How tall is Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox's Height

5ft 4in (162.6 cm)

Canadian actor best known for roles in movies like the Back to the Future trilogy, Mars Attacks!, The Frighteners and Doc Hollywood. To TV audiences he is well known for Spin City and Family Ties.
Girls think you're so cute when you're short. They always want to put me in their pocket. Great, as long as it's their breast pocket.
I'm 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall. Don't forget the one-half inch.
I'm just a short guy. That's the way it goes. Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Willie Shoemaker, and I - we're all short guys. It's just a fact of life.

How tall is Michael J Fox
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I lost a few movie roles because of my height. At one audition, I read lines with Molly Ringwald, who was starring in the film, and I was so short beside her I was immediately rejected. But Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino and Paul Newman are also short, so it's not too bad. Alan Ladd always said, 'When you're a short actor you stand on crates, and walk on a ramp, but when you're a short star, everyone else walks in a ditch.' It was true for Ladd. He dug trenches and his leading ladies would walk in those trenches next to him.
At a fraction of an inch under five-foot-five, much of my interaction with the world and the people in it has required that I tilt my head backward and direct my gaze upward...Frankly, my height or lack thereof never bothered me much.
I'm 5 foot, 6½ inches. [Michael's] 5-5. I know he's a little shorter than I am. They [Family Ties production] always have me like slouch over the counter, or sit across the room, or sitting down all the time....I'm not sure if they mean to, but it happens all the time.
-- Tina Yothers
My brother is the giant in the family, and he's 5-foot-9. I don't mind being short, the only time it has hurt me was when I wanted to play professional hockey. But, when I was 13, I realised that I would never be tall enough to be a good hockey player.
- 1983

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Average Guess (16 Votes)
5ft 4.08in (162.8cm)
Slim said on 16/Sep/17
"I'm 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall. Don't forget the one-half inch."

That's his morning height. Weak 5'4" confirmed, and who knows if shoe measurement, might be even shorter.
jjj said on 12/Sep/17
@Slim: It's becoming a joke now isn't it. He must of claimed about 6 different heights altogether.
Slim said on 10/Sep/17
Rob, please make a "back to the future" page.
Editor Rob: it's on a long list of categories to consider adding in the future!
Slim said on 10/Sep/17
Bobby said on 7/Nov/16
I was more surprised to learn that Christopher Lloyd was 1.85 metres, I mean I just never registered his height when watching the Back to the Future trilogy. But yeah, 5'4 definitely seems right, and he could get away with that half inch if he truly wanted to. Anyway people with short statuses don't tend to lose much height, even in old age. It's the taller folk who lose height more frequently. I frequently claimed 6'0 at 5'11.5, to give an example. I'm a little over 6ft tall, depending on how many hours of sleep I get to be honest.
Ring any bells, bobby?
postmanjones said on 1/Sep/17
5 foot 4 peak
Timothy Jones said on 31/Aug/17
No way Michael J. Fox is under 5 foot 4. Looks a strong 5 foot 4.5 in most movies he is in
Don said on 25/Aug/17
Looked nowhere under 5ft4 in bttf
Michael said on 15/Jul/17
There have never been any follow up studies for those who received pituitary hormones (either hHG, hPG or LH agonist) during the 70s and ended up with myoclonic jerks. There appeares to be some releif with testosterone therapy as I have experienced.
Dean said on 30/Jun/17
A bit under 5foot5
Morris said on 9/Jun/17
159-163 cm without shoes
Jospeh said on 28/Mar/17
Met him when I was 14. I was 5'7" at the time and he was at or around my eye level in pictures.
177Cm guy said on 20/Feb/17
I need to start stretching after seeing this guy he's like 5'2 but was 5'4 when he was 20 or 30.
Charlie said on 19/Feb/17
Bcause of Michael's height being much lower than average he may be required to wear shoe lifts in certain movie roles. If he looked taller in one movie perhaps it's because he was wearing shoe lifts. I read below from a commenter that he looked 5'9 in Back to the Future. Perhaps he looked tall in that movie but 5'9? No. He would f had to look as tall as the female costar in the movie with her heels on and this is where Hllywood would make the adjustment for the movie. If he is shorter than a girl in heels he would be required to wear shoe lifts to make him appear at least an inch taller than her. In the movie Class of 1984 he looked very short. I mean a head shorter than all the male costars. I believe Michael J Fox was 5'0 even while doing Class of 1984. The top of Michaels head came to Perry King's shoulders and Perry is listed as 6' tall.I will say Michal was 5' tall now days he might be 4'11. Trust me actors look bigger and taller on TV.
Chris said on 12/Feb/17
Hey Rob was it every possible that Michael J Fox was a legit 5 foot 5 or was he always 5 foot 4
Editor Rob: Chris, I don't think he ever looked 5ft 5, somewhere in 5ft 4 range is more believable.
Sonia said on 25/Jan/17
5 foot three nowadays.
Borats Chicken said on 10/Jan/17
rob, you didnt add Back to the Future in Categories...come on...
Editor Rob: I will get there...

the thing is - sometimes with changes to a site, an addition of a big amount of pages, it can effect rankings a bit, so I have to be careful and at the moment I am only adding pages slowly.
Keithg said on 8/Jan/17
Didn't look that short-ish in BTTF.
Bobby said on 7/Nov/16
I was more surprised to learn that Christopher Lloyd was 1.85 metres, I mean I just never registered his height when watching the Back to the Future trilogy. But yeah, 5'4 definitely seems right, and he could get away with that half inch if he truly wanted to. Anyway people with short statuses don't tend to lose much height, even in old age. It's the taller folk who lose height more frequently. I frequently claimed 6'0 at 5'11.5, to give an example. I'm a little over 6ft tall, depending on how many hours of sleep I get to be honest.
Parker said on 30/Sep/16
Unless Julie Warner is lying about her 5'2" claim MJF was a solid 5'4. 2 inches taller in Doc Hollywood, check out the dance scene. Both in converse
mande2013 said on 21/Aug/16
@Ian...and Rob: How is it that legit 5'5ers can occasionally convince the world their 5'7ish whereas it would be impossible for a 5'4 flatter to even sell themselves as 5'6 flat.
Editor Rob: I am sure there will be some 5ft 4 men who do in fact try to claim 5ft 6 on here...but I understand in a way what you mean.

It might be to do with even that extra 3cm can help in some cases make the physical look/proportion appear taller.
CS said on 11/Jun/16
More honest than most guys would be at his height.
Francis94 said on 9/Jun/16
How much height do you think he has lost by now at 55?
Editor Rob: not a huge amount, possibly between 1/4 and 1/2.
Ian C. said on 22/Apr/16
Fox deserves high marks for never trying to pretend that he is taller than he is. Of course, 5 foot 4 is pretty much impossible to disguise. If he had been, say, 5 foot 7 he might have been tempted to up it a little, and if he had been 5 foot 9 we would have been hearing him claim 5 foot 11.
SonnyboySlim said on 20/Apr/16
I'm not sure how tall he is now but I remember him saying his favourite actor was James Cagney and they met before Cagney passed (Fox was in his 20s then) and Fox was so thrilled to note he was the same height as Cagney (he said 5'4" and change). Cagney was also well into his 80s then.
Linda said on 2/Apr/16
He looks tall to me, as I am somewhat height impaired myself. It's his personality that makes him tall!
Linda Ruth said on 2/Apr/16
He looks tall to me, as I am somewhat height impaired myself. It's his personality that makes him tall!
mande2013 said on 25/Mar/16
He never looked under 5'4 in the Back to the Future movies. He looked short for sure but never 'constitutional short stature' short.
Joel12 said on 20/Mar/16
today he is barely 5'3.
james said on 13/Feb/16
Looks like he has lost 2 inches
Mike said on 19/Nov/15
Probably lost at least an inch over the last 20 years. I believe his old height that he listed. Very specific & it doesn't seem like he had any insecurity over being short.

5'3.5 today.
Astrom said on 27/Oct/15
In Back to the Future looks 5'5.5
the shredder said on 13/Jul/15
Rob , you you agree he looks barely 5 ft 3 now ?
[Editor Rob: how well he stands I'm not sure, he could just be a bit looser and look 5ft 3 more but still measure nearly 5ft 4.]
the shredder said on 11/Jul/15
rob , hope you get him , he looks under 5'3 recently.
[Editor Rob: to be fair, with energy levels I doubt he'd want to stand much for photos]
Jam said on 26/Mar/15
I like this
184.3cm said on 30/Sep/14
Knew he was short but never realised he was this short. Average height for a woman and very short for a guy. Really pulled off the underdog well in films.
Parker said on 29/Sep/14
Danimal says on 28/Sep/14
Was between 5'4" and 5'5" in his younger and healthier days. Today, in his 50's and having suffered from Parkinson's for over 20 years, he's lost height.

Agree 100%. Watched 'The Secret of My Success' just last week and I would have pegged him close to 5'5 against 5'7.5/5'8 Helen Slater.
Danimal said on 28/Sep/14
STR8SHOOTR says on 4/Jun/13
I met Fox at a Parkonson's event when he was first diagnosed. I am 5ft4in and I felt tall. No way he is 5'4.

You went to a Parkinson's event, yet don't even know how to spell the word?
Danimal said on 28/Sep/14
Was between 5'4" and 5'5" in his younger and healthier days. Today, in his 50's and having suffered from Parkinson's for over 20 years, he's lost height.
Nico said on 27/Sep/14
Michael J Fox is around 5 feet 2.5 now
Brad said on 29/May/14
Under 5' 4" with Daltrey.
The Exorcist said on 26/May/14
Michael with (5'7.5" listed) Ricky Gervais.
Click Here

Michael with (5'5.5" listed) Roger Daltrey.
Click Here

Still think he's 5'4", Rob?
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 3 today, I think he was 5ft 4 though. His stance the last few years has worsened]
John said on 21/Apr/14
I saw him in a picture with Brian Grant who's 6'9". He was slightly over a foot taller than him but if that's true I'd expect him to be about 5'6 or 5'7 or Brian Grant was around 6'7 or 6'6.
GUK said on 30/Mar/14
I was watching Doc Holiwood and he must be shorter than 5ft 4 when compared to Woody Harrelson. Check out any picture with Woody Harrelson. He's a head taller. 5ft 2 is more like it.
TJ said on 4/Jan/14
I agree Hola. He might have snuck a little over 5'4 out of bed when younger, but 5'4 was I think his walk around height. Now I'd expect it to be closer to 5'3.
Hola said on 27/Dec/13
Requesting a peak list here since he's now active again with his new show. Does not look above 5'3 in it, cant blame him, parkinsons give him a lot of involuntary head movements so perfect posture is arguably impossible, as for his peak - he never seemed insecure about his height, so he slouched as much as anyone and would probably often stand shorter than he was. As listed in prime, 5'3 or below now.
yeye said on 13/Oct/13
Fox might be in the habit of slouching, is part of his image. While 5'4 is indeed short for a man. It's nowhere short enough to give off the impression that he often does. I think he knows that his height can be used as an acting strength and plays the part. Definately a great and funny actor.
Borris said on 30/Sep/13
I seen this video where David Spade walked up to him and David was slightly taller but he might've been wearing boots or something who knows. You can't really tell with this height **** you can only guess. Michael is around 5'4 anyways by the looks of it.
leonari said on 27/Sep/13
I say 162 could be closer but nothing below that mark.
lazur said on 24/Sep/13
c.1993, I was a club doorman. A man asked: "Can we just slip in ?" I replied: "What do you mean 'we' ? " He then pointed downward, to a point between us. I looked down a bit, and then continued to look farther down. Finally, I saw: Standing between us, unseen throughout our conversation, was Michael J Fox. I'm 6'2'. He was more than a big head & neck shorter. I'd be surprised if he was more than 5'3".
Parker said on 18/Jul/13
@MicHaeL H
I couldn't find the clip where they are both barefoot, but here's a scene with Michael in shoes and Heather barefoot

Click Here

~5'4 for Michael, and what he claims, seems reasonable.
Parker said on 18/Jul/13
MicHaeL H. says on 17/Jul/13
How about when he's in a scene with Heather Locklear?

There was a scene in Spin City with them both barefoot, Heather looked about an inch taller.

Here's Heather in flats in a recent pic with Michael

Click Here
MicHaeL H. said on 17/Jul/13
Parker says on 1/May/13

"Most of the male actors in that series were 6'+ (Richard Kind,Michael Boatman,Barry Bostwick) so not easy to do an accurate height comparison. The top of Michael's head came up to the shoulder of 6'4 Barry Bostwick which is ~ 1 foot. Michael has claimed 5'5 or just under....I always thought he looked the height he's listed."

How about when he's in a scene with Heather Locklear? Apparently she's about the same size. The only problem might be she would be wearing high heels, but if you could figure how much difference that makes (or she happens to wear fairly flat shoes), you could see how they compare. :)

Oh, by the way, I'm not saying that it's off here or anything. It's just an idea in case more comparisons are needed.
Suze said on 16/Jul/13
I never cared that he was short, I had a massive crush on him when he was in Back to the Future and on that 80's television show he was CUTE!!! "Power of Love".....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mandy said on 9/Jul/13
Yeah, I agree that he is 5'4, but he is totally not above it.
mande2013 said on 30/Jun/13
Is it possible he lost a significant amount of height due to Parkinson's?
lablanche said on 17/Jun/13
I lived in the same town and ran into Michael any number of times and we had great conversations more than once. I am about 5'9'' now, and towered over him. As a tall woman, I have had numerous encounters with short men who suffer from 'short guy syndrome', in other words nasty and sometimes hostile. Never EVER did I experience that from him. EVER. He was charming, intelligent and delightful and I had a complete crush on him and yes, I knew his wife and his son. He is a testament to the phrase, 'nice things come in small packages'. Wonderful man.
Parker said on 17/Jun/13
Look at the Back To Future trilogy - He was taller than Elisabeth Shue who is listed 5'3 on here. He was also a couple of inches taller than Julie Warner in Doc Holiday listed 5'2 here. He's claimed 5'4,5'4.5 and even 5'5!. Lilelyhood is he is (or was) between 5'4 and 5'5. He looks similar build to Daniel Radcliffe to me.
STR8SHOOTR said on 4/Jun/13
I met Fox at a Parkonson's event when he was first diagnosed. I am 5ft4in and I felt tall. No way he is 5'4.
The Great One said on 24/May/13
In the last Back to the future he was almost 30 playing a 17 year old. 5'4" seems spot on
cd said on 24/May/13
I reckon he was 162 cm when he was younger, and more like 161 cm nowadays... barefeet.
mande 2013 said on 18/May/13
Is it possible Fox has never even been a full 5'4? There's a picture where he and Scorsese are roughly the same height, and Marty's 5'3 tops. Not even Estevez, Radcliffe, and David Spade give the impression of being as petit as Fox is.
Parker said on 1/May/13
MicHaeL H. says on 29/Apr/13
I just saw him in an episode of Spin City, he looks like he's 13...
No offense though, I love the guy. Maybe it would be a good idea to look at him in that series, plenty of other actors to directly compare with, and there are often scenes showing their footwear.

Most of the male actors in that series were 6'+ (Richard Kind,Michael Boatman,Barry Bostwick) so not easy to do an accurate height comparison. The top of Michael's head came up to the shoulder of 6'4 Barry Bostwick which is ~ 1 foot. Michael has claimed 5'5 or just under....I always thought he looked the height he's listed.
Randy said on 30/Apr/13
I met MJF in 1996. He's tiny. I would have thought 5'3" in trainers.
MicHaeL H. said on 29/Apr/13
I just saw him in an episode of Spin City, he looks like he's 13...
No offense though, I love the guy. Maybe it would be a good idea to look at him in that series, plenty of other actors to directly compare with, and there are often scenes showing their footwear.
I think it's pretty safe to say that most men wear similar shoes or heels in that series anyway.
GaryHudson said on 5/Mar/13
I met him in person. He stands about 5'4.
Will said on 25/Jan/13
J. Fox is not 5'4 1/2" in his life ever at all. I can buy he is 5ft 3.
Parker said on 25/Jan/13
I watched Doc Hollywood the other night. He definately had a good 2 inches over Julia Warner in equal flat footwear.Julia is listed at 5'2..........whether she is I don't know.
Will said on 19/Jan/13
Michael J. Fox is only 5'3 1/2" in my opinion. Not 5ft 4in at all.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Dec/12
Watching Back to the Future now and in all honesty he can look as low as 5 ft 2 at times. Although he did just about look 5'4" next to Jennifer in it..
Parker said on 22/Dec/12
he Exorcist says on 8/Dec/12
@Parker: Right! But bear in mind that Christipher Lloyd has a really long face. Look at the size of his forehead! The distance from his eyes to the top of his skull is a lot longer than most (people's).
Click Here
The difference between MJF and Christopher Lloyd is a little bit more than 8", IMO.

Yes I agree - just looked at Rob with Christopher Llloyd. Michael looks around 5'3. Definately thought he was close to 5'5 in secret of my success
The Exorcist said on 8/Dec/12
@Parker: Right! But bear in mind that Christipher Lloyd has a really long face. Look at the size of his forehead! The distance from his eyes to the top of his skull is a lot longer than most (people's).
Click Here

The difference between MJF and Christopher Lloyd is a little bit more than 8", IMO.
Parker said on 6/Dec/12
The Exorcist says on 22/Nov/12
I think he's probably a little bit less than 5'4" nowadays. Maybe 5'3.5

Here he is with 6'0" Christopher Lloyd.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

5'4 still looks good if Christopher Lloyd is 6 foot. He hasn't got a clear full head on Michael.
The Exorcist said on 22/Nov/12
I think he's probably a little bit less than 5'4" nowadays. Maybe 5'3.5

Here he is with 6'0" Christopher Lloyd.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Mike said on 21/Nov/12
Michael J. Fox only 5'4". Yeah, we all know, he is so short in human stature.
MJF said on 16/Nov/12
He is about 5'4 and a half I've seen him before. He's now doing research on microchips.
Will said on 14/Nov/12
Michael J Fox is to forever stay, act, be a midget. Sorry buddy, Mike, why are you so short?
Lawrence said on 28/Oct/12
I agree Rick, you couldn't have said it better, sir!
Shaun said on 10/Oct/12
5'4" flat seems about right. He always seems a great guy, the chicks loved him in the 80s and 90s too. No Christmas is complete without seeing the Back to the Future films!
Zach said on 17/Aug/12
MJF is awesome regardless of height. I've stayed about 5'4" for almost 2 years now, I really wanna be tall but I guess it's just not happening, anyway if Michael J Fox has gotten this far, I have just as much of a chance
Ann (PCI) said on 11/Feb/12
I've been a fan since "Life With Mikey.
And have prayed for him for many years that God would bless him to recover form
Parkinson's Disease. Hope he is feeling well.
Shannon said on 10/Feb/12
I love that he was honest about his height. Most short actors like to push it and say they're 5'7" when everyone knows they're not. It's refreshing to see a short guy embrace his height and be honest.
SIlent d said on 1/Feb/12
5 foot 4.
Rick said on 28/Jan/12
Just cause your tall that doesn't make you a better,smarter or a tuffer person.Michael J fox one off the greats.
John said on 25/Jan/12
I know this is a site dedicated to the height of celebrities, so I'm not gonna act outraged or hysterical like some people do. I will say this, though: Michael J. Fox is probably one of the coolest, nicest and most honest celebrities out there. Even the fact that he is straightforward about his height (short even by Hollywood standards) is refreshing. A seriously stand-up guy, no pun intended. A lot of celebrities could learn from this dude.
lauren said on 24/Jan/12
i knew michael was short but not that short! i was 5 ft 3 in at eleven!! he really wasnt much taller than me... but i think he was definately taller in his BTTF days... i miss family ties and back to the future..
michael was my first crush...
Silent d said on 8/Nov/11
He looks short in spin city. I remember he was walking with Cheryl from according to jim and she was much taller. She had small heels on. I always thought she was 5 foot 4. I guess camera angle. 5 foot 4 is perfect for him.
gabe said on 10/Oct/11
man im 5"6 since i was 12. Im 25. I never grew.

Lol lucky people who grow. Im not obsessed with height just something interesting to look at, but damn i should of been 5"9 plus lol.
Cheryl said on 28/Sep/11
I went to school with Michael fox. He was 4 10 if in grade 10.
Parker said on 1/Aug/11
carol says on 25/Jul/11
Who the heck cares,

Well you for one, why else are you on a height site looking up Michael's height?
The greatest person alive in the world today said on 25/Jul/11
He is just a small guy all around. In back to the future 3 he was 27 playing a seveteen year old. He looks short and small next to anyone he stands next to. 5'4" seems accurate for him.
carol said on 25/Jul/11
Who the heck cares, Michael J. Fox is a hottie and a giant in my mind, not to mention a great actor. You people need to get your priorities straight. I don't know of a girl who wouldn't have given her right arm to date Mike. Instead of worrying about his height, go make a donation to your favorite charity and wipe out some of these deadly diseases we have in the world.
TJ said on 14/Jul/11
Yes nicky, the height is without shoes. Michael is likely a shade below 5'4 now - perhaps 5'3.75. In his prime he was likely 5'4 - 5'4.5. I'd say he reached the latter measurement out of bed, but no taller.
Parker said on 8/Jul/11
Tony Greene says on 8/Jun/11
I don't know. I think he's 4'10"

Sorry, 4'10 is ludicrous. He's 100% 5'3-5'5 barefoot, that's the debate.
shortywatchinshorties said on 19/Jun/11
So do you think michael was 5'4 1/2" when filming back to the future like he claims? Rob,what do you figure mikes height be back in the 90's compared to today?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 4 or 4.5, somewhere in this range is probable.]
nicky said on 17/Jun/11
I am five feet four inches barefoot. Yet I am not always the shortest in the room. Some of my female co-workers are much shorter. My question is in most of mike j fox movies the female leads are at least his height. Not shorter. I am obsessed with height so I take notice. Mike may be taller than some of the children that appear in his movies. But he isn't usually much taller than the female leads. I love my five foot four brother anyway. But his mikes height taken with no shoes on. Is five four his true height during back to the future,my favorite movie.
Phil said on 3/May/11
Michael J Fox is a very nice guy.
He is 5 foot 4.
pep said on 24/Apr/11
Michael must be the shortest actor who doesn't act in roles specially designed for short people.
mcfan said on 22/Apr/11
I think he's only 5'3.5.
Parker said on 20/Dec/10
5'3-5'4. I've no doubt he was over 5'4 in his BTF days.
Dan said on 20/Dec/10
I'm going to go with 5 ft 3
me said on 4/Nov/10
MJF is 5.3. Spade is correct at 5.5.
Franco said on 14/Oct/07
he is 5'4 flat or 163cm today.

in the past he could look 164-165cm though i admit that.
Jon Doe said on 3/Aug/07
Alright TJ my mistake.Phssst he isn't 5feet tall!
Oceans 11 said on 18/Jul/07
Thats Bo something... , he`s 5`0" tall, he`s listed as 5`6" on some website, but, clearly he ain`t that. Also Scott Caan who is 5`5" seems to be gaining a little weight, on short people, when your fat, it clearly shows more than tall people, Scott would look a lot better with 20 lbs, shed...
mjf said on 16/Jul/07
do know how tall is the chinese guy in the oceon's eleven movie.
Click Here
does Michael's Height the same as him?
TJ said on 15/Jul/07
Jon, I said Glover "isn't exactly a giant". I didn't say he's short. At around 5'10, my description was accurate. He's a little above average and still towered MJF.
Jon Doe said on 14/Jul/07
You don't consider Crispin Glover's around 5'10 or more height on the tall side?Do you have to be atleast 6feet to be considered tall?
TJ said on 13/Jul/07
He never looked tall in BTTF, even with the low car :-) He is dwarfed by Crispin Glover, who is not exactly a giant.
Viper said on 13/Jul/07
He looks 5-4-5-5 in Back to the Future to me.
Jon Doe said on 13/Jul/07
Wow actually I'm pretty sure the reason he looked taller in that movie is coz of the car in that film was very low to the ground.But even his girlfriend in the movie was taller than him and so was everybody else.Man is he ever starting to look old now!
RICHARD said on 12/Jul/07
In Back to the Future I'M NOT KIDDING he looked at least 5'9'. I couldn't believe he was only 5'4' when he was 24. He looks tall on the TV
Jon Doe said on 1/Jul/07
Everybody I ever talk to seem to think that Michael J Fox is 5'6 I find that kinda funny how everybody usually thinks everybody on t.v. is taller than they are.There are also alot of people who think that Tom Cruise is only 5'2 though coz people are giving him so much crap about his height right, people are seriously delusional.
glenn said on 10/Jun/07
thanks gary.he seemed shorter to me years ago,but i think 5-4 is most accurate.i live in the bronx.
gary johnson said on 10/Jun/07
so Glenn would you say he`s in the 5`3 and a half to 5`4 and a half range?

I agree with Alex, nice picture, you live in NY by the way?
glenn said on 10/Jun/07
thanks alex.taken 2 months ago.
Alex said on 9/Jun/07
Glenn, nice photo. Which year was it taken?
Alex said on 9/Jun/07
Are we allowed to talk anything else about our beloved little fellow other than his height? By the way, it's his birthday today. Happy birthday, Michael, 5'4" or not
sf said on 4/Jun/07
Yes, with shoes on, 5'4" and 1/2. Even in movies, they find it hard to hide his height, and that's saying something. Never actually 5'4" and 1/2 and probably, at most, almost 5'4". I believe Glenns and Fabs' estimates are probably pretty close.
TJ said on 3/Jun/07
Parker, I don't buy that he scrapes 5'5 first thing even with military posture. I can't see him above 5'4. Has Rob added 0.5 to his height in the last couple of days, as I thought he had him at 5'4?

[Editor Rob: I just give him what his claim is now, I think he looks like he never stands totally upright nowadays though.]
Parker said on 2/Jun/07
I don't think you can start debating 1/4 or 1/2 inches when it comes to height. Posture and time of day at measuring all come into play. I think 5'4 is reasonable for Michael. May be slightly above that first thing, and slightly below last thing at night. Maybe he scrapes 5'5 with military posture first thing in the morning hence his 5'5 claim?

His parents were advised to administer growth hormones when he was younger, so it is highly unlikely that he is any taller than 5'4. Think there are enough sightings and estimates on this site to put him at 5'4.
JWalker said on 1/Jun/07

This is from SF in 2006...
sf says on 10/Sep/06
I'm not trying to put Fox down, I really like him, but I do believe he is very short. I just can't buy 5'4". I really do think only 5'3" or so, but he sure has done well for himself.
JWalker said on 1/Jun/07
This corresponds with what TJ said (his girlfriends) that MJF was 5`3 to 5`4, meaning, at least one or some of them definitely thought he was 5`3" which goes against Fabs recollection. Whatever, some people think that a 5`4 person is 5`5" or 5`3" depending on who you ask....
TJ said on 1/Jun/07
Well Glenn did once say 5'4 tops for Fox and I think on another thread said that he has appeared 5'3 before. You could be right JWalker - he might be just a little under 5'4, but I don't think as short as 5'3. 5'4 is probable and 5'3 1/2 or 3/4 is possible.
JWalker said on 1/Jun/07
He could be 5`3" and a 1/2 or 3/4. No way is he a full 5`4"
Fab said on 31/May/07
I don't need a tape measure, Walker. I was standing right in front of him and it's pretty easy to tell someone's height when you're that close measuring it up to your own. There's no way he's 5'3". Sorry, buddy.
glenn said on 31/May/07
i met him alot.a few times were in the last month alone.he is 5-4.i dont need a measuring tape.
JWalker said on 30/May/07
He is 5`3". Fab did you have a measuring tape with you. How the heck do you know he is 5`4" by just looking at him.
TJ said on 28/May/07
Nice story Fab. That confirms what others who have met him say.
Fab said on 28/May/07
Hi guys! This is actually my first post, but I have been a frequent visitor to this site. It's cool to read about celebrity heights and where you compare. For myself, I am 29 years old and I am not a tall guy (5'5" and yes without shoes). However, I felt I had to post on this wall reqarding Michael J. Fox considering he is my idol and I want to put all the height questions to rest because I have actually met him and stood face to fact with him chatting. I grew up on Family Ties and Back to the Future and dressed like Marty McFly and Alex P. Keaton (Yes, I was nuts) and I still follow his career very closely to this day. But getting to the point, in 2002 I was in New York and I freaked when I saw him! Without hesitation I went up to him and I introduced myself and told him about what a huge fan I was and also put in the fact that I am Canadian too, which went over great! He was extremelly pleasant and friendly and we chatted for about 5 minutes. Anyways, I want you all to know, that he is 100% 5'4" tall. We were both wearing running shoes, on flat surface and he was just under me in height. I wish I had a camera with me that day, which is my one regret, but the memory will last a lifetime. I hope this helps you guys in putting an end to the wondering on his height. He's a fantastic actor and a great person. I am, along with others, are very proud of him!
glenn said on 28/May/07
like i said,didnt see it.i figured it might be what you say.not a show of his illness.
TJ said on 27/May/07
Glenn, the vid does just that, ie focusses on his persona and achievements. It's not about getting morbid over his physical condition, it's about respecting and admiring how he is rising above it to try to make a difference with his foundation and his advocacy. If you want an example of his persona and character, there is perhaps no better example. He took the high road on the Limbaugh outburst and showed himself to be eloquent, determined, intelligent and a class act.
TheJerk said on 27/May/07
Oh yea, he's Canadian.
TJ said on 26/May/07
Great vid. I'd seen it before and the guy shows an enormous amount of class. How obvious his symptoms are will vary of course, depending on the meds. Hard to get an idea of height based on the above pic as Glenn is clearly leaning in.
glenn said on 26/May/07
i dont understand the point of the video? i didnt see it.nor do i want to.we know he is ill for this news? if he just got hit with it,thats a little different.whats the point on dwelling on it? id rather focus on his persona and achievments.same goes for ali.i brush aside blemishes in life and get on with it.same goes for peoples
Anthony said on 26/May/07
God Bless MJF. That video Danimal posted is heartugging.
glenn said on 26/May/07
he seemed fine.not the first time ive seen him.
Danimal said on 26/May/07
BTW Rob, he is NOT a U.S. actor. Michael is born and raised in Canada and moved to the U.S. to do Family Ties in the early 80's.
Danimal said on 26/May/07
Very Sad and Hard to watch: Click Here
The Horse of FUNK said on 26/May/07
How was his health when you confronted him, Glenn? No offense to him or anything, but everything I've seen of him lately he looks like he's dancing. It'll be a shame when this guy goes. He had so much potential and future, but was cut short. God I hate how religion has been intertwined with our politics. Thanks, Jerry Falwell :/

By the way, the 5'4.5" is interesting. Not discounting the 5'4", but he's usually listed 5'3" everywhere I've seen.
Alex said on 25/May/07
Yea, 5'4 he looks.
Danius said on 25/May/07
If he says 5'4.5 I believe him, he's one of the most truthful actors out there
l0ck n l0ad said on 25/May/07
omg michael j fox was one of my favorite actors when i was a kid, im sure everyone knows back to the future... i feel so sad for him people give him 5'3" max lolz... rob, have some mercy on his soul and leave him at 5'4.5" ;-)
D. Ray Morton said on 25/May/07
Cool. How does he seem to be doing lately?
Anthony said on 25/May/07
Great photo, Glenn. MJF rules.
glenn said on 25/May/07
5-4.always nice.
JohnP said on 25/May/07
Maybe the Parkinsons decease has made him shrink? As far as I know, people on the Muhammed Ali site always talk about Parkinsons made him shorter.
Jordan said on 25/May/07
Was he a nice Guy Glenn? My Aunt had met him in the mid 90's and said he was very polite.
Drew said on 25/May/07
Looks like Glenn is leaning quite a bit. 5'4.5" seems about right. How tall did he look, Glenn?
TJ said on 16/May/07
Hi Sophie. What do you mean by you appearing taller than him? Did you meet him? If you just mean generally appear taller, maybe heels play a role in that? :-)
Sophie14 said on 16/May/07
I love Michael J. Fox. He's a brilliant actor. The back to the future trilogy is and always will be my favourite film. I'd say 5"4 looks the right height for him, although I'm 5"2 and I appear even taller than him which is a bit odd!
Franco said on 24/Apr/07
doesn't look taller than 5'4
X said on 19/Apr/07
I've never heard anything but 5 ft. 4 for him. I've heard 5 ft. 5 for his wife who has appeared about an inch taller than him.
TheJerk said on 11/Apr/07
I really do like Michael J. I still watch Back to the Future when its on TBS.
TJ said on 16/Feb/07
It's funny though Parker. Throughout the whole of the 80s, he was listed at 5'4 everywhere - presumably the height his publicist put out? And then suddenly he started dropping in 5'5 references, which frankly aren't believable. It's also hard to believe that he would have ever called himself 5'4 if really 5'5. What short guy shaves an inch off? :-) I don't believe he was under 5'4 at his peak, but he may be more like 5'3.5 now. I've also thought about Julie Warner in the past when considering his height, but of course we only have her word that she's 5'2.
Parker said on 16/Feb/07
I think 5'4 give or take 0.5 inch in his twenties. Not so sure anymore as he looks shorter than that in recent photos. If you read the Julie Warner quote of her being 5'2 and hence won the role in Doc Hollywood - Fox looked a couple of inches taller in that film. I've also seen quotes from himself of 5'4,5'4.5 and 5'5.
leonari said on 15/Feb/07
British gal: fox is a great actor no doubt but he never reaches 5'5''I even say this guy is below 5'3...was my favourite actor as a kid...
British Gal said on 14/Feb/07
If 5'4/5'5 is fine for Michael J. Fox, it's awesome for me! I don't care about height in anyone really, he's a quality actor and his height may set him back a bit, but it never bothered me!
Alex said on 21/Jan/07
I think he's 5'4. He was seriously towered over by 6'0-6'1 Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future.
Glenn said on 7/Nov/06
The laugh is on you mighty.he can look that next to Hogan.
Polska said on 7/Nov/06
How is any reason for coming here any less dull than taking time out of your day to make fun of people for their height (or lack thereof), Jenny?

Clearly you yourself are insecure and you're just trying to validate your reasoning for coming here and cast yourself as better than others who also frequent this site.
Miiiiiiighty said on 6/Nov/06
Stallone looking 6'2 ...? LOOOOOOOOOL
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/06
I think that 5'4"-4.5" (or 5'5" if you really stretch it) sounds about right. But, 5'3", I don' think he's that short. I still love him, great actor.
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/06
ive been looking at some photos of MJF with his wife and im starting to believe he is 5-3 max
Editor Rob said on 17/Sep/06
"When you're a short actor, you stand on apple boxes, you walk on a ramp. When you're a short star, everybody else walks in a ditch", 1991.
Glenn said on 17/Sep/06
Cause their heights can vary drastically.Stallone can look 5-7 to 6-2,depending on who you ask and what you see.its a mystery.
Jenny said on 16/Sep/06
ok my friends and I look at these heights to make fun of people, but why do you guys? Do you actually care about their heights? I'm not trying to be mean or anything but it just strikes me as a dull topic of conversation.
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
5-3 is probably right for Fox. Great actor
sf said on 10/Sep/06
I'm not trying to put Fox down, I really like him, but I do believe he is very short. I just can't buy 5'4". I really do think only 5'3" or so, but he sure has done well for himself.
Glenn said on 8/Sep/06
True SF.I think it worstened a bit,and now its somewhat under control D.
Parker said on 8/Sep/06
The average shoe gives about 4cm, so if MJF is 5'41/2 in shoes, that's about 5'3 barefoot - yet he looked a good 2 ins taller than 5'2 Julie Warner in Doc Hollywood. I'd believe 5'4.
Danimal said on 7/Sep/06
How's he doing these days btw? Is his disease under control?
Danimal said on 7/Sep/06
I believe him.
sf said on 7/Sep/06
Yes, I'll believe 5'4 and 1/2 with shoes on. No way he is that height, otherwise.
Editor Rob said on 6/Sep/06
He said in 1993:
"I'm 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall. Don't forget the one-half inch"
TJ said on 4/Sep/06
I don't think the pic with Tracy Pollan is very conclusive anonymous, as she almost certainly had on shoes with a larger heel. But he does always looks shorter than her, even if both wearing similar footwear, and always has, even on Family Ties 20 years ago. I'm not sure she is really 5'6 though. I think it's more likely that she is 5'5 and he is 5'4 or a touch under now. He was always shorter than Courtney Cox in Family Ties too and there's doubt that she's even as tall as 5'5.
trueheight said on 4/Sep/06
'5' 3". The guy is really short. He must have had horrible casting calls when he walked into the casting director's offices. I'm sure he has on 3" heels even to get a paper.'

-he's got a lifetime worth of charm
Glenn said on 12/Aug/06
5-4 tops.
Parker said on 10/Aug/06
5'3 is too short for Michael. Julie Warner has admitted that being 5'2 got her the part in Doc Hollywood - Michael was min 2 inches taller than Julie in that film. He is not 4 inches shorter than Spielberg in the photo below. 5'4 is most realistic. Maybe 5'5 with military posture straight out of bed.

[Editor Rob: with parkinson's he's not standing 'tall' in many pics these days.]
Brad said on 8/Aug/06
5' 3". The guy is really short. He must have had horrible casting calls when he walked into the casting director's offices. I'm sure he has on 3" heels even to get a paper.
Anthony said on 9/Jul/06
Okay, the height difference isn't as big as I said it was, vut I still think that his Parkinson's has taken away some height from him.
Parker said on 6/Jul/06
Have to disagree with Anthony on this one - If you get a rule the top of MJF's head is level with the bottom of the chins of these guys. If Nealy is 6'3 it puts Michael at 5'5/5'6 in his shoes.
Anthony said on 5/Jul/06
I took a look at the pics with Leary and Kerry, and in my eyes Fox looks 5'1. He's over a foot shorter than Leay, who I think is about 6'2 - 6'3. Fox comes up to his chest. I personally think that Parkinson's Disease are starting to take control of his health, and have stolen a few inches from him.
Mike K said on 23/Jun/06
I think MJF really is one of the best, but there is no way he's 5'5" or even 5'4."
I'm 5'5", but when I look at pictures next to some of my best friends who are both an easy 6'2," I really just don't look THAT small. I certainly look short next to them but not tiny the way MJF does in those pics with Leary. I do have a better build than MJF so that might help, but honestly he can't be 5'4" and look that tiny. Anyway, MJF is awesome.
Glenn said on 9/Jun/06
I have photos with all those guys.
Parker said on 7/Jun/06
I agree with you sf - I think below 5'5 you've 'cooked your goose' - your never going to look tall - MJF,Dudley Moore,Danny DeVito,Mickey Rooney etc Your never going to look tall so I thimk they go with it in terms of movies - At 5'6/5'7/5'8 your starting to hit the 'cusp' of average Cruise,Ladd,Bogart etc and thus I think the studios try to go for the height boosters - lifts,camera angles,platforms,height ramps, ditches..........
sf said on 6/Jun/06
That's a good quote, Parker. My personal believe is that Fox is probably 5'3" and 1/2 or so. This means with shoes he gets to 5'5" or close to it, thus justifying all of those 5'4" and 1/2 to 5'5" reports. He just always looks too, too small to be a legit 5'5". He's at a height that's it's very hard to disguise how short he is, even when they try, if you ask me. And, no, I don't think they alwasy try as hard with Fox as with other, possibly more vain, stars..
Parker said on 6/Jun/06
Just saw a clip on TV of Mohammed Ali and Fox in a promtional add for Parkinsons research. Fox claimed he was 5'5 and Ali 6'2 trying to get across Parkinsons did not discriminate on height or race, anyone can contact it.

At the end of the ad, Ali pats the Top of Michaels head and says '5'5? wish!!'
TJ said on 25/Apr/06
Glenn, you said recently that you thought he was 5'3. Which is it?

[Editor Rob: maybe mjf posture these days makes him look 5ft 3, he looks that in some recent pics]
Frank2 said on 23/Apr/06
Back in the early 1990's I met him at the MGM Grand Air terminal at LAX and flew on the same plane with him to NYC. He's 5'4".
Glenn said on 23/Apr/06
He's 5-4.I used to see him everyday.
Anonymous said on 22/Apr/06
Leonari is right. No way 5'5. In recent years he has described himself as that, but throughout the 80s he was listed everywhere as 5'4, which was presumably the height is publicist put out. I can't imagine why his height would have been downgraded at the peak of his popularity. Most pictures suggest he is max 5'4 and possibly slightly under. 5'5 with shoes maybe.
leonari said on 22/Apr/06
The guy is so not 5'5"!!! SkyDome don't believe this crap! Even if he said it himself this guy is tiny tiny tiny...5'4" max in the morning!
SkyDome said on 21/Apr/06
I remember seeing an interview with him on the "The View". He was asked how tall he was by Meredith Vieira, he replied Im 5'5.
clad-in-black said on 8/Apr/06
always thought he was 165
but after looking at this page , i think he's 163-164
he's one of the best actors of all -time
Charles said on 12/Feb/06
the first time i saw back to the future it didn't occur to me that the guy woz a head shorter than me and that he woz 24. he looked about 17 and 5'8 lol. i guess it woz his talented acting and all the main female actors that were shorter than him that shrouded the truth
Joel said on 9/Dec/05
strange, after watching Mars Attacks! Somehow they make Fox out to look almost average, while jack black looks very short (even though in real life black is taller than fox). Anyway, this guy is one of my favorite all-time actors. Its a shame he got parkinson's (nothing a little stem cell research couldn't help)
TJ said on 10/Nov/05
Heather's height may not be 5'5 though Parker. Didn't she say 5'4.75 once? If she does round up a little (and hardly surprising when talking about one quarter of an inch), and MJF's shoes gave him an inch or more, we are back to him being between 5'3 and 5'4. He's hard to pin down accurately, but I'm confident that 5'4 is the absolute max.
Parker said on 7/Nov/05
I just watched a re-run of the final MJF starring role in Spin City. In it, in one scene he arrives home to a barefoot Heather Locklear - Fox in shoes. They were the same height,maybe Fox marginally taller. So if Heather Locklear is 5'5, then Fox certainly is not shorter than 5'3. I think 163 could be right on the nail, maybe 164 first thing in the morning, then as the editor has said in his comments, creative rounding making his 'official' height 5'5.
Parker said on 18/Oct/05
I've seen a photo on Getty of Martin Scorcese with Joe Pesci - They look exactly the same height. Pesci is listed at 5'4 on this site so according to TJ, this puts Michael back at 5'5, having an inch on Scorcese?
TJ said on 18/Oct/05
Anonymous, perhaps you are talking about the pic with Dennis Leary and Cam Neely. "Up to their hands" is overstating it, lol, but yes he does look very short and certainly below their chins. I've seen another pic where Michael is almost the same height as Scorsese - perhaps 0.5 - 1 inch taller. Having seen pics of Scorcese with De Niro, I'd guess he is 5'2 at most, putting Michael at around 5'3.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/05
5'4 you gotta be friggen kidding me! I saw a picture of michael with three other guy's who had to be about 6'2 or something and um......he was up to there hands!.
Italian University Librarian said on 14/Oct/05
I'm sure Michael J. Fox is 164 cm - the right height for a successful young man, perhaps the secret of his success. (Accidentally, I'm 164 cm, and M. J. Fox is my favourite non-Italian actor. When I attended high school, I felt myself like Alex P. Keaton, and I had also a 180 cm girlfriend.)
Parker said on 23/Aug/05
Rob - I have to confess I'm beginning to change my mind on Michael. I originally pitched him between 5'4 and 5'5, but after you posting the link with Spielberg, I've had a look at other pics, and I've not seen one photograph to suggest he's taller than 5'3.

One thing I will say, and its great credit to him, he doesn't appear to be that bothered about 'disguising' his height in any way shape or form, although I am perplexed why he would say he is 5'5 - In my opinion he'd struggle to hit that in a pair of Tom Cruise's shoes.

[Editor Rob: I do think for most of his career he has stood 5ft 4, maybe a tad over. I just think sometimes his posture is bad. That's expected though...]
DG said on 15/Aug/05
I'm also a big fan of Michael J Fox and I'll say without question, he is (or was since his medical problems) THEE greatest shortest actor of our time. The way he oozes confidence, how well spoken he was, and the fact he never let his height get in the way of his greatness sets him apart from so many actors. When anyone watches the all the Back to the Future movies, Spin City and Family Ties as Alex P. Keaton, you never once thought of his height. Women flocked around this guy and he was a hunk at 5'-4" because he was so incredible. His role as Alex P. Keaton showed how a guy at his height can dream big and attain a position as a CEO or a company or an owner of a mult-billion start-up company regardless of heightism in our society.

A truley amazing person and it's sad to see the disease starting to zap his energy.
Parker said on 9/Aug/05
In the photo with Spielberg he looks like he's struggling with 5'4, but in a number of his films I've seen with 5'2 listed women,he looks to have a couple of inches on them - either he was wearing lifts (don't think so - in doc holiday he was in pumps), or they were not 5'2 (Julie Warner,Gabrielle Anwar)
Shane said on 8/Aug/05
Spielberg is 5'7.5 and he hits about his forehead, maybe barely below, so I guess he is 5'4"
TJ said on 22/Jul/05
British guy, he's too tall against Gabrielle Anwar in For Love or Money to be 5'2. In the shots where they are both in flats he looks a couple of inches taller and when she has heels they look a similar height. She's listed as 5'2, so I'd give him 2 inches above that.
British Guy said on 13/Jul/05

As I Have Stated Before,

I Believe This Guy Is Max 5ft 3in...

Parker I Too Think He Could Be 5ft 2in, Maybe...
Parker said on 12/Jul/05
Well lets say she is 5'5, 5'8/5'9 in heels in the photo. That makes Michael 5'4/5'5 in shoes - in other words 5'3/5'4 in barefeet?

Rob - Beginning to think he's 161/162.........

McFan said on 11/Jul/05
Wasn't Tracey Pollan 5'5, Parker? She only looked an inch taller than Fox in the show. I do see her with him and she skies over him with but this is with 3-4 inch heels.
TJ said on 10/Jul/05
I'm a big fan of this guy and have a lot of respect for him. His height has always intrigued me. I think 5'5 is definitely wrong. He's too short against Nathan Lane in Life With Mikey for that to be the case. He's also shorter than 5'5 Heather Locklear in Spin City, even when heels are taken into account. The Spielberg photo suggests 5'4 at the most and this concurs with evidence from a couple of girls I know that have met him. They said that 5'3-5'4 seemed about right and certainly no more. McFan, I recall that episode of Family Ties and you are right, but of course the scriptwriters came up with that line and it's unlikely they actually measured either MJF or Justine Bateman. Incidentally, Bateman is usually listed as 5'5.
He was always listed as 5'4 until recent years, so I'd say that's right unless positive proof of him being shorter shows up.
McFan said on 8/Jul/05
He's 5'3, not 5'4. In one of the episodes they say Mallory is 5'4 and she was clearly an inch taller than him in the episode and this was without heels.
Parker said on 3/Jul/05
Hi Rob - Although Michael has bad posture in the photograph with Spielberg, Spielberg is leaning in so that should compensate. He really looks about 5'3 in the photograph, but I'm certain looked a good two inches taller than Julie Warner in Doc Hollywood although I've not seen it recently - could he have lost some height over the last 10 years?
British Guy said on 3/Jul/05
Thanks Parker,

I Too Watched The Film,

Nearly Everyone Was Bigger Than Him,

He Looked Like A Little Boy!! Still A Good Actor.

Rob, I Believe You Should Change His Height To Nearer 5ft 3in...
Parker said on 2/Jul/05
Rob - I've seen Doc Hollywood. In it he has a dancing scene with Julie and Michael looks to me 5'4 -5'5 if Julie is 5'2. However that photograph you posted of Michael with Spielberg has got me scratching my head - He looks 5'2 in that. Also last night I watched 'The Hard Way' - James Woods had a full head on Michael. I'm confused!

[Editor Rob: spielberg is a legit 5ft 7.5 guy...he doesn't spend his spare change on lifts. Fox though, I think in the link below may not have best posture but he looks struggling with 5ft 4 though]
British Guy said on 2/Jul/05

Somehow I Find The Height You Have,

Hard To Believe This Guy Is More 5ft 3in...

Perhaps He May Even Be Smaller Than That Wonder Who Can Prove...

[Editor Rob: if someone's got Doc Hollywood or seen it, then remember this quote from Julie Warner, who starred beside him - "I'm 5-foot-2, and that might have helped (get the job)....they knew we would have this dance scene together. He isn't sensitive about that (height), but studio doesn't want the movie to be a height joke."]
Parker said on 21/Jun/05
I've never said he is taller than 5'4 in barefeet. However, confess from Rob's photograph he looks like he is struggling to make 5'3 - but again cannot see their footwear - Spielberg may be wearing elevator shoes?
leonari said on 20/Jun/05
great pic Rob . It proves my point. I see almost a 4 inch difference between them and I believe Steven Spielberg is around 5'7". Great Job.
Parker said on 20/Jun/05
Casper - Agreed and point taken. I do however think Michael can be 5'5" in standard shoes. In his book, he gives his height at 5'5", but I remember some years back him saying he was 5'4. I think the truth lies somewhere berween those two, and I don't think your going to get better than that without asking him to stand barefoot against a wall and be there with a tape,book and spirit level to measure him.
CasperUK said on 18/Jun/05
Parker, you have to bear in mind that the Mayor is a big guy, so has a bigger head and longer neck than most people. The average male from shoulder tip to head tip is 30cm (for a 5'8 man) but look at the head, neck, shoulders difference Fox and the major and you can see the extra size he has on him. I would place the Mayor at 6'4 easily but Fox below 5'5 simply because the Mayor has larger features than Fox and over the average male, as well as having a clear foot+ over him.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/05
in Spin City he looks like a midget compared to the Mayor. When that Soprano's guy was on Spin City (the Jewish one), who is around 6foot, Fox looked a good 7-8" shorter than him. I'd put him at 5'4 with shoes but around 5'2 without.
Parker said on 7/Apr/05
This looks about right - somewhere between 5'4-5'5. You have Nathan Lane listed at 5'5. If you watch the film 'life with Mikey' you will see Michael is shorter than Nathan.

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