How tall is John Corbett

John Corbett's Height

6ft 4 ½ (194.3 cm)

American actor, best known for playing Chris Stevens on Northern Exposure, Aidan on Sex and the City and Ian in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.. He revealed to the following interesting take on his height: "I'm 6-foot, 5-inches and most actresses are tiny compared to me. The funny thing is they don't ever put them on a box. When I was doing TV, they would make the guys stand on these things called apple boxes, but for some reason they don't put the girls on boxes." John goes on to reveal how he feels so much bigger than his female co-stars and he also thinks "Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, all those guys probably come in at about 5-foot 10-inches tops, so I'm a little oversized for a leading man."

How tall is John Corbett
John and Toni Collette
Photo by s_bukley/

How tall is John Corbett
John and Bo Derek (2" heels)
Photo by kathclick/

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Average Guess (32 Votes)
6ft 5.22in (196.1cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/23
Average guess is fascinating.
Slim1.75m said on 31/Aug/22
Soo Rob
Corbett admits what a lot of of us have thought for some time that Brad Pitt is 5'10 Corbett can have weak a 6'5 for his honesty.
Allie said on 17/Aug/22
I know the discussion was back in 2017, but speaking of Steven Seagal, @Rampage, @Christian and @S.J.H - Seagal has stated that he has paternal ancestors who still live in Siberia. He also mentioned that his paternal heritage encompasses Eastern European backgrounds as well. Siberia of course, is also known as "Northern Asia", and is geographically part of the Russian Far East. I guess that might explain his physical appearance. Asia is big place with over 4 billion people and 50+ countries (whether transcontinental or not) so it's not like there's only one "Asian look" anyways.

Anyways, I'm surprised that the guess for Corbett is so high. I always thought he was between 6'4-6'5, so 6'4.5 seems spot on imo. He looked quite tall next to Sarah Jessica Parker, but she's only 5'2ish. He's 61 now, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's lost at least a fraction by now.
Rick Havoc said on 6/Jun/22
Tom Cruise at 5'10 , that's hilarious :)
Vincent Caleb said on 12/May/22
He’s over 6’4”. Probably the same height as Canson
IceCold said on 1/Apr/22
The average guess is way high. The guy is not over 6'4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/19
He’s standing with good posture in the photo but generally he stoops and can look 6ft3 range
Sotiris Gravas said on 12/May/19
W/ 6'4" Steve Valentine (2006)... Click Here

Valentine and 6'4" Henry Simmons... Click Here
Ian123 said on 1/Jul/18
Rob do you think taller people like him have very little perception of heights of shorter people? For instance he classified tom cruise as 5’10 tops when he’s far from it...
Editor Rob
Unless you pay attention to height, it can be harder to estimate. The more people whose height you know and how they appear from your perspective, the easier it should be as your brain can recognise certain heights, or ranges.

The further away the height is, the more room there could be for a bigger margin of error.
Myself said on 12/Apr/18
How can he look 6'4,5 next to a 6'3 like this Click Here and next to this 187 cm man?? Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
He can look in 6ft 3 range with Noth, but it's always possible he's losing an inch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Mar/18
Older posts debating 6ft3 for him, lol
Junior Hernandez said on 7/Feb/18
I take more look on Corbett notice i might be wrong thinking 6'4 1/4 at first, maybe he is really close to 195cm and give a taller impression than Joe Manganiello. 6'4 3/4 a shout or at least 6'4.5".
Junior Hernandez said on 1/Feb/18
May not be exact 194.3cm but 194cm a shout.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Feb/18
Rob, what are the chnaces of 195cm?

Really does look near 6ft5
Editor Rob
6ft 4.75? Yeah it may well be possible.
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
Dang! He age is 56 he look good. He really has got good genes and so tall he look almost 6 foot 5 too wow way to keep in shape pal
Canson said on 29/Oct/17
Doesn’t look a legit 6’5. Looks around 6’4.25
Junior said on 29/Oct/17
6'4.5" is accurate. Corbett could be 6'5.25" out of bed.
Matt6'5 said on 28/Jul/17
6'5" easy. He looks giant next to 5'10" Rob Morrow on "Nothern Exposure". A show you should all check out btw.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jun/17
Well he guessed Tom Cruise at 5ft10
S.J.H said on 6/Mar/17

My mom was both in france and she's half korean and half french she grew up in singapore people call it eurasian and my dad is german (wales immigrant parents) this explain i'm a 1/4 korean and 3/4 caucasian
jake said on 18/Feb/17
S.J.H said on 5/Feb/17
I'm 3/4 caucasian and 1/4 korean

How can you be 1/4 of a nationality? Korean is a nationality not a race. This guy does look 195ish taller than Segal mayby by a quarter
berta said on 7/Feb/17
could be 195
S.J.H said on 5/Feb/17
I'm 3/4 caucasian and 1/4 korean and white people sees me like i'm just a half breed but asian people see me like i'm just a pure caucasian guy they know. Lol. I grew up in singapore most of my life and i consider myself a white-asian. Steven seagal does look to have small amount of asian ancestor maybe.. But certainly not john corbett
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jan/17
He doesn't look Caucasian
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 30/Dec/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Sep/16
He looks like a Caucasian Steven Seagal. He should do some action movies.


Steven Seagal IS Caucasian, so your comment doesn't make any sense.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Sep/16
Look at Liam Neeson!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Sep/16
He looks like a Caucasian Steven Seagal. He should do some action movies.
Editor Rob
never too old for starting an action career...look at danny trejo!
Arch Stanton said on 12/Apr/16
Sam said on 22/Aug/14
Haha, Arch, you are brutal, times, you remind me of Dermot Mulroney's character from Love and Amazing where he harshly criticizes Emily Mortimer when her clothes are off. You trying to say most of us mid 190s guys are ugly?

No, but the reality is most guys over 6'4 tend not to be the "prettiest" of men. It's really not that common for a guy 6'4" and over to be particularly handsome. You don't get guys like Hoff, Padalecki, Corbett and Manganiello walking about everywhere do you?

As Rampage says this guy can really look 195cm.
Sam said on 11/Apr/16
I think there's a good chance he's closer to 6'5" than 6'4". I'd bet he's no shorter than Joe Manganiello for instance
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Apr/16
Looks pretty close to 6ft5 in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The 195cm mark could be closer. Like Arch said...he does look in the Tim Robbins/Vince Vaughn neighbourhood. He reminds me of a younger John Larroquette (another a big 6ft4 guy)...
Sam said on 22/Aug/14
Haha, Arch, you are brutal, times, you remind me of Dermot Mulroney's character from Love and Amazing where he harshly criticizes Emily Mortimer when her clothes are off. You trying to say most of us mid 190s guys are ugly?
Arch Stanton said on 20/Aug/14
Rob is it possible he was telling the truth with a full 6 ft 5? There's a scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and he's virtually the exact same height at the door in shoes which would probably be 6'6". If he's not he looks very close. I see him more as a weak 6'5" than a 6'4" guy.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Aug/14
Spot on I think, although he can look in the 195cm sort of range like Robbins, Vaughn and Manganiello though. One of the few guys who look handsome at that height too.
sactobmk said on 14/Feb/14
I was fortunate to meet John Corbett a month or so ago and I can tell you that man is tall. I am 5'8" and he towered over me. But he is one handsome man and so very nice and funny. I was impressed!
sactobmk said on 14/Feb/14
I met John Corbett a month ago and he is one tall due. I'm 5'8" and he towered over me in height. But what a handsome man!
pjk said on 31/Jan/14
He looked huge in northern exposure. I would say 6'5" in his youth certainly.
Van said on 28/Oct/12
He was a legitimate 6'5" at his peak when he was younger, but now he's closer to 6'4-6'4.5.
Hob said on 1/Aug/12
same height as big as joe manganiello. 6'4
maio said on 7/Jan/12
he's a real and strong 6 ft 4 in/193 cm, no more and no less.
LAN Jiao said on 23/Oct/11
Same height as jeff goldblum. 1m93
thebad7 said on 11/Oct/11
@Lenad: I agree with you. He's never looked a full 6'5", but he's definitely 6'4" at the minimum.

Rob, I think you're spot on with your 6'4 1/2" measurement for Corbett.

Hansen said on 22/Aug/11
its weir when standing next to 6ft1.5 chris noth john looks 6ft3.5 with him. but in big fat greek wedding he was pretty close looking 6ft5. he could be in 192-195cm range.
James said on 27/Jun/11
Yeah defenintly not under 6'4
Lenad said on 23/Apr/11
Never looked quite 6ft5 to me. I wouldnt argue under 6ft4 though
sarah said on 11/Apr/11
He always looked tall to me,good actor nice looking to.I love tall men anyway....:)
Aaron said on 3/Apr/11
Hey Gemma, I'd say a proportional height for a man would be about 6'7", although that's probably not easy to find :P. Corbett is 6'5"... I'm 6'5". Plenty of decent 6'5" men out there :).
anon said on 4/Mar/11
I thought this guy was around 6'3'' seeing him in films, ahh not far off.
James said on 15/Nov/10
Well he could be 6'4.5 but I think 6'4 flat (193cm) is not impossible eihter. Never looked 6'5 in sex and the city.

with 187cm Chris Noth
Click Here
JJ said on 3/Jul/09
This guy is much taller than I ever thought. I never took him to be so tall
Perfectly Petite said on 7/May/09
I'm watching Northern Exposure on DVD, and I think 6'5" is believable. In a shot with a crowd, Janine Turner's (5'6") head is level with the top of his shoulder, and she is wearing a hat. Barry Corbin (5'11") is walks right in front of him with the wind blowing his hair about an inch up, and the top of the hair is level with the bottom of John's nose.
jon said on 5/May/09
My sister has seen him and said he is possibly a bit taller than David Hasselhoff who she has also seen. An example of how deluded some people are about height- I have a friend who is at least 6'7" and in his trainers over 6'8" and he looks so riduculously tall like a lamp post. These short girls were remarking about his height- she said he is not even 6'3"- my boyfriend is 6'3" and is taller than him. Thats chavs for you!!!!!!!!
Lenad said on 21/Apr/09
Thanks for the downgrade
Lenad said on 20/Apr/09
I think he's 191cm min and 194cm max. Those are the possibiltys for Corbett. While at a minimum of 6'3 he remains pretty tall, he is definitly not 6'5 barefoot
Patrick said on 3/Mar/09
Non sense Tall Guy! This guy is way taller than the tall Craig T. Nelson and anyway, visibly much taller than 6'2/5!
Tall Guy said on 19/Feb/09
This is the most inaccurate listing on this site, Corbett is NOT 6'5", 6'3" maybe, tops, likely 6'2.5". Look at him face to face with Kate Beckinsale in Serendipity. Robb, this liar needs to be downgraded.
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/09
It seems almost everyone disagrees with this listing, Rob. Do you think maybe you should take him down to 6'4"?
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/09
I stood next to John Corbett once and I don't recall him appearing that tall. At 6'5" he'd be almost 4" taller than Chris Noth - I don't think so. I stood next to Bill Clinton who is 6'3" - he appeared tall. John Corbett didn't appear as tall as Bill Clinton.
Lenad said on 5/Nov/08
Gwen99d dont visit this site if your not willing to argue how tall someone is. In addition I dont think Corbett is 6'5 but more in the 6 ft 4 range.
gwen99d said on 4/Nov/08
What difference does it make how tall John Corbett is? It doesn't make him a better actor or a better person. If he says he's 6'5 than that's how tall he is. You all should find something better to do with your time than arguing about how tall someone is.
Lenad said on 1/Nov/08
A full 6'4 on a good day i can buy. 6'5 not plausible.
Lenad said on 29/Oct/08
I put him between 192-194cm so thats pretty much 6'4
Lenad said on 20/Oct/08
Corbett looks a flat 6 ft 4 to me.
Maiya said on 18/Jun/08
I figured he was this tall when he was dating Carrie Bradshaw whose 5"2!
rahulkghosh said on 10/Jun/08
Wow... he said Brad Pitt is 5'10 tops. Looks like this guy has an idea of height. =)
Rhonda said on 3/Jun/08
Looks 6ft5-6 tall. very tall man.
Anonymous king said on 16/Mar/08
the more i see this guy he looks more like 6ft4.5 as tall as Tim Robbin.. He don look 1in over barely 6ft4 guys like jeff goldblum,david morse and the late christopher reeves.. 194 for this guy would be correct..
Anonymous said on 14/Feb/08
He had me thinking Kate Hudson was 5'1. Definitely a tall man.
timber said on 10/Jul/07
He doesn't look 6'6 in shoes next to Agnes Bruckner, who is listed at 5'8 (173 cm) everywhere. You can see her heels in another pic in this series, but she is probably 5'10.5 in them:Click Here
David said on 10/Jul/07
He is definitley 6'5 and taller with cowboy boots. I'm 6'4.5 and when I met him after a show he still had about an inch on me. Tall is awesome ;)
Patrick said on 9/May/07
In a TV movie with the great and tall Craig T Nelson, he appears clearly taller, yet, CTN is about 6'3.5 range; Corbett is 6'5, no doubt;
Ramon said on 13/Feb/07
OK then. if he is 6.5, there is no way that SJP is a 5.3, because even with heels, when they walk besides he is at least 35cm taller than her, so she has to be in that height with her shoes
Viper said on 11/Feb/07
I have to admit that he does look 6-5 with SJP in that picture.
Antron said on 9/Feb/07
I disagree Matt, He is in the 6'4" -6'5" range; he is WAY taller than SJP at 5'3." She is probably wearing heels in that last picture too, so make her 5'5". He is more like a foot taller, not only 8 or 9 inches, shes not even up to his HEAD...think about it a minute...
look how much taller he is than 6'2" John Cusack:
Click Here
Matt said on 11/Jan/07
Another second-hand sighting here.

A friend of mine worked with him and claims he is NOT 6'5", though apparently he has a real-life habit of banging on about his height. She had him pegged at around 6'2"...tall, but not huge. As for comparisons with SJP, well they seem pretty moot. SJP is so small that it's hardly worth using her as a comparison tool.
Anthony said on 14/Oct/06
Mssive next to Sarah Jessica Parker at least a foot here.

Click Here

I'd definitely give him 6'5.
mallory said on 25/Apr/06
i met john and yes he's HUGE. not only is he tall but his head is big and his teeth... i have a friend that's 6'6" and i thought john was even taller than that. but i guess 6'5" is about right.
Lisa said on 16/Mar/06
I met John. I'm 5'8 and yea, I'd say he was about 6'5.
mr67 said on 7/Oct/05
This guy isnt 6-5. He just is oversized for a leading man, and they must compensate for the exagerattion of the heights of other leadign men, by adding a few inches to his... a big, beefy 6-2 or 6-3 at the most.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 25/Jun/05
I dont think the dudes 6'5 he doesnt look 6'5 at all more like 6'3 maybe

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