How tall is Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

British singer known for songs such as Cry Me Out, Gravity and Boys & Girls.
I also love Zac Efron but apparently he's quite short, which sucks because I'm 5ft 8ins.
If you reaaally gotta talk about it, I'm not 5ft 7 I'm 5 ft 8 and I'm not a size 12 I'm a size 8.

Photo by PR Photos
I'm almost 5'9” tall. People always expect me to be very small, but I'm actually not, am I?

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Average Guess (26 Votes)
5ft 6.99in (170.2cm)
Lucid said on 22/Jul/22
I heard rumours online that her male model boyfriend is 5'8, Oliver Cheshire. You think that's legit?

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Editor Rob
I can't see him as short as that.
GTB172cm said on 31/Oct/20
On Tinchy’s page, a comment from 10 years ago said Pixie’s around 5’5 which is a travesty. Perhaps in heels maybe she’s 5’9 but I don’t think she’s anything more than 5’6.5 barefoot.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Mar/20
I did at one time think Pixie was 5ft8 or even more! She did look tall when she was a mentor on one of the British talent shows, which I'd watch from time to time purely to see Pix!

Today I'm giving Pixie 5ft7.25 - night height!

Nik Ashton said on 16/Jan/20
It would be interesting to know how tall she thinks Zac Efron is!
Nik Ashton said on 14/Jan/20
Zac Efron is not quite short, he’s quite average!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jan/20
💐🎁🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Pixie! 🎈🎂🎁💐

Pretty Pixie, who comes from Bromley, very near to where I live, turns 29 years old today. Many congratulations to Pixie! (How I love that name!) 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️

Five Foot Eight is my Birthday guess for Pixie. 😁🐈💝

Eric W Tam said on 4/Apr/19
I like how even women lie about height.
Lara said on 18/Mar/19
She looks 1.68 m.
Ron k. said on 19/Apr/18
I do believe her boyfriend is 5’10 at most, probably less...
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What do you think about this picture?
Maybe he is 5’9.5?
Editor Rob
With a decent heel, he still looks taller, so I doubt he's less than 5ft 10
Ron k. said on 19/Apr/18
I do believe her boyfriend is 5’10 at most, probably less...
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What do you think about this picture?
Maybe he is 5’9.5?
Aline said on 16/Jan/18
Helo rob!
How tall would you say pixie’s model boyfriend is?
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He is olivier cheshire, and in the beginning of his career he was listed 1.76m (5’9), which is quite unusual for a male model. Btw now he claims 5’11.
So what height would you guess him at?
Editor Rob
With Pixie, he looks over 5ft 9, he might be anywhere in 5ft 10 to 11 zone.
Peter175 said on 13/Jan/18
Seems like a very insecure girl from those comments
Tonyx said on 13/Dec/17
Cheshire wears lifts.
Sophie said on 25/Jun/17
I met her last year in London and back then I was 5'7 and she was slightly smaller than me (we were both wearing sneakers) so 5'6.5 in my opinion
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jun/17
How great to see Pixie as a judge and mentor on 'The Voice Kids'! That means we'll get a really good chance to learn what makes her tick and what sort of person she is, as well as guage her height better than ever!
I've just seen a little girl of 8 choose Pixie as her mentor! So would I have done! The child has a thing about princesses, judging from the song she chose to sing, so who could be better than Princess Pixie to guide her on to success?
Today, Princess Pixie gets 5ft7.5!
Matthew Rossiter said on 25/Apr/17
I fink vat shi iz 5ft 10
Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/17
5ft7 or 5ft8? That is the question! I thought she was 5ft9 because I remember thinking "That's a mighty tall Pixie!" I even wrote that on the page of the newspaper I read it in, which was in a Sainsbury's cafe!
I'll have to go with 5ft8, and even that's a come-down!
Pixie comes from Bromley, which is about 2-and-a-half miles from where I live!

PS: I LOVE the name 'Pixie'! I had a fabulous black tomcat called Pixie and now I have a little ginger one! 🐈
SAK said on 18/Sep/16
jacker said on 6/Aug/15: "towered by nearly 2 inches".
Since when is a 2inch difference classified as towering. Towering is big noticeable height difference i.e. 5"+.

Seeing Pixie next to certain celebs, 5'7 is more accurate. I initially thought she was also 5'8. But now the listing is better fit.
Editor Rob
Pixie may well have measured in sneakers 5ft 8 and naturally is just going with that figure, but barefeet she does strike me more of a 5ft 7 than 8 girl.

Here's a photo of Sam Bailey, Joan Collins and Pixie. Sam actually claimed 5ft 3 on twitter, so 5ft 8 might be a bit much.
CD said on 9/Sep/15
Believe it or not, she has a Spotlight casting page which gives her height as 5'7". Click Here I don't know whether this kills the 5ft 8 claim? Her agent is Cole Kitchenn, and from what I've seen, they actually seem to be realistic with heights.
jacker said on 6/Aug/15
I can't believe this girl is listed at 5'8. In any photo I see of her with
5'8 women like liz hurley or abbey clancy
she gets towered by nearly 2 inches.she is a solid 5'6. She is also deluded . I read an interview of hers recently where she said herself she is nearly 5'9.
REDO said on 13/Jul/15
Here she with 5'8 Elizabeth Hurley in similar heels . Hurley is 5'8 at most and she is over an inch shorter . Pixie Lott is definitely under 5'7 . I would say she is about 5'6 and a half.

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Bob said on 2/Jul/15
Could we have an addition of Oliver Cheshire please? Seen as one of the shorter male models and some places claim he's 5" 11.5 but I'm not sure.
REDO said on 19/Feb/15
She looked no more than 5'7 on Strictly Come Dancing. I would say she is bit short of 5'7.
JORDAN said on 10/Feb/15
She is a solid 5'8 . Here she is with 5'8 Donna Air . She is further away from
the camera but she is just as tall. Donna is in reality is under 5'8 but is a sold 5'7 or 5'7.5 but Pixie is clearly taller.
John86 said on 2/Jan/15
It's laughable that she took offense to being called 5'7 instead of 5'8, insecure much?

Also she can talk about Zac Efron all she wants, truth is he wouldn't be interested in a vapid girl like her regardless of how tall he stands.

This listing is correct, anyway.
Morecrumble said on 18/Nov/14
How much does she weigh? I know she is slim but she is also quite tall so she might be more than you think.
Mini said on 14/Nov/14
Oliver is known for being smaller than the usual male model. When he first started out at 16, he was listed at 5'9, then he became more well known and suddenly he was 5'11. I personally think he's 5'10ish and she's 5'6.
Amelia said on 4/Jun/14
wow i didn't realise she was that tall! She looks shorter than that frame wise- not sure why! But comparing her to other celebrities it does seem like the right height for her.
SAK said on 29/Jan/14
Here she is with 5f11 model bf Oliver Cheshire Click Here

Oliver Cheshire is known for being a short male model, but he looks pretty tall here.
Just said on 25/Jul/12
In the video "Turn it up" everyone is wearing (flat) sneakers, except for Pixie. She's wearing hight heels that's why she dwarfs everyone in that video.
IrishStud said on 25/Oct/11
Forget her height is she hot or not?

I would have said she was in the 5ft4-5ft5 range but if she is 5ft8 then she just got hotter for me! :-)
Nick said on 15/Sep/11
5 foot 7 minimum. She dwarfs a load of birds in the video for 'Turn it Up'.
Shannon said on 12/Aug/11
Laura you don't have to be small to be a good dancer theres loads of tall girls in my dance classes and theyre all equally as good:)
all 'bout 2nite said on 8/Jul/11
165-168 cm maximum, she is not shorter than 165 cm, not taller than 168 cm.
Kez said on 5/Jun/11
Haha can't quite see why her height is such a massive deal. She is clearly a tall girl and the fact that she is confident enough to rock heels is. Awesome (i'm 5 8" and freak at the idea of wearing more than 2"). At the end of the day she's a gorgeous girl and seeing as she has said frequently that she's 5 8" It's pretty safe to say she knows best!
Georgia said on 18/May/11
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On this interview, she walks in. And Graham says ''you're tall aren't you''
I'd agree with about 5'7-5'8.
athens said on 7/May/11
@hey i know what youtube video you're talking about but i think she's wearing heels there isn't she?
Laura said on 20/Apr/11
She's not 5'8 she's must be 5'5 at the most she dances so must be quite small
hey said on 16/Mar/11
you guys i think she is not under 5'7 becuase in a picture with jessie j, pixie lott was actually taller plus she was slouching! you guys are blind if you think she is 5'5. also in youtube there is a video of her getting mesaured withought shoes and the guy told her she was 5'7 so end of story and stop complaining
morgie said on 14/Mar/11
im surprised.. i always thought she would be short
brapp said on 1/Mar/11
If she was 5'8" she would only be 1 inch shorter than Jessie J, who looks huge (in a good way!)
leanne said on 28/Feb/11
she is 5'8, she has even said in a few interviews.
Anonymous said on 24/Feb/11
5'5.5 for sure
Rebecca said on 23/Feb/11
No way is she 5 8, she looks 5 5 at the most. Her legs are short tbh.
mememe said on 13/Feb/11
lucas is 5'8 actually.
Sky Ferreira said on 31/Jan/11
I agree with dane, i think she's 5'5"-5'6" maximum

Lucas Cruikshank and Click Here Pixie Lott and Lucas Cruikshank(who's 5'7")
Sky Ferreira said on 27/Jan/11
this link Click Here Pixie and Lucas Cruikshank(i think he's around 5'6-5'7)

and Click Here

Yeaah! Pixie's in flats but i think she's 5'6"
dude said on 20/Jan/11
i wonder whether tall girls wouldnt mind dating a shorter guy than her if that guy really don mind her height
Wyatt said on 9/Jan/11
Dane - your link doesn't work.
Micky said on 4/Jan/11
I'm a doorman in clubs and seen her many times min 5'7" more like 5'8" though.
Mia said on 19/Dec/10
STOP TELLING CELEBRITIES HOW TALL THEY ARE! the chick said she's 5'8, geez. OBVIOUSLY, she's not short at all. Everyone on this site just wants celebrities to be short. Shut up, your estimations are idiocy. She's 5'8; she has said this many times. Leave it alone; goodness. You guys are the council of celebrity heights, no need to call the girl a liar. Pretty sure she knows how tall she is. What net your going to tell her she's black or something? -.-
dane said on 14/Dec/10
This girl is NOT 5'8. complete lie. not even 5'7. she was in the FRED the movie and she was in super high heels and was about the same height as that kid. Ive met that fred kid twice.. and he is i would say 5'6. because im a little over 5'7 and i was taller than him for sure.

so this girl is 5'4-5'5. dead serious. not over 5'5. ill bet my life on it.

Click Here

there is a pic of the two together. she is in flats... i think. and is shorter than that kid.
franks said on 12/Dec/10
she said on x factor she was 5ft8
lol said on 29/Nov/10
i met her in carlisle :) shes 5ft5 or 6 she stood right next to me and im 5ft6 she was the same but had cat ears on so if not if not a bit shorter 5ft5.
pixies fans said on 29/Nov/10
no way is she 5ft7
wyatt said on 13/Nov/10
lol @ her claiming 5'8. For a teenager girl shes an egotistical liar. Looks 5'6, whenever i've seen her she's been in massive heels. Never looked anywhere near 5'8 ins.
JL said on 7/Nov/10
zac efron is not short lol he like average height for a man
brapp said on 2/Nov/10
she's 5'6" for sure.
chloe:-D said on 31/Oct/10
she used to get bullied at school for being taller than the rest and she is 5'8 she even said so herself on X Factor backstage.

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