How tall is Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev's Height

5ft 5 ¼ (165.7 cm)

Bulgarian born Canadian Actress best known for playing Elena/Katherine on tv show The Vampire Diaries. She said on her official twitter: "I'm 5'7"

How tall is Nina Dobrev
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Average Guess (132 Votes)
5ft 5.73in (166.9cm)
Axel Rogue said on 6/Sep/23
Interestingly enough, there's a mugshot of her from 2009 that has her height at around 65.5 inches. Hard to say for sure because the wall ruler is not straight.
Comentarista said on 29/Sep/22
166cm at her lowest.
Ana Markovi' said on 2/May/22
I think 170cm seems about right, even tho she might seem shorter on the vampire diaries i think its mostly because she wore flats all the time unlike salvatore boys who seemed around half a head taller then her but they are always in boots that have a little heel. U can also notice how she seems like a legit tall woman when she is playing katherine pierce cause then she is avoiding flats. Also she is taller then Sara who is here listed as 165cm (5'5) so anything bellow 168cm (5'6) for Nina is no way.
Shell said on 1/May/22
She looks 2” shorter than her current boyfriend Shaun White who claims 5’8. 5’6 seems right.
ravengirlxox said on 27/Feb/22
She looks about 166cm or 167cm which is about 5’5 1/2. That’s crazy how on google it says 5’7 — Doesn't make sense.
pseudog said on 12/Jan/22
I guess she is 5'5'75
berta said on 9/Jan/22
i thought she was taller than this. i think she may be underlisted.
Elene said on 3/Sep/21
I would guess her at 5’5.5
Editor Rob
That figure many would guess her at.
Elene said on 3/Sep/21
Yes I agree with you rob,she couldn’t measure 5’6 or 5’7,but this listing looks better than the previous one.
Elene said on 2/Sep/21
Rob it’s good you upgraded her.she could even be 5’5.5 but more than that would be too high for her.5’6 or 5’7 are impossible marks for her.
Editor Rob
based on the other VD cast, over 5ft 5 is likely, how much exactly is a matter of opinion. 5ft 6-7 seems too much.
someonetorunwith said on 11/Aug/21
Rob, she looks taller than Emma Watson here too (pay attention to the footwear) Click Here ... she might be closer to 5 ft 5.5 in (or Emma Watson is 5 ft 4.25 in), what do you think?
Editor Rob
there is a good case for over 5ft 5, most seem to guess her between 5ft 5 and 6.
Elene said on 9/Aug/21
5’7 is a joke
Elene said on 5/Aug/21
Looks 5’5 but could be 5’5.5 I think she is like 165 166 cm,not much difference between her and Candice accola.
Dom5'11.5 said on 9/Apr/21
167 nothing less even at night
John Moore-162cm said on 7/Mar/21
She's weak 5ft6
Camilit said on 18/Jan/21
Too low of a listing!,5'6" would be better for Nina Dobrev Rob!(168'5).
Camilit said on 18/Jan/21
Rob!!!,Nina Dobrev needs a upgrade!166cm is the lowest for Nina at Night,She is about 5'6,168cm during the day!!!
Johanajojo said on 11/Jan/21
A weak 5’6. She looks an inch taller than selena who s listed at 5’4 and 4inches shorter than costar Ian somerhalder in tvd ,no way she s 5’7 .Generally these celebrities inflate their height to look more “cooler” in public s eyes but it seems pretty obv to us .Also nina is bulgarian at roots and bulgarians are known not so tall european people , bulgarian women usually aren t taller than 5’5 . Bulgarians turn out to be the shortest nation in Europe so ur guess is accurate.💁🏼‍♀️A beautiful woman tho with pretty long legs😂.Happy birthday ,Nina !❤️
Mimi said on 9/Jan/21
I'd like to greet Nikolina a happy 32nd birthday! 🥳🎂 One moment 1989 was 30 years ago and now it's 32.
Shell said on 20/Nov/20
She looks taller than Victoria Justice who you have listed at 5’5.. I think either Justice is shorter or Dobrev is taller than 5’5.
Mimi said on 18/Oct/20
So Rob you think it is more plausible she measures a strong 5ft5 than just 5ft5? If so, would you upgrade her by 1/4-1/2 of an inch? Thanks
Editor Rob
yeah 5ft 5 is probably lowest, but I could see a strong 5ft 5 for her against other cast members. She has a physique that on it's own can easily photograph 5ft 7 though...
Mimi said on 17/Oct/20
Rob is it possible she really is over 5ft5 most of the day? Like 166-167cm
Editor Rob
5ft 5 and change is possible, but near 5ft 7 like she claimed, I can't see it.
Rickard said on 2/Jul/20
yes i think she is 5”5, but i think you have to change jennas height on tvd because shes listed as 5”5 but her mugshot says otherwise.
Allie Bennett said on 10/Apr/20
Hi Rob, how much do you think she weights here? Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks 120 at least I'd have thought, assuming she is a strong 5ft 5 range.
Alice Bay said on 6/Apr/20
I think she's at least 5'6. she doesn't look as small as 5'5 in the vampire diaries at all.
SAK said on 5/Apr/20
She needs a upgrade. 167cm is the lowest for Nina. Maybe even 168cm.
Eve said on 23/Mar/20
If Nina Dobrev is only 5'5", then Emma Watson can't be 5'4.5", as Nina is noticeably taller than her Click Here Either Nina is closer to 5'6", or Emma needs a downgrade.
Jacky Huynh said on 2/Sep/19
I think she's about 5ft 6.5
Patty G said on 6/Jul/19
Nina is over the 1.65 mts,I have seen her again recently and with very flat shoes and she is taller than me (1.64 cms), so it is most likely that she is in the range of 1.67 / 1.68!
Nina has an athletic body and long legs that makes her look even taller, but she gains even more with the charisma and grace that is very characteristic of her!.
Camila Johnson said on 22/Jun/19
Nina probably does not have the height of 1.65 mts,I was very close to her recently,i had flat sandals and she had flat shoes too, I measure 1.64 and I can say she is taller than me, I think 1.68 would be better for her!☺
khaled taban said on 24/May/19
She is definitely taller than 5'5", but weak 5'7" (or 5'6.75") is too high for her, @Sandy Cowell.
There is a good chance that she falls into the weak or strong 5'6", with 5'5.75" being the most reasonable figure.
TheBat said on 26/Mar/19
Too low of a listing. 5'6" would be better in my opinion.
jriggs said on 1/Feb/19
Accurate listing!
alexubba said on 8/Oct/18
I think she's 5.5 (1.68 cm). It's real Rob? :).
Editor Rob
Physically, she has a body proportion which can make her look 5ft 6-7 in some photos, though 5ft 5-6 is a more arguable range.
dolbaeb said on 12/Sep/18
looks 168-169
Nik said on 24/Aug/18
The average vote seems believable!
Milanaka said on 20/Aug/18
I’m going 1,68 cm 5’06!
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Apr/18
Early this morning, I was woken up to the truly delightful sight of happy, dancing youngsters! The programme is called 'Lip Sync Battle' and was showing as a result of my leaving the telly on after the 'X' Files!

I was immediately drawn to the exuberance of one girl called Nina! She had an addictive energy and looked so joyful that I thought, "She's probably a model with those looks, but I hope she's an actress because then I'll be able to see what she's all about!"

After some serious Googling, I found out her name and that she is indeed an actress - fantastic! She's from 'The Vampire Diaries', which I haven't watched as yet, but has also made some films as well, including a remake of 'Flatliners', made last year, in which she stars with the superb Ellen Page, who measures just about 5ft but maintains a consistantly powerful film performance, to put it mildly!

At first viewing, I expected Nina's height to be around 5ft7.5 - 5ft8. She is in great shape, and her 'big hair' does nothing to shorten her! I found her height written down as 169cm, and I don't disbelieve this. I can't help but notice that there is quite an argument going on, but I will settle for the higher option; in fact, I am going for a record-breaking 4cm over the listed height for Nina, which I might decide to change once I've seen 'Flatliners' and compared her to Ellen Page and the other stars from the film.

So for the time being, I am plumping for 5ft6.75! There is no way Nina looks anywhere near as low as 5ft5/5ft5.5 - not to my eyes!
jake said on 26/Dec/17
She looks the same height as Victoria Justice which is 5'6
Guess said on 17/Sep/17
She's about 5'5.25: not much taller than Victoria Justice, who is said to be around 5'5. You can see here: Click Here , Click Here , Click Here , Click Here , Click Here.
girl23 said on 16/Sep/17
I just met Nina the other day
Julio Jones said on 7/Sep/17
She's so fineeeeee definitely around 5'7.
Cris said on 7/Aug/17
She looks kinda short barefoot.. probably around 5'5.5 barefoot she's about the same height as Selena Gomez
Bee123 said on 9/Jun/17
A bit taller than Selena Gomez and looks same as Zoe Saldana

heidi said on 15/Mar/17
You have Zoe Saldana at 5'6.5 Nina looks the same height as her in the picture there in together.
anyonmious said on 16/Dec/16
She is about 5'4" barefoot, 5'7" including heels
Gerry Blue said on 2/Dec/16
If she's 5,7 the Diego Luna is 6 feet Click Here
Sadah said on 10/Nov/16
She might be a bit above 5'5", but not by much. Here is Nina with Selena Gomez (5'4.5 or 5'4.75"): Click Here
Similar posture, shoes, etc. less than 1" apart, IMO.
6'2.4 Morning said on 7/Nov/16
@Sarah, Ian is leaning forward on his back leg. Try doing that and you'll gain an inch or so. It's like semi tip-toeing.
al said on 27/Oct/16
nina 5 ft 5, yvonne zima 5 ft 7, shelley hennig 5 ft 7 1/2; anything else is just denial. good on you Editor Rob, for not bending to the pressure to add an inch.
lalaltari said on 26/Oct/16
168-170 no way shorter no way taller i'd say 169cm 5'6.5
Sarah said on 26/Oct/16
Some fans think that she is 5'7", but Nina is definitely around 5'5".

Click Here

In this photo with Ian, Nina has 3" heels on and she is still shorter than 5'9" ish Ian. He does have boots on, so he might be around 5"10" or so. Nina is still about 2 inches shorter than him, so she is 5'8 in 3" heels and 5'5" barefoot.
AL said on 1/Sep/16
nina 5 ft 5, yvonne zima 5 ft 7, shelley hennig 5 ft 7 1/2; anything else is just denial. good on you Editor Rob, for not bending to the pressure to add an inch.
Layla said on 30/Aug/16
She's taller than 5'5". Pictured with 5'3" Julianne Hough, she's definitely more than 2 inches taller in what looks like similar height heels.. Click Here
Adele said on 15/Jul/16
She is definetly not 5"5!!!!
She is like 5"6 or 5"7

In this picture she is with Clarie (5"6.5) and Candice (5"7) and Nina is the same with Clarie and just a little shorter then Candice
Look: Click Here
And in this picture Clarie wear more heels then Nina, and Nina is just a little shorter then her: Click Here
Yasamin said on 29/Jun/16
I think she is exactly 5'5 she never looks like a 5'7 girl cause I'm 5'7 and I think she is shorter than me about 2 inch
BirchGirl said on 8/Jun/16
@charlie Look at this photo: Click Here with Nina and Maria Menounos (who is listed as 5'7" on this site).

They look almost exactly the same height and have similar footwear! 5'1" is ridiculous and you need your eyes checked or something seriously.
BirchGirl said on 8/Jun/16
@charlie Are you for real???? She does not look 5' 1" at all. She is taller than Julianne Hough by several inches and Julianne Hough is definitely not under 5 feet. You make me laugh.
charlie said on 18/May/16
I am going to say in heels she is 5 ft 5 inches. and without heels 5 ft 1 inches. For one there are not to many 5 ft 5 inch females in Canada unless they have heels on. Surprising it is that most females i have encountered are all around 5 ft 2 range.And looking at her here she looks very tiny to me.This would explain why she was a couple inches shorter than 5 ft 9 and a quarter Ian Somerhalder when they were in the 2014 awards.Most actors do lie about their height.
ALAN said on 11/Feb/16
nina 5 ft 5, phoebe tonkin 5 ft 7 1/2, anything else is just denial
AL said on 10/Feb/16
nina 5 ft 5, phoebe tonkin 5 ft 7 1/2, anything else is just denial
Ok said on 5/Feb/16
It's funny because since I was 15/16 years old I always come here to check and you still fighting. I'm almost 21 years old and you still fighting about her height. Come on, guys! She posted on her own Twitter that she is 5'7 (1,70)... Stop fighting!!! If you don't believe in Nina I feel sorry for you.
Aligatorr said on 15/Jan/16
@Alan Nina is 5'6 look this: Click Here Robert you see that? She is 5'6 please fix it :)
alan said on 9/Jan/16
nina 165 cm, phoebe tonkin 172 cm
Aligatorr said on 5/Jan/16
Omg :)
So you say she is 5'5 but why she is taller then 5'5? Why she is like 5'6.5 she in this picture? Thinking please.... and Candice is 5'7.. and in the pictures she is just 0,5-1 inches taller then Nina not 2... Click Here and she is not just 1 inches taller than the 5'4 Taissa... THINKING PLEASE! NOT EVERYBODY SHORT..Robert please fix it!
chris141 said on 28/Dec/15
@Ok you are clearly blind, Candice Accola, Claire Holt and Pheobe Tonkin are CLEARLY taller than her, here she is multiple times with 169cm Claire Holt Click Here and here she is with Candice Accola Click Here Not to mention, all the other 5'6/5'7 actresses on TVD were ALWAYS taller than her, like Sara Canning (5'6) Torrey Devitto(5'6/5'7) and not to mention other people like Michael Trevino(5'8) stand taller by at least 3 inches. Either you have never seen TVD or you just want to believe what you want without being objective.
Vhkkgy said on 21/Dec/15
AL accept you :) she is taller then the 166 cm Victoria Justice lol. Not everybody short
AL said on 20/Dec/15
She's 5 feet 5, actors lie, accept it and move on
Vhkkgy said on 19/Dec/15
Nina is 170!!! Nobody's lied about them height... Please Robert fix her height. He is taller than the 164 cm Taissa, so much not just 1 cm...
Abby said on 17/Dec/15
She said herself that she is 5'7!! Why to tell she is shorter??
Elena Carter said on 21/Nov/15
Nina dobrev is my favorite actress and singer, I love her!
Aligatorr said on 15/Nov/15
Nina is between 168 cm and 170 cm
She is absolutly not 165 cm :D
She said she is 170 cm, and I think she know how tall is she
Look this picture: Click Here Taissa is 163-164 cm and Nina is much taller than Taissa
And there is with the 165 cm Lily Collins : Click Here you see Nina's heels is 5 cm but Nina in this picture with this shoes she is 8-10 cm taller then Lily Collins, So without heels she is 3-5 cm taller then Lily
So she is definetly not 165 cm she is 168 or 170
Please Robert change
alan said on 11/Nov/15
you mean 165cm
anon said on 5/Nov/15
I don't think she is less than her listed 168CM-170CM...
Here she is with 5'7ish Malin Akerman and she looks the same height is her. You can see Malins shoes in the second picture, are a bit smaller heel than Ninas.. but I don't think NINA is less than 168cm.
Also a 5'4 Taissa Farmiga is in the picture, and Nina towers over her.

Click Here
Click Here
Al said on 23/Oct/15
You mean 165cm
anon said on 14/Oct/15
She is minimum 167CM
QE said on 25/Sep/15
On some pictures, she looks tall compared to others because she is standing not exactly next to others but a little more forward. This is a good trick to appear taller!
I think 5'5 is just right since this one picture (google Nina dobrev arrested and have a look) does not lie and we cannot even see her shoes/het feet.
She is wearing flats but even flats can make you 2 cm taller.
There is no way that she is taller than 5'6 and smaller than 5'4.
Yes she looks quite tall but in reality she cannot be that tall, just normal.
Mohammad said on 26/Aug/15
She is not so beautiful for this role and for this movie
Lily said on 20/Jun/15
Sometimes you can look shorter in pics. Nina is 168cm. :)
al said on 17/May/15
She's 5 feet 5, accept it, and move on
Katy said on 12/May/15
Hmm when I saw her she was taller then me. Im 5'5. And she was wering flats :/
al said on 16/Mar/15
She lied about her height
cat said on 14/Mar/15
here she claims 5'6"
al said on 13/Mar/15
Nina is 5'5, she was just not telling the truth. EDITOR ROB, please fix shelley hennig's height.
cat said on 11/Mar/15
Here she claims 5'6" but she looks 5'5" - 5'5.5"
chris141 said on 4/Mar/15
the fact that she claimed 5'7 is just ridiculous considering on TVD they are so many 5'6/5'7 actresses who are always taller 1 or 2 inches, i always thought 5'6 was generous for her, 5'5 is spot on.
al said on 24/Feb/15
she has never been 5'6, period
K said on 14/Feb/15
Idk if its been posted on her but theres a photo of her after being arrested for disorderly conduct. She standing infront of those police walls that has the measurments behind her. Acording to that photo shes 5'5 maybe 5'6. I cant really tell if her hair adds height.
al said on 18/Jan/15
5'5, carver is absolutely right
carver said on 18/Jan/15
@owen, no trust me she aint 5'7 her 5'7 co stars are taller by 2 inches
al said on 17/Jan/15
No, Nina is 5'5, She was just not telling the truth
Owen said on 14/Jan/15
I don't get why some people want to make celebrities be shorties... Nina is 5'7. Not only she said it herself, but she looks that tall as well! She has a perfectly normal height. Good body!
Mystery said on 8/Jan/15
If you see her standing with Ian without heels, 5'5 is more likely because since the top of her head reaches below his eyes, it would make Ian about 4-5 inches taller than her.
al said on 5/Jan/15
5'5 exactly as listed
Laura said on 4/Jan/15
I think this listing is accurate. If anything, she is more likely to be shorter than 5"5 than taller IMO. Due to her proportions she has the ability to look taller than what she is, but her 5"7 claim is definitely a stretch, she doesn't even look 5"6 to me.
al said on 13/Dec/14
5'5 exactly as listed, EDITOR ROB WHY NO PIC with you or jenny, this is the only one missing from the vampire diaries set ???
Editor Rob
she cancelled the 2 times she was going to be there...
kay said on 7/Dec/14
5'5.5" would've been a better downgrade, this is too low. She's the same height as Sara Paxton, if not taller. Click Here
mike said on 14/Nov/14
Torrey devitto(5'7), clair holt(5'6.5)and candice acola(5'6) are ALL TALLER than on tvd, her 5'7 claim is very weak.
austin said on 14/Nov/14
Clair holt(169cm) was 2 inches taller than her in TVD, nina dobrev is the look of a 166cm girl, she never looks taller, just pretty average, i'd be supprised if she were 168cm, she is no way 5'7
max said on 11/Nov/14
Wearing 4.5 inch heels next to 5'8 michael trevino Click Here
If nina is 5'7 she'd be a solid 6 in heels when she looks 5'9. She is clearly NOT 5'7. 5'5/5'6 for nina
max said on 11/Nov/14
Jenifer lawrence dwarfed her, how on earth do people think she's 5'7? 5'6 at best
charlie said on 11/Nov/14
She is NOT 5'7, she was the same height as michael trevino in 3inch heels and ian somerhalder when batefoot looks 4 inches taller. 165-168cm no taller
Ally said on 16/Oct/14
@sel she didn't say it- I was just pointing out that someone who is 2cm taller can look a lot more than 2cm taller in certain angles because I'm 2cm taller than my mum :)
Sel said on 14/Oct/14
@Ally Do you know what interview Nina said : "My mum is 167cm and I am 169cm, I can look a lot taller than her in certain angles and in certain circumstances, but I am only 2cm taller " ?
TJE said on 28/Jul/14
She looks closer to 166.
Liv said on 20/Jul/14
She's 5'7 it also states it in the vampire diaries
:) said on 4/Jun/14
Click Here she looks a lot taller than 5ft annasophia robb- looks more like 6 or 7 inches difference than 5 inches. May be wrong though.
Ally said on 16/Apr/14
How come you think Nina is 2 inches lower than her claim? Is it because of the Candice Accola change of height? My mum is 167cm and I am 169cm, I can look a lot taller than her in certain angles and in certain circumstances, but I am only 2cm taller. There could be a possibility that Candice is 170/171 and Nina is 168/169. I definitely think 165 is far too low- she is at least 167cm
Editor Rob
I know Candice is a weak 5ft 7 in person, so I think Nina being somewhere in 5ft 5 range is more possible than being in 5ft 6 range.
Brianna said on 16/Apr/14
I really think the height here should be changed to 5'6 or even 5'6.5 because if you watch the Chelsea lately interview, Nina is a little taller than Chelsea. There is a possibility she was wearing higher heels but she is definitely either Chelsea's height or taller. You listed Chelsea as 5'6 so maybe you are right about Nina but Chelsea would have to be downgraded.
Laura said on 30/Mar/14
Click Here she looks taller than emma watson here, two inches maybe. Emma watson is just under 5'5 so Nina must be just under 5'7- 169cm could be a possibility.
Sarah said on 22/Mar/14
She looks like a weak 5'5, possible 164 Rob? She can look almost 5 inches shorter than Ian Somerhalder (5'9").
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/14
I've always said 5'6" range is a great height for a woman but anything from 5'5-5'8" is good.
littlesue said on 7/Mar/14
Most of the women I know want to be 5ft 5. shorties and tallies. I have a couple of friends about 5ft 8 and they not keen they both said 5ft 5 also.
Editor Rob
I think you would find portions want 5ft 5 but a good chunk would go for the 5ft 7-8 range. For men similarly a good chunk might say 6ft, but 6ft 1-2 would be more ideal
:D said on 6/Mar/14
rob what is the ideal height for a woman
Editor Rob
you could say 5ft 8 is a height many women would be happy to be
I HAVE A QUESTION said on 6/Mar/14
Editor Rob
you can't upload any photos, only link to them. Use to get a shorter link to the image (if it is on another site)
amy said on 4/Mar/14
she is clearly 5'7 in aria's picture. her head is slightly tilted for one, if she were standing properly straight she would be around 5'6 and a half or 5'7. if she says she is 5'7 on twitter i doubt she'd lie. my best bet is 169cm as that is 5'6 and a half and she was probably rounding up.
Dasha said on 20/Feb/14
On aria's photo she is 5'7. Look carefully.
mina said on 12/Feb/14
@Lol Hmmm.You sound very defensive.. Is that you Nina????? Lol
Lol said on 7/Feb/14
It's stupid to say you can tell someone's height from a photograph or video there could be a million reasons why they look short or tall for some reason you can't know unless you see them in person. Bottom line. Don't you people have something better to do than downgrade people's height online? Lol.
aria said on 27/Jan/14
she's 5'6.5: Click Here easy as that
Editor Rob
she's not above 5ft 6 in that mugshot (her hair is at least 0.5 and probably a bit more.
LILY said on 22/Jan/14
i met her, i'm 169cm and was wearing 1 inch boots and she was wearing flats and she seemed only a tiny bit shorter, so 169 is my bet!
Bulgarian said on 12/Jan/14
She is 168-169 for sure :)
GLITTER said on 19/Nov/13
candice is 5'8ish and is bending a little in this picture so Nina must be about 1 or 2 inches shorter, so she probably is 5'6 or 5'7
Sarah said on 10/Oct/13
Weak 5'5". They said that she is 5'7" on the show... lol
Pedro said on 9/Oct/13
On her official "WhoSay"-page she is listed at 5'6": Click Here
ElenaMarie said on 31/Aug/13
If Nina is 5'5, then Lily Collins should be around 5'3?
Click Here
duglasa said on 9/Aug/13
rob can u please tell me till what age a male can grow in height? i am 20 years old and 1.80 can i grow more like 2-3 cm more?
Editor Rob
at your age you are unlikely to gain anymore height
Step92 said on 28/Jul/13
1,74m out of bed! Why, in the afternoon, i'm 1,72? How is it possible? What is my very height for you? Thank you Rob
Editor Rob
we can shrink on average nearly 2cm from waking up to evening. I would say you were either 172 or 3, if you were 172.5cm in afternoon you could always go with 173
Step92 said on 26/Jul/13
1,65-1,66 no more. Rob, i'm Italian and i'm 1,72, is it low? Can i grow-up in the future? I'm 21.
Editor Rob
chance is very small, it's below average in Italy, but not hugely.
yasmine said on 9/Jul/13
@marlasinger i think you're right ..but it's very confusing ..she always looks so tall ..she is really blessed
marla singer said on 2/Jul/13
@yasmine in those pictures Nina looks to me about 5'4.5" - 5'5", no taller...
yasmine said on 27/Jun/13
Rob , i think she could be 5'6 . Here's a picture of her with julianne houghClick Here .since julianne is only 5'3 and nina and her are wearing heels that tall Click Here i think she's not only 5'5 she seems much more taller than julianne .
Silent d said on 22/Jun/13
5 foot 5. The weird thing was when she was towered by conan. Conan is about 6 foot 4. She looked petite but after further investigation 5 foot 5 is more plausible. 5 foot 7 is a bit of a stretch.
Joe said on 17/Jun/13
If rob says 5'5 she's 5'5 get over it.
Editor Rob
even if I say one thing, of course that doesn't mean others can't disagree and have their opinion - that's what the site tries to offer, letting visitors have their opinions, because sometimes the more evidence that is brought forth, sometimes my opinion can change too.
Kati said on 14/May/13
Anonymous, can you read what I write to you? I uppose nina is about 5'7 but I don't insist on it. May be she is shorter. I just tell you that Nina with her 170+ mentioned friends looks almost the same height on photos on flats. May be Julianne haugh is heigher. May be not. But then other people's height are wrong. That's what I'm saying
true said on 12/May/13
i'd say 5'5.5
kati said on 7/May/13
OK, I told you. I can believe Nina is 165. But Candice and others can't be 170 or even more then. I think I showed you enough to prove it. If not, I can give you more photos of these girls in flats. why do you always tell about Ashley? They have different heels. If we had their photos in flats I would listened to you. I may believe that Nina can be 165 but EVERY of her photo with Candice, Clair Holt etc. IN FLATS can't be optical illusion. At least one of these heights is wrong: either Nina or others. Stop accuse me of disbelieving. I just try to judge objectively. deppfan, please, give me photosof girls wearing flat shoes where they have 5 and more cm difference.
Also here 171cm listed here Ariel standing closer to photographer has almost the same height as Nina. Click Here whose height is right? her or Nina's?
On your picture with 169 Emy Nina was about 2 or MAX 3 cm shorter. What can you say about this? Click Here Still think Nina is the same height as Ashley?
Anonymous said on 6/May/13
Click Here Nina with 5'3" julliane hough in flip flops.There are several other pictures of hem together online WITH heels. I can look at heels and generally tell how much height they will give someone. Maybe this is harder for some people. Kaiti, if pictures with heels on mean nothing, why are you trying to find a picture of Krysten Ritters heels. I'm really confused right now. You are contradicting yourself.
kati said on 4/May/13
I think Emmy is 173 (as it is written in her off site), Ariel mensioned here as 170. She looks the same hight as Nina on this photo. I'd like to see Krysten Ritter heels but I can't find it:(
kati said on 4/May/13
are you joking? heels again? I think this photo only proves she is 169 cause Emy Rossum has hairstyle about 3-4 sm. They have about 2 cm difference on this photo and also Emmy closer to photographer and also her platform is obviously heigher. But I can say again this photo doesn't count. They should wear flat to compare heights.
AND AGAIN: how do you know Emmy Rossum's height? May be she is 2 cm heigher or shorter. She told nothing about her height (what I can't say about Nina).
ani said on 4/May/13
NO,you are wrong.They described her as a 5'6.I suppose Nina is 5'5,5'6 max
me said on 3/May/13
She's 5'7. They described her character Katherine as a 5'7 brunette in the vampire diaries
kati said on 2/May/13
Also on these photos there is even ground and they are standing really close. These photos present much more than photos took from the events with wide-angle lens. Or you don't even consider it? It's not fish eye but really wide-angle objective. It could deform the reality VERY MUCH and givesmore or less to height difference.
kati said on 2/May/13
deppfan photos with heels on means nothing (Show me just one photo Nina+Ashlee whithout heels)! I know it because I have a friend of the same height as I am. If we wear heels with the same height it doest't mean WE have the same heights. It depends on angle and position of heel + platform means a lot. IT'S TRUE. If you don't believe me - check yourself. And if you just measure heel hight and it is ALMOST the same, person's height may differ 1-3cm.
There is a series of these photos, I gave you only a half or even less. EVERY of these photos shows that these girs are almost the same height (you really think it's coincidence?). Candice is heigher just a little. On photo of Nina and Candice in sneakers they have VERY different postures and th distance from the one who took the photo is too close and it could misrepresent their heights (I can say the same about Ashlee+Nina photo) so we can't judge it. On these pictures postures are almost the same (on most of pictures) and the distance from the photographer is the same. I can agree that Nina is 5'5 but you should really change others height then. Otherwise it's nonsense.
kati said on 30/Apr/13
OK, if she is 5'5 you should change Candice Accola's, Clair Holt's, Phoebe Tonkin's, Michael Trevino (who has Rob photo with) heights. Look these pictures. There are 2 options: Nina is heigher or they are shorter (cause all of them are 170+)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

P.S. deppfan, I was always polite to you.
K said on 20/Apr/13
I think she's around 5'5.5"-5'6". NOT 5'7". Maybe in shoes. You can just look at her and see she is in the 5'5"-5'6" range. She's not much taller then selena Gomez who claims 5'5". Shes not even an inch taller than selena. Most celebs add 2 inches to their height so I think it's safe to assume she's around 5'5". Rob said he had a friend get a picture with her that proves she is in the 5'5" range, Kati. Look at the below comments. She was listed before as 5'6" and rob downgraded her an inch. Wow.
Editor Rob
5ft 5.5 isn't impossible, she was that mark before
kati said on 19/Apr/13
Ok. It's your point. There is about 10cm difference. BUT On some photos they have 6cm difference. Even on your photo Ian wears his boots (I'm sure) with 3-4 cm heel. On some photos Nina with 12 cm heels has the same height differens with Ian as on your photo. That's really strange:) Paul I'm sure wears lifters as well as Ian. Look Click Here she is not much closer to photographer on this picture. Also he has little heel. And about heels: If you wear 12cm heels you can be heigher about 8-9 cm no more.
I will agree with you and everyone else about her height only if you could compare it with something statical cause people's height may vary. perspective of phone, wearing lifters etc. may confuse us, these are weak arguments. Now we have facts: she told herself her height and the photo Click Here proves her 5'7". And may Be Paul is 5'12"!!^) How do you know he is not? Comparing with others whose height is also not proven and calculated in compaison with others also not proven heights? That's nonsense.
Kati said on 17/Apr/13
Deppfan, how do you know? Are you her close friend? Many facts prove she is around 5'7" and after all she claimed it herself. Why we shouldn't believe her if she looks 5'7" on her photos. Candice is 173 Nina just 3 cm shorter. She looks the sans hight as Zoe Saldana who is 170, she looks 6cm shorter that Ian (when he doesn't wear lifters of course), on heels she looks the same hight as Emma Stone who is 168 (but we can never claim about height when girls on the photo wearing heels so...). But there is no really doubtless fact she is 5 inches shorter like you say!
sh said on 13/Apr/13
She just said on her twitter that she is 5'7! She replied on a comment of Demi Lovato and it was about a cardboard with her photo on it that should replace her somewhere she couldn't be. She said to take a big piece of cardboard because she's 5'7!
lila said on 10/Apr/13
Anyone see her when she was on Conan last year? She took off her shoes to do yoga: Click Here
kati said on 9/Apr/13
Sorry. Wrong link. Click Here
kati said on 9/Apr/13
Candice is around 173. Click Here
Violet said on 5/Apr/13
I think Nina dobrev is 5'5.5"(minimum) selena Gomez is 5'4.75" (minimum) and emma Watson is 5'4.5" (max)! This would make more sense.
Alexandra said on 29/Mar/13
She does seem to be about 5'5". But I hate the shape of her legs, so thin at the bottom and then thick on the hips. They also have a weird curve at her calves when she stands up straight. Also I think Ian wears lifters at times, not sure...he makes her look somewhat shorter, but 165 is right.
NN said on 22/Mar/13
I thought she was about that. The latest episode of TVD ("Because the Night") claimed she was 5'7" about 5 different times. She does seem to have proportionally long legs and arms, but she doesn't seem tall when standing next to others.
tjr said on 13/Mar/13
Nina's height is 5'6. I should know. I worked with her many times.
Moo bag said on 17/Feb/13
Now I'm re thinking her height, maybe 5'6 tall!
Moo bag said on 11/Feb/13
About 5'7 in feet! Real pretty on tvd season 3.
pop said on 18/Jan/13
At Sofia, she's 5'6 on her mugshot. You're looking at her forehead, which is not an accurate measure of height. The top of her head is definitely 5'6.
ani said on 12/Jan/13
I asked Candice Accola about her height.Shen told that she's 5'8,173sm
Matheuscore said on 10/Jan/13
True 5'5 for this girl.

And Ian somerhalder is no way tall than 5'8.

Click Here
stellagirl98 said on 31/Dec/12
Yes her legs are really long but when you look at her torso it's not that short for a 5'5 frame.I think nearly 5'6.
Elizabeth said on 25/Dec/12
That's insane. She looks 90 feet tall here!
Click Here
Cristi said on 13/Nov/12
Nina does look tall on screen, legs and arms are definitely long! But considering Ian is not really tall I guess 165cm should be correct. Love her on Vampire Diaries.
Sofia said on 10/Nov/12
Her mugshot from when she was arrested has her at 5'5" on the height chart.
lara said on 4/Nov/12
I noitced in pictures that at the Kids Choice Awards Nina was wearing higher heels than Selena.(Nina's also had a platform)...maybe that explains why Nina looks a little taller than Selena(who is listed at 5'4) I used to think Nina was tall, but it's because she's skinny that she looks so much taller than what she is. I'd put her height between 5"4-5"5.
jj said on 26/Oct/12
she looks so tall.. i thought she was like 5'8 ~ 5'11.. she must be really skinny with LONG limbs.
Daria said on 13/Oct/12
look Click Here this is not 11cm difference. I'm sure Ians hight depends on his boots. Sometimes it is much higher than Nina on heels, sometimes he has about 5-6 cm difference with her wearing flats. According to Eveline's picture she is 5.7 (looks like 5.6 but where "5" is written there are 2 divisions). She can't be 5.5. Also look Click Here she would never be even higher than 180 Paul Wesley with 165cm hight (remember even if heel is 15 cm it adds only about 10cm to your height). But you can argue with that. The conclusive evidence she is higher than 5.5 here Click Here and here Click Here (on first pic she bent, on second one she is on tiptoe but you can watch this VD episode, she is almost the same hight as a car). The hight of Ford Escape is 68 inches(172 cm). look here Click Here We will never find her right height comparing with other people which hight is not proven (mass media can lie). But comparing her hight and her car's... I think there can't be any mistake.
Eveline said on 3/Oct/12
Here is a pic that shows how tall she is! Click Here
Silent d said on 1/Oct/12
Pretty tall next to maria meneunos who is at least 5 foot 7. 5 foot 5 is right.
marla singer said on 29/Sep/12
Rob, why did you downgrade her?
If I'm not wrong she was listed 5'5.5"? even considering their different footwear she still looked an inch taller than Emma Watson.
Silent d said on 14/Sep/12
No way she is 5 foot 5. I am shocked. When she went on conan, he had at least 30 cm on her and she had heels on. She is hot don't get me wrong but she is short. The weird thing was, when she stood next to 5 foot 5 selena gomez at the kids choice awards. She was slightly taller than her. They both wore heels. I'm still scratching my head. I was going to say 5 foot 2 but after looking through some photos, i think 5 foot 5 is about right. I can't explain the conan appearance.
Kaylene said on 2/Sep/12
5-foot-5 again? ;)
Editor Rob
yes, I am leaving her on that now.
djejdjej said on 1/Sep/12
oh wow-I honestly thought she was around 174-176. She has such long legs! Or so it seams.
Kaylene said on 31/Aug/12
Rob, and what was the height difference (between Nina and your friend)? May I ask.
Editor Rob
she looked maybe half inch taller but Ian somerhalder beside nina looks 6 inches taller...but I checked and nina did have like 0.3 inch shoes on so that explains why she looks short
deppfan said on 27/Aug/12
Rob what exactly was the heel height of your french friend's shoes?
Editor Rob
i'm not sure, i'll need to ask next time I see her, but at cons she's never wore heels that made her appear more than say a five five person would look in one inch footwear.
Marie said on 21/Aug/12
Nina is 5'5.5 and so is Selena.
deppfan said on 21/Aug/12
Actually yeah 5'5" was spot on. By the way isn't it time to add a page for candice accola to the site?
Kaylene said on 20/Aug/12
I must say, she's a tricky one. She might be 5'6 or even more, as well as 5'4. Though I still believe that she's 5'5 or 5'4,75 just like Ashley Greene. Deppfan posted a very good photo, which may prove it.
She's got a perfect body, with very long legs and arms, which makes her look like 5'7. I also spotted she's got preety big feet and that's why high heels can give her more height advantage (maybe half an inch) than those with small feet.
Editor Rob
well I just saw a friend's photo with nina and my friend in a small heel is a bit taller than nina in flats...and the french friend is 5ft 4, so I'm now wondering again about her!
deppfan said on 12/Aug/12
Click Here
Rob how much height difference do you see here?
Editor Rob
maybe somewhere between 4-5 inch, possibly he has half inch more sneaker over her.
Alexa said on 9/Aug/12
I don't think Nina is in the 5'6/5'7 range some people claim she is, I've seen pictures of her and Jennifer Lawrence who is a pretty solid 170cm and Nina is quite a bit smaller than her. She's 5'5 at the very most, now wonder she can barely reach 5'9 Ian Somerhalder in heels.
Tila said on 28/Jul/12
No way ! She isn't 5'7.
Look at that picture Click Here
Selena is 5'4 (163) and Nina is the same height or 5'5.
deppfan said on 28/Jul/12
What is your estimation for Candice Accola then?
Click Here Click Here

Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Click Here with Lyndsy Fonseca
She is more like 170 cm to me. What's your opinion Rob?
Editor Rob
yeah, close to 170cm might be a decent shout
lol93 said on 28/Jul/12
did you upgrade her Rob?He looked 2cm taller than selena gomez so 165-166 is fair for her
Editor Rob
I think between 5 and 6 might be nearer the mark, I noticed on the show at times she did wear low footwear and the vampire boys wore big 1.5 inch footwear.
mina said on 28/Jul/12
5'5.5 is perfect for Nina.Explain's why at times she can appear taller than average height.I always thought Kirsten Dunst was 5'8/5'9.Guess it's just trick's of the bizz
deppfan said on 27/Jul/12
Click Here
Click Here
Lady P said on 26/Jul/12
Well google said she's 167 so i guess we're done fighting about her height!
deppfan said on 23/Jul/12
Maria Menunous Nina dobrev
Mathilda said on 17/Jun/12
I think Nina isn't very tall because Candice accola is very taller and either Viki ,Jeremy's sister is taller . Ian is 176 cm I'm sure about it and Nina is 11 cm shorter than him so she is 165 cm.
deppfan said on 5/Jun/12
Candice and Nina
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
olya said on 14/Feb/12
Nina's height is 169cm. She's tall enough!
mish said on 13/Feb/12
@Daria Ian has his own page.He is 176cm tall.
L. said on 13/Feb/12
If Nina is 165 how short Ian should be!!!;)
Click Here
Daria said on 13/Feb/12
deppfan you're wrong. look at the way they are standing. Nina's posture takes about 3 cm away. check on yourself.
deppfan said on 13/Feb/12
What is your age Ana? Practically scroll down the page. Read my comments again you'll see Candice is not 5'8" at all. Nina is not practically the same height as Candice as well.
Click Here
Ana here is the situation. There are two girls that Nina has photos together. Candice and Ashley Greene. Rob has taken photo with Ashley but he hasn't even a page for Candice. But you prefer to rely on googling Candice's height. According to google Jessica White is 177 and Irına shayk is 178.
Click Here
Daria said on 13/Feb/12
165? really?
look on the Ians boot's! It has about 3-4 cm sole! Of course he looks much taller than Nina. Nina is 168-169. No less. look these photos Click Here She's 10 cm shortem AT MOST. Ian is about 178+3cm heel. Nina is 168-170
And about photos with other celebs: we'll never known about their heel height.
Ana said on 12/Feb/12
Practically, Nina has the same height than Candice, which is 5'8.
(And they are with heels.)

Click Here
deppfan said on 11/Feb/12
@ mish this single photo is enough to prove Nina is 5'5".
Click Here
Alexa said on 7/Feb/12
You have a good point Deppfan. Michael is obviously not a very tall guy and if she was 5'6 or so she should be able to surpass his height in those heels but then his shoes could also give him a slight's hard to pinpoint. With that being said, I think Rob has 165cm as a good estimate - if she was really any taller she would at least reach Ian S in heels but weirdly enough she doesn't.

As someone who is a legit 5'7 I can easily reach 5'10 with just a little lift and become even taller in proper heels.
deppfan said on 6/Feb/12
Click Here Nina's shoes
Click Here Michael's shoes
Click Here Our 5'7" Nina barely reaches 5'8" Michael with 5" heels.
Cindy said on 3/Feb/12
She is so not 5'7". 5'6" on a good day maybe. And Eveline, Ian is definietly 175cm, not 178cm, but yes, even in heels she is still shorter than his 5'9".
deppfan said on 28/Jan/12
Isn't it ironic that you use the word 'looks' to estimate her height? Yeah she "looks" tall but she "is" not that tall.
Kik said on 28/Jan/12
Nina looks 5.7. No less.
Eveline said on 28/Jan/12
Nina is 165 cm ,because Ian is 178 cm and when Nina wears 10 cm shoes she still look shorter than him. and 165 + 10 = 175!
And i know that you can't be 100% sure that Ian is 178, but i think he is.
Youknow said on 31/Dec/11
She's 5'7".
Cindy said on 26/Dec/11
This photo speaks for itself. 5'5" is definitely right. Click Here
deppfan said on 23/Dec/11
Click Here
No way she is 5'7".
heather-y said on 16/Dec/11
she was the same size as my 5'5.5" sister when we met her. they both had on similar size heels and my sister is also thin like her, so id put her at above average, 5'5"-5'6", but no more or less.
Ellen Jane said on 27/Nov/11
she's the same height as me, hehehe :)
Ana said on 17/Nov/11
Listen, dear. The only person who got angry and started the discussion was you, I'm very quiet here and laughing at the situation.
You needn't agree with me, everyone has their opinion.

Be more polite with people you don't know. Sometimes, education is good.
Bye bye dear.
ha said on 11/Nov/11
she's definitely not 5'7. She is at most 5'5. She only looks tall because long legs, and reallly skinny. My sister is 5'4 but when take pics, she looks like 5'8 because long legs and skinny
renee said on 5/Nov/11
agreed,deppfan! lol i think Ana just likes to agrue for the sake of arguing.<3youAna but the evidence is don't lie! and it's not as if 5'5 is short,it's above average.whooooa didn't realize candice was barely taller than 5'3.75 lyndsy!
deppfan said on 5/Nov/11
You can't judge from TV! Camera angles are tricky and shoes don't always appear. Look at photos instead with Ashley Greene for example. Then you'll see that it is the end of discussion. Click Here Click Here
Candice is not 5'8". She is just a bit taller than 5'5" Lyndy Fonseca and a little shorter than Erica Durance.Click Here Nina and Lyndsy same as you see. So I'd say she is 169 cm at max.
Click Here
Click Here Footwears
Celebs heights are 90% exaggerated if you google it. Is it that HARD to GET this? AND Kat is SHORTERRRRR THAN SELENAAAA. I repeat KAT İİİS SHORTER than SELENA. Is it clear now? Well after all of this if you still believe Nina is 5'7" you are all dumbhead.
Ana said on 29/Oct/11
"Watched the new TVD episode just a minute ago. Nina & Arielle (Lexi) was about the same height (Arielle is 5'8), Nina a little bit smaller. I actually thinks that Nina is 5'7!" Anonym.

I agree. Nina is 5'7! :)

You can't judge a picture, they are all in high heels with different sizes, just saying.
Mnm said on 29/Oct/11
Oops! Definitely meant 5'7.5 haha
Mnm said on 28/Oct/11
She was very noticeably shorter than 7'7.5 Arielle Kebbel on last nights vampire diaries. If she was the 5'6.5 or 5'7 that some of you claim, then there wouldn't have been that big of a difference between them.
Anonym said on 28/Oct/11
Watched the new TVD episode just a minute ago. Nina & Arielle (Lexi) was about the same height (Arielle is 5'8), Nina a little bit smaller. I actually thinks that Nina is 5'7!
Megan said on 27/Oct/11
Here is a decent pic to judge:Click Here
renee said on 26/Oct/11
candice is guess is 170cm.tall,but not 173cm.she too wears heel's throughout all TVD episodes yet is not even close in height to the men! a 5'8 girl would easily reach 5'9-5'11 in heel' platform's? over 6'0! nina is 5'5 for sure,making candice 2in taller.nina has long she can look taller.see the photo below [lee pic].both candice and nina's legs are about equal in length! 5'5 is 5'6-5'6.5 on T.V./flim. 5'6-5'6.5 can appear to be 5'7-5'7.5. 5'7 and up look's 5'8 and's all camera tricks people!
Anonym said on 26/Oct/11
If you look at the new TVD photos with Claire Holt (listed as 5'8) Nina looks like 5'6-5'7.
lee said on 24/Oct/11
Click Here
here she is with candice barefoot on the beach, you can see candice is a couple inches taller
Cindy said on 22/Oct/11
Ana- If Kat is 5'4, then she wouldnt be called short. 5'4 is the exact average female height, so short is <5'2. Anyway, theres no way that Kat is 5'4. Id put her at 5'3 tops. I doubt she has even been measured properly lately.
Also, we know that Michael is 5'9 amd theres only an inch difference between him and Candice, and she's around 5'8. Then Nina, in every scene, is about 2 inches shorter than her, so she doesnt top 5'6. She isnt short for sure- you can tell she's only about 3inches shorter than Ian, but she isnt that tall.
marta said on 20/Oct/11
it is not true.i think she is taller than that.not importent i jut know that i love her.
Alex said on 5/Oct/11
Mugshots don't lie

Click Here

Even if you can't see her shoes, the height listed here seems very accurate, sorry to burst your bubble.
Ana said on 3/Oct/11

Click Here
And now? You believe that Kat is 5'4?

Kat said on ustream too: "Nina is a lot taller than me. I'm 5'4, Nina has to be 5'6, 5'7 or something like that."

I think Katerina is aware of the proper height. And she lives with Nina.

And look this photo, Nina is much taller than Kat.
Click Here
deppfan said on 3/Oct/11
Selena Gomez is the same height as Leighton Meester. Kat Graham is a about 7 cm shorter than Selena. Felt sorry for Kat as she tries desperately to show herself taller when she is only 5'2".
Anonym said on 2/Oct/11
Hi, in her Formspring account (i think it is the real) she says that she is 169cm
macy said on 1/Oct/11
First of all, Kat Graham is no wayyyy 5'4! Thats the exact average and Kat is not average. Id put her at 5'2-5'3 TOPS.
Second, Nina looks shorter compared to Ian in some oics, and taller in others, so obviously that's not a very good way of determining her height, although in the Vampire Diaries, it's pretty obvious when they zoom out to show their full bodies that there about 4-5inch differnce between her and Paul, and 3-4 between her and Ian.
Also, my sister is 5'7 and her boyfriend is 5'11, and it doesnt look like a very big difference at all. About the same as between Ian and Nina in those pics below.
bella said on 1/Oct/11
kat has her own page! i've just now seen it lol deppfan posted a pic of her with selena gomez who is 5'4.
Ana said on 30/Sep/11

Yes, but it is apparent that Kat is 5'4. And like you said, Sara is taller than Kat, she is 5'6. And Nina is taller than Sara...
Ana said on 28/Sep/11
@Nox - Kat is 5'4, she told us on twitcam.
Ana said on 28/Sep/11
Look this photo ...
Click Here
See how Nina is much smaller than Ian. Look what she's wearing converse. (Ironic words)
And look this photo ...
Click Here
Wow, Zac Efron shrank, no? He was not 5'8? Ah, but for him to be almost the same height as Nina, he is not 5'8.

Okay, I'll stop being ironic.
Come on, be logical! Any 3cm difference in height is too much. My friend is 4cm taller than me, and seems to be much higher.
After all, you say that Nina is 5'5, you're saying that it has the same height Kat Graham, which is impossible. And you would be contradicting the words of one person who living with Nina every day. I believe in Kat, because she meets Nina and she saw Nina with and without heels.
deppfan said on 28/Sep/11
Click Here
Click Here
Still think she is 5'7"? I bet you don't
Anna said on 28/Sep/11
I am 5.4, but in my pics I look like 5.7, cuz I am slim and have proportional body! I think that Nina is about 163-4 cm, that is a very good height, and on screen and in pics she looks tall, it is natuaral! And Ian and Paul are a bit less than web sites tell us! I would give Ian 175 sm, and Paul 173! Those are all good heights, so take it easy people!
Ana said on 25/Sep/11
@The Fan,

I'll see if I can find photos where Nina and Sarah aren't sitting.
But Nina is taller than Sara.
deppfan said on 12/Sep/11
Kim Cattral is said to be 5'10" but she says she is 5'6.5". What about this? If you believe everything written about celebs height then why are you here?
Click Here
Click Here
Sara Canning is about 5'4". Anything else?
K.OneSixty said on 12/Sep/11
@Nox- exactly what I was thinking! People always have this allusion that celebs are taller and much more better looking than normal people, but most of them are just average. And it seems that so many of them claim to be above 5'6, when that's 90th or so percentile, so it's much more likely that most would be around 5'4 (average).
The Fan said on 11/Sep/11
I do agree that Nina is taller than Sara, but are there any photos that show their height difference? They always seem to be sitting when sharing scenes in Vampire Diaries.
Marija said on 10/Sep/11
To be honest, Sara looks closer to 5'5 to me. And it's so hard to tell how tall they all really are because of camera angles, body sizes and heel sizes. When you look at pictures of all of them together, there isnt even much difference between Kat Graham and Kayla Ewell in some, even though one is 5'2-5'3 and the other is 5'8! Anyway, Nina and Sara are both slightly above average, so Id put them at 5'5-5'6, but no more.
Ana said on 8/Sep/11
If Sara is 5'6, Nina is visibly taller than her. This indicates that she is 5'7. :)
Kaley said on 3/Sep/11
Ive watched every single episode of The Vampire Diaries at least 3-4 times, because it's my fave show, and I can safely say that there's no way that Nina is taller than 5'6 max, compared to Ian and Paul. She looks pretty tall though, cos she has a small body frame and is really skinny. I dont see what the fuss is about though- 5'5 is a perfect height to be, with or without heels :)
The Fan said on 2/Sep/11
Sara Canning's (Jenna on Vampire Diaries) resume says she's 5'6" -- how tall would you say that makes Nina?
Click Here!__resume
ninafan said on 31/Aug/11
how can nina be 5.5 when blond girl is like 5.8 and nina is about her height? did you met nina? how tall is she without shoes ?
deppfan said on 29/Aug/11
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Miriam Mcdonald is 5'7". She says so on her myspace profile. Nina wears higher heels.
aly said on 25/Aug/11
deppfan, i got it, u know, i recently have looked through Nina's pictures and understand she is 5,5. around this. I admit i was wrong:)))
deppfan said on 24/Aug/11
Click Here
Here is the reason why you shouldn't trust what you read about celebs heights on the net. The websites tell us that the brunette girl is 5'5" while the blonde is 5'8". There are lots of examples like this. Anyway
Click Here Nina's shoes
Click Here
Click Here
Nina is 5'5".
Bella said on 14/Aug/11
thats actually wrong in a magazine cover she said she is 5'6" 1/2 but thats close
Sarah said on 13/Aug/11
People have said Nina is very pretty up close in real life. Why are people trying to act like she isn't. what the hell?
Dina said on 12/Aug/11
Yeah she looks closer to 5'5" to me too. My friend saw her in real and she said that Nina was about her height in high heels, and she's 5'8.5".
TVD Cust said on 9/Aug/11
5'5" is correct

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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