How tall is Monika Schnarre

Monika Schnarre's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

Canadian Actress and model best known for playing The Sorceress in TV series Beastmaster. In this photo she had about 1.4-1.5 inches more footwear than me. She has claimed both 6ft 1 and 2.

How tall is Monika Schnarre
5ft 8 Rob and Monika @ MCM Expo 2005
You know, I'm six-foot-two and Hollywood's idea of a model, if I went in for the role of a model, let's say, there would be 10 girls there who were five-foot-six with huge boobs and there would be me, who actually was a model.
-- Vancouver Sun, 2000

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Average Guess (41 Votes)
6ft 0.54in (184.3cm)
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 11/Jan/22
she had big footwear here, no wonder she look 6'1 ish, without it, then it's as listed
David Tang said on 28/Aug/21
ChaosControl said on 12/Aug/21
Gonna be completely honest Rob, no offence but the goatee you have in that photo doesn’t really suit you. Your full beard is a really good look though
Editor Rob
remember, they modelled a game character after me*

If you don't get the joke, watch the You Look Like short...
David Tang said on 6/Aug/21
tall woman.
Jackman said on 22/Jun/20
Looks to be standing at about 6'2 in the pic so footwear accounted for 184cm seems accurate.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Jun/19
@Stacy Shes not 6'1 and peak or what still not 6'1, you're either taller or you're 6'0.5" same as her. She might be only 6'0.25" at worst.
Stacy said on 8/Mar/19
I met Monica back in 1986, when her career was just starting. She was the same height as myself. 6'1" at age 14. Being 47 now, she has probably shrunk with age like the rest of us and is 6' "ish".
Film Fan said on 26/Nov/18
She’s the exact same height as me. I’m a guy and I’m 6’ 1/2.”
Zampo said on 1/Nov/18
Is 6'0-6'0.25 range possible? similar to someone like Pilou Asbaek maybe.
Editor Rob
I think 184ish is ok for her, in person certainly looked very tall, but not in a huge heel, just a more normal one that day - still shorter than Kevin Sorbo when on stage.
Nik said on 9/Sep/18
The average vote is clearly too high for this delightful random celeb!
MAD SAM said on 29/Jun/18
185 cm at 6’1” or 184.5 cm at 6’0.75”
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 25/Apr/18
184 is about right.
184guy said on 10/Sep/17
I personally don't think she looks 6'2 with de advantage
Rent said on 3/Aug/17
Maybe more 6'1" or a weak 6'1" than 6'0.5" even with shoe advantage.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 30/Jul/17
She gives a taller impression than Dominic Purcell
even said on 24/Jul/17
just as listed
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Weak 6ft1 upgrade is necessary.
Bobby said on 3/Jul/17
No wonder I guessed 6'2 range, she had a footwear advantage.
World Citizen said on 2/Jun/17
Rob you're looking funny with that ringbeard.
Nik said on 7/Nov/16
She towers over you Rob !
Josh Jeffords said on 5/Sep/16
Wow yup looks 6 ft 6 1 at hair her eye line is over his head the very definition of towering.
Quite stunning to boot glad models arent all cookie cutter rails anymore.
David said on 31/Aug/16
Ian Zering is definitely underlisted here.
Monika Schnarre is in a scene wearing high heels and he's about the same height as her.
Episode is P.S. I love you
Random said on 26/Jul/16
Looks really tall 6-6'1 and really good looking
NBAer said on 28/Mar/16
Looks 187-188 range with advantage,so about 184 is ok for her,at worst maybe a solid 183.Seems strange she has claimed 185 and 188,you'd expect her to be honest about her height or even downplay it abit,since she's in the very tall range for a woman...She's very pretty though,so i probably wouldn't think about her height at all if i were you,Rob ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/15
Her 6ft1-6ft2 claim implies she likes being tall
David said on 12/Jun/15
Incidentally, I'm sure the reason why she was sometimes listed as 6'0" is so she'd be more likely to get acting and modeling jobs.
David said on 12/Jun/15
Having followed Monika's career for many years I can assure you: she's between 6'1" and 6'2". To be exact, she's 6'1-3/4" so she says 6'2".
SHORTY said on 10/Jun/15
Strange of her to claim 6'1" and 6'2" when she is only a fraction over 6 foot. She must love being that tall because a lot of girls that height would rather be much shorter. Her claim is kinda like a 5'3" man claiming 5'1" as his height.
Mid190s said on 16/Apr/15
Wow that's a Big One
Judd said on 22/Jan/15
AlexMahone says on 30/Dec/14
Stop DOWNGRADERS! Rob said, she had heels with 1.4 inch and she looks on the photo 6'2 (188cm). Minus the shoe advantage and spot on, 184cm.

Please go away these 5'11 and 5'10 bulls***s! :) Please....

yeah, i agree...anything under 6'0-0.25" is unrealistic! i don't know about her shoes advantage (if they were precisely 1,4-5" more) but for sure in the picture above she does look 6'2" with rob!
AlexMahone said on 30/Dec/14
Stop DOWNGRADERS! Rob said, she had heels with 1.4 inch and she looks on the photo 6'2 (188cm). Minus the shoe advantage and spot on, 184cm.

Please go away these 5'11 and 5'10 bulls***s! :) Please....
Judd said on 3/Dec/14
6'0-0.5" is spot on
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm said on 20/Sep/14
Looks 6'1 range in the pic, probably 6'0 barefoot
David said on 30/Jan/14
Monika just posted her high school graduation pic on her Twitter page (alongside four much shorter classmates)....makes comment she was 6'2" plus heels.
Emily said on 20/Dec/13
I looked at a few different pictures of her and have to retract my statement, i think her head is AT LEAST 9,5 inches. I thought her head was nearer the camera in the above photo, so that fooled me. Do you agree with my estimate Rob?
Emily said on 19/Nov/13
Her head doesn't look 10 inches. It's nearer to the camera than Rob's. I think it's between 9,25 and 9,5 inches.
Alex (London) said on 18/Nov/13
She is certainly one of the tallest model to actresses out there.

After watching the episode of Andromeda titled 'The Opposites of Attraction' I can see six feet but NOT 6'2' for this lovely lady in her scenes with Kevin Sorbo who stands at 6'3".
Editor Rob
yeah she could look 3 inches smaller than him at times
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 6/Oct/13
Wow this woman's head looks like 10 inches! looks slightly over 6 foot
chunky said on 19/Sep/13
5'11.5 max. Don't know why people keep claiming these heights. I could claim 6'5 probably and get away with it
Connor 184cm said on 27/Jun/13
Rob if monika is 184cm barefoot and she claimed 6ft 1 and 2 in the past then thats probably a height in heels so when she said six one six two maybe this means shes 187cm in heels?
Editor Rob
she may have measured 6ft 2 or near it in a sneaker
tom said on 20/May/13
clearly about 6 ft 2 on this photo with heels
Ras said on 7/Apr/13
Is she still the tallest one you've taken a pic with Rob?
Editor Rob
so far yes.
Emily said on 29/Mar/13
How long is her head from the front? Is it too long for a female or average? I think her head looks kinda big.
David said on 21/Feb/13
Monika has conceded that she rounds up to 6'2". She once said her EXACT height is 6'1-3/4". Again, just look at some other pics of her.
Peyman-6ft said on 19/Feb/13
@ Elijah ,
yea it is like we claim 6ft 1.5in !!
Nobody rises eyebrow but it would be a big lie IMO.
But if I were monika I wouldn't claim that high.
@ David , Rob always tries to give celebs a height closer to their own claim . but we don't see such a thing for Schnarre even after a meeting !
enough proof?!
Elijah said on 13/Feb/13
Yeah Peyman lol, she adds over an extra inch on top of her height and wears heels as well. Definitely secure in her height. Of course rounding up to the nearest inch isn't unusual but adding the extra inch on top of that (her 6'2" claim) makes me laugh.

David: she's definitely nowhere near 6'2". Again she is just proof that very tall women lie about height as well.
Peyman-6ft said on 11/Feb/13
it seems she is happy with her height , not insecure at all , even rounds up her height !!
184 is not a good height for a woman but still not the end of the world IMO
David said on 11/Feb/13
Some of you folks seem to be making too much of one height comparison. If you see other pics of Monika you will have no doubt that she's 6'2" or close to it.
Elijah said on 5/Feb/13
Proof that even very tall women lie about their height.
Peyman-6ft said on 1/Feb/13
no I think every bit of 184 & taller than me .
How old is she in the pic Rob?
Editor Rob
35 I think
thorterr said on 31/Jan/13
shes perfection in everyway,,but rob dare i ask ,,what was her personality like?
Editor Rob
seemed pleasant and confident...she did a talk with kevin sorbo which was good
Joey said on 14/Jan/13
yeah 6feet Id say...very tall for a woman but not an uncommon sight here in germany alone I saw one 6'3 woman and like two weak 6feet area women....being 184cm in the morning i kinda felt tiny next to the 6'3 woman in the bus XD
Aragorn 5'11 said on 2/Jan/13
Strong 6'0 barefoot. Extremely beautiful too. :)
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 7/Dec/12
She's in heels, that's why she looks 6'2 with Rob.
Connor 184cm said on 12/Nov/12
She is a very tall woman, Im 184cm and this is probably how I would look if I stood next to Rob.
Td said on 15/Sep/12
Wow, she's tall!
LG69 said on 22/Aug/12
@Danimal, remember her shoes are about 1.5" thicker than his. In this photo she looks about 6" taller than him. If you subtract the 1.5" difference for her shoes then she is 4.5" taller. Since we know Rob is 5'8" barefoot, she'd be 6'0.5" barefoot. I think the listed height is spot on.
Danimal said on 13/Aug/12
To those claiming she's under 6'0", that's just not accurate. Rob is 5'9" in his shoes and he comes to below her eye level. Look at the top of their heads. She is towering him by 7". She's bare minimum 6'1" and I would not rule out 6'2" BAREFOOT. The 5'11"-6'0" claims are soooooo off.
Danimal said on 12/Aug/12
6'1"-6'2" woman. Rob's eyes come to below her eyes and he's at least 5'9" in his shoes.
Witchdoctor said on 5/Aug/12
Rob is your head bigger than hers or is it the other way around?
Editor Rob
i think it'd be around same range, for a women it is rarer to have a head nearly 10 inches.
Mike 5'6 said on 25/Jan/12
I know long legs are a good thing but it can't be easy being a woman and being taller than most men. She should trade heights with me!
David said on 22/Jan/12
Some nice clips here, highlighting both her height and her beauty. Click Here
David said on 22/Jan/12
Here's a clip where she gives her height of 6'2". Click Here
maio said on 8/Jan/12
according with andrea: 6 ft 2 in/188 cm with heels on. 5 ft 11.75 in/182 cm barefoot.
ChiasmataX said on 3/Jan/12
Accurate listing. She might be closer to 183cm in the evening. It is impossible for her to be 6'2 barefoot. The closest morning height for her would be 6'1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/11
She's around 187-188cm in the pic with
those 1.5in her barefoot height
is 6"0.25.
David said on 22/Dec/11
Let's go about this another way: unless Rob is barefoot or wearing high heels, he's 5'9" with his shoes one (sneakers, loafers, whatever). In the pic, he comes to just below Monika's eyes. From just below Monika's eyes to the top of her head is a solid 6", probably more considering what a large forehead she has. Add 6" (or more) to Rob in the pic, and she's standing at at least 6'3". Depending on what kind of heels she had on, her consistent claim of 6'2" or a bit below makes perfect sense.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 21/Dec/11
Well Rob, she looks about 6'2 here... you take away 2.5-2.6 heels that you said she was wearing and she's just a bit over 5'11! 5'11.5?
ANDREA[ITA] said on 20/Dec/11
Rob, it's hard to judge a woman's height withouth knowing the heels she's wearing! You write in the description the she had heels on! For what i know she could be anything between 5'10-6'1 range, depending on her heels!
Editor Rob
I'd mentioned it in the comments below although hadn't quite updated the description.
maio said on 16/Dec/11
rob, possible 5 ft 11.75 in/182 cm for her barefeet?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go under 184, but I do find it hard to believe she was 6ft 2 barefoot.
avi said on 1/Dec/11
Could be 6'0 flat because if she has heels on she should be 3.5 inches taller. she doesnt look 6'4 next to Rob...
Ras said on 28/Nov/11
I think it's 5'4.5" for female adults and 5'9.5" for male adults between 30 and 50 years age. Guys and girls under 30 are half an inch taller in average nowadays.
David said on 10/Nov/11
Also this Click Here indicates 6'2".
David said on 10/Nov/11
Monika is promoting her clothing line on today. And she said, yet again, that she's 6'2".
Ras said on 6/Nov/11
Matt says on 29/Nov/10
this woman is equivelant to a 6ft 7.5 guy. a very rare sight.

More like 6'5.5, I think the gap between men and women in height is exactly 5 inches. 6 inches or more is too much of a difference (too much dimorphism). 5 inches is more of a proper difference as can be seen in the height averages between men and women in different countries (USA 5'5 young females 5'10 young males, Netherlands 5'7.5 young females, 6'0.5 young males, Montenegro 5'8.25 young females, 6'1.25 young males, etc).
Curious said on 4/Nov/11
She is a freakishly tall woman,.... big turn off (Im only 5'9.5" but even if I was 6ft 2" I would think the same) Very pretty in her day though. Marilyn your my exact height and I would date you but 3 inch heels would have to be the limit ;-)
Sasha said on 1/Nov/11
Monika is listed 6'0.5" almost EVERYWHERE. Not 6'0", not 6'1". It is very rare, that a height with a fraction is so stable in listing. So, let's suppose, that such height is true.
By the way, Marilyn, I like tall girls. :) I think, it is not occasional, that almost all models are not less than 5'9". Girls of that height are really beautiful! :)
But also it depends on their stature. 5.11" Sigourney Weaver is brutal, but 6'1" Adriana Sklenarikova is elegant. :)
Marilyn said on 20/Oct/11
Who cares how tall people are. I am 5' 9 1/2" and I've been told I am too tall. What am I supposed to do? Cut off my legs? Men who don't like my height are missing out on a fantastic woman.
Tman said on 16/Oct/11
Rob are people really that terrible at telling height? I mean I see posts that insist on 6'1-2 even though her eyes are not that far away from the top of your head and she has heels on
Editor Rob
in a heel that day she was shorter than kevin sorbo...if she was 6ft 2 she should have been a bit taller
marios said on 14/Oct/11
@ano says on 3/Apr/11
5'8 for a girl is my limit. Anything taller, I would not date or talk to her (unless I have to)

wtf??in what side am i in?you must be really insecure.i feel sorry for you
and all of you that are saying,''too tall'''what do you expext her to do?cut her legs off???
Kent said on 11/Oct/11
Rob's eyes are getting awfully close to her ... ummm ... Nothing wrong with that!
Alex said on 11/Oct/11
Bryan is right about tall some women downplaying their height but for models it's not to make men more insecure, it's for entirely practical reasons: Usually women over 6'1 won't get booked for runway and fashion shows because a) the prepared clothes won't fit them and b) they won't visually fit into the crowd, especially at the end when all the models appear on stage it would look awkward for someone to stand out too much. 99% of female runway models are between 5'9 and 6'0. Monika definitely looks 6'1 here.
David said on 9/Oct/11
If Rob is 5'9" in the pic, then Monika is a solid 6'3" in the pic. He comes up to the bottom of her eyes...and it's easily 6" to the top of her head, perhaps more, especially with her large forehead.
Josh B said on 6/Oct/11
A 6'1 woman as she claims to be should look around 6'4 depending on the heel size. Add an inch for Rob's footwear, if it's an inch, and she should look about 6'3. Nowhere near that.
LAN Jiao said on 1/Oct/11
6'1-3/4 nonsense. she is weak 6'1
David said on 13/Sep/11
Bryan makes a good point. She's at least 6'1", probably a bit closer to 6'2" (again, look at the pic of her next to her husband). A long time ago, I asked Monika in an email which was correct, 6'1" or 6'2". She replied she's exactly 6'1-3/4", so she sometimes she says 6'1", sometimes 6'2".
Bryan said on 6/Sep/11
Unlike men, most tall women( especially those 6ft or taller) tend to be very accurate with their height, and some even down play it a little because of worrying about making some men feel insecure that they are shorter than a woman. You can see this played out in some comments on here. I believe she is an honest 6ft 1 and very beautiful.
Legend said on 3/Sep/11
@Physics Enemy

Maybe, but first we would have to know how big her heels were.
Physics Enemy said on 2/Sep/11
Without the footwear advantage and straightening up, her eyes would still be over the top of Rob's head potentially, giving her 6' 1". It's a possibility.
Legend said on 2/Sep/11
@Physics Enemy

No she can't be. She has heels on and she isn't giving away THAT much height being casual.
Physics Enemy said on 2/Sep/11
I know she's wearing heels, but she's standing much more casual than Rob. She could definitely be a legit 6' 1", as listed at worst.
Legend said on 1/Sep/11
I mean heels.
Legend said on 30/Aug/11
@Physics Enemy

However, she is wearing lifts.
Physics Enemy said on 26/Aug/11
Legend her posture is worse than Rob's, she isn't standing as tall as him. Factor that in as well and she's as listed. She may even be a full 6' 1".
Physics Enemy said on 26/Aug/11
Hard to say, she could definitely stand taller than she is doing here. Her posture is much more casual than Rob's. Depends on her heel size too. She gives off a very tall impression though.
Legend said on 23/Aug/11
LoL Alex doesn't want her to be taller than him so he says 6 feet. Jk :)
Alex said on 20/Aug/11
I'd give her 6'0 without heels
David said on 12/Aug/11
On the following page, there's a pic of Monika standing next to her husband, Storey Badger. Storey is 6'4", or 6'4-1/2" with sandals. Monika, in her heels, looks to be about 6'5"....or about 6'2" without heels, maybe a hair less.Click Here
Shaun said on 30/Jul/11
Rob has this spot on, shorter than 6'3" Kevin Sorbo in heels. Looks 188-189cm range in heels next to Rob. If there is a 1.5 inch shoe difference then she is a little above 6'.
Ali said on 18/Jul/11
Rob how does it feel to be owned by
a big attractive lady? Or do you like that?
Just kidding.
Editor Rob
a good amount of visitors like to see tall ladies and smaller men, so I'm glad to get a 6ft+ plus photo of someone like her for the site.

it doesn't personally bother me if someone is taller or shorter although I have found that obtaining photos with celebrities who are taller than me attracts a proportionally larger percentage of visitors and interest than photos of me with smaller celebrities.

similarly there's more interest in male heights than females.
Bambi said on 1/Jul/11
She's so pretty! It's so nice to see tall women!
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 8/Jun/11
Shes got 6 inches on 5'9 in shoes rob. Shes 6'3 190-191cm in this pic. What height did you peg her at in this pic rob? 6 inch on you id say solid if your 175 in shoes shes 190-191 in heels..she could be as low as 181 if she had massive 4 inch heels on or as high as 186 if she had small heels on..Id say 183cm would be likely but its hard to tell..
If they were both in flat shoes though then this is how a legit 5'8 173cm man and a legit 6'2 188cm woman would stand together.

Editor Rob
a pretty average heel, somewhere around 2.5-2.6 inch range, I stood there for about a minute with her while the photographer was talking to someone else, she appeared shorter on stage than kevin sorbo when they talked together.
Mathew said on 7/Jun/11
Rika says on 5/Feb/10
Shes probably wearing 3 inch heels. Yeah i can see 6'4 for her in the picture but with 3 in heels she'll be 6'1?

No where near 6'4" in this picture with heels. Not even close.
Legend said on 6/Jun/11
She's 182cm in reality. No more.
Sharon said on 29/May/11
When she won the Supermodel of the World contest in 1986 (she was its second winner IIRC; and she was about 13), Vogue had an article back then that stated she was 6'1".
David said on 23/May/11
Why do some of you think you can gauge her height when you have no idea what the height of her heels were?
Legend said on 20/May/11
I guess people have different tastes... Not for me, thank you.
Johan Cruyff said on 5/May/11
In the picture she's 6'2" (1.88 m) with rob. If you consider she wore heels (i guess high around 5-6 cm) she's a solid 5'11.5" (1.82 m) barefoot, so probably 6'0.25-5" (1.84 m) in the morning, as i said.
End of the story.
Cranberries said on 1/May/11
She looks like she could fit Rob's head inside of hers.
David said on 1/May/11
As long as we're talking about the woman, might as well see some better (and recent) pics of her: Click Here She turns 40 this month....unbelievable beauty.
Larc 6 ft 1.5 in said on 27/Apr/11
She's only 1inch under me, so tall and so beautiful. ;)
Johan Cruyff said on 10/Apr/11
See that do not understand nothing...! Everybody tells to be taller than they really are! EVERYBODY! They do that for two causes: 1) Many people don't know their real height! 2) Many people want be considered taller from the others!
I worked as a stuntman and i saw in many times actors who declared to be taller than they really are!
And also David, please, open your brain: if Monika is 6'2" in this picture, with heels, she should appeared from 6'4" to 6'6"...I don't think in this pictures she seems to be 6'6"? No?!?!
Think before speaking!
David said on 9/Apr/11
Johan...two points: 1) true enough, but that could true our our editor, Rob, too! and 2) I think it's unlikely that a 6'0" woman would say she's 6'2"...what would be the point? Women (and men) who exaggerate their height are usually on the shorter end. If anything, Monika would tend to underplay her height to get work.
Johan Cruyff said on 8/Apr/11
@ David
Maybe you live in a diffrent world...You perhaps don't know in te 80-90% of the cases people declare their height's higher than they really are! I think Monika's (who's never been 6'1.75" ) morning height isn't over 6.05ft/1.84 m! (In the picture she's 1.82! She's on heels)
David said on 7/Apr/11
GH, by confirmation I meant something that comes from some reasonably reliable source. Monika has always said she's 6'1" or 6'2"....these days she always says 6'2". Once, when pressed for her exact height, she said 6'1-3/4". I just find it amusing that, by looking at a pic, people on this site think they can come up with a different height.
Johan Cruyff said on 5/Apr/11
I think she's 6'0.5" (1.84 m) in the morning, out of bed, and around 5'11.5" (1.82 m) in the evening!
I don't think she's over! I belive in this picture in bareoot she's not over 1.82 m!
GH said on 4/Apr/11
David, someone saying they are a certain height isn't a confirmation. I can say I am 9'11," but that doesn't make it true. There is no way she is 6'2"
SAK said on 4/Apr/11
Tall women wearing heels does not make sense, y do want to look mannish.
Phil said on 3/Apr/11
Rob looks more of a woman than her ;D
Yeah, she is very tall. 6'1
ano said on 3/Apr/11
5'8 for a girl is my limit. Anything taller, I would not date or talk to her (unless I have to)
Aaron said on 3/Apr/11
She's rather big. She looks Dolph Lundgren-esque. Come to think of it, Dolph Lundgren + Monika Schnarre would make for some pretty legit eugenics.
David said on 1/Apr/11
Confirmation of 6'2" height: Click Here
LongCruise said on 25/Feb/11
Sal: Stop the whining and take it like a man. I am 5'7" and probably just gonna shrink in the future. But I'm whining how gigantic women look tall compared to me. I don't really care. 5'9"'s a good height.

I know it might not feel like winner, but people don't usually get judged by it's covers. And besides, it could be powerful feeling if you are wealthy and have taller woman on your side. A mark of power.
Truthman 6 ft 4.5 in said on 19/Jan/11
Tallest woman i know is 6'2. She is VERY tall and bit lanky.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jan/11
J. Lee you are probably 5"10.75
Matt said on 8/Dec/10
Sal says on 16/Nov/10
I dont lack in confidence but its a really bad feeling to stand next to tall women and with tall women i mean every women more than 5-9.5
I am 5-9 myself and i hope ill grow at least 2 inches more because if not then im screwed -.- Im 17...
ive seen so many beautiful girls who where wether the same height or taller than me :(


its ok, you have a very very small chance of reaching 6 foot if you have a late growth
Matt said on 29/Nov/10
this woman is equivelant to a 6ft 7.5 guy. a very rare sight.
Sal said on 16/Nov/10
I dont lack in confidence but its a really bad feeling to stand next to tall women and with tall women i mean every women more than 5-9.5
I am 5-9 myself and i hope ill grow at least 2 inches more because if not then im screwed -.- Im 17...
ive seen so many beautiful girls who where wether the same height or taller than me :(
lolo said on 15/Nov/10
doesnt look 6'2 with rob here, mayble 186cm, so 5-11.5, 6ft max i guess
Matt said on 12/Nov/10
i compared this photo to the photo of rob standing next to the height stand and the top of her skull touches 6ft 1.75 exactly or 187.25cm, if she is 6ft 0.5 barefoot she must be wearing a 2.25 inch heel
TheVerve said on 30/Oct/10
5ft7 - 5ft 9 is the best height for a girl (my sis is 5ft7)...5ft11* is just too much.
Megan said on 1/Jul/09
Alex5 says on 29/Jun/09
"Why do women wear heels if they're already 6 foot?"
Most women loike to wear regardless of what height they are. Women are expected most of the time to wear heels at social events and gatherings. Just because someone is tall doesn't mean they shouldn't wear heels.
Noah Wun said on 30/Jun/09
I remember reading a modeling agent saying she grew too tall to be a model. I tend to side with the belief she's about 187 cm ( between 6'1'' & 6'2'')
Alex5 said on 29/Jun/09
Why do women wear heels if they're already 6 foot?
J.J. said on 24/Jun/09
No she is 6" taller max. than Rob in this photo if her heels is 10cm then she is more 184cm at 6'0.25" but if her heels are less than 10cm then 6'0.5" is right.
rony192cm said on 24/Jun/09
wowuguys says on 17/Jun/09
lol rony192 going by the picture shes 7 inch taller not 5 learn height dumb truck

Stop posting while you're drinking ROTFL
Check this out: Click Here The difference here is obviously, on the first glance, greater than between Rob and Monika and it's 6.5". Monika is not pulling a "Stallone" but neither is Routh. Although she is leaning slightly wich maybe could be taking away some 0.5inches more... So max 6" on Rob here
wowuguys said on 17/Jun/09
lol rony192 going by the picture shes 7 inch taller not 5 learn height dumb truck
Doug said on 10/Jun/09
Genetically perfect woman. Perfect face structure and skin. As close to 6 ft 1 too. What an amazing woman!
Brad said on 5/Jun/09
Imagine Glenn next to her.
Yaspaa said on 3/Jun/09
Gnnahh,its like Mars Attacks 2.
derek d said on 1/Jun/09
Looks 6'1.5 - 6'2 in heels, so maybe 5'11 ish without the heels? How big were the heels she was wearing?

Editor Rob
if I could find photos from the london expo talk she did that day I would say exactly (she done a talk with sorbo), but I'd go with just standard heel.
rony192cm said on 13/Apr/09
Going by the picture she is about 5.5" taller than you. Deduct from that the heels advantage
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/09
shes huge!!
Al said on 6/Jan/09
I can attest to you that she is at minimum 6'1" as I went to highschool with her and being 6'2" myself I could not tell the difference between our heights. Yes, her hair does make a difference, but I know there is no way she is less than 6' talk as some people tend to believe
Brett said on 14/Dec/08
If shes wearing heels in this picture, shes defintely nowhere near 6'1" without them. she looks barely 6'1" with the heels.
Ras said on 24/Nov/08
Oh lol thanks.
Ras said on 15/Nov/08
Can't see the image Rob, have you removed it?

Editor Rob
it's there now ras.
Big King said on 6/Sep/08
I would give Schnarre 6'1 1/2".
David said on 20/May/08
Monika's been in the news recently promoting a new swimwear line. She says 6'2" or almost 6'2" consistently. See Click Here for some nice pics.
David said on 26/Mar/08
I just got the DVD of the episode of "Sweating Bullets" that Monika appeared in...she was 19 at the time. There are a lot of scenes of her standing next to and walking along side of actor Rob Stewart, who is an even six feet. Monika looks to be somewhere in the 6'1" to 6'2". What an extraordinary beauty!
Sid said on 17/Mar/08
Have you seen Fearless Tiger? Get it on dvd it is the funniest (unintentionally) martial arts film, she is later in the film kidnapped, but the bad guys look like skinny heroin addicts and she looks like dolph lundgren compared to them.
JEWEL said on 21/Dec/07
I bet she's got heels on there. cause then there should be only a 4 inch difference, which there isnt
Kianban said on 17/Nov/07
Other websites also describe her as a 5'11" tall woman and that's nonsense. If Editor Rob is 5 ft 8 1/2, Schnarre looks like a 6'2" or even 6'3" tall woman. I can't understand how they could underestimate her height 4 inches under her real height.
ras said on 29/Oct/07
She does look genuinely 6 ft+ and not like some women in here like *cough* Andee Frizzell *cough*. She also looks genuinely big.

Editor Rob
frizzell wasn't wearing heels, this gal was and standing a bit better...
saga said on 9/Aug/07
No she looks almost 6'3 in the pic..therefore 6'1 barefoot.
James said on 19/Jun/07
That alot of women
dmeyer said on 26/Jan/07
she looks 6'2 in the pic so 6'0.5 barefeet since she had advantage
Anshelm said on 21/Oct/06
From Joerg's Website for Tall Women (Click Here): "Monika Schnarre is 6'1 3/4" [187 cm] - according to a contact who has been in touch with her".

I've seen anything from 5'11"/180 cm to 6'2"/188 cm for her.

Was she a SUPERmodel or "just a model"? I've no idea on these definitions. Just wondering, since if she qualifies, she could be the tallest of them
romeo said on 24/Sep/06
Click Here
romeo said on 24/Sep/06
yeah she is very tall.I have met her,I'm 6ft but in heels she is taller than me,she is very huge.I think in heels she is 6ft 4.

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