How tall was Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali's Height

6ft 2.5in (189.2 cm)

American Heavyweight Boxing Champion, considered one of the greatest athletes in Boxing History. On his own passport his height was listed as 6ft 2.5.

Muhammad Ali NYWTS

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Average Guess (53 Votes)
6ft 2.47in (189.1cm)
StephenBanks said on 22/Oct/17
Foreman was never taller than 6'3". He may have even been a centimeter or two shorter. There is no way he was 6'4". Not possible.
Peter175 said on 16/Oct/17
Ali was a big dude. Look at him next to the Beatles. All of which were above average for their era, except Ringo.

It's strange how large all of his proportions are too. Big head, wide frame and broad boned. He's nearly 6'3 imo
McMurphy said on 11/Sep/17
Both Bruno and ali had big heads, and that proportions always make people look shorter than they really are.
hardguy said on 10/Sep/17
187 imo
Frazier was 5'9 or 176cm solid
movieguy said on 9/Sep/17
That Ali/Bruno photo is awesome. Surprisingly Ali looks an inch taller than Bruno who was given as 6'3'' in his prime and probably was about this I'd say. Could be angles or footwear so difficult to tell from one photo. I think people underestimate how big Ali was in his prime though. I'd say 6'2'' plus and very robust. The older and very frail figure with Parkinson's is perhaps the image some people have these days. The young Ali was a big guy by any standards.
McMurphy said on 2/Sep/17
Here´s with Frank Bruno which is listed in this site as 189.2 cm too.
Ali was 190 at least.

Click Here
Thai said on 22/Aug/17
He was 187cm tall.
Foreman was 191cm.
Frazier was 177cm. ( Foreman said Frazier was 5'9(175cm) )
Height exaggeration is everywhere in sports.
Height can be measured comparing to others.
But the compared person can be taller than the real height in a list.
And also have to consider both of their shoes and posture.
Logan said on 16/Aug/17
Looks shorter than George but really short compared to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar which is 7,2 son I am going to guess 6,3 but at his death 6,1.5
Jordan87 said on 7/Aug/17

Yes, and honestly Tyson was short for even the 80's era of Boxing. Frazier was around 5'10.5 and was considered short for a 1970's era fighter.

Even Evander holyfield at 6'1" ( Proven with Rob) would be short in today's game. Big Heart though.

I took a rough average of the guys Mike Tyson FOught back in the day, they averaged around 6'3". Thing is heavyweights are on average 20 pounds heavier than the Boxers in the 80's.

Even " Big " George Foreman was only around 220-225 when he fought ali. That would be a medium size at best heavyweight nowadays.
Slim 182 cm said on 31/Jul/17
Measured 188.5 for sure.
Canson said on 31/Jul/17
Strong 6'2 at best
Reece said on 24/Jul/17
@Jordan. Nowadays it's different. U don't see 5-10 heavyweights. The Average Heavyweight is 6-4 I heard these days. I don't think their is a heavyweight belt holder under 6-3 1/2 6-4. It's a giants mans game.
mickey said on 21/Jul/17
during his time, 6ft2 was a tall heavyweight... nowadays they are all 8ft tall
McMurphy said on 20/Jul/17
I say weak 6ft3 at peak - 190cm guy.

He had a big head, which always makes you look shorter, but he was more than 6ft2 for sure.
Jordan87 said on 18/Jul/17

I agree. Fanboyismn is a thing but I never understood some people's logic with that.
I am Shorter than Most of my Friends, mostly throughout my life. My Friends were mostly athletes or just tall Mofo's of German Stock. Point is , Height can be an advantage or Disadvantage but If you don't have Balls, it won't matter how tall or short you are. If People like to add inches to celebs to somehow better themselves, they need help.

It's good to be taller in general, that I get but what about guys like Mike Tyson? 5'10 Boxer against 6'2-6'4 Guys on Average. What If Tyson said " I'm too short to fight" ?
Canson said on 7/Jul/17
@Jordan87: that's the way it works. Everyone has to be taller especially when a fan of a celeb or athlete or its to make another celeb the height they claim if they're off on their claim or to make them taller. I will say tho a fair number are measured in the morning and are rounded up by doctors and maybe never told or round up themselves so they may just think it's rounding on their part and they may inflate others or round up them either on purpose or because they believe making them an inch taller is added value in their lives
Jordan87 said on 6/Jul/17
The man said he was 6'2. Why are people still trying to push 6'3?
Reece said on 4/Jul/17
he has claimed 6-3 too and 6-2.5
even said on 3/Jul/17
ali was a truthful guy in an interveiw with david frost and clint eastwood in 1969 he said that he was 6 foot 2 and 225 pounds .
Canson said on 14/Jun/17
@Harry Sachs: id say Lewis is more 194-195. He's the same size as Charles Barkley looks. I'm not so sure that's a full 2" if foreman were at his peak height 1.5". I agree on foreman tho maybe he's prob at his lowest a full 6'3" possibly and norton could be more like 6'2 5/8-3/4 at a low where the cm or near it becomes visible. honestly more I see Ali doesn't look more than a strong 6'2 where he looks 189cm seeing almost the same with them as I do norton and Ali
Mark(5'9.25 said on 13/Jun/17
Rob, how likely is 6'2.75" in a good day for Muhammad Ali?
Editor Rob: earlier in the day he might have got that, but I believe he got 6ft 2.5 and went with that as his official height, sometimes he might have rounded to 6ft 3.
World Citizen said on 2/Jun/17
Hey Rob how tall do you think her daughter Laila Ali is? She is listed as 5'10.
Editor Rob: couple of years ago she said she was 5ft 11 and 185 pounds, seems she's gave 5ft 11 a few times on twitter.
Jordan87 said on 30/May/17

Marciano is not over 5'9. Look at him in pics with 6'0.5" Measured Joe Luis. If you see a 5'10-1/2 guy then you have a problem. I love Marciano but I'm not going to lie to prop up his height.
HarrySachs said on 27/May/17
Ryan Norton was 6'2 3/4 according to himself. I put up at least 10 pictures of Norton and Foreman on the Foreman's height page. Foreman didn't look 1 inch taller. Foreman looks slightly taller. Maybe 1/4 inch. Which is why Foreman himself stated he was 6'3 when he was champion and not 6'4. Foreman started claiming that when he came back. He was clearly shorter than Briggs who claimed 6'4 and at least 2 inches shorter than guys like Lennox Lewis who are around 6'5
c-mo said on 15/May/17
Jordan said on 2/May/16
Movieguy, Marciano was about 4 inches shorter than Joe Luis who was measured on Film at 6'1. ( He had his boxing shoes on, which back then they were much thinner than modern shoes, Putting lewis at about 6'0.5). Marciano was 5'8.5 but hit like a mule. He put a 6'4 fellow Italian Fighter in a Coma with a Right cross.


Marciano was 178-179cm
Canson said on 14/May/17
@Ryan: maybe it's just me. I can't see it. I know someone who has met him that is 6'3" and said they were the same. Foreman at best is likely strong 6'3". I respect your opinion tho and maybe he can look that because the other guys aren't really as tall as listed. I compare him to Ali and Norton Holmes etc and maybe the most I could argue is 6'3.5 but I have no reason to discredit what Forman said that he's 6'3.
Ryan said on 12/May/17
@Canson. Foreman could look it with other boxers though. Ken Norton was 6-3 and Foreman did look a inch or so taller.6-4 for Foreman is not a bad guess.
Canson (194 cm) 6'4 3/8 said on 18/Apr/17
No offense Reece but you have a double standard. You will take what Ali says that's he's 6'3 218 (who knows if he rounded or not) and make him solid 6'3 and inflate foreman who also claims 6'3". You say foreman downplays his height for "pshychological advantage ". You also take someone like Fury just because he claims 6'9 and say that Wlad Klitschko is downplaying his height from 6'6 to 6'5. So from reading those posts it shows that you take whatever the higher claim from the person is and inflate the person next to them in order to accommodate Ali Fury etc.
Canson (194 cm) 6'4 3/8 said on 18/Apr/17
I agree with you Harry Sachs. Ali on his passport had 6'2.5 and looked shorter than Norton and Foreman and others. Foreman was 6'3 strong at his peak tops. He claimed 6'3 that's what he was somewhere in the 6'3 range between 6'3-6'3.5 nor 6'3.5 to 6'4. Or else he would've said he's 6'4"
Tut Tut said on 14/Mar/17
Ali claimed 6-2 but i think he was rounding down. i think Ali was 6-2.5 and Foreman was 6-3.5
HarrySachs said on 12/Mar/17
David yeah Ali was 6'3 peak even though he was shorter than the 6'2 3/4 inch Norton. Brilliant logic you have there.
David said on 10/Mar/17
Ali was 6,3 for sure at peak. all you need to do is look at pictures with the beatles or listen to other boxers. Henry Cooper said 6,3.5. Bert Sugar said Ali was 6,3.5. Commentators used to say Ali was a touch under 6-4. Ali was 6,3
john said on 9/Mar/17
ali 6,2 foreman 6 3....
Anon said on 6/Mar/17
Click Here. min 0.06. you seem to be right Reece. Ali looks at least as tall as 6,3 Williams if not above. i would say Williams was 6,2.5 rounded up to up to 6,3 and Ali was the full 6,3. Foreman 6,3.5 to 6,4 could be right he looked taller tha Al by 0.5 to a inch
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
@Reece: I doubt he understated it. My cousin has met George Foreman in person and he's 6'3 range and said he is similar in height to him in that he looked 6'3 not 6'4. Maybe he's a strong 6'3" which I believe making Ali 6'2.5 or a solid 189. Ali billed himself 6'3" as well and he could look either height with Larry Holmes or foreman depending on how they were listed
Reece said on 4/Mar/17
Canson. Ali could be underestimating his height for a advantage in the RING or he could have measured at a low. Take a look at these pictures
Click Here it reads Ali 6,3 218 poundsb22?years the Greastest
Click Here Ali looks taller than 6,2 with Martin Luther king.
Henry cooper said Ali was 6,3.5 tail of the Tape said Ali was 6,3.5 when he came on TVs with Wilt Chamberlain. Ali was as tall as 6,3 Cleveland Williams. Ali was a tall man at peak but he list height after. Ali used to tower of Boxers in the RING. I have no doubt 6,3 to 6,3.5 is accurate
Canson said on 4/Mar/17
Uh. If Ali says he's 6'2.5 and his passport says it it likely means it's all he is. He was likely 189cm at his lowest. Not 6'3-6'3.5. Don't know why people always want to make their favorite athletes taller out of respect. It does absolutely nothing
Reece said on 3/Mar/17
Strange Ali would say this! looks taller than 6,2! Ali looked at 6,3 to me. i think Ali is 6,3 to 6,3.5 and Foreman was 6,4. Foreman was slightly taller.
ArjunaKorale said on 2/Mar/17
Yes, agree (with Skn), Ali himself said that he was 6 ft 2 (or 188 cm) tall...but if Ali could have been more accurate, I feel that he would have said that he was EXACTLY 6 ft 2.5 inches (189 cm) tall! Now that measurement I can wholly agree with.
Skn said on 1/Mar/17
Click Here he said it in this interview guys.. 6'2
Guesser said on 28/Feb/17
I looked at the this pic with Ali and the Beatles he towered of them in flat boxing shoes. he looked a strong 6,4 in that picture. i think Ali was 6,3 in the 60s and 70s and still 6,2 in 80s and 90s but could easily be mistaken for a 6,4 6,4.5 guy due to his slender shoulders in his peak.
boxer said on 20/Feb/17
Peter you are a idiot He was likely giant
with Thé Beatles and John lennon was there. And when hè was young men hè was 6f3 now İt's possible He was smaller
Reece said on 17/Feb/17
Ali 5,9 stop trolling. i doubt he was much more 5,10-5,11 in his older years he lost a lot of height.Click Here look at this picture Ali towering over the Beatles,it reads 218 pounds,6,3 the Greatest 22 years old. Ali was a solid 6,3 no less.
Peter said on 16/Feb/17
Wow his height is really overrated here. Here he is with 5'8 John Lennon and he's barely got an inch on him. Ali was 5'9 max 5'10 on a good day. He got a bigger than the world attitude but he really wasn't as tall as people made him out to be. So here you have the truth. Muhammed Ali was 5'9.
Jelly Man Clayman said on 16/Feb/17
6'3" was his peak height at the tallest. So he would've most likely been less at the time of his death.
Reece said on 28/Jan/17
Click Here
Ali looking very tall here. No way less than 6'3. Ali was 6'3.5 in the 60s and 70s before Parkinson's
Reece said on 27/Jan/17
Ali in the 60s was a solid 6'3.5 and no less than 6'3. Look at him towering over the Beatles in flat boxing shoes. And the way he was taller than 6'1 Liston by 2.5 inches. Foreman was 6!4 legit in his Prime my dad was 6'4 at the Time he is older he has lost 1.5 inches and he met Foreman and said they were eye to eye
CreepX said on 27/Jan/17

Ali was billed 6"2' in the 60's.

Ken Norton were also 6"2' but still a Clear edge om Ali.

Same with 6"3 Larry Holmes. Ali weren't 6"3'

Nu best guess 188 cm. Right between 6"1.25 Holyfield and 6"2.75' Norton.
Hulk said on 26/Jan/17
Ali was 6'2 max, Joe fraizier was 5'11.5 Joe fraizier needs a page of his own
Danny said on 25/Jan/17
Sorry but Muhammad Ali does NOT look more than one inch shorter than George Foreman. Check out this pick:

Click Here

Ali was definitely a full 6'3 or more at peak height and maybe 6'2 at the time of death. The 6'2.5 was probably in his older years.
Danny said on 25/Jan/17
Sorry but Muhammad Ali does NOT look more than one inch shorter than George Foreman. Check out this pick:

Click Here

Ali was definitely a full 6'3 or more at peak height and maybe 6'2 at the time of death. The 6'2.5 was probably in his older years.
CreepX said on 18/Jan/17
Again: Here Ali is standing with 190 cm Larry Holmes: Click Here

Rob: in this pic what do you think the difference is? 1 cm or 1 inch?
CreepX said on 18/Jan/17
Here Ali is standing with 186 cm Holyfield: Click Here

Rob: Do you really think that it is a 1.25 inch difference between Ali and Holyfield in this picture?
Reece said on 16/Jan/17
Dundee said Ali was 6,2 but that was before Age 21 and men can still grow up to 21 i think and apprently some even grow until 25. Dundee said before the Terell Fight you can look at the whats my name part 1 and part 2 on YT says Ali was 6,4! i do not think he was 6,4 Probably a little under. the Real Debate should be weather Ali was 6,3 or 6,3.5. he was taller than 6,0.5 Liston b 2.5 inches. he was no more than 2-2.5 inches shorter than 6,6 Terell who was actually 6,5.5.
Reece said on 12/Jan/17
Ali was 6,0 in those pictures with Kiltschko and maybe 5,11 he lost a lot of height in those pictures due to age and sickness. Ali was 6 foot 3 legit in Prime. he even looked 6,4 next to 6,6 Terell but that might have been due to footwear. 6 foot 3 legit
movieguy said on 9/Jan/17
With Ali being towered by the Klitschko's in the pics I think it is clear that by this point he was not a well person and had lost height. In his prime he would have been shorter for sure but not by so much.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/16
Foreman in his prime was no less than 6ft3...
HarrySach said on 19/Dec/16
Click Here A picture with Vitali Klischko and Wlad with Ali.
HarrySachs said on 17/Dec/16
Lol Thomas Foreman was measured at 6'3 and Foreman was clearly taller than Ali. Ali was never measured at 6'3.5 barefooted. You dudes who make up lies to try to prove your point crack me up.
King of the hill 91 said on 8/Nov/16
Rob could you do a paige for joe frazier as ali jorge have a paige
Thomas said on 20/Oct/16
His passport from 1972 said 6'3", his passport from 74 said 6'2.5", the an interview with howard cossel they measured him and said he was 6'3.5 with a wing span of 6'5"
Josh Jeffords said on 9/Oct/16
One of the greatest boxers of all time hands and head movement none can match.
He didn't look 6 3 was dwarfed by foreman height and mass.
I'd guess under 6 2 prime more like 61.
Rip Cassius clay
ZoZo said on 29/Sep/16
Passport height was 6'2.5 most likely with shoes so -2cm is like 6'1.75 and does look it tbh
movieguy said on 19/Sep/16
Joe Frazier was given as 5'11.5'' at the time. He might have been shorter nearer 5'10''.
Rory said on 11/Sep/16
Actually, I reckon 5'11 flat might have been Fraziers height. I think he wore big heels at times to look near 6ft to compensate for being one of the shorter heavyweights.
Rory said on 11/Sep/16
Rob, how tall do you think Joe Frazier was in his day, 5'11.5 ?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Aug/16
If Henry Cooper was 6ft2 as he claimed then 6ft3 is arguable for Ali…
Shane said on 29/Jun/16
@Canson thanks and same towards you and your beliefs and i also appreciate the clarification.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/16
Out of bed: 191-192cm
Before bed: 189-190cm
movieguy said on 25/Jun/16
Henry Cooper has said that Ali was 6'3'' when he fought him. In later years he met him and said it was sad to see how small and frail he had become. Maybe he wasn't quite a full 6'3'' but he was a big guy for that era.
Ian C. said on 22/Jun/16
Whenever I have been measured I was standing rigidly straight and craning my neck. This was, of course, to increase my measured height, as if it were a score. Since I don't walk around all day like a giraffe reaching for a high leaf on a tree, my real, everyday height is an inch or so less than my height as formally measured.

I prefer describing people as towering, tall, medium, short or dwarfish. The actual numerical measurement is an interesting statistic, but it's less important than the actual height cohort to which the subject belongs. So Muhammad Ali was tall. Six-two, six-three, well, still tall.

Of course, descriptors of height depend upon the populations in which subjects operate. If Ali had been a professional basketball player, he might have been fairly described as short, or at least not tall.
Canson said on 22/Jun/16
By the way Shane what I said wasn't directed toward you. I respect your opinion on it it's a general observation because I see a lot of people not so much doing morning height but lying in general like 2-3" then inflating everyone else around them to "validate" their claims
Canson said on 22/Jun/16
By the way Shane what I said wasn't directed toward you. I respect your opinion on it it's a general observation because I see a lot of people not so much doing morning height but lying in general like 2-3" then inflating everyone else around them to "validate" their claims
Canson said on 22/Jun/16
In the grand scheme it's a number a silly insignificant one. It doesn't define you. It's society in general with height having to measure up is too important. The way I view it is if someone claims a height and a tape measure is pulled out that person ought to be able to measure what they claim at least within maybe 1/4-1/2 inch. It should also be what you measure best or most frequently not quantity. That's just my two cents on it. Society in general is too hung up on eekimg every inch out of height imho
Shane said on 22/Jun/16
My simple point is this: if a person can measure a height -- whatever time it is -- it is absolutely real and legit. I mean, they measured it and stood that tall barefoot so it is indeed a true height as well as a max height. If some want to use a different method that is great, but it is silly and inaccurate to assert that an out of bed height is not real. It obviously is if the man or woman is barefoot and the measurement is properly done. No way to realistically make it not so. I mean again, the person is standing that tall flatfooted, barefoot and without footwear. It is as real as can be lol. As for me Ive never had anyone discredit my height claims, whether it is 6'2" barefoot or 6'3" in shoes. Being around athletics and just where i live, it has always been rather common to use shoe heights but i still tend to specify which im referring to.
Dmax said on 21/Jun/16
Ya what Shane is talking about is the matter of how far our height could reach out of bed but it really is dependable at what height we hold because you could be displaying a height of 5'9 for most part of the time when your with your peers or family(with your max height being 5'10) due to a number of factors and your MAX height you woke up with at each day differs due to sleeping time etc but one thing that remains almost unchanged throughout all this is your average height and it is more dependable, solid and more accurate to go with the average height when measuring people.
Canson said on 20/Jun/16
Even though I disagree with you Shane on morning height I do agree with you that Ali was 6'2.5 as is also on his passport. He'd easily and comfy clear 6'3 out of bed more than likely. He always looked 1/2-1" shorter than foreman. I can see 6'3 out of bed/6'2.25 normal low or 6'3.25/6'2.5 and Foreman prob 6'4/6'3.25 or 6'3.75/6'3. Either way 6'3, solid or strong 6'3 foreman and strong 6'2 Ali
Canson said on 20/Jun/16
@Shane: you actually make very very good points in your posts and I agree with most of what you say, but I have to agree with Dmax on out of bed height. if we slept in a doctor's office then yes. If everyone universally did it then yes. But You say it perfectly. It's your "max" height. Doesn't mean your true height. If you don't sleep in a bed or get a full 8 hrs sleep you won't hit it but you will still be around your afternoon height. i see a lot of people claim to be, lets throw a number out and say 6'4. I have maybe 3 6'3 friends but one of which you hear him say "I'm 6'3.75. I just say I'm 6'4 is what I hear a lot." Dmax is right. I look at Him and he's strong 6'3 at most next to other 6'3 guys Maybe 1/4 taller maybe 6'3.25. Not even 1/2. Then he used to tell everyone else they were taller than they are until we measured one day and the rest of us were as claimed (6'4.4ish at my normal lowest usually so I say 6'4.5). he didn't measure but he knew I think. He doesn't challenge anyone anymore. So You either can tell out of bed height or that they measure in shoes because they never look what they claim. I call them "disjointed" because they look a bad "whatever" height they claim and make it look smaller than it is. In the grand scheme if someone "has" to claim a morning height and refuses to claim lower even tho measured lower its a sign of insecurity truthfully
Dmax said on 18/Jun/16
Shane your asking why would anyone claim anything shorter? Imagine you just woke up and your going for a physical from a doctor the journey took 3 hours and the doctor measured you at 5'7 what are you gonna do tell the doctor your 5'8 because you woke up and measured yourself at that height? Listen..... going with out of bed height could never be or sound more ridiculous because a person could be the same height as you on average and wake up taller than you due to their spinal discs being more hydrated than you and your gonna seriously say that person is taller than the other? Even when they are measuring the tallest person in the world for guiness world record they wait for their spine to decompress to their average height that they can hold mostly throughout the day....But anyways since your so on about out of bed height should be the true height then go ahead and tell people your max height and see how many probably will go against what your saying.
Shane said on 17/Jun/16
@Dmax: its the persons max height without shoes why on earth would anyone claim anythibg shorter? Its silly to think its not genuine as if a person is on their tiptoes or in shoes. Quite simply, if a person can legit measure it barefoot at some point in the day they certainly have every right to legitimately claim it. Its simply a persons max height and its every bit real. In fact, ive never heard of this concept of not counting full height as being real. Its comically ridiculous and a bit mind boggling.
5ft10guy said on 17/Jun/16
I think he was a legit 6ft3.I saw a pictures of him overseas and noone ever is taller or as tall as him besides his one or two of his crew members .
Dmax said on 14/Jun/16
@Shane you cannot count out of bed height because it is not the height the person holds during the most part of the day as explained previously why go with a height that you cannot hold? Now that is absurd......
Shane said on 11/Jun/16
One, sorry to see the champ go...
Beyond that:
-Every human stops growing at different ages. Some people here act as if its a set age. Its not. Some quit by 14 or 15 and some in early 20s. It varies from persom to person.
-IF Ali was measured for passport, its likely it was in shoes BUT in that time a normal show was often shorter than those of today so if he had a 1/2 inch heel he would still be 6'2 barefoot and if measured at night, perhaps 6'2 1/2 to 6'2 3/4 barefoot in morning.
-Speaking of morning heights, its absurd to not count out of bed height as a real height. A person is indeed that height and their optimal height at that time. I in fact believe that should be the standard as it gets people at their true full height and not one shortened after compression from sitting, standing. But either way, its certainly not illegitimate when a person in fact can stand that tall. Thats crazy.
ArjunaKorale said on 11/Jun/16
V SAD TO HEAR OF HIS PASSING. Sugar Ray Leonard was a great boxer & great businessman, but Ali was simply A GREAT FIGHTER! The world will never see anything even close to his like again! He may not have been the v fastest ever, or the hardest puncher, or the most modest of men (lol), but perhaps the smartest world heavyweight champion (inside the ring) in this day, I still think that his battering of Big George Foreman was an unbelievable spectacle to behold! I am so happy that the celebheights team have stuck to their guns & kept Ali at 6 ft 2.5, when many other sites & publications have not been accurate & have stated 6 ft 3 (or even 6 ft 3.5!). THEY ARE WRONG AND YOU GUYS ARE RIGHT. Perhaps, with the fullness of time, others will realise their error, come round to your thinking & match your 6 ft 2.5 inch listing for this BOXING GOD.
Nick said on 9/Jun/16
Rest in peace Champion
Mike said on 8/Jun/16
Burt Sugar once said he was the tallest 6'2" guy he ever saw! No matter how tall, the best heavyweight ever! RIP Champ!
Around 5'9 said on 7/Jun/16
6'3. Rest in peace champ you were the greatest.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 7/Jun/16
6'1" at peak I can buy, but no more than that.
Dmax said on 6/Jun/16
The world has lost another legend.....Despite his time period where blacks were treated with such disgrace that can break many peoples self esteem he believed in himself that he will become the greatest and even when things got hard for him he stuck through the storm during his defeat and came back like an unstoppable force to be reckoned with....R.I.P Muhammad Ali.
Gonzalo said on 6/Jun/16
RIP to the King. One of the greatest if not the greatest
Crypto139 said on 5/Jun/16
RIP to Ali. As great as a boxer as he was I believe he was even better known for his work outside the ring. Great man!
Aza said on 5/Jun/16
RIP to 'The Greatest'.
182 said on 5/Jun/16
No less Than 191cm in his prime
Tommy said on 4/Jun/16
Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali. You will never be forgotten
Bobby said on 4/Jun/16
People shrink as they get older. My dad and I were the exact same height, 6-3, at one time. Years later he is 72 and about 6-1. I noticed it really progressed as he approached and passed the age of 60. All of Ali's bad health, and poor posture due to same, would have had great effect on his height as well. If you are trying to determine Ali's height based on pictures, I would use those of him before age 50.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 4/Jun/16
"I'm so mean, I made medicine sick" - R.I.P
Sammy Derrick said on 4/Jun/16
R.I.P. Muhammad Ali weather you were 6'2 or 6'3 you were the greatest to ever be.
mrtguy said on 4/Jun/16
RIP to the best
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jun/16
Rest in peace Champ.
straightahead said on 4/Jun/16
RIP the Greatest of all time
Smash said on 4/Jun/16
I reckon at peak 188.5cm at night and maybe 190cm morning so 189cm seems right. He just had a slim yet chiseled build which made him look a little smaller R.I.P
Peter175 said on 4/Jun/16
RIP the king. One of my idols
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/16
Looked as tall as jim brown who was listed at 6'2
slick said on 26/May/16
Ali was half a hair's breadth under 6'3" at his peak. It wouldn't be incorrect to call him 6'3"
Matthew said on 13/May/16
A 2006 photo with former NFL running back Shaun Alexander, who's listed at 5'11. Ali barely looks like he has the edge Click Here
Jordan said on 2/May/16
Movieguy, Marciano was about 4 inches shorter than Joe Luis who was measured on Film at 6'1. ( He had his boxing shoes on, which back then they were much thinner than modern shoes, Putting lewis at about 6'0.5). Marciano was 5'8.5 but hit like a mule. He put a 6'4 fellow Italian Fighter in a Coma with a Right cross.
movieguy said on 10/Apr/16
Does anyone know how tall Rocky Marciano was? Officially he was 5'11'' but I suspect he was shorter in reality. He only weighed approx. 184lbs and given his thick set physique was likely well under 6ft to weigh so little. Ali and Marciano boxed a 'fight' that was decided by a computer and there is a picture of them standing next to each other at the start of the 'fight'. Ali looks gigantic compared to Marciano. I know Marciano doesn't mean much to most younger people but he is generally considered one of the great heavyweight champions. Modern heavyweights are so big compared to those from previous eras.
Sam said on 5/Apr/16
just saw a pic of Ali next to Hulk Hogan- wow- hogan was huge in the early 80's probably 4 maybe 5 inches taller than Ali
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Mar/16
He's claimed 6ft2, 6ft2½ and 6ft3.
Badger76 said on 4/Feb/16
I met Ali walking on the sidewalk in downtown Chicago in 1976 or 77. I was just shy of 6-1 and he wasn't much taller than me. I'd call him 6-2, maybe 6-2.5
movieguy said on 16/Dec/15
Ali doesn't look great in that photo next to Jim Carrey. I think it is clear that his stature has been effected by his illness.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 11/Dec/15
Here he is by Jim Carrey:

Click Here

I think that a downgrade is in order. There's no way that there is 1"-1 1/4" inches between them as Muhammad Ali is closer to the camera.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 10/Dec/15
There are photos of him by Jim Carrey, who was around 6'1 1/4"-6'1 1/2" in person, and they look about the same in height (some photos show Jim as taller, while others have Muhammad Ali as being up to 3-4 CM taller). I don't think that there's more than 1-2 CM between them, so perhaps Muhammad Ali is no more than 6'2" flat?
movieguy said on 7/Dec/15
Henry Cooper said Ali was 6'3.5''. Joe Bugner said he was 6'3'' although Ali did look a fair bit shorter than 6'4'' Bugner when they fought. His own trainer Angelo Dundee said Ali was 6'2'' but carried himself to give the impression of a bigger man. However on another occasion Dundee gave 6'4'' for Ali's height. I've read stuff by people that says how shocked they were at meeting Ali person, they couldn't believe how big he really was. I also remember an article about meeting Ali and the author being surprised how small he was. Who knows? Doubt he was under 6'2'' is all I'd say.
Jim Hopper said on 3/Oct/15
Id say 6-1.75. Not a full 6-2" guy.
WAF said on 18/Sep/15

I would imagine it varies, but from what I've gathered from seeing the passport/driver's license of multiple famous people, it's usually measured with shoes on, if it's measured at all.

They are not going to ask you to take your shoes on because your exact height is not that important - they just want to know your approximate height.

The same goes for mug shots, which are not really intended as a completely accurate measurement but rather is a way of getting two things done at once - getting a picture with name and other information as well as an approximate idea of height.

If you're suggesting that Ali might have been shorter (in his prime) than his current listing with your comment, you need take a closer look at him. I think this listing is very good.
Rampage(-_- 🍀 -_-)Clover said on 26/Aug/15
6ft3 morning Rob?
[Editor Rob: I think he would have cleared that comfortably on rising.]
sixthreeoutofbed said on 8/Aug/15
anyone know if passport height is measured barefeet?
Frenz85 said on 5/Aug/15
6'3 235 Ofiicial
James220 said on 15/Jul/15
Not the best picture as his head is raised, standing next to 5'10ish George Harrison with what looks like a 1 inch shoe advantage.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/May/15
Rob, Ali claimed 6ft2
[Editor Rob: yes and 6ft 2.5 on his passport...]
David189 said on 16/May/15
Click Here


''I'm a heavyweight champion of the world, I'm 6'2'' and 225lbs...''
good enough for me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/15
Jenner could look a strong 6ft2 when he was younger.
The Source said on 25/Apr/15
He is the same height as 6'2" Bruce Jenner. Click Here
Ray said on 7/Apr/15
In 1966, Ali fought Cleveland Williams who was listed at 6'3" and Ali was every bit as tall and much thicker build from head to toe. I saw Ali in 1988 and he was at least 250 lbs and in very good shape still. He carried that weight not problem. I feel I am a good judge of his height and weight as I am 6' 3" and 330 lbs and my dad is 6' 4" and he was with me at the time. Any body say Ali was less than 6' 2" back in the 60's, 70's or 80's is off is rocker!!! Larry Holmes was not any bigger than Ali either!!!!
Art said on 3/Apr/15
Like I said before when I saw him a couple of time in P.R., early 1976 , no way that he was 6'3, not even 6'2. Another fact is, most of the heavyweights ,in those days the were small, but good. Back in the 70s , was real competition. The tallest in those days were, Wepner,Buner & Foreman. Any way Ali, was a tall guy in those days.
Garnet said on 1/Apr/15
I got pretty close to him after an exhibition in 1971. He was in his boxing shoes (flat). I'd say he was 6' 3" tops, certainly no less than 6' 2 1/2". I was 6' 4" at the time and he was definitely not as tall as me. What stands out is his blindingly fast hand speed and ability to strike from unexpected angles. Also, chiseled physique.
Art said on 31/Mar/15
When I saw him in person, a couple of time in Puerto Rico , from January to February, 1976 , getting ready for his fight against Jean Pierre Copman, his height, it didn't impresve, but yes, his body. He was a big guy, more than I was expected. In concern to his height, I would say, thahe was about 6 feet 1 1/2 , not even 6''2.
dm1 said on 9/Mar/15
muhammad ali and bob dylan Click Here
bc said on 16/Jan/15
Click Here amitabh bachan and ali ? see foryourself he isnt even 6 ft
ali said on 21/Nov/14
He might be down from his peak height now a days. Probably closer to 6'1".
Mon said on 15/Nov/14
No Chris, only the weights are reliably measured. Foreman was peak 6'3'' according to every source i have seen, and anyone could see that Ali was slightly shorter than Foreman. But there is no way Ali was shorter than Ken Norton, whose height, reach (and peculiar style) Ali could never cope with, so Ali was a rock solid 6ft 2.5. The height of many of Ali's opponents was exaggerated. Ali towered over Liston, who was only half an inch over six foot.

Frazier was a full inch under six foot and short armed to boot.
jessman said on 29/Oct/14
Gold medal was won in 1960 when he was 18 years of age. May have grown a little afterwards.
Cassclay said on 11/Oct/14
At the age of 22 Cass clay when he won gold was 187 cm tall ... 6'1 then at 25 measured 6'3
mrbobh5344 said on 27/Aug/14
Watched a video where Dundee stated "my man was 6'1" and Liston was 6'".... Ali could have easily been a little taller... but not measuring to 6'2". I buy Bayou Bill's statement.
Chris said on 5/Aug/14
I don't know what people don't get. Boxers are measured and weighed medically for bouts - Ali was 6'3
[Editor Rob: Ali had 6ft 2.5 on his own passport...]
rockfellas said on 22/Jul/14
6'2.5" is a little bit overestimated for cassius clay. A famous journalist who commented boxing for 50 years, met clay many times. This Journalist was a legit 6'1"(185cm) and cassius clay was just a little bit taller than him. Peak height for Clay was 6'1.25"-6'1.5" (186-187cm). So i am totally agree with Bayou Bill.

Bayou Bill says on 14/Jan/14
Up close to him when we boxed in the ams... he was about 6'1.5 at the time.
176,2Tunman said on 1/Jul/14
Rob,I read a very old book (from 1977)in my aunt's house last summer.I remember he was listed at 190,4 cm and 96,9 Kg.I have absolutely no idea whether this was in his boxing shoes or barefeet but to be that precise I'm assuming it's barefeet,so a little upgrade to 6'3?
mike said on 10/Jun/14
Rob, any idea how tall he is today? 6ft 1?
[Editor Rob: yeah he'll not be above that mark]
john said on 5/Jun/14
rob do you think he might of been 190cm peak
[Editor Rob: I think the fact he had put 6ft 2.5 as his height is a good bit of honesty on his part, out of bed he'd probably be a bit over 6ft 3]
ArjunaKorale said on 27/Mar/14
Knowe: How the hell can Eastwood be 6 ft 1, when he is obviously taller than 6 ft 2 Ali in the video & in everything else - even Ali acknowledges that Eastwood is the taller man! Talk sense!
Knowe said on 26/Mar/14
Ali is 6ft2,5, eastwood is 6ft1,25, in their video together, ali is the bigger man
DavidV1989 said on 26/Mar/14
If Ali says he's 6'2'' then there's really no need for those 6'3'', 6'.25'' claims...
Rahul said on 27/Feb/14
Saqartvelo, In this video Mr.Ali says he is 6' 2" (not 6' 2" and a half or any thing like that). But he is rated 6' 2.5" in most of the sites and he looks exactly that in all his fights and videos. Probably he rounds it to 6' 2" while mentioning it.
ArjunaKorale said on 26/Feb/14
saqartvelo: thanx alot for bringing attention to this yt video interview of Ali with the great man saying himself that he is 6 ft 2 inches tall. So, there we have it, END OF ARGUMENT, & yes, Ali was never ever 6 ft 3 during his entire life!
saqartvelo said on 15/Feb/14
Click Here - watch 13:08 - muhammad ali said that he is 6.2(188cm),225 pounds...maybe he said - "I'm 6.2 and a half.." I'm not american or english man and I can't hear guys and help me to find out, please write here
ArjunaKoral said on 5/Feb/14
Ali was the greatest, but what about his greatest rival (though I will go to the grave thinking that Ken Norton is the only guy who gave Ali serious trouble & beat him 2 outta 3) Joe Frazier??? Rob, please do an entry for Smokin Joe. My guess is that he was around 5 ft 11 (180) in prime as 191 cm George Foreman towered Joe!
Bayou Bill said on 14/Jan/14
Up close to him when we boxed in the ams... he was about 6'1.5 at the time.
Rahul said on 21/Dec/13
Solid 6' 2.5" during his hay days. Nothing less than that.
mId said on 19/Dec/13
So 6'1.5 - 6'2 barefoot.. Passport-height was measured with shoes on, no?
Jon said on 22/Oct/13
No matter what his height, he was bigger than life.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Oct/13
"Peak height was 6ft 2.75in (190cm)"

He got measured at 6ft2.5 and 6ft3 on separate occasions. George Foreman was 6ft3.5/192cm
Brad said on 10/Oct/13
6-3 for many years.
Larry W said on 21/Sep/13
As a friend of Ali for almost 40 years I know the height question pretty well. Up until his early 30's he was 6'3"---Maybe a quarter inch either way! He was so much bigger in person...
johnny z said on 15/Sep/13
I met both Ali and Foreman in their primes. I am 6-3.5 exactly, barefoot. I fealt strongly Ali was the same height as me within 1/4 of an inch. On the other hand, Foreman was about 1 inch taller than me, more like 6-4.5. I am very confident with what I am saying.
babu bebero said on 5/Sep/13
He was 6ft. 2.5 in when he fought sonny liston(he was 22 years old that time). Man grows until 25. If you are not basketball player or swimmer(these kinda sports increase height very much) you can only grow a half, maximum one cm more after 20 years.

So I think Ali was about 189.5 cm when he was 20-22 year old, then he grew up and his real height was about 190.5 - 191 cm(about 6.3)
ihosb said on 3/Sep/13
He looked 2cm smaller than george foreman for there rumble in the jungle fight. So he must be 6"2
Boxing said on 4/Aug/13
It seems that he was between 189 - 191.5 cm(6.2 - 6. 3.5) minimum 189 and max 191.5

It is not easy to find out human's exact height. For example , when I measure my height sometimes I am 189.5 , sometimes 190, sometimes is quite strange thing.

Ali and ken Norton stood about same height.

also ali and ron lyle.

norton was 190 cm, ron lyle about 191.

Foreman was obviously taller 1.5-3 cm. foreman was 192.5 - 193 cm

so we can't find out exact height. there always will be amplitude between 189-191 cm
Boxing said on 4/Aug/13
It seems that he was between 189 - 191.5 cm(6.2 - 6. 3.5) minimum 189 and max 191.5

It is not easy to find out human's exact height. For example , when I measure my height sometimes I am 189.5 , sometimes 190, sometimes is quite strange thing.

Ali and ken Norton stood about same height.

also ali and ron lyle.

norton was 190 cm, ron lyle about 191.

Foreman was obviously taller 1.5-3 cm. foreman was 192.5 - 193 cm

so we can't find out exact height. there always will be amplitude between 189-191 cm
Georgian said on 16/Jun/13
Ali was real big man, at least 190 cm, I am between 190-191 cm and I think ali had my height or little bit more(maybe 191 and half, it is maximum)
J BROWNE said on 31/May/13
AAAA said on 10/May/13
Ali and Tyson today.
Click Here
MR.T said on 11/Apr/13
Admiral Heighth...checkout the wedges in Jean Pierre Coopman's boxing shoes...he has atleast a two inch wedge molded into the rear sole of his boxing
MR.T said on 11/Apr/13
Admiral Heighth...checkout the wedges in Jean Pierre Coopman's boxing shoes...he has atleast a two inch wedge molded into the rear sole of his boxing
John said on 9/Apr/13
He should be AT LEAST 190 cm in his prime.
Peter said on 4/Mar/13
ALL people from the USA lie about their height. Even people I have met from there claim they are taller than me in cm/in even if I can see that they are shorter....... Others wear ridiculous insoles, and when I met them by the pool they were suddenly shorter than me. The USA is a cuklture of total fakers and liars. Pitiful
alan brisco said on 14/Feb/13
he was not 6'3". And a little bit shorter than listed here.
Alì was 6'1.5" - 6'2". (187-188 cm, i would say 187cm)
Rob Bryant said on 3/Feb/13
I'm a former pro fighter. I met Ali in the lounge at the Forum in Inglewood. We posed for a picture side by side. We were both wearing flat shoes. I stand 6'-3.5". Ali is about 1.5 to 2" shorter than I am. The picture was taken in the late 70's.
Outlaw said on 29/Jan/13
The 6'2.5" is correct: Click Here
produce said on 27/Jan/13
boxingfan: Patterson was the youngest champ. 1. Tyson (20) 2. Patterson (21) 3. Ali (22)
Anon said on 2/Jan/13
I think 6-3+ is more accurate for Ali's prime. In this promo with fighting Wilt Chamberlain, the "tail of the tape" host quotes Ali at 6-3.5
Click Here

People, Ali started his pro career as a skinny teenager still growing, his trainer Dundee even said he grew a bit. That explains his early 6-2.5 listings. But I dare you find him anything under 6-3 ages 21 onwards, after defeating Liston and all. I'm sorry but for someone as prominent as Ali compared to the likes of 5-10 Beatles he dwarfed, or Wilt Chamberlain, I'm surprised it's a no-brainer that the man once easily stood over 6-3.
Trent said on 21/Dec/12
He did get listed at 6-2.5 for some fights when he was younger, so I doubt he was the full 6'3 at peak. They wouldn't have just randomly knocked off half an inch. He must have been measured at 6-2.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/12
I think he was 6ft3 peak but closer to 6ft1 today...
DanMan said on 26/Oct/12
Rob: If he was this height at his peak (which I don't disupute) then why does he look so huge around The Beatles at their peak, they barely reach his nose with the top of their heads. Tallest ones got to be 5'9" tops.
swm said on 7/Oct/12
@ Rob: Is this listing peak or current?
I think that at age 70 and with Parkinson's he may well be 6'2.5" or less, however I have seen many Ali fights/docs/tv shows and I think that in his prime he was a legit 6'3"
[Editor Rob: he was being billed in some fights and called 6ft 2.5 aswell as 6ft 3, today he looks a couple of inches shorter]
magic said on 16/Sep/12
6'2'' to 6'3'' I think. He was a big heavyweight for his time. Nowadays probably on the small side for a heavyweight but still the Greatest IMO.
Produce said on 1/Aug/12
It hink Ali was the 6-3 that he was reported. He was very tall fpr those days.
Produce said on 25/Jul/12
Tyson claimed 5 11 1/2 when he was 18 in his first boxing license. Commentator used to say that he actually looked more like 5.10.
Boxing Fan said on 14/Jun/12
Having recently sat through every video of Ali's fights I can find, I can confirm that he started out being listed at 6ft 2.5 and gradually moved up to being billed at 6ft 4 at his "tallest". For the vast majority of his fights he was billed at either 6ft 3 or 6ft 3.5. Personally I think he was a legit 6ft2.5-6ft 3.

It's very common for a boxer to gain an inch in height through their listings over the course of their career. Mike Tyson for instance started off as 5ft 10 and grew to 5ft 11.5 if you believe the billing for his fights!
Sam said on 10/Feb/12
Ali with Martin Luther King Jr. looking very tall:
Click Here
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 6/Feb/12
6'1" at peak.
ty said on 22/Jan/12
whoever the guy is that said a man stops growning at 21 and a woman at 18 doesntg know what they are talking about , I was 5'4 when i was22 , by the time I was 24 I was 5'11 . I think ali is every bit of 6'3" I'm a man by the way
Steve said on 31/Dec/11
I met him at a magic shop on Hollywood Blvd. c.1982. He was out of boxing than for around 2 years, and he was already slurring his speech and his movement slow and mechanical. But he was still a young guy, around 40. And he was a big man. A solid 6'3" I recall thinking at the time, or just a slight fraction under.
Henrik said on 29/Dec/11
sniper says on 17/Dec/11
He was listed in every fuk1ng fight 6´3, from the beginning to the end. In every fight. And he also clearly looked like 6´3. celebsheight is a joke @vegas: WOW one source!!! I can show you 1000 sorces, which list him at 6´3. And now? the article in the paper was wrong.

Haha, this is hilarious. Like you can see much of a difference between 6'2.5" and 6'3". I wonder how the vast majority of humans are not aware of being taller during the first hours of the day, then.

How surprising that a 6'2.5" man normally would get listed as 6'3". Didn't they teach you about rounding numbers during the mathematics in school? If not, you're supposed to be rounding a unit that is five or above up. If it's lower, it is to be rounded down.
Vegas said on 27/Dec/11
sniper says on 17/Dec/11
He was listed in every fuk1ng fight 6´3

really every fight..... Click Here
sniper said on 17/Dec/11
He was listed in every fuk1ng fight 6´3, from the beginning to the end. In every fight. And he also clearly looked like 6´3. celebsheight is a joke @vegas: WOW one source!!! I can show you 1000 sorces, which list him at 6´3. And now? the article in the paper was wrong.
art wall said on 22/Nov/11
yeah evry body says d same tin about ali being 6'3 wen he was in his prime nd i tink dey right bcos he even luks 6'3 in this foto wit this 5'8 dude.
Anden said on 12/Nov/11
He was 190 cm at his prime.

And Vegas, his waxmodel is leaning down with his knees inclined.
Vegas said on 1/Nov/11
Edgrady says on 14/Aug/11
Ali during his prime was a solid 6'3", anyone who argues that he appeared to be less than that is demonstrating covert racism.

WWEFan says on 30/Oct/11
Ali during his prime was a solid 6'3", anyone who argues that he appeared to be less than that is demonstrating ignorance.


changing your name :D

he was listed 6'2 when fighting as clay and often described as that in the media Click Here i have stood next to his measured waxwork and its 6'1.5-6'2
WWEFan said on 30/Oct/11
Ali during his prime was a solid 6'3", anyone who argues that he appeared to be less than that is demonstrating ignorance.
Vegas said on 17/Oct/11
Balthier says on 30/Sep/11
Ali was shorter than Foreman and Foreman was probably 6'3.5" or 6'4" at best.

was watching a special on foreman last night and they showed foreman getting an award from lydon b johnson back in the 1970s, johnson was taller than foreman
Mike Milligan said on 17/Oct/11
This may have been covered in earlier posts, but the "tale of tape" for Ali's title bouts, always updated, consistently listed him as 6-3. Boxing promoters don't round off either, e.g., Sonny Liston's height of 6'1/2".
Mamun said on 31/Aug/11
I agree % 1000 annonnymmouss !!!


annonnymmouss said on 30/Aug/11
I was reading comments below reading how some claim Angelo Dundee was quoted saying Ali was only 6-2. I believe that may have been true when he was younger, but don't forget a man stops growing when he's 21, unlike women at 18.

Anyways, here's my counter-argument and counter-proof to this... watch this youtube clip with Ali training to fight Ernie Terrell:
Click Here

Dundee says:
"What people are forgetting is one thing man is no midget... he's 6-4 now and he uses his height to full advantage".
annonnymmouss said on 29/Aug/11
This is my only post on this interesting site. It is my only post here because I feel strongly that this height is inaccurate. I've known people like my father and uncles who have worked around many pro boxers during the 60s - 80s era including Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, George Foreman and Muhammed Ali. Ali was a BIG MAN who many thought to be 6-4. He was not as tall as that though, many boxing commentators referred to him as "a touch under 6-4". 6-3.5 is probably more accurate, I'll also live with 6-3 but nothing under! George Foreman was also a very tall man. He may have shrunk a bit during his comeback days in the 90s, but back in his prime he towered over most heavyweights and was a legit 6-4 and perhaps a touch above. My uncles say Foreman was definitely 6-4. And if you watch the Rumble in the Jungle fight, Ali barely stood below big George, and at many times you can mistaken them to be the same height. Also, there is a photo somewhere with Ali joking around with the Beatles and literally towered over them by almost a head in flat boxing shoes. A 6-2.5 man could not do that and if he did, would make Lennon, McCartney or George Harrison only 5-8 or so, which your site states otherwise. Perhaps you might need a prime vs. post-Parkinson's disease height for Thee Greatest?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/11
Edgrady says on 14/Aug/11
Ali during his prime was a solid 6'3", anyone who argues that he
appeared to be less than that is demonstrating covert racism.

How on earth is that racism?
Edgrady said on 14/Aug/11
Ali during his prime was a solid 6'3", anyone who argues that he appeared to be less than that is demonstrating covert racism.
Mamun said on 31/Jul/11
Thanks for the info James !


james said on 30/Jul/11
i might help here ppl, my grand uncle had a clinic in new york where muhammed ali once visited wis influenza, after ali was seen to he noticed the measureing device and decided to measure himself, i can remember my uncle clearly telling my dad that he was a shade above 6 foot and 3 inches without his shoes on
jungle said on 29/Jul/11
Theres about 5.5 to 6 inches difference in height there
Mamun said on 24/Jul/11
Ajax , Ali did have gigantic head , feet and hands ! You could clearly tell from the above picture !


Ajax said on 23/Jul/11
Looks about 6'2/6'2.5 in the picture above, assuming that other fellow in the picture is actually 5'8. To list anything above that would have to mean that Ali has a gigantic head.
Mohammed said on 5/Jul/11
He's never been a 6'3. 189 is spot on.
lambert said on 1/Jul/11
he iz absolute 6.3 bcoz in the above picture he mentioned as 189cm it means 180 is 6.0 ,183 is 6.1 ,186 is 6.2 ,189 is 6.3 foot if u want proof see in mobile convereter or measuring tape
clement augustine said on 15/May/11
i guess mr.muhamud ali is looking at the pic with mr.mamun
hey i know that guy said on 13/May/11
once again celebheights gets it exactly right. 6-2.5 was ali's prime height. he may have stretched his neck to hit 6-3 but walking around he was a solid 6-2.5
Mathew said on 5/May/11
Ali was never the full 6'3".
Vegas said on 2/May/11
foreman was no taller than 6'3 and was taller than ali in the early 70s, ali was barely taller than 6'1 billed wrestler inoki in 1976
Legend said on 1/May/11
6'3 prime. He was clearly 6'3 with George Foreman who was 6'3.5 to 6'4.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/11
George Foreman peak - 6"3.5(192cm)
Muhammad Ali peak - 6"3(191cm)

George Foreman today - 6"2.75(190cm)
Muhammad Ali today - 6"1.75(187cm)
ArjunaKorale said on 24/Apr/11
Ali was 189cm (6foot 2.5inches) in his fighting prime, I believe. If u watch carefully Ali versus Foreman versus fight, Foreman was about 2 or 3 cm taller than Ali & I believe u have Foreman's height down right at 191cm (which is right!) So, Ali is definitely around 6ft 2 or 6ft 2.5inches. It makes sense, just about all boxers are around half to one inch shorter than their publicised heights. Another good example is Sugar Ray Leonard who was down as a full 5ft 10in, but now admits himself that he was actually closer to 5ft 9inches all through his professional boxing career.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/11
A legit 6"3 in his prime no question...but today he's shy of 6"2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Mar/11
191cm in his prime, but is now 188cm at best
Mamun said on 6/Mar/11
Thank you Rickie !


Rickie said on 5/Mar/11
Mamun said he the other day that he is 17. I think this picture proves my point! Haha. Epic though, It must have been a great pleasure to meet a legend. Looking pretty slick here Mamun. :D
Vegas said on 4/Feb/11
Legend says on 18/Jan/11
Rob. I'm a boxing fan my whole life. I promise you Ali was a legitimate 6'3 on the dot.

so why was he listed 6'2 in his earlier bouts then??

here is ~5'10 tyson and ali in 89, no way 5 inches there at 2min 25 seconds onward Click Here
Legend said on 18/Jan/11
Rob. I'm a boxing fan my whole life. I promise you Ali was a legitimate 6'3 on the dot.
TJ said on 15/Jan/11
I think Rob has it correct. Possibly he hit 6'3 out of bed in his prime, but most likely walked around at 6'2.5.
Fred said on 14/Jan/11
When I was young I boxed, and fought the guy three times... He was about 6'2.
Fali said on 28/Nov/10
i thought he was 6'3
J. Mendoza said on 17/Nov/10
Did you know that Angelo Dundee has stated that Muhammad Ali was 6'2". However, he always fought on his toes making him appear taller. This is quite evident when he fought Sonny Liston who was listed at 6'1/2". Now a real 6'2" guy with and arm span of 82" is quite large anyway.
Adamz said on 11/Nov/10
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/10
He's not over 6"2 anymore. Probably 186-187cm range today.

He was indeed 6"3(191cm) in his prime though.
Márcio said on 8/Oct/07
Glenn looks taller then 5ft 8 on this photos
colton said on 7/Sep/07
ali was 6 3 in his prime george foreman was 6 4 he was little bit taller than ali was.
OutBenchThis said on 27/Aug/07
Wow Glenn, they're the photos you'll cherish..from the cheekyness, it looks like you and him are good mates from way back..awesome!
glenn said on 7/Aug/07
ali is the sweetest ever.
DibDab2 said on 6/Aug/07
Yeh, The First Pic (Glenn and Muhammad) Is Well Funny, lol, That Ali Face Is Priceless. Hey, Glenn What Was Ali Like To You In The Photos You Took With Him?
AAAA said on 5/Aug/07
Here is a billing from the first ali liston fight

Has him at 6'2.5

Click Here
DibDab2 said on 3/Aug/07
muhammad ali looked the same height as george foreman in their 1974 fight. George Foreman Has Been Listed At 6-4. Sometimes the promoters exaggarate thier fighters heights to make them appear more powerful and overpowering. I dont think this is the case for what george. I think george foreman's real height was 6-3.75. Not 6-4 but i think they sorta rounded it up. Ali looked more or less the same height as George, maybe a a bit smaller than half a inch shorter. this would make ali in my case 6-3.4 (192CM)
Produce said on 20/Jul/07
A few days ago i saw a picture with ali and the beatles and ali was taller by far. He looked about 6`4 in this picture or even taller. Every beatle had a paper in his hand. On one was written "218 pounds" , on another "22 years" . another one "Greatest" and one "6`3". S I think 6`3 could be correct.
Massimo said on 14/Jul/07
I saw a clip with Ali', Chamberlain and Howard Cossell. Both Ali' and Wilt got their reach measured. Ali' had a 78" reach and Wilt 92" or 94" ( I am not sure).
CoolJ said on 12/Jul/07
BoxRec has Ali's reach at 80"
Jason said on 12/Jul/07
78 inches? It was billed as 82 in boxing... lol
OutBenchThis said on 12/Jul/07
According to the measurement done by the Wide World of Sports on air with Wilt the Stilt, Ali had a reach of 78 inches! Thats what 198cm (6'6")..that's a Big reach for a guy who was 6'2.5"! My reach is 195cm and i'm 6'3" so 198cm is pretty damn big for a 6'2" guy..maybe he was 6'3"
mark said on 8/Jul/07
I'm 6'1 1/2", or at least, I was, when I was 18. I saw Ali in downtown Chicago at that time. He's eight years older than I am, so he was 26. I couldn't get -right- next to him because of the crowd around him, but I got within a couple of feet. He was tall enough for me to have to look up at him. He had dress shoes, (1" heels?). This was before sneakers were common for every day street use, so my shoes had somewhat of a heel, too. If I give Ali's shoes an inch above mine,(unlikely), and Ali himself a 1/2 inch to make him 6'2" this doesn't have him towering over me the way he did. It takes at least another inch for someone to require that "upward angle" when I'm looking at him. Ali at 26 was at least his claimed 6'3". Foreman was measured in his 40s at 6'4 1/4", and claimed that he kept growing after his first boxing chapter. I find it more likely that he was actually taller than claimed in the first place. Liston was 6' 1/2", and Ali was noticeably taller. By the time Ali fought Holmes, his disease had already begun to affect his posture. Between being 65 now, and having health issues known to greatly affect posture, it seems quite likely than Ali would now measure many inches shorter than his greatest height, enough to render any current sightings irrelevant.
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
I don't think Ali was ever taller than 6'2". Larry Holmes and George Foreman were both listed as being 6'3", and they were both about 1" taller than Ali.
As for Liston, I would bet that he was about 6 foot even; 6'1" in his boxing shoes. Not a terribly large heavyweight.
Anonymous2 said on 3/Jul/07
Here's the Clay-Liston fight, Ali was intro'ed at 6'3" 210.5 lbs and does look about 2" taller than Liston at the face-off...
Click Here

6'2.5" also makes sense cos Ali was 1" shorter than Foreman who was listed 6'4" but really 6'3.5" in his prime.
anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
sonny liston was a physical freak. he had a reach which was a full 4 inches longer than vitali klitsicho (i don't know how to spell his name), despite being about 7-8 inches shorter.
Regarding his height, he was taller than liston by about 2 inches i think.
Massimo said on 2/Jul/07
By the way, for Liston's height I have found 6'1", 6'.05" and 6'. Since I am a pessimist I believe that he was 6'. Young Clay was clearly taller than him (at least by a couple of inches) so I think he was at least 6'2".

PS: I wonder why now there is only 1 esteem for Ali's height on this page. Don't you think that he shrinked anymore ? I'm curious.Thanks!
Anonymous2 said on 1/Jul/07
Yah, think you're right Mass, it was also Clay's speed and footwork that caught him off gaurd... Liston never fought anyone who could dance away from his best shots like child's-play and made it look like he was toying with him... pre-fight-ban Ali was untouchable, he would have never lost his title to Frazier nor lose to Norton if he weren't forced out of boxing for the best prime years of his career...
Massimo said on 1/Jul/07
Liston was shorter than Clay but had a longer reach (84 inches).
Anonymous2 said on 30/Jun/07
Liston was shocked because he expected to have a size and reach advantage over young Cassius Clay the first time they met. Liston was known to intimidate opponents with his size and strength, Ali was one of the first few he met who turned the tables and on him and exploited a reach and size advantage, Liston couldn't touch him.. Liston was 6'1" I believe. Here's Ali with 7'+ Wilt Chamberlain...

Click Here
anonymous said on 27/Jun/07
he was usually the taller person in the ring, except for foreman. however, holmes is pretty much a legit 6`3 (although some sources say 6`4) and i don't remember who was taller of the two.
Produce said on 24/Jun/07
why do you think liston was shocked?
Anonymous2 said on 19/Jun/07
Didn't I remember his peak height being listed 6'3"? What happened?! I wonder if boxers and trainers sometimes understate their heights to gain an advantage.. so their opponents won't think they're as big as they are. I remember Liston being a little shocked that Ali was bigger than he expected when they fought and Ali won the heavyweight title for the first time.
Ed Kline said on 7/Jun/07
Rob this peak height is just too low...Ali was at least 6.2.5 at his tallest.
Austrian said on 3/May/07
lol in the first pic he looks like hes really, seriously, ****ING pissed off at u Glenn
misha said on 24/Mar/07
Frazier and Mike Tyson actually used their shortness to great advantage: by putting their heads down they could slip in underneath the long left leads of their opponents and let go with expolsive body punches. Neither Frazier nor Tyson could reach the 5'10" mark, but used their short arms to deliver piston-like punches of devastating power. I always felt that Ali was exactly 6'2.5" in his prime, and many others on this site seem to agree.

It's harder than most people realize to judge height accurately in a boxing
ring because boxers' knees are slightly bent at all times (except when they're catching up on sleep while stretched out unconscious on the canvas). Try throwing a few quick punches in the air while assuming a boxer's stance, but with your knees locked ramrod straight. Now bend them a little so that your legs are springy - note the fluidity your entire body gains and how much faster the punches flow. The point of all this is that measuring a boxer while he's in the ring will really only give you a rough estimate of his true height
because he's constantly in movement at a slightly lesser height.
AAAA said on 22/Mar/07
George himself has said he was 6'3.5 in his prime. I bt ali was like 6'2.5+ and just said a flat 6'3

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