How tall is Katrina Law

Katrina Law's Height

5ft 6 ¾ (169.5 cm)

American actress, best known for playing Mira on Spartacus and Nyssa Al Guhl on Arrow. On twitter she mentioned her height and weight, saying "I'm 5' 8" 138-145lbs" and on another occasion "I'm 5'8". Built like a linebacker with broad shoulders." In this photo, I was wearing 0.75in Skechers, whilst her boot looked like it gave nearly 1.25 inches.

Katrina Law at MCM Comic Con Manchester 2015
5ft 8 Rob and Katrina @ MCM Comic Con Manchester, 2015

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Average Guess (32 Votes)
5ft 6.52in (169cm)
Hayden said on 9/Feb/23
Yes Jessica and she's standing straight as a pole while rob is leaning as well. If anything she looks more like 5'6 flat to me rather than almost 5'7.
Jesica said on 15/Oct/22
Elene said on 8/Aug/21
Elene said on 8/Aug/21
Although 5’8 is impossible

They are both impossible. That's more than 1" difference. It's about 2" when you factor in her slight heel advantage. She's not more than 5'6.25
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 25/Jul/22
there's more than an inch here. 169 tops imo
mnecro said on 5/Apr/22

That's not just a 1 inch difference. She even had more footwear.
Elene said on 8/Aug/21
Although 5’8 is impossible
Elene said on 8/Aug/21
Torrinator said on 12/Feb/21
Rob, was she downgraded at some point to 5ft 6.5 and then upgraded again by 1/4 inch? In 2015 you said she could be 168-9cm range.
Editor Rob
it is possible, I think somewhere between 5ft 6.5 to 7 range is likely for her.
Nik Ashton said on 3/May/20
It would be great to see a photograph of her with Willa Holland!
JohnMoore-162cm said on 2/May/20
5ft6 1/2" if we subtract the 1/2" shoe advanatge
Bobby 1.78m said on 7/Oct/19
Rob looks ready to 🔥
K.A 188 said on 8/May/19
Nice picture
Nik said on 30/Sep/18
Sandy Cowell - That is no problem! Linebackers perform a wide variety of defensive duties in American Football, they do things like defending against runs and blocking plays! They stop and rush players from other team when they are passing the ball, on top of that Linebackers are responsible for tackling opponents and delivering hard hits on opponents too! Therefore Linebackers need to have a lot of stamina, speed, and strength!

Katrina Law can 'ave 5'6.5"!
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Sep/18
@ Nik - Thanks! I've learnt something today!

5ft6.5 for Katrina.
Nik said on 26/Sep/18
@ Sandy Cowell - A linebacker (autocorrect knows this word!) is a defensive position in American Football! When Katrina said "I'm 5' 8". Built like a linebacker" she must have meant that she considers herself to be large and strong!
Thomas Christensen said on 24/Jul/18
I think she mostly looks to be about 5´7
And regarding her weight, I do think she was totally honest, this picture is from about the time in 2016 when she said it, and in this picture she does look a little softer overall.

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Nik said on 4/Jul/18
@ Sandy Cowell - No, I don't know what a linebacker is! It's a jolly intriguing word though, I may do some research online!

It looks like Rob and Katrina are having some target practise! 🎯!

I can't get over how long her legs are either, they are quite a bit longer than mine and I am taller than her!
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jul/18
@ Nik - Yes, I think she did, and then when I arrived in her page, I couldn't believe the length of her legs!

Personally, I haven't the vaguest idea what a linebacker is!
Nik said on 1/Jul/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hasn't she just! Her legs are longer than Rob's even though he has the best part of two inches on her!

Katrina is not the 5'8" that she claims, for me she is 5'6.5" at tops!

I like her quote saying,"I'm 5'8". Built like a linebacker"!

Did Katrina Law pop up as a random celeb?
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/18
Hasn't Katrina got LONG LEGS? Whether it is the effect of her clothing, I cannot be certain, but no effect can be THAT good!

For a girl of 5ft6.5, her pins are so super-long, that one thinks one is looking at a girl of at least 5ft8, but as Rob is there to prove otherwise, Kat shall get 5ft6.5 from me.
Mark Vince said on 2/Apr/18
She looks 5ft6.5, 5ft7. Visibly taller than Willa Holland
MarkyMark said on 19/Aug/17
Cool photo, she's very pretty
even said on 24/Jul/17
5 foot 8 is an impossibility , she's exactly 5'6.5" .
Slim 181 cm said on 10/Jul/17
looked 60 kg in Spartacus, possibly heavier in arrow from training or something like that. 62 kg maximum.
Slim 181 cm said on 10/Jul/17
"Built like a linebacker" umm after seeing her n*de scene in Spartacus I think it's safe to say that's not true, She has a thin waist. I think she'd measure 5'6.75. And I'm 99% sure she isn't over 5'7, in the afternoon of course!
Bobby said on 31/May/17
James, lying about one's height isn't illegal or immoral, it's something that we all do. I put down 5'11 for my Passport, but since I measure that in shoes, wasn't technically lying either. I mean, if she claimed 5'7, I don't think anyone would have batted an eye. It's clear though that Rob has two inches on her, so I would say that Rob is more of a 5'8.5 guy.
Editor Rob
she wasn't really 2 inches smaller, I'd say actually although she claims 5ft 8 like someone like Big G, she will measure taller than him...
Nik said on 5/May/17
She is probably nearer 5'6.25". Katrina Law crops up a lot as a random celeb!
Nik said on 4/May/17
Very good photo!
Shredder said on 28/Mar/17
She looks nowhere near 138. More like 120
Revisionist said on 14/Mar/17
James, how do you know that she's lying? She, like most people, could just be misinformed. Maybe she was measured incorrectly, or by a nurse who didn't deduct for sneakers.

I know that I walked around thinking that I was an inch SHORTER than I actually was. Most people are just ignorant.
Editor Rob
she's certainly honest enough with her weight, very believable...but there are people who do give their height in sneakers and think absolutely nothing of it.

I remember the last time Jenny came back from a hospital check-up, she said the Nurse said just leave on your trainers. So on her record she will be down now as 175cm!
James said on 9/Dec/16
It's OK if she claims "a bit over 5' 7" (morning height)... but a full 5' 8"??? She knew she is not that tall, she is a height liar. It's very immoral to lie about your own height.
James B said on 9/Aug/16
Looks like Rachel blison
Len said on 8/Jan/16
5'6" flat. And gorgeous.
Larry S said on 23/Dec/15
From what I have read, even at her age (30) she could still grow taller.
GP said on 16/Sep/15
Rob, shouldn't she be 5'6" or 168cm? If she has 1 cm more in footwear then she is good 2 inches shorter than you because I see 4cm between you two and you appear to slightly lean forward in the photo. I think she is dead on 5'6"
Editor Rob
I think she looked somewhere in 169-70 range, minus half inch footwear and you could argue anywhere in 168-9 range, although 169 I think is probably ok for her.
120 said on 13/Sep/15
Her legs don't seem long, it is definitely a trick to make your legs look longer. Same thing happens with Atsushi Sakuri. He has a Black Kimono belt on and makes it look longer.

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Click Here
5'9.5'' said on 11/Aug/15
Are those legs really that long Rob or is it a trick of the camera? They must be in the 99th percentile proportion-wise to her teeny-tiny body
Editor Rob
I don't think they are that long, maybe a bit longer than average, but those trousers/pants are belly waist high.
littlesue said on 7/Aug/15
Long legs short body proportions
Sasha said on 7/Aug/15
She has very long legs!!! About 4-6 inches longer than Rob has.
Balrog said on 2/Aug/15
Looks 5'6" flat.
M said on 31/Jul/15
oh wow i thought she was a legit 5"8......but thanks for clarifying with this photo :)
Alex 6'0 said on 31/Jul/15
Rob, she looks same height next to you as G did when you and G were barefoot. 1.5 inches. With the near .5 more footwear I'd think she'd be more 5'6.25?
Editor Rob
she did look taller than Big G up close when I was asking her to do this pose, but 5ft 6.5 is very possible.
Hypado said on 30/Jul/15
Great, one more Arrow actor.
Nickname said on 30/Jul/15
This is really generous, she looks no more than 5'6 flat if you take into account the footwear advantage.
120 said on 30/Jul/15
Are you sure about 170 cm, she looks alot shorter than you even with the footwear advantage.
Editor Rob
I believe she'd measure 5ft 6.5-6.75 range, roughly similar to 'Big G'.
Alex 6'0 said on 30/Jul/15
I see a 1.5 inch difference including her heel difference. Without she looks more 5'6.25 id say
CD said on 29/Jul/15
Half inch more footwear, so I can see 5ft 6 flat judging by the picture.
mr.rashid said on 29/Jul/15
I knew 5'7 listing was a bit too generous, she didn't look much different in height compared to Katie Cassidy.
Sam said on 29/Jul/15
Cute photo, cute girl. Her footwear doesn't look much more than Rob's, she looks around 5'6.5" maybe to me.
Editor Rob
her boot is about half inch more than mine.
Will said on 29/Jul/15
The beautiful girl of Spartacus
J.Lee said on 28/Jul/15
Rob did you know she is listed at 5 ft 8? Does she know she is on this site and you listed her at under 5 ft 7?
Editor Rob
well she's not 5ft 8 barefoot.
Vlad said on 28/Jul/15
Wow that's a short spine!
NoirEclipse said on 10/Mar/15
Rob, do you think it's possible Katrina could be slightly shorter at around 167-168cm. I only say this because she looks the same height and sometimes a little bit shorter than Katie Cassidy in Arrow even with her thick heeled shoes.
Editor Rob
somewhere around 169 is possible.

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