How tall is Judge Reinhold

Judge Reinhold's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

American Actor, best known for roles in films such as Beverly Hills Cop, Vice Versa, The Santa Clause, Ruthless People and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In a Yahoo interview - talking about playing NCAA coach Don Meyer - he said: "I did resemble him, physically. We're both 6-foot-2".

How tall is Judge Reinhold
5ft 8 Rob and Judge @ LFCC 2016
My father was 6 foot 4. I'm 6 foot 1.

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Average Guess (49 Votes)
6ft 0.97in (185.3cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/20
6ft2 out of bed/morning peak Rob?
Editor Rob
Well, I think a peak range for Judge is no less than 6ft 1 and I can see how 6ft 1 and change isn't 6ft 2 out of bed might be what he measured.
Nik Ashton said on 21/Mar/20
@ Rob - How tall is his wife?

It’s great to give Judge his 150th comment!
Editor Rob
Looks tall, at least 5ft 8
Mr B said on 19/Mar/20
he has allways looked tal to me easly 6ft 2 (188cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Mar/20
186cm peak at least
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/20
Rob, is 6ft1½ peak at all possible?

He was about 60 when you met him and still looked 6ft1. Losing a bit by then is possible surely...
Editor Rob
From what I've seen of him in 80's, I still say 6ft 1 or 1.25 is arguable, but a 6ft 1.5? I'm not as sure on that figure.
Jordan87 said on 29/Apr/19
He is 6'0 tops.
Zampo said on 2/Nov/18
Interesting....looks 6'0.5 range here.
Jamie3557 said on 24/Jul/18
I think he could look a good 4 inches taller than Eddie Murphy in BHC.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Jul/18
Eddie Murphy atually look 5'10 with him in Beverly Hills Cop.
Nik said on 29/Jun/18
I have to say that 6 foot, and change, is the best bet!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/18
Well he's actually claimed 6ft1 and 6ft2 so I wouldn't rule out 6ft1½ peak looking at Fast Times and Beverly Hills Cop. Minimum 186cm peak
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Apr/18
185.5cm peak and lost a little fraction now.
viper said on 12/Apr/18
Has always been consistent on saying 6-1
Jordan87 said on 6/Feb/18
With Rob he is closer to 6'0 than 6'1. What the hell is wrong with him Claiming 6'2? Just picture how he would look next to a legit 6'2 Guys like Routh and Ray Fisher.

He is about 60, he didn't lose more than an inch in height. He also quoted as saying he is 6'1 which could have been the case. 6'2 is out.

@ Dave,

Strong 6'1.5" ? No He looks 6'0 now with Rob and CLaimed 6'1 once, so forget 6'1.5".
Dave said on 11/Jan/18
Not a full 6 foot 2 but looked very close to it back in the day. 6'1.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Dec/17
I think Judge was once a strong 6ft1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Dec/17
Rob, how did he compare with Mark Gatiss?

He does look shorter with you but I can't picture an 80's-90's Judge being shorter, if anything I think he'd have the edge
Editor Rob: Judge still seemed close to 6ft 1. At worst a fraction under, but I'd say Judge in person looked taller than a guy like Tom Wlaschiha.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Dec/17
186cm I think. Sort of fits in better with his claims. Did think he was 6ft2 in Fast Times but not so much in Beverly Hills Cop.
Pierre said on 29/Sep/17
6"0' range imo, he had an advantageous posture with the ehad looking upward in the picture next to Rob
Jamie said on 19/Sep/17
He really gave a tall impression in Fast Times. I would have guessed at least 6' 2" without knowing how tall the rest of the cast was.
Editor Rob: well he went from saying 6ft 1 in the 80's to 6ft 2 later on.

He should have stuck to his 6ft 1 claim, it was honest.
postmanjones said on 1/Sep/17
After watching fast times and beverly hills cop I'd say he was 6 foot 1
Timothy Jones said on 31/Aug/17
Definitely looked taller than 6ft0 in most movies but I'd give a bit over 6ft1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/17
I think he looked near 6ft2 in Fast Times and Beverly Hills Cop.....
Dean said on 30/Jun/17
Not a solid 6ft 2 but a bit below
Ted said on 31/Mar/17
6'1 1/4 peak, 6'0 3/4 current
Murray said on 26/Mar/17
Solid 1.86 peak, decent 1.85 now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/17
185cm peak looks too low
Ly said on 10/Mar/17
Rob how tall for him at peak?
Editor Rob: a chance of a strong 6ft 1, but I think he's lost not much, maybe a fraction by age 59.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Feb/17
187cm in the 80's-90's
Bruno said on 19/Feb/17
Ronny Cox (6'2'') looks 1" taller approx in Bev Hill Cop in 1984
Shredder said on 7/Feb/17
Look at the 141 - 142 mark. He doesn't even look 6'2 there and Zach has bad posture. That is 6'1 max

Click Here
Shredder said on 7/Feb/17
I just saw Gremlins recently and he doesn't look more than 6'1 next to Zach Galligan.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/17
He really does come across as a lanky 6ft2+ guy in Fast Times and Beverly Hills Cop! His height is the first thing I noticed watching those movies especially in crowds. I think he had be at least 6ft1½ in the 80's.
Felix said on 6/Feb/17
I think he is a solid 6ft 1in.
joe joe said on 3/Feb/17
Rob a quick question. Are all the height on this site representing someones evening height? and if so why would you take the lowest measurement rather than the median measurement IE (Afternoon)as their height?
Editor Rob: joe, certainly not first thing, more like afternoon yeah.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Feb/17
Berta, I think he was that range in the 80's
Pierre said on 1/Feb/17
Max strong 6"0' next to Rob imo=he has a little advantageous posture compared to Rob imo=Judge's head is looking upward and Rob is slouching back a little imo so lose a little height
abcd said on 1/Feb/17
185 less or more
berta said on 1/Feb/17
we can see in the photo that he is max 185 cm and at age 59 he probably have lost at most 1 cm. 185,5 peak is fine and today barely 185. could look 186-187 in 80´s movies but dont think he was that because murray was taller
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jan/17
Minimum 4in on Eddie Murphy
Donald Mc said on 28/Jan/17
Strong 6'1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jan/17
185cm looks a bit low for the 80's-90's, IMO.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jan/17
Peak I think a similar zone to Murray
berta said on 27/Jan/17
could have been 186 peak and now barely 185. but then again bill murray was easy taller than him in stripes. 185,5 is good peak and now 184.5-185
Aza said on 27/Jan/17
Strong 6 footer . Probably 186 cm first thing in the morning when most erect.
Matthew said on 26/Jan/17
Strong 6'1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jan/17
Edged out Gatiss in his prime I'd say
Mark(5'9.25") said on 26/Jan/17
Arguable 186 cm in his peak similar to Luke Mitchell and Mark Gatiss.
trez said on 26/Jan/17
he 6'0 that it not 6'2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jan/17
Maybe not quite a 6ft2 guy...although I thought he pulled it off in Fast Times and Beverly Hills Cop.

186-187cm peak is my guess.
Jordan87 said on 25/Jan/17
More 6'0, 6'0.5"

And Rob, Honestly you look like you want to beat his @$$!
Editor Rob: nah, I was happy to meet him, I'm smiling on the inside 😉
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jan/17
Rob, could he have been over this peak though?
Editor Rob: you could make an argument for 186 range, but I just couldn't see 188cm.
Melo said on 24/Jan/17
In 1985 he said he was 6'1. But hes not even that. No shrinkage.

Hes always been 6'0.
Andrea said on 24/Jan/17
Was he listed at 6'1.5 before, Rob? If he was 6'1 peak and now just 1/4-1/3 of an inch under that, he has done pretty well, especially if you consider the fact that you have many celebrities around his age and think they lost an inch (and over), compared to their "prime"!!!
Editor Rob: yes, but on watching a few films recently I would go with nearer 6ft 1 than his own claim.
C: The Height Analyzer said on 24/Jan/17
He was described as 6'2'' in the movie Vice Versa, and he looked that height.
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 24/Jan/17
Rob, please write your e-mail address
Editor Rob: sorry man, I really only have time to talk about height on celebheights or youtube.
Csimpson 6ft said on 24/Jan/17
Rob are you going to downgrade judge to 6ft 0.75? 6ft 0.5 is also a possibility
Editor Rob: if there's a 1/4 inch loss, I typically think it's best leaving until a more solid 1/2 inch is lost by someone.
jtm said on 24/Jan/17
heelshealheight thinks he's 6'2 ? maybe he's really 6'5!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jan/17
Peak: 186-187cm
Today: 185cm
Shredder said on 24/Jan/17
He looked about 3 ft tall doing the bathroom scene in Fast Times. Phobae Cates looks way taller than him.
theonewiththecontacts said on 24/Jan/17
Hi Rob, how much height do you think he has lost from his peak?
Editor Rob: at most 1/2 inch.
piazo said on 23/Jan/17
Hes not taller than 6'0. You can see it with Rob.

The 6'1-6'2 stuff is crazy. Always has been dating back to the 80s.
Donald Mc said on 23/Jan/17
Rob, Mark Gattis is more tall than him? or they have the same height?
Editor Rob: yes, albeit Mark had a fraction more shoes.

I would say Mark far more would actually measure 6ft 1, Judge is very likely a fraction under, whether only 6ft 0.5, it's debatable.
Pierre said on 23/Jan/17
Judge next to Rob=difference=one forehead imo=Rob strong 5"8',Judge 6"0'or strong 6"0'
dom said on 23/Jan/17
@ paleman was wondering about that scene too but I think they had Jerry stand on something to make them look closer in height so it would be funnier when Reinhold steps away he looks significantly taller than Jerry. At least 2 to 3 inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jan/17
I agree w/h Danimal
Peter 179cm said on 23/Jan/17
@ Arthur He does look a weak 6'1/184cm though...
Andrea said on 23/Jan/17
Arthur, I just speak my mind and say how tall they look with Big Rob (which is not an opinion, btw)... 😊
This doesn't necessarily mean they would measure as "low" as they look, of course! This guy certainly doesn't look anywhere near 6'1 and not just a mere 1/4 inch under it! 😎 He DOES look more around 6'... Rob said he is not under 6' 3/8 in person, though! Do I trust him? Yeah... That's enough for me! ✌️️After all, considering how bad Dolph's and Brett's photos came out (making them a good inch shorter than what they really are), this photo isn't that bad! Judge looks only a good half an inch shorter than what Rob thinks he might measure today... 👍
And hey I don't really care whether a person is 6'8 or 5', I'm not "jealous" or anything like you're trying to say... If this guy looked 6'1, I'd have no problem to say that! 😉
S.J.H said on 23/Jan/17
I think judge reinhold was never 6'2 but always look 6'1 and 6'0.75 now just like kevin costner
Paleman said on 23/Jan/17
Google "Close talker Seinfeld" for some pictures. Reinhold is standing face to face with the 5'11" Jerry Seinfeld, and there doesn't seem to be too much difference between them. Seinfeld is standing up straight and Reinhold is taller by at least an inch even though he seems to be hunching a little bit. So yeah, around the weak 6'1" mark seems plausible...
Danimal said on 22/Jan/17
He's almost 60 years old. He was close to 6'2" back in the 80's/90's. Today he could be a flat 6'1".
Arthur said on 22/Jan/17
Andrea can you do anything other than whine for every god damn listing and photo? You downgrade nearly everyone by at least 1 or 2 cm. Stop caring that much about such small things. It's not going to be the end of the world if a celebrity is listed 0.25 in more than they are, nor you are getting bigger doing what you are doing.
heelshealheight said on 22/Jan/17
Judge could be a bit taller, Rob (perhaps circa 6ft2/6ft2.25), unless you've possibly got some shoe advantage in this photo.
Editor Rob: miles from that height, a weak 6ft 1 today. I have 1 inch, his were a typical NB, so at least 1 inch too.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/17
@ly: That looks about right
ly said on 22/Jan/17
he needs a peak and now height Rob
6ft1.25-5 peak 6ft0.75 now
Sam said on 21/Jan/17
Looks more 6'0 with Rob but no less. Maybe Rob took into account his age so added 6'1 as his peak and Judge is just a guy who claimed an inch taller than he really was at 6'2, because here he doesn't really look much over 6'0 to me at nearly 60 and the posture looks equal. Maybe he was nearer 6'1 in person.
Csimpson 6ft said on 21/Jan/17
Rob do you think Judge is 6ft 0.75 today?
Editor Rob: today a bit under 6ft 1 is likely.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/17
Ok, 6ft1 flat today is fair because he's nearly 60 but nearer his claim in the 80's-90's...
Andrea said on 21/Jan/17
A quarter/third of an inch is a very normal loss for a nearly 60 guy I guess but he certainly doesn't look much over 6' with you! Did he look taller than the 183.8 guy in person? In the picture, he certainly doesn't...
Editor Rob: Andrea, didn't think he looked shorter than the near 184 guy does, so I wouldn't have thought any less than that range.
berta said on 21/Jan/17
to me he always looked like a 187 guy in the movies. but looking at this picture he looks 185. and was probably 186 at peak
Pierre said on 21/Jan/17
He look more 6"0'range imo
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/17
Peak: 186.8cm
Today: 185.4cm
Shredder said on 21/Jan/17
Well , Eddie Murphy looks at least an inch over Rob does with Judge
Editor Rob:

re: Andrea, I think he has lost a fraction, I would have said he fell a bit under 6ft 1 but a 1/4-1/3rd maybe at age 59.
S.J.H said on 21/Jan/17
Like i thought 10 years back when i'm still a teen watching Crab Orchard (2005) he look as tall as my 6'1 older brother
Victor said on 20/Jan/17
Solid 1.85-186, very Good listing. Rob, you think he have the same height than Mark Gattis?
Shredder said on 20/Jan/17
Looks barely 6'1 here. I guess 6'1 and change was his peak?
Andrea said on 20/Jan/17
I guess you are wrong, Arch! 😜
Once again I don't know this guy but he looks more around 6' than anywhere near 6'1, let alone over 6'1!!! Now, I've just read he's near 60, so some height loss is very possible! An inch is still a big loss but at the same time it seems an average loss, to say the least, for celebrities... I guess it must be tough to be famous! 🤗
MrTBlack said on 20/Jan/17
Yeah say this is more accurate. Remember he was listed as 6'0" in the 80s 90s and 00s so being more than 2" than that seems unlikely.
Peter 179cm said on 20/Jan/17
Looks 184cm MAX here,nowhere near 6'2.Even 6'1 seems too high...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/17
187cm peak Rob?

He is 59 and possibly lost a bit
Arch Stanton said on 28/Dec/16
Looked close to 6'2 in the film I saw him in earlier, no lower than this.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/16
Granted the younger actor was 17 at the time and may have been growing still
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Mar/16
Rob, could you maybe argue 6ft2 for him in this deleted scene from Fast Times?

Click Here

You may recognise the other young actor he's with.
Editor Rob: he could look pretty tall there
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Oct/15
6ft2 peak, Rob?
[Editor Rob: not as sure he looked that tall]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Aug/15
Easily 3in on Tim Allen in The Santa Clause movies.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jul/15
Rob have you got a photo for him? Looks about right in BH Cop.
MOF said on 15/Mar/15
Nope, he's six feet or marginally over 6. My friend posed with him on a photo and he was barely taller than him. Friend is about 181-182cm.
josh b said on 21/Oct/14
Rob, he claims to be 6'2 in an article on yahoo today :)
class said on 12/Apr/14
Is187 or 188cm 6'2 inch.good tall
slothee said on 23/Mar/14
Id say solid 6'1", 185-186cm.
slothee said on 23/Mar/14
He appeared to be close to 6'2" in Fast Times, but looked no more than 6'1" in Seinfeld. I'd say solid 6'1", maybe 185-186cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/14
This is spot on. Could pass for 6ft2 in the 80s-90s. Towered over Eddie Murphy in BHC and wasn't much shorter than Michael Dean Richards on Seinfeld.
Viking said on 12/Feb/14
Didnt look much taller then Jerry Seinfeld.
5ft10guy said on 31/Mar/13
@ Silent D not exactly. Ive seen the movie and watch it alot he's the third tallest character. Forest Whitaker 6ft2 and the science teacher in the movie whom is listed at 6ft5 btw I forgot his name are the tallest characters in the movie then Judge comes in.Judge actor profile in the movie(dvd set) has him at 6ft2 but I think 6ft1 was better.He has a slim frame and long neck.
Silent d said on 5/Mar/13
187cm. He was tall next to 5 foot 8 sean penn in fast times. Pretty much the tallest character.
XistenZ said on 10/Aug/12
@Marcus: Yeah it's strange. In the same episode, when standing face to face with Kramer (who's wearing dress shoes), Kramer got about 4cm on him.
Marcus said on 27/Dec/11
In an episode of "Seinfeld", Reinhold and Seinfeld stood face to face. Reinhold had possibly an inch on 5'11" Seinfeld. Based on this observation, Reinhold would be approximately. 6'0.5".
The Truth said on 3/Sep/11
When stood next to 5'9, 5'10 Eddie Murphy he is a clear 6'2
Legend said on 19/Jul/11
6 feet flat. Same height as Keanu Reeves.
alex said on 2/Jan/11
in the first beverly hills cop judge reinhold was 182 cm of john ashton height, in the second he was almost 188cm peak of john ashton
SlickMick said on 27/Jun/09
Looked a solid 6-2 in Beverly Hills Cop.
Jake said on 6/Jun/09
This guy is truly a mystery. He does look 6-2 in fast times and other movies but a couple of others say he looked just 6-0 to them in person. Strange

Contrast that to somebody like Paul Walker where he looks 6-0-6-1 in movies and people say 6-2 for the guy, lol.
The dude said on 9/Mar/09
Looks at least an inch shorter than Ramis and Murray (who are both about 6'2) in Stripes.
Tobacanist Richard said on 12/Feb/09
His height is most likley what is listed here, he does indeed slouch alot, tends to lean backwards at times as well which could make him apear 6'.
arnie said on 30/Jan/09
I too thought that when he was on Seinfeld that he looked about 6 feet, in a scene in jerrys apartment he did not appear much taller than jerry who is around 5'11 and kramer had at least two and a half inches on him I would say
judge is 6'0.5 also.
Jim said on 12/Dec/08
In The Santa Clause, he looked shorter than Tim Allen when Allen was wearing Boots and Judge was barefoot.
mikec said on 23/Jul/08
when he was on seinfeld... I thought this guy was exactly 6'0.5". maybe because he was the "close talker" and slouched to do that.
sprint84 said on 1/Jul/08
He's not 6'2" or 6'1.5". The only two people who have seen him in person say as much -- 6' even.
nate said on 24/Apr/08
Viper says on 31/May/07
How in the hell did he look so bloody tall in Fast Times? You could argue he looked more 6-3 in that movie.
its cos jennifer jason leigh is 5-3 and sean penn is 5-8 but yeah he can't be under 6'1. how tall is the dude who plays damone in that movie? he gives me the impression of 5-10.
ARJUN said on 17/Apr/08
MAN, he's 6-2 for sure,he looks tall enough in front of eddie,
importantly, iam 5-9, n iam 19 years old, someone thinks ill be 6 feet atleast by iam 21 yrs old.
sprint84 said on 29/Sep/07
Agree with dman, appears much shorter in person. Slender frame, long neck, short costars? -- guess that's why he looks so tall in movies.
dman said on 3/Sep/07
I always thought he looked 6'2" or better in movies. Then I saw him with his girlfriend on my commercial flight into LAX. I am 6'0.5". He was slightly shorter than me. 6' even at best.
dmeyer said on 19/Jul/07
jerry does look legit 5'11er in that pic
ignacio said on 18/Jul/07
picture with seinfeld, bad posture tough

Click Here

i'd say 6'05''
Viper said on 31/May/07
How in the hell did he look so bloody tall in Fast Times? You could argue he looked more 6-3 in that movie.
sprint84 said on 30/May/07
Stood next to him for a picture a few months back...shorter than I expected. Even 6' seems right, though his slender frame makes him seem taller.
Brad said on 15/Mar/07
He tends to be in films with a lot of shorter actors, however; he still looks 6' 2". I think Eddie Murphy had a bit of say over camera angles in Beverly Hills Cop films.
Anthony said on 27/Sep/06
I agree with Viper. When I first saw "Fast Times" (and I've seen it a lot) I thought 6'3. Then I watched "Stripes" a few days ago and Bill Murray (6'1), John Candy (6'2) and Harold Ramis (6'2) looked taller. However, "Stripes" was one of the times when Murray looked taller (as pointed out on his page).

I think in true barefeet he's a solid 6'1.5.
CC-Tron said on 21/Sep/06
Judge looked no more than 3 inches taller than Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop 3. If Murphy is 5'9 then Judge is 6'0.
Viper652 said on 19/Sep/06
Fascinating. So he only claimed 6-1 back then, and could be more 6-0? Dont know how he looked over 6-2 in Fast times.
Editor Rob said on 18/Sep/06
1985 Boston Globe, "I was a little taller (6 feet 1) but I cowered a little"
Editor Rob said on 13/Sep/06
In a 1986 Daily Intelligencer article described him "6-foot-l, who maintains the youthful good looks of a 19 year old"
Viper652 said on 10/Jul/06
I saw fast times again this week and he looks a very solid 6-2.
Anthony said on 15/May/06
In "Fast Times At Ridgemont High", he seems to be a solid 6'2, as one poster pointed out. Maybe he looked taller because all of his other male co-stars were quite short (he towered over Sean Penn, who to this day is no more than 5'8), but he looks quite tall in the film.
Viper652 said on 9/May/06
See, I thought Bill Murray looked 6-3 in Stripes.
Height Tracker said on 6/May/06
Uma Factor I completely agree. If you watch Stripes with Bill Murray(Rob you should check this movie out) you will notice that both Ramis and Murray seem taller than Judge.
Viper652 said on 5/May/06
I thought he looked a solid 6-2 in Fast times at Ridgemont high.
Leon said on 4/May/06
Why would he be listed as 6'1.5 when oksection has him listed as 6'?

[Editor Rob: I'd asked a guy who met him and was 2 inches shorter than him his estimate and he thought closer to 6ft 2...I mentioned this somewhere on the site, a voice actor.]
Uma factor said on 16/Apr/06
Remember Stripes? He was 'dwarfed' by Harold Ramis... Now that's a clue...
dmeyer said on 22/Feb/06
you could take a look at beverly hills cop to see the differance between him and murphy
dmeyer said on 21/Feb/06
actualy rob i finiched that episode with seinfeld and he looks 2.5 to 3 inches taller than jerry so 6'2" seems right but then jerry is no bigger than 180 5'11 but if judge is only 6'1.5" then jerry is 5'10.75 but if jerry is 181 then judge is 6'2" with ease
dmeyer said on 21/Feb/06
after watching seinfeld judge looks 2 to 3 inches taller than jerry and 1 inch smaller than r1chards 6'2" sounds right i didnt imagine he was that tall since i didnt see the all episodes and all the angels he might be in the 6'1.5" 6'2" range but i dont get whi he is listed at 6'

[Editor Rob: I think maybe 187cm for this guy is possible]
dmeyer said on 10/Jan/06
i am not sure he is over 6'1"
Chris said on 8/Jan/06
I agree with viper in judging his height from movies. He's always struck me as tall, if I were to guess throughtout the yars I've seen him I would have said 6'2". It's just in comparing him to other people and also his slender build coupled with the fact he is taller than most other people in scenes.
Height Tracker said on 30/Dec/05
I just watched the Seinfeld episode where Reinhold appeared in the show. He was about 2 inches taller than Seinfeld and 2 inches shorter than Kramer. That would put him smack dab at 6'1".
Height Tracker said on 9/Oct/05
If this guy is 6'2", then that would mean Bill Murray was about 6'3" in his prime. They are both in the movie "Stripes" and Murray looks noticeably taller than Reinhold. I don't think Judge is quite this tall. 6'-6'1" seems reasonable.
Viper652 said on 4/Oct/05
I wouldnt say the 6-0 estimate by people is stupid. They see the guy in person, and sometimes its more credible then a pic or in movies. Not all the time, but sometimes. A lot of people think 6-0 looks 6-2 also. But anyway, I think he does look 6-2 from pics and movies.
Big Dave said on 2/Oct/05
He certainly looks around this height. He towered over Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills cop. He often slouches in that film but there are several scenes where he stands up straight and the height difference is demonstrable. Im glad his height has been looked at again as his last listing of 6'0.5 looked rather stupid.
Viper652 said on 21/Sep/05
Ive always thought this guy looked 6-2 minimum in movies.
Mr. Nice Guy said on 17/Mar/05
Where did this height come from? He's not quite this tall, I met him a year ago when he stopped to do a local comedy talk show, I'm 6'1" and he wasn't even taller than me. He looked a good half inch to an inch shorter than me, and in this pic he looks only 2-3 inches taller than the 5'9"-5'10" Eddie Murphy. I'm not even a half inch taller than 6'1", so Judge can't be more than a half inch over 6'0".

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