How tall is Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 5 (195.6 cm)
British TV Presenter known for the TV series Top Gear. He once described his height: "my height shot up from 6ft 5in" and in 2022 said "I'm 6ft 4in".

How tall is Jeremy Clarkson
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I was fearful I was being lured into something which would set its stall out to fight something that doesn't even exist - heightism.
Yes, I'm 6 ft 5 in but some of my best friends are midgets. My girlfriend, for instance, is just one inch tall.
Neither of us has ever been abused, physically or verbally because of our height and neither of us has ever found it to be a particular problem. What, then, if there is no such thing as heightism, is the point of a Tall Person's Club?

How tall is Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy & Eric Bana
Photo © / Keith Mayhew/Landmark Media

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Average Guess (99 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 4.99in (195.5cm)
Current: 6ft 4.19in (193.5cm)
pov said on 25/May/23
I saw him in 2018 in Vegas Airport he looked 6”4.25 to me. I stood about 2 feet away from him when boarding a plane, Had a almost 4 inches on me (6”0.5), he has a bad posture so can look shorter, but in person you can really tell he’s a big guy. Slightly more than 6”4 flat imo even today.

Also saw Richard Hammond there too, my mate who’s only 5”7 took a pic with him and my mate looked about 2 inches taller. I’d give him 5”5 flat.
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/23
Both Clarkson and Matthew Kelly did look close to a full 6 ft 5 peak.
Gerald S said on 14/May/23
Rob, what are the odds of 6'4.5" for Clarkson?

He strikes me as someone who would round up in height and always seemed more 6'4" than 6'5" range.
Editor Rob
I think it's clear he's lost height. At worst 6ft 4.5 peak, but I still feel in the 90s he could look near 6ft 5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/23
Rob, could we add Kaleb Cooper?

Doesn’t appear too much shorter than Clarkson, I’d say at least 6ft1-1½ zone
Editor Rob
From watching second season, I'm not so times thought between 6ft and 6ft 1 was possible!
Crab said on 27/Mar/23
He’s got to be pretty tall, Jeremy described him as 19 stone, and he’s not THAT hefty, so he’s got to be over 6 foot IMO. Looks 3-4 inches shorter than Jeremy
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Mar/23
I missed the last series of Millionaire and was very upset. If it’s repeated, I’ll make sure I catch it this time.

Chris Tarrant always towered over his contestants. and yes, Jeremy does so even more!

6ft5 and 6ft4.25 today.
Ben - 186cm said on 18/Feb/23

He can’t be lol. I’m a big fan of Top Gear and he never looks more than 4.5 inches taller than James May who’s only a weak 6 feet at best. He also doesn’t look as tall next to Hammond as he should do. If Jeremy was 6’5 then Hammond can easily claim 5’7, which he does.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 4/Feb/23
Hi Rob, what do you think Kaleb coopers height is (Jeremys right hand man) on Clarksons farm?
Editor Rob
Could be over 6ft
5'7 and a fraction said on 29/Jan/23
6'4 peak is a joke. Easily 6'5 man in his prime. 6'4 1/4 current.
Ben - 186cm said on 24/Dec/22
I don’t think he’s ever been taller than 6’4 to be honest. James may is at most 6 feet and Jeremy never looks more than 4 or so inches taller when they’re both standing straight. Nowadays looks somewhere in the 6’3 range.
Sinclair said on 14/Sep/22
Rob, can Clarkson get 6’4.75” peak?
Ethan Wolf said on 30/Aug/22
Going by proportions in the Grand Tour episodes he looks at most 194.5 cm. I do believe he actually was exactly 196 cm in the Top Gear era
berta said on 16/Aug/22
hm beside eric bana he only looks maybe 3-3,5 cm taller. bana around 188 that makes him 191,5 ish but he have shoes that give like 0,5 cm and bana maybe 3 cm so that gives him about 2,5 cm more. and lands him about 193,5-194
Sinclair said on 6/May/22
More likely he peaked at 6’4.5” than 6’5”, it is hard to believe that Clarkson and Usain Bolt were once the same height!
Sinclair said on 11/Apr/22
Happy 62nd Birthday Jeremy Clarkson!

I would have thought a weak 6’5” at peak. 6’4” today is believable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/22
I'd still say a strong 6ft4 with Eric Bana
Arch Stanton said on 27/Mar/22
Didn't his girlfriend Lisa Hogan once date John Cleese? She must have a thing for 6 ft 4-5 pompous older men LOL. With her height it's understandable she'd pick men she's shorter than or can wear heels with.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Mar/22
His 6 ft 1 girlfriend is taller than him in heels, but he should be about 6 ft 5 still in regular shoes. Those heels are over 4 inches??
Editor Rob
Maybe Jeremy's eyelevel is a bit lower than hers and when you add on his posture, I'm sure in decent heels she could have appeared a touch taller.
Editor Rob said on 26/Mar/22
In his latest column, he now says "I'm 6ft 4in".
Worth a read, about Height and Putin: Click Here
chadv said on 12/Feb/22
Was the exact same height as a now 6ft3.5 Jeff Goldblum on Top Gear. Doubt he was every 6ft5.
Toby Barrett said on 20/Dec/21
watched some clarksons farm and he looked very tall still so today he is around 6'4 and peak around 6'5
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Nov/21
On tonight's 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' we have guest star Meera Syal playing for charity. She's chosen the Alzheimer's research society, so I sincerely hoped she does well. So far, she's accumulated £64,000 - marvellous!

A little later: Actually, that's the amount she's won

Meera had a question about gases. It culminated in her saying, "Ah! Methane is bottom gas!" 😂🤣😂👌

The correct answer was carbon dioxide, being the gas responsible for causing the bubbly effect in our fizzy drinks.

I think Jeremy is a great replacement for Chris Tarrant. The reason is, like Chris, he looks relaxed and you can tell he's enjoying himself, but he's professional at the same time, which is essential when you're dealing with vast amounts of money!

⭐ I found that Meera Syal is 5ft6 and confesses to weighing in at 62kg.

Jeremy gets 6ft5 for his peak and 6ft4.25 for today's height. 😉👍
Canson said on 5/Oct/21
Canson said on 7/Dec/20
@Editor Rob: in response to what you said to Sinclair, do you think Clarkson was a bit under 6’5 peak? Maybe 6’4.75 and Cleese maybe 6’5 flat?
Editor Rob
at worst a fraction under...the thing with Clarkson, he's said 6ft 5 on a few occasions.

Cleese, well I added another quote of him saying 6ft 4, same with Christopher Lee he only went with 6ft 4.

Cleese went with 6ft 4, 4.5 and 5...

@Editor Rob: yea he said it but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t rounding up or that it was his low. However I couldn’t see much less than maybe 195 cm if he was under. I think he’s 6’4 or maybe a hair over today still. He could still be around my height of 6’4.25”
ChaosControl 189.3cm said on 5/Oct/21
Peak 6’5
Current 6’3.75
Nik Ashton said on 4/Oct/21
He certainly doesn’t look close to 6’5” compared to some of the contestants on Millionaire!
Nik Ashton said on 4/Oct/21
@ RJT - It’s pretty rare for guys to end up 6’5” and Jeremy was born as a male as you know, he was born in Doncaster!
RJT said on 4/Oct/21
Who would've thought that this young lass would turn out to be 6'5...
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RickHavoc said on 18/Sep/21
A quick google search of some images of him with a 185cm Chris Evans, make Clarkson look between 190-192cm at most.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Sep/21
Rob, maybe 6ft4 flat today?

6ft2 is just ridiculous
Editor Rob
he probably is around that today.
Westbound on Olympic said on 12/Sep/21
I’d say he’s a strong 6-4 guy peak. Looks 6-2 imo now
Monkey knees said on 4/Aug/21
6ft 4.5in tops. With his terrible posture. Look at him recently with 5ft11.75in james may! Its obvious! 5ft 6in Hammond shows it, too.
Sinclair said on 31/Jul/21
Rob, how tall would you say Jason Dawe is?
Editor Rob
not so familiar with Jason
Slim177 said on 22/Jul/21
Rob, is Jeremy not due a downgrade now? Looking under 6ft4 at times now
Editor Rob
all that hard work on the farm is taking it's toll on him!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/21
6ft5 is reasonable for his peak. Today is looking closer to 6ft4 a lot
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/21
That was a nice surprise tonight: I turned over to ITV1 to find Jeremy's 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' was on! He hasn't been standing up yet, but I know his height to be 6ft4.5 now and 6ft5 peak, so he's pretty similar to Stephen Fry. I have a 'QI' DVD where Jeremy appears with Stephen. He doesn't stand up in that either, neither of them do, but you can still get an idea from the guys when they're sitting down.

Oh good - Jeremy is getting funny now!

Mike Sui said on 19/Mar/21
I checked the photos but I'm unsure on which one I sould settle so I'm gonna give a range. anything from 6'4.75 - 6'4.25. I do believe that his peak height was 6'6 or 6'5.5 (morning height).
Jkiller said on 4/Jan/21
Peak height was pretty much 6'5, nowadays no more than 6'4.25.
Canson said on 7/Dec/20
@Editor Rob: in response to what you said to Sinclair, do you think Clarkson was a bit under 6’5 peak? Maybe 6’4.75 and Cleese maybe 6’5 flat?
Editor Rob
at worst a fraction under...the thing with Clarkson, he's said 6ft 5 on a few occasions.

Cleese, well I added another quote of him saying 6ft 4, same with Christopher Lee he only went with 6ft 4.

Cleese went with 6ft 4, 4.5 and 5...
vastlybetter566 said on 19/Nov/20
You just have to remember how HUGE this guy's head is. He could fit an entire continent in that head, and I'm not talking about his memory, which must be amazing due to that huge brain. I genuinely believe he could survive an assassination attempt. The bullets wouldn't make it through his thick head. That might make him look shorter.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Nov/20
I'm over the moon that Jeremy Clarkson has a new 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' on TV this week.


There's a fellow, named Barry, on whose phone-a-friend had a noisy dog barking in the background, and Jeremy mentioned it! Smashing, cheerful, feel-good stuff...

🐶 "Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff!"

Jeremy gets 6ft5 for his peak and I'm taking off just half-an-inch for his height today. He's wearing well.

There's a very easy fastest finger first and now it's time for a lady contestant, Antonia. Good luck, Antonia!
James B 172cm said on 5/Oct/20
Rob possible clarkson was a fraction less than 6’5 peak like maybe 6’4 7/8?
Editor Rob
If he was under 6ft 5 it might be a small amount. I think he held his own in the 80's and 90's
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Sep/20
🎊🎈🎉 Congratulations to Donald Fear, who has just won a million pounds, courtesy of Jeremy Clarkson's 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'.

While the nation's hearts were pounding, modest, pink-shirted teacher, Donald Fear, became the sixth person to become a Millionaire. He used but a single lifeline and showed no signs of nerves whatsoever. His brother, also a teacher, had been a contestant last September, winning a tremendous half-million pounds, but his 57-year-old brother, Donald, younger by two years, doubled his brother's winnings.

Jeremy was genuinely taken aback and full of admiration for Donald. I'd place a bet that the entire nation was, adding that we witnessed the best - and most unexpectedly exiting - bit of TV to be seen for a long time, probably all year....😮📺🤭

At the end, when Donald stood up as the confetti came raining down, you'd have been forgiven for thinking that he is quite tiny, but knowing how incredibly tall Jeremy is, it's a fair assumption to guess that Donald is of average height. My word, most contestants look minute enough standing next to Chris Tarrant's 6ft2, and a couple of inches (plus) DO notice, and then some!

I didn't think they'd ever find a suitable replacement for Chris Tarrant for this unique show, but I was completely wrong there and I'm delighted to say that Jeremy has been, quite simply, a diamond. Be it intentional or not, having such tall hosts makes them come over as though they're almost 'big brotherly' and I feel that, for many, this could be a primeval, deep-rooted, psychological bonus.

It's worked so far......

6ft5 peak and half-an-inch less today.

Sinclair said on 27/Aug/20
Rob, do you think John Cleese was a stronger 6’5” than Jeremy Clarkson?
Editor Rob
I believe Cleese might have had the better chance of measuring slightly taller than Jeremy.
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 24/Aug/20
You cant simply deny that this men is taller than average male height.. Yes. He did admit that he is standing as tall as 6ft 5 range during his peak years. Yes, seemed like he is 6ft 4 nowadays than 6ft 5 during peak years... Cool fact: He shares same date of birth with me!!!!!!!!
Sinclair said on 11/Aug/20
Clarkson was almost taller than all of the stars he interviewed on Top Gear, he even seemed to have a slight edge over Lawrence Dallaglio who is 6’4” range. On Top Gear, I thought Clarkson looked rather similar in height to Jeff Goldblum and Stephen Fry, perhaps, Fry and Goldblum were taller than Clarkson, at the time of their interviews. I also came to the conclusion that Clarkson was shorter than Usain Bolt during their interview in 2009, but I think Clarkson had started to shrink by then and was barely hitting the 6’4” mark, compared with Bolt, who is thought to be 6’4.5” or 6’4.75”.

I would put Clarkson at 6’4.75” for his peak.
I would guess 6’3.5” for Clarkson for today.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Aug/20
Another guy after my own heart is one that Jeremy has just had on his 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?', called Paul, who answered an easy enough question on the Fastest Finger First introductory category as to putting in size order the stringed orchestral instruments which were:

1) Violin
2) Viola
3) Cello and
4) Double Bass

Simple enough for this opera singer. Paul raced through his questions at record speed until the £32,000 question popped up, which was one on The Spice Girls. The fellow said, "All I know about the Spice Girls is that they exist!"👏 Nice one, and when he asked the audience, there was no outstanding winner 👏 as to which song was the right answer. So the contestant phoned a friend, who didn't know either 👏 and when he asked Jeremy, the tall TV presenter replied, "I'm proud to say I don't know!" 👏

What a feast to the ears! 👌

However, after using up all his lifelines, the contestant got it right, winning £64,000! Hooray - what a star! 😁👍

Jeremy gets 6ft5 peak and 6ft4.5 for today.
kreegDorrans said on 21/Jul/20
@Dream he's literally bending his knees and keeping his head down
Dream said on 14/Jul/20
It could be higher ground, but he looks 6’0” at best, next to Richard Osman.

Click Here

Jesus, Could Richard Really be 6’7”-6’8” range.
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/20
It would be interesting to know how tall he claims nowadays! The average guess looks a bit too high!
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jul/20
He certainly has the head of a guy over 6 ft 5, certainly looks to have at least a 10 and a half inch long head!
Editor Rob
His long head and hair makes him seem shorter in photos in which he stands alone.
OriginalAnon said on 1/Jul/20
Definitely 6'5'' prime.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jun/20
You've got to hear this guys and girls - it's FUNNY!

My boyfriend just came round for another picnic in the back garden and he told me a story about Amazon, who asked Jeremy to take pictures of wild animals as Amazon screen savers. Well, Jeremy came across a man doing something improper with, I think, a goat. (I'll check to make sure!)

He had to wipe his eyes and take a better look. He then contacted the people whose land it was, and the fellow on the receiving end of the phone said as plainly and as matter-of-fact as is possible, "Oh yes! That'll be his first wife. That's how we do things out here!"

So if you see any wild animal pictures courtesy of Amazon, think of what poor Jeremy had to go through in order to take them!


⭐ Jeremy was a great laugh on an old 'QI' with Stephen Fry as host the other night!

Peak - 6ft5.25; now - 6ft5

A male of 58 won't have lost much, unless he's had a particularly serious accident or has osteoporosis. That doesn't apply to Jeremy.
Simon184 said on 31/May/20
My cousin is in this video and he was around 6'5/6 he's the one on the far left at the beginning and more over to the right at the end with his army hat nearly covering his eyes

Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/May/20
There was a fantastic 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' yesterday, the contestant walking away with half a million pounds. If he'd been a little braver, he could have won twice that, but better safe than sorry.

Jeremy was genuinely pleased for him. The man was in a wheelchair, so the difference this money will make to his life will be tremendous. 😄👏

6ft5 for his peak and half-an-inch less for today's height.

⭐ I do like the newly introduced lifeline, that of asking the host. Jeremy helped this fellow out by getting the question he asked him right. Well done, Jeremy and many congratulations to the contestant.
Sandy A Cowell said on 11/Apr/20
🎁🎂🎊🎈 Happy 6️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Jeremy! 🎈🎊🎂🎁

Many Happy Returns of the Day to Jeremy Clarkson, who celebrates his BIG 6️⃣-0️⃣ today. Have a great day, Jeremy! 😉👌

Peak height - 6ft5
Today - 6ft4.5

Mc1998 said on 24/Feb/20
I think he's more 6'4 now because he's almost 60 and you shrink as you get older, I swear James used to be 6 foot 0 inches
JD1996 said on 11/Nov/19
I think he’s around 6’4 1/4-1/2” now days and a full 6 ft 5 peak his posture seems to have got a bit worse lately and doesn’t look as tall as he used to appear still very tall though.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Oct/19
But that's assuming Hoff's still a legit 6'4" though. He most likely lost a bit of height in recent years.
Canson said on 9/Oct/19
I think 6’4.5 with Hoff
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/19
He actually still looks close to 6ft5 there with Hoff. His head is noticeably longer than Hoff’s though which might make him look shorter
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Oct/19
The other day, a young Millionaire contestant said to Jeremy "I don't know what went on in 1977. I hadn't been born yet!"

Jeremy retorted, "Well, I wasn't around in 1066, but I still know what went on!"

Can you imagine the course of history if the Battle of Hastings hadn't taken place? 🤭

6ft5 peak, and half-an-inch less now.
Dream said on 9/Sep/19

I agree. He looked taller than David Hasselhoff.

Click Here

And Rob has met David Hasselhoff too.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jul/19
191cm is too low
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Apr/19
🎂🍻🎈 Happy Birthday Jeremy! 🎈🍻🎂

I would like to take this opportunity of wishing Jeremy a very Happy Birthday.

What a brilliant successor to Chris Tarrant he has been on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'

This guy has had me in stitches!

6ft5 peak and 6ft4.5 today.

Lamont Cranston said on 26/Feb/19
He is obviously tall, although put together like an unmade bed. What I think he is more a testimony to, is how we should take it easy on the drinking. If you look at old videos or pictures of him from the 1990's he is quite a respectable looking gentleman...sadly, time, and his habits have not been kind to him
Subie101 said on 25/Feb/19
Looks to be around 191cm nowadays
Dream said on 25/Dec/18
I wouldn’t say he’s a solid 6’5” like John Cleese, but 6’4” is too low. He actually does look taller than David Hasselhoff.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Dec/18
@Light Up

11-12" is obviously too big. That would be around Big Show or Andre the Giant's head size. It's likely 10.5" like Rob said, but 10.6"-10.7" is possible too at most.


I'd have thought that Clarkson and Fry always looked the same height though.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 16/Dec/18
He looks taller than Fry, but not as tall as John Cleese in his prime. Jeremy Clarkson is 6'5".
Light Up said on 6/Aug/18
Rob, do you agree that his face length alone is 9 inches? His head must be in the 11-12 inch range.
Editor Rob
I don't know about 11 inches, but 10.5 range for head is quite possible.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 9/Jun/18
John Cleese looked well taller than Jeremy Clarkson when comparing them with Stephen Fry.

That's taking into account with John Cleese's mid age where he could have lost a fraction with a youthful Stephen Fry.
tree said on 29/May/18
Rob if he was 6ft5 when did he start to loose height?
And i remember right that you had him at 192 many years ago?
Editor Rob
50's I'd say he would have lost a fraction, but his posture through 40's was getting worse.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/May/18
Having Jeremy Clarkson on the new 'Who Wants to be a Millionnaire?' this week has been a real revelation to me as to how comical he is! I've been laughing long and loud as he wittily jokes his way through the show! He's been a fantastic replacement for Chris and yes, I'm beginning to see what people see in him!

Having another (even taller!) tall compere makes the contestants look, once again, the frightened, vulnerable little chancers that Chris did, only more so, AND MORE OF THEM! How great that the big guy even has a new lifeline: Ask the Compere!

Jeremy still looks hugely tall, which we see often on this show whenever he stands to welcome or see off a contestant!

He can certainly have 6ft4.5 for his today's height and 6ft5 for his peak. What a star! Jeremy has a new fan: me! 🙌
Lkk said on 26/Apr/18
194 barefoot
Yas said on 1/Apr/18
Nah, he edges Fry out.
Canson said on 3/Jan/18
Decent 194-195 range peak
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 10/Dec/17

Agreed, Clarkson would most likely edge him by a fair bit. 192 today for Hasselhoff and perhaps between 193-194 today for Clarkson.
Hunch said on 9/Dec/17
My suspicions were confirmed upon watching the first episode of series 2 of GT. David Hasselhoff indeed had thicker footwear than Jeremy, and Jeremy was still noticeably taller. I think it is pretty sure that he would easily clear 6’4” when standing straight. He usually has poor posture and wears such flat shoes that he doesn’t tower people as much as most 6’5” range people do. But he is still taller than his 6’1-6’2” girlfriend with large heels.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 2/Dec/17

Weird photo, Goldberg looks about 191cm next to 197.5cm listed Joshua and Jeremy looks 191cm as well if he would've straighten up. Goldberg's more like 186cm in reality and Jeremy 193-194 my opinion.
Hunch said on 1/Dec/17
In that pic, Clarkson is standing very poor, his height is difficult to judge. There is a pic of him with David Hasselhoff shown from the new series and Jeremy is taller. Also, knowing Jeremy, he probably had less footware. He is still over 6’4”.
SW said on 30/Nov/17
Maybe just 6'4, here he is with AJ and looks about 2 inches lower than him being 6'6 I believe
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Junior said on 27/Oct/17
Clarkson doesn't size up over 6'4 with 6'4.5" Stephen Fry.
Slim 6' said on 21/Oct/17
As listed.
Canson said on 20/Oct/17
Well said Rampage
ok said on 17/Sep/17
Was 6ft 5 back then I reckon. Has shrunk a bit by now and his posture's pretty poor as well.
postmanjones said on 1/Sep/17
Giant. 6 foot 5 in prime, shrunk a bit now
Timothy Jones said on 31/Aug/17
Back in the day was a strong 6ft5. Now a bit over 6ft4
Junior said on 24/Aug/17
Clarkson was always a little shorter than Stephen Fry. I believe Clarkson is 6'4.25" and Stephen Fry right at 6'4.5". I wouldn't toss a coin to think. It's obvious a big fraction between them.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Aug/17
A 70's Cleese would have Clarkson by at least a centimetre.
James said on 26/Jul/17
Tall dude. Defo a strong 6ft5"
Zach said on 20/Jul/17
Who would you say is Taller Rob Peak Jeremy Clarkson or Peak John Cleese?
Editor Rob
John Cleese looked more of a solid 6ft 5 I feel, better chance of being slightly taller than Clarkson.
even said on 11/Jul/17
peak 6'5
now 6'4.5
Dean said on 30/Jun/17
Towered in Top gear. A bit shorter nowadays though
Sandy Cowell said on 30/May/17
Well, well, well! That is extremely tall! While our boyfriends might love him, his height does nothing for me! 😝
Borats Chicken said on 22/Apr/17
"my height shot up from 6ft 5in"
I'm quite confused..
Editor Rob
it was from a longer joke quote about shooting up from 6ft 5 to 8ft 3 or something, because he had to wear some thicker shoes.
Mincer said on 21/Apr/17
I think he meant "my height shot up too 6ft 5in"
Borats Chicken said on 20/Apr/17
Rob, how tall would his son be?
Editor Rob
might be 6ft 2
Anon Ymous said on 3/Apr/17
It's very difficult to find scenes of Jeremy near doors. I found one from 60 Minutes where Clarkson walks through a door inside the BBC office and it looked like his hair nearly scraped the top of the doorframe. Assuming that it was a standard U.K. doorframe of 6'6", 6'5" range at that time was very believable. I believe it was around 2006 or so.
Cameron said on 30/Mar/17
He did describe himself as being "nearly 2 meters tall". He's nearly but not quite a foot taller than Hammond IMO.
sumdude said on 25/Jan/17
Can look anywhere between 11-13cm taller than James May at 183cm. Clarkson seems closer to 195 to me. They also have flat shoes/similar footwear at almost any picture of them together.
James B said on 28/Dec/16
My aunt and uncle saw him at the science museum in London and my aunt kept going on about how tall he looked. In there own words "we could spot him from a mile away"
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/16
Using a comparison with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, Jeremy is currently taller than Tom Brady.
Canson said on 25/Nov/16
Looks like he could be 194/195
newbie said on 14/Oct/16
Think the constant bad posture and bending he does in frame with May and in particular Hammond makes it difficult to see his real height but looked a realistic close to 6'5 when they had Jeff Goldblum on.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/16
Yes, a very long sort of head. He has to be one of the most unhealthiest looking guys I've seen though, chain smoker. He looks almost old enough to be Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt's father yet are about the same age I think!
movieguy said on 31/Aug/16
My mate was stuck in traffic in London and saw Clarkson in another car. He obviously couldn't say how tall he looked but he did comment on him having an unsually large head.
Editor Rob
he does have a genuine big head, which actually can make his appearance probably seem smaller when you consider his overall proportions.
Anonymous said on 15/Jul/16
@Rampage I agree with you 100%, good sir.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jul/16
Looks 193/194cm range today
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/16
Just saw him looking easily taller than Nicholas Hoult (6'2.75") with less footwear than Hoult. In his last Top Gear series.
Anonymous said on 4/Jul/16
Even if Anthony Joshua is 6'5.5", Jeremy looks like he would still be around 6'4".
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/16
I'm going to preface this by saying Top Gear without him is rubbish. However, watching a few clips for height comparison, I would say it could be that Jeremy is a flat 6'4" now, but I wouldn't go any lower. Comparing him standing with Chris Evans and Anthony Joshua standing with Evans, there wouldn't be a massive difference between Anthony and Jeremy. And we have photo proof that Anthony Joshua is around 6'6". So I would say Jeremy is no more than 2 inches shorter. Chris Evans came up to the top of Anthony's eyes and maybe slightly above the eyebrows of a slouching Jeremy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/16
Rob, how likely is 192cm today for Clarkson?
Anonymous said on 22/May/16
His appearance with Redgrave was in 2008. He has aged rapidly since then, and definitely looks shorter now than he was then. How much is the question, but I think the estimate of 6'4.5" when he stretches up currently is pretty good. With him appearing shorter often due to his choice of shoes and his posture.
Anonymous said on 21/May/16
Clarkson was taller than Steve Redgrave on Top Gear Ground Force. Steve is listed at 6'4.75" so Clarkson has been in the 6'5" ballpark at one time. If Steve really was that height.
Lugo said on 4/May/16
If we use Usain Bolt as a Marker then he is definately He is between 6ft 3- 6ft 4 . Bolt is a legit 6ft 5 , hes about 1-1.5 inch taller than Clarkson and about 2 inches taller Prince William who i believe is a flat 6ft 3 . Big guys tho.
Damian said on 21/Apr/16
Yea he can't be 6ft5 anymore, he looks shorter than Vince Vaughn and his mom.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Apr/16
"Jeremy Clarkson's Height is 6ft 4¼in (193.675cm)"
"Peak Height was 6ft 5in (195.58cm)"

But maybe 6ft4¾ is also possible for his peak?
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/16
Hmm, Clarkson had a full head on Lewis Hamilton in 2007 at an award show.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Mar/16
Clarkson looks taller but Dallaglio has been listed at 6ft3 aswell as 6ft4. Somewhere between those two I'd imagine is a safe bet
Will said on 8/Mar/16
Interesting to compare him with 193cm Lawrence Dallaglio in this top gear from 2007 Click Here there are a few shots where they face each other and look exactly the same height - taking posture and Clarkson's hair into account. I think he was probably once 6 4.5 and rounded up to 6 5, certainly a couple of cms shorter than Stephen Fry in the "gadget man" episode
Paul said on 11/Feb/16
Peak - 195cm
Today - 193cm
matt said on 29/Dec/15
am not sure what height he really is because my friends dad is 6ft 5 and he has got a physique like Jeremys and i am 6ft 3 and if my mates da stands up straight he honestly looks at least 6ft 7
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/15
There is a bit of an older full-length photo of Jeremy with James and Peter Jones where Jeremy really looks all of the 6'5".
Matthew190 said on 26/Sep/15
He's got a big, long head which throws off his proportions a bit. And his poor posture at times makes him a difficult call too, as it's hard to tell how much height he might have in reserve. If I had to guess I'd say he peaked at about 6'4.5" (possibly creeping towards the 5" mark) and today has probably lost a half inch. He was close enough to 6'5" to get away calling that but if I had to guess if he was rounding up his height slightly or rounding it down, I'd say he's probably rounding up some small fraction. Even in his prime he usually looked more 6'4" range to me (although again, he never had the best posture and that could be why).
George said on 21/Aug/15
He's a giant. He makes Richard Hammond look like a child
Rhonda said on 2/Apr/15
In the express he said he was 6ft3 when describing a sofa big enough for a 6ft3 guy who likes to lie down a lot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Mar/15
Rob, is 6ft4 flat possible today or do you still think he'd clear that mark?
Editor Rob
he can look that range at times, he may have dropped a fraction by now, but when you add in his general loose posture he can appear shorter.
dietmar said on 20/Feb/15
In the "Gadget Man" Stephen Fry was definitely taller than Clarkson.

Click Here

Click Here

Episode Click Here
newbie said on 26/Jan/15
i stood next to jeremy clarkson at an event in Oslo a couple of years ago. I am a little over 6ft 2 and even with less footwear than me he was at least 2 inches taller than me. he is a big man with a terrible posture sometimes.
Kirri said on 9/Jan/15
He actually says he is 6ft 7" and the tallest man on British television- even though Richard Osman IS 6ft 7 and is absolutely HUGE- he looks it, in fact! He has big feet, he is tall and thin, he is casebook "Tall" And very clever too......
cowen said on 30/Nov/14
he says hes 6 5 why lie
SaveUsY2J said on 4/Jun/14
All the downgraders on this page seem to constantly fail to take into account that his posture is atrocious and that he wears flat slippers which put him at about an inches' footwear disadvantage against just about everyone he stands next to.
Marko said on 1/May/14
Mick Fleetwood (195cm) looks way taller than Jeremy Click Here
Anon183cm said on 7/Mar/14
Is there a chance he has lost some more height than is suggested? When I see him on TV I always get a 6'3.5 - 6'4" impression, Personally I don't think he is over 6'4" now unless he has particularly bad posture.
Jaaack said on 2/Mar/14
I'm a 5ft5 1/2 guy, stood next to him when he came into my work. And he's about 11 inches taller than me. This was about 6 months ago.
StopHijackingMyNick said on 1/Mar/14
Clarkson 6ft5 (196cm)
May 5ft11 (180cm)
Hammond 5ft6 (168cm)
Bud said on 25/Feb/14
Rob,here with 5'10 Ronie O'Sullivan he looks 6'3 or 6'4?cuz i dont know where is the top of Ronnies head because of his hairstyle.At 6:00 Click Here
Editor Rob
can't view that vid in UK
The Ben said on 22/Feb/14
I managed to get tickets to filming of top gear last Wednesday. Clarkson if stood straight I could see at 6'5 still. he has a huge head.
Looked much taller than the other two in person.
Jack whitehall was the guest and he was no way 6'2 (which I've seen). I'm gutted as next week it's Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad Jesse).
The Exorcist said on 19/Feb/14
Jeremy Clarkson: 6'4.5"
James May: 6'0"
Richard Hammond: 5'6"

Click Here
Bammer said on 12/Feb/14
@ Bammer.

Have to correct myself on this. I just took a screen dump of them together, and I must admit Jeremy IS in fact a couple of inch higher than Tom, so 6'4½" seems legit. Sorry for the Hiccup.
Bammer said on 10/Feb/14
Just saw Top Gear where Tom Hiddelston was the guest. If Hiddelston is 6'1,75" Clarkson is no more than 6'2" - there were literally no difference in their height whatsoever, so max 6 ft. 2 in. for Jeremy Clarkson.
lelman said on 28/Dec/13
Rob what do you think for James May? I think 183 isn't completely impossible for him, but I don't see him above 6 foot.
Editor Rob
certainly not above 6 foot, although Clarkson can look 6ft 4 a fair amount, I don't think his genuine long head helps his height at times, nor his posture which is worse now than in the 90's.

May could be anywhere in 5ft 11-6ft range
Vibram said on 15/Dec/13
Clarkson is 6ft3(190cm). Peak was 6ft3.75. He only just pipped 6ft1 David Cameron for gods sake.
James May is 5ft10.5 (179cm) not 6ft
Richard Hammond is 5ft6 (168cm)
Chareth said on 18/Nov/13
Its very obvious hes close to 6'5. His posture is bad at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Oct/13
Clarkson - 195cm/6ft4.75
May - 184cm/6ft0.5
Hammond - 170cm/5ft7
Swede said on 4/Aug/13
Taller then goldblum
miko said on 4/Aug/13
I think he has lost a little bit, he could look a legit 6'6 at times with his hair and skinnier frame back in the 90's, although he wasn't.

I think 6'5 peak is pretty much certain, and through posture and age he's lost a fraction, but who knows what he could actually stretch out to these days.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/13
He's lost height already? He's only 53.

The 6ft2-3 claims are insane. But, I think he was always a little below 6ft5, like 195cm and today is still at least a strong 6ft4
francesco said on 4/Jul/13
clarkson almost always wears shoes and has a very low bad posture.
For me as a young man in the morning was 6 '4 3/4'' (195 cm). Now I think 6 '4'' (193 cm) in the morning and 6' 3'' (190.5 cm) in the evening
ben said on 19/Jun/13
why keep narrowing it down? he's 6' 5'' no doubt about it!
Meggie said on 13/Jun/13
I think that that height is reliable. Jeremy Clarkson Is pretty tall!
Yaspaa said on 9/May/13
He was almost as tall as Usain Bolt wearing lesser footwear. The guy is still 6'5, his posture stinks. 6'3 for Clarkson is a very unfunny joke.
Kevin buckles said on 29/Apr/13
I still think clarkson is 6'3 - 6'3 1/2 and maybe with shoes on he could get a weak 6'4 with a heel shoe and a straight back.if james may is 6foot flat or 5'11 3/4 clarkson at best has 3 inchs on him or 3 1/2 - 4 at a push so i think he just looks tall.he was never 6foot 5 in a million friend is 6'5 and he is 6'6 with leather shoes on and often hits his head on a 2metre (6'6) door frame.cant say the same for clarkson really.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Apr/13
Mick Fleetwood is near 6'6" yeah, and Clarkson increasingly looking nearer 6'4". I'm putting in a request for Mick Fleetwood,
Arch Stanton said on 22/Apr/13
He's ageing extremely rapidly. Can't believe he's 12 years younger than my dad, he looks easily as old. Looks nowhere near 6'5" in these pics, his posture is dreadful. He looks 6'2"-6'3" range here!! Click Here
Francesco said on 14/Apr/13
I think that as a young man was really 6.5 or 195.5 in the morning and 6.4 or 193 in the evening. Now I think it is 192 in morning and 189.5 in the evening. Sometimes it seems only 6.2 for wearing shoes and
for bad posture
Jeremy clarksons actual Highet said on 6/Apr/13
Jeremy Clarkson Is most definitely a lot taller than you have thought in the comments. He in fact is 6'5.
Doctor Damage said on 3/Apr/13
There are photos of Clarkson standing next to Eric Bana, which may be another reference. Clarkson was wearing Tod’s loafers for a few years and those have 0.5” of rubber in the heels but are otherwise insubstantial and add almost nothing to one’s height (I have a pair myself). However, more important than actual measurements, I suspect Clarkson looks big in the same way that Hunter S Thompson did. What do I mean? According to things I’ve read, Thompson wasn’t necessarily the tallest man in the room and he was actually rather skinny, but he had a large head, larger-than-life personality, and a strong presence which made him seem like a “big man” even if he didn’t quite measure that big.
Cameron murray said on 28/Mar/13
Before everyone panic's Jeremy clarkson is 6'3 1/2 and mick fleetwood is underestimated at 6'5 he is atleast 6'6 he looked the same height as Peter Jones who is 6'7 multi millionaire from dragons den.look at ryan renolds 6'2 very close to jezzas height and jeff goldblum 6'4 who was close to jezza which would make sence if jezza is 6'3.5.alot of people underestimate and over estimate to make them look good.Clarkson over estimated or rounds up shall we say.Stephen fry is 6'5 in the morning and 6'4.25 in the evening so thats why fry sometimes says 6'4 or 6'5 he is simply being honest.he is a good intelligent man.most people loose up to 2-3cm during the day due to bones in the back.effects taller people more as their back bones are longer.somebody 5'3 arent going to loose barely a 1cm but somebody 6'7 will loose a solid 1inch or 3cm even by night time or end of 16hr day.Remember that
ed bassmaster said on 25/Mar/13
Anyone see Jeff Goldblum from j park who is 6ft 4.25 1.94m next to jeremy clarkson and they were the same height.And jeremy was the fraction taller out of the two people but basically the same height explain that.Jeremy has to be 6ft 4 i would say.maybe 6ft 5 in his early days in the morning but no shoes 6 ft 4.James may is every bit 6ft 0 in the morning as he has been next to people who have been 6ft 2 6ft 3 and been almost the same height give or take a inch or two.richard hammond only looks taller sometimes because he holds his head up high and prob wears shoe lifts and shoes with a 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch heel.Hammond is only just 5ft 7.james may is prob 5ft 11 1/2 during the day or evening though.There is a photo with stephen fry who is 6ft 5 genuine and he has about 5inchs on may no more no less.although i havent seen clarkson stand next to fry that would be a good one due to stephen fry being a genuine 6ft 5 there is a photo with stephen fry at 6ft 5 with the height on the wall like a prison photo with the black board in both hands.
fletchet 182.5 said on 24/Mar/13
Watch TG episode from series 19 with Mick Fleetwood who is 6'5", Clarkson is about 2-3 inches shorter. Given the possible shoe advantage i would say
6'4" peak
6'3.5" most today
6'3" least today
fletchet 182.5 said on 24/Mar/13
Watch TG episode from series 19 with Mick Fleetwood who is 6'5", C
Jack vale said on 24/Mar/13
Also on jeremy clarkson the interview with mick fleetwood who is supposed to be 6ft 5 / 6ft 6 depends who you ask was a solid 2 maybe 3 inchs on jeremy so enless people are over and under estimating their heights i think jeremy is 6ft 3 1/2 no heel. Richard hammond who is 5ft 7 at best does often wear a heel to compete with 6ft 0 james may who wears flat shoes and isnt far of clarkson.
Ben said on 11/Feb/13
Click Here

Ken, look at Ryan's shoes: they have a descent heel and give him an extra 2 to 2.5 inches. Clarkson's shoes are nothing more than house slippers, as Trent and I pointed out in previous posts. Ryan Reynolds is a very solid 6'2". Maybe 6'2.5" even. Add 2 or 2.5 inches and you get 6'4" to 6'5" for Ryan Reynolds when he was a guest on Top Gear. Then, if Clarkson doesn't have any heel, he stays the same height at about 6'4.5" to 6'5". That is why Reynolds looks about the same height. Also, Reynolds is young and athletic looking and he has better posture than Jeremy.
Ken said on 28/Jan/13
How come when Ryan Reynolds appeared on the show they were the same height? Ryan is 6'2 according to this website.
ken said on 28/Jan/13
How come ryan reynolds was the same height as clarkson when he came on as a guest?
PLB said on 20/Jan/13
I'm 6'4" or I was until just recently. Most of this controversy about whether Clarkson is 6'4.5" or 6'5" is nonsense. That's less than 1%. We know that people are taller in the morning. They are also taller and shorter from moment to moment depending on how they are standing or moving. This effect is greater the taller you are. On a proper sized man like Clarkson he might inhale deeply and grow a half inch. That wouldn't happen with a solid little guy like Tom Cruise. He spends all his life stretching up as high as possible at every moment. Clarkson just slouches and bends all the time. Most men try to figure out if they are taller or shorter than the man they just met. He doesn't have to worry about it. He's going to be the tallest guy in the room most of the time. Statistically he's deep in the 99th percentile of height.
Trent said on 13/Jan/13
I actually mentioned that a while back Ben. You're completely right. Click Here Look at that pic. They are giving him about as little as one could possibly get from a pair of shoes.
Ben said on 9/Jan/13
Have any of you guys ever seen the shoes that Jeremy wears? They're nothing more than house slippers and they won't give him any extra height, so when you compare him to Usain Bolt and such, keep in mind that they both aren't barefoot, and Jeremy is at the disadvantage. I would have to give the advantage to Bolt because he is very athletic and his spine is a peak height, but Jeremy is in his fifties and has probably lost some height. However, I'd say his peak height was about 6'5". Also, Hammond's head comes up to about Jeremy's shoulder and I am about the same height as Hammond (5'7") and I come up to my mate's shoulder who is about 6'5".
Bigfoot16 said on 31/Dec/12
Hi im from South Africa and YES.... I Love Top Gear... Im 1,98m tall (i think 6vt 5 ) and in SA standards wear a size 16 shoe !!
Arch Stanton said on 14/Dec/12
Bojan says on 25/Oct/12
Watch the episoede with Usain Bolt, and you can see clearly that Jeremy is minimum 2 inches shorter than him.

You need glasses mate. Barely anything in it, Bolt looked as if he edged him out slightly but they were very similar height. LOL if Clarkson was 2 + inches shorter he wouldn't embarrass himself and say "we're the same height".
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
It looks like 14 inches long in that photo doesn't it LOL!
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
Click Here

Rob how long would you estimate his head in the second photo?
Editor Rob
there's a little bit of distortion in that, maybe adding to his biggish head already.
Joe said on 10/Nov/12
Im the top end of 6ft 1 and met Jezza once, I was wearing my trainer's which have a 1 1/2 inch tred on them so I was about 6ft 3 1/4 and he had a little bit on me then and he was shoes which are flat on the floor, so I would say top end of 6ft 4 is right, probably lost a bit because of his back so I would say peak at 6ft 5 and a tiny bit.
Trent said on 5/Nov/12
Something to remember about this guy is that he wears shoes with basically no heel whatsoever. Like those hospital slippers almost. I mean, just look at these: Click Here
He's losing probably an inch to most guests, who will wear dress shoes.

So while I'll agree he can look 6'3, you have to do some math for his shoes. So I'd say 6'4 is about right. Possibly a slight drop from peak. Who knows?
miko said on 2/Nov/12
6'3 is absurd for Jeremy. Could be a flat 6'4 today, but 6'3 would really throw a spanner in the works for host of other people, including Usain Bolt.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Nov/12
Hammond is 5'6" ish I think, May has about 6 inches on him, Jeremy has about 10 inches on him.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Nov/12
RicardoD says on 26/Oct/12
Me and my Uncle went to Top Gear Live yesterday at the NEC in Birmingham (It was a very good show I must say). We had a great seat in the arena and we could see the trio very clearly. I strongly agree with Bojan's comment, Jeremy is no taller than 6ft 3. There is no way in hell he is 6ft 5 and I must say that James May is between 6ft and 6ft 1. I highly reccommend the show if anyone wants to go next year!

Yes I'd agree on 6-6'1" for James May, he always seems to look 6' anyway but Clarkson is about 4 inches taller, plenty of photos to prove it.
Dragyth said on 29/Oct/12
This guy came into my office, he is every bit 6ft 5". He looked much taller than all of my colleages, and was noticably taller than a 6ft 4" (verified) colleage of mine. Somehow he never looks this tall on the show.
RicardoD said on 26/Oct/12
Me and my Uncle went to Top Gear Live yesterday at the NEC in Birmingham (It was a very good show I must say). We had a great seat in the arena and we could see the trio very clearly. I strongly agree with Bojan's comment, Jeremy is no taller than 6ft 3. There is no way in hell he is 6ft 5 and I must say that James May is between 6ft and 6ft 1. I highly reccommend the show if anyone wants to go next year!
Bojan said on 25/Oct/12
Watch the episoede with Usain Bolt, and you can see clearly that Jeremy is minimum 2 inches shorter than him. Also again, he is just a fraction taller than Ryan Reynolds, and you can see a picture of Ryan and Tim Robbins, and here you have a good 3 inches difference, because Tim is a legit 6 ft 5. So Jeremy is tall, but he is not a giant, solid 6 ft 3, nothing more.
Bojan said on 20/Oct/12
Ben, he can't be 6 ft 5 just because he claims that. He is smaller than everyone who is 6 ft 4, I've watched all episodes. But you have a good logic, I'm 6 ft 1 but from now one I'm 6ft 3, thanks. And Richard Hammond is 5 ft 7,very funny, maybe with 2 in heels.
Joejoe1992 said on 12/Oct/12
I agree with Ben. Im 6ft 1 and Jeremy was a few inches taller than me when I met him, with James being just a tad smaller than me so I say about 6ft
Ben said on 4/Oct/12
Bojan, your heights are totally wrong. Jeremy Clarkson is 6 ft 5. Maybe he's lost a little height due to his age but his spine still has the capability to be 6 ft 5. James May is a full 6 feet. Richard Hammond is most certainly not 5 ft 5. He's 5 ft 7, maybe 5 ft 6.5.
Bojan said on 19/Sep/12
There are plenty of evidence that Jeremy is no more than 6 ft 3. He is the same height as Boris Becker who is 6ft 3, he is just a fraction taller than 6ft 2 Ryan Reynolds and he is smaller than 6ft 4 Stephen Fry. James May is 5ft 11, maybe 6ft. Richard Hammond is 5ft 5, he is smaller than Montoya, and way smaller than Tom Cruise. They are the funniest guys in the world, but height should't have to do anything with it.
BGasami said on 6/Sep/12
I'm 6ft 7 and met Jeremy at a fete recently. I was at least 2.5 inches taller than him. He's no more than 6/4
Arthur said on 29/Aug/12
Jeremy Clarkson is a legit 6ft 4.5"+. He came into my office and was substantially taller than our 6ft 2" director and looked taller still to our 6ft 4" (barefoot) salesman, both verified.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Aug/12
Rob, how tall is James May to you?
Hob said on 6/Aug/12
if richard hammon was 5'6 clarkson is no way over 6'3.5 and not even hes long head held up looking 6'4
kurp 182.5 said on 13/Feb/12
my 'professional' opinion.
J.Clarkson - 6'4" (6'4.5 peak)
J. May - 5'11.5" (6'0 peak)
R. Hammond - 5'6"

Of course it's not really professional, but I think it's a good estimate.
Shaun said on 8/Feb/12
I agree Jake, I think May looks a full 6'.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 23/Jan/12
183 cm for James May I think.
Andy said on 21/Jan/12
Jeremy is 6'5, in one episode of Top Gear he himself says his height is 6'5
Drexel said on 20/Jan/12
It's very difficult to say with Jeremy. His posture is so awful you never ever see him stand up straight.
steven said on 19/Jan/12
you guys are seriously kidding. James May is 5'11 that makes clarkson 6'2.5-6'3 and still people saying clarkson is 6'4.5 top or 6'4 , also people believe clarkson is 6'5 and puting down James May at 5'11 which is worse ridiculous.. picture with shuan 1st post on 18 dec of Richard Hammond,James May and Clarkson atually look not more than 6'3 and the ground standing benefits clarkson more than the other 2. if jeremy clarkson is 6'5 , Richard Hammond would be 5'7 and 6'1 for James May.
Godred said on 19/Dec/11
J May didn`t look over 5`11 on the Brian Cox special to me,Clarkson is I think 6`4.
miko said on 18/Dec/11
I do think that a current 6'4.5 listing for Clarkson would be much fairer.
Shaun said on 18/Dec/11
Click Here

That's a good one for comparisons. Proportionally I'd say Clarkson looks how a 6'4" maybe with a little change like 194cm would look next to a '6 flat guy. I see about 4 inches between May and Clarkson. May granted to me can often look nearer 6'1", I think he does claim to be 185cm so he might be, but a lot of people on here say he is 182cm range.
Shaun said on 18/Dec/11
Click Here

I mean can you see 5 inches between May and Clarkson here? I can't even see a full 4 really judging by eye level. If May is a flat 6' Clarkson looks 6'3.5"-weak 6'4" range. May looks nearer 6'1" than 6'0 in my personal opinion and some people on here still claim he is 5'11"!!
Shaun said on 18/Dec/11
Yeah one thing I've always noticed is how long his head is, if you actually look at the bone structure of his face it is not too disimilar to some of the acromegaly types who are nearer 7 feet who have that long jaw structures through excess growth hormone. Although he hasn't got the prominent jaw his face looks like is has been stretched. I believe there is a 7'6" guy who was Britain's former tallest man who has a similar face, head of a giant LOL. I don't dispute he was 196cm peak but I think he's already lost some height and has aged much more than a usual 50 year old would. He looks easily ten years older than Tom Cruise and Simon Cowell for instance, although not as vain! I think if you measured him barefoot he'd be 194cm range, nearer 6'4.5". Was he the same height as Usain Bolt though? People seem to say Bolt was taller. He did say they were the exact same height or something and I'm convinced Bolt is a solid 195cm nothing less. But in recent pics he doesn't really look as high as a legit 6'5".
Shaun said on 15/Dec/11
I mean on Top Gear he always looked 6'5"-6'6" range but it is certainly helped by how he looks next to Hammond. Recently though I don't think he's been looking as high as this. If he was measured barefoot might be a chance he is more 194cm today?
Editor Rob
it is very probable he's lost half inch now, all that driving and bending to talk to Hammond has probably not helped his back.

one thing is sure though, he does have a long head aswell.
Shaun said on 15/Dec/11
For a guy who is supposed to be a legit 6'5" he often doesn't tower above some people in the way you'd expect. There is a recent pic of him outside 10 Downing Street and he's standing around some policemen who are barely shorter than him. Maybe they hire big policeman as its an important place lol. But especially recently its difficult to believe he is as high as this.
noskralc said on 15/Dec/11
somebody is telling lies his books say he is the tallest person in british television----what about richard osman at 6ft 7ins hmmmm
Yaspaa said on 27/Nov/11
@Maximus Meridius, who says you lose at least an inch by 50? It's crap.
Shaun said on 16/Nov/11
I'd have guessed he was more 17.5 stone than 16.5 stone although they say the camera adds 10 pounds.. He was taller than Goldblum so he's not under 194cm. Could be 6'4.5" now though.
headman said on 27/Oct/11
if its wasn't for his massive head he'd prolly be 6ft 3!
headman said on 27/Oct/11
everybody forgets to mention his massive head!
LAN Jiao said on 19/Oct/11
Clarkson is 1,94m only morning. Hes 6'4iish
miko said on 26/Sep/11
Rob, here is a video which I have just posted on Celebweights, showing Clarksons weight in 2011:

Click Here
Maximus Meridius said on 26/Aug/11
Rob he is 50 nearly 51 he is still 6ft 5in how is that possible most men his age would have lost a bit of height he hasn't lost a single inch.
Editor Rob
he looks like a guy who might develop a little bit of spine curvature by 50's, so maybe a fraction of height compared to his 30's has been lost.
fearnelover453 said on 26/Aug/11
about 6'6 maybe at his peak, that's prob his height now
James said on 19/Aug/11
i think a weaker 6'5 like 195cm is possible for his peak
Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
Anon says on 14/May/11
Rob. with Usain Bolt, he didn't look a down grade here possible?

[Editor Rob: clarkson today probably is somewhere 6ft 4-4.5 range than 6ft 5 I guess.]

Really Rob? Do you think he's lost height already at 50 odd then? Why then haven't you downgraded him from his peak or do you doubt the 6'5" peak? I can buy 6'4.5" now, no lower. He looks close enough to 6'5" compared to most.
Editor Rob
I'll wait until I'm sure he's lost height
Cobain said on 6/Aug/11
He is 6ft5, He has very bad psture. On Top Gear, Boris Becker (who is a big 6ft3) still was noticably shorter.
James said on 31/Jul/11
No way under 6'4.... 6'4.5 current height probably.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/11
194cm is definitely closer. Wouldn't go lower than 6ft4 though
hfdh said on 1/Jul/11
He wears extremely thin shoes--the kind that give like 1/4". That's why he can often seem more 6-4 than 6-5.
James said on 30/Jun/11
Yeah and he was not much shorter than 200cm Peter Jones
James said on 30/Jun/11
Yeah and he was not much shorter than 200cm Peter
James said on 22/Jun/11
maybe 6'5 when younger?
guy19golf said on 19/Jun/11
when you watch Top Gear and jeremy can put his head through most sunroofs just by sitting up straight in the car, I can easily believe that he's this tall.
James said on 10/Jun/11
I think today 6'4.25 (194cm). Same height as Stephen Fry
Yaspaa said on 9/Jun/11
Clarkson had flat slipper like footwear with Bolt in sneakers.
abcdef said on 3/Jun/11
just watching an old top gear episode on Dave. next to 5-10 cliff richard, jeremy looks 6-2 at the most, but his posture is awful, so i can believe 6-4 these days if he managed to straigten himself up.
Anon said on 14/May/11
Rob. with Usain Bolt, he didn't look a down grade here possible?

Editor Rob
clarkson today probably is somewhere 6ft 4-4.5 range than 6ft 5 I guess.
James said on 12/May/11
i think today and in recent years he would measure at 6'4.5 but wears thin and shoes and stands with bad posture making him give a 6'3 illusion i belive. good chance he was 6'5 in his 20's but today probably not today.
James said on 13/Apr/11
yeah often he looks 6'3 range on top gear cause of posture
E said on 10/Apr/11
you gotta realize how terrible jeremy's posture is, he was probably 6'5" most his life but by now on top gear hes bound to have lost height which probably puts him at about 6'3.5" today with his bad posture... he probably just still carlls himself 6'5" caues he hasnt measured himself in 20 years i bet
Silent Assassin said on 2/Apr/11
Rob, please start a page for Usain Bolt.

Click Here

With 2 metre tall (weak 6'7") ex West Indies cricketers. Looks 6'5", no more. Must feel weird for him to be the shortest there!!!
James said on 27/Mar/11
James May 5'11 and change
Jeremy Clarkson 6'4 and change
Terminorr said on 26/Mar/11
He was slightly shorter than Usain Bolt, but had less footwear. I can believe 6'5, he has terrible posture. May is slightly closerto the camera in both those pics. Clarky was easily taller than Eric Bana, even in less footwear, he's 6'5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/11
Clarkson 6"4.5(194cm)
May 6"0(183cm)
James said on 25/Feb/11
Jeremy does look massive.
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/11
193-194 today? He doesn't look nowhere near as tall, as Jared Padalecki or Tim Robbinson
James said on 21/Feb/11
Maybe 195cm at his peak and 193-194cm today?????
ih said on 19/Feb/11
I think he is 6'4.25 today, with bad posture due to his weight he looks in the 6'3 range
James said on 6/Feb/11
well in the first pic he looks 6'3 (191cm) with James May. and in the second pic looks no more than 6'4 (193cm).

I agree I don't think he is 6'5 today for sure judging by those pics.
Truthman 6 ft 4.5 in said on 6/Feb/11
James is 182cm. Jeremy is around 6'4

Jeremy & James

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Click Here
Liam said on 4/Feb/11
theres an episode of top gear where jeremy sais "im about 6 foot 5" when he was asked about his height. i reckon jeremy was 6 foot 5 but has shrunk to 6 foot 4.5,richard is 5 foot 7 and james is 6 foot 1,maybe 6 foot 1.5 at a push
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/11
@Grace There is no way Jeremy Clarkson is only 5'11" unless he is wearing height lifters or computer special effects are used. This guy is clearly at least several inches taller than that, definitely over 6 feet and very likely around 6'5".
Truthman 6 ft 4.5 in said on 30/Jan/11
6'4.5 max. Never actually towered over his 182cm tall friend
James said on 21/Jan/11
I think there is a very good chance he is 6'4.5 (194cm) on the nose today.

With James May who is 182cm he does not look near 6 inches taller.
Grace said on 21/Jan/11
I work on the Top Gear set with Jeremy, Richard & James etc. I'd said 6"5 sounds about right for Jeremy. Richard's probably about 5"7, and James is approximately 5"11.

Jeremy looks extremely tall when stood next to Richard Hammond, and Hammond looks small when compared to Clarkson.
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/11
6'5" sounds about right.
Dominic said on 15/Jan/11
the camera angle of Bolt and Clarkson looks bad but Bolt looks at least 2 inches taller maybe 3. Also, when "5'8" Wahlberg was on, Clarkson looked nowhere near 6'5...
James said on 13/Dec/10
Rampage I think he was 196cm in his 20's. Not today though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/10
Jeremy Clarkson is 6"4.75(195cm)

If he was a full 6"5, he would easily be able to look 6"6(198cm) and he never does
James said on 21/Nov/10
Goldblum is standing with poor posture.

Goldblum 193cm today. 194cm peak. Clarkson is 194-195cm today. 196cm peak. Ubolt is 195-196cm.

goldblum is 194cm at luncthime nowadays and 193cm in the afternoon. 195-196cm out of bed.

here is a pic of him with liev schriber who is listed at 191cm ( I think he is 190cm) but I agree goldblum is looking a solid 6'4.5 i comparison.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/10
Clarkson is 195cm
GoldBlum is 193-194cm
Alex V. said on 17/Nov/10
Sepeteus, I know it looks strange but moments or angles CAN really make that difference, even in the same line as you said, (I have seen pictures with people that are very similar in height but for some reason, in the picture they have a massive difference between them).

I agree with James, they look very identical in height, 1m94/5 for Clarkson and 1m96 for Bolt... Regards.

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