How tall is Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

English actor, best known for playing Martin Ellingham in TV series Doc Martin and Gary Strang in Men Behaving Badly. He said in the Sunday Times "I'm 6ft 3in tall."

How tall is Martin Clunes
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I'm glad I'm tall although it was a bit of a drawback when I was a kid because I was never aggressive or a fighter but being taller than all my mates if somebody wanted to pick a fight they'd go for me. I couldn't really run away fast enough so I was forever getting beaten up. I'm six foot three and people comment on my height as if it's a good thing.
-- The People, 1995 (Jun 25)
You need a small body and a big head to be a big star like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt. But I’ve got a big body and big head...I never intended to be a leading man because I’m tall and odd-looking.

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6ft 2.04in (188.1cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Feb/23
Martin is terrific in Inspector Morse’s ‘Happy Families’.

He chats to Morse, having bought an expensive painting. “I have the money to by works of geniuses, but I don’t know what makes them what they are….” he says, amongst other things.

Martin has a beautiful speaking voice, and I’m going to check out his background and education soon.

I can believe 6ft2.75 for Martin’s peak, and 6ft2.25 for today.
Steven Wade said on 28/Jan/23
6f 0.5 inch max
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
He is probably lost height, based on the pics. He is 60
Sinclair said on 1/Apr/22
Rob, who would you say could have been a stronger 6’2” at peak, Clunes or Neil Morrissey?
Editor Rob
Neil sometimes gave me that impression
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Sep/21
Well done to Martin Clunes for excelling in his part as Colin Sutton, the detective on whose memoirs this week's four-parter, 'Manhunt - The Night Stalker', showing from Monday to Thursday on ITV1, is based. It's proved compulsive viewing for people living in my area, as these shocking events took place round the vacinity of Bromley from 1992 to 2009.

Martin has even had to affect a South London accent for his part in the 4-part dramatisation. His accent for the 'Inspector Morse' episode 'Happy Families' is far more akin to his normal one.

I can't see less than 6ft2/6ft2.25 for Martin today and reckon he was nearer 6ft2.75 during his prime, and 6ft3 when he got up. He plays a bit older than his years in Manhunt, I believe. The 'A Touch of Frost' actor, Matt Bardock, co-stars in this compelling drama and he is towered over by Martin. Matt could, after all, look the brilliant David Jason in the face, so I'd say Matt could be 5ft6, but I think he's written up as 5ft7.

Since I wrote my 2018 comment, I've seen - and bought - Martin's 'Goodbye Mr Chips', wherein he plays a teacher. I saw 'Happy Families' over the weekend and laughed at the height difference between Martin and his supposed 'brother'!

Overall, I'm going to plump for 6ft2.5 for this popular, hard-working and adaptable actor. 😁👌
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Sep/21
Rob, 6ft2 and a bit peak?
Editor Rob
I could see it more than a full 6ft 3
QwrpyDoDo said on 16/Apr/20
Watching DM during Quarantine. He sure looks at least 6'2" -- maybe a fraction over? Just a guess. I love how he doesn't gaf about people's feelings--but is really a great doc. Great premise, Funny show I think
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Aug/18
Martin stars in the 'Inspector Morse' episode 'Happy Families'. In order to play this particular part, he needed to have/effect a posh accent and, what with the comedies he's known for, it's hard to see him as a proper gentleman, but he is!

He plays one of the sons (the tall one!) of a very rich and successful family, with the part of his highly disturbed Mum played by Anna Massey, who I reckon is 5ft6, and yes, it's feasible for a woman of that height to have a son in access of 6ft, but then, the same applies to a woman much smaller! Christopher Greener's Mum, so I've been told, was 5ft3! I knew someone who was familiar with the Greeners.

I often check out the heights of the parents and children on films and dramas, as I do their eye colours! Blue-eyed people can't be parents of brown-eyed ones, but brown-eyed ones have the genes for any colour! It's all part of the wonderful world that makes up genetics, and very interesting!

I look forward to seeing Martin in the up-and-coming 'Vanity Fayre' this Autumn, and he will be playing another privileged gent in that. I have seen it advertised, and Martin looks taller than anyone else I've seen. I mean, 6ft2 is TALL, and I can see this as being his minimum height of the day. In fact, he can have 6ft2.25 as he stands out as 'The Tall Guy' in everything I've seen him in barring 'Men Behaving Badly', and that's because his flat mate is played by the equally tall Neil Morrissey!
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/17
I think he is more like 6'3" than 6'2" tbh
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jul/17
Rob, was he really shorter than Morrissey even back in the Men Behaving Badly days?

I saw quite the opposite...
Editor Rob
they did seem quite close.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jun/17
Rob, why the downgrade?

I thought he easily looked 189-190cm
Editor Rob
looked at him in Dr Who with Peter Davison again...I couldn't see 6ft 3 there.
Dorian Gay said on 24/Jun/17
This is waaaay out. He is a classic case of an average-ish sized guy trying to pass off as a big guy; just like Vin Diesel. I saw him in 'Arthur and George' as Arthur Conan Doyle and was surprised because he was the same height or slightly shorter than Arsher Ali who played George; when in the book he was a huge bear of a man who towered over the Indian vicar's son. Arsher is NOT a big guy (I Googled him and he is only six foot!!), so I would say 6.05 inch tops and probably a bit less.

Look hear for proof:

Click Here

Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Apr/17
I've nevet been an avid follower of Dr Martin, but I've enjoyed what I've seen. You have to admit that a grumpy, rude doctor makes for smashing entertainment, and is very, very funny!
Nik said on 11/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Well I think that both my last two comments on this page have been quite amusing! I think that "Doc Martin" was miserable in a comical way but let's face it he was VERY miserable and in fact rude as well a lot of the time. Tongues starting wagging in the village where his practice was based and correct me if I am wrong but didn't the locals threaten to boycott the surgery because of how he was?! Nevertheless they all started to warm to him in time, they realised that he wasn't a bad a person, and that he was fully dedicated to his patients.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Apr/17
@ Nik - Message received and understood! There's nothing quite like an amusing comment to lift the spirits! 😂😂😁😀
Nik said on 9/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

It was probably the gremlins' fault! I sent the comment during the time period when Rob was testing out another web host. Well I am not bothered and as you said neither should I be, I just wanted to send a light hearted comment that the 3 question marks at the bottom of the posting were not my mistake that time! Then before pressing the send button I thought "oh no" anybody who reads it might think that I am grumbling! - So having thought that I had tied myself up in knots I made a point that I was not bothered about it!

Editor Rob
always remember if a mistake is made in a comment, send another and I can usually see the first one mistake and delete it.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Apr/17
@ Nik - ...and neither should you be! 😉
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Apr/17
@ Nik - Yes, he is miserable, but in a comical sort of way! Even the Morse episode is a funny one, but they cut the words "now listen, you little piece of shi⚓!" out every time I see it now as it is on in the daytime! His older, much shorter brother says that to him when they're being questioned by Morse and Lewis!
Nik said on 8/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell @Rob

I do not know what the Dickens happened to the symbols that I put at the bottom of my message on the 6th April! This time it is not my error! - I am guilty of making quite a few! - but not this time! Don't ban me though me Rob, this is not a complaint and in fact I am not bothered at all!
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Apr/17
Ha ha! I just went to look what is on ITV3+1 and guess what? It's 'Doctor Martin'!

I recently acquired all 6 series of 'Men Behaving Badly', plus a Christmas special, and I have seen a couple of episodes so far! The lads look so much younger than they do now, obviously, but it's still an eyeful to take in!
Do look out, Nik, for 'Happy Families', the 'Inspector Morse' episode. It's really good and shows Martin's height off better than ever!
Nik said on 7/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

With Rob, yourself, and seven voters believing that he is about 6'2.5" then I must have got it wrong thinking that he was an inch or two less. My gut feeling on watching "Doc Martin" was that he was not so tall so that is why I was surprised on finding out just two days ago that he is just as tall as he is. I always used to watch "Doc Martin" a lot with my parents! I should have paid more attention to his height!


bazza said on 6/Apr/17
i always thought Morrissey looked a cm taller in MBB and Clunes always seemed to wear shoes in that too. I would say 188 max for clunes and 189 is right for Morrissey.
Nik said on 5/Apr/17
I really did not know he was so tall until just a second ago! I thought he was about 6ft or 6ft 1 ish.
john said on 13/Mar/17
I was going into a shop as he was coming out..we were eye to eye and wearing same height heels..I am 6' 1.5".There is no way he is more than this.
newbie said on 14/Oct/16
Remember seeing him on the short lived chat show Jeremy Clarkson did and seem to remember at the time thinking Clunes would be around the 6'3 mark when standing near Clarkson so I can buy that height or just under.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Aug/16
I think he may actually have been 6ft3 peak. Watching MBB, I think he had a better chance of it than Morrissey who looked more of a 6ft2-2½ guy but had looser posture
hs2015 said on 28/Feb/15
Just claimed 6'3" on The Jonathan Ross Show.
Jack said on 27/Jun/14
He looks more 6'3" to me...
Louise C said on 2/Jan/14
I love that he is SO TALL. I believe 6'2 1/2" or even 6'3". I would love to know his shoe size; saw a video of him recently shopping in a "Where's Waldo" outfit with a cap and black high rise sneakers. He is such a riot!
jordydecke said on 9/Dec/13
I've been watching men behaving badly lately and I'd say a young Martin Clunes is every bit of 6'3 and I think Neil Morrissey is about 6'2.5 - there's a tiny bit of difference between the pair of them and Clunes is the taller guy.
Nan said on 2/May/13
In one show he was wearing shoe lifts of about 1.5 inches.
Trent said on 16/Jan/13
Actually I was looking again and I think he could even be 6'1.75. Maybe in the range of that to 6'2.
Trent said on 15/Jan/13
The flat 6'2 is more accurate IMO. I just watched an episode of Doc Martin where he was face-to-face with a 2004/2005 Roger LLoyd Pack. Clunes appeared about an inch taller, but lost half an inch to Roger's shoes.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Nov/12
Both Clunes and Morrissey looked like genuine 6'2" guys from what I remember, possible near 6'3".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Sep/12
Rob, could he be taller than Neil Morrisey?
Shaun said on 7/Feb/12
6'3" is a bit of a stretch, I think this about right. I'd have guessed him as a 6'2"-6'3" guy in Men Behaving Badly.
Richard said on 1/Feb/12
I was standing by Clunes in a bar in Soho a few years back. I'm 6'0". He's definitely 6'3" - I noticed only because I hadn't realised how tall he was.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 27/Nov/11
I think he could be 6'2.75" (1.90 m).
Godred said on 14/Nov/11
@Nope - because celebrities - Models,actors,football players etc, have a habit of lying or giving their height in shoes,personally don`t see him over 6`2.
James said on 17/Jul/11
looks 189cm to me
Nope said on 30/Jan/11
Martin Clunes himself has said he's 6'3" so why is he being listed at 6'2.5" here?
Dave said on 26/Apr/08
yup, easy 6'2 and up... pretty tall guy, and rarely has good posture either. so could be a 6'3 when straight.
robbie h said on 12/Oct/07
does look tall in some 'doc martin'

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