How tall is Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox's Height

5ft 4 (162.6 cm)

Canadian actor best known for roles in movies like the Back to the Future trilogy, Mars Attacks!, The Frighteners and Doc Hollywood. To TV audiences he is well known for Spin City and Family Ties. On CNN in 2002 he mentioned his weight "I'm five-foot-five, 130 pounds".
Girls think you're so cute when you're short. They always want to put me in their pocket. Great, as long as it's their breast pocket.
I'm just a short guy. That's the way it goes. Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Willie Shoemaker, and I - we're all short guys. It's just a fact of life.

How tall is Michael J Fox
Photo by PR Photos
I'm 5 foot, 6½ inches. [Michael's] 5-5. I know he's a little shorter than I am. They [Family Ties production] always have me like slouch over the counter, or sit across the room, or sitting down all the time....I'm not sure if they mean to, but it happens all the time.
-- Tina Yothers
My brother is the giant in the family, and he's 5-foot-9. I don't mind being short, the only time it has hurt me was when I wanted to play professional hockey. But, when I was 13, I realised that I would never be tall enough to be a good hockey player.
- 1983
I'm 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall. Don't forget the one-half inch.
Really I'm five-foot-four, I've dealt with bullies my whole life.

How tall is Michael J Fox
First off — let’s just get this one out of the way — it’s a short joke. At a fraction of an inch under five-foot-five, much of my interaction with the world and the people in it has required that I tilt my head backward and direct my gaze upward. However, this isn’t a manifesto about the hardships of the vertically challenged. Frankly, my height or lack thereof never bothered me much. Although there’s no doubt that it’s contributed to a certain mental toughness. I’ve made the most of the head start one gains from being underestimated.
I'm 5 feet 4 inches tall and weigh about 115 pounds. Even though I am 22, a lot of producers think anyone who looks this young has to play someone young.

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Average Guess (67 Votes)
5ft 4in (162.6cm)
Sinclair said on 23/Sep/22
Rob, could Fox please be included in the Boston Legal tag?
Andrey200 said on 6/Sep/22
Looked a very strong 5’4 at least
Andrey200 said on 6/Sep/22
Somewhere between Daniel Radcliffe’s and Elijah Wood’s heights at peak
5'7 and a fraction said on 7/Aug/22
Legit 5'4.
Leesheff85 said on 14/Feb/22
How about his the frighteners Co star trini alverado Rob she's listed 5ft 5 and 5ft 7 she looks 5ft 5
Editor Rob
yeah 5ft 5 looks a lot more believable than 5ft 7.
Toby Barrett said on 26/Nov/21
i mean 5'3 now lol
Toby Barrett said on 26/Nov/21
5'4 peak 5'3.5
Nik Ashton said on 1/Oct/21
It’s cool that Michael and Nancy are height twins, there are lots of men and women who are 5’4”! I’m sure he’d love ‘em to put him in their pant pocket! 3️⃣5️⃣0️⃣
Dimples53 said on 25/Sep/21
Hi Rob. You referred to Michael j fox, from the eighties, as "a big 5ft 4 fella",what would that be compared to someone who is just 5feet4. Does the bigger 5feet4 person just look taller?
Editor Rob
a solid or even strong 5ft 4.
James Edward Crowley said on 10/Mar/21
Hi Rob, How did Michael J Fox end up growing only to 5ft 4in,He never grew beyond that height, When I was a teenager in the late 1990's,I remember reading about him in the radio times, He had problems at 16 being only 5ft 4in.
Editor Rob
I am not sure what Michael's parental heights were, but those genetics will have a big role.

I mean Tom Cruise Father was over 6ft in his prime...
Jaccob naismith said on 29/Nov/20
I thought he was 5'6 on back to the future movie, I am legit 5'5 but look not that tall
Gyan Lee said on 7/Nov/20
With strict measurement with relaxed posture and pressing all the way down to the head with zero height frauding, he was a strong 163cm in his prime. But by today's standards online, he really can claim 166cm to 167cm and people will still believe him. Depends on which measuring standard is involved here imo. But I am sure he looked great in BTTF to a lot of girls despite his height.
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
short but still healthy
6'5 manlet said on 4/Aug/20
"Mars Attacks!" is such an underrated film. RIP jables!

I give MJF a 5'3.
Jkiller said on 23/Jun/20
5'4.25 (163cm) exactly.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jun/20
🎊🎂🎁 Happy Birthday Michael! 🎁🎂🎊

A Very Happy Birthday to Michael J Fox, who turns 59 years old today!

My favourite film of his is 'Casualties of War', where he plays a bigger man than any of the others, and it's based on a true story.

5ft4.5 😁👍🦊

Matt Shannon said on 5/Mar/19
Hey Rob do you think it was possible he was 5’4.5 during back to the future?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have gone that high for him. But you know, earlier in the day he might have measured over 5ft 4 and not far off the half..
Imamsocoollikereallycoool said on 20/Dec/18
5’3”, 5’2”. Definitely in that range
Thepowerhouseofthecellboiiii said on 24/Nov/18
Omg he looks In the 4’10 range in the photo I showed😂😂
gauti said on 6/Oct/18
I think he is 5'2 or 5'3 tops same height as Martin Scorsese
EthanCouch said on 17/May/18
I heard he is 5’2.75 Rob!
Editor Rob
He could be heading near times looks as low as it, but clearly in the 90's was still 5ft 4
Borats Chicken said on 30/Mar/18
Rob, how tall is his wife? 5'5?
Editor Rob
Close to that mark is possible.
EthanCouch said on 27/Mar/18
Probably 5’3.5 Rob
Editor Rob
He can look barely 5ft 3 at times, although not a guy with great posture over last 10 years.
Josh Jeffords said on 16/Mar/18
Great actor funny made short cool good guy too.
Obviously short but usually pulled of a 5 .5 look in shoes.
Due to age and ailment I believe he is an inch maybe bit more shorter.
FYI in btf he wore nikes have thick sole that gave him slight advantage.
Dave said on 11/Jan/18
Looked almost 5 foot 5 in BTTF
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/17
strange that he calls Paul Newman short
The Shredder said on 7/Dec/17
He was n pretty flat footwear in Back to the Future and still didn't look just 5'4. He was at least an inch taller than Claudia Wells and wasn't towered by Glover and still taller than Lea. that fraction under 5'5 claim could have been his height early in the day. I don't don't buy a flat 5'4 around 1985 for him.
The Shredder said on 23/Nov/17
I'm with Danimal , 5'4.5 peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Nov/17
Rob, how likely is his claim at peak?
Editor Rob
it's not exactly impossible, 5ft 4.5 in the 80's...maybe in the AM, wouldn't rule it out.
Danimal said on 7/Nov/17
He's claimed a fraction under 5'5" and 5'4.5". I believe that he was 5'4.5" in the 80's. Today at 56 years of age and having had Parkinson's since 1991, I'm sure he's lost some height (maybe as much as 1").
Bobby said on 7/Nov/17
@Slim, is anybody gonna let that go? I always thought I was that tall, give me a break man.
MJKoP said on 7/Nov/17
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/17
Having A brother who is 5.9 isn't exactlt a giant.Try having a brother who is at least 6 foot,then you are the short one at 5.8

"in the family" being the key phrase, since Michael was obviously kidding with that quote. And what you say doesn't make any sense because there's less basically the same height difference between you and your brother(if not less!) than that of the Foxes.
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/17
Having A brother who is 5.9 isn't exactlt a giant.Try having a brother who is at least 6 foot,then you are the short one at 5.8
sunday said on 27/Oct/17
Hi Rob what height he looked in BTFF to you ?
Editor Rob
he didn't look any less than a big 5ft 4 fella, especially with Chris Lloyd, he could look near 5ft 5 at times...though Lloyd wasn't always standing great.
Slim said on 16/Sep/17
"I'm 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall. Don't forget the one-half inch."

That's his morning height. Weak 5'4" confirmed, and who knows if shoe measurement, might be even shorter.
jjj said on 12/Sep/17
@Slim: It's becoming a joke now isn't it. He must of claimed about 6 different heights altogether.
Slim said on 10/Sep/17
Rob, please make a "back to the future" page.
Editor Rob
it's on a long list of categories to consider adding in the future!
Slim said on 10/Sep/17
Bobby said on 7/Nov/16
I was more surprised to learn that Christopher Lloyd was 1.85 metres, I mean I just never registered his height when watching the Back to the Future trilogy. But yeah, 5'4 definitely seems right, and he could get away with that half inch if he truly wanted to. Anyway people with short statuses don't tend to lose much height, even in old age. It's the taller folk who lose height more frequently. I frequently claimed 6'0 at 5'11.5, to give an example. I'm a little over 6ft tall, depending on how many hours of sleep I get to be honest.
Ring any bells, bobby?
postmanjones said on 1/Sep/17
5 foot 4 peak
Timothy Jones said on 31/Aug/17
No way Michael J. Fox is under 5 foot 4. Looks a strong 5 foot 4.5 in most movies he is in
Don said on 25/Aug/17
Looked nowhere under 5ft4 in bttf
Michael said on 15/Jul/17
There have never been any follow up studies for those who received pituitary hormones (either hHG, hPG or LH agonist) during the 70s and ended up with myoclonic jerks. There appeares to be some releif with testosterone therapy as I have experienced.
Dean said on 30/Jun/17
A bit under 5foot5
Morris said on 9/Jun/17
159-163 cm without shoes
Jospeh said on 28/Mar/17
Met him when I was 14. I was 5'7" at the time and he was at or around my eye level in pictures.
177Cm guy said on 20/Feb/17
I need to start stretching after seeing this guy he's like 5'2 but was 5'4 when he was 20 or 30.
Charlie said on 19/Feb/17
Bcause of Michael's height being much lower than average he may be required to wear shoe lifts in certain movie roles. If he looked taller in one movie perhaps it's because he was wearing shoe lifts. I read below from a commenter that he looked 5'9 in Back to the Future. Perhaps he looked tall in that movie but 5'9? No. He would f had to look as tall as the female costar in the movie with her heels on and this is where Hllywood would make the adjustment for the movie. If he is shorter than a girl in heels he would be required to wear shoe lifts to make him appear at least an inch taller than her. In the movie Class of 1984 he looked very short. I mean a head shorter than all the male costars. I believe Michael J Fox was 5'0 even while doing Class of 1984. The top of Michaels head came to Perry King's shoulders and Perry is listed as 6' tall.I will say Michal was 5' tall now days he might be 4'11. Trust me actors look bigger and taller on TV.
Chris said on 12/Feb/17
Hey Rob was it every possible that Michael J Fox was a legit 5 foot 5 or was he always 5 foot 4
Editor Rob
Chris, I don't think he ever looked 5ft 5, somewhere in 5ft 4 range is more believable.
Sonia said on 25/Jan/17
5 foot three nowadays.
Borats Chicken said on 10/Jan/17
rob, you didnt add Back to the Future in Categories...come on...
Editor Rob
I will get there...

the thing is - sometimes with changes to a site, an addition of a big amount of pages, it can effect rankings a bit, so I have to be careful and at the moment I am only adding pages slowly.
Keithg said on 8/Jan/17
Didn't look that short-ish in BTTF.
Bobby said on 7/Nov/16
I was more surprised to learn that Christopher Lloyd was 1.85 metres, I mean I just never registered his height when watching the Back to the Future trilogy. But yeah, 5'4 definitely seems right, and he could get away with that half inch if he truly wanted to. Anyway people with short statuses don't tend to lose much height, even in old age. It's the taller folk who lose height more frequently. I frequently claimed 6'0 at 5'11.5, to give an example. I'm a little over 6ft tall, depending on how many hours of sleep I get to be honest.
Parker said on 30/Sep/16
Unless Julie Warner is lying about her 5'2" claim MJF was a solid 5'4. 2 inches taller in Doc Hollywood, check out the dance scene. Both in converse
mande2013 said on 21/Aug/16
@Ian...and Rob: How is it that legit 5'5ers can occasionally convince the world their 5'7ish whereas it would be impossible for a 5'4 flatter to even sell themselves as 5'6 flat.
Editor Rob
I am sure there will be some 5ft 4 men who do in fact try to claim 5ft 6 on here...but I understand in a way what you mean.

It might be to do with even that extra 3cm can help in some cases make the physical look/proportion appear taller.
CS said on 11/Jun/16
More honest than most guys would be at his height.
Francis94 said on 9/Jun/16
How much height do you think he has lost by now at 55?
Editor Rob
not a huge amount, possibly between 1/4 and 1/2.
Ian C. said on 22/Apr/16
Fox deserves high marks for never trying to pretend that he is taller than he is. Of course, 5 foot 4 is pretty much impossible to disguise. If he had been, say, 5 foot 7 he might have been tempted to up it a little, and if he had been 5 foot 9 we would have been hearing him claim 5 foot 11.
SonnyboySlim said on 20/Apr/16
I'm not sure how tall he is now but I remember him saying his favourite actor was James Cagney and they met before Cagney passed (Fox was in his 20s then) and Fox was so thrilled to note he was the same height as Cagney (he said 5'4" and change). Cagney was also well into his 80s then.
Linda said on 2/Apr/16
He looks tall to me, as I am somewhat height impaired myself. It's his personality that makes him tall!
Linda Ruth said on 2/Apr/16
He looks tall to me, as I am somewhat height impaired myself. It's his personality that makes him tall!
mande2013 said on 25/Mar/16
He never looked under 5'4 in the Back to the Future movies. He looked short for sure but never 'constitutional short stature' short.
Joel12 said on 20/Mar/16
today he is barely 5'3.
james said on 13/Feb/16
Looks like he has lost 2 inches
Mike said on 19/Nov/15
Probably lost at least an inch over the last 20 years. I believe his old height that he listed. Very specific & it doesn't seem like he had any insecurity over being short.

5'3.5 today.
Astrom said on 27/Oct/15
In Back to the Future looks 5'5.5
the shredder said on 13/Jul/15
Rob , you you agree he looks barely 5 ft 3 now ?
Editor Rob
how well he stands I'm not sure, he could just be a bit looser and look 5ft 3 more but still measure nearly 5ft 4.
the shredder said on 11/Jul/15
rob , hope you get him , he looks under 5'3 recently.
Editor Rob
to be fair, with energy levels I doubt he'd want to stand much for photos
Jam said on 26/Mar/15
I like this
184.3cm said on 30/Sep/14
Knew he was short but never realised he was this short. Average height for a woman and very short for a guy. Really pulled off the underdog well in films.
Parker said on 29/Sep/14
Danimal says on 28/Sep/14
Was between 5'4" and 5'5" in his younger and healthier days. Today, in his 50's and having suffered from Parkinson's for over 20 years, he's lost height.

Agree 100%. Watched 'The Secret of My Success' just last week and I would have pegged him close to 5'5 against 5'7.5/5'8 Helen Slater.
Danimal said on 28/Sep/14
STR8SHOOTR says on 4/Jun/13
I met Fox at a Parkonson's event when he was first diagnosed. I am 5ft4in and I felt tall. No way he is 5'4.

You went to a Parkinson's event, yet don't even know how to spell the word?
Danimal said on 28/Sep/14
Was between 5'4" and 5'5" in his younger and healthier days. Today, in his 50's and having suffered from Parkinson's for over 20 years, he's lost height.
Nico said on 27/Sep/14
Michael J Fox is around 5 feet 2.5 now
Brad said on 29/May/14
Under 5' 4" with Daltrey.
The Exorcist said on 26/May/14
Michael with (5'7.5" listed) Ricky Gervais.
Click Here

Michael with (5'5.5" listed) Roger Daltrey.
Click Here

Still think he's 5'4", Rob?
Editor Rob
he can look 5ft 3 today, I think he was 5ft 4 though. His stance the last few years has worsened
John said on 21/Apr/14
I saw him in a picture with Brian Grant who's 6'9". He was slightly over a foot taller than him but if that's true I'd expect him to be about 5'6 or 5'7 or Brian Grant was around 6'7 or 6'6.
GUK said on 30/Mar/14
I was watching Doc Holiwood and he must be shorter than 5ft 4 when compared to Woody Harrelson. Check out any picture with Woody Harrelson. He's a head taller. 5ft 2 is more like it.
TJ said on 4/Jan/14
I agree Hola. He might have snuck a little over 5'4 out of bed when younger, but 5'4 was I think his walk around height. Now I'd expect it to be closer to 5'3.
Hola said on 27/Dec/13
Requesting a peak list here since he's now active again with his new show. Does not look above 5'3 in it, cant blame him, parkinsons give him a lot of involuntary head movements so perfect posture is arguably impossible, as for his peak - he never seemed insecure about his height, so he slouched as much as anyone and would probably often stand shorter than he was. As listed in prime, 5'3 or below now.
yeye said on 13/Oct/13
Fox might be in the habit of slouching, is part of his image. While 5'4 is indeed short for a man. It's nowhere short enough to give off the impression that he often does. I think he knows that his height can be used as an acting strength and plays the part. Definately a great and funny actor.
Borris said on 30/Sep/13
I seen this video where David Spade walked up to him and David was slightly taller but he might've been wearing boots or something who knows. You can't really tell with this height **** you can only guess. Michael is around 5'4 anyways by the looks of it.
leonari said on 27/Sep/13
I say 162 could be closer but nothing below that mark.
lazur said on 24/Sep/13
c.1993, I was a club doorman. A man asked: "Can we just slip in ?" I replied: "What do you mean 'we' ? " He then pointed downward, to a point between us. I looked down a bit, and then continued to look farther down. Finally, I saw: Standing between us, unseen throughout our conversation, was Michael J Fox. I'm 6'2'. He was more than a big head & neck shorter. I'd be surprised if he was more than 5'3".
Parker said on 18/Jul/13
@MicHaeL H
I couldn't find the clip where they are both barefoot, but here's a scene with Michael in shoes and Heather barefoot

Click Here

~5'4 for Michael, and what he claims, seems reasonable.
Parker said on 18/Jul/13
MicHaeL H. says on 17/Jul/13
How about when he's in a scene with Heather Locklear?

There was a scene in Spin City with them both barefoot, Heather looked about an inch taller.

Here's Heather in flats in a recent pic with Michael

Click Here
MicHaeL H. said on 17/Jul/13
Parker says on 1/May/13

"Most of the male actors in that series were 6'+ (Richard Kind,Michael Boatman,Barry Bostwick) so not easy to do an accurate height comparison. The top of Michael's head came up to the shoulder of 6'4 Barry Bostwick which is ~ 1 foot. Michael has claimed 5'5 or just under....I always thought he looked the height he's listed."

How about when he's in a scene with Heather Locklear? Apparently she's about the same size. The only problem might be she would be wearing high heels, but if you could figure how much difference that makes (or she happens to wear fairly flat shoes), you could see how they compare. :)

Oh, by the way, I'm not saying that it's off here or anything. It's just an idea in case more comparisons are needed.
Suze said on 16/Jul/13
I never cared that he was short, I had a massive crush on him when he was in Back to the Future and on that 80's television show he was CUTE!!! "Power of Love".....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mandy said on 9/Jul/13
Yeah, I agree that he is 5'4, but he is totally not above it.
mande2013 said on 30/Jun/13
Is it possible he lost a significant amount of height due to Parkinson's?
lablanche said on 17/Jun/13
I lived in the same town and ran into Michael any number of times and we had great conversations more than once. I am about 5'9'' now, and towered over him. As a tall woman, I have had numerous encounters with short men who suffer from 'short guy syndrome', in other words nasty and sometimes hostile. Never EVER did I experience that from him. EVER. He was charming, intelligent and delightful and I had a complete crush on him and yes, I knew his wife and his son. He is a testament to the phrase, 'nice things come in small packages'. Wonderful man.
Parker said on 17/Jun/13
Look at the Back To Future trilogy - He was taller than Elisabeth Shue who is listed 5'3 on here. He was also a couple of inches taller than Julie Warner in Doc Holiday listed 5'2 here. He's claimed 5'4,5'4.5 and even 5'5!. Lilelyhood is he is (or was) between 5'4 and 5'5. He looks similar build to Daniel Radcliffe to me.
STR8SHOOTR said on 4/Jun/13
I met Fox at a Parkonson's event when he was first diagnosed. I am 5ft4in and I felt tall. No way he is 5'4.
The Great One said on 24/May/13
In the last Back to the future he was almost 30 playing a 17 year old. 5'4" seems spot on
cd said on 24/May/13
I reckon he was 162 cm when he was younger, and more like 161 cm nowadays... barefeet.
mande 2013 said on 18/May/13
Is it possible Fox has never even been a full 5'4? There's a picture where he and Scorsese are roughly the same height, and Marty's 5'3 tops. Not even Estevez, Radcliffe, and David Spade give the impression of being as petit as Fox is.
Parker said on 1/May/13
MicHaeL H. says on 29/Apr/13
I just saw him in an episode of Spin City, he looks like he's 13...
No offense though, I love the guy. Maybe it would be a good idea to look at him in that series, plenty of other actors to directly compare with, and there are often scenes showing their footwear.

Most of the male actors in that series were 6'+ (Richard Kind,Michael Boatman,Barry Bostwick) so not easy to do an accurate height comparison. The top of Michael's head came up to the shoulder of 6'4 Barry Bostwick which is ~ 1 foot. Michael has claimed 5'5 or just under....I always thought he looked the height he's listed.
Randy said on 30/Apr/13
I met MJF in 1996. He's tiny. I would have thought 5'3" in trainers.
MicHaeL H. said on 29/Apr/13
I just saw him in an episode of Spin City, he looks like he's 13...
No offense though, I love the guy. Maybe it would be a good idea to look at him in that series, plenty of other actors to directly compare with, and there are often scenes showing their footwear.
I think it's pretty safe to say that most men wear similar shoes or heels in that series anyway.
GaryHudson said on 5/Mar/13
I met him in person. He stands about 5'4.
Will said on 25/Jan/13
J. Fox is not 5'4 1/2" in his life ever at all. I can buy he is 5ft 3.
Parker said on 25/Jan/13
I watched Doc Hollywood the other night. He definately had a good 2 inches over Julia Warner in equal flat footwear.Julia is listed at 5'2..........whether she is I don't know.
Will said on 19/Jan/13
Michael J. Fox is only 5'3 1/2" in my opinion. Not 5ft 4in at all.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Dec/12
Watching Back to the Future now and in all honesty he can look as low as 5 ft 2 at times. Although he did just about look 5'4" next to Jennifer in it..
Parker said on 22/Dec/12
he Exorcist says on 8/Dec/12
@Parker: Right! But bear in mind that Christipher Lloyd has a really long face. Look at the size of his forehead! The distance from his eyes to the top of his skull is a lot longer than most (people's).
Click Here
The difference between MJF and Christopher Lloyd is a little bit more than 8", IMO.

Yes I agree - just looked at Rob with Christopher Llloyd. Michael looks around 5'3. Definately thought he was close to 5'5 in secret of my success
The Exorcist said on 8/Dec/12
@Parker: Right! But bear in mind that Christipher Lloyd has a really long face. Look at the size of his forehead! The distance from his eyes to the top of his skull is a lot longer than most (people's).
Click Here

The difference between MJF and Christopher Lloyd is a little bit more than 8", IMO.
Parker said on 6/Dec/12
The Exorcist says on 22/Nov/12
I think he's probably a little bit less than 5'4" nowadays. Maybe 5'3.5

Here he is with 6'0" Christopher Lloyd.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

5'4 still looks good if Christopher Lloyd is 6 foot. He hasn't got a clear full head on Michael.
The Exorcist said on 22/Nov/12
I think he's probably a little bit less than 5'4" nowadays. Maybe 5'3.5

Here he is with 6'0" Christopher Lloyd.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Mike said on 21/Nov/12
Michael J. Fox only 5'4". Yeah, we all know, he is so short in human stature.
MJF said on 16/Nov/12
He is about 5'4 and a half I've seen him before. He's now doing research on microchips.
Lawrence said on 28/Oct/12
I agree Rick, you couldn't have said it better, sir!
Shaun said on 10/Oct/12
5'4" flat seems about right. He always seems a great guy, the chicks loved him in the 80s and 90s too. No Christmas is complete without seeing the Back to the Future films!
Zach said on 17/Aug/12
MJF is awesome regardless of height. I've stayed about 5'4" for almost 2 years now, I really wanna be tall but I guess it's just not happening, anyway if Michael J Fox has gotten this far, I have just as much of a chance
Ann (PCI) said on 11/Feb/12
I've been a fan since "Life With Mikey.
And have prayed for him for many years that God would bless him to recover form
Parkinson's Disease. Hope he is feeling well.
Shannon said on 10/Feb/12
I love that he was honest about his height. Most short actors like to push it and say they're 5'7" when everyone knows they're not. It's refreshing to see a short guy embrace his height and be honest.
Rick said on 28/Jan/12
Just cause your tall that doesn't make you a better,smarter or a tuffer person.Michael J fox one off the greats.
John said on 25/Jan/12
I know this is a site dedicated to the height of celebrities, so I'm not gonna act outraged or hysterical like some people do. I will say this, though: Michael J. Fox is probably one of the coolest, nicest and most honest celebrities out there. Even the fact that he is straightforward about his height (short even by Hollywood standards) is refreshing. A seriously stand-up guy, no pun intended. A lot of celebrities could learn from this dude.
lauren said on 24/Jan/12
i knew michael was short but not that short! i was 5 ft 3 in at eleven!! he really wasnt much taller than me... but i think he was definately taller in his BTTF days... i miss family ties and back to the future..
michael was my first crush...
Silent d said on 8/Nov/11
He looks short in spin city. I remember he was walking with Cheryl from according to jim and she was much taller. She had small heels on. I always thought she was 5 foot 4. I guess camera angle. 5 foot 4 is perfect for him.
Sofia said on 24/Oct/11
Michael J. Fox is handsome, sexy & talented - no matter what his height.
Cheryl said on 28/Sep/11
I went to school with Michael fox. He was 4 10 if in grade 10.
Parker said on 1/Aug/11
carol says on 25/Jul/11
Who the heck cares,

Well you for one, why else are you on a height site looking up Michael's height?
sachin said on 31/Jul/11
Michael J Fox Is A Brilliant Actor And Motivation For Million For Fighting Parkinsons And His Destiny.He Was Superb In 'Back To The Future' And 'Casualties Of War' .Personality Like Michael J Fox Are Know By Their Good Nature And Perseverance Not Physical Height
The greatest person alive in the world today said on 25/Jul/11
He is just a small guy all around. In back to the future 3 he was 27 playing a seveteen year old. He looks short and small next to anyone he stands next to. 5'4" seems accurate for him.
carol said on 25/Jul/11
Who the heck cares, Michael J. Fox is a hottie and a giant in my mind, not to mention a great actor. You people need to get your priorities straight. I don't know of a girl who wouldn't have given her right arm to date Mike. Instead of worrying about his height, go make a donation to your favorite charity and wipe out some of these deadly diseases we have in the world.
TJ said on 14/Jul/11
Yes nicky, the height is without shoes. Michael is likely a shade below 5'4 now - perhaps 5'3.75. In his prime he was likely 5'4 - 5'4.5. I'd say he reached the latter measurement out of bed, but no taller.
Parker said on 8/Jul/11
Tony Greene says on 8/Jun/11
I don't know. I think he's 4'10"

Sorry, 4'10 is ludicrous. He's 100% 5'3-5'5 barefoot, that's the debate.
shortywatchinshorties said on 19/Jun/11
So do you think michael was 5'4 1/2" when filming back to the future like he claims? Rob,what do you figure mikes height be back in the 90's compared to today?
Editor Rob
5ft 4 or 4.5, somewhere in this range is probable.
nicky said on 17/Jun/11
I am five feet four inches barefoot. Yet I am not always the shortest in the room. Some of my female co-workers are much shorter. My question is in most of mike j fox movies the female leads are at least his height. Not shorter. I am Obsessed With Height so I take notice. Mike may be taller than some of the children that appear in his movies. But he isn't usually much taller than the female leads. I love my five foot four brother anyway. But his mikes height taken with no shoes on. Is five four his true height during back to the future,my favorite movie.
Phil said on 3/May/11
Michael J Fox is a very nice guy.
He is 5 foot 4.
pep said on 24/Apr/11
Michael must be the shortest actor who doesn't act in roles specially designed for short people.
mcfan said on 22/Apr/11
I think he's only 5'3.5.
Parker said on 20/Dec/10
5'3-5'4. I've no doubt he was over 5'4 in his BTF days.
Dan said on 20/Dec/10
I'm going to go with 5 ft 3
me said on 4/Nov/10
MJF is 5.3. Spade is correct at 5.5.
Nismofreak said on 23/Jun/09
Definitely a 5'4.
TJ said on 15/May/09
He's 47 Josh. Not sure I ever saw him called 5'3 in the 80s Dylan, but he was pretty much always called 5'4, so I guess that was the height his publicist put out in his early career.
josh said on 15/May/09
dont you start to get shorter when you are 50 unless i am wrong but i always thought he was 5-4
Dylan said on 14/May/09
When he first starred in "Back To The Future" he was quoted as being 5'3" in a film review I read. I don't think he was ever ove 5'4"
Alex said on 11/May/09
If Fox is claiming 5'4.5 you can bet he's no taller than that. He does 5'4 a lot of the time anyway. He could passed for 5'5 back in the day but on tv you can always look a bit taller.
Parker said on 29/Apr/09
This has been posted before. Spielberg is listed at 5'7.5 on here. Fox looks between 3 and 4 inches shorter....5'4 reasonable guess, not taller though, unless Spielberg hits 5'8 first thing, which substantiates his MJF 5'4.5 claim.
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Parker said on 29/Apr/09
whoops - meant to write less than 3 inches SHORTER than 5'7.5 Helen Slater
Parker said on 28/Apr/09
TJ - I do think when short guys are measured, or measure themselves, they make every mm count (I know, because I'm very short myself) - that is they stand at their very tallest and stiffest, whereas an average height male or female (or taller) would tend to measure with very loose posture - that in itself could make a difference of a half inch. As I posted below, I watched 'The Secret of My Success' again recently and Fox had a couple of inches on one of the actors, and also did look less than 3 inches taller than 5'7.5 listed Helen Slater. I think 'out of bed', standing at his very tallest, a smidge under 5'5 - hence his claim. In reality 5'4.
Brad said on 28/Apr/09
Met him sunday, he's 5' 4".
glenn said on 28/Apr/09
i have proof of that daltrey pic taken at 630am or so.i think rob saw the time on my camera.yes,fox has been looking taller to me lately.been seeing him alot.5-4ish kind of guy.with illusions of smaller or with anyone.thanks for understanding tj.
TJ said on 27/Apr/09
Not taken as snotty at all dude :-) That's the first time you have ever said Fox looks slightly under 5'5 though. In the past you have said about 5'4, 5'4 tops and in another thread I think possibly 5'3. Parker, you could be right about Heather, although Rob has her at 5'4.75 on here, so if he's right your estimates would be pretty generous. I forgot the 1993 quote (even though it's above) so maybe MJF was still meaning 5'4.5, when he said "a fraction under 5'5". I'm inclined to agree that if he was ever that height, it was an out of bed measurement. The Daltrey pic is intriguing though. Having been up all day and therefore probably at his lowest height of 5'7ish, Glenn really does make Daltry look 5'5.5 tops. You'd expect Fox to look taller against Daltrey if his own height claims are accurate. That said, if wrong, I do think he's more likely to just be mistaken rather than deliberately misleading. He has far more important physical considerations.
glenn said on 27/Apr/09
tj-excellent point parker had about my pic with daltrey.i was up 26 hours or so.and i still looked above 5-7,if not 5-8.sometimes fox looks 5-4 flat to me.other times slightly under 5-5.i dont judge ging by my height.i judge by what i see.i dont mean that snotty.
Parker said on 25/Apr/09
Editor Rob says on 6/Sep/06
He said in 1993:
"I'm 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall. Don't forget the one-half inch"

Just thought I'd post the quote from down the page before it dissapears off it. He's said he's a fraction under 5'5 recently, and 5'4 and half 15 years ago. He describes himself as 5'5 in the book 'O lucky Man'. As I said in my previous post, these are probably 'out of bed' heights, so he is not lying.

5'4 at his lowest I think, but these days his posture makes him look less.
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In the above pic he looks at least 3 inches shorter than Stiller, and approximately a foot shorter than Derek Jeter - listed 6'3 on some sites.
Parker said on 24/Apr/09
TJ - He's probably claiming his 'out of bed height'which wouldn't be wrong. People claim different heights. Shaun Wright Phillips (An English soccer player) quoted in an interview 2 weeks ago he was 5'5 3/4inch. Now people that visit this site know how difficult it is to quote to quarter inches as your height changes by more than that over the day. Shaun Wright Phillips is listed at 5'5 and 5'6 on different sites, my guess he's nearer 5'5 than 5'6 midday.

Heather Locklear may be 5'53/4 inch straight out of bed, or even 5'6 with military posture...but she is about or just over female average height so probably couldn't care less about her height.

There is a girl that I work with who tells me she is 5'7 - If correct she's the tallest 5'7 I've seen. She's probaly been measured a smidge under 5'8 late afternoon and quotes 5'7 for ease.

If you look at Glenn's pic with Roger Daltrey, Glenn looks a solid 2 inches taller. Now look at these pics of Daltry with MJF
Click Here
Click Here
I see a 2 or 3 inch difference, putting Michael in the 5'3/5'4 taller,but I do think he's lost some posture. He looked close to 5'5 to me in 'The Secret of My Success'

I think a solid 5'4 in his twenties a reasonable estimate.
TJ said on 22/Apr/09
In his latest book, MJF claims to be "a fraction under 5'5". So I guess he's saying 5'4.75. I just don't see that. He was a good inch under Heather Locklear when both barefoot in Spin City, and she claims 5'5 for herself. Plus, Glenn has met him a few times and said 5'4 tops seems most likely. Question for you Glenn. When saying that, was it on the basis of you walking around at 5'8? ie you saw a good four inch difference between the two of you? With recent evidence suggesting your walk around height might be closer to 5'7, does that mean 5'4 would be a little high for MJF? And what of his claim of 5'4.75? That would make him more like 2.5 inches shorter than your walk around height, which seems unrealistic if you were seeing him as four inches shorter. I'm starting to think the dude had a rogue, innacurate measurement in the early 90s and has just stuck with that since. After all, his official height throughout the 80s was 5'4.
FT said on 11/Mar/09
I dig the comments from Beau and 5'10" Wife. They sum up my experience pretty well. Reading about all this height-obsession could give a short dude a complex if it wasn't for occasional comments like these getting us back to reality.

I've always found that smart, confident women who are interested in happiness tend to look for things other than height first. There's no doubt about that in my mind.

Insecure women, on the other hand? I've found height can be a much bigger deal for them. You know, clingy girls with eating disorders? Yeah. Height can be a BIG deal for them at first. Still, I've found they can be won over too. (Unfortunately!) ;)

Anyways, back on track: I'm a straight dude, and even *I* think MJF is sexy as hell. Hell, I'd probably do 'im myself. Love that guy! Can we start talking about something other than his sex appeal now?
Parker said on 10/Mar/09
I watched 'The Secret of My Success' over the weekend. You know I do think Michael could have been close to his 5'5 claim back then. There was another male actor in the movie looked a good 2 inches shorter (not that I know how tall the other actor was, but Danny Devito aside, there are not many adult males shorter than 5'2/5'3 without a growth deficiency). He also looked less than 3 inches shorter than Helen Slater in a full length walking scene,listed here at 5'7.5.
Vinard29 said on 24/Feb/09
you know for me the height is not the first determinant attractiveness, for me it's : the charisma, the eyes, the semplicity of the person.
eric said on 17/Feb/09
an overwhelming majority of women place height as the first determinant of attractiveness; cruel but that's the way it is.
michelle north said on 16/Feb/09
I am 4ft 7inches weight 7stone. I am beginning to do some excerising to help with my weight and also my back, because it is curved. I just say no matter what height you are don't be ashamed
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 13/Feb/09
Why is he given a peak height? He's only 47-48 years old.
Doug said on 8/Feb/09
He had 0.5 inches to 1 inch on "Jennifer" in Back to the Future who was 5'3.5" peak?. I would hazard an estimate that this is a correct height, might I say that you are doing a great job on this site. I'm something of an expert when it comes to estimating height and most of the time it seems spot on!
mcfan said on 5/Feb/09
I saw an episode of Family Ties with Courtney Cox. She looked at the most a half-inch taller than him. Maybe he was 5'4.5 back then?
Parker said on 10/Jan/09
Think Michael is struggling with 5'3 these days, but definately 5'4 in his 20's
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I want a picture of 5'10" wife! said on 8/Jan/09
Gorgeous women are my weakness, regardless of height. My hot wife happens to be 5'10", too. I'm 5'8". I found this site simply because I saw a pic of MJF, his wife, Derek Jeter, and Ben Stiller together and Jeter towered over all of them. He never seemed that tall to me, but he's 6'3". Stiller is 5'7". But I digress. 5'10" wife, please show us a pic of you!
UNK said on 6/Jan/09
I agree with the shorter women comments 6'3 husband made. Of course people of any height could be attractive, but in my experience the majority of men prefer women in the 5-2" - 5'7" range...

It's funny my wife is 5'4" and has gotten many compliments about having hot legs.. she never understands why, she's all "I have short legs.. I don't get it".. I tell her the reason is because it's a bit of a myth that men like long amazon legs.
6'3 husband said on 5/Jan/09
In response to 5'10 wife; my beautiful wife is 5'2. I find shorter women much, much more attractive. I think most men do to be honest.

Arrogance is one of the most unattractive qualities in a human being by the way.
dave said on 24/Dec/08
5'10 wife, I appreciate your sentiments but there is a tone you have that is a little beyond just confident and approaching arrogant. I mean don't get cocky just because your tall. I hate people like that
Tim Wyatt said on 28/Nov/08
I just want to say that the comment from 5'10'' wife was fantastic (and funny). According to my army records, I'm a man who was 175cm tall at 21. I'm now 35 and I'm sure it hasn't changed. 175cm is approx 5'9''. I went out with a girl who was 185cm and I adored her. I thought she was fantastic and we loved each other to bits for many years. HONESTLY... who cares?? We certainly didn't and that's what mattered to us.
mcfan said on 24/Nov/08
He once stated on Family Ties that Mallory (Justine Bateman) was about 5'4. She was wearing flat shoes and she was clearly an inch taller than him. Still, I think he was 5'3.5 or almost 5'4. Maybe he meant he was 5'4.5 in shoes?
Zoe said on 22/Oct/08
Lucas has a very valid point. I myself have dated "short guys" in the past. I haven't dated shorter than me because i am only about 5'3" with flat shoes on. Hard to find guys shorter than that! lol The point is that I had the biggest crush on Michael J Fox when I was a kid. I still kind of do. He is a good example of someone who has managed to find fortune and fame thanks to his youthful looks and "shortness". He wouldn't be as charismatic if was 6 feet tall.
Lucas said on 18/Oct/08
I'm 5'6 without shoes and I can honestly say that it has made no difference at all in my relationships with women. However, I feel there are two types of short guys, those who embrace it and those who despise it. Girls can tell right off the bat which of those two you decide to be and that is the real kicker. If you 5'6 and 20 yrs old chances are your going to have a sense of humor...and if you don't then at least God did! And who doesn't like to be in the front of every group photo? :) And what I've seen is that if you ARE a confident short guy then your all the more confident and thus, even more attractive. Even though I'm the shortest of my 4 brothers, (3 of them younger) they still look up to me. To summarize; if you don't let anyone look down on your height (no pun intended) ...especially yourself, then girls won't either
D. Ray Morton said on 25/Sep/08
Beau - All this "beta" talk brings to mind Roissy In DC. ;) But you're absolutely spot-on.

I will say that looking like Brad Pitt will make up for quite a few inches, however.
5'10" wife said on 25/Sep/08
I'm 5'10" and my husband of 5 years is 5'6". People tell me I'm gorgeous all the time, and I have no lack of self confidence, so I could probably have any man I want. I want HIM. Confident men have no issue with people being taller than they are, and that is SEXY. My husband loves my long legs and doesn't even mind when I wear 3" heels. Sort of like Usher and his long-time g/f who is 3 inches taller than he is, or Tom Cruise who's liked taller women when he was normal and now that he's crazy.
Clay said on 19/Sep/08
Born and raised in Canada!! Another theft Rob!. :@

Editor Rob
Fox is a true American, just like Anthony Hopkins.
TJ said on 16/Sep/08
John. It's not inaccurate to say Michael J Fox is American, as he took dual citizenship some years back. So get YOUR facts straight ;-) But yes, he was Canadian born of course.
trueheight said on 15/Sep/08
height shouldn't be a huge factor - but traditionally, in human civilization females have preferred men who are at least taller than they are - b/c we are naturally a sexually dimorphic species.

Guys just have to be realistic; if you are 5'6, then it's not likely that you will score w/ a 5'8 girl - there are of course exceptions. Same goes for looks - don't be surprised or overly hurt if you fail in pursuing a girl "outside" of your league. I'm lucky to be average-ish at 5'9 in that I can and have dated women ranging from 5'1 to almost 6ft. b/c girls that tall also have their dating options limited - they may really really like a 5'7 guy but their height can be a dealbreaker for a guy (I know lots of guys like this who can score, but their pride prevents them from accepting a taller love interest)

Just like looks, shortness can be a disadvantage if you don't have enough. Guys who are exeptionally handsome and tallish can get away w/ being jerks, being introverts/unsociable, and even downright creepy - girls will just count that as making them more "intriguing". Shorter guys and plain-looking guys will have to compensate in personality, financial prospects and power.
John said on 10/Sep/08
Michael J Fox is NOT AMERICAN, idiots, he is a Canadian, as is Fairuza Balk. They are both from Vancouver, BC, despite US reporters saying otherwise; granted, they both live in the Excited States now (the poor souls). Get your gossip right.
Ewa said on 4/Sep/08
He's a little big man. When someone has a smile and charm as he does, I don't care a bit how tall he is..
sf said on 27/Jul/08
You tell 'em, Beau!
leonari said on 27/Jul/08
Beau: great post! thank you! great to see that there are quite some folks who get. Davey: you are running against a wall with your dating site claims...
Davey you can trust me: the women I dated would never enroll in a dating site...why? cause they can pick their men everywhere simply because their hot chicks(really hot) and get hit on at least 5 times a day on average!!
Get the picture now? guess not.
Daii said on 26/Jul/08
poor guy being that short, he looks short in Casualties of War with Sean Penn who is 5'7/8 so id give him 5'4
Beau said on 26/Jul/08
"At 5'4 and below your going to struggle even if you have the face and build of Brad Pitt or David Beckham....unless your famous."

Well I dunno about that... I'm 5'5" and have dated quite a few knockout women (I do in fact look like Brad Pitt tho). Have dated girls every single inch between 4'10" to 5'11", and most girls I date want me to settle down after a month or two. I don't do the relationship thing.

The real issue is most short guys give off beta traits around taller people - don't kid yourself, a 'Napolean Complex' is beta as well, just the other end of the stick. Even if you're dating a very short woman if she sees you cowering or supplicating to taller people, she's going emotionally feel the taller people are superior to you, and lose attraction for you.

If you can work out that psychological issue then trust me, the world of women is far more accessible. That goes for anyone, whether you're ugly, out of shape, etc.
rob roy said on 19/Jul/08
i do realize that more and more lady actors are outnumbering taller actors nowadays. except some few like clint eastwood, john travolta, will smith, etc. to mention few super heroes who does blockbuster movies like tom cruise, syl stallone, john statham they're only average in height. but they are all great though.
Parker said on 24/Jun/08
The majority of short guys I know (including me) have proportionately short legs to upper body. For example both my son and brother are approx 5 inches taller than me, at least 4 inches of that height is in their legs. Michael appears to me to have very proportionate upper and lower body - I wouldn't be suprised if he took a 29" inseam, giving an illusion he is taller than he when there is no reference height to compare against.
beatlefan said on 24/Jun/08
I have read his biog as well, I think he just rounded up half and inch though. To be fair though he didn't look that short compared to six footer Doc Brown in the Back to the Future series.
TJ said on 23/Jun/08
No idea why he would do that Parker, but he's never been 5'5. Maybe he had an out of bed 5'4.5 measurement once and rounds up. Frankly, I don't believe he's ever been more than 5'4 even out of bed though and now I think he's nearer 5'3.5.
Parker said on 20/Jun/08
I sometimes wonder whether he does (or did)scrape 5'5 straight out of bed with military posture. Just read an excerpt from his biography 'O Lucky Man' and he quotes his height at 5'5 - why would he do that?
leonyhli said on 6/Jun/08
Now you see the pain of being short. Tom Cruise is no more than (171cm) 5ft7.25 which is 3 inch shorter than average. I am asian and 5ft4 which also 3 inches shorter than average asian in Hong Kong/China/Japan where average height for male is 5f7 (170cm). So I guess for him is like feeling being 5ft1 in Asia which is 1 inch shorter than average female height.
leonyhli said on 3/Jun/08
i think the one-half inch comes from measuring in the morning. i am about 164.3cm in the morning and just 163cm before bed.
leonyhli said on 3/Jun/08
does he measure his height in the morning or at night. he could be as low as 162cm i guess
Aimie said on 30/May/08
I had the biggest crush on him back in the 80's. He was the ultimate teen hunk. He is still a pretty good actor and a smart guy. Height has nothing to do with brains and talent, or even good looks. I'd date him any time and I am a 5'6'' tall lady.
Jess said on 27/May/08
i actually have to say that his height was part of what made me attracted to him, lol. i always felt that his height set him apart from all of the other actors. then again i don't really like guys that are way taller than me, and fox is pretty much exactly my height.
glenn said on 22/May/08
5-7 is the cutoff.
TJ said on 22/May/08
Michael J Fox is actually on record as saying height did give him problems with girls when growing up. Of course he was a huge star by his early 20s, so didn't feel the sting too long.
Parker said on 22/May/08
Totally agree with you Leonari - 5'7 I believe is the 'magic' height, as you fall below that romantic relationships become more difficult to attain. At 5'4 and below your going to struggle even if you have the face and build of Brad Pitt or David Beckham....unless your famous.
leonari said on 21/May/08
Iwonder: If you are "Michael J.Fox" and have the fame and fortune it could be true. But let's get real here. Once and for all.
Every guy who is short or even below average like 5'6" will have problems on the dating scene at some point only because he is short. And most women do not find short guys attractive. Of course there are always exceptions...
t said on 21/May/08
michael j fox is a good looking, smart, nice guy... how many guys around have all of those qualities??? lol he has enough going for him that height is meaningless
Iwonder said on 20/May/08
This was probably mentioned a long time back but I remember reading a newspaper article probably over 10 years ago where Michael stated that he thought that being small was an advantage with women and not a disadvantage.
leonari said on 1/May/08
Well one guy already stated that at 176 cm celebheights destroyed his sef confidence and now he will get Limb Lengthening. Now I find that more than extreme. BUT : I don't understand why ROB let's someone like PC spread her arrogant, quite disgusting views on a great site. This girl should be Banned but ROB apparently thinks it's interesting to have blunt opinionated chicks like PC around here...

Editor Rob
I can't even remember reading pc's comments, but it's true they highlight the shallow views of attractiveness held by some people.
Stubby said on 30/Apr/08
Reading comments by posters such as 'pc' makes me want to start killing women.
Scott said on 24/Apr/08
It's hard to say (actually impossible to say) that "but for" the other guy being taller and the other guy being shorter another choice would have been made. Maybe the ugly tall guy had a better personality? More funny? Maybe the good looking shorter guy was a douchebag...the bottom line is I think sometimes when we have this picture in our mind of how the world is (i.e. height is all that matters) we tend to see evidence of our vision even where in reality it isn't.
glenn said on 23/Apr/08
height should matter to a degree.but not at the levels of acceptance to most today.and yes,some women,like yourself diana,dont seem to care.which is nice.
diana said on 22/Apr/08
i really hope that this changes in future decades
height shouldn't be that big of a deal
i'm a girl and it took me until college to realize how big of a deal it matters for the guy to be taller
glenn said on 21/Apr/08
yes,but ive seen girls pic ugly skinny tall guys over the shorter good looking one.alot.
TJ said on 21/Apr/08
Yes Scott, but you prove the point really. Most short guys WILL be shorter than girls in heels, unless the girl is very short. You're 5'9 which is average. It might not be an ideal height for a lot of women, but it won't attract the negativity that being short will.
Scott said on 20/Apr/08
Most girls I've talked to and a couple I've dated say that height is always a factor, and adds to overall attractiveness, but the only time its a deal breaker is if the guy is shorter than the girl in heels. I'm 5"9 and I really have no trouble getting girls. Think of it this way - most girls would much rather date someone who looks like Brad Pitt and is 5"9, than a man who is fat and hideous but is 6"2.
glenn said on 16/Apr/08
good point.taller than 6-3 ugly guys dont get girls.
glenn said on 16/Apr/08
exactly.who is dupree? i agree.sf,by all means post a pic.your a celeb on this site for your longevity and wit.
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/08
sf, post your picture, we all want to see what you look like!
lillo thomas said on 12/Apr/08
ugly tall guys 6-4 and over usually not get a lot of girls . Hell I'm average looking and at 6-5 I'm not a chick magnet by any means.
sf said on 11/Apr/08
Hey, I'm not ugly, by any means. And, I've taken very good care of myself, physically. I got no problem posting a picture, but since I have nothing to do with celebrities, I'm sure no one would want to see it.

Who is jermain dupree?
glenn said on 11/Apr/08
at least we arnt ugly sf.but ugly tall guys get alot of girls.we have to work on what we its my looks i guess,sf,it might be his wits,confidence,itelligence get my about that jermain dupree? heard he wasnt too tall.but are people using him?
Danimal said on 10/Apr/08
Guys, women DO experience the same thing. Just in reverse though. Don't you think women who are 5'10"-6'4" feel insecure, when they are taller most men? Of course tall women want tall men, but how do you think those tall women feel when they get rejected by a guy who is 5'9" and won't date her because SHE is 6'0"??
glenn said on 10/Apr/08
i agree tj.nothing wrong with them wanting taller men.
TJ said on 10/Apr/08
I don't actually blame women for feeling that way Glenn. It's instinct and not a whole lot they can do about it. What I object to is the lack of sensitivity and consideration that too often accompanies it.
glenn said on 10/Apr/08
some people here get too sensitive when facts are stated on short men,repeatedly at that.and that looks bad in itself.sorry.not you sf.parker is right.and it actually starts around 5-9 very mildly.5-7 on down it start getting worse.i talked and listen to what women had to say for 16 years on short men.its sad and cruel.but i understand it too.ive been mildly discriminated too a few times.
Parker said on 10/Apr/08
If you are a male under 5' ALL the confidence in the world isn't going to get you dates. I'm not quite 5'3 and although I've been married, I've come to realise height is the single biggest factor in sexual attraction for women. In my opinion, 5'4 and below is where the discrimination really starts to kick in (in terms of romantic relationships). Seeing the woman of your dreams reject you and start dating a guy over 6' hurts far more than any comments people make about your height, I think pc is just telling it how it is.What goes around comes around though. The 6' looker will reject the woman once she's in her fifties, then she herself gets to feel what its like to be a short man. The internet is full of them (still looking hopelessly for another 6' guy in his 30's!)
Danimal said on 9/Apr/08
Klem says on 9/Apr/08
even though he is short he made it... Its harder for short guys to get attention from girls, they really have to be avesome, or fameous and rich...

OR just confident. I have a 5'5" friend who never had trouble getting women and I also knew a 5'4" guy who never succeeded. One had confidence and one didn't. That's the BIG difference. You know, even at 5'9.5"-5'10" I've felt short at times ;).
leonari said on 9/Apr/08
SF is the man!
Klem said on 9/Apr/08
even though he is short he made it... Its harder for short guys to get attention from girls, they really have to be avesome, or fameous and rich...
glenn said on 9/Apr/08
women can be shockingly cruel.
abc said on 8/Apr/08
A 5'4 man isn't a dwarf.

Men 4'11 or shorter are considered dwarves.
pc said on 8/Apr/08
Your right SF he did'nt choose to be short no.But thats just my preference,just like a lot of people would prefer blondes to brunettes that kind of thing!......Im fairly tall myself 5"7" and I would prefer my man to be taller than me by a good few inches.Im not poking fun at dwarfs in particular,Im just stating that a man who is very short is not very appealing in the slightest!
leonari said on 7/Apr/08
PC: Thanks for your input and everything and maybe thats true for many women but your comment is DISCRIMINATING!! Don't worry I'm not 5'4 nor mad at's just...nobody needs those kind of bloody comments!
Chris175 said on 7/Apr/08
thats harsh pc... well said sf
so what is tall in your opinion pc??
sf said on 7/Apr/08
pc - YOU like TALL men. MJF didn't chose to be short, "dwarfism", as you call it. Height is something he can't control. But, all the women I know who are overweight, and who are offended because men can't see past the "superficial". to the "real me", have no problem telling men how short they are. I'm not saying that's you.

But, weight you can do something about. Height - well, no...
pc said on 7/Apr/08
I always thought that if michael had been taller when he was younger like 5'10 upwards...he would be more sexually appealing.He was quite handsome but his height is a turn off.I'm a woman and I can tell you that WE like TALL men.5'4 is dwarfism.
TJ said on 6/Apr/08
Ejel, it didn't shock MJF when Ali said "you wish". It was a scripted joke.
Ejel Khan said on 16/Feb/08
in a ad for Parkinsons diease with Muhammad Ali claimed to be 5'5", Ali replied with you wish, which shocked him. Never 5'5" or 5'4.5" more like 5'2"!
sf said on 29/Jan/08
5'3" and 1/2...never taller...
glenn said on 29/Jan/08
its obvious im hunched over.
TJ said on 28/Jan/08
Glenn was leaning in Marcel. Glenn has said on various occasions that he's seen MJF looking either 5'3 or 5'4. Never more.
Marcel said on 20/Nov/07
In that photo he looks taller than 5'4, I'd say there was about 2/3 inches difference allowing for posture
TJ said on 6/Nov/07
He became an American citizen in 2000 Jake - mainly so he could vote.
jake said on 2/Nov/07
actually micheal j fox is canadian and he was born in canada
TJ said on 30/Oct/07
He said that he would try 'power eating' in an effort to grow taller, but all that happened was he put on weight lol. He wasn't really fat in Leo and Me though. Just had chubby cheeks.
Parker said on 30/Oct/07
Yes Apologies TJ I did mean Leo and me. Getting confused with 'Life with Mikey' an early film he made with Nathan Lane. Something else that might suprise people. In Leo and me, and up to age 19 or so definately slightly overweight - never looked the type that would put on an ounce to me.(unlike me!)
Danimal said on 30/Oct/07
I've always read 5'4", 5'4.5" and 5'5" for him in the 80's/90's. Never less than 5'4" and that's what I believe he was. As for today, he could be in the 5'3" and change range.
TJ said on 29/Oct/07
I think you meant Leo and Me. I've read that he was only around 4'9 when he got that part, so he certainly grew a lot from 15 to late teens. The Spin City episode in question was from 2000 Rob. It's very clear from the vid, that she has a good inch on him.
Parker said on 29/Oct/07
I watched MJF biography in the UK recently. He said he got the part of Mikey in 'Mikey and me', a Canadian production when he was 15 because he looked 10. They showed some clips and he really did look 10. Must have had a late puberty because he was well under 5 foot at 15. Definately 5'4 in his 20's.........maybe slightly shorter now.
TJ said on 28/Oct/07
No thoughts on those stills Rob? They are probably the best pics I've seen for judging his height because both are barefoot.

Editor Rob
I just saw that this morning and he appears shorter indeed. He's lost height these days (or at least appears to stand in a manner which suggests he's not over 5ft 4) but that was quite a few years ago that episode, so...
TJ said on 26/Oct/07
I have solid proof that MJF is not 5'4.5. Rob, you have Heather Locklear at 5'4.75, but these stills I took from Spin City, Click Here with both barefoot, show her to be a comfortable inch taller than him. If she's the 5'4.75 that you predict, he's more like 5'3.75 wouldn't you say? If she's 5'5, maybe he sneaks 5'4. One thing is for sure though, there is not 0.25 inches between them, so either Heather needs an upgrade or Michael needs a downgrade. Stills can be misleading, but I can assure you that the whole scene on video shows that height difference. Here's an extra still to confirm Heather was barefoot too Click Here
TJ said on 15/Oct/07
I don't think I've ever seen him look convincingly over 163 really Franco.
Franco said on 14/Oct/07
he is 5'4 flat or 163cm today.

in the past he could look 164-165cm though i admit that.
Jon Doe said on 3/Aug/07
Alright TJ my mistake.Phssst he isn't 5feet tall!
Oceans 11 said on 18/Jul/07
Thats Bo something... , he`s 5`0" tall, he`s listed as 5`6" on some website, but, clearly he ain`t that. Also Scott Caan who is 5`5" seems to be gaining a little weight, on short people, when your fat, it clearly shows more than tall people, Scott would look a lot better with 20 lbs, shed...
mjf said on 16/Jul/07
do know how tall is the chinese guy in the oceon's eleven movie.
Click Here
does Michael's Height the same as him?
TJ said on 15/Jul/07
Jon, I said Glover "isn't exactly a giant". I didn't say he's short. At around 5'10, my description was accurate. He's a little above average and still towered MJF.
Jon Doe said on 14/Jul/07
You don't consider Crispin Glover's around 5'10 or more height on the tall side?Do you have to be atleast 6feet to be considered tall?
TJ said on 13/Jul/07
He never looked tall in BTTF, even with the low car :-) He is dwarfed by Crispin Glover, who is not exactly a giant.
Viper said on 13/Jul/07
He looks 5-4-5-5 in Back to the Future to me.
Jon Doe said on 13/Jul/07
Wow actually I'm pretty sure the reason he looked taller in that movie is coz of the car in that film was very low to the ground.But even his girlfriend in the movie was taller than him and so was everybody else.Man is he ever starting to look old now!
RICHARD said on 12/Jul/07
In Back to the Future I'M NOT KIDDING he looked at least 5'9'. I couldn't believe he was only 5'4' when he was 24. He looks tall on the TV
Jon Doe said on 1/Jul/07
Everybody I ever talk to seem to think that Michael J Fox is 5'6 I find that kinda funny how everybody usually thinks everybody on t.v. is taller than they are.There are also alot of people who think that Tom Cruise is only 5'2 though coz people are giving him so much crap about his height right, people are seriously delusional.
glenn said on 10/Jun/07
thanks gary.he seemed shorter to me years ago,but i think 5-4 is most accurate.i live in the bronx.

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