How tall is Joonas Suotamo

Joonas Suotamo's Height

6ft 11 (210.8 cm)

Finnish actor and basketball player, best known for playing Chewbacca in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. In a 2006 newspaper he was mentioned as "6-foot-9 freshman" and coach Ed DeChellis described him as "6-10" in 2005. He claimed to stand 211.5cm tall. On his imdbResume he listed his weight as "225 lbs".
I can see very well from the suit, but in order to reach the crazy height requirement of 7’6″, I have to wear little heel types of things in my shoes — because I’m only [6’10”] myself. So it was difficult, and there were some minor injuries

How tall is Joonas Suotamo
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6ft 10.26in (208.9cm)
Robbe said on 26/Nov/20
Watch this 10min documentary. It says Joonas was 6'9 at the age of 14, and nearly 7ft in the high school Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Nov/20
Pretty interesting that Joonas Suotamo grow 2 inches taller after age of 20 as refer by this quote "In a 2006 newspaper he was mentioned as "6-foot-9 freshman"." Yet he get two times upgrade by Rob started at 6'10 listing.
Vincent Caleb said on 23/Nov/20
I like this upgrade. If he really was 6’10.5” listing then Olivier Richters struggles with 7’0.25”.
Robbe said on 21/Nov/20
@Big Rob, Arie just confirmed Joonas is 0.5cm taller than him, so upgrade is needed (6'11.25) for Joonas.
Editor Rob
6ft 11 for Joonas seems fair then.
Vincent Caleb said on 15/Nov/20
He can pull off 6’11 quite often TBH.
Robbe said on 15/Nov/20
Don't know about that 209cm. Suotamo doesn't look much shorter than Olivier Richters, if we compare both guys next to 173cm dudes.

Click Here

Richters head looks pretty huge there, he is probably standing slightly closer to the camera, compared to Suotamo. Which means Richters is favored there. Yet they don't differ so much. It's pretty hard to believe Richters is 8cm taller than Suotamo, like they are listed now. But anything is possible, of course. These kind of comparisons aren't so accurate, as we know.
recapa said on 14/Nov/20
209cm at low.212cm out of bed.gigantic guys like joonas usually shrink about 1.25 to 1.5 inches.
recapa said on 4/Nov/20
i wanna see kristopher london claiming 6ft10 around joonas who could be around 3 inches taller than him.
6'3 Julian said on 29/Sep/20
“Only 7’0”
Robbe said on 21/Aug/20
Easily 7ft out of bed. In this article he claims 7ft again:

Chewbacca has a hulking physical presence, as Wookies stand very tall and can rip your limbs off with their bare hands. Joonas Suotamo stands at an impressive 7'0, but it turns out that he still needed to wear heels to get even taller. The reason? Because the filmmakers want to make sure he's the same height as the late Peter Mayhew. Suotamo was recently asked if it was hard to act with the Chewie mask on, to which he said:

- It’s actually not difficult at all. Because the mask is so tight on my face, it doesn’t hinder my visibility; I can see fine. And it’s not that heavy. So, it’s not a hard thing to do. I can move fine, but sometimes, I wear these small heels to make me a couple inches taller because I’m only 7’0. That hinders me a little bit but not too much. The intention was to match Peter’s listed height from when he was younger, but when doing running scenes or action shots, we sometimes did not use the high heels.

Article Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Jul/20
Rob, how likely would 7ft out of bed be?
Editor Rob
There is a chance of that mark.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/May/20
He claim 6'11 1/4 then 6'10 maybe he was 6'10 1/4 barefoot and round down 6'10 and the 6'11 1/4 with sneakers.
berta said on 11/Apr/20
the guy have been measured 211,5 the question is when. probably 1 hour ou of bed.
Robbe said on 28/Mar/20
Editor Rob would look like this with Suotamo. That guy is 173cm.

Click Here

I made a comparison Suotamo vs Whyte. Hope you don't mind Rob if i use your height chart there. Suotamo has low shoulder high, but long neck, and bigger forehead than Whyte. Considering head tilt, maybe just an inch difference there?

Click Here

Suotamo looks about 2in taller than 6'9.5 listed Michael Kingma in this comparison.

Click Here

Suotamo has same shoulder height as Kingma, but appears 2in taller, thanks to his neck lol.

Here another comparison Suotamo vs Serge Ibaka, who was listed 6'10 earlier, but is billed now 7ft. Must be a mistake. Anybody know how tall this guy really is?

Click Here

Comparisons like these are not necessery so accurate due to camera angles, distances, and photo resolution, but can give some clue anyway.

Suotamo said in an interview, that all the candidates for Chewbacca were measured before the audition. I wonder if they would have casted Joonas, if he was just 6'10 range? Requirement was 7ft, like Joonas has stated several times. 6'11-6'11.5 is so close to 7ft, that it really doesn't matter weather you pass that line or not.
Editor Rob
I can see the case for 6ft 11 range.
Hanov said on 22/Mar/20

Yeah i thought exactly 6'6.5"
Robbe said on 21/Mar/20
Same TV hosts with Serge Ibaka, and Suotamo.

Click Here

Ibaka is listed at 7ft on Raptor's roster but he is most likely 6'9-6'10 range. Sometimes he looks taller than 6'9.5 Kevin Durant, sometimes shorter. Anyway, looks clearly shorter than Suotamo.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Mar/20
Hanov said on 16/Mar/20
He looks too proportionate for a 210 cm guy, like a 6'6 guy.

Yeah the above photo he has the look of a 6'6-6'7 guy. You wouldn't look at it and think he was three inches taller than Crouchie. This guy has some serious genetics. looks quite good for a man this tall.
Nearly 180cm guy said on 19/Mar/20
Rob, is there any chance to meet this guy and take a photo with him?
Editor Rob
Well I've seen him, but not long enough.
Robbe said on 17/Mar/20
6'10.5 is ok for Joonas, but he can also look 6'11 in many pictures, like with Markkanen, and with that 202cm player. here Joonas with 192cm Paul Bettany.

Click Here

Both guys are 6'5 with Joonas.

Click Here

Same guy with Peter Mayhew, and Joonas. Not so good pic to judge their difference due to Joonas is further away from the camera, and the guy is tiptoeing there. @Big Rob, how tall do you think that guy is? 6'4?

Click Here

Joonas, Peter and 6'10 Ross Sambridge are all very close in heights.

Click Here

Wonder why Joonas claims so accurate figure, 211.5cm if he hasn't measured that height. It can be though early morning measurement, who konows. Or shoe height. Somewhere between 6'10.5 -6'11.5 he probably is.
Hanov said on 16/Mar/20
He looks too proportionate for a 210 cm guy, like a 6'6 guy.
Hanov said on 15/Mar/20
Rob, Can you add him to Tallest Man? You listed him over 6'10"
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Mar/20
6'10 1/2 won't do any surprise but 6'11 i don't think so. Robbe may believe he is 6'11-6'11 1/2 but with alot of known height actors around him the max he look to be struggle 6'10 3/4 max.
Robbe said on 21/Feb/20
Found couple of pics from 2011-2012, when Joonas was active basketball player, in Espoo Basket Team. Here Joonas (#44) next to 200cm player (#43) Click Here

Here Joonas next to 195cm player (#45] and 202cm player (#20) Click Here

Joonas was listed as 209cm by his team back then. What do you think Rob, does he look 209cm, or 211,5cm?
Editor Rob
If the player 20 is 202 you can see 211 range possible.
Rocky889 said on 19/Feb/20
Interesting same height as me
Robbe said on 28/Jan/20
Well, 6'10.5 is a good start, even though 6'11 would have been closer to the truth. Here Lauri with his 6'10 dad, Pekka Markkanen. Joonas looks clearly taller than Pekka.

Click Here

I think Joonas 211,5cm claim (6'11.25) is what he really is.
Robbe said on 27/Jan/20
Joonas with a legit 7ft Lauri Markkanen. That's not 2in difference.

Click Here

Also, don't let their eyelines fool you, Joonas has bigger forehead than Lauri.
@Big Rob, you should really upgrade Joonas to his 6'11.5 claim. 6'10 is too low.
Editor Rob
Whilst I don't know about 6ft 11.5, I can see how 6ft 10.5-11 is believable.
Nippu said on 18/Jan/20
Hint under 7ft.
Robbe said on 31/Dec/19
Joonas with 191cm Arttu Harkki. Looks easily a good 20cm taller Click Here
Robbe said on 25/Dec/19
Guy on the ladder is 188cm. He is standing at least 20cm above the floor, and is still shorter than Joonas Click Here
Robbe said on 25/Dec/19
Joonas claims 6'11.5 in many interviews.

At 1:35 here Click Here

1.30 here Click Here

1:45 he claims just under 7ft Click Here

7ft is mentioned here at 2:55 Click Here

In Finnish TV he has also claimed 212cm. He looks easily 5in taller than Spencer Wilding, and is definitely taller than Winston James Francis. It's possible Joonas really is 212cm. What do you say Rob, time for upgrade? He looks taller than just 6'10.
Sotiris Gravas said on 1/Aug/19
Fan w/ Suotamo... Click Here

Same fan w/ maybe 7'0" Ian Whyte (2019)... Click Here
Robbe said on 11/Jul/19
Richters looks nowhere near 7'2 with Joonas. Camera angle is favoring Richters, yet he looks only 2in taller than Joonas there. It's possible Richters is just 7ft, no more.
Sotiris Gravas said on 6/Jul/19
Joonas w/ 7'0" (not 7'2") Olivier Richters... Click Here

W/ maybe 6'9.25" height-loss Peter Mayhew... Click Here

W/ 6'8" Kristian Nairn... Click Here

W/ maybe 6'7" Marko Anttila (listed 6'8")... Click Here
Listed 6'7" here... Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jul/19
He has excellent posture for a 6ft10 guy
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jun/19
210 is almost 6'11 lol is that the highest any user has claimed?
Arslan 6'10 210 CM said on 10/Jun/19
I met him before and he was around the same height as me!
Robbe said on 28/May/19
With a legit 6'8 Marko Anttila Click Here

With Peter Mayhew Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/May/19
Suotamo and 5'5" Henry Winkler (2018)... Click Here
Same fans w/ Winkler and Suotamo (2018)... Click Here

Winkler and 6'8" peak-height Scott L. Schwartz... Click Here

Winkler and maybe 6'8" Robert "Kurrgan" Maillet (2013)... Click Here

W and maybe 6'10" Big Show (1998)... Click Here

W and maybe 6'11.5" Shaq (2018)... Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Feb/19
Click Here Paul Bettany look like a weak 6'1 with Joonas slouching.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 10/Sep/18
Ian Whyte would be a better height to played Chewbecca. But too bad the role doesn't apply to him but Joonas.
Lmeister said on 3/Sep/18
He claims 209cm in Finnish magazines. Listed 211cm and 213cm by basketball teams.
Robbe said on 4/Jul/18
Chewbacca has shrunk lately lol :D Click Here
Robbe said on 5/Jun/18
211,5cm is possible of course for Joonas. It's hard to see whether your 209, or 211cm, when your among "normal" sizes people. Joonas is indeed listed as 211cm in many pages. Also, wonder why would he claim so accurate height, if he wasn't? It would be interesting to see Joonas with his fellow citizen, basketball player, Lauri Markkanen, who is a legit 7 footer. Here's Lauri with 194cm Patrik Laine.

Click Here

The difference between Joonas and Lauri should be practically nothing, if Joonas is really 211,5cm. Im sure they meet at some point, and well see how cleary Lauri edges out Joonas.

Page for Markkanen at some point, Rob?
Editor Rob
Lots of potential basketballers out there to consider, I'm not so aware of Markkanen yet, but he might be one who goes on to have a good career.
Umber said on 3/Jun/18
He claims to be 211.5 centimeters. Click Here
Robbe said on 30/May/18
This is a better pic. Looks indeed taller than Joonas Click Here
Tall Sam said on 17/May/18
Looks like they found an even taller guy than Joonas for the Chewbacca suit at the Cannes Solo premiere, although Suotamo may have a camera disadvantage in this photo.
Click Here
Robbe said on 19/Mar/18
Edges quite easily out Kristian Nairn Click Here
Sonnecker said on 26/Feb/18
Somewhere listed 6'10", other times 211 cm/6'11", I'd go with his official basketball listing, 209 cm. And he looks around that...
Robbe said on 6/Jan/18
Joonas is 209cm barefoot Click Here

In the pic below, Gwendolino is most likely wearing 4in heels, so she is around 200cm there. Also, Joonas looks every bit of his 209cm with 180cm Robert Maschio. Peter Mayhew was taller than Joonas in his peak, but nowadays Joonas looks taller.
Roger said on 2/Jan/18
Perfect proportions of a man who in spite of being exceptionally tall doesn't look freakish or even gigantic. I had a great-uncle in the 6ft8 range from Croatia and just like Joonas you would have never guessed that he was over 2 meters when pictured alone or sitting down.
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 1/Jan/18
Not quite as tall as a peak Peter Mathew.
Anshelm said on 1/Jan/18
Listed at 209 cm as a basketball player Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Dec/17
The photo w/h Gwendoline (in heels more than likely) puts the 6ft3 claims to bed!

But Rob, maybe a bit under 6ft10?
Editor Rob: arguably 6ft 9.5-10 range yes.

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