How tall is Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

American Actor best known for playing Stefan Salvatore on TV series The Vampire Diaries. This photo is from a Rogue Events Vampire Diaries convention in 2011. Paul had about quarter inch more thicker boots than our sneakers. Lauren Cohan had big heels this day and actually looked a little taller than Paul when they were standing together.

Paul Wesley at Insurgence Convention Rogue Events 2011
5ft 8 Rob, Paul, 5ft 8 Jenny @ Rogue Events Insurgence, 2011

Paul Wesley Height Comparison
5ft 8 Rob, Lauren Cohan, Paul, 5ft 8 Jenny

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Average Guess (92 Votes)
5ft 9.96in (177.7cm)
Piqu? said on 1/Jul/22
@Rob How tall you think Lauren Cohan was on that day with those footwear?
Editor Rob
She did edge Paul out, maybe half inch when they were standing and talking...but like I said, they were very big heels.
Classic 5'10er said on 18/Mar/22
I think he's borderline 5'10, 5'10 1/4 max without shoes. Great height and the hero hair can make him seem even taller. Him and ian somerhalder can appear to be a similar height at times but if you put them beside eachother without the boots on i recon he'd slightly edge ian by about 3/4 of an inch.
ChristianPerkins said on 14/Mar/22
Why did Jenny look a lot shorter than she should've in the first pic?
Editor Rob
I believe from what I remember, the photographer might have been more between Lauren/myself as we look at her, which could be accounting for height drop off on Jenny's side.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 31/Dec/21
5'10, btw did jenny tiptoeing on the bottom pic? because she's even taller than you, Rob
Editor Rob
Because I was aware of Paul losing a bit of height I'm losing a bit myself there.
Elene said on 10/Aug/21
I trust you rob
Elene said on 9/Aug/21
5’9.5 maybe?
Editor Rob
in person always seems nearer 5ft 10 I guess, at worst a little under it
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Oct/20
Flat 5’10”
Chaitanya Sinha said on 13/Sep/20
flat 5ft 10inches
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/May/20
You're right. Everyone has their own defintions and methods. A lot of people like to group Canson and myself as being the same, but even we have different methods and defintons, in more ways than one. We both drop to around 1/4"-3/8" at our lows, but I still claim 6'5.5", whereas he doesn't bother with the half and claims simply 6'4".
Nik Ashton said on 12/Apr/20
It’s so cool that Lauren Cohan was a little bit taller than Paul in her heels! 😀👌
Mercury said on 16/Feb/20
Click Here You think he was wearing lifts that day?
Editor Rob
I don't think he would be wearing them. However, with an ankle boot you can fit more of a lift than a normal shoe, which has a limit to what you can fit in.
Melkor 198cm said on 14/Feb/20
Saw Paul at Los Angeles Airport, He looked 6ft1, but he has thick boots that day, I would estimate him to be at around 5ft11 and 3/4, just a little under 6ft bare foot.
178cm for him would be absurd, he is no way a short guy like 178cm. He always looked tall in real life.
Sonnecker said on 9/Jan/20
Same height of Daniel Craig? Do you think it's arguable, Big Rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob
In person I think Paul generally looks a legit 5ft 10, but not 5ft 10.5 though...a chance of a little over 5ft 10.
Ethan Couch said on 5/Dec/19
I was on set with this guy about a month ago in Nashville. Looked a little over 5’9.
Bobby 1.78m said on 4/Nov/19

The comment is a year or two old, but I still think it deserves some attention. I don't make excuses. I'm just practical and that's all there is to it. I also have different definitions than others on here, so that clashes. I wouldn't say I have been dishonest.
Jacky Huynh said on 2/Sep/19
Maybe 5ft 10.5in
TheBat said on 26/Jun/19
5'10.25" at max. Flat 5'10" throughout the day.
Nik said on 22/Jun/19
Lovely pics!
Nik said on 25/Mar/19
The average vote justifies his listing!
Canson said on 27/Jan/18
@Christian: I see what you’re saying that it’s undervalued but people continuing to lie only makes it worse imho. I think for guys that size maybe splitting it is fair enough and saying 5’10 1/2 is fine if you desire meaning if Greg dips to 5’10.25 at a low and only because just like a 5’10.25 and a 5’10 look the same so will a 5’10.25 and a 5’10.5. Plus at that range you’re right most will want to be taller so he would actually never be called out on that as lying up. But that’s where the parity is once over 6’0” don’t see it necessary to round. That’s why like for me or you both wake up 6’5 and 6’6 respectively but I feel more in line with a 6’4 and am happy with that height vs claiming 6’5” especially since I don’t measure it for more than maybe 10-15 minutes in the AM. When I measured this morning I was 195.7 out of bed and was down to 194.8 after an hour of being awake. Then now at 6.5 hours out of bed was 194 flat. I didn’t lounge around or anything tho and made sure I didn’t recline or anything and just sat in a regular chair upright when we ate breakfast etc.

A lot of my rationale with not claiming higher at my size tho has to do with how I get when someone inflates me I can be pretty annoyed so I don’t want to do it to someone taller if I claimed 6’5” then a legit 6’5 guy I would be forcing him to claim 6’5 1/2 or 6’6” etc. maybe forcing isn’t the right word but putting them in an awkward situation which is what people do to others when they lie. And I know very few 6’5” guys that actually want to be taller. I even have a 6’5” friend your size that won’t claim anything above 6’5”. He just says he’s 6’5 even tho he’s strong 6’5 too. So I do it out of fairness as one I don’t see a claim as being very important in the grand scheme of things as it’s just a way for people to psych themselves out and There is no added incentive for me to claim taller at any height let alone 6’4”.

my definition is like Rob describes them too. Someone who is .25 up to maybe half at a low or near the low. I think once you’ve surpassed half you can say weak but in my case or yours honestly (not sure how you feel about a roundup on yours) but at my height 6’4.5 I would be content not rounding up to 6’5 same with 6’5.5 for sure as I wouldn’t want to round up to 6’6. If I were like 6’4.75 I’d be okay with 6’5 then but 6’5” is the max height In my honest opinion that is still good. Probably right where you are is about as tall as one could be firmly into 196 but still closer to 6’5 at a low.

@Greg: tbh though it really wouldn’t matter unless you’re 6’0” at your lowest or maybe close to it like 5’11.5 or so. At 22 you likely have stopped growing (I thought you were more like 20). But at that age you probably won’t gain much unless maybe 1/8” and get to where you don’t go below 3/8. If you got a 1/4” that would be like Christian said roundable and you could comfortably be in the middle or even closer if a mm above it
Ben said on 16/Jan/18
Canson, I claim 5'10" in public tho
Ben said on 16/Jan/18
Canson, 3 months ago I was 5'10.25" at my low and 5'11" in the morning. I'm not sure either why they attacked me, I think it was because I didn't use the same type of tape that Rob is using... but now I've provided them enough evidence (Measuring myself with the tape that Rob uses etc) that it is basically imposssible to say I lie about my height.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 16/Jan/18
Canson: Yeah I could see Greg shooting up like 8mms over the next 2 years.

Christian: yeah 5’11” is a great height. They get guesses at 6’-6’2”.
Especially rowan Atkinson, I Watched that guy in English class and he looked like a giant.

^^I respect your guys opinions that 175cm is still the average height. But imho it’s near 2020 and 5’9” hasn’t been average since the 1980’s-early 2000s.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 16/Jan/18

I don't really blame Greg for claiming his morning height of 5'11" especially because we know that 5'10"-5'11" is undervalued in society due to people claiming higher than they really are. And you're right, since he's still young he could grow a bit and could no longer drop under 5'10.5" mathematically making him nearer to 5'11".
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 13/Jan/18
Same here Christian, not sure why he’s been claiming his morning height for such a long time.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 13/Jan/18

I didn't know you drop down to 178.5cm. I always thought you're a weak 5'11", like 179-179.5cm. I guess you're a strong 5'10" then.
Isaac Hamilton said on 11/Jan/18
He does not look taller than Ian and I think his hair just gives an illusion that he's taller.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 27/Dec/17
5'11"-er, oh, so you must wake up a strong fraction over 181 in the mornings right? Like 181.8.

But yeah you’re 180 most of the day and are 5’11”.
5'11"-er said on 25/Dec/17
@Psychedelic Earth 187
Last week I woke up at 6am and spent the entire day at uni after which I went out with my mates and didn’t come back until around midnight and it’s safe to say at that point I had reached my lowest possible evening height. I measured myself using an aerosol spray just like Rob does and I got 179,7 cm. Usually by dinner time / 5 pm I measure around 180,(0-3) cm.

Telling people I’m 5’10,91111.......” can get a bit tiring after a while which is why I just say 5’11” :D
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 17/Dec/17
@5'11er, sorry buddy, we go by dinnertime heights and unless you have a very short thin waist, you may very well drop to 179(5'10.5") by dinnertime.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 16/Dec/17
@Greg, @5’11”-er would be 180-181 hence his nickname. He probably is 182-183 in the mornings.
5'11"-er said on 1/Dec/17
Rob, how come he looks way taller on TV and in photos next to other people? Like he’s the tallest 5’10” guy I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to imagine I actually have an inch on him.
Cameron said on 20/Jul/17
Textbook 5'10"
even said on 17/Jul/17
exactly 5 foot 10
Smoshian said on 11/Jun/17
What are the chances of him being 0,5-1 inch taller? I mean, his posture seems pretty laid back in most photos I've seen. Do you reckon he could clear the 5'10,5" mark after a wee back-stretch?
Editor Rob
a little over 5ft 10, but a full 5ft 10.5 I just don't think he'd be that height during daytime.
berta said on 14/Dec/16
i thought both him and ial somerhalder was in the 175 range. this is the tallest i can see him
Garret said on 10/Dec/16
Rob how tall is the guy who plays Enzo in the show?
MJKoP said on 29/Oct/16
Am I the only one to notice how much he looks like an older, taller Bieber?!?!?!
Editor Rob
I would never have thought that, although I can see a little bit now.
Tiago said on 10/Oct/16
He is 5'11 FT equal Joseph Morgan !
Mike said on 5/Aug/16
Rob i feel like your to Obsessed With Height. Like you make almost everyone seem shorter. And you say that its always somehow fake when someone grows taller. Like the grow taller guru, (lance ward). He had tested it on many and it varied. Some grew alot some grew a bit. But you that one guy that grew from 6 foot to 6 2 he seemed like he actually grew when standing beside lance.
Andrea said on 3/Aug/16
If you didn't know Josh measured himself in the 178 range, what would you have given to him? 5'10.25? 5'10.5? Which are those celebrities that looked very similar to him in person?
Editor Rob
in person he was a solid 5ft 10 range, quite similar to casper van dien looked.
Andrea said on 3/Aug/16
Rob, did he look similar to Josh in person? Josh looks taller to me but it could be worse posture...
Josh told me he was "afraid" to be 5'9 but he certainly doesn't look any less than 178-179 range!
Editor Rob
I would have guessed Josh exactly as he measured and Paul barefoot would likely be not over 5ft 10, but Paul generally isn't a guy with the greatest posture, he can look shorter than Ian at a lot of convention photos but in reality Somerhalder standing about on his own has great posture.
Ronny said on 2/Aug/16
Rob im pretty sure you wear some shoe lifters, because i cant see myself an inch and a half taller than this guy.
Editor Rob
well it's good to question things.

If I did wear elevators or lifts why would I not mention it? Why would I miss out an opportunity to promote/link to Dons directly underneath the photo?

I'm wearing Merrell sneakers that weekend, roughly around 0.7 inch...
Grant said on 16/May/16
Do you think he had a bad sleep when you met him because he struggles with 5'10 next to you but in other pictures he looks taller
Editor Rob
Wesley did look a 5ft 10 guy, I doubt he's any shorter.
mr.rashid said on 22/Sep/15
[Editor Rob: he may be the upper end of the range near 5ft 11.]

What do u mean? Strong or weak 5'11?
Editor Rob
I think I'd need to look more at him to tell, at times he can look 179 then other times I think he can appear 180 range comfortably!
mr.rashid said on 19/Sep/15
[Editor Rob: not seen any recent (last 2 seasons) of that show so not up to speed, but he looks somewhere in 5ft 10 range]

Rob, he clearly looks nothing as low as 5'10"?!!!

he looks an easy 6ft range next to David Gyasi (Who u met)
Click Here

Although he doesnt look over 1.5 inches on Paul Wesley
Click Here

looks close to Grant Gustin Click Here

but looks shorter than Matt Davis Click Here

and same height as Austin Butler Click Here

he could actually look anywhere from 5'11"-6" range
Editor Rob
he may be the upper end of the range near 5ft 11.
kW said on 27/Jul/15
Isn't he a little bit closer to 5'11 he looks similar to 6'0 chris meloni on law and order and that was in his younger years
Ondria said on 14/Jul/15
Could you add chris wood to the website? It's very difficult to estimate his height based on the show he looks smaller than ian and sometimes taller.. What would you put chris woods at?
Clint said on 16/May/15
Are the heights recorded here on barefoot or on a 1 inch shoe, cos i don't know how you guys measure, am 6 on barefoot but 6'1 while out on shoes6'1 most times. But with my boots i get to 6'2
Editor Rob
barefoot heights we think of and list.
Matt said on 17/Feb/15
Rob, how tall do you think Chris Wood is who plays the villain Kai on TVD at the moment? Any estimation?
Editor Rob
not seen any recent (last 2 seasons) of that show so not up to speed, but he looks somewhere in 5ft 10 range
TMS said on 12/Feb/15
Rob if my morning height scrapes 5'11 and my evening height is roughly 5''10-5'10.25 what is the highest I could claim? I'm similar to paul in this regard.
Editor Rob
I believe Wesley drops to around 5ft 10ish by afternoon, you could probably claim 5ft 10.5 yourself.
CF said on 21/Jan/15
Rob, he really doesn't look that much taller than you. Don't you think he should be listed as 5'9.5?
Editor Rob
he looked about 5ft 10 from the times I seen him, I didn't think he was just 5ft 9.5 - we actually were only ones in the room at the time of that double photo with lauren so had a bit longer seeing him.
kayla said on 12/Jan/15
he's gotta be at least 5 10.5 if somerhalder is 5 9.25 they often look similar at beginning of TVD probably b/c Somerhalder is wearing lifts but as series progresses height difference becomes more apparent as Somerhalder stops wearing lifts
MD said on 29/Nov/14
With 5'9.75" Kevin Spacey:

Click Here
Editor Rob
there is another photo of those guys Here.

In person Wesley basically looks a 5ft 10 guy to me.
Derek said on 27/Nov/14
Hey Rob, what's your final decision on his exact height?
Editor Rob
I think I'd stick with as close to 5ft 10 as possible, give or take a small amount. I'd rule out 179 and 177
Jack said on 4/Oct/14
Rob, do you think Paul is even 5'11 with shoes on?
Editor Rob
yes I think he looked about 5ft 10 in person, or near enough to that mark, so with 1 inch shoe near 5ft 11 mark.
Bran said on 9/Aug/14
Well Rob, being straight with you no bs HRG photo's confirms one of the lsitings is incorrect, and im sure it isnt Wesley. Maybe Haynes has wore lifts on occasions and fooled you a little. I know the odd photo isnt the be all and end all but only 1.5 inch there ?
Editor Rob
colton can lok 5ft 8 flat aswell at times
HRG said on 5/Aug/14
Hey Rob, here's a picture of Paul Wesley and Colton Haynes : Click Here
How tall do you think Colton might be? He claimed 5 ft 9, do you thinks it's fair?
Editor Rob
he's on the site here as 5ft 8.5
horacle said on 31/May/14
a weak 5'10 i think
Alex 6'0 said on 16/May/14
Not sure how some see 5'11-5'11.25. I think he looks more like 5'9.5
5'9 5'10 said on 27/Apr/14
How big where her heels or how much height would they give her?
Editor Rob
Thick beasts, you'd get at least 4 inches of actual height from them, maybe a bit more as she looked a bit taller than Wesley as I mentioned.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 25/Mar/14
Rob is there a chance he is 5ft 11in 5ft 11.25in.
Editor Rob
doesn't look that tall to me
Mathew said on 27/Dec/13
Looks slightly under 5'10" to me, accounting for footware.
Bran said on 9/Aug/13
U sure he couldn't be a 5ft9.5 guy with big hair Rob ?
Editor Rob
I think he's a typical 5ft 10 guy
Connor 184cm said on 8/Jul/13
What a handsome guy paul is(im straight by the way just making a compliment) rob is spot on with heights as usual id say paul is exactly 178cm no more no less.
Joshua said on 17/Feb/13
He is definitely 177 or 178 cms not more.
Joey said on 18/Jan/13
considering he had bigger shoes he looks more like a strong 5'9 to weak 5'10 (176cm-177cm)
Yaspaa said on 7/Dec/12
He seems a little taller than the 0.75' given on the site over Ian.
tom said on 25/Nov/12
looks pretty close,5-10.
Johnnyfive said on 21/Nov/12
Funny how Jenny looks 5'9.5 on the bottom pic
Editor Rob
she's standing normally, whilst Paul dropped some height so I dropped height to match :)

and in the top shot I'm standing better than I was in the bottom and jenny is standing a bit worse.
Jayma said on 20/Aug/12
Dan - I think, based on the heights Rob has for Paul and Ian, Daniel Gillies is around 5'9, as he is shorter than the other three in Vampire Diaries and not much taller than 5'7 Erica Durance on Saving Hope. Daniel looks a lot taller than his wife, Rachael Leigh Cook in all their photos, as she's a petite 5'2. I would guess Joseph is around 5'10 - 5'10.5, depending on the size of his heels.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Aug/12
They arent much visible, anyway they give 12 cms in your opinion? I didnt know there were heels that gave so much height, i thought that heels gave max 11 cms over your height!
Editor Rob
those might be around 11cm, the front platform bit was nearly 5cm. Sure you can get 12cm heels aswell, ones Like the 6.5 inch on here are the kind that definitely give you 12cm actual height, even though they are being called 16cm heels
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Aug/12
How can Laura be taller than Paul? Paul must be 180-181 in those shoes, Laura must be wearing heels who give 12 cms? You said that heels usually give max 11 cms...
Editor Rob
they were massive shoes that day, Look at the platform on them.

I walked by her the following day and she looked around 5ft 7 range (and was wearing like a 1.25-.5 boot I think).
Dan said on 17/Jun/12
it must be some pretty thick boots they wear, if Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan are 5'11 cos both men seem shorter than Ian Somerholder and Paul Wesley, whenever there on the show, Rob, how tall do you think Daniel and Joseph are?
Realm2008 said on 11/Feb/12
He looks identical in height to Ian a lot. I wouldn't give him more then 5'9".
Godred said on 11/Dec/11
@Ivona - Maybe but he`s nothing over 5`10.The other guy`s 5`9,so it still works.
ivona said on 17/Oct/11
paul is definately taller than ian. 180 cm
ANDREA[ITA] said on 29/Sep/11
177 is more likely for him! he looked max 5'9.5 next to Tom Welling!
ella said on 26/Sep/11
I think heigh6t is not at all to omportant, if u are not very short! I am 15, 170cm, and 45 kg!
Garret said on 25/Sep/11
Rob do you think 5ft10 Is the max for Paul Wesley or could he be over it?
Editor Rob
I think he's around 178...but 179cm? His hairstyle can add some height to him for sure!
MD said on 28/Aug/11
I'm telling you, he's the shortest looking 5'10" I've ever seen, that's for sure. lol
Big T said on 10/Aug/11
Somerhalder must've been wearing like 4 inch shoes then because Wesley was clearly shorter wearing mega boots. A good video to check out if you can be bothered.
Big T said on 8/Aug/11
Rob, I'm just watching them present an award at the Teen Choice Awards and Somerhalder is clearly taller, probably by an inch, and Wesley is wearing some seriously big shoes. The listings for these two here are not possible.
Editor Rob
I've met both guys and think Paul looks taller in person than Ian did...
Kaylene said on 31/Jul/11
Click Here
Click Here
I think she's about 5'5
Kaylene said on 30/Jul/11
Rob, how tall, do you think, his wife Torrey Devitto is?
Click Here
Click Here
vampire said on 24/Jul/11
hey.. any1 noticed? they wear high heeled boots,, especially paul.. in their show.. whats the reason for that?????
AK said on 8/Jul/11
anonim lifts arent out of the question right
ANDREA[ITA] said on 25/May/11
he looks much shorter than tom welling!
anonim said on 20/May/11
Paul Wesley is 179-180 5'10"5-5'11"
Click Here
with Thomas Dekker 177-178
in this picture Paul is a little leaning.
Amy said on 10/May/11
Nina is about 5'5"-5'6", and Paul is 5'10". Ian is 5'9"ish. There isn't anything to question anyway. Height isn't really that important, as long as you're not that short or tall. People look at your features, and your personality the most. No cares exactly how tall you are.
Bambi said on 30/Apr/11
bausse, that is short. Chicks ♥ taller guys; fact.
And 195cm isn't a freak height, it's hawttt.
bausse said on 29/Apr/11
Menace 195cm says on 11/Dec/10
Paul is quite short, standing at 176cm, I believe he is below average height in america, Elijah on the other hand, is handsome and taller, he is 188cm


nah, 175cm-178cm is in the mid-high spectrum of average - still average though. and Daniel Gillies who plays Elijah is 5'11 = 180cm not 188cm. i'll tell you this much though, i'd rather be 180cm and have good proportions than be some freak height like 195cm. PS. I seriously doubt you've met him let alone had the time to ask about his height. He's a teen heart throbe where girls everywhere are flocking to him why would he take out the time to answer some random question about his height. ^^
Jamie said on 20/Apr/11
I think Caro has it right, actually.
Caro said on 8/Apr/11
People, Nina is 5'6 or 5'7 for sure and with her heels she would be something like 5'10 or more so look the difference between nina with heels and Paul
Click Here

I bet he's way more taller than 5 ft 10
more like 6'
Peter Cohen said on 6/Apr/11
weird Paul is a lanky dude has pretty much the same body as me I'm 186-7 btw i thought he was atleast 1.83 weird i saw his pics with Ian and Nina and man he shorter than Ian u people should take in consideration Paul has big hair
paddy said on 13/Mar/11
i've just seen the first episode of the vampire diaries. the thing to judge his height on are his shoes - at least 5 cm heels. would a 5'10''-6'0 guy wear those? i do not think so. even in those he is max as tall as somerhalder.
Menace 195cm said on 26/Feb/11
He is 176cm no more no less , i asked him when i met him in Sydney.
Leung said on 22/Feb/11
Rob, I can't understand why you have Wesley listed 2cm taller than Somerhalder. I have watched most episodes of Vampire Diaries and they are fairly equal in height, and if there was any difference I believe Somerhalder would be the one with the slight height advantage.
5'10" for Wesley is wrong.
MD said on 21/Feb/11

Not sure if I see that one has a longer body than the other. In fact, they look pretty much around the same build (maybe even generally the same weight). But, what you're right on is the head. Paul has a longer head, for sure, whereas Ian's face is more square-shapped.
JennyJ said on 19/Feb/11
Allow me to clear out the deal of who is taller between Ian and Paul. If you see Ian has a longer body than Paul, just take a look at their shoulders and you will see Ian's shoulders taller than Paul's; but the thing is Paul has a big head and Ian a small one, so as Paul has a bigger head, he can reach the height of Ian. But if you imagine Paul with a head the size of Ian's, Ian would be definetely taller and it would happen the same if you imagine Ian with a head as big as Paul's. And for proving this:
Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/11
Just saw him on George Lopez and looks shorter than Lopez who is listed as 5'10 here
Menace 197cm said on 1/Feb/11
Paul is 5'10.75", he needs an upgrade. He is a model of course he needs to be above 5'10" right?
Pete said on 31/Jan/11
Both of these guys theem wear huge lifts. I think Paul is probably 1/2 inch taller than Ian who's 5 ft 9.25 in lifts.
Courtney said on 10/Jan/11
"MD" Ian Somerhalder is 5'9 1/2, So I'm pretty sure this is accurate, and there is a slight height difference between the two.
MD said on 13/Dec/10
Are you not looking at the pictures? And, the boots issue has absolutely no relevance if both are in them. Obviously, they are both the same height within a quarter-of-an-inch. Either Paul is closer to 5'9" or Ian is closer to 5'10". There is not a near-inch difference in their height, Rob.
John said on 13/Dec/10
If I look at the pictures MD posted, I have to say...Paul Welsey is wearing the bigest shoelifts I've ever seen. His posture looks as if he is standing on the tip of his toes. The curve of his shoes has also a very sharp angle. I don't know how tal the guy is, but he desperately wants to look a lot taller than he really is.
MD said on 13/Dec/10

With 5'9"ish Ian Somerholder, and in similar footwear, no less, with Paul maybe even having the advantage:

Click Here

And here's another:

Click Here

Click Here

These two are basically the same height, and that's more in the 5'9" range than the 5'10" range. Needless to say, you at least need to bring down his height to that of Somerhalder's.

Editor Rob
both of them wear decent sized boots on their show, I still think paul is the taller out of them both
Menace 195cm said on 11/Dec/10
Paul is quite short, standing at 176cm, I believe he is below average height in america, Elijah on the other hand, is handsome and taller, he is 188cm

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