How tall is Peter Mayhew

Peter Mayhew's Height

6ft 10in (208.3 cm)

Peak height was 7ft 0in (213.4 cm)
British actor best known for playing Chewbacca in the Star Wars series of films.
I'm 7'3", but who's counting?
Incognito doesn't really apply once you pass the seven foot mark.
If I remember correctly Gwen[doline Christie] is 6'3"; which makes me only a foot taller than she is. :)
No, I am a bit shorter then I was at my tallest, but it's just a tad under 2 inches not 6.
As if seven feet of height was not convincing enough, Freeborn added lifts to raise Chewie to eight feet. - Making a Monster, 1980

How tall is Peter Mayhew
Peter with Harrison Ford
Photos by PR Photos
These days I'm 7'2". I lost an inch somewhere!
- 2012

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Average Guess (22 Votes)
Peak: 7ft 0.92in (215.7cm)
Current: 6ft 10.94in (210.7cm)
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 10/Oct/17
Rob, from what Iā€™m hearing, this guy seemed the meaniest celebrity you saw in person.
Editor Rob:
There really were just a handful (i.e. 5) of people. You cannot stand up for the tall women and show disdain for 4 other smaller people and refuse to stand for them...

Newsflash - you are famous primarily because of your height, nobody in their right mind would pay 20 quid to have you on a stool looking 4 foot 8 šŸ˜„ A wookie? You ended up looking like an EWOK!

5 people were in that queue willing to pay money for a photo with the guy who played Chewbacca, a character known for being very tall...unprompted and up quicker than Usain Bolt on seeing the tall women, then immediately superglued to his chair for those other 'shorter-statured' folk šŸ˜† šŸ˜… šŸ˜‚
Blake said on 28/Sep/17
Rob, this is guy has almost squeezed his Star Wars connection dry he is at every convention on earth! I'm genuinely surprised you never caught him on a good day and got him to stand with you
Editor Rob: he did for a friend, when he was in a worse physical state than 10 years ago! The cheek of him!
Mark(5'9.5 said on 7/Aug/17
Ian Whyte beat him out in a measurement showdown. I'm certain that Shaquille O'Neal would too as well.

However, I can understand why he didn't want to sit up.
even said on 21/Jul/17
i think there is an unnoticeable difference between his 7 foot 5 claim and the reality which is 6 foot 10 , i mean just a trifle 7 inches
RichardSpain said on 5/Jul/17
What happen Rob?

His height is unknown i read somewhere that Peter is 220cm, in another list he is 225 cm , here 208 cm . Wikipedia gives him 218.

To me he was a good 220 cm, sure.. and nowadays maybe 212 213 214 cm??? I dont know..
John said on 10/Apr/17
He'll be 5'11 by 95.
Johnson said on 25/Mar/17
With 1.12 Kenny Baker he looks over 2.21...

Double sizes him

Click Here
Nik said on 9/Dec/16
This guy is stupendously tall.
Ice said on 2/Sep/16
Just lol @ 7'3"
Leonardo 1.73m said on 18/Aug/16
How tall is he now ? @Rob Paul
Editor Rob: haven't seen him stand up for a while, although last time about 3 years ago I think he still might be 6ft 9 range. It's not impossible he topped 7ft a bit.
Guyster said on 16/Jul/16
Looks 6"11 in the pic with 5"11 Harrison Ford, then again the photo angle could give that impression.
Monster said on 20/Apr/16
Absolute nonsense.. In his prime he was huge.7.3..
andrew said on 11/Feb/16
hi rob i born 1986 i met peter in december 2015 at a stars wars convention in memphis, i am 6'8 and he was the same height as me, rob i doubt that he is even as tall as your estimate of 6'10, i cannot understand how he could have ever have reached 7'3 in peak do you agree that was a fabricated height, i think he is 6'8 now, i know he has had operations on his leg but he could never ever have been higher than 7'0. i say 6'10 peak what do you think rob?
Editor Rob: I do think he was somewhere in 7ft range...the 7ft 3 seems hard to beleive, but losing a few inches by today is very probably for Peter.
Cliff said on 30/Jan/16
@ 120 - You're spot on. That's exactly what I believe based on photos from the first film and blueprints of the trash compactor room. He was definitely 7'3" in the costume and that's it.
120 said on 26/Jan/16
He was probably 7'3" when he was measured in the wookie outfit, i guess.
Steve B said on 11/Jan/16
As for Joonas being the new Chewie for the most part, he is 6'10" which is more in line with Mayhew's real height. I am guessing Mayhew's true height probably never was 7'3 or 7'2" as listed, even actors add a couple of inches without even thinking about it. Joonas as Chewie still towers over everyone in the film. I can't really see the huge difference 1 or 2 inches makes in this case, if even it is the case. The costume of Chewie can easily be fitted with an extra 2 inches in the feet if need be, not that it would really be all that notable anyway.
mrtguy said on 3/Jan/16
Rob, did you list Nairn 6'10'' before?
Editor Rob: yes on adding him.
Duhon said on 1/Jan/16
His body double for the latest Star Wars is a 6'10" listed finish basketball player named Joonas Viljami Suotamo. It may just be my perception but Chewbacca didn't appear as tall overall next to Ford as he did in the original trilogy. Perhaps due to the fact it was now two 6'10" men playing the role instead of a true 7 footer.
Elias said on 23/Dec/15
@The Tall Kid,

In the pic you posted with Ian Whyte, Ian Whyte looks like a giant Milo Ventimiglia.
MaskDeMasque said on 29/Nov/15
if he's 6'10 in that photo, ford looks 5'11.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 22/Nov/15
Rob,what this guy done with you in the past ? Was abouta a tall girl ?
Editor Rob: there was a handful of us. He did stand up for a tall girl but then said 'nah' when I asked if he'd stand for the rest and pointed out there was barely anybody in the queue. Funny thing was the photograph didn't come out right that day so I got another shot the next day and it was only me and him when he came over and he could have just stood there for 10 seconds, but wanted a seat again...
Cliff said on 8/Sep/15
As an aside to my several last remarks; I hope I'm wrong, but at the same time I don't care. I don't just mean to accuse him of making his height up. I was infatuated with height as a child, in no small part because of the character of Chewbacca, but the 8'0" promised by the bubble gum cards rapidly departed as a sense of reality set in (along with a pretty sharp sense of scale). Any recent ideas of 7'4" are just silly. Peter, if your reading this, nobody cares if you're shorter. Nobody can ever replicate Chewbacca because it's you under all that mohair. You ARE Cherie. It doesn't matter if you're 7'4" or 5'3". We LOVE YOU. :D
Cliff said on 8/Sep/15
Doing some further photo math... I very strongly suspect that Peter's claimed height was the height of his alter ego, Chewbacca, which for all intents and purposes appears to be no more than 7'3" (ANH). And before all you naysayers, who believe Peter is, or was, over 7'2"; I make this estimate of character height against set photos with blueprints for scale. This is IN costume, not out. As I said before... 7'0" maximumd is my guess. His posture was GOOD back then and counting in the slouch we all have... 6'10". I think if he stood straight the character would have gained an inch. No more. I will stand very humbly corrected if anybody can prove otherwise in any way.
Cliff said on 3/Sep/15


Well, technically..... :)
LoganNoll1996 said on 31/Aug/15
Looks like a giant next to Harrison Ford in that picture. I just find it funny.
Dingus said on 18/Aug/15
Could have been just over 7ft before bed in his prime. Now he is definitely below it, although, not by much.
tumac66 said on 27/Jul/15
People do shrink with age, My grandfather`s Army records put him at 5 9 and a half,by his early sixties he was my height, 5 7. when he passed away at 88, he was about 5 4
katrina said on 26/Jun/15
I was listening to an interview from 2001 or 2002 on YouTube when asked about his height he said I am 7ft 4 that might be a slight over estimate butdo you think rob he might have been over 7ft in his prime
Rifle said on 10/May/15
Hi Rob,
How big do you think Neil Fingleton's head is, he is 7'7.5 but his head looks quite small for his size.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: Wadlow had a very big head which probably makes his seem tiny in comparison...but for a guy his size he has a small head, I think it helps to add to how tall he can look aswell. I doubt it is much over 10 inches]
Cliff said on 24/Apr/15
Dave Prowse "claims" to be 6'7". He never was. Everybody fairly well agrees he was never over 6'5" and most likely 6'4" to 6'4.5". And that photo... that's just horrible perspective. Not only is Peter closer to the camera, it's also way down low. That photo is a terrible judge of height. I'd guess Peter to be no more than a maximum of 7" taller than Dave in that photo. Look at the promotional photo of just Mark Hamill (5'7") and Peter and then try insisting he's over 7' tall. It's ridiculous. I still maintain he was never more than 7' and more likely 6'10" to 6'11".
RC Marty said on 8/Apr/15
In this pic Dave Prowse claims to be 6'7" and Mayhew to be 7'3

You be the judge :
Click Here
Cliff said on 6/Mar/15
@ The Tall Kid:

You've proven my point. He was never over 7'0" tall. I saw a fairly recent interview where he claimed 7'4"! I couldn't believe it... I think he peaked @ maybe 7'0" and no higher. More likely 6'11".
The Tall Kid said on 25/Feb/15
Here he is with with several other tall people
7'1'' Ian Whyte Click Here
6'9'' Kristian Nairn Click Here
Here he is with a guy who claims 6'7'' Click Here
with 6'10'' guy Click Here
with 6'8.5'' Michael Kingma Click Here

Rob, based on these photos, do you think it's possible he could be 6'9'' maybe?
[Editor Rob: yes he has lost a few inches anyway from the 70's, I think he did get his knee operation so maybe can stand better in past year than previous few years.]
Terence said on 23/Jan/15
The taller you are-the more relative height you lose
Cliff said on 26/Sep/14
I was doing some math on some of the group promo shots for Star Wars... Peter was never over 6'11. More likely 6'10, just like now. He was full of it the whole time just like a lot of them. He never 'lost' 4 or 5 inches over the years. It's asinine. He was never as tall as he claimed.
miko said on 12/Sep/14
I can imagine you tearing into Mayhew for not standing up and Jenny holding you back Rob haha ;)
[Editor Rob: you seen my criminal face right, you don't want to get me too upset ;)]
Tommo said on 11/Sep/14
Have you never managed to get a pic with Mayhew Rob? Seems like he does a lot of conventions or at least used to.

[Editor Rob: refused to stand up twice.

A line of argument with him was that if I met him on the street and asked for a photo, would he say 'hold on a minute till I get a chair'.

I'm here paying money for a photo with you, not a freebie on the street...there's 10 of us here, you happily just stood for a tall girl but discriminated against shorter people in the queue by refusing to stand with them...

Anyway, he came back the next day since the photographer screwed up the photos and I had him alone, but he still refused with me.

Fair enough, he took a dislike to my line of argument, but height helped his career, without it he might have been a far poorer man...]
Chaz said on 25/Jul/14
we can end this 6'6'' rubish or under 7'2''Click Here
Dave Prowse was 6'6''.I have seen him next to Geoff Capes,in 1982,and he was taller,he's at least 8'' taller than Prowse here
ck said on 15/Jan/14
@Yaspaa - there's a scene when the rebels are being led by their captors out of the sheild generator bunkef on Endor. There's no doubt a stand in for Mayhew in this shot as the character doesn't appear more than 6'6" next to 5'1" Carrie Fisher.
ck said on 15/Jan/14
@Yaspaa - there's a scene when the rebels are being led by their captors out of the sheild generator bunkef on Endor. There's no doubt a stand in for Mayhew in this shot as the character doesn't appear more than 6'6" next to 5'1" Carrie Fisher.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Sep/13
Chewbacca in my opinion really is one of the greatest assets to Star Wars. His mild-tempered groans and big cuddly appearance in such a setting really makes him wonderful! So cute the way his head bobs about in the space ship and his groans! He definitely looks around 7 ft 6 in the bacca suit though.
Jordan said on 25/Sep/13

I have been out of touch for awile but didn't you used to have Pic with Mayhew?
Arch Stanton said on 6/Sep/13
I don't know how tall he measured in the Chewbacca suit but he looks around 7'6" next to Harrison Ford. The head itself probably gives 4 inches. He could have been a little over 7 ft but difficult to tell in that suit. He must have been absolutely baking in that thing.
Yaspaa said on 23/Aug/13
@Poster B - When did Chewy look 6'5 exactly.
Yaspaa said on 19/Aug/13
Yeah, if Mayhew is only 6'10 now, Nairn certainly isn't. Could Mayhew be possibly taller?
Duhon said on 23/Mar/13
How tall would you say kristian nairn is? He plays hodor on game of thrones. He's listed at most places as being 6'10". Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'll probably get him at a con this year, I'll add him then]
James said on 16/Mar/13
I met Peter in 2011 I am 6'11 tall and he was slighter taller , he clearly has lost height as he is around 68, but I believe he was 7'2 at peak, maybe today around 6'11 to 7'0 but he defintely taller than the 6'10 listing on here
Ali Baba said on 11/Mar/13
I don't know what year this picture was taken Ferrigno could have been as tall as ~ 6'4 here with Mayhew. Click Here
stefo said on 26/Feb/13
8 inchs actually sean
poster B said on 20/Feb/13
The Character of Chewbacca was never more than 7'6" (never close to 8') and the head of the mask was elevated to look simian-esque. Peter, at best, was certainly no more than the given 7'2" in his prime. He may have already shrunk a bit by the time Return of the Jedi was produced. There are a couple scenes in Jedi where there was no doubt a stand in playing the character in his stead. Way too short... more along the lines of a 6'5" Prwose in height! But I'm sure Peter was a solid 7'1" to 7'2" at the filming of Star Wars.
logan noll 1996 said on 4/Dec/12
His peak height is usually listed as 7 foot 3 so I am going with that. He did look 7 foot 3 as Chewbacca.
Tall Joey said on 30/Nov/12
My father met this guy at a convention about 5 years ago. According to him, he was able to look Mayhew at eye level and was about the same height as him. My father is 7 foot and Im more inclined to believe that an aged Peter Mayhew who's lost some height already is closer to the 7 foot mark than the 6'9'' or 6'10'' claims people list him at.
avi said on 25/Oct/11
hmm never was over 7'0 (his almost 7'2 claim) probably never was legit 7'0 maybe in shoes was 7'0. shows how tall a 6'10-6'11 peak guy can appear. yes strong 6'9 seems good for him.
LAN Jiao said on 23/Oct/11
An inch shy of 6'10 british tall guy ross senbridge. 6'9 bang on!
Me said on 7/Sep/11
Strange way...has a smile and eyes/face/head like Rick Springfield, but a bit older.
Vegas said on 6/Sep/11
i got a photo with a chap in a chewbacca suit at a star wars convention thingy i attended in march, suits probably around 7ft
sean said on 5/Sep/11
He was 7'4" when he was doing empire strikes back. It made Lucas happy cuz " we only needed 6 inch lifts to make chewy 8ft tall.
matt said on 8/Jul/11
I met him at disney world star tours of the year 2011.
I am only 5 ft tall and 15 yrs old and hew was shorter than me because he was in his wheelchair. I actually got to shake his right hand which was larger than my head
Jay said on 23/May/11
Met him at a con in 2000. I'm 6'5" and he's a head taller than me. I'm inclined to believe he's closer to 7' than 6'9".
Jake T. said on 25/Feb/11
He was very tall as Chewbacca I don't know how tall exactly but in the picture he looks 6'10. Maybe he needs an upgrade.
Mamun said on 17/Feb/11
Kevin Peter Hall !


lila said on 11/Feb/11
Can anyone answer my question, please... Who do you think is taller? He or Kevin Peter Hall (Predator)?
linke said on 28/Jan/11
Is it true that star wars guys are pretty horrible to their fans,I've read it everywhere,especially about this guy,btw rob did he claim 7'3?
linke said on 13/Jan/11
i wonder what height he claims?
Vegas said on 22/Dec/10
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Yaspaa said on 22/Dec/10
The suit could have added 6", we don't know exactly where Mayhew's head is in the suit.
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/10
i think he is 7'0-7'0.75
at the time he played chewie, he was 7'1 barefoot,7'2 in shoes
Jason said on 6/Oct/07
JT says on 23/Nov/06
''Nice picture, Bendy. I've never seen Kiel next to anyone taller than him. Kiel looks around 2 inches shorter. If Kiel could/would straighten up, he'd probably be about as tall as Mayhew. His shoulders are definitely at a higher level. Kiel looks like he has no neck. His spine is probably curved forward in the cervical region.''

There you go - a post of JT's from the Richard Kiel page that shows there was a Kiel/Mayhew pic there, and they were of similar height. I knew I wasn't imagining it lol. The pic has disappeared off the page, though...
Jason said on 6/Oct/07
Actually, I had a look and it wasn't on the Richard Kiel page, but I'm positive someone posted it here somewhere.
Jason said on 5/Oct/07
Doesn't this bring Richard Kiel down a notch or two, then? I think there was a recent pic of Kiel with Mayhew posted on the Richard Kiel page, and they were about the same height.
Da Man said on 5/Oct/07
Is he listed at 6'8" just because he is an ass or is there some evidence to support this number?

[Editor Rob: he looked to have six inches on a girl who was six two, but I have nothing bad to say on this site about any actors who earn a living on the con circuit.]
Jason said on 4/Oct/07
Wow ... even I wouldn't have guessed that low for his current height, but I believe you (Big Show lol). He's listed everywhere at 7'3''!
Jason said on 3/Oct/07
Only 6'8''?!

[Editor Rob: in 2007 he stood in front of me beside a 6ft 2 woman for a photo - wouldn't do it for a 'shrimp' like me though ;)

...he had military posture aswell. If he's not lost several inches from his peak I'd be shocked.]
Chiabone said on 6/Sep/07
It's perfectly normal for a person to get shorter as they age, some people shrink almost 2 full inches.

[Editor Rob: I've got an Uncle late 60's. He's lost 2 inches. Not that much in back...mainly through development of bowlegs.]
Chip said on 29/Aug/07
Is the stuff you say about Peter Mayhew true, guys? I mean, I can't plame him for being ticked sometimes. He had to walk around in that huge, hairy suit, which was probably hot and uncomfortable. And I imagine that some fans (I'm talking about the screaming, yelling, crazy hardcore fans) can be very annoying. But if you're just calm, cool, and asking for his autograph, then that's no excuse to ignore a fan.

Anyway, this guy might have lost a few inches, I wouldn't know. If I were 6'11", I'd be glad to use a few: 6'11" is way too tall for me. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with someone who is that tall, I'm just saying that I wouldn't want to be that tall.
Arjun said on 3/Jan/07
Looks 6'10.5" - 6'11" next to 6'0" Hayden.
blademes said on 27/Sep/06
Ive met the guy about 2 years ago, and im about 6'9" and hes seems to be not that much taller then me
Glenn said on 17/Jul/06
F**k that guy.I could care less if I ever get him and hope he croaks.
supes78 said on 15/Jul/06
I met the guy a few years ago and found him to be kind of rude. He didn't seem eager to talk, especially if you didn't pay for an autograph (as I did I'm sorry to say). He also refused to stand up, as some people had requested, citing some back problems. It's no wonder I threw his autographed photo in the trash when I got home.
Ed said on 7/Jul/06
Right on Glenn! I grew up with Star Wars, and it was enormously influential in mine ,and pretty much everbody elses childhood of that time. I was a kid again for that few minutes meeting the guy, until I realized how impatient he seemed, and just plain bored with the whole thing. It's a shame that all these actors continue to milk their own fans, when as Glen said the public are the one's who embraced this unknown Hospital porter from England in the first place. If audiences didn't care about Star Wars he wouldn't have the ability to spend the entire year traveling the globe, hanging out in convention halls all weekend long, and making easy money off our childhood admiration. Plus, I didn't want a picture with him because of his height, but because he was Chewie for christ's sake!
Glenn said on 6/Jul/06
He hasnt the right to charge dick.we the movie paying public bought him his house and his lavish lifestyle.whilst,he is he isnt harry ford,Im sure he lives better than most of us.Im not wanting a photo of him for his height,what kind of dumb shit is that? I want a photo with him cause I have my picture taken with most of the main he was in sinbad.remember who bought your house too anonymous.
Anonymous said on 5/Jul/06
I know his height got him the Chewie job but it must be pretty annoying if people keep asking you to stand up straight so they can take a photo of you. After the five hundredth time I'd imagine something must snap. At the end of the day he's just making use of his assets by charging. If people are so impressed by his height and want a momento then he's within his rights to charge them in my opinion.
Editor Rob said on 5/Jul/06
Glenn and Ed are right about him.

I 'ambushed' him as he walked to a 'behind scenes' type entrance at a con and thought I'd see if he would allow a posed pic. He just ignored me and walked by...maybe I should have waved a 20 quid bill in his face...

In any case, I thought he did look 6ft 10-11 if standing straight.
Glenn said on 12/May/06
I hate paying people.only did twice.I was broke,otherwise I wouldve thought about whipping up a 20 spot.this was in a hotel lobby,an hour after the convention ended.
Jason said on 12/May/06
That sucks. Not suprisingly, he makes a living out of doing the Star Wars circuit, just endlessly going from convention to convention. And he does that too? What a bum!

[Editor Rob: for some washed up actors, its an easy living. There are some in the business who make more attending cons than they could ever dream of trying to earn via some lame soap or guest slot...

Ed said on 11/May/06
Glenn's right, he won't pose or sign unless you pay the $20 he charges for an 8x10 autographed photo, and then maybe he'll take a picture with you. This was the first time I went to a convention as well as buying a celeb autographed picture, and it will definitely be my last. I got a photo with him, but he was sitting down behind the table and wouldn't come out. As far as his height I watched him get up from his seat to get a drink or something, and he looked 6ft11 to 7ft. He does hunch a lot, so he could be taller. I don't think he's 7ft3 anymore.
Glenn said on 11/May/06
He wont pose or sign unless you pay him.
Jason said on 11/May/06
You can't make any good comparison of Christopher Lee to Peter Mayhew in that pic because Lee is WAY too much closer to the camera - and Mayhew still looms above him even if you pretended they were level lol. However, you can compare Mayhew to ~6'0'' Hayden Christensen, and he does look at least 7'0'', maybe 7'1'' next to him. Glenn, why was he a scumbag?
Glenn said on 10/May/06
Your 100% correct.saw him 2 months ago.6-11, you said.but a hell of a limp and slouch.I was warned for years what a scumbag he was.minutes apart from meeting George Romero,a 6-4 looking,in a bad slouch,giving me a 6-6 impression!.NIGHT OF THE LIVING GIANTS.
Christina said on 26/Mar/06
Peter Mayhew was a close friend of my grandad for many years because they went to the same school together.My grandad is 6ft6 and Peter Mayhew is 7ft6.During their teens they had to carry aroumd their birth certificates on the bus for proof of age because they were so tall for their age!
Leanne said on 28/Jan/06
He is a monster is real life wow i saw him in dallas the other day
Ed said on 7/Dec/05
I met him at a convention a few years back, and I would say maybe 6ft11.He has the most gigantic hands, like shaking hands with a baseball glove. Maybe he was over 7ft at one time, but not anymore. Then again he does slouch a lot. He is an older guy though, age may have caught up with him.
Christoffer Slotte said on 20/Aug/05
According to a British casting directory I saw in the 80s he is 7'3.
Anshelm said on 10/Jul/05
The Guinness Book of Film said "2.2 m (7 ft 2 in)". Maybe 220 cm is right?

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