How tall is Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

American actor best known for films such as Ferris Bueller's Day Off, WarGames, Glory, Godzilla and Project X.

How tall is Matthew Broderick
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Average Guess (30 Votes)
5ft 7.12in (170.5cm)
Tom Corry said on 11/Jun/23
I just walked past him with his family in the West Village. At that time of day, I'm 5' 6.75". I wear driving shoes no socks. He was a solid inch taller than I am. I didn't look at his shoes.
Zach Catselbow said on 15/Jul/22
Personally, I believe he is the same height as Ruffalo. I think they are both 5'7 1/4"
Zach Catselbow said on 21/Jun/22
Hey Rob, do you think he is on the stronger or weaker side of the 5’7 1/2” you list him at?
Editor Rob
I don't think I'd give him any more than the current listing.
vvv2 said on 9/Jun/22
rob matt is 3 inches taller but he is still considered short. in fact he same height as cruise who is insulted for his height . who why couldnt they hire someone a lot closer to 6 foot ?
Editor Rob
Height is sometimes overlooked for roles, maybe because of star power or really the talent of the actor.
Like when Tom got the part of Jack Reacher, who is 6ft 5 in the books...or what about 6ft 3-4 range John Lithgow playing Churchill who was under 5ft 7.
vvv2 said on 28/May/22
rob producers told michael j fox he was too short for the family ties role but matthew broderick who was original is also short.
Editor Rob
Matthew is at least 3 inches taller, but I think Michael fitted the role well.
Zach Catselbow said on 11/Dec/20
Rob, do you suppose Broderick may have been a bit taller when he was younger? Say in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?
Editor Rob
not sure Matthew has lost anything visible few years he might though.
Jtm said on 18/Oct/20
rob do you think he's the same height as mark ruffalo?
Editor Rob
I do think they might be close if measured
Jtm said on 18/Oct/20
he's noticeably shorter than mark ruffalo in you can count on me premiere pictures. was ruffalo wearing lifts on that day? i really doubt it. i have also seen pictures of him looking noticeably shorter than julie white(why is she not listed here?) with similar footwear. she is listed 5'8 all over the sites and even that is a maybe.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Apr/20
In the 90's he looked about 5ft7 , maybe a small fraction over , so 5ft7 1/4" definitely no more ..
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Mar/20
πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Matthew! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆ

A Very Happy Birthday to Matthew Broderick, who today celebrates his 58th Birthday.

5ft7.25. πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰πŸ»

Nik Ashton said on 3/Feb/20
Cool guy, cool height!
CDS said on 10/Aug/19
Watching Matthew next to Jerry Seinfeld, on "comedians in cars getting coffee", and before I actually thought he was the 5'8" he's listed at all his online listings. But he looks around 2.5 to 3" shorter than jerry , who was barely taller than 5'9" Eddie Murphy on a previous show. I actually now think the voters of this site have nailed it, just under 5'7"...
billionaireslayer said on 23/Mar/19
Peak 5'6 n half
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 23/Nov/18
This broadway musical star seems shorter than you listed here. He looks like little less than 5footer 7 whenever he is standing with his wife Sarah Jessica Parker with 5footer 2 half range.. Sarah is standing little below his eye level. Would say taller than 5ft 6 and half but less than 5ft 7 170cm..
James Keffer said on 29/Aug/18
He's a fair bit taller than Mia Sara (5,4) even when she's in heals. I'd give him at least 5,7
Danimal 5'9 3/4 said on 9/Aug/18
Rob, wasn't Glenn taller than him? How then can you list Matthew at 5'7.5" knowing how tall Glenn really was (5'6.5"-5'7").
Editor Rob
It was tough to tell from his photo with Matthew.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 9/Aug/18
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/17
Really arrogant looking , and not over 5ft6 .

Arrogant looking? What an odd thing to say and it's no wonder that you follow that derogatory comment up with a massive downgrade in his height. Who's the one being arrogant now?
berta said on 21/Mar/18
i dont believe for a second that stallone only had 1,5 inches on matthew 20 years ago!!!!. this guy is closer to 5 ft6.75
slothee said on 9/Dec/17

Lyman Ward. He was also in Planes Trains and Automobiles. Here's a scene of him and Steve Martin,

Click Here

From 1:20 onward, you can see he appears about 4" taller than Martin. My guess is he's at least 6'3".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Nov/17
I think he's 6ft2 at least...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Nov/17
Rob, how tall do you think this guy is?

Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
he always seemed over 6ft, but not sure just how much.
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/17
Really arrogant looking , and not over 5ft6 .
Charlie said on 16/Mar/17
If he is 5 ft 7 then Anthony Michael Hall is 5 ft 10. Judd nelson is 5 ft 7.5, Jon Cryer would be 5 ft 7, Macaulay Culkin would have to be 5 ft 5.5 as he is standing beside Matthew Broderick in a recent photo where Mathew is 1.5 inches taller than he is.Matter of fact the photo i see has Macaulay Culkin as being the shortest out of 7 actors and actresses. Matthew Broderick looked 1 inch shorter than Molly Ringwald and she had heels on. I'll say Matthew is 5 ft 7.
Danimal said on 4/Dec/16
Rob, he was shorter than Glenn. How do you have him at 5'7.5"? Was just on Late Night With Stephen Colbert.
Editor Rob
I can't remember how well Matthew was standing with Glenn, but at times Broderick certainly can look at most a 5ft 7 man.
Anon said on 5/Nov/16
Looks a weak 5-7
thekillingjoke said on 10/Jul/15
5'7 seems about right for Broderick. He's clearly taller than 5'5 Nathan Lane by a couple of inches in The Producers.
Amaze said on 8/May/15
Great film Ferris bueller was.

He's not legit short he's just a shortish guy
Anthony said on 25/Feb/15
5'7? I've never noticed his height before. This is a suprise to me
Arch Stanton said on 8/Nov/14
Ferris Bueller's Day Off is really one of the all time great comedy movies. I can't see him above this anyway.
bodwaya said on 14/Aug/14
i find it weird how i read in family ties they didnt want michael j fox cause he was too short well average height is 5foot 9 and broderick 2 inches below sure hes higher the fox but matthew still considered short
Arch Stanton said on 24/Feb/14
Looked more 5 ft 7 flat in Ladyhawke in 1985, rather geeky to boot.
Alex97 said on 12/Jan/14
I think 5'7.5 is about right. He isn't 5'8 as he doesn't look 4 inches taller than Mia Sara who is 5'4 in Ferris Bueller.
goose said on 18/Sep/13
Lived in the building next to me in Soho and saw him over a dozen times - 5'7 3/4 seems accurate. Surprisingly BTW, major jerk according to everyone in the neighborhood but in a subtle kind of way.
Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
He looked 5 foot 7.5 next to ty burrell who could be close to 6 foot.
ChUcKLeS said on 23/Apr/13
I have met Mathew... seems to be pretty close to 5ft 7 +
Chris said on 7/Feb/13
How can you summarize his career without mentioning FBDO or Lion King?
CBM said on 14/Dec/12
Gives a 5'6.5 impression which he could be. Maybe he was 5'7 range when he was younger.
Chris said on 15/Nov/12
Just saw him standing next to Ty Burrell.
Danny said on 19/Aug/12
I think you guys are selling him short, I met him at the stagedoor after a show and he was at least an inch taller than me at 5'7.5"
Silent d said on 10/Dec/11
He always looked short to me. I think he is slightly taller than 5 foot 6 ben stiller and 5 foot 6 jack black. 169cm.
Phil said on 24/Oct/11
Worked on a movie with him in the mid-90s and he was no more than 5'7" then. In his newest movie, he looks a good 3 inches shorter than Eddie Murphy who's 5'9"
SpaceInvaduhs said on 17/Jul/11
5'6" flat! Didn't you watch War Games? There were scenes where 5'5" Ally Sheedy actually looked TALLER than him. 5'6" for sure. Look at his arms.
Random Person said on 13/Mar/11
I agree with Anonymous below. My guess is he's in the 168 - 170 ranges. Fantastic actor!
K4 said on 19/Feb/11
I don't think Broderick was ever 172-173cm, that's probably with shoes. I'd say he's probably 168-170cm.
runt said on 6/Jul/09
If Helen Hunt is 5-7 (often listed at 5-8) and Broderick is only 5-7, then with heels she should convincingly beat him. But she doesn't.

Click Here
Click Here
Ahleks said on 20/Jun/09
Broderick should be downgraded. He never looked 5'7
SylverStunner said on 4/Jun/09
in cable guy, he looks and just an inch high than 5'7 jack black, that gives him 5'8. but in some scenes he looks so short. anyways jack black is a strong 5'7 so mat will be perfect 5'8 or a few centimeters les
aram x said on 25/Apr/09
Here's Broderick with the supposedly 4,9-10" Danny Devito. Click Here
Does he look like he's actually 10-11 inches taller than Devito (note Devito is standing slightly closer to the camera though)?
leonari said on 18/Mar/09
never is he a full 5'8". 5'7" guy.
Ian said on 17/Mar/09
Looks 5ft8 next to Matthew Perry.
Click Here
Ian said on 17/Mar/09
I think he is 5ft8. He's got a big forehead under that hat.
RisingForce said on 2/Mar/09
He probably still is at his peak. He's a healthy man in his 40's.
Maribel said on 19/Feb/09
More like 5-7.25, maybe he was 5-8 in his prime.
tedinct said on 12/Feb/09
if nathan lane is 5'5 , broderick is 5'6 1/2 max
Anonymous said on 12/Feb/09
I met when he filmed "Out on a limb". No way he is 5'8". I'm 5'9" and he was at least four inches shorter than men.
5 ft 3.2 said on 13/Jan/09
That sounds about right.
Bouncer said on 11/Jan/09
I give him 5'7 at most.
anonymous said on 6/Jan/09
he is definitely 5'7 5'8 is a big jump from 5"7 and i know a 5"7 when i see one he is definitely flat 5'7 plus he was more than 3 inches shorter than alec baldwin 5 "11" in 30 rock
RisingForce said on 30/Dec/08
He never seemed anything other than a 5-7ish guy to me, even in the mid 80's. He always looked kind of short. 5-7.5 max I think.
leonari said on 26/Dec/08
Flat 5'7" guy who gave a bigger impression when young (Ferris etc...) caus of his thin frame. Now he gained weight and it's clear: thats how a flat 5'7" guy looks like.
RisingForce said on 26/Dec/08
I don't think he's under 5-7 but I don't think he's much over. I'd be surprised if he was 5-7.75, 5-8, even out of bed.
anonymous said on 24/Dec/08
In the cable guy he is taller than 5 foot 6 jack black by and inch. I would say he's a maximum 5 foot 7.3.
Minimum said on 5/Dec/08
I agree with Glenn. Broderick is near five eight, about 5"7.75.
leonari said on 21/Nov/08
Maribel: I agree.
Maribel said on 20/Nov/08
Perhaps max of 5-7.25.
anonymous said on 12/Nov/08
He was shorter than uma thurman by 15cm in the producers. He has to be maximum 5 foot 7.
leonari said on 3/Nov/08
thanks for agreeing Rob . Appteciate it
leonari said on 2/Nov/08
He is not 5'8"-Sorry never. I analyzed him thoroughly. And I would put a lot of money on 5'7" flat-period. And no Rob 172 is NOT more accurate. He is smaller than Cruise don't you agree?

Editor Rob
I think there'd be more chance of broderick being nearer 170 than cruise.
Daii said on 7/Aug/08
he was a LOT shorter than Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy, about 5-6 inches so hes 5'8 max
Mr. R said on 7/Aug/08
Alexandra, EVERYBODY looks like a giant next to Danny Devito!
Alexandra said on 5/Aug/08
In Deck the Halls he looked like a giant next to Danny Devito
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/08
so, you can now see how SJP is only in the 5'2 range-not 5'3 or 5'4-next to her husband in killer heels, he still has at least 3 inches on her, always-and he's only 5'7.5-making her 5'5 or so in heels-she's 5'2 tops to me
runt said on 19/Jun/08
Steph: he did look taller than Sarah Silverman.
leonari said on 19/May/08
Charliemoto: I agree.
Charliemoto said on 18/May/08
broderick is a legit 5'7 i'm not buying any 5'6, he is around 170-171cm no more no less.
John Jay said on 18/May/08
If he is 5'6 or 5'7 is the question,I say 5'6.5, but at the wax museum near Times Sqaure a few years ago they had his wax statue and one of Nathan Lane set up in front of a Producers door, and they made his wax figure about 5'8 they made him and lane too tall. They also made Robin Williams look taller than he really is 5'9 statue , and they also did it with Brad Pit making him look 6'1.
Anonymous said on 9/May/08
He looked tiny compared to 5'11.5 Alec Baldwin last night on 30 Rock. He must have terrible posture if he's 5'7.5 because he looked about 6" less than Alec.
glenn said on 18/Apr/08
rob has him accurate.he can look shorter than 5-8,but he is 5-7ish at least.he is around my height actually.maybe im a hair taller.i just saw him last week.and several times a year.
phil said on 17/Apr/08
Hey, I saw him at Times Square a year ago and I was with a friend who is 5'6 and they were the same height, so I would that 5'6 is more accurate for him.
steph said on 13/Apr/08
5'7.5" isn't right-I saw him standing near sarah silverman at a comedy central event 2day and she was about the same height as mathew (sarah had on sneakers),he was NOT taller. I guesstimate her height at 5'6-she is petite in person,not statuesque like on TV. i am 5'4-my mom thought sarah was my size.
Jess said on 19/Feb/08
Matthew is obviously leaning forward in that photo, while Glenn seems to be standing stiff straight. That makes a big difference, and a 2 inch difference between the two there ain't! Perhaps 5'7". In photos with 5'5" Nathan Lane with the two standing straight, Matthew is easily 2 inches taller than he is, if not more.

Phil, I think we all understand quite clearly by now that you spent an entire day by Matthew's side ;) But without a measuring tape, it is quite hard to estimate the height difference between a person and yourself when you're looking at someone from eye level; they do appear shorter than they really are.
glenn said on 11/Dec/07
papa smurf,ha.that was good.
C. said on 11/Dec/07
Everyone on here is saying he's closer to 5'6". I didn't know he was that short. I would have guessed around 5'7" or so but...I'm kind of surprised.
G-MANN said on 9/Dec/07
That hat, is he auditioning for Papa Smurf?
trueheight said on 14/Sep/07
I'll buy 5'7.5 - no way is he 5'6
phil said on 24/Aug/07
...and you spent an entire day on a movie set standing beside him like I did...right? He's 5'6"!
Jon Doe said on 13/Aug/07
He's 5'7 definetly I think you people are making up the 5'6 estimates/sitings of him.Seriously 5'7-5'8 aint a bad height anyway.But seriously no way is he 5'6.
phil said on 21/Jul/07
I'll repeat what I posted over a year ago that I worked an entire afternoon with him in the movie "Mrs. Parker & the Viscious Circle". I had a speaking role and was standing right beside him over and over again. We both has shoes that were given to us by wardrobe (the movie was set in the 1920s os so) and he was no taller than 5'6" and I'm 5'9". The rest of you can say whatever you want, but unless you've actually spent time with these people, you don't know anything about how tall they are. The above pic with Gleen says it all anyway. Look at their eyes...Broderick is 2 inches shorter that 5'8" Glenn.
Zoe said on 2/Jul/07
Then Uma thurman has to be 190cm tall, Broderick stood only up to her collar bone in the film "The Producers"!!!
Anonymous said on 28/May/07
Shredder, you forget Broderick is leaning a bit. He could be 5'7.75.
Brad said on 10/May/07
I agree with the actor who worked with him but I'll add a 1/2". 5.6.5". He likes being by his short wife, looks great in photos....people forget or don't know: she's really small.
the shredder said on 29/Apr/07
Yea , I don't see him near 5'8 ... more like 5'6.75 !!! ... I agree , he does not look past a flat 5'7 with Glenn look where there eyes are and the top of there heads . 5'7.5 is nothing but but a height in shoes .
Viper said on 29/Apr/07
Hes leaning a little in the picture, but it would still be an inch difference.
leonari said on 28/Apr/07
he is no taller than 5'7".Hell I even say 5'6.5"!!!
Viper said on 28/Apr/07
Yeah, he looks no taller than 5-7 with Glenn.
Stalker said on 23/Apr/07
Aussie Bloke said true , If Glenn about 5'8'' Matthew's height exactly not taller than 171 cm. May be he's 5'6''.
Aussie Bloke said on 6/Feb/07
Let's face it, he looks clearly shorter than Glenn in that picture. Look at them from eye-level perspective. Glenns eyes are around 1-2 inches above Brodericks, so If glen is around 173cm, you would have to give broderick 169-170cm. H might be around 5ft7.5, but he does look clearly shorter than Glenn
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/07
I met him while he was on Broadway in the mid-90s. I'm 5-7.5 and he looked at least an inch short than me.
Glenn said on 25/Sep/06
He is close to 5-8.over 5-7.
leonari said on 25/Sep/06
Glenn what do you say? How tall is Broderick?
anonymous2 said on 24/Sep/06
I agree with leonari, 5'6.5".
leonari said on 25/Mar/06
He always looked short to me...I have seen listings of 5'9"...out of the question....I say 5'6.5" .After all he is a fair bit taller than wife Sarah Jessica PArker.
Marc said on 13/Mar/06
I think he is only about 5'7".
phil said on 12/Feb/06
The scene I did was when the bar gets raided by the police. I'm the bartender who says "cops are here, everybody speakeasy". I spent an entire afternoon on set with him. We were standing beside each other several times. He was a good 3 inches shorter than me and I had regular shoes on with a 3/4" heel. I'm 5'9" so he's 5"6" max.
trueheight said on 9/Feb/06
Not to discount you phil, but solid proof is necessary. I have that w/ Ferris Beuller's Day off, he is a solid 5'7, 5'8 w/ shoes. Its right there in front of your eyes. I would say that Broder was 5'8 as a young adult, but seems to have shrunk a BIT; or maybe everyone else is just getting better shoes made, its plausible
phil said on 3/Feb/06
Read my lips. I did a scene with him in a movie. He is 5"6" tall.

Editor Rob
which scene?
trueheight said on 30/Jan/06
thats because Lane probably wears lifts; no not probably definately. Broderick looks at the LEAST 5'7 in Ferris Beuller's day off.
phil said on 29/Jan/06
I work as an actor and did a scene with Matthew Broderick in the movie Mrs. Parker and the Viscious Circle. I am 5'9'' and I was looking down at him. He is 5'6" at the most and Sarah Jessica Parker is no more than 5'1" tall.
Travis said on 27/Jan/06
hes only 5'6"
TPH said on 6/Jan/06
When he is photographed with 5'5 Nathan lane he appears barely an inch taller ........ He is prob 5'6 no more

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