How tall is Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker's Height

5ft 2 ½ (158.8 cm)

American actress best known for playing Carrie Bradshaw on tv series Sex and the City. In film she can be seen in Ed Wood, Striking Distance and Hocus Pocus.

How tall is Sarah Jessica Parker
Photo by s_bukley/
As a short person - I'm five foot four inches - I count on a nice high heel.

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Average Guess (20 Votes)
5ft 2.14in (157.8cm)
SaraG said on 5/Mar/23
So many people appear to have an issue with height- why? Isn’t it more important to be kind and generous than small or tall? There seems to be some bias against shorter people as if to be taller somehow= better? In what way? let us all be what we are
And celebrate our differences, as rich colours within the tapestry of what it means to be human. . We are all beautiful in our diversity. Allow your loving kindness and generosity towards others to shine. Think positive, be generous.
Trizia said on 18/Feb/22
5', no more. In every single picture with 5.7 Mathew Broderick, she looks 10 cm /4" shorter, wearing 4" heels. And with Olivia Munn, 4" shorter too.
Evie said on 5/Dec/21
I think she's 5'2" and she was never in her entire life 5'4". I am 5'3.75 and people always think I'm 5'4 1/2. What do you think Rob? What should be the reason I create the ilusion of being almost two full inches taller than I actually am?
Stefkat said on 26/May/21
Rob what kind of heel Sarah would need to reach 165 cm? Thank you
Editor Rob
just a standard style, one that would be called 3 inch in the shop (but give 2.5 inch or thereabouts)
Emmelina said on 15/Apr/21
I saw her and Matthew Broderick in the Meridian in Dublin and they are both TINY. Theres no way shes 5'2"... Shes more like 4'10" She was in riding gear so not in high heels.
stefkat said on 19/Feb/21
Rob could you please tell me how is it possible that Sarah looks taller than 170 cm Cynthia ? Click Here
I mean Cynthia wouldn’t be at least 172 cm in her foot wear? and Sarah’s heels don’t look that big
Editor Rob
the sidewalk looks to be helping her a few inches, plus maybe caught in the optimal stride on one leg.
CuriousPeachie said on 28/Dec/20
"As a short person - I’m five foot four inches- I count on a nice high heel." 😂 Her 5'4 claim is laughable. She was never 5'4". I’m 5'3 3/4", almost 5'4. A lot of people I know mistake me for being 5'4 or even 5'5, because I have long legs. And Snark, you’re a (B-I-C-T-H) for saying all petite women are brats. That is a ing lie! My mom is 5'1 and she’s a sweetheart. She’s generous, and kind, and is always thoughtful of others. Height doesn’t matter. It’s wisdom and personality that counts. I have a crush who’s 6 feet tall and he doesn’t care about me height. He likes me for me. Sarah is 5'2.5" max.
stefkat said on 24/Dec/20
Rob how tall would Sarah be in those shoes ? Click Here
Would she reach your height with those if you were barefoot rob ? X
Editor Rob
she could get into 5ft 7 range, but the platform isn't really big enough to push her over that...even with a very high angle to the heels.
stefkat said on 22/Dec/20
Big Rob how much of a height difference is between Sarah and Cynthia ? 12 cm? Click Here x
Editor Rob
in that photo it doesn't look more than 10cm, however it's pretty clear I think Cynthia is losing a couple cm more in stance/posture than Sarah is, so I'd expect it might look near 12cm if both standing similar.
stefkat said on 20/Dec/20
Big Rob how tall Sarah and Cynthia would be in those heels? Click Here
Editor Rob
Cynthia might have a fraction more taking her to a solid 5ft 11 maybe and change, Sarah maybe 5ft 6.25-6.5 range
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Mar/20
💐🎂🎈🎉 Happy Birthday Sarah! 🎉🎈🎂💐

A Very Happy Birthday to Sarah Jessica Parker, who turns both the fives, 5️⃣5️⃣, today. Whatever she's doing, she looks great on it! 👱‍♀️👍👍

5ft3. 😁🎁🌹

Nik said on 9/Nov/19
She's my female equivalent!
Nik said on 16/Sep/19
5'4" ain't short!
Jee said on 29/Oct/17
No way she is over 5'2
Lanaka said on 23/Jun/17
Yeah, she is no more a fraction over 5'2. She pushed her height way up to 5'4 and even 5'5. Yes 5'5 I've read and she said years ago during sex and the city days even, along with 5'4 as well back and forth . Together with pushing up her costars Cynthia Nixon's height way up up to 5'10-5'11 and Kim Cattrall's height way up up to 5'9-5'10. So Sarah wouldn't feel, be noticed and be totally centered as so short. The real short one of the group.
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jan/17
Sarah Jessica Parker was on the cover of a magazine I bought from 2001 or 2. There was a heading questioning 'How can one woman look so good?' Of course her height was listed: 5ft4, and 7 stone her weight.
A few years later, I read that Sarah was 5ft2 and also 5ft3. I have never seen her listed 5ft2.5 except here!
This afternoon the film 'The First Wives Club' was on - from 1996! I thought that this film will show her at her tallest, but when she did finally get off her butt, regardless of her high shoes, she looked way below average and NOT 5ft4! She's starred in a film called 'Light in the Sky' with Robert Patrick, again from the 90's I believe, and she looked tiny with Robert, who's just under 6ft and might have been a full 6ft then.
My conclusion is that Sarah is 5ft2, and at the most a fraction over. That she was ever 5ft4 is rubbish!
anyonmious said on 23/Dec/16
5'2.5" peak and 5'1.5" present
Mat said on 27/Jun/16
Editor Rob: I did manage to look at her again, 5ft 2 flat is indeed possible, 5ft 2.5 would be the most I'd guess her.

I never understand how 5ft 4 would be classed as short, it is very average in America.

Well, it's cause she's lying. Do you think she may well apply the 2 inch rule?
Editor Rob
at least 1.5...
Rojina said on 20/Jun/16
Kristin Davies is 5"6,actually.
Mat said on 19/Jun/16
Rob, do you really think that Scarlett Johanson would be only 1 cm taller than her? Give her the 5'2 listing, she is dwarfed by everyone in Sex and the City even while being constantly in heels
Editor Rob
I did manage to look at her again, 5ft 2 flat is indeed possible, 5ft 2.5 would be the most I'd guess her.

I never understand how 5ft 4 would be classed as short, it is very average in America.
Mat said on 29/Jan/16
Editor Rob: I wouldn't argue 5ft 1, but she may well not be over 5ft 2

Can you give her another look then? She may actually be applying the 2 inch rule. She always looks short in Sex and the City and she always has footwear advantage. Think of it, if she has 1 inch advantage, she would appear average, but she never does. Can you see her as almost 5'3?? That's almost average!

Maybe 5'2 is a safer bet?
Editor Rob
I could see her around 5ft 2, but 5ft 1 I'm not so sure...5ft 2.5 is the most I'd guess
Mat said on 23/Jan/16
Not only she is lying about her height, BUT, she also calls average height girls short. Seriously, she must be insecure about a dozen of reasons, her height, her horse-face appearance...

Rob, isn't 5'2.5 quite high? Seriously now, don't you think 5'1 can be argued? In sex and the city she consistently looks 2 inches shorter than 5'4 Christine Daves and she is wearing heels, while Christine is not. Can you give me your opinion on that please?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't argue 5ft 1, but she may well not be over 5ft 2
heelshealheight said on 27/Aug/15
SJP isn't 5' even with high heels on. Next to L'Wren Scott (around 6'3") she's barely visible.
thekillingjoke said on 10/Jul/15
I sincerely doubt Sarah Jessica Parker's 5'2.5". I'd say 5'0" unless Matthew Broderick's wearing lifts every time he's with her.
C said on 28/May/15
SJP is very short looking - my guess is 5'0". Here she is with a 4 year old for reference:
Click Here
Greg Lehmann said on 27/Jun/14
5'3" looks comfortable to be on Sarah's height.
Hola said on 15/Nov/13
In big heels she still wasnt near Baryshnikovs 5'6 (although I've got to say he looked shorter imo) 5'4 was a stretch though.
Len said on 26/Oct/13
She looks 5'2" in most things.
Heightgirl said on 16/Oct/13
I agree with ChUcKLeS. I think SJP is max 5f1. Here she is with little Elisha Cuthbert who looks under 5f1 to me... probably 5f0.5 or 5 foot nothing? They are wearing the same type of heels but looks like Sarah is leaning in a bit. Click Here What do you guys think?
ChUcKLeS said on 23/Apr/13
No way in hell. I met her a bunch of times. She wears monster heals, with them on she barely makes 5'5".
Laura said on 22/Apr/13
She's a little bit taller than Lea Michele, so I'd say 5'3"
runt said on 7/Apr/13
Sex and the City has a scene where she gets out of bed and Carrie Fisher is standing there in some kind of footwear. Neither one of them have feet showing, and unless they were pulling shenanigans, SJP should be barefoot. The camera angles make them look equal height, but you can see Carrie Fisher's eyes go up slightly as she talks to SJP and SJP looks straight ahead. It's the episode called "Sex And Another City".
Angie said on 21/Mar/13
SJP is several inches shorter than Olivia Munn...and Olivia Munn admits to being only 5'3". Olivia Munn is a petite woman but next to SJP she looks full-figured because SJP is almost child-like in stature.
josh said on 10/Mar/13
Now it seems like she has stopped wearing high heels, so it's easier to judge.

Click Here
Ali said on 1/Jan/13
I really dont think she is under 5'3", I think she is a good 5'3"-5'4" like shes not really very short compared to a lot of other women shes actually just about average
MoJo said on 11/Dec/12
I'm surprised she's even 5ft 4. Looks closer to 5'2" Her co-stars tower over her, even when she has heels on.
Carpenter said on 3/Dec/12
In "Failure to Launch" Zooey Deschanel absolutely dwarfs Sarah Jessica Parker. Zooey is listed at 5'5" so no way is Sarah that tall. 5'0" is my guess. In the sporting goods store, buying a gun is the best reference point in the movie.
The Answer said on 16/Aug/12
Who cares what is your height? You were born this way, and there is nothing you can do about it. There are a LOT of tall girls who are cute, and a lot of small girls that are sexy. No stereotypes please. You were given this body so you could like it. There are guys who like small girls, fine, there are guys who lie tall girls also. And best of all if the guy you like really likes small girls and you are tall or if he likes tall girls and you are small and he is with you or willing to be with you it is a proof that he loves more than just your appearance. Love yourself, because you've only got one of it.
Dimi said on 9/Feb/12
Nia- short women are cute and feminine. Old face or not,they always seem to appear younger and cuter than the taller ones, sorry to disappoint you.
nia said on 12/Jan/12
Tall girls=model even if she not a model no matter what they wear they look good! i am average 5'5 and dont want to be shorter. short girls to me look odd when they dress "sexy" and they have a kid body with a old face it looks weird.
randomperson said on 30/Dec/11
i'm 5"4 and wish i was smaller, apparently i'm average height but the majority of people i know are smaller then me ):
the AMAZING Babushka said on 23/Nov/11
Thought she was taller, at least 5'6" TV can be deceiving.. she is also not attractive AT ALL
Heightgirl said on 8/Aug/11
Getting back on track with SJP's height and not any of yours because who really cares if you arne't a celeb or in a pic with a celeb to be honest lol I say Sarah is 5f1 because in the following pic next to 5f4 Olivia Munn she looked over 3 inches shorter. Click Here
justsomeone said on 22/Jul/11
@anna: You are exaggerating a bit. Most girls in Greece are around 165 cm (I believe 5 ft 5 to be the national average for women under 30). It is rather rare to see women above 1.70 m or below 1.60 m here (the latter is not so rare, though, when it comes to older women).

Either way, I believe there is nothing wrong with being shorter or taller than average.
cybil said on 1/Jul/11
I'm 5'8 Hispanic woman the average height for us is 5'1-5'3, so I usually feel really tall around my friends. The thing with me is I know how it feels to be short. When I was younger kids use to treat me like a baby. I had a medical problem called growth hormone deficiency. I wasn't growing, my mom is 5'6 and my dad was 6'1. When I was 5 yrs old I took shots to grow because the Dr. Said I would be a dwarf. Being that I was young my mom decided to try it out & for 10th yrs I took them. I know how it feels being the shortest one in the group & I know how it feels to be the tallest. Ppl just need to learn how to embrace their height & just go with the flow. Ppl that make fun of short ppl are ignorant & vice versa. Quit judging ppl, we are all different except what you have been given :)
darkangel said on 30/Apr/11
i am 5 feet.. not short or taller than that.. :( i'm 21 and every one thinks dat m 14 o sumthin.. in maldives it's the average height..:)but when i go abroad i feel really embarrassed to tell people my age because most of the people think m 14 n below..
sarah said on 12/Apr/11
I am 4 feet 9 and everybody always tells me how short I am.My whole life I am struggling with my emotions of being short.I am totally agree with ANONY.You are so sweet and made my day brighter!!!! God bless you!! Spread LOVE!!!
anna said on 30/Mar/11
@julia dont i am a 1.80 cm girl in greece,where every girl is aound your height or less.but this doesnt stop me from hanging around with smaller girls and i never had problem with guys.of course being tall isnt better than being short,but being short isnt better either.
Julia said on 27/Mar/11
I like the fact that someone I look up to also is short, like me. I'm barely 160 centimetres and I'm ALWAYS the tiniest around. I'm from Sweden, and most of the other girls in my class are about 170 cm or a bit more. That's a myth about Scandinavia which is actually true, everyone are tall!! except for me;)
Veronica said on 20/Mar/11
Great...SJP is the same height as me, so maybe I can borrow her clothes when we become best friends. lol j/k
Anon said on 27/Feb/11
Short women dont despair. We can wear heels and look average height. Heels, in my oppinion are more flattering than flat shoes for a woman. The above average ones however have a bit of a problem, as they cannot make themselves shorter.
milayla said on 26/Feb/11
@tall guy,dont give importance to people who doesnt deserve it.just dont responde,it is a heartless world we are living.of course being short isnt beter than being tall,and that is from a 1.58 girl
tall guy said on 26/Feb/11
a lot of short girls look really great but tall girls also can look great and aslon have heart.STOP being so rude
tall guy said on 26/Feb/11
and something more my gfriend or other tall girls dont need a man for help for something because they are full grown women not fake pseudo kitty childish short girls.i know i am rude and i am sorry i have short friends about that but i just cant stand some comments
rach said on 24/Feb/11
I am 5'3 and saw SJP on the street one day, and she looked just an inch or so shorter than me. So she must be tiny. At 5'3 everyone everyone says I am "tiny" or "the smallest person in the world" so I can't imagine how SJP feels. But I feel as if her height is perfect for her character, because with smaller girls men feel as if they are inferior and always need "protecting", which is how a lot of men treat Carrie.
Monica said on 19/Jan/11
Short actress or tall actress, who cares if you're good at what you do and you don't just show your ass because you're hot without talent. She's maybe short, but she's doing fine at her job. Plus, it's harder for short girls to have a chance in movies where almost all of their co-stars are 5'9 and + .
greek guy said on 11/Jan/11
tall girls girlfriend is five ten and a half and when i am kissing her legs they are like they will never end.and she is cute and not lanky or arrogant.
tall guy said on 11/Jan/11
@linda you are ridiculous and rude and annoying
another shorty said on 9/Dec/10
here is what's my husband always says to me: "The most expensive presents always come in smaller boxes".
Shorty said on 5/Dec/10
I'm 4'4, which is obviously really short for a 19 year old girl, but in my opinion anyhing 5' to 5'5ish is considerably average height for a woman. 5'6 and up is tall
mini said on 24/Jun/09
i am 5'1 and appreciate all forms of beauty in woman. i have people telling me i am beautiful everyday and every now and then girls put me down about being short and it is really hurtful. to the point where now i have a complex about it but i do not feel the need to put others down about their height. i just wish everyone would excpet all women for how they are in their own way of beauty. i wish there were small super models and tall super models and less pressure on women to conform to what is considerd beautiful. and bitchy girls, please do not put down your own gender due to insecurities, clearly this is why women can never stick together like men do and our typical characteristics are ridiculed by men. everyone needs to be kinder and more mature. why dont we try complimenting girls rather then putting them down.
kleigh. said on 7/Jun/09
Bazeley, that's Chris Noth in the picture, and I think he is also like 6"4'.
bazeley said on 16/May/09
Minime, who is SJP with in that picture ? is that John Corbett? Cuz he is anyway a tall chap, like 6 '4. And I agree, she looks terribly tiny there!
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/09
For the tall girls complaining about their heights, be appreciative! I'd love to be 5'8 unfortunately, I am barely 5'1.
zeldaaa said on 23/Apr/09
I also bumped into SJP on the streets of NYC last February (and btw, she is probably one of the most down-to-earth celebrity out there. A very nice and polite person). I'm 5"0' so I'm very short. She wore small heals and I can tell you she was tall compared to me. My sight was about at the level of her shoulders. I think she is between 5"3 and 5"4
5'1 said on 30/Mar/09
Me and my wife met her on the streets in New York and my wife took a pic with her.They were both wearing flats and my wife is 5'4 and she looked much taller.
minime said on 28/Mar/09
Click Here

looking very, very small here!
J.Lee said on 22/Feb/09
Rob. do you think she is this short? I am just watching the oscars and she only seems a few inches shorter than Daniel Craig. I can't tell what heels she is wearing because of her dress.
Denise said on 11/Feb/09
I not realizing that I was short until I was 28 years old (long time ago), am alway curious as to what I 'really' look like from other peoples perspective, height and so on. Funny, I am 5'2 3/4" ALSO, got a good idea what I look like now. Sara looks good.
Ann said on 3/Feb/09
Cassie, I know exactly what you mean. No one believes that I'm 5f2 barefoot because I'm almost 5f5 with 4" heels on and am even taller when I wear platforms. These celebs that say that they are 5f2 most likely aren't unless they are in heels! Sarah looks to be 5f1 at the most but in heels is almost 5f4.
TJ said on 3/Feb/09
All true Cassie and of course LOTS of guys love petite girls. It doesn't work the same for guys though. There isn't a nice term like 'petite' when a guy is below average. He is just called short. And while some women do well romantically by being petite, it's NEVER a plus for men.
Sami said on 2/Feb/09
Are we really trying to figure out the height of someone who always wears her heals? Haha! 5'2 or 5'3" sounds accurate, I'm even shorter than her so I can wear 4 inch heals if I choose & it'll just barely bring me up to average height!
cassie said on 1/Feb/09
Being petite is "looking at things another way".

I am 5'2, but look taller because I am slender... some even think I am 5'4; a customer at my work thought I was 5'5! I carry myself with confidence, am polite, and "walk tall"... so it gives off that impression.

Are there times I wish I were taller? Yes. I felt that way when I was jean shopping today; "short" is what "average" used to be length-wise. I wish I actually WAS 5'4... it may or may not happen.

There's a grace with being tall... but there's that same grace with being petite, not short.
5 ft 3.2 said on 19/Jan/09
THAT SHORT? Not much shorter than me, yeah, but I thought she was at LEAST 5'6"! And no one pay attention to what Zoe is saying, she just wishes that she could be taller! Zoe, shut up! Tall, slim people are more elegant than you'll ever be. Face it; you want to be taller. You know you do.
yoyo said on 18/Dec/08
shes once claim 5ft2,5ft3 and 5ft4. Looks more like 5ft1.5 to me.
Becky said on 9/Dec/08
Sarah Jessica Parker looks taller than the rest of the cast members on sex and the city because of how skinny her body looks i'd say she's 5'3 to like 5'1 she's dang short for a woman when you're a short person you can look taller than some of your friends on camera without realizing that you can get away with the director's idea for your character!
Four footsies said on 9/Nov/08
I think she's probably shorter than 5 feet. It's like a magic number ~5 feet~. Or, if one says 4-foot something, ouch, that is short. It hurts to say more than 4-feetsies & change. Especially when looking at her next to the other celebrities. If yer gonna lie, might as well get your money's worth, or height in this case.
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/08
There are alot of idiots on here, just because you are short or tall or whatever doesn't mean you are more BEAUTIFUL, hell man, yous equally beautiful no matter your stupid height, and I agree with Randi and anyone who isn't ashamed to be what height they are. As much as ridiculous it is for tall people to bring down short people, but being short doesn't make you different to tall people (OH being short make me way more beautiful than tall people) I'm sorry but it just sounds like you are trying to up yourself, because you know tall people get more compliments and ****, no offence, but it don't mean you can't be beautiful.
why not said on 1/Nov/08
I've alway heard 5 ft. 4 for her. Wasn't she the taller one form that "Square Pegs" show, how tall was the other girl(s)?
Anyway, she is very dainty but that doesn't make her shorter. Vanessa Marcil is also a dainty 5 ft. 4 woman. People can be dainty or larger built regardless of height.
Shaggo said on 30/Oct/08
Tall and short are both beautiful! No need to hate! And please, your = possessive. you're = you are! Love!
Randi said on 25/Oct/08
i am 5 11. i wear heels every day. every day. I don't wear wimpy heels either... I wear 4 inch heels. I then 6 3 and am a size four. Every where I go guys loveeee it and I get "I am so jealous of how tall you are" and "oh my goddd your so tall and amazingg" i tower over my friends sometimes but i don't care. being tall is so awesome and i love it. the ONLY problem is finding clothes but I am a fashion designer so not a prob for me! It makes me soooo angry that tall people in here are ashamed of their height. so sad and pathetic.
Zoe said on 22/Oct/08
And to anonymous, you sound like a giant with an inferiority complex. Tall people might look good in magazines but in real life they look lanky, awkward, and graceless. Not to mention there is nothing attractive about a woman with big manly hands and feet. Look at Brooke Shields, she used to be so pretty in Blue Lagoon but she kept growing and now she looks like a man. Long legs but big feet, big hands, big back. It guess it works if you are after the drag queen look.
Zoe said on 22/Oct/08
I am 5'3" and I consider myself to be a beautiful intelligent woman. (At the risk of sounding arrogant, my apologies.) I don't understand why SJP pretends to be taller than she is. For one, nobody believes her because she looks shorter than 5'4". Then, she still wouldn't be attractive, even if she was 6 feet tall. She should focus on taking acting lessons instead...
[: said on 21/Oct/08
Pathetic, im five four, not that it matters and i love my height. So you guys should alll love your height, honestly.
Christine said on 7/Oct/08
I am short, 5'1", and wear flats a lot, and it doesn't bother me at all. I always encourage tall women who want to wear heels to go for it! Don't worry about 'towering' over people. Look and feel the way YOU want to feel, not the way you might make "others" feel. If others have a problem with a tall woman wearing heels or a short woman wearing flats, that reflects on their OWN insecurities, not the woman who chooses what to wear. BTW, my husband of (almost) 20 years is 6'2" and height has NEVER been an issue for us. I wore 1" heels on my wedding day! Confort over "what will people think", because, frankly, confidence is within each person, not determined by what others say.
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/08
you guys are all stupid!!! nothing is cool about being short!! if your too short you get a handicap sticker a disability check and you cant ride all the rides!! so short is a luxury!?? ha ha you guys are ridiculous. everybody knows tall is beautiful, so why are you making it seem like short is a fab luxury?? i dont think so. if your tall look even better wearing heels adn bossting your height. beautiful is tall and tall is beutiful. thats a common error most short people make, oh tall people caant wear heels, bull **** the taller the better so slip on some 4" heels and look like a model, their like 6' something poeple and arent they gorgeous and always wearing heels?? uhh YEAH
Anna said on 5/Oct/08
She's beautiful and can't be more than 5f1.
Laura said on 5/Oct/08
i am so jealous 'm 5'9 and would kill to be short i love having long legs but also have a shoe obsession i buy gorgeous shoes and never wear any of them because i cant stand towering over people. all my friends are 5'3 or shorter and always wear ballet flats, liek come on! they always rag on me for being so tall so wearing heels just isnt an option.
City gal said on 26/Sep/08
Yes and let me point out to everybody that most tall people have long legs not long torso's. I'm 5'5 and am often confused to be alot taller simply because my legs are very long. Some tall people often look short because they have short legs and are chunky. Short people can look tall if they have long legs, longs leg give an illusion. I dunno why everybody is bashing tall people? Models are tall and they are gorgeous my best friend is 4' 9 and gorgeous so does it matter?!
Short & Sweet said on 24/Sep/08
Height has nothing to do with being cute or beautiful.. 'A petite girl' below is right when she says "for every short girl there's a man who loves the fact he can cuddle up to her and protect her and adores her petite proportions". I'm 5ft 1"-something and my darling boyfriend (now fiance, wedding's this Feb) is 6ft 2" and towers over me even when I'm in 4-inch heels.. But he constantly talks about how he loves the fact that he could just carry me around in his pocket if he wanted to.. In fact, tall girls really don't do anything for him, no matter how beautiful or sexy they might be..
Happyand lucky said on 22/Sep/08
Beautiful has nothing to do with looks or heights it has to do with connections in Hollywood. If you have connections you can have a stand put under you and still be a star and all magazines refer to how beautiful you are. If they dont the reporter is fired!! Money and influence goes a long way.
alex said on 13/Sep/08
Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, Julie Christie are some of the most beautiful women ever to be in movies. They were all under 5'4". Julie Christie just 5'2" and Vivien Leigh, Ms Scarlett O'Hara I believe was 5"3". Don't fret petite women are amongst the most beautiful and men adore them.
steph said on 13/Sep/08
i always thought she was TINY. i mean like under 5 foot... 5 foot 1 max.
Sosa said on 24/Aug/08
That snark lady is rude. There are also plenty of men (and yes, tall men) who actually do like shorter women. But honestly , what does that matter? And cute? puh-lease at least they don't have to call tall people snooty, pretentious, and yes also very bratty simply by reading your comment.
Ruby said on 19/Aug/08
Yeh - in SATC the movie Big is on one knee in the closet scene at the end and he comes up to her shoulders
yoney said on 11/Aug/08
@Snark, I can easily say that I disagree with you. In fact, I think the opposite. I think, many men don't find tall women atrractive.
Anonymous said on 5/Aug/08
Im 5'1 and a size 7 and weigh 49kilos and am attractive. I never judge people by their height but the person they are. A good heart and a great personality matters more than how the person looks. Reading a previous entry from "Snark" i'd like to say your childish and quiet petty! Being tall does no make you better than everyone else.. my ex was 6'3 and he was attracted to me the way that iam. "Snark" you really must be insecure and obviously you feel better about yourself when you put others down_ which is sad! Everyone is beautiful in their own way and beauty is in the eye of the beholder! :)
btw said on 25/Jul/08
they are aren't as good looking as these short people. Short people are better proportioned and most tall people are of very odd proportions???
im 5'10 and perfectly proportional, good looks have nothing to do with height, and a persons character doesnt depend on their height, your just a bunch on angry short people and angry tall people trying to prove to everyone else that youre somehow better
sara said on 9/Jul/08
Lol its so funny when tall people on here have bad stuff to say. And its probably because they are aren't as good looking as these short people. Short people are better proportioned and most tall people are of very odd proportions. They seem to have really long torso's, and thats what gives them that tall look.
sara said on 9/Jul/08
5'6 is 2 inches above average height anonymous
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/08
im 5'6.5, almost 5'7, and i get called "so tall", maybe b/c i wear heels a lot and have very long legs and i weigh 120 and could appear less than that? i dunno, i think im average, but lots of people mistake my height for 5'8-5'10!!!!!!!
runt said on 19/Jun/08
soapstar says on 2/Jun/08
It is true that 5 feet 4 isn't "petite"
Yes. Because since most women wear heels alot, a 5-4 woman can often look 5-6 or 5-7. Even 5-3 is just below average. I'd say under 5-3 and well proportioned is 'petite'. Under 5-3 and badly proportioned is 'short'. Skinny and small boned is 'tiny' even if she's kind of tall. But since Madison Avenue has defined runway models as the target for female beauty, a lot of average height women get called short or petite.
Crystal said on 7/Jun/08
I'm 5'4 and am always called "tiny" for reasons like SJP. I honestly thought she was taller than 5'2.. but then agian it hollywood. I wonder how much she weights?
Eliza said on 3/Jun/08
Well, last time in New York, I felt very tall and I was only 5'4, so 5'6 (like "lil lee") can be pretty tall for a New Yorker actually.
Elle said on 3/Jun/08
5'4 did seem a bit tall for her. somewhere between 5'2 and 2'3 makes more sense.
glenn said on 2/Jun/08
much offence to gary actually.fuk off.
soapstar said on 2/Jun/08
It is true that 5 feet 4 isn't "petite" because that means short & in America means being 5 feet 3 or under but the word is often confused with "tiny" which can definitely describe some women that are of average height.
SJP is small boned and thin but she doesn't have to be short for that. Vanessa Marcil is also a small-boned & tiny 5 fett 4 inch women.
Realme2008 said on 1/Jun/08
No, offense but why are you even on this site if you don't care to discuss height?
The whole point of this site is to discuss height, so why exactly are you on here again
Gary said on 31/May/08
Get a life people!! Who cares how tall SJP is? If she's 5' tall or 8' tall makes no difference to anyone with a real life!
Realme2008 said on 29/May/08
You are a 5'6" guy, and you don't consider yourself short?! Really, because that's 3 inches shorter than the average male (5'9"), and some say that the average height for an American Male is 5'10". So that would mean 4.
LIL LEE said on 29/May/08
In news articles she is always said to be very petite or doll like and 5'4" is not very petite. It's average. I'm a 5'6" guy and I never see myself as short so 5'4" isn't very short either. I would give Sarah 5'3" ish
frenchie77 said on 28/May/08
I met both SJP and Bjork in NYC the same year they are both short! Im 5'3" and stood at least one inch over them (probably more, but I focused at the time on other things!) Did you read the other comments Snark, issues is correct! Not only are you height-ist, but sounds like youre sexist too. Are short men loud and bratty too, or just females? You dont sound very worldly..
catherine said on 22/May/08
I have met Sarah and she is around 5'3. Matthew Broderick is around 5'7 without heels.
Rachel said on 20/May/08
Snark, you sure have some things wrong about short women. My mother is a very petite 4'.10" and is very soft spoken. Despite her lack of education, she is very intelligent and not a 'show off'. My sisters and I are all between 5'0 and 5'5". We are very well educated, self sufficient and "ladies" at all times. We are not "Brats." I pity how insecure you must around those of us that are short ,that you have to bash us. Even though you are 5'8", you have a lot of growing up to do!
XXX said on 17/May/08
Here, here I agree with bettyblue and Anonymous. Snark, you've got issues and you are spiteful. What goes around comes around.
Jason said on 16/May/08
You sound like one angry Jewess, Snark.
Anonymous said on 15/May/08
lol Bettyblue. To snark "Short is not unattractive, its just a different kind of beauty." WHY did you harp on for a paragraph listing everything YOU believe to be negative about being short, and then offer your stupid husband's views as if they're going to matter and then end with a comment like that? "I'm 5'8.25", wear 3+" heels and love, love, love what G-d gave me"...Go jump off a cliff you man. Stop being a bitch. Guess what? If your husband is into bitches then no respectable girl (tall or short) would want to date him either.
bettyblue said on 15/May/08
For 'snark'. Bless you for being so insecure. Your uneducated comments, which have obvious underlying sad experiences behind them, proved that it's not just small women who have the capacity to be 'loud brats'. You do tall women no favours at all, lanky girl. 5'8" isn't that tall so be careful, one man's tall is another man's short bird...I feel you protest too much and have a secret complex. I think your husband secretly fancies little girls...
Snark said on 15/May/08
My best friend is 5'1" and passed SJP while walking in the Village about a month ago. Both were in flats, my friend said SJP is only about an inch taller than she is. Also, SJP is quite thin, which gives the false impression she is taller. The one constant I've observed with short women is that when they don't get the attention they want (possibly because they are short?) they resort to being loud and obnoxious. My husband (6'1") has never been attracted to short women because as he says they tend to be loud brats who exploit their "cuteness" long after their "cute" has expired. Also, as people age they lose height, imagine being 5' tall at 20 and 4'8" by 70! Dreadful! Small boned short women are at greater risk for osteoporosis which reduces their height further. Short is not unattractive, its just a different kind of beauty. I'm 5'8.25", wear 3+" heels and love, love, love what G-d gave me.
Anonymous said on 5/May/08
i'd say 5'2.5 judging from the difference with her and the others on SATC and the pic below of her and ellen page. no more-not a true 5'3.
Amanda said on 21/Apr/08
She looked so tiny in 'Footloose.'

She's so cute.
aimee said on 2/Apr/08
look at this picture of SJP and Ellen Page. Ellen is 5'0.5 or something like that, SJP doesn't look almost 3 inches taller than her. I believe their shoes are similar. 5'2 max for SJP.
Click Here
Brett said on 2/Apr/08
Check this out- Here she is next to 5'8 Matthew Broderick looking to be about 3 inches shorter than he is, and she is clearly wearing 3 inch heels (at least!) I'd say she's more like 5'1 or 5'2, TOPS.
sf said on 1/Apr/08
Yes, SJP still isn't 5'3".
ananymous said on 31/Mar/08
just so you all know, im 5'3 and everytime someone tells me im short i want to go off and cry. watch what you say, because yes, it hurts more than you could ever believe
dee said on 29/Mar/08
Are you kidding Anne. How can anyone wonder why celebs lie about their height when you are posting on this site. Just the fact that you are saying to "downgrade" her makes it sound like a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with being small, but people on this site seem to think so with comments like "that's so short". And the thing that really irks me when people say when someones short, but good looking. It's like being short is a bad thing when there's nothing you can do about your height.
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/08
Why is Reese Witherspoon listed on this site as 5'2, whilst there is a photo of her and SJP where she looks at least 2 inches taller? Time to downgrade SJP to 5'.
Fay said on 28/Feb/08
SJP needs to get over herself in more ways than one. she's clearly 5'2 or less!
Kate said on 17/Dec/07
I know a girl in this picture:
Click Here
second in from the left, and she is 5'8. In the picture my friend was wearing flats and SJP was wearing at LEAST 3 inch heels, and my friend was still taller than her by a few inches. My friend said that they told the girls in the white dresses to wear flats, probably to take SJP appear taller because she was surprisingly short. Sarah is about 5'2!
heightfan said on 4/Dec/07
Time to downgrade SJP to 5'2", the pick with Reese is the final straw!
anne said on 3/Dec/07
downgrade to 5'2. it's shame that someone so famous and influential is lying about her height. there's nothing to be ashamed of!!! she's 5'2 and fabulous!
sf said on 20/Nov/07
Yea, Rob - this one's way too tall. 5'1" or 5'2" at most. Just like Davy Jones...
hi said on 13/Nov/07
the pic with reese witherspoon speaks volumes. she looks to have higher heels, and even if she's slouching, she really ought to be downgraded. at least an inch
Sandra said on 27/Oct/07
i agree - there's just no way she's 5'3. she looks so small in frame and in height and looking at that picture with her and reese (who is 5'2), i'd say SJP is about 5'1 tops. She should probably be downgraded - 5'3 is just not accurate.
Anonymous said on 18/Oct/07
vv, she is slightly leaning in this pic, however she does, indeed look at least 1.5 shorter than 5'2 reese-which would make her something like 5'1, give or take, which i've always assumed was her true height anyway. now that we know kim cattrall is really only 5'7 or so, we can see that she still has at least 4-5 inches on parker in SATC, even when they both have huge heels on! rob or glenn, DOWNGRADE!!!!!! she is shorter than people like sarah michelle gellar, jessica simpson, and shannen doherty-all listed here at 5'2.5!
vv said on 13/Oct/07
downgrade sjp to 4'11 please
it is clear she is 2 inches shorter than 5'2 reese, plus she has 1" higher shoes on.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/07
why isn't she downgraded yet? just look at any pic with her and any other celeb -especially a woman-who is over 5'5. the difference is so obvious! she's no more than 5'2.5, and that's even generous.
patricia said on 18/Sep/07
I would say SJP is just 5'. Really, in the picture with 5'7" Diane Keaton, she looks 20 cm. shorter. And when we see the picture of Diane Keaton with 6' Steve Martin, we can notice that Diane is not wearing so high heels (being a normal difference according to their height). Adding that SJP wears always super high heels...well, 5'.
Consider also the difference between her and 6'2" Chris North. The difference is huge (consider again the super heels).
hyejin said on 14/Sep/07
i live in nyc and ran into sarah jessica parker today in the chelsea of manhattan. she jumped out of a waiting car and ran into whole foods. i was really surprised at how tiny she is. she is very short and so skinny. i'd say she is less than 5'2", which is what i am. she was dressed very casually in some slip on white shoes (sneakers?), and white and gray shorts and tshirt. she was trying to put the bottom of her hair closer to her chin. it looks like she was kind of trying to go incognito, but that mole on her chin is easy to spot a mile away. anyway, she looked great.
anonymous said on 20/Aug/07
The picture with Renee Z. is not a good example. Jessica is visibly leaning back on the wall.
ras said on 6/Aug/07
Yes indeed, in that same event of the picture Frankie posted in June 21 Renee looks about two inches or so taller than Sarah in a lot of pictures, like if Renee is 163 cm (which I think she is) then Sarah must be 158, that's how Glenn looks next to 168 persons (more precisely 5 ft 6.25 persons) so I think Sarah must be downgraded to 5 ft 2.25 in. Just check out these pics
Click Here
Check out exactly the pages 1, 5 and 6 where Renee is standing next to Sarah, she looks clearly 5 cms taller. On page 5 on image 26 where they are speaking face to face Renee looks clearly taller than 3 cms than Sarah.
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/07
becca, are u an adolescent? you came to this site and posted a comment, so you must be interested! and then went on to desribe your own height! you obviously do have problems with it! lmao
Becca said on 28/Jul/07
Are most of these comments from adolescents? That's the only time in my life that I obsessed about my height, my nose, my ankles, my shoulder blades and every other thing that was "different" from the majority of my peers. I'm 5'4" and have NEVER had a problem with it!
denise said on 11/Jul/07
I've met her and she is nowhere near 5'3". I'd say closer to 5' if that. I'm 5'1" and when I met her we both had heels and I had to look down to talk to her.
Anonymous said on 4/Jul/07
ok, glenn and rob, how much more proof do u need to downgrade her?? in the pic posted by frankie on 6/21, she is clearly a few inches shorter-and they both have heels on-than 5-4-ish renee zellweger! c'mon, she's def not more than 5'2 at best.and, u have kim cattrall on here at 5-6.5-sh'es much takker than sarah on the show, way more than 3 inches.
zellynnicious said on 27/Jun/07
A Girl, ur so f***ing right :((:((:((, i`m 5'6'' and i want to be like SJP, i think that she look fantastic even though she is far from being perfect, she has those strange legs, but that`s exactly what i like about her. I wish i was 5'4'', so i`m trying hard to make me feel O.K. And i hate ppl teeling me: u sould get a taller boyfriend (6 up), i hate taller and skiny man with long legs...uf life is such a lil`B???
Frankie said on 21/Jun/07
She looks a few inches shorter than Renee Zellweger in this photo, who's meant to be 5'3"-4".
Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/Jun/07
surely if we do some basic math we can work out how tall SJP is? If her hubby is 5'7 and she always looks a couple of inches shorter than him in photos so say 5'5 minus the four inch heels (at least!) she wears than shouldn't she be about 5'1????
anonymous said on 6/Jun/07
To PrivateJoker:

I am also 5'1" asian female. For the longest time my height used to bother me and I felt that I was inferior whenever I saw a tall female. Recently however I have started to change my thinking. You have to ask yourself if it is really that important that such superficial men who like tall women and long legs are what you really want in life. At the end of the day, happiness is a choice and obsessing about your height which you cannot control is not a way to achieve happiness. It would be so sad that if something happened to you tommorow you would have completed a life where such superficial things were important!
Anonymous said on 28/May/07
ok, rob or glenn, if you recently downgraded kim cattrall's height to 5'6.5, then you DEF must downgrade SJP's!!!! there's no way that there is only 3.5 inches between these 2-have u ever seen any episode of SATC??? kim towers over sarah
natalie said on 19/Apr/07
here's the right link for the post below! sorry!
Click Here
natalie said on 17/Apr/07
in this pic, beside the 5'6.5 Dianne Keaton, SJP is at LEAST 5 inches shorter (not includeing the huge heels she's probably wearing)--I'd say she's 5'1 pushing 5'1.5.
Click Here
X said on 4/Apr/07
It's just a case of the grass always being greener...

Short people were heels and tall people crouch. There are good and bad aspects of both. The best thing is to accept yourself & others for just what they are.

After all, it's all relative and just comes down to personal preference anyway.
So all the "trolls", "amazons", and "ordinary" individuals unite!
MMS said on 7/Mar/07
Well, I think the grass is always greener on the other side, I'm almost 5'3", and I never liked being samller, I always wanted to be tall. So, I think all women and men need to be happy with the way they are and make the best of it :P
A Girl said on 6/Mar/07
I'm stunned to hear people complaining about being short! At 5'7" i already feel huge and clunky, I can't imagine being 5'10, 6'0", 6'3" and a woman! I don't care what fashion models look like, that's just not for me. I always wear super-flat ballet-style shoes, never heels (I feel so goofy and awkward in them! and I can walk in them fine, I just feel stupidly tall in them), have a giant boyfriend of 6'4" which makes me feel wonderfully small. I think women the size of SJP are fantastic-looking. Being shorter probably makes it harder to manage a healthy weight, but I think shorter women look soooo much better than taller ones when they're curvier.

Yes, yes. I'd much rather be SJPs size than Giselle Bundchen's *gag*.
Jenna said on 19/Feb/07
Well, as a 6' woman, I can tell you that these kinds of insecurities are to be found in women of all sizes. For a LONG time I felt terribly insecure about my height, mainly because of jealousy from "average" sized females. *sigh* Thankfully, I have learned to appreciate myself so it is no longer an issue. :)

As for Sarah Jessica, I strongly suspect that she (as the ego maniac she appears to be) is responsible for the apparent "heightening" of the other cast members of Sex and the city.
Private Joker said on 13/Feb/07
oh if you've never "moaned" about anything? i think it's good to discuss these things -- discourse is needed if we want to change any of the social pressures that currently exist. i would never have felt insecure about my height if i didn't always hear "oh gosh she's beautiful and tall and has long legs" and see tall models in magazines etc. growing up. i would never have thought about my height if the world hadn't seemed to shove it in my face. i think a lot of people feel that way with certain hang ups they have about themselves.
Julie Dot Leo said on 1/Feb/07
Does anyone know the height or any information about Trade Mark who was famous for the song 'Only Love' ?
Kate said on 1/Feb/07
I'm just a little over 5'0'' and I've never had a problem - except for buying jeans. There are hundreds of beautiful short women.. take Gillian Anderson, Kylie and Eva Longoria to mention but a few. Men love short, petite women and I think myself lucky to have such a neat shape. Why would you want to be average in everything? It's boring! Work with your appearance and make your self look different from the crowds. Everyone looks great if they're healthy and fit and they take a bit of pride in their appearance. Now stop moaning!
Megan said on 28/Jan/07
Yes height matters very much for women just as it does for men. Coming from a women is 5'1", everything Private Joker said is correct. Men always talk about how they love long legs and let me tell you that it doesn't make short women feel worthy because it is hard for us to have long legs. Everyone makes a big fuss over the thinness of models, but no one comments on how they are tall and how that makes women feel when the average person is 5'4" and models are around 5'10". I think the requirements for supermodels are absolutely ridiculous and they should get more varitey of women on the runway. I am just sick of the message that tall is beautiful and short is childish and frumpy.
Leah said on 4/Jan/07
Actually most people I know who are 5'4" consider themselves short. And most people 5'6" consider themselves average height. I wonder if they include they elderly in the stats when the calculate the average height.
Hugh said on 2/Jan/07
I had to laugh at Miss Parker saying she was 'short' at 5'4"! That's average height for American women! I've even heard a woman describe herself as 'short' at 5'8"!! What is with some people. Do they compare themselves to supermodels or something? I've never understood why women worry about their height anyway. I understand it with men, as height is associated with masculinity, but there's never been such an association for women.
anonymous said on 1/Dec/06
i saw her in person while filming sex and the city numerous times, and there is no way in hell she is 5'4!! she is very, very short, 5-2, maybe even 5'1! and very, very skinny! even skinnier than what the camera lets on!
Glenn said on 14/Oct/06
Thats Robs duty to adjust.I supply photos and stories.thanks.
Megan said on 13/Oct/06
Glenn I think she needs to be downgraded. Most people have posted that she is definetly under 5'3".
Megan said on 6/Oct/06
i know people that have met her and say she is 5'2" at the most!
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/06
world2000k - That is NOT Geena Davis. That is Kim Cattrall who is 5'10.
noelle said on 4/Aug/06
a friend of mine saw sjp somewhere and said she's about my size, and i'm a little over 5'0
SJM said on 27/Jul/06
I saw Sarah Jessica Parker at a resaurant in LA. I was very surprised at how tiny she was. I'm a little over 5'4" and she was at least an inch shorter than me. I was standing at the bar and she walked right passed me. We were both wearing 3 inch heals. She's so cute though.
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/06
Ran into SGP (literally) about 5 vears ago. Her head bumped into me mid-chest and I'm 6' even. Can't say for sure how tall she is, but she's clearly on the downside of 5'3"
petite blonde said on 6/Jul/06
Sarah is definitely no taller than 5 feet two inches. She wears 4 inch heels.
world2000k said on 18/Jun/06
Check out this link, Sarah Jessica Parker with Geena Davis.
Click Here
wasa said on 21/May/06
interesting new article/interview (by a woman) i stumbled upon: Click Here

here's the good stuff: "... and possibly the highest heels I have ever seen anyone walk in except on a catwalk - they're skyscraper stilettos in black lace over nude, and they lift Parker a good five or six inches off the ground. She insists the shoes feel "like flip-flops" to her; this is the only point in the interview when I think she is almost certainly fibbing. She is tiny, but with some features - nose, jaw, hands - that seem sized for a larger person."
rossella said on 30/Apr/06
mee too, just 161 cm, but I'm not her. Anda her feet how long? and her weight?
measdey said on 21/Apr/06
A few weeks ago I saw Jessica on The View Show. She looks very small. I think she is around 5'1"-5'2" the most.
cicilolo said on 2/Apr/06
I think she's 5'4 shes. I've read a couple times not here thats shes 5'3.5 also then 5'4 too alot. So don't know?
cc said on 1/Mar/06
gotta lower her....I've seen her around NYC many time, I'm 5'4 1/2", and she's just a touch taller than me in the highest heels she wears. When she's in sneakers, like when she's been out with the baby stroller, she is SEVERAL inches shorter than me in sneakers. My educated guess from seeing her close up these 10-15 times is 5'1 1/2"
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Feb/06
Elle magazine 2003:
"So it's just my jaw dropping as I reach down to shake her hand. I feel huge; perhaps because I am huge in relation to an actress who appears to be a few blonde hairs shy of five foot. Everyone says this, but she really is unfeasibly small. She reminds me of a tiddly-wink: bright, polished and so slight she might slip down the side of a sofa"
Kate said on 15/Feb/06
Yeah. 5'3" seems right. Here she is with Diane Keaton (5'7") at the Family Stone premiere. Looks 4" shorter than her. You can see she's wearing really high heels so she could be even shorter than 5'3".
gyllenhaalic823 said on 13/Feb/06
thanks for downgrading this one =)) she is definetely under 5'3"
kendra said on 9/Feb/06
I remember she did an interview with David Letterman a few years ago and he asked how tall she was and she said she was 5'1 I don't think you can get anymore proof than that. I don't know why people lie about their height, I mean who really cares. I'm 5'1 and a lot of women I know are under 5'4 as well. Just think of all the tall women out there over 5'7 there must be a lot of women under 5'4 to make that the average height of women.
phil said on 29/Jan/06
I work as an actor and did a scene with Matthew Broderick in the movie Mrs. Parker and the Viscious Circle. Broderick is no taller than 5'6", which means Sarah Jessica is 5'-5'1".
gyllenhaalic823 said on 29/Jan/06
oh emm gee nice work sunbeame!! she is teeensy!!!
???? said on 28/Jan/06
are you sure?
i saw her. my dad is 5'4". no heels. we saw her at bloomingdale's and she was definately taller than my dad. with heels. but the heels were only 2 inches.
sunbeame said on 18/Jan/06

MASSIVE heels (5 inchers?) and still 2 inches or so shorter than her husband, putting her at 5'1 max.
theheightguru said on 26/Dec/05
Nice Pic A,
Either Matthew Broderick is a 6 footer, or she really is shorter than 5'4.
theheightguru said on 21/Dec/05
Here is a pic of she and Nicholas Cage. She's standing fairly straight and wearing shoes with about a 1 and a half in. heel. He's wearing sneakers and standing with his legs further apart. She STILL looks as though she barely reaches the top of his head.
darkie said on 10/Dec/05
I met her we were both wairin fIats which is very unusual of her I'm five three and I was at least 1 inch taller than her
sunbeame said on 8/Dec/05
She looked about 5ft5 or so with these huge heels on. And i'm talking HUGE!!
Lindsay said on 3/Dec/05
I saw her on Jonathon Ross too and agree she looked teeny about 5"2.5! I imagined her to be taller but thinking back she always wore 5 inch heels on S.A.T.C and looked a lot shorter than all of her co-stars!
sunbeame said on 2/Dec/05
I always thought she was about 5ft 4, but have just seen her on Johnathan Ross and she was so small. I know he's a tall bloke but she was wearing these HUGE heels, 5 inch mimimum, and seemed barely past his shoulder.Without the heels she would have been around the 5ft mark or so i would guess. I was really surprised i'd never realised how short she was when watching SATC!
starwars23 said on 23/Nov/05
wow I never really knew her height but I would have always guessed that she was 5'1"
Cady said on 28/Oct/05
Please downgrade her she is 5"3 at at push!!! Nearly 5"4 is nonsense as even with heels on and kim cattrall in flats she is dwafted by her on Sex and The City!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/05
She wouldn't call herself short if she was five foot four. I've noticed a pattern that a lot of actresses will call themselves short and claim to be 5'4". they say they're short because it reality, they know that without their heels, they're 5'2 or 5'3"
CelebHeights Editor said on 26/Sep/05
She still says she's 162..."As a short person — I'm five foot four inches — I count on a nice high heel.". I thought the average American lady was 5ft 4?
theheight guru said on 19/Sep/05
Don't think she is this height. If she were, she wouldn't be so much shorter than Kim Catrall in this pic:{c0b792b0-4e91-4185-93ca-ed3bb898fc14}
Hanne said on 27/Jun/05
In Girls Just Wanna Have Fun she wasn't in heels and looked about 5 ft.
Nilly said on 18/Jun/05
Parker is 5 foot! I'm 5 foot 4 and she was a lot shorter than me, WITH heels as usual, a couple of inches high. I don't know where 5 foot 3 came from. She's no where near that!!!
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/05
my mom and I saw her at JFK and my mom is 5 ft. My mom was an inch or two taller than parker. My mom was probably 5'2 at the time with heals which puts parker at 5 or 5'1
?? said on 21/Feb/05
i'm 5'3 and stood next to her... she's def like 5'1

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