How tall is Phil Collins

Phil Collins Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

English Singer, known for the band Genesis and as an actor for appearing in Buster. In an interview with Playboy in 1986 he mentioned that "People keep saying I am short. I'm 5ft 8in, which in England is the average height, OK!". He reiterated this height in a FusionMusic interview, saying: "I'm 5' 8" I think. No ones measured me for a long time".

How tall is Phil Collins
Photo by PR Photos
On both sides of the Atlantic, I bestride the changing decades like a Versace-clad, five-foot-eight colossus.

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Average Guess (45 Votes)
5ft 6.17in (168.1cm)
Callum Brown said on 23/Apr/24
169 - 169.5 cm peak

166 - 167 cm today
Slamo said on 26/Dec/22
Lol 5-8. He was never over 5-7. Probably 5-6.
Gladstone Screwer said on 22/Dec/22
Under 5’6” today, possibly never over it.
5’8” claim is insulting from this ridiculous man.
And 5’8” may have been average 100 years ago, now it’s closer to 5’10”.
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 17/Aug/22
Oh, I get it! Big G stands for Genesis :)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/22
I’ve been watching clips from the 1985 Live Aid concert, and
I noticed that Phil was one of the drummers when Led Zeppelin were performing Stairway To Heaven.

How incredibly cool! 🥁🎶👌🏼

Alex C. said on 15/Apr/22
impossible for phil to be below 170cm in his younger years look at him in the pics where he is next to eric clapton he looks about two inches below i would rather see phil around 171 or 172cm for his peak up at around 50 years old.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Apr/22
Another CD I dug out from behind the bookcase was the Genesis album ‘Seconds Out’. Absolute MAGIC!

5ft6.5. 🎼🎶🎵🎤😀👌🏼
Rapha said on 6/Apr/22
Hi Rob

Isn’t it time for a peak and current height for Phil ?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Mar/22
Many Genesis fans only rave about the Peter Gabriel years, but I defy anyone who listens to ‘And Then There Were Three’ not to find it out of this world. This doesn’t often happen. but the album can bring tears to my eyes, as can Mike Oldfield’s ‘Ommadawn’.

5ft6.5. 🎼🎵🎤
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jan/22
I went upstairs to the 🚽 and I could hear Abacab coming from the radio. I played it on my phone and was touched by one of the replies, which came from a blind guy, who was discussing the impact of the musical instruments. He talked about how his sense of hearing is heightened and took it from there. What a brave human being, content with what he's been given.

I bought the single Abacab in January 1982, just before my 21st Birthday. It brings back some superb memories for me too. Not long after, I bought the entire album.

Phil gets 5ft6.5. 🎼🎵🎧🎶
rmls34 said on 13/Jan/22
A great singer, one of my favorites!
toddd0461 said on 20/Nov/21
Love his music, but definitely not 5'8.
As said on 7/Oct/21
How tall is his elder brother clive? He seems to be several inches taller than phil.
Editor Rob
For Reference, he looks like 8 inches taller
Sonnecker said on 6/Oct/21
Sincerely, I can't see him under 170cm in his youth; he was about 172 cm, in my opinion, until he was 50. I know he had severe physical troubles, expecially because of rheumatoid arthritis and several bone surgeries; I'd give him 168 cm now.
Progking184 said on 7/Aug/21
Yeah Phil is not that short, thought he was a bit shorter than 5'6-5'6.5 at first but thats cause many of the photos ive seen he's next to Mike Rutherford, who was somewhere 6'2-6'3 in his prime
David Larrabee said on 21/May/21
At the end of this video, Phil is walking between Tony and Mike. Phil looks to be about 3 inches shorter than 5'9 Tony, high would put him at 5'6, possibly 5'6 1/2. So I believe the 5'6 ranking is accurate, he was never 5'8.

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Alex.C said on 20/May/21
Hello Rob,

I think Phil's height at his peak really approached 5ft8, but not quite. I would rather estimate it at 5ft7 1/2.

Looking at this photo, Phil looks at most two inches shorter than Tony, although the photo looks very slightly to Phil's advantage.

Even undervaluing Tony to 5ft9, that would put Phil at a minimum of 5ft7, which is already an inch above the current rating.

However, I would rather estimate Tony Banks at 5ft9 1/2, which is 1/2 inch taller than Steve Hackett who stands at 5ft9, if you compare them to the other members of the Genesis group.

I would add that this photo dates from 1991, so no size loss possible for both of them because at that time they are both barely 40 years old, or a very negligible loss of around 1/8 of thumb. As for their shoes, they appear to have a classic sole of around 1 inch for both of them.

Regarding his size in 2021, given his current age (70), it must be taken into account that he must have lost in height like anyone of this age, as well as several heavy operations that he has undergone on the back in recent years, caused by poor posture after more than 40 years of playing the drums. Looking at some recent photos I don't see it exceeding the size of 5ft5 1/2 currently, so in my opinion it would have lost about two inches in height.

So to sum it up, I see Phil Collins tallest at 5ft7 1/2, possibly 5ft7 3/4 high in his 20s and 5ft5 1/2 in 2021 at the age of 70.

Sorry for the length of this post, but I am a huge fan of Phil Collins and wanted to comment on his size.

Finally, I really appreciate the work you do on your website regarding celebrity height, thank you Rob.



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David Larrabee said on 19/May/21
Paul, there's no way that was Phil you saw walking. He uses a cane to walk and looks older now due to his recent health issues.
Paul 5' 9.75 said on 3/Apr/21

I've just walked past him in Holland Park, London.

He had pavement advantage but this listing looks accurate.

Definitely not the 5' 8" he claims!

Looked a picture of health actually and nowhere near age 70! I'd have guessed him at early 60s tops.
Progking184 said on 24/Mar/21
5'6, I think Tony is 5'9, Peter Gabriel and Mike were 5'11 and 6'2.5 back in the day, and Steve 5'8
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jan/21
🎂🎶 Happy 7️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Phil! 🎶🎂

Here's wishing rock legend Phil Collins a wonderful BIG 7️⃣-0️⃣, and a happy and healthy new year to come. 😘

5ft6. XXX 🎁🍻🎵😁

OriginalAnon said on 27/Aug/20
5'6'' seems about right. I could accept a third of an inch over, but his claim of 5'8'' is clearly off.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jul/20
My brother always loiters about outside when I play 'And Then There Were Three'; last time I found him hanging around, I told him to come in. He did!


I'm a-going for five foot six and three quarters. Frankly, I don't think a teeny bit of lack of height bothers him!

⭐ I saw him on a TV interview and he.had me laughing so much that I swallowed my tea down the wrong hole!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/20
@ Mighty J Young - I wrote that comment when I had been visiting Celebheights for just a very few months. Since that time, my views have changed regarding height. You could say, I have learnt a great deal.

Phil is an unbeatable singer, drummer and actor. I'm afraid I was brought up by a mother who was really quite 'heightist'. At 5ft1 myself, I have no right to be! I'm the equivalent of Phil's height in female form.

Phil gets 5ft6.25 😉👍🎧🥁🎶
Nik Ashton said on 1/Feb/20
I wonder if he really thinks that the average is 5’6”!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jan/20
🎉🎁🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Phil! 🎈🎂🎁🎉

Wishing the great singer, actor and drummer a terrific 69th Birthday today.

5ft6.25. 😁🥁♋

Mighty J. Young said on 25/Jan/20
@Sandy Cowell
I agree with you that he has tremendous talent and success that would be plenty enough to make up for any possible shortcomings. But I don’t see why someone would ever have to “make up for their lacking in the height department.” I don’t really get how people of below average height should be expected to make up for this, or why it’d be a negative attribute in the first place.

Especially since 5’ 6 isn’t THAT short. Unless it’s from the view of someone who is pretty tall lol
Engjell Mestanovski said on 9/Dec/19
Phil is short (5 feet 6 inches) but he's a talented drummer and has his own voice. Amazing artist!
Nearly 180cm guy said on 1/Dec/19
Hey Rob, please look at this video and stop at 0:30:
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Would you say that Phil's boots like Sully Erna boots can have a two-inch heel?
Editor Rob
It looks like a 2-inch cowboy heel
Nik said on 9/Nov/19
@ Terence Perring - More like 5'8.875" - 5'9.125" range!
187cmjames said on 7/Nov/19
It is impossible that the average height in England is anywhere near to 6 foot, that is the average in Netherlands which is the tallest country, average in England is probably 5’9 - 5’10 range
Terence Perring said on 3/Nov/19
He says: ''I'm 5ft 8in, which in England is the average height, OK!". Average my bottom. More like 6ft these days
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Sep/19
I'm listening to Genesis' 'And Then There Were Three'.

Let me tell you, the grammar is impeccable! 😉👍


Nino said on 23/Jul/19
okay thats weird. here Phil looks at least 6" more like 6-1" next to famous german actor Thomas Gottschalk who is about 6-4

thats really weird. Sure he has lifts, but cmon a 5-6 guy cant make him self looking 6-1 thats crazy- i mean he really looks shorter then his 5-8 claim ... but after seeing that i´d stick to his claim. He must be at least very close to 5-8

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Sonnecker said on 5/Apr/18
His body proportions make him appear shorter than he is...Idem close to the tall Mark Rutherford. So I believe he was like 172 cm then in youth and 168/169 now...
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/18
@ EthanCouch - He he he! Phil looks short on the Genesis covers because he is!

I'm quite crazy about the band, and used to own their CD's when they were big discs. Of course Phil looks short! He is...!

.... and he makes up for his lacking in the height department by having a cracking sense of humour and being a great vocallist! I even forgave him for his dalliance in Soul! They say Peter Gabriel was irresplaceable, and I have to agree there, but listen to the album 'And Then There Were Three', and tell me it's not beautiful! It is, and it's high time I bought myself a new copy!

Phil gets 5ft5.75 - current height, 5ft6.25 optimum! The mean is 5ft6, so in it goes!
EthanCouch said on 24/Mar/18
He’s about 5’5 I’d say cause he looks short on some of the genesis covers.
And what about Don Henley’s height Rob please.
Gracian said on 13/Feb/18
Rob, Phil Collins has always been more of a Rock singer than a pop singer, both in his solo career and in his Genesis band. Unfortunately, I have the impression that the rock singers section is a bit deserted... I'm asking you again, Rob please add Phil, Dolores O'Riordan and Hozier here: Click Here
Editor Rob
He could fall into both categories really, although giving him a rock singer tag is fair enough.
Josh Jeffords said on 10/Feb/18
Ive seen several concerts he did he never looks as small as elton john who was infamously tiny.
How is he shorter id guess 5 8 in the 70-80s or barefoot 5 7 .25 min.
He didnt seem 4 inches plus under sting when I saw them perform and in fact he was taller than elton.
Dude 173 cm said on 15/Jan/18
Genesis band is more rock than pop
Adijos said on 27/Dec/17
Phil Collins has always made great music! Rob, I think you could add it to the rock singers section: Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Feb/17
I would have gone for 5ft7.5 for his younger 'Genesis' days, but even when he took over from Peter Gabriel as singer, he was still sitting down playing the drums as well as singing!
But they did make some cracking videos! I am thinking of the one where the three remaining members of the group are creeping along in a line..."we can't dance..."🎶etc., etc.!
Next to the particularly tall Mike Rutherford, Phil looks very small indeed! Yes, that's done it! He gets 5ft6 from me! Unfortunately I haven't watched the film 'Buster', which would give an excellent chance to compare him to 5ft3 Julie Walters. 🎧🎤
Giorgi said on 10/Dec/16
2 inches is too much I guess :)) Rob, since he mentions Britain, which British country according to your knowledge has the highest and the lowest average?
Editor Rob
Giorgi, I really don't think there's much difference across Scotland, Wales or England or even NI, but England might edge things.
Eric said on 21/Mar/16
Well maybe he was 5'7 in his prime then. He looks a pretty good height in the in too deep video. And also in I can't dance music video. But he could've been wearing lifts to be around 5'8 or whatever.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/16
If Collins is 5ft8 than Rutherford was pushing 6ft5 which I don't buy for a second
Eric said on 16/Mar/16
In the "I can't dance" video, coins looks around 5'8 next to Mike Rutherford. Like a weak 5'8. So maybe his claim is true.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Feb/16
So 6ft2 range and possibly nearer 6ft3 peak depending on his age there...Quite often the lesser known sibling tends to be taller much to the chagrin of the more famous one
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jan/16
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Rob, how tall do you think his brother is?
Editor Rob
looks like there could be 8 inches between them. Biologically same parents? If so, a good example of how genetics can vary with height!
Ice said on 13/Nov/15
Im 6'3 and 5'8 looks very short to me . I live in Austria , and rarely see men under 5'11 / 180 cm .
Ice said on 13/Nov/15
5'8 average ? Maybe in south Korea , but not in an European country . Not even in one of the shortest averaging European countries .
BrandonB said on 4/Oct/15
Is he till that now rob? Has he shrunk?
Editor Rob
he might be heading to 5ft 5 range soon as he enters the mid 60's range.
Just looked said on 12/Aug/15
Was this peak, rob?
Editor Rob
I'd view it as a peak.
AdeyP said on 12/Jun/15
Ian C. says on 27/Apr/14
Anybody who insists that he is average at anything is likely below average. I am of average good looks. As is my fictional twin Gollum.
Haha, I think you make a good point!
Brad said on 8/Jan/15
5' 5". His 5' 8" line is laughing gas....even a 5' 6.5" G owned him.
violet said on 2/Nov/14
Well, I'm now 5'6" but I used to be 5'8". This happens when you get older, people. I thought I was still 5'8" until the doctor had them measure my height. I'm a female, so no big deal, but this would not be easy on a guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Oct/14
Rob, what happened to Mike Rutherford's page?
Chitown Jim said on 4/Jul/14
I ran into Phil Collins once at LaGuardia in New York City. I was struck at how short he was. He is 5'4" at most. Since then, I have noticed how during videos he always appears standing behind something, so he must be self-conscious about his stature.
a guy said on 23/Jun/14
I love how he says he doesn't even know for certain, because he doesn't really care. I admire people who do not care about height. They know what really counts in this world.
Susie said on 2/Jun/14
I think 5ft 6in is a great height in a man. I am a 5ft 2 or 3 inch 58 year old woman. Although people say I look like I'm in my 40s, but back to Phil. It's his muscular body build and good looks along w/ his voice not to mention his talent at playing drums that turns me on. I would give anything if I could meet him in person.
Ian C. said on 27/Apr/14
Anybody who insists that he is average at anything is likely below average. I am of average good looks. As is my fictional twin Gollum.
Mathew said on 14/Sep/13
If he's 5'6", he's a weak 5'6".
Derek said on 17/Oct/12
Definitely a short guy. From the quotes you posted, he seems like the type of guy that's insecure about his height and doesn't want to admit that he's short. You have him bang on at 5'6".
Mathew said on 9/Sep/12
Phil is at most 5'6" and is likely not much more than 5'5". I remember Glenn appeared to have him by at the very least 1.5 inches when they were pictured together.
T-Squared said on 2/Nov/11
Even on allmusic Phil is described as "diminutive". Nobody would casually refer to a celebrity who is 5'8 as diminutive.
Mathew said on 2/Nov/11
Phil says on 19/Sep/11
LOL He reminds me of " I'm 5 foot 8" Glenn. He is defintely shorter than 5 foot 7.
Well, Phil Collins is a great singer.

Funny thing is, Glenn had him easy by a couple inches when they used to have their picture here. Phil is closer to 5'5" than 5'7".
Will said on 1/Oct/11
Phil Collins is 5'5" flat. He is short but never average height.
Phil said on 19/Sep/11
LOL He reminds me of " I'm 5 foot 8" Glenn. He is defintely shorter than 5 foot 7.
Well, Phil Collins is a great singer.
5'8.76786 said on 14/Aug/11
Rob, waht would you say are the heights of the rest of Genesis basing it on this photo? They seem pretty tall, especially Mike.

Click Here
Editor Rob
that photo makes him appear a fair bit shorter, I've never looked at other genesis members. A couple look 2 and 3 inches taller and the tall guy a good few more inches on top of that.
Alex2401 said on 21/Jul/11
168cm-170cm range seams right for Phil
krazy krippled! said on 2/Jan/11
He's short alright, as a drummer myself I always looked up to Phil since he's extremely talented and his Genesis work is astonishing. Now knowing he's shorter than me has made my day!!!
Fernando said on 3/Dec/10
5'4"!! 168 centimeters!
Dylan said on 29/Jun/09
L - The posters on here care because this is a height site not a fan site.
L. said on 8/Jun/09
i think he is about 5'6. meh, who cares. he is a legend, he can be any height (:
Brad said on 3/Jun/09
Lost my respect with his 5' 8" claim. I wouldn't doubt 5' 5.5".
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
He can't be 5ft 8in, before the photo was removed he looked a good two inches shorter than 5ft 6.5in - 5ft 7in Glenn. Phil's not over 5ft 5in.
leonari said on 11/Apr/09
I think he is below 5'6
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
I'd say 5'5.5" fits the bill perfectly.
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
5'8" is laughable for Phil Collins. He is 5'5.5"- 5'6" MAX!!. I think you have him 2 cm too high here, 166cm is about right.
adam said on 17/Dec/08
5-6. Correct!
Mark said on 18/Nov/08
Phil Collins looks taller to me. He got to be 5 ft 8.
Frankie said on 16/Nov/08
I saw the final bows of Genesis at the Verizon Center in D.C. and Phil looked 5'8", Tony looked 5'10, and Mike is a good 6'3.5"
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
He looks 5'7 next to at least 6'2 Paul Young in their 1987 tour
leonari said on 21/Sep/08
could be below 5'6 but not full inch
Derek said on 20/Sep/08
I said awhile ago that Phil was 5'5".
glenn said on 20/Jun/08
late 1991 or early 1992.more on the 91.
Derek said on 19/Jun/08
Glenn- Didn't you say the first photo was from 1992?
Rick said on 18/Jun/08
Phil Collins a legend
but he's definitely 5'6
Mattiew_- said on 17/Jun/08
Lol , people in the UK are pretty tall , 5'6" is absolutely not average , young guys ( around 30-35's and less ) are 5'11/6' average ...
glenn said on 19/Mar/08
i think my hair has looked better,but thank you.too many years had passed for him to remember me.
Elle said on 19/Mar/08
Nice hair in the top one Glenn! Did he remember you?
shan said on 15/Mar/08
if michael jackson is 5 9..then phil has got to be at least 5 8 and a half or so,,if u look at this clip,,you cant see their feet..but they r standing pretty even..and mj looks abt an inch taller...either that or michael isnt 5 9 but..5 7 and a half...hmmm..Click Here it around the 2.00 mark to see the height diff..
Rob2 said on 13/Mar/08
Hey, I'm 5' 9" barefoot, around 5'11" in shoes and people constantly say i look around 5' 11", but i always insist im 5' 9" because i simply am. I dont get this thing people have about upgrading there height an inch or 2, it makes no sense to me. Phil Collins seems to be one of these people. Hes 5'6" max from that top photo, he might get away with 5'7" on the bottom one.
BuenosAires said on 12/Mar/08
post ww2 could be that average height in england , but England is quite different from Sweden , it has a totally different history of etnicity , plus the english tourists I see are of all heights
Adam Brennon said on 28/Feb/08
5' 8" may not be the statistical medium height for a man in the UK, but it's in the range of a normal stature. It has probably come to be regarded as short because of the number of relatively short men, like Phil who claim 5' 8" and indeed 5' 9". It's curious the way they never seem to try for 5' 10".
Ted said on 23/Feb/08
Being 5'5 and 3/4 is basically 5'6 and if you add morning height he could be about 5'6.25
tubbs said on 11/Feb/08
Maybe Phil has shrunk, or has bad posture these days, because I have recently seen footage of him from 1984, where he is only a couple of inches shorter than Sting, is taller than 5'7" Midge Ure, and only looks about 5 inches at the most shorter than 6'1.5" Simon Le Bon. I'm not making this up, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Also on stage with Paul Young, who is around the 6'2" mark, there was no more than 6" between them, he was in Converse allstars in all of the footage.....any explanations?
glenn said on 26/Nov/07
taken about 6-8 weeks ago.
Derek said on 25/Nov/07
Glenn- How recent is the second picture with Phil?
joe said on 13/Nov/07
I would say 5'5 and 3/4. What was he like when you met him recently glenn? Was he in a better mood than he was in the earlier pic?
Anthony said on 11/Nov/07
I see 5'6 as well, but he might be getting a "boost". He had boots on in concert.
glenn said on 11/Nov/07
you could be right damimal.
Danimal said on 11/Nov/07
I still see 5'6" there. Lowest I would give him 5'5.5"
glenn said on 11/Nov/07
he is nice now.a dick in the old days.
mofo said on 10/Nov/07
Glenn is he a nice person?
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/07
Phil's posture in the top pic is hilarious.
He's really stretching himself for all the 5 f 5in he is.
glenn said on 7/Nov/07
daltrey might be a hair taller than collins.its close.or the same.
Schnouzer Breath said on 7/Nov/07
he's around Rodger Daltry's heighth (maybe a little over 5.5 but not quite 5.6)
Danimal said on 6/Nov/07
Collins is closer to 60 I believe and yes, I will make the claim that by his age, he could have easily lost 1" in height.
glenn said on 5/Nov/07
correct leonari.he was never past 5-6.and maybe never was 5-6.i dont agree 100 percent on your shrinking issue.forgive me.while some exaggerate,i saw david lee roth recently barely hit 5-10.he was 6ft in his prime.and he is 53 and fit.
leonari said on 5/Nov/07
Collins is in his fifties. Why shoud he shrink 4 cm at that age?? What will he be when he is 80 ? 5'2??Danimal: Man...since this shrinking issue came up everybody thinks once you are 50 you lose 2 inches. GET REAL! I bet you that 90 % of healthy people DO not lose visible height in their early 50 ies. Never. He never was 5'7".
leonari said on 5/Nov/07
just wanted to make sure we agree Glenn. Thats all. Thanks a lot for confirming my guesstimate.
glenn said on 4/Nov/07
i think i have one foot in the gutter too and one in the street.,so that doesnt help either.i dont understand your question leonari? i just said the same thing you said.
Danimal said on 4/Nov/07
This man could have been 5'7" in his younger days. Today he's 5'5.5"-5'6".
leonari said on 4/Nov/07
Glenn: You think he looks taller in your pics?? I don't. He looks over 5'5" but under 5'6" if you ask me.
Thanks for the answer.
glenn said on 4/Nov/07
under 5-6.but how much im not clear.maybe 5-5 is too low.but how does that explain the top photo?.
leonari said on 4/Nov/07
So Glenn after this recent encounter: Give us your final verdict on Phil Collins. 5'5" or closer to 5'6"???
Please man. I appreciate it.
glenn said on 3/Nov/07
thats true danimal.but the photo was taken at an awkward moment that made me lunge foward without my usual wasnt a relaxed situtation.
Danimal said on 3/Nov/07
the truth is, being thinner gives us the impression of being taller. I just turned 30 and I looked taller like 10-12 years ago, because I was thinner. Glenn's a great guy, but I think the same would apply for him, if you don't mind me saying Glenn. I went from like 145 at 18 to like 214 today at 30! My neck looks less long and it makes me look less tall.
glenn said on 3/Nov/07
i remember hunching foward.which i normally dont do with men.
Aaron said on 2/Nov/07
notice how glenn is closer to the street anonymous4, so he's probably at a disadvantage because of the slant that sidewalks tend to have. Plus, he's farther from the camera in the newer pic. That probably accounts for the difference in height "illusion" that you're talking about. He's still 5'8".
Anonymous4 said on 2/Nov/07
Glenn, have you lost some height since your 20s? You look shorter on the new photo, or is he wearing big shoes?
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/07
Brandon you lose height throughout the day
Danimal said on 2/Nov/07
5'6" seems about right. May have been 5'7" in his younger days.
Brandon said on 29/Oct/07
Its a natural tendancy for us to think we are taller than we really are. I used to think i was 5'10" then 5'9" I say i am about 5'8" however I was just measured barefoot the other day at 5'7" 3/4
Anonymous said on 14/Jul/07
LMAO I'm 5'8...if he is 5'8 I am 5'11
Derek said on 11/Jun/07
In that case, it's time for a downgrade Rob. If Glenn was 5'7" then, Phil is 5'5".
Derek said on 11/Jun/07
Collins looks angry because Glenn told him he's not 5'8", and that is clearly the case. Sorry Phil, you're 5'6" buddy, 5'5" if Glenn was 5'7".
Beazer Holmes said on 7/May/07
Mr. Phillips D.C. Collins looks Angry Like the Wolf (LOL!)
Bobbe said on 6/May/07
Dominic are you sure the average in England is only 173 cm? In Sweden the average is 180 cm. I cant see you english folkes much smaller than that. It has to be atleast 178 cm in England.
Franco said on 6/May/07
ROFL ....Phil Collins is 5'6 flat (maybe even 5'5.5)

5'8 in his dreams
Sean John said on 6/May/07
Collins is probably about 5'7 since Glenn is sticking his chin up to appear taller.
Bobbe said on 5/May/07
Phil lookes like an angry man. Dont know him but ive got that impression when ive met him. Hes in the 165 - 170 cm range. I dont remember what the man was wearing on his feets.
Josh said on 4/May/07
hahaha Liar , busted.
Dominic said on 3/May/07
5ft 8 is pretty average in England if you ask me. I see plenty of shorter people around.
murko said on 16/Feb/07
me the average british height is 5'9" to 5'10" and it has not or probably wont change for a long time
J. said on 12/Feb/07
When was this pic taken, Glenn? Bad hair do' for Phil! That VHS EP you may be referring to may be the "No Jacket Required" one. It has all of the music videos and promo clips from that album. I know because I see it all the time at my local Salvation Army. LOL.
mike said on 11/Feb/07
it isnt even more, the average height for the young generation is 5'10.
me said on 11/Feb/07
5ft 8 is not average in england, at that time it was probably 5ft10 at least, not its even more cos this next generation is much taller.
Derek said on 29/Dec/06
Phil does look pretty tall in the video, probably because the doorway is like 5'9".
Anthony said on 29/Dec/06
Click Here

Here's the video. And yes, Phil does look quite tall.
Glenn said on 28/Dec/06
I have to dig that out.I have a VHS EP its called,of 3 videos from that album or period.
Viper said on 27/Dec/06
Its the most bizarre thing ever Glenn. The poster Crazy Lunatic mentioned it first on this page. He looks well over 6-0 in the video.
Anthony said on 27/Dec/06
Click Here

Heres's the video, and yes, Phil does look quite tall!
Glenn said on 26/Dec/06
Serious Viper?
Viper said on 26/Dec/06
Glenn, Phil doesnt look very far off from 6-5 in the In the Air tonight video. I dont know how they did it.
Glenn said on 25/Dec/06
In Phils world,you ARE 6-5.and he is still 5-8.
Derek said on 24/Dec/06
5'8" hahaha. If people can buy 5'8" for him, I guess I could pass for 6'5".
the shredder said on 6/Dec/06
Rob , do yo think more 5'5ish or more 5'6ish ??? ... i use to think 5'8 , but no way . he is 5'6 or under . 5'5 minimum i think though ...
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/06
Pretty good proof he's 5'5" - I never was really sure.
Glenn said on 29/Nov/06
Keep in mind,I was also 5-7 here.but he is 5-5.
D. Ray Morton said on 24/Nov/06
Yeah, I thought he was around 5'5" and this photo proves it. 5'8" is chuckle.
Anthony said on 24/Nov/06
5'5 it is.
Padraig said on 24/Nov/06
One man claims 5 feet 8, yet is shorter than the other, who is 5 feet 7 at this time?
Glenn's photo is added.
Glenn said on 13/Nov/06
Wait till you see my proof photo.I was only 5-7 then and I noticebly taller.
Elmore said on 12/Nov/06
Phil Collins always looked short to me but he always insisted he was 5'8", I think you have proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was shorter.
Glenn said on 2/Nov/06
Thanks for backing me on that 5-5.some people think 5-6 to 5-8 on this guy.
Rackon said on 1/Nov/06
I would easily go along with 5'5". I met Collins a few times in the 70's when I was a music reviewer - he was easily shorter than Peter Gabriel, who (contrary to this site) is around 5'8" or 5'9". (Pete used to wear boots with considerable heels for his stage shows with Genesis.) I remember thinking at the time that Phil could be no more than 5'6" at most in his boots. He looked tiny next to Mike Rutherford.

I don't know about the rockin' 80's, but in the 1970's Phil Collins was a very nice and courteous interview.
Glenn said on 19/Sep/06
Maybe I was 5-8 earlier than I think.
leonari said on 19/Sep/06
if you say 5'5" Glenn 5'5" it is! I believe you!
Glenn said on 18/Sep/06
Yes.unless he was 5-6 in his youth.when you see my pic with him youll be shocked.and I was 5-7 then.
leonari said on 17/Sep/06
so Glenn: really 5'5" for Phil Collins?
Glenn said on 16/Sep/06
Love his music.didnt intend to come across like that.but yeah,I never found him too friendly.
Glenn said on 15/Sep/06
Yes,shorter than Elton by at least an inch.
Viper652 said on 15/Sep/06
Maybe not 6-5 but Phil does look pretty tall in the In the Air tonight video. Pretty strange.
Crazy Lunatic said on 14/Sep/06
In "In The Air Tonight" Video, he looks like 195cm
mcfan said on 1/May/06
Click Here

with Genesis.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/06
He's the shortest guy from Genesis. He look no taller than 5'6" next to 5'8 Steve Hackett, 5'9 Tony Banks, 5'11 Peter Gabriel and 6'3 Mike Rutherford.
Bowes/McDougall said on 12/Apr/06
Now, looking back at old photos with him and his former bandbate Mike Rutherford (who's supposedly 6'2), 5'8 does seem too generous. The top of his head doesn't seem to pass Mike's lower neck. So 5'5 may actually be more accurate. This also brings down Tony Banks, who I always believed was about 5'10 into more of the 5'8-5'9 range.
cendrin rovini said on 17/Mar/06
...must be changed this height, he really is 5' 5 max...
MHouillon said on 2/Mar/06
He's never a 5'8. Just saw the Queen's jubilee concert "Party at the palace" and he's at least-Tom Cruise-range, maybe Bono-range, if not Al-Pacino-range.
TheMan said on 29/Jan/06
Yeah got to admit he's not 5,8 got to be less. 5,6 max.
Glenn said on 29/Jan/06
whoa whoa people.he is 5-4, stood next to him in lifts.
Becky said on 28/Jan/06
I think that Phil Collins is proabably about 5"7' because im kinda fond of his tiny stature because 5"7' is pretty short for a man, i mean, his height depends on how old he is!
tindrum said on 5/Jul/05
having been up close to mr collins I'd say a good 5' 7" about the same as Midge ure.

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