ring height at least 6'7 and wore cowboy boots ouside of the ring making himself always look the billed 6'7 back in the 80's.
nova said on 22/Jul/07
Hogan is clearly taller than HillyBilly Jim here. Hogan is slouching forward and is bald as HillBilly Jim is standing straight and has puffy hair. Even if Hogan is slightly closer to the camera is is clearly taller than HillBilly Jim back then.
Click Here
taker said on 21/Jul/07
a fair estimate of hogans height 6'5" max, today 6'3.5",an inch in a half total loss,but i,m thnking from multiple surgeries the man could,ve lost as many as 2 inches altogether making him 6'3" even.
Vegas said on 21/Jul/07
no Arjun it wasn't Frank. The dude posted four or five times on undertakers page only about a year ago. He said he was 6'4.5 himself and Hogan in 1988 was the exact same height or at most a hair taller. I can't remember his name though. He also said glen jacobs wore major lifts and outside of the ring undertaker was taller
Arjun said on 21/Jul/07
Vegas: Do you mean Frank?
Vegas said on 20/Jul/07
Or the guy who posted here who claimed to work for the WWF between 1988 and 1992. He said Hogan was 6'4.5" in the 1980s, Undertaker was 6'8, Sid was nearly 6'8 (about 6'7.5 i believe he said)
JT said on 20/Jul/07
Don't forget the video of Hogan (probably 27 or 28 here) with no more than 3 inches on 6
Vegas said on 19/Jul/07
Hogan (closer to the camera making him look taller) and 6'5 HillBilly Jim circa 1985-86 Click Here
Hogan and HBJ about 2005-06 Click Here

Now if you draw a straight line their eye levels are almost identical despite the gap of 20 years
Click Here
Click Here

so seeing as they are eye to eye in 1986 and 2005 the only way hogan could have lost 3" is if he lost it on his forehead or if HBJ lost the same amount.

Hogan lost max 1" in height
SAM said on 18/Jul/07
I think that hogan was at the very most about 6'5 3/4 peak barefoot, Rocky 3 time. That's very tall, people that tall stand out and tower over others, and throw in some cowboy boots and your a 6'7 3/4 giant. that's where hogan was, if he had played college football and went pro he would have been in the 1975 draft, that's the old day's, anybody 6'5 1/2-3/4 300 lbs would have been one of the biggest guy's in the league, maybe not the tallest, but one of the biggest. In 2007 the <6'4 270 that he is now just seems smallish.
Halb said on 18/Jul/07
People have been overbileld by a lot more than 3 inches. And only 3 for the biggest star of the 80's seems lil on the small side, considering what other superstars got.
Jack said on 17/Jul/07
my dad saw him working out in san francisco in the early '90s. my dad is 6'2.75" and said he was at least 6'4" but 6'5" was pushing it. but still closer to 6'5", maybe 6'4.75"
Alex said on 17/Jul/07
Hogan was billed at 6'7-6'8 so really he's not getting away with that height if he was under 6'5 legit I think. I think he was 6'5-6'5.5 in his prime though.
Vegas said on 17/Jul/07
meaning tiny listers in ring height was 6'7.5 possibly 6'8 and sid eudys was 6'9.5, possibly 6'10.

all of those in-ring heights look at least 1" too tall to me.
nova said on 17/Jul/07
Hogan's peak in ring height was at very minimal 6'7 possibly 6'7 1/2. His peak barefoot height was 6'5 1/2 possibly 6'5 3/4.
JohnP said on 16/Jul/07
mike m, Lesnar is not a legit 6-2, he is more like 6-1 1/2. Rock is NOT 6-3 1/2, he's more like 6-2 1/2 max.
mike m said on 13/Jul/07
lesnar looked about an inch in a half shorter than the rock,lesnar 6'2" rock 6'3.5".hogan hard to say hogan hardly ever stands straight,but i,d give him 6'4" max.
Alex said on 13/Jul/07
More 2 inches, not 3.
JT said on 13/Jul/07
(Click Here) I see Burt Young every once in a while at the market. He
Arjun said on 12/Jul/07
Halb, it looks about 2.5 inches to me, as you said, 2-3 inches . Danimal, if you think that Sid has " MAX 2" " on Hogan (your words), then why does Alex have "4 inches" on leaning Angle? Do you honestly see 4 inches between Alex and Angle (yes, even with Angle leaning) but less than 2 inches between Hogan and Sid? If you do, I am sorry but you are delusional.
Halb said on 12/Jul/07
I don't persuade ppl of anything, all I do is give my view, and I said it looks 2-3 inches, which it does.
Danimal said on 11/Jul/07
And Halb wants you to believe this is a 3" difference???

Click Here
LV said on 11/Jul/07
It looks like Sly was wearing lifts in that picture Nova. Hogan definently lost height and it isn't just the difference between cowboy boots and shoes.
nick said on 11/Jul/07
Hogan and the rock were the exact same height. If you look at the pictures of the stairdowns it's uncanny, one second Hogan looks 1/4 inch taller, the next second the rock looks a 1/4 inch taller, then they look the same, which means they were the same height, it just depends on who has their jaw set the firmest at the moment. The rock had a peak height listing of 6'5 but mostly 6'4. And many say that he is a bit under 6'4 today. This would speak to a rather modest max peak for hogan at 6'5, and more likely about 6'4 1/4. And about 6'3 3/4 today.
STY said on 11/Jul/07
I agree with you Jason, I can see a 3 inch loss when someone is 90 yrs old and convelesing in the old folks home. but hogan stated his loss in 2005 when only 50. and he's still wrestling!!!. He just signed a deal in which he will continue wrestling for years to come. I guess the seriousness of those surgeries comes and goes. I will give him a little more than you though, 6'4 3/4 peak, 6'3 1/2 now.
Chief said on 11/Jul/07
Also in that Hogan and Sid pic, Hogan is standing closer to the camera which is even more evident in the video clip of that posted a while back, and Sid, even with the background disadvantage, still clearly has surplus height over the Hulk. Good to see that some people know where I'm coming from on these posts since I have plenty of opposition.
Halb said on 11/Jul/07
There isa pic on the Andre page. If Sid is 6'7. then Hogan is aboot 6'4 in 91.
mike m said on 11/Jul/07
i think hogan was in his prime 6'6" easy,over the years it,s very possible especially after knee and back surjery he,s probably pushing 6'4".
nova said on 10/Jul/07
Here is a Hogan Mr T comparison. One from prime and one from more recent times. Hogan has lost at least a couple of inches from looking at these pics for sure.
Click Here
Dan (Danimal) said on 10/Jul/07
I give Hogan at a very strong 6'3" today. Not less than that. 6'4" David Hasselhoff did not have more than 1" on Hogan.
LV said on 10/Jul/07
C'mon lets be smart about this (Click Here). Look at the higher of the two lines, that is the top of Hogan's head. He is at least 1/2" or more taller than the Rock. Keep in mind Hogan is bald on top and the Rock has hair. I think that's a very good picture of the two of them for comparison purposes.
Viper said on 9/Jul/07
Rock still looks shorter than Hogan to me in that fight.
Alex said on 9/Jul/07
Lesnar weighed in at 262lbs and thats def light for him since he was a 290lber in his WWE days. The way he is going he may end up at 250lbs soon. I've never seen Angle and Lesnar look that far apart in height. Maybe the angle because most of the time it looks about 4 inches, there it looks more.
Jason said on 9/Jul/07
Who said Japanese wrestling was honest with stats? They've got Angle at 188cm lol.
Vegas said on 9/Jul/07
on a sidenote Lesnar looks to have lost a hell of amount of weight since his time in the WWE. watching him now he looks 250-260lb max.
Jason said on 9/Jul/07
He just might be. I would say Lesnar 6'1 1/2'', 2002 Hogan 6'3'', and Hogan today 6'2 1/2''.
Vegas said on 9/Jul/07
Viper; hogan and rock were the same height in 2002 Click Here

rock was taller than Lesnar Click Here

Lesnar easily has 4" on 5'10 Kurt Angle last week Click Here
Viper said on 8/Jul/07
Funnny thing is I dont even think Lesnar reaches 6-2. Could Hogan be 6-2 today? Id say its a definite possiblity. That also shows that there is no chance the Rock is 6-3 since Hogan had the same amount of height over the Rock as he does with Lesnar.
Alex said on 8/Jul/07
Hogan I think was no more than 6'3 in 2002, but I think he was 6'5 at his peak though and probably lost just 2 inches.
Jason said on 8/Jul/07
Chief says on 7/Jul/07
''Hogan is barely, barely an inch taller than the AT MOST(check the page on this site if you want), 6'2 Brock Lesnar, putting Hogan at most 6'3 flat, there in 2002. How in the world could it be reasonable to say that Hogan ever stood at 6'6! It simply is impossible. 6'5 is not true either. Maybe if he was crippled, then an approximate 3 inch height loss would be believable, but he is nothing of the sort, has well enough mobility for a man in his fifties, and is healthy enough to be in a recent match with Big Show Paul Wight. I think the old clip with a younger Hogan and Ric Flair being interviewed by Paul Bearer shows good evidence that Hogan was well under 6'5 at his peak. For peak, I say 6'4, but no more. With his current height, it's getting more difficult to even say that full amount. The wrestling world is not a magical world where giants roam.''

I agree. I agree with most of your posts...
LV said on 7/Jul/07
You're right Vegas about my picture, but I wouldn't say Zeus is wearing "ordinary" boots in Survivor Series picture either. You have to realize Hogan's boots and Zeus' boots both have thick soles, but Zeus' boots also have a distinct heel while Hogan's are completely flat. The only difference in their height can be attributed to that heel and the fact that Zeus is slightly on his tiptoes and Hogan has one leg slightly bent.
Chief said on 7/Jul/07
Hogan is barely, barely an inch taller than the AT MOST(check the page on this site if you want), 6'2 Brock Lesnar, putting Hogan at most 6'3 flat, there in 2002. How in the world could it be reasonable to say that Hogan ever stood at 6'6! It simply is impossible. 6'5 is not true either. Maybe if he was crippled, then an approximate 3 inch height loss would be believable, but he is nothing of the sort, has well enough mobility for a man in his fifties, and is healthy enough to be in a recent match with Big Show Paul Wight. I think the old clip with a younger Hogan and Ric Flair being interviewed by Paul Bearer shows good evidence that Hogan was well under 6'5 at his peak. For peak, I say 6'4, but no more. With his current height, it's getting more difficult to even say that full amount. The wrestling world is not a magical world where giants roam.
nova said on 7/Jul/07
Vegas , Lister's boots were massive at least 2+ inches he walked around like Frankenstein in them and Lister was at very minimal 6'5 barefoot if not a little more in his prime. So Lister was at very minimal 6'7+ in those boots and him and Hogan were still the same height. Here Hogan isn't standing fully straight and Zeus is fully straight with one foot on his tip toes and if Hogan straightened up they would be exactly the same height. This would put Hogan's in ring height to 6'7+. Click Here

[Editor Rob: the black boots look to have little more than hulks yellow's.]
*** said on 7/Jul/07
Not only was Hogan never 6'7 or 6'8, he was never 6'6. The picture with Davidson proves it. He's standing up as straight as he can just to get about 2 inces shorter, that might get him to 6'6 if you left out the fact Davidson would conservativly give himself a half inch if he stood up as straight as he could, that drops hogan to 6'5 1/2 right off the bat. and when you start to factor in that Davidson always jockied back and forth between 6'7 and 6'8 in his prime and now was 45 yrs old, common sense says that even if he was a true 6'8 in his prime(which I think he was)he would be at least a hair under 6'8 by then, that starts to move hogan down to 6'5 1/4 to 6'5 even range. And all of this done with giving hogan the benefit of the doubt by a 1/4 here and there,I really think that davidson would be a full inch taller if he stood at attention like hogan, which slides hogan down under 6'5.
Bleemo said on 7/Jul/07
I'll say this again because it's been lost, but I believe it was Big Jim who sometimes posts on here who went to Honky Tonk man's now defunct site and asked him who exaggerates wrestler's heights. He gave his photo with him and HBK as proof that wrestler's heights are indeed exaggerated and Honky replied honestly and said usually it was management but some wrestlers did too.

I also think it was Jim on the same board who asked him how tall Hulk Hogan was. Honky fought Hogan many times and said they often went drinking together. Honky said Hogan stood 6'5" tall in his prime, that's good enough for me.
Vegas said on 7/Jul/07
LV you just linked a picture from the movie "no holds barred" there. In the WWF Lister wore ordinary enough wrestling boots Click Here

If Lister is wearing lifts there/bigger boots how come his knees and hogans knees come to the exact same point, the top of both knee pads are identical.
LV said on 7/Jul/07
Zeus' boots had such thick heels they were comical. They looked like Frankenstein boots (Click Here). Not only are the soles ridiculously thick, but they also have a tall heel. These boots are much bigger than Hogan's.
Vegas said on 6/Jul/07
here is it Alex Click Here hogan is barely 1" taller than Lesnar there in 2002
Danimal said on 6/Jul/07
Crissy, don't forget bad knees and entire hip replacement. They can shrink you do to fusion or removal of vertebrae and discs, resulting in a more compressed height.
Danimal said on 6/Jul/07
You gotta be kidding me right Vegas? We can debate who wore bigger shoes???? Have you even SEEN Zeus's MASSIVE boots he could barely stand straight in?? They were as high is not higher than Kane's from a decade later.
Crissy said on 6/Jul/07
Just a question, how can Neck and Back surgerys shrink you?
Alex said on 6/Jul/07
I was watching a match between Lesnar and Hogan on DVD from 2002 and Hogan looked barely if any taller than Lesnar who most agree on is a legit 6'2. May have been Hogan's posture too.
Vegas said on 6/Jul/07
there is the staredown kingNick Click Here hogan is approx 0.5" shorter.

we can debate all day who wore the bigger shoes; loads of people i know reckon hogan wore lifts in the ring during the 1980s (and there are a few people on this website who claim that too).

Lets say hogans boots had the standard 1.25" heel Click Here now for hogan to be as tall as Lister then lister must have been wearing a 1.75" heel (roughly the same as a standard cowboy boot which is 1.8"). For Hogan to be taller than Lister then Listers heels would have to be approaching the 2"+ mark.

Personally i can see Hogan as tall as 6'5 but certainly not over that point.
KingNick said on 6/Jul/07
Vegas, I think Hogan and Lister were the same height but Lister had a higher eye level. There's a pic in Hogan's auto-biography of them in a staredown that's where Im getting that from. I'll try and see if I can find a pic online.
Frank said on 6/Jul/07
Vegas they made Tiny Lister wear BIG shoes when he played Zeus so i dont know if Lister was really taller ??
Vegas said on 6/Jul/07
how come he was shorter than tiny lister so??

Hogan was not over 6'5 at his peak.
Danimal said on 19/Oct/06
Hey Padraig, even though this 15 year old JK makes me laugh, don't you think your should be a bit more strict as to what you allow to pass through on here?
Viper652 said on 18/Oct/06
JK, your credibility was already shot saying you have a full school of 12 year old 6-3 kids.
JK said on 18/Oct/06
What the f*** is wrong in that head of yours Danimal, first off i am 6'2'' and then hogan is 6'3.5'' so he would have me by maybe 1 or 1.5 inches, Do U Understand?!?
Danimal said on 17/Oct/06
Hogan's neck is fused, he has false knees, new hips and a shortened spine. It's no wonder he's 3-4" shorter. I'm still amazed he's walking today.
Danimal said on 17/Oct/06
Dillusions of grandeur JK ;).
JK said on 17/Oct/06
Today Hogan would have 1 or 1.5 inches on me coz i am in the 6'2'' range.
Jason said on 17/Oct/06
If Greg is/was really 6'0 1/2'' then Hogan appears 6'6''. I've seen Hogan look close to that mark before, though...
Alex said on 16/Oct/06
JK, I am 6'0.5 and I would have been towered over by Hogan back then. Today Hogan would only have 2.5 inches on me. I'd like to meet Hogan today and get a picture with him.
Alex said on 16/Oct/06
If that guy really is 6'0.5 then Hogan was def a solid 6'6 guy at his peak. For a while I thought he was 6'6 at his peak or a little under at 6'5.5 at the least but this picture shows that he was def 6'6. He's lost a good 3 inches today as he looks only 6'3 now.
Richard said on 16/Oct/06
I believe in Honky. 6'5 seems about right for Hogan, I think. Besides... how do we know that this guy is 6ft0.5 he could be less..he looks 5'10 to me.
Danimal said on 16/Oct/06
And you doubted me Viper? ;) Hogan was never below 6'6" in his peak.
Viper652 said on 16/Oct/06
Jason, what do you think of this Hogan pic? It surprises me, because I have never seen Hogan look that tall before. Unless he is wearing lifts, looks like Danimal could have been right all along.
JK said on 15/Oct/06
Man thats what i have would have looked like next to Hogan about 2-3 months ago when i used to be 184cm.
Paul said on 15/Oct/06
JT, I think Hogan had the edge but I agree that if Tenta was only 6'4 he was also wearing lifts as he certainly looked taller than that.
Louie John Buluran said on 15/Oct/06
Viper is like a Robot he might be the parody of Duke The Dumpster.. He is a Thrash that should be decimated
JT said on 15/Oct/06
If Tenta was only 6'4", he must have worn 2-3 inch lifts in the ring, not counting the soles on his boots. He looked slightly taller than Hogan.
Danimal said on 14/Oct/06
Bleemo, then how do you explain this pic with a 6'0.5" guy. Hogan wasn't less than 6'6" imo.
Bleemo said on 14/Oct/06
Yeah but Tenta was a big Kayfabe guy, he also said he was 6'7 if I recall rightly despite being obviously 6'4, the WWE even listed him as that towards the end of his career there. Where as Honky acknowledged that wrestling feds fudged heights and he also had more runs with Hogan I think. Tenta only ever had one run with the orange goblin where as Honky talked about how he liked to wrestle Hogan alot as his matches were the biggest pay off.

I do think 6'5 is right for him in his prime, he was a few inches shorter then taker in his prime
Viper652 said on 13/Oct/06
Louie is like a robot. He might be a parody
Danimal said on 13/Oct/06
Well, we know that Honky Tonk Man never actually measured Hogan. It's just his opinion after all. John Tenta (Earthquake) said that Hogan was 6'7", on his own website (Tentas).
Bleemo said on 13/Oct/06
Nah I disagree Louie, Honky is a pretty stable guy, he is is known for being a guy that mostly just sees wrestling as a job.

If you read his answer boards he is quite capable of pointing out peoples upside even though he may not like them. For example he thinks Hitman is ok but is a bit full of himself and thinks it is sad that at nearly 50 he is married to a 19 year old girl now. On the flipside he admits there are worse guys then Bret and he was one of the best guys to work with in the ring.

Louie you have to stop thinking of these guys as the characters they play, they are just men with all the flaws - and frankly considerably more in a lot of cases- that well have.

In another post, Big jim from these boards asks him who exaggerates the wrestler's heights and Honky says the management does it.
Louie John Buluran said on 13/Oct/06
Honky Ton Man is jealous of Hulk Hogan's Legacy and wrestling he is at lest 6 ft 7 in his prime and this pictures shows you that he is a big man and the biggest name in pro wrestling....
Danimal said on 13/Oct/06
It's obvious WHERE Hogan has lost his height. Look at the Cena pic. Hogan's lower body (his legs and hips are those of a little boys). He had an entire hip replacement, leaving him with a very short and small (thin) lower body, as opposed to the long and muscular legs he used to have. NEXT, we know he's had numerous back surgeries, scraping more height off of him and finally, notice how much LONGER his neck used to be before it was fused. All of that account for 3.5-4" of height loss and it's OBVIOUS! SCARY!!
JT said on 12/Oct/06
Viper652, it looks like Hogan has cowboy boots on as well in that picture with Cena. Give Hogan a few more years and Mean Gene will tower over him. Maybe Mysterio too.
Bleemo said on 12/Oct/06
Ahaaaaa someone asked Honky Ton man on his forum how tall Hogan really was and Honky replied with, 6'5, check it out for yourselves...

Click Here
Bleemo said on 12/Oct/06
Aye Louie is quite scarey but not because he thinks Hogan is 6'7, more the stuff about Hogan being immortal as opposed to a large orange man who pretends to beat people up for a living.

I have to admit I do think that he is atleast 6'5 in his prime now, it just bugs me that he was billed as 6'6. I mean he is the biggest wrestling name of all time. They exaggerated everybody else why would they not him?
Louie John Buluran said on 12/Oct/06
I see Viper and by the way i would be training as a proffessional wrestler and if i make it big i would give you all of the pictures of the wrestler i meet and i would be much more popular and date Maria Sharapova and Brooke Hogan
Viper652 said on 12/Oct/06
Cena doesnt wear lifts. He wears basketball shoes. Louie, you scare me.
Louie John Buluran said on 12/Oct/06
Cena wire lifts and i believe he is 6 ft 1 to begin with and the Hulkster is 6 ft 3 1/2 today and can be still shrnking due to his nagging knee and back
Viper652 said on 12/Oct/06
Compare that picture to this one with 6-0 John Cena. Click Here
Louie John Buluran said on 12/Oct/06
I think Hogan would not wear Lifts outside of the proffesional ring most wrestlers like HHH wear ordinary shoes with 1.25 inches and Only the 5 ft 11 Austin is the only who wears lifts in his boots.
Click Here

Here is the Famous Staredown in Wrestlemania 3 as the 6 ft 7 Hogan stares at the 7 ft Andrei the Giant.

Paul said on 12/Oct/06
Louie you could be right. If he isn't wearing lifts and Greg is really 6' 1/2, Hogan could well have been 6'7 at the time.
Viper652 said on 12/Oct/06
Ive never seen Hogan look that tall before.
Louie John Buluran said on 12/Oct/06
This tremendous Photos give the idea that he is 6 ft 7 in his prime back in 1988 when Hogan was just 35 yrs.old you can see that the Hulkster is huge back then and i would seacrh more pictures of him being 6 ft 7 and post it today!!!
Kiat said on 12/Oct/06
Hulk Hogan was really 6'7 back then. Hulk Hogan had admitted that he is 6'7 in th past and he definitely will not deceive his Hulkamania fans who had supported him all these years. To keep downgrading Hogan's height is to do an injustice to him and all the Hulkamania fans.
Danimal said on 12/Oct/06
To think that he would have towered over guys like HHH, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Vince and even his own daughter today, just baffles the mind and he's ONLY 53 years old. I wonder if he would have ever entered into wrestling if he knew that his body would never be the same after that?
Steve said on 11/Oct/06
i think some people like to claim that wrestlers are alot shorter than their billed heights. Well some are, but most are within 2 inches, or no more than 2 inches less than their billed heights. Other wise the general viewing public would notice, you cant exaggerate someones height by 4 + inches without anyone noticing.
Steve said on 11/Oct/06
Your can clearly see that hogan was at least 6'6 in his prime. There are still people who think that he was 6'3 in his prime, which is crazy. Hogan was a big guy, my friend met him back in 1986, and my friend was 6'1 back then without shoes, and he says that hogan was a good 5 - 6 inches taller than him.

Even if greg is 6'0 or 182cm exactly, it would still make hogan 6'6 at minimum. These days he is probably 6'3 - 6'4.
"6 ft 0.5 Greg" said on 11/Oct/06
Hi, Warlord. Great postings.

We were on equal footing in the lobby of the Turfway Hilton in Erlanger, (by God!) KY. That wasn't a hat. It was a Harley bandana. You can see the tire and spokes of the Harley above his eyes. My opinion is the bandana wouldn't give him any extra height since it basically "molded" to his head. I also remember thinking at the time that he didn't have the best posture, almost to the extent he seemed to lean forward. I wish I would have said, "How 'bout we get a Polaroid together, okay?"!!!
Louie John Buluran said on 11/Oct/06
Paul he is definitely 6 ft 7 or even close to 6 ft 8 i believe Hulk Hogan and that is why the billed him as 7 ft back in 2003 under the Mr.America Character he is certainly a big man and that is this photo shows thanks Greg for uploading these and creeps like Vipers, Jk, Jason, Chad and other would no longer downgrade the Immortal one
Frank said on 11/Oct/06
Louie, Im not saying he is wearing Lifts in that picture but its possible
Elevator shoes makes dress shoes, casual shoes and sneakers that can make you 2 to 3 inches taller and these kind of companys have been around along time....And that was the appeal of Hogan being 6ft 8 and 300lbs of muscle..
So if he was really 6ft 4 i would bet money MCMAHON WOULD MAKE HIM WEAR LIFTS!!
I think today he dont care anymore so he dont wear lifts aymore
Paul said on 11/Oct/06
I think he might have been 199cm back in 1988 folks. He looks it in this picture, even with lifts in his sneakers.
Warlord said on 11/Oct/06
I think Hogan certainly looks 6 foot 6 and change and possibly 6 foot 7 in that pic. At first glance it appears he is maybe 6 foot 8, but that's because he's wearing a hat and it gives an even taller impression. But, no way he's less than 6 foot 6-1/2 in that pic if Greg is 6 foot 0-1/2 and on nearly equal footing. Of course Jason or Chad or Cycklofool would round my number down to 6 foot 6, but I clearly say closer to 6 foot 7. Danimal, he never weighed 330 lbs or even 320 lbs, though. He definitely weighed 300 and change though (meaning less than 310lbs). If you listen to Hogan's DVD (Hulk Still Rules) he even says they billed him as much as 320 to 330 lbs and states that he was never that heavy. I also think he's 6 foot 4 today, it's just that he never stands straight and doesn't wear thick soled shoes either. Hey, I liked that arm measurement video though, that was great!
Louie John Buluran said on 11/Oct/06
They also make sneakers with lifts inside them so you never know ???

That it is imposible it is 1988 when this pictures is taken and scientically only Stallone might own it and some couple of short stars but in the pictures Hogan is a legit 6 ft 7 and can be 6 ft 4 today and still taller than Umaga
"6 ft 0.5 Greg" said on 11/Oct/06
I guess I'll have to find a report from my doctor's office during that time frame that shows my height and weight!
Frank said on 11/Oct/06
They also make sneakers with lifts inside them so you never know ???
Bleemo said on 11/Oct/06
The problem with the idea of Hogan being 6'7 is that the WWE often listed him at 6'6 so there's no way he would be taller then his billed height. I agree it is a controversial pic though, I mean we certainly don't know how tall Greg is but even if he were say 5'10 it would still make Hogan 6'5ish.
Louie John Buluran said on 11/Oct/06
Hulk Hogan looks as 6 ft 7- 6 ft 8 in that pictures Greg we are the same height and i am 20 yrs.old
"6 ft 0.5 Greg" said on 11/Oct/06

I remember precisely what shoes we were wearing. I recall thinking, at the time, that Hulk's Reebok 3/4 high tops were pretty cool looking. My Nikes were low cut, but similar in sole thickness. I was 25 years old then and positive I would be at the 6'3/4" - 6'1" mark in those Nikes. To be honest, I've "compressed" since that time as well!
Kiat said on 11/Oct/06
I truly believe that Hogan was 6'7 in his prime. From this picture, he can see that he towers over a 6'0 -6'1 guy, almost a head! The rumour that Hogan has never been over 6'5 is out of the question.
Danimal said on 11/Oct/06
JT, that sportscaster was taller than Jordan and Hogan was taller than the sportscaster. I mean, where is Jason and Cycklops when you need them??? Hogan was a TALL man, which makes Andre taller than everyone thought he was in 1987.
Danimal said on 11/Oct/06
JT, that pic with Mr. T and Hogan from around 1985-1986, Hogan has about 7" on him and if Mr. T was 5'11", Hogan was 6'6". Now, with Greg and Hogan, Hogan is looking the 6'7" he once claimed he was. If he was 6'7", or marginally under that, he's shrunk TREMENDOUSLY over the years!
Danimal said on 11/Oct/06
Greg, Sadly enough, Hogan is nothing more than 6'3.5" today and probably less. Just for the record, this was definitely Hogan before ANY height loss, which started only 2 years later, where he lost 1.25" after his FIRST back surgery, but this isn't Hogan at his heaviest. He was HUGE in 1986 and before. He had already dropped down to about 287-294 from his previous 320-330 pounds.

Why is NOBODY commenting on this!!!

[Padraig: They may be unsure if Greg is 6 feet 1/2 inch? Or, if they believe it, they don't want to believe Hulk could ever have stood near 6 feet 6, so their lips are sealed.]
JT said on 10/Oct/06
Greg, I don't doubt your height, but this is probably the only picture I've ever seen of Hogan looking a full 6'7". He actually looks closer to 6'8" next to you. Are you positive he didn't have cowboy boots on or was standing on his toes? Here, 5'11" or so Mr. T appears closer in height to Hogan than you do in your photo (Click Here)

As a follow-up to the pic that Editor Rob posted of Hogan with the four guys, here's the 6'4" sportscaster next to a young 6'5"+ Michael Jordan (Click Here). The angle's not great but this guy could be closer to 6'5". It would be interesting to see Hogan next to him now.
"6 ft 0.5 Greg" said on 10/Oct/06
Hi, Danimal.

First let me say I've gotten a kick out of your postings for a while now. That's me in the photo above. I did some calculating after this photo was taken. From the bottom of my nose to the top of my head is 6.5 inches. It's plain to see that Hulk's head is larger than mine, so from the bottom of his nose to the top of his head is AT LEAST 6.5 inches. We both had similar shoes on, so that's a wash. I truly believe Hulk was 6'7" at this time (November 1988). Plus he was HUGE! Look at his hand over mine. I felt like a little kid next to him. I was around 193 lbs. at the time and had a 45" expanded chest measurement. I was wearing a t-shirt, a thermal long-john shirt, a collared dress shirt, a sweater, and that puffy green nylon jacket (it was cold!) and he still dwarfed me in his tank top and windbreaker!!!
Danimal said on 10/Oct/06
Venus, provide pics to back up that Claim and Snoop Dog can also be 6'3".

Why is NOBODY commenting on this pic with a Hogan in his prime (before height loss) and the 6'0.5"-6'1" guy who he appears to have at least 7" on? They are both wearing sneakers!!!!!!!
venus said on 10/Oct/06
Hulk Hogan is actually shorter than rapper Snoop Dogg, who stands 6'3.5, those operations cut him down in size.
Danimal said on 9/Oct/06
OMG, Hulk Hogan really was tall back then. He's making a 6'0" + look short and his daughter who is shorter than this Greg guy, is almost the same height as Hogan today. Sad.

I give him 6'6" (peak height)
Richard said on 9/Oct/06
I think Hulk looks 6'5 there if those guys are indeed 6'4.
stan said on 9/Oct/06
looks to be exactly 6'6 there.
JT said on 6/Oct/06
Any idea who those guys are next to Hogan? The guy on the left looks like Jimbo Covert, NFL offensive lineman who is usually listed at 6'5". He was in WM III as well and looked a shade shorter than Hillbilly Jim. The guy in the tux looks a bit like Gordon Elliot, the Australian who had a talk show here in the U.S. I read somewhere that Elliot was 6'7". Even if that's Elliot's Hollywood height and he's only 6'5", Hogan looks a solid 6'6" as of 1987. Take that same picture today and Hogan might be out of the frame.

[Editor Rob: I meant to add this bit chris said they were:

"Chicago sportscaster Chet Coppock (a legit 6
Glenn said on 6/Oct/06
Anyone can tape me or put on a disc old classic stuff? Ill pay the costs.thanks.
Viper652 said on 6/Oct/06
Those old matches on MSG are great. I saw Hogan and Dibiase from 1979 on there.
Danimal said on 5/Oct/06
He's been listed as 6'6" and 6'7", yet was the same height as both Sid and Taker when he tag teamed with both.
Frank said on 5/Oct/06
On wednesday night they show Old Classic matches from Madison Square Garden and they had Dan Spivey standing next to Hogan back it 1985 and Spivey had 2 or more inches on Hogan...Spivey is 6ft 7 i believe
Danimal said on 4/Oct/06
It's possible that Hogan is 6'3 1/4"-6'3 1/2", but that's TOPS.
Viper652 said on 4/Oct/06
Hogan is no more than 6-3 today, and could be slightly under that. Id give Edge just a flat 6-2.
Danimal said on 4/Oct/06
yeah but Alex, Hogan is still taller than Edge. So, if Edge is 6'3", Hogan is taller.
Alex said on 3/Oct/06
I think Hogan is just 6'3 flat today. The 6'6 for his peak I think is still pretty possible as some don't agree on. I know the man was at least 6'5 back then so he lost at least 2 inches.
Danimal said on 3/Oct/06
In the late 90's, Hogan was about 6'4 3/4".
mike said on 2/Oct/06
in that pic with bill wennington the 7 foot nba player, hogan does look a legit 6'5, that was late 1990's im guessing the pic was taken, but currently idk bout hogan, the question is how many inches has he lost in height, he doesnt look short on his tv show, but he DEF doesnt look like a towering 6'5 person by no means what so ever
Paul said on 2/Oct/06
Jason, I live in Coventry smack in the centre of England. Give me a shout when your coming over.
Halb said on 2/Oct/06
Hogan was also billed as 6 ft 9 in, as late as WMVI. I clearly remember Sean Mooney descibing him as such before the supercard. I remember thinking if Hogan is 6 ft 9, then Warrior must be 6 ft off I was!!:oD
Danimal said on 1/Oct/06
It was Vince Sr. that billed him at 6'8" and 330 pounds with 27" biceps in 1979. He lost weight for Rocky III (down to 310) and the Vince Jr. kept him at that height until Hogan left the WWF in 1993. When he entered the WCW, he was 270 pounds and 6'7". I have many articles of him appearing in various movies starting with No Hold Barred and he was always listed at 6'6" which I believe was his legitimate height before the 3" loss.
Alex said on 1/Oct/06
Danimal, nice video. I remember some were saying his arms were really 22. Shows proof there they were 24. Also at a point I was thinking 24 inches unflexed. That would be even more amazing then. Another question, a few years ago in early 2003 they had this Big Show poster with his measurements and it had 22 inch biceps. Would you say thats flexed of unflexed? To me it would be unflexed and looks it.
ck said on 1/Oct/06
Dave wrestling wasn't fairly small in the mid 80's that was when it was at its peak of popularity in america, with mainstream cross overs on MTV etc. As for Hogans height being 6'2" or below thats a total joke that would make Undertaker 6'4" Big Show 6'7" and so on.

Hogan peak height (1986) 6'6"- 6'7"
Hogan current height 6'4"
Mr. E said on 30/Sep/06
Danimal, I forgot, he was billed in the late 80's early 90's as 6'8" and 302.
Danimal said on 29/Sep/06
No Mr. E. Vince originally billed Hogan as 6'8", not 6'7". It's Hogan that claims he was 6'7", as well as 6'6" at times. 6'5" is what Ed Leslie claims Hogan was in High School.
ralph said on 29/Sep/06
Dave , hogan was very near to 6'7"!!!!!!!!!
Mr. E said on 29/Sep/06
according to a few so called wrestling journalists, Hulk was 6'5" to begin with, but Vince wanted lifts on him to put him to 6'7". you've got to wonder about stability in the ring with lifts (ankles, knees, achilles) The last time we saw Hulk, he didn't even have that much on Brooke with her heels.
Danimal said on 28/Sep/06
Dave, you're dillusional.
Dave said on 28/Sep/06
Here's a story for you ... Back in the mid 80's (when pro wrestling was still fairly small) I was picking-up my mother from the airport when all the WWF wrestlers started coming off her plane. Watched lots of them come off at arms distance and was surpirsed at how small Hogan was. I'd give him a 6' maybe 6'2". Don Muraco was huge (how many remember him).
Danimal said on 26/Sep/06
Hulk Hogan's biceps getting measured at 24" in his BIGGER days (1985): Click Here
Frank said on 26/Sep/06
In the Snoopdog picture Hogan had his head tilted but they are probably the same height and the 2 pictures with Lennox Lewis...Lewis looks 2 inches taller in one picture and an inch in another ....I remember about 13 years ago i spoke to a security guard who works at Madison Square Garden abd he told me Hogan was not that tall and this guy was about 5ft11 to 6ft so i believe Hogan wore lifts to appear 6ft 5 to 6ft 6
Jason said on 25/Sep/06
Wow. Hogan only looks maybe a hair above the 6'2 1/2'' mark next to Lennox Lewis on (search ''hulk hogan'' then page 3 of the results). I'm a boxing fan, too, and would peg Lennox at 6'4 1/2'' in bare feet.
Jason said on 25/Sep/06
Hey Paul, sorry I'm so late replying! No, haven't been to the UK yet still. I'll possibly be over there a fair bit in the future on business. Where abouts in England do you live? Maybe we could meet up to catch a WWE show oneday as they're over there quite a bit. I live in Perth - the closest (well, if you can call it that in any sense) big city in Australia to Europe.
Richard said on 25/Sep/06
I checked out gettyimages and there's a picture of Hogan and Snoop Dogg, they look the same height. Also, on gettyimages the pictures can be enlarged but on however they are too small to judge from accurately. They can't be enlarged, unless you pay, of course.
Viper652 said on 24/Sep/06
If hes shorter than Snoop, then he is no more than 6-3 Max or could be 6-2-6-2 1/2.
tom said on 24/Sep/06
I am 6'3" and I encountered Hulk Hogan while walking into Islands of Adventure, a theme park in Orlando, he is considerably shorter than me... I would give him maybe 6' (being generous). Also, my fiancee nearly hit him as he was getting out of his truck, she stated that he didn't seem that tall either. I wouldn't trust the measurements given of professional wrestlers, who are supposed to be "larger than life" to be accurate. If he does appear taller than that, I am guessing he wears elevator shoes religiously...
Jay said on 24/Sep/06
I think that 6'3.5" listing is correct. I was just on and they have pics of Hulk Hogan standing beside Snoop Dogg and Lennox Lewis. He is shorter than both of them in the pics. It's crazy how he shrunk so much over the years!
Richard said on 23/Sep/06
I think he still looks about 6'4 today, after all he was an inch and a half taller than Ferrigno. Bad posture might account for the rest. As for his prime height, 6'5 or 6'5.5 is my best "guesstimation". I don't think he was a full 6'6. Even the Hogan cardboard standup they are selling at is 6'5" tall. Now if he was 6'5 in his prime and now stands slightly below 6'4 I would have to say that's normal shrinkage for a man his age and of his size. Say he lost 1.5 inches, that's believable.
Mr. E said on 23/Sep/06
The incredible shrinking man? He was huge! Is this the biggest case of lost inches on this site of what? Obviously we can't make a case for 6'7" in his prime....I'm willing to go 6'6" judging by the Hillbilly Jim photo and Andre pic. But now? I'm having a hard time saying 6'4", maybe even 6'3"...did Hogan wear lifts? Can we chalk up 3' to surgery?
JT said on 20/Sep/06
Hulk Hogan (probably 6'5" at this point) next to former NBA center Bill Wennington, listed by the NBA at 7
Paul said on 17/Sep/06
No worries Jason...we knew you would be back. I guessed you may have gone overseas. Have you visited old pommy land yet ?
Jason said on 17/Sep/06
Thanks fellas ... how ya been?
Frank said on 17/Sep/06
Thanks Jason and Welcome back
Paul said on 17/Sep/06
Welcome back J
Ola said on 17/Sep/06
6'5 and shrunk to 6'3 1/2

[Editor Rob: remember the old Hulk and Hillbilly pic...speaking of hill, also remember genuine 6ft 1.5 Chris met Hillbilly]
Jason said on 17/Sep/06
Nah, no way. Maybe 6'4'' and change if he wasn't a lift wearer back then, which I doubt anyway.
Viper652 said on 17/Sep/06
Jason, do you think there is any possible way Hogan was 6-6 and shrunk to 6-3?
Jason said on 16/Sep/06
Paul's prophecy came true!
Bleemo said on 16/Sep/06
Mwaha I was just saying that I was becoming the site's Jason and here he is. Happy belated birthday Rob and Frank, I'd have got you both cakes but then I would have eaten them myself so I might as well not bother.
Jason said on 16/Sep/06
Happy b-day too, Frank. Belated that is now. :)
KingNick said on 16/Sep/06
Apparently it was your Bday Rob, Happy Birthday!!
Jordan said on 15/Sep/06
Whats is this beef between you guys. I mean now i'm getting dragged into it you know i'll back you up.
Danimal said on 15/Sep/06
Only you my one-eyed troll freak!
Derek said on 15/Sep/06
Jordan- I'm from SI. I hate it though.
Frank said on 15/Sep/06
ROB now that you are 30 years old watch how time even goes by much faster :o(

[Editor Rob: 20's have went by very fast!]
Frank said on 15/Sep/06
Happy Birthday ROB :O)
Jordan said on 15/Sep/06
Ok cyclops
listen if your refering to me getting pushed around one on the face of this planet pushes me around
2.I know Danimal by now
3.if you were not referring to danimals post to me --then my fualt i getting mixed up by your last comment.
Jordan said on 15/Sep/06
are you from SI. becasue what you stated is tru about the school. I play football there and the school is getting cleaner. The real bad kids dont really come to school.I year ago my freind was an ass and wore pink ( Baby Blood) and was white and got beaten bad but now Port is getting better . Tottnville as you prolly know is are biggest rivals.
Warlord said on 15/Sep/06
I agree with you on Taker. Reread my past comments. My brothers friend also said he looked 6 foot 9 and definitely was over 6 foot 8.

Cycklops said on 15/Sep/06

You trying to push someone around there, buddy?
Derek said on 14/Sep/06
Jordan- they did a job of cleaning up Port Richmond. It used to be a troubled school but they got a new principal a few years ago and it's a nice school. They don't tolerate any ****. Tottenville on the other hand is becoming worse and worse each year. There was a gang fight 4 years ago where the principal got decked and a dean was injured.
Jordan said on 14/Sep/06
Thanx Glenn. I take it into consideration. I'll prolly email you and Daniamal
Frank said on 14/Sep/06
Thanks Rob...Can you post the picture i sent on this page ??

[Editor Rob: no worries, Here it is]
Paul said on 14/Sep/06
Yeah Frank I thought it was 44.
Frank said on 14/Sep/06
Glenn my Birthday was good thanks,And Paul im 44 but im a young 44 (well i hope)
Glenn post that picture of you and The Undertaker you say he looked 6ft 7ish He told me he was 6ft 9 and he looked it too me but he could also have been
6ft 8ish....I will ask Rob to post a recent picture of me to show you young guy's you can be in you 40's and still look youthfull :o)

[Editor Rob: oh, belated 44th frank ;-)]
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
Yeah,I had very small tears in arm muscle.possibly microscopic tears,but very painful at the age 14.went to the hospital.
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
All are invited,so keep in touch Jordan!
Danimal said on 14/Sep/06
Don't worry about it Jordan. A little word of advice if I may, get back into it slowly. Don't make the same mistake I did recently and try to go to heavy too fast, because you'll injure something. Muscle has memory and will get back up to your personal best in no time at all. Just be patient and don't get frustrated with yourself because you ain't as strong as you once were!
Jordan said on 14/Sep/06
Thanx danimal. I apprecait it. I think i'm gonna get back into lifting after football. By the way I play for a team in Staten Island called The Port Richmond Red Raiders.

Speaking of new York, I am from Jackson Heights queens( now I reside in S.I) so New York is home to me as well. To Bad i'm bascially younger then u's guys but I would assume u's are meeting up in Manhattan.
Ola said on 14/Sep/06
Danimal i respect you after all, and asking you do the same for me. or atleast... respect my opinions
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
I think my max was around 230-240.I think.for sure over 200.
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
Yes,Frank,we should have a little height convention where we sit discuss height and maybe go celeb spotting! how was your birthday?
Danimal said on 13/Sep/06
Ola, I've been on this site for 2 years. Keep your mouth shut. I've provided SO much to this site in terms of proof WELL before your time. I NEVER came on here like you and shot my mouth without backing it up with MANY pictures. Don't talk unless spoken to from now on. Rob, don't delete this one. I think it's important that the newbies respect the veteran's on the site (such as myself) who have contributed a lot in the past.
Viper652 said on 13/Sep/06
My Max bench is 250 when I was 6-1 180 pounds. I consider that to be pretty good. I always thought I could do more If I didnt have such long arms.
Paul said on 13/Sep/06
How did he know that ? Well happy b'day anyway. I won't say how old I think you are.
Frank said on 13/Sep/06
Thanks Glenn :o) One day all of us New Yorkers have to hang out
Ola said on 13/Sep/06
Danimal good for you! couse you would be destroyed in a debatt since you doesnt have one damn proof
Danimal said on 13/Sep/06
Ola, I'm just ignoring you from how on. Your foolish and a waste of my time.

Jordan, if you were able to put up 3 plates on the bench for a max rep, only a year ago, I say your a MONSTER. Dude, at 17 I couldn't bench more than 185 for a MAX rep. Between 19-21 I was up to 3 plates for reps. Your still young man. s***, I wish I was 17 again. I'm 28 (29 next month). You're not even in your prime yet in terms of your strength and muscular development potential. Keep at it paisan!!!
Glenn said on 13/Sep/06
Ola said on 13/Sep/06
Jordan no iam not atlethic, just lifting little junks. but no seriosly training at all. about 100 kg in bench press, but havent training for over a year
Jordan said on 13/Sep/06
I see Danimal. thats still in great shape. I mean i'm 5'10 1/2 240 but never got any measurments taken. I do know that at 16 I MAX becnhed 315. I dont know what I can do now at 17 but I think I might have gotten weaker since I was 253 when I was 16 and now i'm 238-240. I might have lost strength.

Ola-you said you were 280 right. Did you use your size for football or any sports??. In other word are you 280 and atlethic.
Ola said on 13/Sep/06
Jordan, iam 28. 6'1 1/2 tall (chest girth of 48 inch)
Ola said on 13/Sep/06
320-330? HAHAHAHAHA! (is it april 1th today?) that was a well known lie in a desperate attempt from wwf to trying to make him bigger than "incredible hulk" (lou ferrigno). Hogan has never been heavier than 300 pounds. not even close dude! imo, he was never even over 280. since all weight of the big guys is up- billed with 10-20% or more. (vader is a good example; 350 lbs upbilled to 450)And ofcourse Hogan looked almost as tall as 6'7 john studd, becouse of his 2 inch lifts.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
Between the age of 19-23 I was at my absolute peak, both in sheer size and strength and pain NEVER stopped me. I'll be 29 next month. I'm still in good shape and getting back up there. I only weigh about 176-178 today and my chest is MAX 44", legs 24.5", neck is just over 17". Arms are still about 17" pumped. If I devoted myself to weights like I used to, I would get back up there, but it's harder to achieve that same level the older I get. My body isn't as resiliant as it used to be!!! Think about this, Arnold hit his peak in his late 20's. Dorian hit his in his early to mid 30's, then again, they were far from natural.

Viper, Hogan was a MASSIVE man and I believe the 6'6" measurement for him and in 1979 he was between 320-330 pounds. He lost weight for Rocky III. At times in 1984-1985 he looked as tall as 6'7" Big John Studd. Like Andre, he's a shadow of his former self.
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
A 19 inch neck is insane.
Jordan said on 12/Sep/06
Wow danimal you are in shape but how long ago was your "prime" ??.
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
You know, after watching that old 1979 match of Dibiase and Hogan I think Hogan might have been 6-6 in his prime. He did look huge. Id say maybe taller than anytime I saw him as a little kid in the 80s.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
Since we're listing our measurements, I was 5'10" 204 pounds, with a 47" chest, 27" thighs, 17" bicep and 19" neck at my peak.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
Tiny was listed at 6'7" as well. Thing is Tiny wore crazy boots, much like Kane wore and Hogan wore normal looking boots when they had face offs in 1989. I say that they were probably the same height then or Hogan may have even been taller. It's hard to tell because of the footwear Tiny had on.
Bleemo said on 12/Sep/06
I'd say lister is a full inch taller, if you look at their shoulders you can see he is looking down slightly. The weird thing is when he first hit the acting scene he was billed as 6'5. He was also barely taller then that Tony Todd in the film "Butter," Todd really looks his billed 6'5 though.

I really do think that Hogan was 6'5 at the most, they were worse for exaggerating height back in the day and they sometimes billed him as 6'6 so I do he was ever actually that height. Wow I'm starting to become the sites Jason! du duh duh!!!
Paul said on 12/Sep/06
Frank, Tom 'Tiny' Lister was genuinely massive. Built like a brick house and at least 6'6 maybe 6'7. No wrestling skills though.
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
Hogan actually only lookes 6-2 at times on his television show to me.
Frank said on 12/Sep/06
Lister was wearing Big heels that were so obvious
Glenn said on 11/Sep/06
Amongst white and black men I feel short.everyone else I tower or match in height.
Alex said on 11/Sep/06
If Tiny Lister is 6'6 then Hogan looks 6'5.5 probably there.
Alex said on 11/Sep/06
I am 6'0.5 195lbs and got good size too. 14.5 inch arms unflexed with a 42 inch chest and 24.5-25 inch thighs with a 33.5-34 inch waist across the belly button.
Richard said on 11/Sep/06
If you watch the match it's clear that lister wore lifts. His feet looked like Kane's lol.
Ola you're really grande :D
I'm 6'2.5 and 243 pound. But I carry a bit more weight than I should, usually I'm comfortable at 220.
Jordan said on 11/Sep/06
WOW ola-280
I'm only 17 still and are 240. How old are you??

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