How tall is Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr's Height

5ft 5 ½ (166.4 cm)

American actress best known for portraying Vanessa Abrams on tv show Gossip Girl. In film she can be seen in Piranha 3D and I Don't Know How She Does It.

How tall is Jessica Szhor
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Average Guess (11 Votes)
5ft 6.41in (168.7cm)
Nik said on 11/Aug/19
I like her smile! The average guess is 5'6.41" (11 votes!)!
Nik said on 30/Oct/18
Nice photo! The average guess is very interesting!
Allie said on 12/Jun/17
I'm amazed the guesses and one comment think Szohr is near 5'7 when Westwick destroys these claims!

She's similar height to 164 cm Leighton Meester. A weak 5'5 imo.
Becky said on 21/May/17
Both Jessica Szohr (5'5) and Sara Paxton (5'5.5) recently attended the premiere of Twin Peaks wearing similar sized heels. Comparing their height against the advertising signs behind them, it is clear that Jessica Szohr is around 2 inches taller than Sara Paxton barefoot. Always pictured Sara to be a tall girl. Sara Paxton 164cm; Jessica Szohr 170cm
speedy said on 13/Jun/09
John Petrucci isnt 5'11. I saw a picture where he stood beside steve vai and joue satrini and john was the same height as joe satriani. vai was so much taller than both. petrucci wears big elevator shoes which make him 5'11 on stage (watch in the Octavarium DVD and you'll know waht I mean).
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/09
awwwwright, there's no way Nergal is 6'0-6'1. Perhaps your friends were confusing him with another Behemoth member (Seth, Orion or Inferno)? Although he's very built and wears big boots, you could tell by shoulder length (and yes, fan pictures) that Nergal/Darski is not a very tall guy. 5'10 would be generous, but 5'8-5'9 is much more realistic.
Bodomfanman said on 2/Apr/09
I've seen Alexi he is about 5 foot 5 inches. He may be Tiny but his amazing guitar playing makes up for his small size.
Bodomfanman said on 2/Apr/09
I've seen Alexi he is 5 foot 5 inches. But his amazing ass skills with the Axe makes up for his short height. He may be Tiny but he's a little bad-ass on that guitar man.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/09
I don't see how 165 cm is that extremely small, as if he was a kind of freak. Yes, 5'5 is short. But really, not THAT short. I always see men who are shorter than that.
awwwwright said on 28/Mar/09
Nergal looks to be about 6'0"-6'1" actually - I've never actually met him myself, but I'm 5'10"-5'11", and all the photos I've seen of mates of mine who have met him who are around my height are considerably shorter than him.
Fuzz said on 14/Nov/08
I'm actually friends with all of the members in Bodom, so I've been around them quite a lot. Going on the comparison of my height (I'm 5'8")...Alexi is deffinitely 5'5", Roope is about 5'7", Janne and Jaska are my height, Hennka is about 6'0".
me said on 18/Oct/08
if he's really just 165cm height, he is really small :D
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/08
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Kyle said on 19/Aug/08
I met Nergal when Behemoth played Ft. Lauderdale. I'm 5'11" and he was an inch shorter than me with 2"-3" platforms. So I'd put him at 5'8-9"

As for Gene Hoglan. He is a definite 6'4-5". My friend is 6'6" and was a tad bit taller than him.

A really tall guy is Vortex from Dimmu Borgir. He's a solid 6'7" .
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/08
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Anonymous said on 8/Aug/08
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Anonymous said on 20/Jul/08
How tall do you think Nergal (of BEHEMOTH) is? He seems to be dwarfed by Inferno and Orion, and is always a little bit shorter than other people in fan photos. Looks between 5'7-5'9, but what does everyone else think?
Dave 5' 8" said on 7/Jul/08
Haven't had time to read everything but I keep seeing Alexi 5'5" I am 5'8" as is Glenn...But my picture with Alexi where he is standing up straight is the same height as me...He had old worn work boots on and I had sneakers...I say her was 5'7" for sure...Oh...Hoglan says he is ^'4" but I see him all the time in Van when we play there and I think he is being modest...I say he is 6'6" and our 6'3" bassist thinks so too....
glenn said on 18/May/08
i have a new one of me and alexi to post soon.
AleksiAlexi said on 17/May/08
I'm 5'4". I've met Alexi and he's the same height as I am. Btw, he's also a really sweet guy: hot and cool! And his height (or lack of) is just one of the reasons he is so hot!
yuqi said on 2/Apr/08
I think Suffocation old guitarist Doug Cerrito was like 5'10-5'11, the bassist Derek Boyer is 5'10-5'11, and Guy Marchais the newer guitarist is close to 6'0.
glenn said on 2/Apr/08
thanks for the matter of fact im more certain now one of the guys from suffocation is 5-6.and thats terry butler i believe from massacre.same full name and instument as the god from sabbath.
glenn said on 2/Apr/08
one of the black guys from suffocation is my height or very possibly i hope your not guessing the other groups heights.i think the only 2 i met from death are hoglan and that guy from massacre.he was 6-1 id say.
GuitarHeroOfTheYear said on 1/Apr/08
this link is the forum I'm talking about.
GuitarHeroOfTheYear said on 1/Apr/08
Click Here
yuqi said on 1/Apr/08
I heard the other members from Death are like 6'0 or over. I'm not quite sure, I'm mean Chuck is anywhere from 5'8-5'10, and all the rest of the members are like couple inches taller than him, probably at least 5'11-6'0 maybe taller like 6'1.
yuqi said on 1/Apr/08
hey glenn have you met any other members from Death other than Chuck? I know you haven't met Chuck.
yuqi said on 1/Apr/08
Hey Anonymous, I found out the height of the Shadows Fall and Lamb of God members.

==Line-Up for Shadows Fall==

Brian Fair: 6'1-6'2
Phil Labonte (ex vocalist): 5'7
Jon Donais: 5'10
Matt Bachand: 5'10
Paul Romanko: 5'8-5'9
Jason Bittner: 5'7

==Line up for Lamb of God==

Randy Blythe: 6'0
Willie Adler: 5'10
Mark Morton: 5'7
Chris Adler: 5'11-6'0
John Campbell: 5'11-6'0

I'm also a fan of Suffocation and Skinless, and I know their heights, the guys from Suffocation are ranging from 5'10-6'0 and the guys from Skinless have some 5'10-5'11 guys and there is one 6'2 guy.
yuqi said on 30/Mar/08
lol John Petrucci is 5'11, 6'0 maybe from what've I heard, I think Micheal Angelo is also 5'11, he probably was 6'0 peak since he's getting old.
GuitarHeroOfTheYear said on 30/Mar/08
I'm mean people like Kerry King and Scott Ian claim their 5'7, I think their just 5'6. Randy Rhoads and Marty Friedman are taller than they're, they are both at least 5'7.
glenn said on 30/Mar/08
i dont know the first 4 names you mentioned.i know 80s shredders.paul gilbert is 6-4.michael angelo i never met.but love his cds.steve vai is 6-2.petrucci i never met.finally met tony mcalpine(sp) 3 years ago.i cant remember his height for some reason.5-10,5-11? vinnie moore is the shock at 5-6.joe satriani 5-7, way is kerry king 5-7. 5-6 tops.jeff hanneman is 5-8.tom araya 5-10.lombardo 5-9.whats his name from virgin steele is 5-5.who became a guitar escapes of the first photos i ever obtained.joe lynn turner is a surprising 5-5.just throwing random metal names.ritchie blackmore 5-11 peak.shrunk to 5-9.5,5-10.ian gillan taller than i remembered at 6ft,is 6-1.i think ratts jaun crocuire(sp) is 5-6.robbin crosby was 6-5.warren is 5-11,looking 6-1.steve stevens is 5-5.mick mars was 5-9,and as of the mid 80s is 5-6,due to spinal disease.
yuqi said on 30/Mar/08
actually not all metal people wear those, I've seen most of the metal artist shoes, they wear like sneakers or regular boots, only some of them like kerry king who's 5'6-5'7 and wear he wears them he almost looks 6'0, and I think James Hetfield wears those too, I'm not quite sure.
Lmeister said on 30/Mar/08
When estimating the height of metal artists ppl seem to often forget that metal ppl tend to wear shoes with really thick soles. For instance wearing New Rock boots you can gain around 3 inches.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/08
Alexi looks pretty short compared to these guys in the videos

Click Here
GuitarHeroOfTheYear said on 29/Mar/08
also speaking of Alexi btw Glenn have you met any of the other cool guitar shredders like Chris Broderick, Jeff Loomis, Rusty Cooley, Shawn Lane, Michael Angelo, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, John Petrucci and ect.

I know Chris is 6'1-6'2, Steve 6'1-6'2, Paul 6'3-6'4, John Petrucci 5'11-6'0 and ect. I'm not sure how tall any other shredders are. Well Yngwie is like 6'2 or something like that maybe close to 6'3. I'm sure you met most of the shredders.
GuitarHeroOfTheYear said on 29/Mar/08
Glenn why do people think Alexi is 5'7? because I read so many guitartabs forums that he was at least 5'6.5-5'7, I don't get it though, I'm mean he's a legit 5'5.
joe smoe said on 23/Mar/08
it's funny band like AC/DC have all short members and bands like As I Lay Dying have tall members. Tim Lambesis is 6'4-6'5 possibly 6'6, Phil Sgrosso is 6'0-6'1, Nick Hippa is 6'0-6'1, Jordan Mancino is 5'11-6'0, Josh Gilbert 6'1-6'2, I don't care about As I Lay Dying, they're one of the poser Metalcore bands who ripped off In Flames and At The Gates, and as for AC/DC, Angus Young is 5'2, Malcolm Young is 5'3, Phil Rudd is 5'6, Brian Johnson is 5'5, Cliff William is 5'6-5'7 (which is almost average). So yea I'm just doing comparison with Short people band with tall people band.
yuqi said on 23/Mar/08
yea I heard from couple of people that Jason Bittner is 5'7. And I saw a myspace picture of a 5'7 standing next to Chris Adler and it look very similar to Jason Bittner standing next to Chris Adler.
joe smoe said on 23/Mar/08
I read one of the forum that they found out Alexi Laiho is 5'7 lol. I'm mean some guy said that they're 5'6.5 and said they're the same height as him.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/08
yo glenn I foud this picture it's on a drummer world's thing, you gotta scroll down to the bottom of the page see the picture.

Here's 5'11-6'0 Chris Adler (Lamb of God drummer) with 5'7 Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall drummer). Oh btw no SF members are under 5'7, Jason Bittner is the shortest member and he's 5'7.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/08
I saw a picture of alexi laiho with this 5'4 girl and alexi laiho is a little bit taller than her.
yuqi said on 8/Mar/08
orion is freakin huge I think he's like at least 6'8 or more.
nathan said on 26/Feb/08
i mey nergal at ozzfest 06. im 5'8 and hes not much taller than me. orion (bass guitar), on the other hand, is at least closs too 7 feet!
yuqi said on 22/Feb/08
o cool, have you met Nergal from Behemoth, I heard that guy is like a giant.
glenn said on 21/Feb/08
without dino isnt recent,but not old either.2004.
yuqi said on 21/Feb/08
o yea I also think Bememoth is sick, the vocalist/guitarist his name Nergal, that's his stage name his real name is like Adam Darski, he's like huge, my friend said he towered over him, my friend is 6 ft, yea alot of my friends get to meet all these band members of any pretty much any band, I don't have the chance to. I think Nergal is like 6'7-6'8, I might be wrong, I believe that he's huge, I haven't met him, but he's beastly looking guy anyways.
yuqi said on 21/Feb/08
o nice, it's probably an old photo I'm guessing.
glenn said on 20/Feb/08
i also have a group photo with fear factory without dino.and each member seperately.
yuqi said on 20/Feb/08
yea that's the main guy, his name is muhammad, yea my friend told he is short, so yea I was guessing he was around 5'4-5'5, on stage he doesn't look tall at all, he looked kinda puny compared the rest of the members. Yea that would be great if you put Dino up there, he's definitely 5'8, I think the rest of the member of this old band Fear Factory are like 6'2 and there's this one 5'11 guy, but since the line-ups were changed I'm not sure the height of the members are.
glenn said on 19/Feb/08
i like necrophagist,especially back in the day.not sure what guy your talking about.if its the main guy,i think he is 5-4.i thought his name was something for dino,i would only put it up if i find my pics.i have a group photo with asessino.
yuqi said on 19/Feb/08
o btw Glenn, do u listen to Necrophagist at all? I like them though, I'm open to alot kind of music, yea that Muhammed guy is pretty short from what I heard. do u kno how tall he is? he looks the same height as Alexi maybe alittle taller. I'd say 5'5-5'6... correct me if I'm wrong.
yuqi said on 19/Feb/08
yo glenn, its me from myspace, I'm the guy who message you alot, you should put Dino Cazares on celebheights, since theres already proof he's 5'8, you should put him up there. wait have you met him yeat?
joe smoe said on 19/Feb/08
o really? um yea that guy doesn't look that much taller maybe like an inch the most. alexi is still pretty short anyways and especially for a finnish guy, damns he's only 5'5. finnish guys are suppose to be tall, you can tell the rest of the bodom members are like 5'11 and 6'0. roope is around 5'8-5'9 possibly 5'10, and that keyboardest guy is like 5'6-5'7 he's not that tall as well.
glenn said on 18/Feb/08
anonymous was me.
joe smoe said on 18/Feb/08
hard to tell, maybe like an inch staller, not much though. I believe he is 5'5 then.
Anonymous said on 18/Feb/08
First off,that guy looks taller.second we dont know laihos footwear.
joe smoe said on 17/Feb/08
yea I found a picture of Alexi with this guy who is 5'6, and they're about the same height.

Click Here
glenn said on 16/Feb/08
yeah,but when was the first lamb album? 1999? 2000,2001?burn the priest was good.not great.all those nu metal bands suck.some exceptions.very few.more good metal-core bands.but alot suck.
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/08
and yea lamb of god have been around longer than bodom, trust me they were formed around 1990 as burn the priest and bodom was formed around 1993. Killswitch Engage just sucks, they're one new mainstream metalcore bands.
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/08
I think killswitch engage isn't that good and same with unearth. I hate bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold, and atreyu they're all emo. trivium is just a rip off of metallica, I can't believe they opened for iron maiden.
glenn said on 15/Feb/08
greenway is 6-3,trey is 5-10.5.
glenn said on 15/Feb/08
unearth i like surprisingly.cause i dont like lamb of god,and bodom i find ok.but alot of these bands dont have star indentity to me.the mick jaggers,steve harris and trey azagoths of the world are this level,bands like unearth,i really have no interest how tall they are.nothing against you.barney greenway may not want to be percieved as a celeb or star,but these names are all unique characters.nothing unique about much as i think they are ok.young kids thinks these acts are original.people in general think that.its been done before.and way better.unearth take metalcore to a new level.lamb of god is fake death metal for nu metal kids.and killswitch engage is least bodom was around for awhile.
lmao said on 12/Feb/08
I think I how tall the guys from unearth are, I think buz is like 5'6 probably a little taller than alexi laiho, Ken Susi is 5'7 according to his myspace, trevor is like 6'0, and the rest of the member is like 5'11 or something like that.
glenn said on 7/Feb/08
i would put dio at 5-2.
lmao said on 6/Feb/08
wow there are alot of pretty short musician out there, like sully erna is 5'5, angus young is 5'2, malcom young is 5'3, ronnie james dio is 5'4, danzig is 5'4, deryck whilby is 5'5, and now alexi laiho 5'5 lol, o well they all rock anyways.
glenn said on 27/Jan/08
limited music collections people have.laiho is at least 5-5.but not taller.
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/08
nah he's around 5'5 5'6, I saw a myspace picture with alexi and some girl who was like 5'4 and alexi is like an inch or 2 taller than her.
Shorty said on 26/Jan/08
Alexi has to be shorter than 5'5". Eh, I dunno. I'm pretty short, myself, hence the name. And CoB rules, so **** all you mother****ers!
glenn said on 16/Jan/08
i get it.he means yngwie can be dumb.
glenn said on 15/Jan/08
i think cob is a bit overated actually.good band no doubt.not great.
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/08
rocket scientist? I don't get it.
Lmeister said on 15/Jan/08
He has great techinical abilities, but lacks of feeling and style. Behaves like a twat in inteviews and doesn't really give a smart impression about their band. Even Yngwie M. seems like a rocket scientist compared to him.
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/08
o nice. I didn't expect Alexi to be short, I thought he is gonna be closer average height like 5'7-5'8 range. But I guess not, 5'5 is correct. My friend who is like 6'3 or 6'4 maybe, I dunno he's huge, he told me that Alexi is just a little skinny Finnish guy, but my friend pretty much towered over him anyways, which made him look really small because my friend look like a big kinda chubby, afro hair guy lol.
glenn said on 14/Jan/08
nah,this was 2004.killswitch mightve played this week or better yet,they mightve been there to see the show.
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/08
yea the unholy alliance tour was around june of 2006, COB played with slayer and lamb of god.
glenn said on 14/Jan/08
i met alexi in 2004 i think.possibly,i could be wrong,killswitch engage was on the bill.
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/08
mhmmm, yea, it's true, Jason Bittner seems a little shorter than me. so yea 5'5 or 5'6 it is. Matt Bachand and Jon Donais seems fairly tall like average height, I think around the 5'9-5'10 range, they both seem about the same height, I think Jon might be slightly taller. Paul Romanko I assume might be 5'7-5'8, like I said before I only met the singer Brian Fair, look about 6'1-6'2, Shadows Fall member have mostly average height members same for Lamb of God, I think Willie Adler is around 5'9-5'10, Mark Morton is 5'8, Chris Adler, is like close 6 feet, maybe like 5'11.5, John Campbell is 5'11, and Randy Blythe around 6 feet. you're lucky that you met Alexi, did you meet him at the Unholy Alliance Tour? you met other members of the COB? It's funny that one of Alexi's interview, which he claims himself 5'8 or 173 cm like he said, I definitely agree with you, he's legit 5'5, no way 5'8 for Alexi lol.
glenn said on 7/Jan/08
wow.had no idea.
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/08
actually hes like 37 now, according to his myspace.
glenn said on 6/Jan/08
that old?
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/08
yea, I would believe so because he's in his late 30s, and he's probably shrinking, so 5'5 now a days.
glenn said on 5/Jan/08
thats sounds right.makes more sense than what i said at 5-5.
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/08
yea around, I think a little taller maybe, like 5'6 because he looks a little taller than alexi.
glenn said on 4/Jan/08
i dont remember well.if you say he is the shortest guy,then 5-5.
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/08
well glenn, how much shorter was jason bittner the drummer from shadows fall than you. you met him 2003 right? he still had really short hair that time, I know hes definitely the shortest member of shadows fall. I'm guessing the two guitarist from shadows fall matt and jon are around your range of height right? bcuz they seem much taller than alexi laiho.
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/08
yea I met brian fair(lead vocal of shadows fall) at metalfest 2 years ago, and I was about 5'7 -5'8, and I think I was almost up to his eyes maybe, around the nose area when he stood up straight, I couldn't tell, cuz he's like slouching too much, so I'm probably guessing hes around 6'1 or 6'2. well I think the drummer jason bittner is about like 5'6 or 5'7, I think 5'6 now a days cuz hes in his late 30s so he might be shrinking. I believe the two guitarist Jon and Matt are about average height ranging from 5'8-5'10.
glenn said on 3/Jan/08
right.chuck is around that.though 6-4 gene hogelan told me chuck was for shadows fall,i met them in 2000 and 2003.their were some 5-7 to 5-9 guys.dont remember the singer well.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/08
hey glenn, do you how tall the member from shadows fall are? well I met the lead singer brian fair, he looks about 6'1-6'2. I know their old vocalist phil labonte is about 5'7-5'8. I dunno how tall the rest of the member is, I think jason is about like 5'6-5'7 becuase I saw a picture with a 5'9 guy, and he was at least like 2 or 3 inches shorter than him. I think matt and jon fairly the same height maybe about average. I think jon might be slightly taller but, I think matt's height is range from 5'8-5'10 and jon 5'10-6'0. and paul might be 5'7-5'8. I dunno, bcuz I only met brian.
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/08
yea trust me, my friend who is 6ft and he told me that hes the same height as him. So yea maybe 6ft. chuck schuldiner is like about 5'8 or 5'9.
glenn said on 1/Jan/08
randy is the singer of lamb? wow.he is that tall? as for chuck schuldiner,never saw him.i waited for him once during a concert,couldnt get in,didnt have patience for the cold and went home.big mistake.shouldve waited for him to come outrt which what i usually do.
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/07
glenn no, randy blythe is taller than 5'11, my friend who was about 6ft that met him, he said he was same about the same height or randy might be slightly taller. the rest of the member is around like 5'8 or maybe 5'9 - 5'10 range.
Morgan said on 10/Nov/07
Met Alexi after a show a couple years back, he's seriously no taller than 5'7" *I'm 6'4* I think the 5'5" is pretty close to accurate. Oh and hatebreeder, I don't know about ALL of the guys but I walked past willie * second guitarist* and he was between 5'8"-5'10".
kidmetal said on 20/Oct/07
CHRIST! alexi iz tiny! glen, until now i couldnt figure out who you reminded me of but now i got it, you look like chuck schuldiner from death! thatz wicked cool! got any pics with him?
glenn said on 16/Oct/07
i have the group photo with lamb of god.heights say the singer was 5-10.5,5-11.hope to find it and post one day.alex laiho is in no way taller than 5-5.
Hatebreeder said on 15/Oct/07
Little of topic but does anyone know how tall the guys from Lamb of God are? I'm sure Glenn has met them.
SomethingWild said on 14/Oct/07
Hes hunched over dudes. maybe a little under 5'8.
wildchild said on 19/Sep/07
I'm 5'8 and he was DEFINITELY shorter than me... I was standing right next to him. I was kind of trashed but I remember he was smaller than me looking back on it.
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
apocalypitica i like but never met.
Daniel said on 18/Sep/07
Looks like he's around 5'6"

I've got a friend that looks just like Alexi, It's weird, cept my friend is a girl
devilish said on 12/Sep/07
does anybody know how tall is Eicca Toppinen from Apocalyptica?
glenn said on 21/Aug/07
i dont know how you see that jd.he was 5-5.tops.
JD said on 21/Aug/07
There is no way to judge height in this pic other than glenn. If he is 5' 8" look at Alexi's head it is bent forward slightly which tells me that he is close to Glenn's height
CoB said on 2/Jul/07
im 5'3'', i dont feel so short anymore. short ppl kik ass. im a girl so i guess it aint too bad. i dont wanna get to be any taller anyhow
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/07
Henkka: [Laughs] Well, yeah. I
glenn said on 13/Jun/07
maybe it was the footwear.he is really short.
Hate Crew said on 13/Jun/07
Hmm... i didn't think he was THAT short. At a bodom concert, I saw him enter a cab right outside the venue in front of the line. He was maybe 5 feet away, and looked about 5'7 or so...didn't think he was 5'5.
ll said on 23/May/07
Hey everyone. in an interview hennka said alexi was 1m 73 cm which is 5'8 and one half. the link is Click Here
said on 15/May/07
hi(glenn),'s me again..i'm wondering if you'd like to give some tips or help me, whatever you say it..well, i couldn't stop myself sending this stuff that i check this site, if glenn wrote something or not, before sleeping and starting a new day, after coming home, before dinner, after dinner... If you're not able to spend some time, i'll understand it and i won't open this conv. again but please tell me something. I mean, the past 3days was like 6months for me.thnks.
said on 13/May/07
and my mail's subject is "YOU might get interested in it!!" :)
said on 13/May/07
hi glenn! thanks for your concern, i live in turkey, and if you check your inbox i've a mail... i'd REALLY be pleased if you'd help me and i'm also planning to go finland this summer if it means anything...thanks again:)!
A.W said on 13/May/07
Yeah, I would give the world to meet Alexi. I really love your site, you're really lucky to meet all these famous people. For what it's worth though, I live in Canada (Ontario to be specific) so I don't think it would be easy for me to meet Alexi. Any tips you would like to share on how to meet him though?
glenn said on 10/May/07
how did i manage it? did you see the 1000 other pics up? im glad your a fan,and respect that and his musicianship.but he is hardly a celebrity compared to the rest of the site.where do you live? maybe ill give you tips on how to meet him.
said on 9/May/07
I just want to meet alexi, nobody else, how did you manage it? i've never been to hopeless about something:(
Marie said on 6/May/07
Henkka said in an interview that he was a bit taller than that I think...
Kaitlin said on 6/Apr/07
I always thought he was like 5'2-3. I think it's his tiny hands. I'm only 4'10 and his hands seem like they can't be much bigger than mine!
metalhead said on 30/Mar/07
I am 5 ft 7. And I saw him during a metal festival in norway. He was a little shorter than me. So 5-5 seems about right.
glenn said on 16/Mar/07
i never met the other members cobfan.maybe one other pic.taller than me.5-11?
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/07
In this video with Alexi and Roope jamming together and when they stand together,
Roope looks around 5'7 with 5'5 Alexi Laiho.

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COBFanHC said on 1/Mar/07
Hey Glen, do you know how tall the other members are?
Hanna said on 15/Feb/07
Thanks for the site! I'm very glad you also tell the height in metric system. But one little thing needs correction: Alexi is Finnish Mucisian, not Finish... it's only one letter, but still the difference between being "finnish" or being "finish" means a lot to us Finns... ;)

[Editor Rob: thanks for pointing the missing n! I dare not anger any Finns reading the site.]
J. said on 12/Jan/07
He has tiny, midget hands. In fact, he looks like a 'little' person. 5'5" seems tall for him. LOL.
C Wizzle said on 11/Jan/07
Alexi is about 5'5...I met him a few times. Really cool dude.
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
I wasnt expecting him that short.anonymous,come join me.
Marc said on 8/Jan/07
Thanks for posting Glenn. I always figured between 5'5" and 5'7" to be honest.
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/07
his figure makes him look taller

Glenn i want your job :D
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/06
ALexi is 5'5 i thought is like 5'7 5'8 cuz im around that height.
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/06
I alays figured he was only about 5'6". thanks for posting this Glenn. Are you a fan of Bodom?
Predah said on 29/Dec/06
it's hard to say with that posture of his. could be 168 to me but then again he probably has pretty big shoes on so. 5'5 it is.
Sanna said on 28/Dec/06
Is he really as short as I am? Wow, still cute though.
Glenn said on 27/Dec/06
Yep.5-5 tops.maybe a bit smaller if he had crazy boots.
S.J said on 27/Dec/06
i think his Posture is bad he is really bent over with his Head and glenn is allot farther away than he is(Or at Least it looks that way)
Dunken said on 27/Dec/06
oh men, COB used to be so good during the Hatebreed days. sad to see they do popish metal now. and yeah, i never saw a picture of Alexi where he looked more than 5'4/5'5.
Averill said on 27/Dec/06
Whoa---Look at the picture Anne! Glenn = 5 foot 8....Alexi = (OBVIOUSLY) 5'5"
Anne said on 27/Dec/06
Whoa, are you sure? I thought he was 175cm...

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