How tall is John Barrowman

John Barrowman's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

Scottish-American actor, best known for playing Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood and Doctor Who. He has also had memorable roles in TV series Arrow (as Malcolm Merlyn/The Dark Archer) and Desperate Housewives. Listed as 6ft on his agency resume (CV), he also claimed that height on twitter: "I'm 6". In this convention photo, John had a little more sneaker than me.

How tall is John Barrowman
5ft 8 Rob and John (age 41) @ Collectormania, 2008

How tall is John Barrowman
5ft 8 Jenny, John, 5ft 8 Rob @ The Hub, 2008

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Average Guess (108 Votes)
5ft 11.49in (181.6cm)
Slim1.75m said on 27/Aug/23
@Rob could Colin Donnell be a weak 5'11 next to Barrowman in Arrow season 1 there wasn't much between them.
Editor Rob
Could be 5ft 10.5?
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 2/Oct/22
He might of looked 182 if he stood straight tbh
Slim 6'0.25 said on 8/Mar/22
I doubt he’s 182 but he’s at least 181-181.5
Jake: 1.84 m - 1.85 m said on 13/Feb/22
Agreed, Progking184 - 182cm is kind of the transition point in terms of tallish. 179-181 = above average.
Progking184 said on 13/Feb/22
5'11.5 and kind of tall. Someone who is actually around 181-182 at their low should look tallish most of the time, or pass as tall sometimes.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 6/Sep/21
Amell had a strong inch on him

Needs a peak and current IMO
Angora said on 20/Apr/21
He held his own against Amell in arrow good listening.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Mar/21
πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday John! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽˆ

Many Happy Returns to John Barrowman on his 54th Birthday!

5ft11.5. 🍻😁🍰

slim 6'1 said on 22/Jan/21
Lost a quarter inch from peak
slim 6'1 said on 9/Jan/21
Probably shrunk a little bit
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
181-181.5 at his low same height as Neal McDonough
Slim 6'1" said on 6/Oct/20
Good listing and superb downgrade
Slim 6'1" said on 27/Sep/20
Lover_thorn3 said on 17/Aug/20
Rob. Could he be the same height as Christopher? Youve said before matt smith. Chris. Peter Capaldi could all measure within a few mms could john be in the same height group?
Editor Rob
Yeah, he is amongst that crowd too, who may not be quite full six footers, though not quite flat 5ft 11ers.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Aug/20
If I've said anything offensive or hurtful, then I apologize as well.
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
now like 180-180.5
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
181.7-181.8 prime
Slim 6'1 said on 6/Aug/20
Is he nearer 6’ or 5’11”.? Edito Rob
Editor Rob
Not a 6 footer, I think 5ft 11.5 is fair and maybe a little small fraction lost by now.
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Jul/20
Better late than never right?
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Jul/20
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/May/20
A taller Scottish Tom Cruise, lol.

IKR! Sorry about trolling you on the Liam McIntyre page all those years back, was a very shy kid and thought you were a bully due to your towering height, hope you forgive me.
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Jul/20
181-182cm prime now shrunk to 180-181 he’s definitely not 179 yet
Rory said on 30/Jul/20
Rob, how tall do you think Dave Seaman looks to the left of peak John Barrowman ? I'd have thought 6ft3 ?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Seaman claimed 6ft 4, but I doubt he was a full one.
OriginalAnon said on 22/May/20
I think this one is bang on, at 5'11.5"
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 20/May/20
Teaspoon less than 5ft 11 half range. I guess he is little more than 5ft 11 quarter range.
@Blanc. Hahaha. Agreed. With that hair style...
Blanc said on 9/May/20
He looks like Elon Musk
Nik Ashton said on 8/May/20
@ Christian 6'5 3/8" - How tall do you think John is?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/May/20
A taller Scottish Tom Cruise, lol.
Visitor said on 26/Oct/19
If he had ANY footwear advantage, he looks a maximum of 180.5 cm. So 5'11 flat rather or possibly even a little bit under that.

I'm 182 cm and 173 cm is something that exactly touches my eyebrow... from below. I don't have the longest forehead so someone with a big head like Barrowman might gain maybe a centimetre there, but still. The top of 5ft8 Rob's head gets way up over to the the middle of Barrowman's forehead and he has shoe advantage.

5'11" flat seems most fitting.
Andrea said on 24/Sep/19
These days even a cold can make you shrink, Rob! 😬
Dream said on 23/Sep/19
Rob, I want to mention this

Click Here

I think he lost height from this. Poor man. I hope he gets better!
Editor Rob
I'm not sure how he'd lose any height from appendicitis surgery?
khaled taban said on 27/May/19
Hi Tom Cruise πŸ˜‚
Nik said on 17/Mar/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Sssoo (autocorrect tried to change it to Sassoon!) funny!

John is maybe a tad overlisted!

πŸ’¨! πŸ•·! 🍌! 😷! 😁!
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Dec/18
@ Zampo - I stand corrected! πŸ˜‰

The other night when the five remaining contestants had their loved ones pop in for a visit, when John invited his hubby to sniff one of his armpits was a genuine LOL moment!
Zampo said on 20/Nov/18
Honestly Rob, if you ever have time you need to check out some shots, on Sunday's episode there was ample of time to make an assessment and I was taken aback. Something doesn't add up. James Mcvey looked an inch taller. The thing is Barrowman still looked fit and healthy. He wasn't standing bad as well. He genuinely looked at most 5'11 with James Mcvey.


I actually think it is on the opposite. I think it's quite a tall bunch (the males anyway). Nick Knowles is listed 6'1.5, Harry Redknapp looks 5'10.5 range, James Mcvey is listed 5'11.5 so is Barrowman. The shortest guy is Malique who looks somewhere in the 5'8 range.
Editor Rob
Maybe there is some truth to Barrowman losing a fraction, but I don't know if McVey managed to squeak out another fraction from what he said age 18.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Nov/18
He is one of the tallest on this year's 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' this year. I thought I'd read 5ft10.5 for him before but tonight I thought, "He must be taller than that, or are most of the bunch on the shorter side this year?"

Well, an inch isn't the Earth, but it all counts, and it means John is only half-an-inch below 6ft!

5ft11.5 it is then! πŸ˜„
Zampo said on 19/Nov/18
Looks no way near this listing with James Mcvey on I'm a celeb get me out of here currently and this is after several camera angles and shots.....
Editor Rob
Although he's not old, he has - the last few times I seen him - looked a far weaker 6ft than he did 10 years ago.
Mike5 said on 15/Sep/18
Listing is fair, definitely not 6’0 because Christopher strongly edged him out on Doctor Who
Easy Peasy said on 13/Jul/18
5'11 is about right
Thunderfin said on 4/Mar/18
@Jordan87 5'6 eye level yields 5'11 height. I'd guess he's the same as me-- strong 5'11 in the morning, weak 5'11 at night, so 5'11.5 sounds fine.
Jordan87 said on 7/Feb/18
AS Per Rob's Picture with him He has a 5'6 Eye Level, that normally yields like 5'10.5" Doesn't it? I admit he looks more 5'11 but not over that. His Hair gets him to 6' and last I checked that doesn't count.
Monkey knees said on 14/Dec/17
5'11.5 morning height. Spot on. Wears big heels/shoes a lot to clear 6ft easily.
Slim 185 said on 22/Nov/17
unnecessary downgrade, 5’11.75” was a better listing, Amell has superb footwear and posture compared to this guy. Hence why he looks shorter in person and on tv.

My final guesses for these guys:

John Barrowman: 5’11.75”
Stephen Amell: 6’0.75”
David Ramsey 6’1.75”
Slim 184 said on 8/Nov/17
Rob, if I had to take a guess, he has shrunk 6 mms easy.
Marquis said on 7/Nov/17
5'11" flat. The hair is a little bit deceptive. Plus, as the pic caption mentions, he had a bit more footwear than Rob in the photo.
Editor Rob
Barrowman's height varies a bit in person, I think he could seem a bit taller 8-9 years ago than last year...has he lost a 1/4 inch by age 50?
Slim 184 said on 6/Nov/17
He holds his own against Amell despite posture+footwear disadvantages.

5’11.50 at youth, 5’11.250 today.
Pierre said on 31/Oct/17
i see him around 5"11'.His eyes are 5"6' and he has a little advantage of shoes,but he seem to have a strong head and forehead then.
Nice picture
Finn said on 29/Oct/17
Put him in a cage with Tom Cavanagh and make them fight!! Kiddin both R great actors.So bad they're underrated
Slim 6' said on 21/Oct/17
Editor Rob: in person Amell is really 1.5 inches taller than Barrowman.
If this is true then barrowman needs another downgrade to 5'11.25". Pegging him inbetween 180 and 181. It's fair.
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/17
strong 5'11
Slim said on 24/Sep/17
Lol, I meant McDonough.
Slim said on 23/Sep/17
Looked very similar to barrowman in arrow S4. Can we have peak 11.75 and current.5?
Slim 182 cm said on 6/Aug/17
182.88 out of bed for sure.
Slim 182 cm said on 29/Jul/17
"he had slightly more sneaker. " like 5 mms more shoe.

The lad is 181.5 cm tops, he's lucky to have this height. And no @6'1.5dude, amell edges him out no matter what time of the day it is and who's had more sleep and water.
Editor Rob
well I'm in an adidas both times, which are 0.9, he has asic sneakers (some which new give nearly 1.2) but I'm thinking 1-1.1 range, hence a little more than me.
6'1.5 dude said on 26/Jul/17
The reason Amell is 1.5 inches taller in person is because he always stands with perfect posture. Barrownan definitely doesn't.
Justbringit said on 25/Jul/17
Rob how likely would you say is 5'11.75" peak and 5'11.5" now?
Editor Rob
not improbable.
justbringit said on 24/Jul/17
Hmm interesting maybe now amell will get downgraded also i guess
Editor Rob
in person Amell is really 1.5 inches taller than Barrowman.
grizz said on 23/Jul/17
If he got a downgrade, so should Amell.
justbringit said on 19/Jul/17
So rob if there was no footwear advantage you would have listed him at 6ft based on this photo right?
Editor Rob
he looked under 6ft, 5ft 11.5 is the figure I give John.

The last time I seen him, he wasn't much over 5ft 11 in fact...
Slim 181 cm said on 8/Jul/17
justbringit said on 7/Jul/17
Rob is his eyelevel lower than average? or it is fine for his height?
Editor Rob
John does have a reasonably big head for his height, which means on his own in photos, I don't think he looks near 182cm, but against others I think comes in over 5ft 11, but under 6ft.

Last time I seen him up close, I felt maybe 5ft 11.5, but 7-8 years ago he seemed maybe more solid 182 range than weak 182, which today he might be.
Mickey said on 23/Jun/17
seems fine
Slim 181 cm said on 9/Jun/17
183.5-184 out of bed, 182 during afternoon with 181 at night.
Average height and slim said on 22/May/17
182 cm at least.
Namor said on 28/Apr/17
Probably 181.5 or a tad bit over
shiva 181 cms said on 15/Apr/17
He looks same as I look with my 5'8 friend with a bit footwear advantage I'd say 5'11.75 is close
Victor Surratt said on 24/Feb/17
Rob, he is like Mads Mikkelsen with the extra sneaker?
Editor Rob
I've seen Barrowman with the photographer Malcolm and Mads...both I feel are within a little bit of each other.

John does have a pretty big/wide head in person, so he can at times from a distance seem barely more than 5ft 11.
Pierre said on 12/Feb/17
Imo with a advantage of shoes he's looking like 5"11' in this picture so i think he's a little under 5"11' with same shoes as Rob
Ray said on 27/Jan/17
This guy isn't over 5'11.5
gian92 said on 30/Dec/16
182point5 me too at 6 feet but a lot of people believe that i am 5'11 , but in a lot of photos with 6'1-6'2 friends i seem close their height .
182point5 said on 8/Dec/16
Dear Rob. This is the problem...right here. A real 182cm person is 0.88cm away from being 6ft tall. in theory you would barely be able to measure this amount. BUT...people like John here, who are blatantly in the 5'10 range of course always claim 6ft. Then the critics come and dismiss the 6ft claim, but because they like the actor, they will pardon and grant the 182cm label...which is incredibly sad really. It tars the 182/182.88/6ft range with all these wannabes and their fans. This guy, along with most people pegged at 182cm dont look remotely like it. I hope you will address this at some point. I am a genuine 182.5cm tall guy, evening height, barefoot. Most people guess me at 6ft2+ Never lower. Please help us reclaim the 6ft label.
Editor Rob
182, he is, in person above 5ft 11, although he doesn't look a big six foot guy.
Bobby said on 1/Nov/16
If you're closer to 6ft than 5'11, then you may as well say you're 6ft. Your driver's licence for instance is not going to list your height as 5'11.75, that looks horrible, just say 6'0, it's a lot cleaner and easier to say. Besides, he can round up anyway, and FYI, he's eye level with Stephen Amell, explain that.
Editor Rob
I'll explain it - in person I saw Stephen talking with John and he was at least an inch taller...
Pierre said on 23/Oct/16
Imo The peak of Rob's head is much higher than John's eyebrows even with his advantage of shoes.By considering he seem have a strong head i think he's around 5"10.75'
pjk said on 14/Sep/16
yes, i think about 5'11" seems right. He doesn't look over that in arrow. He is a really good baddy in it though.
Pierre said on 8/Aug/16
Around 5"11' imo.Nice picture
Peter 179cm said on 6/Aug/16
His eyelevel comes in just over 5'6 so i doubt this guy is over 181cm/5'11.25 flat,and that's also accounting for his big forehead/long eyelevel.
justbringit said on 12/Jul/16
ah okay and in which shoe are you in this photo?
Editor Rob
slighty under 1 inch, his slightly over, so just a little difference.
justbringit said on 10/Jul/16
ok thank you also if you don't mind when you refer to slightly how much do you mean exactly?
Editor Rob
just a fraction, like 1/4-1/2 at most, no more than that.
Justbringit said on 29/Jun/16
Oh okay I see.Thank you also you said he had slightly more sneaker than you so this is why you think he is not 6ft?
Editor Rob
I have seen him a fair few events over the years and never really strikes me as a big 6ft, more a bit under 6ft, but comfortably above 5ft 11.
justbringit said on 22/Jun/16
hello, i'm a little confused is this measurement above in footwear,or just rob's estimation barefoot?
Editor Rob
the listing is barefoot, those marks are just to suggest as if we are barefoot, like me 5ft 8 barefoot, John over 5ft 11 barefoot.
Eric said on 8/May/16
5ft6.5 eye level...he is a solid 5'11...probably 181
indy said on 4/May/16
I do not agree with the below comment. Met him and he is definitely close to 6ft.
Ayush said on 23/Apr/16
No more than 5/10.5 inches.Even stephen amell uses lifts and may be barrowman too
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
For some reason, he just doesn't strike me as a guy close to 6ft.

Rob, are you sure he's this?
Editor Rob
in person I think he is near it. The lowest I'd guess would really be 11.5 but I think almost 6ft is fine.
1.89 cm man said on 8/Mar/16
He is no more than 180
Aza said on 27/Feb/16
Can't stand the guy but Rob has listed him correctly.
grizz said on 16/Jan/16
I'm shocked! I thought he was weak 5'11 at most in Arrow!
Josh1 said on 29/Jul/15
More like 5'11 maybe 181cm but no more than that.
Sam said on 21/Jul/15
180cm-182cm. Hard to tell because in the left photo he doesn't look much above 5ft11, if that because of the 1/4" sneaker advantage. In the right photo he could probably just about pass for this listing, but I'd be more willing to go with 5ft11.5. 180cm minimum, 182cm maximum.
crusher said on 22/Jun/15
Looks like a solid 5'11".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/15
@LOL: You could claim 6ft2 at that height and get away with it in most situations.
Josh said on 25/Mar/15
Looks 6'0 in those pictures above. Also looks to be an inch shorter than 6'1 Amell
LOL said on 6/Feb/15
Rob, do you think it's fair for someone who is 6'1.35" to claim 6'1.5"?
Editor Rob
people are entitled to claim whatever they like, but I believe it is always best to go with what you are measured at, and if you fall between 2 obvious marks, just round up/down.

If you round down a fraction then you are probably going to look that height to mostly everybody.
TJE said on 24/Jan/15
He looks like a mix between Tom Cruise and Zach Braff.
liam said on 12/Nov/14
5'11.5- 5'11.75 more of a weak 6ft guy but the lowest I could see is around 5'11.5 he is taller than a flat 5'11 for sure
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/14
Looks more like a solid 5ft11 guy than a weak 6ft
Hypado said on 18/Oct/14
John Barrowman is 5'11.5
heeest said on 2/May/14
More than 1 inch shorter than Amell on Arrow. Maybe 1,5 inches shorter, So pretty accurate listing i guess =) The same with David Tennant on Doctor Who.
littlesue said on 31/Mar/14
VI, don't think you look tiny at all next to him!!
VI said on 29/Mar/14
I met Barrowman at Phoenix Comicon, and I thought he was actually at least six foot. I'm really short (5'4"-5'3") and I felt tiny compared to him.

Click Here Here's the photo, by the way.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/14
Looks like a 5ft11er to me
cole said on 18/Dec/13
5'11.5 I'd say. Either way, 182 cm is accurate for John.
glynny 182 said on 27/Oct/13
spot on rob ive met this guy we were both in tennis style shoes an was my height exactly.
Akmal said on 27/Jul/13
He looks 6ft with his hair, 180 without his har
Arsenalforever said on 22/Jul/13
He was in a museum in London last year and I had at least an inch on him. I'm just under 6ft (6ft in the am), He is 5'11. Dead on. That shows in the above pics, too.
Kyuss said on 18/Jul/13
5-11" range imo
WAT said on 14/Jul/13
dwarfs rob
Yaspaa said on 9/May/13
He was in a lift with Steven Amell on Arrow who looks a reliable 6'1, and looked I would guess exactly 1.25" shorter, so the listing seems correct.
Average Joe said on 31/Mar/13
No taller than Gareth David Lloyd, who you listed as 180cm.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Looks 179-180cm.
Editor Rob
I've seen them together in person and barrowman looks a bit taller from the events I saw them at.
richkid123 said on 27/Feb/13
kinda looks like a tall Tom Cruise in the right picture
truth178cm said on 16/Feb/13
180cm minimum and 182cm max at night.
Aragorn 5'11 said on 15/Jan/13
In the first picture he looks 5'10.5 or 5'10 flat IF he was bald. In the second picture he seems to be 5'11.25 or 5'11.5 max! 5'11.75 is bit too high.
Stephen said on 8/Jan/13
big head 181.5-182 at night is spot on
Andy 185cm said on 20/Nov/12
weak 6foot strong 5'11 spot on!
Frankie said on 1/Nov/12
No taller than 5'11 in both pictures. Robs being generous giving him close to 6ft here - a 5'8 man and a 6' man together - there is more difference in height than this
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Aug/12
"height is 5 ft 11 in (180cm)"
minimum 2in shorter than Jonathan Ross
Shaun said on 5/Aug/12
Pretty sure I saw this guy in the distance near Waterstones on the Hayes a few weeks back but he was too far away to guess his height. He was with an older woman. If it wasn't him he has a double walking about!
therealtruth said on 30/Jan/12
he is just about 182.5 or 183 cm not a flat out 182cm guy.
steven said on 20/Jan/12
pushing 5'10.5 in both picture. after a better posture he did be 5'11 but still had to shave away 1/4 so he is like 5'10.75 a 180cm guy.
Josh B said on 10/Jan/12
@Rampage, although i agree he's closer to 180cm than 182cm, i don't see any evidence of him wearing lifts. And it's easy to see a 180cm as 182cm on screen with camera angles so don't be so harsh on carnegie.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/11
Yeah well you thought wrong...
He's 5ft11 on the dot and wears
carnegie said on 11/Dec/11
always thought that he was 6ft
Bakura said on 2/Dec/11
5'11 flat is too low. Doesn't look anything under 5'11.5" in either picture.
johno said on 24/Nov/11
I think the higher estimates are coming from the second picture, fair enough. But take note, in the second picture, he has has his arm over rob and slightly pushing him down whilest elevating himself and still he looks about 5'11.

In the first one, he has a footwear advantage and despite his loose posture, he would struggle to surpass 5'11 there. Both rob and jenny reach about 2.75 inches above his eyeline. He would not be above 5'10.5 there.
D said on 23/Nov/11
He has the largest head of any man.
ChiasmataX said on 22/Nov/11
Accurate listing Rob finally a legit 182-183cm guy on this site that is not inflated to 185cm.
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
5'11 here. maybe 5-11.5 in real.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/11
I don't see him over 180cm(5"11) in these pics...
johno said on 14/Oct/11
Look at this again but with closer inspection. I do not know in which picture he had 0.25 inch more footwear then yours but i assume its the first one.

I'm not convinced barrowmans head is any longer then robs. I believe rob's is around 9.5 inches. In the first picture, the tip of robs head is comfortably 1 inch above barrowmans eyebrows thus taking barrowmans sneaker advantage into account, he looks 2.3 - 2.7 taller then rob in that one, sorry about the odd fractions. He looks about 5'10.5 - 5.10.75 in there.

In the second, barrowman has gained height. I don't know how but he looks 5'11 there. His height must be around them parameters.

Barrowman 5'10.75 - 5'11
Sean73 said on 28/Sep/11
I`d say 6-0 too.Excellent actor also.This years Torchwood on stars was very good.What do you think?
toshisback said on 25/Sep/11
Specs for his stunt doubles & standins for television productions list a height of 6ft even. Those stats need to be accurate as film crews use the standins for setting up the lighting, blocking the scene(s), and for camera focus checks.
James said on 14/Sep/11
he looks 182cm in both pics
Alex said on 11/Aug/11
This guy has a long forehead and his eye level looks to be 5-5.25 inches from his head. With that he looks 6'0 I'd say.
marshall said on 7/Jul/11
why do you do this, he is 6 foot, not 5ft 11. 75.
Mockingjay55 said on 4/Jul/11
I'd say 5'11" is about right, even though 6 ft wouldn't be impossible.
hugewhofan said on 3/Jul/11
I have always thought he was around David Tennants height, 6 ft 1 in.
James said on 21/Jun/11
181cm is not impossible
James said on 16/Jun/11
yeah 5'11 flat is too low. I think he is close to 6ft
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/11
I think 5ft11 flat is closer
Matt said on 30/May/11
his eyelevel is 5ft 6.5 making him atleast 5ft 11.
Lenad said on 2/May/11
Looks 5ft11ish to me
James said on 14/Apr/11
Maybe 5'11.25 (181cm)?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/11
I agree with Observant
Observant said on 31/Mar/11
I'm seeing 5'11 flat here
SAK said on 23/Feb/11
He looks 6ft/183cm in the photo next to Rob. But he could be 5ft11.5/182cm.

I would say 183cm morning and 182cm in evening.
James said on 14/Feb/11
not quite 6foot
Matt said on 27/Nov/10
looks in the 5ft 11 range to me. never 6ft
James said on 9/Nov/10
Always looks tall on TV. About Danny Dyers height a weak 6'0.
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/10
This guy is 6ft.
LG69 said on 3/Nov/10
5'11 1/2-6'0.
Hugh 191cm said on 5/Jul/09
Yeah almost 6ft.
T.J. said on 26/Jun/09
looks 6' to me
James said on 12/May/09
Actually about 4 inches taller than Cruise
James said on 12/May/09
linebacker yeah about 3.5 inches taller.
linebacker40 said on 12/May/09
Yeah, I agree with you, James. A much taller Tom Cruise.
James said on 10/May/09
Spitting image of Tom Cruise. He's a lot taller though.
glenn said on 7/May/09
and i know i have bad
Ian said on 6/May/09
Only 5ft11. 182cm I could have sworn he looks a lot taller on TV. He has that thin look that makes him look taller. Maybe he stands really straight too but isn't doing that here so he could be 6ft. I thought 6ft to 6ft1 range when I see him on TV.

Anyway that's the same height as myself.
Alex said on 5/May/09
The more I look at this picture this guy looks closer to 5'11 than 6'0. I could be wrong. Since he has a 1/4 inch footwear advantage over Rob and his hair may give him a bit of an edge too.
J.J. said on 4/May/09
looks about 5'11.5"
Nate said on 4/May/09
looks 5'11. He was great in Shark Attack 3.
Sunil said on 4/May/09
nice evisu t-shirt =)
Alex said on 4/May/09
I was looking at the difference between me and Rob to this guy and it looks like I have around 1/2 inch more on him than Rob does and thats including this guys 1/4 footwear advantage. Also his hair may give a bit. He's over 5'11 but may not even be 5'11.75.
Alex said on 4/May/09
The photo to the right he looks 5'11.5ish.
Anonymous said on 4/May/09
he looks 5'10.5 with you Rob. I see a max 2.5 inches difference, and his hair makes him seem taller. you already mentioned thicker shoes.
unknown said on 5/Oct/08
hey 5'11.75 looks very close to 6'0 but you can see a very slight difference about only 1/4 inch.
JJ said on 15/Sep/08
I work for a company who provide doubles and stand-ins for TV shows, incuding Torchwood and Doctor Who, and the sheet for John (which has all his stats) says he is 6ft. They would not lie about the height requirements out of vanity since a match between actor and stand-in is essential.
shelly said on 20/Jul/08
i thinkfor jhons hight he is very tall but it does suit him . I wouldnt fancy him if he was too short because his hight suits his build
karin said on 2/Jul/08
I met him on the set of torchwood and i do belive he's 6'0"
rx said on 8/Mar/08
hes about the same height as tennant who's listed just about everywhere as 6"1
Alex said on 4/Feb/08
OK, He's taller than Gareth David-Lloyd, who's registered as being 6'. He towers over him about 3" and a head taller than Eve Myles. You can see his shoes, and they have a basic sole on them. Explain that one.

Editor Rob
Lloyd ain't 6 foot...closer to 5ft 11 mark.
Sian said on 12/Jan/08
Your height can vary though so he may look different heights on some days
Shirley said on 1/Dec/07
He obviously looks very tall most of the time. I think.
And he is really well proportioned.
Cardiff said on 3/Jul/07
I saw Barrowman on the set of torchwood in Cardiff Bay - he is at least 6ft. He is a very well built guy, which probably makes him look shorter on screen.
Jenny said on 29/Apr/07
He signed an autograph for me and I reckon he's just about 6ft. He looks shorter sometimes because he's quiet solidly built
Bill said on 18/Dec/06
He does look smaller than Chris Eccleston but not enough to make much difference, 6' sounds about right. perhaps 5-11 1/2.
George said on 10/Nov/06
On the Jonoathon ross show, who is listed as 6'`, John looked at least 3 inches shorter than him. Hes 5`10.5 max, he has good proportions.
alice said on 14/Sep/06
but on how do you solve a problem like maria on bbc the performance shows the four girls with him and in about three inch heels they are about his height, maybe 1 inch under and those girls (connie, helen, aoife and siobhan) all look fairly tall...
WOT..................Way!!!!!! said on 11/Apr/06
He looks smaller than Christopher Eccleston on doctor who and his height is written as 6foot as well i can't tell who's height is the correct one.
CelebHeights Editor said on 12/Nov/05
He is listed as 6ft by his agency, well 182cm.

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