How tall is Scott Caan

Scott Caan's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American actor best known for playing Danny Williams in Hawaii Five-0 and Scott Lavin in Entourage. In film he can be seen in Ocean's Eleven and Boiler Room.

How tall is Scott Caan
Don Cheadle and Scott
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I'm 5'10". Scott Caan is 5'6". Doesn't seem fair.
- Frank Grillo

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Average Guess (67 Votes)
5ft 4.97in (165cm)
Jackie Lee said on 31/Mar/22
Moneymaker, any height is normal unless they're literal giants or dwarves. Perhaps average is what you meant rather than normal. I wouldn't call a 5'4" male 'very short' either, it's the equivalent of a 4'11" female which is more common than people think.
Moneymaker! said on 21/Mar/22
I would still classify him as normal. Borderline normal.
5'5"-5'7" is short but normal.
He is almost very short.
Johnny K said on 5/Mar/22
I wonder how tall Scott's grandfather, James father was. My grandfather was 5'3", my dad is 6'0", I'm 5'10". Genetics are strange.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Feb/22
'Boiler Room' rings familiar, but whether I've actually seen it is another matter!

I feel I should go out of my way to watch the acting of the son of the great James Caan. He must have immense admiration for his Dad. Indeed, the great majority of us think that way when it comes to our fathers, but for Scott to follow in his father's footsteps is SUCH a privilege. πŸ€—πŸ‘

Memento Mori said on 26/Nov/21
Many humans have spent entire lives doing back-breaking manual labor and field work. For thousands of years, majority of humans have spent all their blood, sweat and tears making life just a little less miserable for the one person they're owned by, metaphorically or otherwise. Likewise, many humans have slaughtered and died fearlessly for their warlords throughout history just to expand their territory by a little.

Life is unfair, it doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong, fair or unjust, it just is the way it is. Many cultures and religions have attempted to give suffering and pain spiritual and symbolic meaning, although none of that really matters. No amount of complaining or praying can change your situation. In fact, the only reason you exist today, able to read this comment, is because your parents had sex one time (obvious, but still strange to put into perspective). Millions of people are shorter than average, there are worse things in life than to be a few inches short.
Jackie Lee said on 6/Oct/21
Being a 5'5 guy sucks. People always make 5'6 the cutoff for normal. Makes me feel worse considering my dad is 6'1. If I were at least 5'9 I would still feel insecure but nowhere near as much as being 5'5. Maybe I should hangout with girls since I'm taller than the majority of them
toddd0461 said on 4/Oct/21
This guy may have not won the height lottery, but at least he won the good looks lottery.
Paul zmitrowicz said on 16/Jan/21
Scott might just make 5ft 5inches in 2 inch lifts. He has a more intricate combover than Donald Trump.
Editor Rob
I would be surprised if Scott was under 5ft 5, if anything a solid 5ft 5 I could give him.
Nik Ashton said on 14/Sep/20
Don Cheadle could be my height twin!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Sep/20
Don Cheadle looks tall next to Scott!

5ft4.75 πŸ˜πŸ‘
Lightruler said on 11/Sep/20
Great actor,he is 5'4 I've met him. Maybe he is wearing lifts when filming with Alex O'Loughlin.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Aug/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽŠ Happy Birthday Scott! πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Birthday Greetings to James Caan's actor son, Scott, who celebrates his 4️⃣4️⃣th Birthday today.

5ft5 πŸ˜πŸ‘

Thomas Pc said on 7/May/20
@Tommy Henderson

If every son was taller than their father, we would've been as tall as a T-rex! Genetics are insanely complex, more than modern science can even begin to understand. Genetics that control your bone and cartilage formation, age of puberty (when the growth plates close), amongst a billion other factos combine together to give us the crazy variation between human heights. I think the son being taller than the father myth started because men reached a historical minimum in height around the year 1900. From then on we just got taller and taller, but babies born during the 1960s already reached the peak, and we are not really getting any taller in the western world.

My personal experience is that at 15 I thought I would reach my father's height... Genetics had something else planned - I was already done growing! I got the early bloomer genetics from my mother's side of the family.
Nik said on 24/Mar/20
I doubt he is under 5'5"! Scott can have his 270th comment!
Dante said on 26/Apr/19
He would be an amazing Wolverine
Nik said on 19/Apr/19
There is nowt wrong with his height or any other height!
Rick1 said on 1/Jan/19
Not necessarily Tommy if anything id say it will stagnate especially in the younger generations as we’ve probably reached our sustainable genetic peak as you say yourself you’ll likely reach around your father’s height give or take an inch which is normal I personally stopped growing quite early on - late bloomers are always taller which is again genetic. If you think this is weird then what do you think of Toby Jones whose father is 6’2 and he is 5’4-5
Tommy Henderson said on 31/Dec/18
Yeah... genetics are interesting, but most cases I know lead to the son being taller than the father. My father was 6’4 at his prime, im 15, not halfway through puberty and right now I stand at 6’0, I’ll probably be 6’3 - 6’4 when Im fully grown, but Scott is several inches shorter than his dad, weird.
berta said on 28/Dec/18
Both he and his day has very big heads for there size. That dolph lundgren chin. I personally think its hard to guess height on guys that is under 168-170 range and over 203-205 . I can only say that he is under 168 haha, I believe the listed height
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Oct/18
@Anonynon: It's probably mostly due to proportions. Dave has a build and proportions that can make him look close to average standing by himself while I don't think you'd think Scott was close to average in any photo. He's always been in shape, but he looks to have a stocky build, big head, short legs and sometimes dresses in a way that makes him look even shorter than he is(e.g., baggy pants and shorts)

@Rick1: Yeah, my father was a solid 6 feet in his prime or about 6'0.25" actually so nearly 4" taller than I am. Genetics are interesting, but people asking as if it were unheard of is annoying. There are numerous examples.

@ALEXANDRE ALVES BR: That's an odd way to put it. You can be shorter than 5'5" and live a normal life in the US or just about anywhere for that matter. Scott Caan is a good example since he seems to have done alright for himself.
Rick1 said on 20/Aug/18
So much heightism in the comments - Quite a few mentioning his fathers height at 5'9/10 - While i am short at 5'6 or so my parents were 5'6 and 5'4 - Not all tall fathers have tall sons - Its not a simple case but perhaps he had short grandparents or a distant relative. I knew someone whos parents were the same height as mine but he grew to 6'2 or so but he found out he had a great grandfather who was 6'7 - probably worked in reverse here.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/18
He does look 5'5 next to 6'0.5" Alex O'Loughlin. Wonder if Breckin Meyer was shorter than him.
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 2/Apr/18
the heightism is not very present in Brazil you can be 5'5 is lead a normal life
Nik said on 1/Apr/18

It ain't ridiculously short in England, in fact it is quite normal, bottom end of very normal though!

ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 30/Mar/18
I wanted to live in a world where people of all heights understand each other
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 30/Mar/18
@paleman what's your height ????
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 30/Mar/18
this proves that if you are short but have the face to compensate as they fall heightism will not be so bad against you
Paleman said on 29/Mar/18
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 28/Mar/18
It seems to me that 5'5 is a ridiculously short height in the U.S.

Well, you're wrong. It's definitely "short" but not "ridiculously short". Ridiculously short would be somewhere like 5 feet for a man. And if you think that height is the mark of a man then you've seriously gotta grow up...
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 28/Mar/18
It seems to me that 5'5 is a ridiculously short height in the U.S.
Nik said on 22/Mar/18

Absolutely! It is one of the most common heights world wide too!
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 20/Mar/18
5'5 is a very common height in Brazil
sulu2018 said on 12/Mar/18
Sons can be often taller than their fathers, but other times they end up being shorter than their fathers.
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 1/Feb/18
This photo does not show ... but Caan uses a very comedic tuft
Nik said on 31/Jan/18
Anything from 5'6" - 6'0" is very ordinary for a man, anything outside this range is certainly not unusual though!
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 31/Jan/18
I already said that I did not want to be offensive ... I am only 5'7 (171 cm) for now I will do surgery
lee168cm said on 28/Jan/18
Alexandre you sound alot like that authur idiot with your offensive comments plus if guys around five six are dwarfs then your saying guys ofaverage height are not much taller than a dwarf which sounds pretty stupid. Just think before you speak in the future
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 17/Jan/18
so below 5'6 is not a dwarf ... but as chances of you looking like one increase below the mark
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 17/Jan/18
Rob Because some men like Emile Hirsch and Dave Franco seem taller while Others like Scott Caan and Gael Garcia Bernal seem smaller ... both in the same range 165-167
Editor Rob
Proportions - guys like Franco have a frame (and head size) which makes him look taller than Caan, who has a more bulkier frame and bigger head shape.
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 5/Jan/18
I did not mean to offend ... but I find it too short for that kind of paper ...he is good looking ... but I feel that his height limits his career.Hey rob you see men who are 5'5 in their day-day ????
Editor Rob
I see many men 5ft 5 and under, but of course far more in 5ft 7-11 range.

Scott has done well, appearing in films and a long-running TV show...

although of course it helps having a father like James.
Xavier said on 30/Dec/17
Yes he is short, but he is a good looking guy.
5 foot 4 and a half.
World Citizen said on 23/Dec/17
I think the height he's listed is correct.
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 17/Dec/17
Below 5'6 is dwarf ... nothing against but he is too short to play a tough man role ... if he was 5 cms taller ...
Johnny said on 14/Dec/17
Hey Rob, what do you think about his height range?
5ft 5/5.25 or more 5ft 4.75/5?
Editor Rob
wouldn't have guessed Scott any less than about 5ft 5, arguably at times a strong 5ft 5 range.
KH said on 13/Sep/17
5'5. He wore lifts or thick shoes on five o because nobody is believing a 5'5 guy as a tough guy. Tom Cruise would be significantly taller then him and a lot of people have problems with Tom playing Heroic/tough guy characters.
Adey P said on 5/Sep/17
What is the context of Frank Grillo's quote?

No-one would deny he's a short guy but I think 5 ft 3 is too low. 5 ft 5 minimum. Strong neck and build, masculine handsome guy. Good actor but he would be if he was ugly and gangly too.
Meg said on 13/Jul/17
1,64-65 Its solid to me
Paleman said on 20/Jun/17
He may be short, but he's definitely a pretty masculine-looking guy as well.
Sam said on 18/Apr/17
He seems a dwarf ... cause' proportions? What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
maybe his head size and hairstyle kind of make some think that...
Claire said on 13/Apr/17
I'm 5'6" and when I met him, even in shoes he was a good 2 inches shorter than me.
Mick said on 9/Mar/17
In the Hawaii Five-0 Valentines episode there's a beach scene where's Scott Caan is playing volleyball barefoot and he looks 5-3 flat footed. With shoes and a comfy 1 inch lift inside his shoes he can max out at 5-5. So 5-3 looks like the best guess. You can't question him flat footed.
Lee168cm said on 3/Mar/17
Never looked 7+ inches shorter than Alex O'Loughlin in Hawaii five o could he have wore lifts in that? Was taller than Missy peregrym too her barefoot him in thick boots think they must have gave him at least 2 inches
PJ said on 27/Dec/16
Just saw him in Soho NYC, maybe 5'4 in boots.
Travis said on 21/Dec/16
Saw him once with my niece. I'm 5'4" and he had a little edge on me, while my 5'5" niece edged him.
Phil said on 9/Dec/16
he is just as cool as his father.
5 foot 5 for Scott Caan.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Dec/16
He reminds me a lot of his dad in some movies...that same sharp wit and aggressive nature
Powerhouse said on 6/Nov/16
@chae No he hasn't ever looked average he looks legit short, he is a 5'5 guy. No taller and no shorter either.
eee said on 6/Nov/16
i think scott caan grow taller if he tried
Morris said on 5/Nov/16
160-165 cm max imho
chae said on 3/Nov/16
i don't think he's short he always look average guy
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Oct/16
I can't see him doing the same sort of films as his father! I wonder if he feels cheated?
VeryShortRussianDude said on 23/Oct/16
5'0!? LOL if he's 5'0 then what's Cheadle? 5'3!? listing is fair, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was slightly shorter.
Grip said on 8/Oct/16
I met him, I am not sure if he would be considered little person but he is very tiny.
Alika ross said on 7/Oct/16
I would have guessed about 5'0" which I think is closer to reality.
Powerhouse said on 12/Sep/16
I watched a movie called Speed Of Life, and in it Scott Caan has a scene with Mia Kirshner who is listed at 5'1.5 here and claimed 5'2 herself and she is wearing heels in the scene and he has a boot and they are the same height. He is a 5'5 guy for sure, and if you watch some of his films that is clear and he is also a really good actor, and yeah i think his height has effected his career and is preventing him from being a leading man in big Hollywood films.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Sep/16
He doesn't look much like his dad though at all Josh.
Josh Jeffords said on 5/Sep/16
In his youth may have wore lifts looked taller but next to Cheadle it's obvious he's short.
Always liked him reminds me of a mellow version of his dad.
Too bad his height does seem to be keeping him from being a bigger star.
A said on 3/Sep/16
He seems to bring up his height and how he is bigger than people a lot , that is a classic height concious man thing .
Arch Stanton said on 7/Aug/16
Yeah he's one of those rare short guys who can get away with being short because of his looks/charisma. Women couldn't give a rat's ass if he's only 5 ft 5 because he seems to have those key alpha male qualities.
Johan said on 11/Apr/16
5'8" in the morning after a nap in the back of the volvo. It's said that he can give a 5'10" impression as well, all his friends say so.
Brad said on 9/Apr/16
5' 4.5". Check out the 5' 8" line by G on 8/15/07. Crushed by the Scottish thingamajig height stick.
Ashley said on 30/Aug/15
So hott!! I think he might be shorter than 5'5 though. But either way, super sexy!
none said on 22/Aug/15
Met Scott at the theater he showed his play at the Falcon Theater in Burbank, CA and went to see it three times. He is very talented and a nice guy as well. Also met his father who is also very nice to talk to. Scott may not be very tall, but has a nice body with muscles in the right places. Will be seeing Scott again in Hawaii soon and cannot wait.
Aloha, Madeline
richkid123 said on 26/Jul/15
@arch Stanton ... He looks exactly like his father in person... The picture doesn't do the similarities justice
Arch Stanton said on 4/May/15
I don't think he looks much like his dad at all Carry. And much softer in temperament.
Carry22 said on 2/May/15
He looks and has similar mannorism of his dad James Caan. His body is definitely in shape but, odd. If he plays his cards right he can have a great career as a character actor, however I don't se him as a leading man.
1-89cm said on 25/Apr/15
Odd looking body,but good actor. Pretty short but no big deal
richkid123 said on 15/Apr/15
Legit 5'5"... Shortish guy
Shane said on 14/Apr/15
Have worked with him several times, but size difference is too much for me to accurately determine. He is taller that a 5'3 gal I know and shorter than a 5'6 gal I know. Very fit with excellent posture, trains Jiu-hits u and got his costar Alex into it as well.
Cat said on 18/Mar/15
Blonde, gorgeous, athletic and sexy.... 5'5" of total man πŸ„
Sam said on 17/Mar/15
He is 5'5 or 5'5.5". Great actor, very athletic. Height isn't that important.
Josh said on 8/Dec/14
Rob, do you think he can be under 5'5 at some point of the day?
Editor Rob
I think he pretty much can hold around 5ft 5, I'd be surprised if he really dropped under the mark more than a whisker.
richkid123 said on 6/Nov/14
@Flowerpower He really is very handsome. I 've seen him in person
Flowerpower said on 24/Oct/14
Whats with all the anti height jibes , if he's a good person and personally I think he ,s gorgeous, and a brilliant actor, what difference dose it make how tall he is.
MarcusTheSwede said on 11/Aug/14
Marie: That was nice Said of you more girls should think like you
Powerhouse said on 23/May/14
@Max Yeah I think if they both straightened their posture there would be around 3 inches between them.
Max said on 14/May/14
He looks like a weak 5'4" next to Cheadle. Just compare the level of their eyes.
Marie said on 11/Apr/14
All you haters, so what if he is short, short is not inferior.

Dude is awesome and very hot. He just proves that height is not everything us girls are into.
richkid123 said on 24/Mar/14
He can look 5'6". Used to see him in hollywood here and there, thought he was shortish. Very built guy. Doesn't look like the type of guy to mess with.
Powerhouse said on 20/Feb/14
Something doesn't add up, in some earlier films like Ready to Rumble he looks every bit 5'5, in the film Novocaine he had maybe 2 inches on 5'2.5 Helena Bonham Carter, although recently he seems to look taller (I could be wrong) on Hawaii Five-0 and some of his more recent films and pics, not to mention in the pic with Don Cheadle. I wouldn't be shocked if he wears lifts from time to time although he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who is insecure about his height so I dont know haha.
Gina Maria said on 11/Jan/14
Well, I dated a guy 6' 4" that was afraid of his own shadow, so I don't see where height makes the man. I don't particularly care for big guys.
MD said on 18/Nov/13
Hadn't seen this photo picture on his page. I think more than anything, it shows that the 5'8" listing for Cheadle is off, particularly when you take into Scott's lean.
LD said on 14/Nov/13
Love how disgusting being 4-5 inches below average height is to most people. Look at the comments here.

If Caan wanted to hide his height, he'd do so like Tom Cruise. The guy is 5'5". What's the point of looking short on screen if that height is fake?
richkid123 said on 25/Oct/13
saw him about a month ago and thought he was kind of short. Very built guy.... and hairy
yeye said on 14/Oct/13
Don is shorter or Scott is taller. Theres noe a 3 inch diffence in the pic. My call is that Cheadle is 5'7 and change
yeye said on 12/Oct/13
Looks the part of a 5'5 guy. He's a fairly good motivation for 5'5 range guys - looking through his videos on youtube he sure does have some hearthrob quality apparently. Many female fans. He is quite built.
Specific Jim said on 2/Oct/13
He'd make a great Wolverine. He's got the perfect height and build for it. He also has the gruff brawler demeanor that fits the character perfectly.
Powerhouse said on 19/Aug/13
Great actor, very solid build makes up for his lack of height.
cd said on 28/Jul/13
He's quite a bit shorter than his father, and his proportions are a bit odd, maybe he never maxed out his potential while he was growing?
Scarsdale said on 13/Jun/13
Yeah watch 'Enemy of the State' he's SHORT.
richkid123 said on 10/Feb/13
He does not look quite 5'5" in the photo, but he is leaning so that would explain it. He is exactly 5"5". right on the 65 inch line.
Woopie said on 4/Feb/13
He is way shorter than 5'5"
Kawela Rob said on 27/Jan/13
A lot shorter in Hawaii with his disrespectful comments about it
. Little mans complex luck of the sperm and spoiled....that's how tall he is.
richkid123 said on 8/Jan/13
I thought he was taller when I saw him, but he wasn't. Great actor, pretty solid dude, but he is a short guy.
leonari said on 5/Jan/13
What is this talk of 5'6" for Caan? Are people losing it completely now?? He is lucky if he is a full 5'5". The man looks tiny in every scene no matter the movie or show he is in. Folks: People look bigger on screen than in real life so looking as short as Scott does in films means he is tiny. Tiny= 5'5" and below.
Walkie said on 10/Nov/12
He's not 5'8". He's 5'6" at most. He's a creepy looking little person.
jackie said on 26/Sep/12
It's not just his height he's oddly proportioned. His legs are way smaller than his upper body. Weirdly though despite all that I still find him hot. Not as hot as his co star but very hot non the less.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Aug/12
Thank you, Rob and sorry if i posted that question in this page. I thought it was Rupert Grint's :S
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Aug/12
Rob, if you type "rupert grint robert sheehan" there are several images of them... How tall you think Sheehan looks? He's listed at 6'. Could he be taller?
Editor Rob
he looks 6ft range, sometimes he can appear a bit more
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Aug/12
Rob, if Alex O'Loughlin is really nearly 6'1, Caan looks closer to 5'6! Maybe a weak one? Even in the photo above there arent 3 inches, but again Don Cheadle could be shorter than 5'8... I think he wouldnt be shorter than a Jet Li, listed at 5'6! You think about 5'6 is a possibility?
Editor Rob
he can look 5ft 5 and sometimes a little more, but maybe he wears a bit bigger footwear at times, it wouldn't surprise me.
Rob Rage said on 10/Jun/12
Scotts Dad James is 5'91/2...It's odd that He is much shorter..Must not have eaten all the Growth Hormone injected meat that's been consumed by the past couple of generations...He looks great..and has a hit that trumps being vertically Challenged..!
Michy said on 19/Jan/12
Scott Caan is the perfect height ! He's converted a traditional lover of "tall dark and handsome...." to "smaller, blonde and a hybrid between Clutch Cargo and Bilbo Baggins" (can't think of another way to describe his unique look... he's handsome to me...) Anyway, who cares how tall he is, he's in perfect proportion - that is, if that was indeed his naked bum (and not a stunt bum ...) in the movie Ready to Rumble. Mmmmmmmmmm. Mx
Dan said on 7/Jan/12
I feel ya Derrick my dads 6 ft moms 5'4 and I'm 5'51/2 but to be on topic Scott caan is great I'm watching oceans 11 right now
derrick said on 27/Dec/11
my dad is 6'3 my momis 5'5 and my grandpa is 6'1. im 15 and im 5'7
John said on 17/Dec/11
I think he is actually close to 5'7.When he stands besides Alex o Loughlin his eyes are just bellow Alex's chin,that would make him about 15 cm shorter.
Mike W. said on 6/Dec/11
I'm 5'5" It's about time that Hollywood shows that we are not wimpy bad guys that are not sexy. Thank you Scott Caan, and thank you Hollywood.
Pappy said on 3/Dec/11
Not all great actors are tall....Al Pacino is also 5'5". Scott,like his Dad James is a joy to watch
josh said on 3/Dec/11
guys like scott caan and kevin connolly give short guys like me hope im about 5'6 and plan on becoming and film actor .
josh said on 3/Dec/11
the truth of the matter about short stars is they become the greatest actors ..Some the greatest men in history are actually average height ..People poke fun at thefact that little dudes have napoleon complex ..but truth is that napoleon was average height for his time
scrotum said on 28/Nov/11
I didn't know his dad is James Caan. Nice that he doesn't wear lifts.
revol said on 25/Nov/11
He is actually no taller then 5'2"....he raises his hair up ridiculously, so that gives him almost three inches.
phil said on 17/Nov/11
@raptordan women wear something called heels and sometimes up to 6" heels. So lets assume anna is wearing 4 inch heels putting her at 5'10", which seems about right in the picture with scotty at 5'5"
Brad said on 11/Nov/11
Doesn't care about his height. He should talk to the liar in wedged up Bieber Boots who says "I'm 5 feet 8".
jon hunt said on 7/Nov/11
Scotty boyyyyy , what are you even doin on here ? Lol, lookin up what people are sayin about ur height ??? Im 5'4" , and i plan on becoming an action star, i draw inspiration from short actors like you , who act so good that people over look their height (no pun intended)
Silent D said on 19/Oct/11
I heard he is shorter than johnny galicki who is 163cm. I would say caan is 160cm. He gets towered by 180cm alex o'loughlin. His dad wasn't that short, what happened to him. He is still a cool actor. No way he is 165cm. He looks shorter unless all the tv shows make him look really short. All the girls are taller than him in Hawaii five o.
Claire said on 7/Oct/11
Raptordan. I just commented on this on the Alex O'Loughlin page. Scott has got to be tiny. Even if she is wearing heels.
raptordan said on 19/Sep/11
Just watched the emmy's. Anna Paquin and Scott Caan presented an award together. Anna Paquin is listed as 5'6". She is at least 6" taller than him. I would say that Scott is 4'11" to 5'1".

Here is a link to the picture: Click Here
donald said on 10/Sep/11
Does he wear lifts on Five-0?
Richard said on 10/Sep/11
I just watched the movie "El Dorado, (1967)"
staring The Duke, John Wayne, 6'4" with Co-Star
James Caan, 5'9" at age 27. Him and Scott look
so much alike at that age. I'd like to see both
father and son on Hawaii Five-O together, now
that would be good. If Scott is 5'5" or 5'6" maybe
even 5'4", who cares. He's a good actor and
his height would not change that either.
If so, remember that dumbass Bin Laden he
use to be 6"4-5" and we know how his life
Susan said on 31/Aug/11
What does Scott's height matter? I am a new fan of Hawaii Five-0 and I don't want to miss any episodes. I like seeing something of Scott and Alex's private lives, such as Scott's ex-wife, and Alex's sister. I look forward to many more episodes.
burby said on 29/Aug/11
Ferrara 5'4", Scott Caan 5'5".
Evan said on 22/Aug/11
5'7'' hes taller then Jerry Ferrara easily who says hes 5'6'', which is bull of course
jake said on 18/Aug/11
Sounds as if it really was Scott Caan. Good on him, I haven't seen much of his work but I am a huge fan of James Caan.
Mr. R said on 18/Aug/11
Sooooooo, Rob: Real Scott Caan or imposter?
Editor Rob
no idea on that one.
Christine said on 15/Aug/11
Ugh, people are so shallow. Keep doing what your doing Scott- your great! If you ever get tired of the vapidity of LA, you are always welcome to come play ball with my dog and I In central park where real people are welcome..
Short Mexican said on 10/Jul/11
Most people posting comments in celebheights are just measuring themselves against celebrities to brag about how "I am taller than X" or "Y is shorter than me". Is height important? Apparently (and contradictorily) this site proves it is not.
Brian said on 28/Jun/11
I think it's funny the emphasis that we place on certain things. A person's height is one of them. If you are comfortable in your skin, that's all that matters - and don't let anyone make you feel differently. I was short growing up and prayed that I would catch up to the other boys that I knew. It was SO important to me. I grew late and did catch up but soon after realized that it wasn't such a big deal after all. I have friends today that are tall (over 6'5) that say people stare at them - and they hate it. I say 'when you can rise above who you are physically, that is an enviable place to be.'
Linda said on 23/Jun/11
To Scott Caan, your comment on 6th May is never a truer word said. Too much emphas is made on height, as opposed to the quality of what one does. I am a very petite 5ft criminal lawyer in London and although I'm stared at quite a lot, as most tower over me it hasn't and doesn't make a difference on the impact or quality of my work, once everyones got over themselves and concentrated on what I say. Another form of acting you might say. So there's a message in there for all to focus on whats on offer and the characters you are building. H50 is coming to the end of its first season in the UK, and even at rest can't seem to get away from the criminal drama. Its been great and very much looking forward to season 2 when it airs here in the autumn. Keep up the good work and perhaps you will even make your way to London theatre!
nicole said on 23/Jun/11
So what if ur 5ft 5in. Iam only 5ft 3in. Ur height isn't important. Who u are as a person is. Love hawaii 5 0, great show.
PJ said on 7/Jun/11
Scott, you obviously take care of yourself and are exceptional at your craft! My fascination with height and actors is that, growing up, all actors appeared larger than life. Much to my amazement I have found that most actors are of average or shorter stature. Is this because they, whether genetically or environmentally, have a predisposition towards acting....or do they photograph better on the screen....or simply that there are more people in this group! Interesting! Whatever the case, short, average, or tall, as long as you are good at what you do, you are still larger than life to me!
Sinead Kelly said on 5/Jun/11
Scott Caan, seriously we do not care how tall you are... you like your father are a fantastic actor and you are an absolutely brilliant photographer. I hope you spend many, many years entertaining us all. All my love Sinead
Ruby said on 31/May/11
Scott Caan, great job on H50!
Cranberries said on 27/May/11
Of course we care about height. This site is, of course, called "celebheights".
Gem said on 26/May/11
I thought he was taller than that.Says a lot about the man and his talent and the comfortable ease he has within himself.Cannot argue with that
Mary (LeCochonRouge) said on 25/May/11
Height has nothing to do with who a person your work, please continue! And start using your twitter account! ;)
ewelina said on 22/May/11
I saw him today on Malibu beach . He and actor Eric Olseen were surfing. I took couple of pictures of them but didn't ask to take pictures with them. I'm big fan of HFO and NCIS: los Angeles but was afraid they will say NO.
Michelle said on 20/May/11
As freakin hot as he is who the hell cares about his height. I'd take him over other taller actors anyday.
Quan said on 15/May/11
Jerome says on 14/May/11
Hey Scott (if is really you who wrote on May 6), ur a terrific actor and u and Alex really work amazingly together, I always think ur like buddies who have known each other for years. The show kicks ass (pardon my French), who cares about ur height!
Take care

It's not. And 5'5 sounds spot on.
Jerome said on 14/May/11
Hey Scott (if is really you who wrote on May 6), ur a terrific actor and u and Alex really work amazingly together, I always think ur like buddies who have known each other for years. The show kicks ass (pardon my French), who cares about ur height!
Take care
Karla said on 13/May/11
I thought he was at least 5'6 but who cares he is handsome great actor n' that body oh god perfect body!!!!
Chelsea S said on 13/May/11
The man is a phenomenal actor and very good looking. I'm surprised at how many people would judge a man based on height. I would be honored to meet him and I think he is absolutely fantastic. Scott~ You're wonderful and I'm looking forward to more theatrical achievements.
Michael McCormick said on 11/May/11
For Scott - I've been to Honolulu many times and this year is the first time I've seen Diamond Head green to near the crest. Watched a 'new' episode of H50 9May11 where DH was in background and was green to the top. Were there episodes of H50 filmed after the 1Jan11??
Scott Caan said on 6/May/11
Thank you for your interest in my physical stature, but my size should not be a factor in how I am judged as an actor, but judge my actual body of work instead. As far as not engaging with background actors during a shoot is totally false. Alex and myself attempt to make an effort on each shoot, if we can, to speak with everyone.. Most of the time we are trying to stay focused on the scene. I myself am usually in a zone and am almost oblivious to anyone around me, except my dog that I keep on set with me and play with when I get a chance because it helps relax me. So please try to take the focus off of my size and worry more about the story line and depth of my characters, whether it be on H50 or Entourage, or whatever. And if you are ever on set with me, just approach me as if you've known me forever, I don't mind talking and taking pictures. Don't let the production assistants tell you that you can't approach me or Alex. Half the time we are just sitting in our chairs texting on our phones. Anyway, thanks for watching the show, and we resume shooting season 2 of H50 in July.
james is confused said on 2/May/11
robert redford is 5'10"
HILocal said on 26/Apr/11
5'5" seems about right, I see them shooting 5-O all over Honolulu, as a former professional extra, the main actors never speak with the extras, I have been on set with Alex and Scott and neither engage with anyone but there assistants and the director.
James said on 22/Apr/11
Look at the super-shortie of all times. Robert Redford. They had to give him a shortie actress- Demi Moore for the millionaires' club, and yet he had to stand on books for shooting! So don't worry Scott Caan- it is your attitude that makes you big and loved by the ladies!
M.R said on 18/Apr/11
Iam 5cm taller then him XDXD
Brad said on 14/Apr/11
One of the few short actors that doesn't care about his height. Terrific camera work on 5-0, you'd think he was taller.
TrishMack said on 12/Apr/11
Many of you may not remember another short actor who played both leading man, romantic lead and tough guy personna; I am speaking none other than James Cagney... So do not go sprouting off that Scott Caan will not be a leading man in the classic sense, as was also Alan Ladd and Audey Murphy, both short... Okay I am a woman, but never grew taller than 5'5" tall even though my mother was 5'8" tall and my Dad a muscular 6'3" tall, so go figure, yet my oldest daughter and my oldest son are very tall; she is 5'9" tall and he is 6'5" tall but their father is less than 6 feet tall...
TruebloodFan said on 9/Apr/11
guys like this one make guys like Colin Farrell look tall.
Anna said on 9/Apr/11
@lucy 20/Mar/11
When you say something like that, you better have proof link ready. Do you have it?
PHL said on 2/Apr/11
looks 5'4 - 5'5 next to Paul Walker.
TSO said on 1/Apr/11
I wouldn't care if Scott Caan were 4'6", but what I DO care about is his facial hygiene. Take a SHAVE, look like a skid row bum who's been on a week long bender!
robert stevens said on 30/Mar/11
lucy said on 20/Mar/11
Someone who was an extra on the set blogged about Scott Caan being tiny. She had a pic with Alex who she does say is very, very tall but she says Scott is very short. Also she said he was an ass who didn't even glance at anyone who wasn't a big name. Whereas Alex O spent lots of time talking with and being nice to crew and extras. She says Scott seemed like a nasty little dude!
theenforcer22 said on 8/Mar/11
Short, but got a powerful build going on dog.
RobK said on 21/Feb/11
People shrink as they much as 6 inches...Some Pro wrestlers like the Hulk have lost 5 or 6 inches because of disk compression...and even during the day...If you measure yourself when you get up in the morning...and then before you go to bed....there will be a quarter inch or more difference..mainly because the disk in your spine compress..!
MD said on 21/Feb/11

How many inches do you see, here, between Caan and O'Loughlin?

Click Here

It's not a good picture, but you can see the footwear, at least.

Editor Rob
he looks about 7 I'd say, but he is a bit nearer, he's more in line with Grace and looks nearly 4 inches shorter than her, both look normal shoes
JoJo said on 20/Feb/11
Scott Caan is awesome. He makes Hawaii 5-0 watchable. The accolades he receives for his acting is well-deserved. However, Scott is not 5'5". I live here in Hawaii and I saw them at a bar. I was standing beside them all night. I am 5'6" and stood taller than Daniel Dae Kim, so I'd say Daniel is about 5'4". Since everyone knows Daniel is taller than Scott by at least a few inches, Scott should be about 5'2" at the most.
ineida said on 18/Feb/11
Who cares that he's 5-5 He's still a good looking man.
Gigi said on 18/Feb/11
Height doesn't matter, it's all in the attitude...which Scott has a TON of!
Gigi said on 18/Feb/11
Who cares how tall he is, he's hot and his personality and confidence carries him!
Bon_ said on 3/Feb/11
@ James

Paul Newman 5'5? Go barry yourself into ground.
Ceesu said on 26/Jan/11
I find it refreshing that he has enough self confidence to be comfortable with who he is. That he realizes height makes no difference in the "measure of a man." He is a great actor regardless of how short or tall he is and he is a joy to watch. Good for him.
Shanoe said on 17/Jan/11
Caan listed at 5-5 seems about right. I also believe he is showing signs of thinning hair on top. He has that baby fine hair on top and he is young for that. Ten years from now that will be gone.
Parker said on 8/Jan/11
Golum says on 7/Jan/11
Parker, genetics NEVER suggest that tall parents would have tall children

I didn't say that - I just pointed out that most paediatricians and growth specialists use a standard tool for assessing height potential for a child whose been referred or for parents may be concerned about their childs height.

Click Here

As in everything in life, its not fool proof, but demonstrates that short parents of 5'6 and 5'2 cold have son's ranging from 5'2 -5'10 at 95% probabilty - that's a wide spread.
maximus meridius said on 7/Jan/11
This guy is 5ft 5in he is no taller casey affleck had 4 inches on him in oceans 11.
Mr. Kaplan said on 7/Jan/11
If both parents are tall, I don't see why the child would be short.
linke said on 7/Jan/11
acg,I doubt farrell is even 5'10.In the movie,swat jeremy renner was exactly an inch shorter,jeremy is 5'8.5.
Golum said on 7/Jan/11
Parker, genetics NEVER suggest that tall parents would have tall children. Although people are usually around the same heights as their parents, short parents often produce tall children, and vice versa. To think that tall parents would not have short children is a little naive. People stopped making this kind of generalization since the 1950's. Genetics doesn't work that way. I work in health care, by the way.

Perspectively, to put it in layman's terms, two brunette parents could still give birth to blonde children due to genetics past down from a grandparent who could have been blonde.

You will start learning this kind of stuff in grade 10.
ACG said on 7/Jan/11
Brad says on 30/Dec/10
As listed, I think he doesn't care about his height, he looks wild short in everything, 6 footers tower over him.

He didn't look THAT short near 5'11 Colin Farrell....
Woodsley said on 6/Jan/11
I'm 5'6" and my husband is 5' 8", our son is 6'5".It's not height that makes a man. Puge Henis???, wishful thinking?? Tall guy, tough guy?
Ever heard of Edward G. Robinson or Jimmy Cagney?
Brad said on 30/Dec/10
As listed, I think he doesn't care about his height, he looks wild short in everything, 6 footers tower over him.
Parker said on 30/Dec/10
Larry says on 29/Dec/10
I find it strange that he's so much shorter than his father, I mean genetically it's just puzzling; his mom was a model and although i can't find her height, doubt she's under 5 4 as a former model, so why is Scott 4 inches shorter than his dad? Doesn't make genetic sense, similarly my dad is 6 2, I'm 5 inches shorter. My twin brother however is 6 1 and my moms 5 4 so what's the explanation? I can't speak for any of Scott's habits during his growth years that could have stunted his growth but I know I've done absolutely nothing to stunt mine and am very physically fit and conscious. If anything my brother should be shorter with his poor nutrition, yet he made it to 6 1. It's just a curious predicament, what has made us so much shorter than our fathers?

Luck of the draw Larry - Most height predictors use the mean of parents height +2.5 inches (for males) - The caviat being there's a chance (68%)of being within 2 inches of this and 95% of being within 4.......that's a big spread.

My own brother is 4-5 inches taller than me.
Larry said on 29/Dec/10
I find it strange that he's so much shorter than his father, I mean genetically it's just puzzling; his mom was a model and although i can't find her height, doubt she's under 5 4 as a former model, so why is Scott 4 inches shorter than his dad? Doesn't make genetic sense, similarly my dad is 6 2, I'm 5 inches shorter. My twin brother however is 6 1 and my moms 5 4 so what's the explanation? I can't speak for any of Scott's habits during his growth years that could have stunted his growth but I know I've done absolutely nothing to stunt mine and am very physically fit and conscious. If anything my brother should be shorter with his poor nutrition, yet he made it to 6 1. It's just a curious predicament, what has made us so much shorter than our fathers?
Bon said on 23/Dec/10
@Joe Joe - exactly. So being 5'5 doesn't correlate with your toughness.
Weightlifting shows your physical strength doesn't effectively correlate with your height. How tall are the most succesful weightlifters?

@Hart - in a fight, yes, a 6'-er will have greater reach than 5'5 guy, but the 5'5 guy will also be much more agile and balanced and prorbably a bit more than a common pain in the ass.
Besides, Black Americans, as much as they are shorter than Whites on average, they compensate it more than enough with their reach. So it isn't always that simple.
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/10
What about that short dude who played a tough guy in mafia type movies: Joe Peci? Not sure how to spell the last name. And I know this is TMI but I've known shorter guys who were super tall and tall guys who were really short.... if ya know what I mean.
huge cok at 5'5 said on 21/Dec/10
hey ex boxer i can guarantee someone like matt serra whos 5'6 could take one of your jabs get inside and knock your ass out, just like he did to george st pierre whos about 5'11
Puge Henis said on 15/Dec/10
He was a very nice guy, and he is not stocky at all in person. I thought he was going to be really thick before I worked with him, but he is skinny as hell. He honestly looks like he only weighs about 130lbs and I swear on my life I'm not joking. Don't get me wrong, he is in great shape, but he's so tiny. I do enjoy his acting though. As far as Alex O'Laughlin is concerned I would say he seemed to be like 6' maybe 6'1". When I filmed with them, Hawaii 5-0 hadn't aired yet so I had no idea who he was so I didn't pay very much attention to his height. I shot a 2nd episode about 3 weeks ago but I didn't work next to him so I couldn't judge his height very well.
Mr. R said on 9/Dec/10
This looks right. But I have to hand it to Scott; he lets Alex O'Loughlin tower over him in Hawaii 5-0, and does not seem to care. There are no angles or any special effects to make him look taller.
Hart said on 8/Dec/10
Bon- you have been watching too many movies, as a 6' ex-boxer I can tell you someone 5' 5" doesn't have enough reach to even get near me. Napoleon complex, or not.
Bon said on 6/Dec/10
you think a 5'5 can't be a tough guy? what about those wightlifters, you think some typical skinny 6'6 dude would stand any chance against them?
hart said on 4/Dec/10
Tough guy at 5' 5"? You've got to be kidding me....half these Hollywood leading men are practically "little people"
Richard said on 8/Nov/10
Paul Newman was 5'9" Scott Caan is short! He can make up for it with his heritage and intangibles, but he's not going to ever be a leading man in the classic sense, like his dad! He'll e a #2 or #3. Decent actor.
6foot4 said on 28/Oct/10
Scott Caan is a pretty decent actor. He is also quite stocky in build so that helps his 'tough guy' persona.
I think he pulls it off pretty well. Those that think otherwise are just jealous of someone who is happy doing what he is doing with his life.
leonari said on 7/Jul/09
Chase: 5'6"? Not even with his hair he is 5'6"-Stop the nonsense folks
Chase said on 6/Jul/09
I mean regardless of Caan being 5ft5 at best 5 6. He can pull of the badass. The thing that makes him fit in with the rest of the 5 9 crowd of the Oceans movies is his two inch hair cut haha.
Danny said on 12/Jun/09
Honestly with Caan I'm gonna have to say 5ft 4.5 to 5ft 5 max. He is super short for a supposed tough guy actor. Swagger or no swagger he always looks significantly short. I could imagine guys of relative shortness like RDJ and even Tom Cruise still towering over him. Caan is tiny and sorry Real, most definately not a badass lol.
Real said on 7/Mar/09
A lot of shorter guys are insecure & lack confidence. Thus the general perception that women prefer taller dudes.. but more times than not, they're merely after the confident/alpha-male. Guys like Caan help show that short can be alpha.. this guy is a badass that would undoubtedly do better w/ females than most taller dudes.. w/ or w/out the fame. It's all about carrying that swagger.. Granted it may be "easier" for taller dudes, but it can be done by absolutely anyone.
Some guy said on 21/Nov/08
Click Here
Check out this picture... he looks about an inch taller or the same if you take in to account slope of the ground as turtle, who is put at 5'4"...
rye said on 10/Nov/08
yeah, i think height can be a little factor for some girls but not all... one of my best friends is about 5'4 and he's dating a girl about my height 5'7. I also dated a girl for about a year who was an inch shorter than me but ended up growing taller than me in high school and she didnt seem to mind too much. scott caan's dad is 5 9 and he is 5 5, well my dad is 6 2, my mom is 5 6, and im 6 7... genetics are screwy
lee said on 9/Sep/08
I don't know about 5'5 as he was as tall as Jessica alba in into the blue she is 5'6 and a half so 5'6" sounds right barefoot
Akshay said on 24/Jul/08
5-5 is right. This guy is as tall as jennifer aniston
Aimie said on 31/May/08
I thought he was taller too. But then again if you see him with his costars he ALWAYS looks smaller. He has a great body though, and great butt. I wouldn't mind going out on a date with him even if I am an inch taller :)
Anonymous said on 26/May/08
i met him he could be 166 cm
Anonymous said on 26/May/08
can look nearer 5 ft 7 sometimes
leonari said on 13/Jan/08
20 and 5'6" you are sooo off. This guy has the shortest legs in Hollywood. Rob has him perfect...5'6" is impossible for Caan
Jon Doe said on 12/Jan/08
Naw he actually does look 5'5 to me.He was in a movie with Jennifer Aniston and looked real close to her height.
20 and 5'6 said on 5/Nov/07
I think this guys 5'6, people always think I'm 5'5 even tho I'm 5'6 measured by doctor every years since age 14. So yeah, he might look short but still, 5'6 sounds right.
Tommy Gunn said on 25/Sep/07
With regards to the post of "Anonymous" I totally agree with him, it seems that in many ways heights blown out of proportion. We should all be happy with who we are, it's our personality that counts!!
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/07
to the people who worry about their height,dont.I used to live in the US, many people there are obsessed with size and have a football mentality of being big,but none of the girls i knew there were especially attracted to height.In Europe where i live now,people care about size much less,its all about personality and many girls even dislike big guys.
glenn said on 15/Aug/07
i know recently i measured at 5-8 when i woke.a couple of times.
sam said on 14/Aug/07
hey glenn, just curious, when did u last get measured and found out you were five eight?
Michael said on 13/Aug/07
My parents: 5' 2''. Me: 5' 7''. Lucky to be at this height! Anyways, my bro is 5' 5'' and he gets ALL the chicks! Personality is where it's at. It's not the size, it's what you do with it.
colbertnational said on 11/Aug/07
hey thomas im 5'6 so we're in the same boat. when it comes to girls just be confident and dont think about ur height too much. i've noticed that taller girls are actually more attracted to me than tiny ones. take tom cruise for example he has been dating alot of taller women or james blunt who is dating a supermodel 3 inches taller than him.
Rubes said on 7/Aug/07
I saw him at a club in NYC a couple of months ago...I am a tall girl, but he was a widget...yet still very attractive!
Leung said on 6/Aug/07
Scott Caan has always been good value. Anyone seen β€˜Ready to Rumble’? It’s a pretty crap movie but I remember the funny scene where Scott Caan is singing along to Britney Spears, a hilarious scene.
sam said on 6/Aug/07
actually my short problem essentially went away, "who cares", but ur right, there are always crutches, height or not, that we all need to avoid using
sam said on 6/Aug/07
ya, i skateboard so not to big of a problem with that but i definitly know what u mean about the ladies. height may just be an obstacle in ur head though, not totally sure on that....
thomas said on 5/Aug/07
i changed my name cause that just made me sound weak.....but scott does look pretty good even tho he is 5'5. For me my battles are mainly girls who usually pick on you the worst ha and sports because i had to stop playing basketball and football because my coaches would never give me a chance. I was talented enough they just thought it was not possible for me to compete. So now i just play baseball.
sam said on 4/Aug/07
depressed boy, i know what being short is like, always was until i was about 17, know what its like, i hated it, u could still get bigger though, i'm living proof, anyway scott caan doesn't look so bad at 5'5, let me know ur thoughts.
sam said on 4/Aug/07
depressed boy, scott caan may not even be as muscular as u sound, so look on the bright side, problably around ur height i'm guessing from what i've seen (5'5). but ur only 17, doctors arn't always right about this stuff.
sam said on 4/Aug/07
also, depressed boy, send me an IM, (emericask84) we should consult about height, maybe we can work out some concerns, bet i can help, peace...
sam said on 4/Aug/07
scott caan always looked 5'5 to me, even though others doubted it. Hey depressed boy, i used to be shorter also, know what thats like. it used to piss me off too, felt embarassing, laughed at, pushed around. is that what bothers u about it? just curious. height can mess with u. you, me and scott, we know about this. let me know ur further thoughts.
depressed boy said on 27/Jul/07
i look up to scott because i am a 17 year old male whos dad is 6 feet and mom is 5 feet and i was unlucky enough to be 5feet5. I was told at 15 i was done growning at 5'3 but with help i made it to 5'5. Being short has made me suicidal depressed and i just do not enjoy life. Ive been through medicine and counseling but the only thing that helps is weight lifting cause i take out my aggression and i am one of the strongest people in my school. People do not mess with me acuse i let them know i have 17 years of hate and strength, but i am also a great friend. I weigh 180 and i am not fat because i have abs somewhat. So thanks a lot scott you are my role model.
Real said on 11/Jul/07
truthiness, good call on taller women being attracted to shorter men.. i'm 5'6 and seem to have much better luck w/ women 5'5-5'8

5'5 or not, scott caan is a badass.. kind of crazy that his dad is 5'9, but
my dad was 5'8, mom 5'5, and i'm 5'6.. so i guess it happens
Civilian said on 9/Jun/07
Give him a break. It seems that you are feasting on his height instead of giving a
reasonable response. He is 5'5 and definately not less.
Leung said on 6/Jun/07
Everyone is different. My colleague is only 6’0.5” because even though his father is 6’3” his mum is only 5’4”.

My parents are 5’5” and 4’10” therefore my chances of reaching 6’ were very slim, I managed to get to 5’11.5” which is taller than what my parents expected.
sidewinder said on 6/Jun/07
it happenned to me Aaron. my father is almost 5'10.5 and my mom is 5'1 thus i ended up being 5'7
Aaron said on 2/Jun/07
If Scott Caan's father was 5'9 then how tall was his mother? Coz I seen this sorta thing happen before where a guy ends up short even though his father is average but if his mother is really short than that's what causes it.
RICHARD said on 19/May/07
I guess Scott didn't have the same genes as his 5'9 father. 5'5 seems right
TheJerk said on 12/May/07
Thats not cool at all. People who would start something with you based on height must have nothing else to go on.
truthiness said on 27/Apr/07
You guys must be living in pretty tough neighborhoods cuz i am 5'5 and i rarely get any taller dudes trying to start sh!t. and yea i agree with you guys that society is messed up how they portray and treat short people. being short isn't something you have a decision over like race or ethnicity. And on the matter of women, i find that alot of taller women (around 5'8+) are more attracted to me than women that are shorter than me.
leonari said on 26/Apr/07
yeah he is very close to a full 5'5" in my opinion...
Aaron said on 25/Apr/07
I know how ya feel Peanut I'm around 5'4 myself and I have to put up with being made fun of and stuff too, but there really should be some sort of social club for short guys that aren't dwarfs, I mean they got Tall Clubs how come I never here about any short clubs? It's messed up and people are always trying to start sh*t with you coz they assume you can't defend yourself so that's why there's alot of short dudes who bulk up muscle and then other people claim that they have a "napoleanic complex" I mean c'mon if people didn't give us so much crap for being short then we wouldn't have to feel that we had to.
Viper said on 12/Mar/07
Are you sure KT? I saw that movie but never noticed it.
KT said on 11/Mar/07
This site has Scott Caan listed at 5'5", and Jessica Alba at 5'6.25".

Yet, in into the blue, Caan was a little taller.
Leung said on 10/Jan/07
G-unit, you've probably also read that studies show that in the business world tall men are more likely to get promoted rather than shorter men.
So G-unit what this means is that I'll live longer than you, but you'll earn more than me. hehehe, those researchers that do these studies have too much time on their hands
dmeyer said on 10/Jan/07
i met 10 minutes ago he seemed around 5'5 he was over 5'4 and under 5'6 165 or 166 cm i had 1.25 casual shoes and he had converse but he didnt look under 5'5
Big and Short said on 10/Jan/07
I'm about 5'4" and weigh about 185 and do a lot of weightlifting. So, it's definitely possible to weigh that much and be that short. Muscle weighs more than fat so you can put a lot of lbs on if it's muscle weight. There are pro bodybuilders around my height that weigh well over 200 and don't have an ounce of fat on them. I don't have a 6 pack but Im not fat either. Just bulky. Thats probably about how Scott is too if he weighs around 180 at that height.
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07
I read about that with short people.
G-unit said on 4/Jan/07
as brittish guy say: Smaller people live longer. That's a fact. It has something to do with your heart. If we would compare 2 persons with different heights (5'7 and 6'2 for example), but with same genes and same lifestyle, the shorter guy will live 5-10 years longer.
Me, myself I'm 6'Β½ (184cm), which is considered tall. So don't think I'm lying just try saying that short people are better than tall people :)

On topic: Scott Caan appears taller in movies, but in real life shorter. I have no idea where I would've put this guy. But I guess 5'4-5'5 sounds correct.
leonari said on 20/Oct/06
big daddy said on 20/Oct/06
Where did you get the 165lbs from? Hey may be 5'5.5", but I suspect he lies an inch or two below that.
Lmeister said on 16/Oct/06
Sorry bid daddy got kinda mixed up with the weight conversions Scott Caan is 75 kg = 165 pounds. Still really heavy, if he'd only be 5'3.5''. Hmm U don't really have to be 5'9''+ and have a sixpack to carry 180 pounds though. Depends really a lot of your body type not just how much muscles U've got...
big daddy said on 16/Oct/06
Considering he was in excellent shape for "Into the Blue" I doubt he's 180lbs. He'd have to be 5'9"+ to carry 180 and still have a 6-pack like he did. He's somewhere between 5'3" and 5'5". MAYBE 5'5.5" on a good day.
leonari said on 9/Oct/06
next to Paul Walker he looks like a's crazy. But plays suprisingly well...
big daddy said on 14/Sep/06
For the record, I think there are some perspective issues in that picture making him look ridiculously short. Also, the sidewalk does look slanted downhill. From the pictures I've seen I would estimate 5'3.5" BAREFOOT, give or take 1/2".

What actress is that he's standing next to?
Leung said on 11/Sep/06
Yes truheight, those pics where he is wearing red sneakers and grey hat are way too much! My colleagues were wondering what I was laughing about. He looks tiny, a more solid version of Froddo perhaps
Regus said on 7/Sep/06
Yeah I have always noticed how SHORT he was in 'Enemy of the state', very blocky but dang he's kinda small.
big daddy said on 15/Aug/06
Look at this picture of 5'4.5" Jennifer Anniston standing next to Caan. She looks a good .5" taller. And you can be sure Caan is wearing some lifts under those jeans.

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