How tall is Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan's Height

5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)

American actor, best known for roles in films like Captain America: First Avenger and The Winter Soldier, Black Swan and Hot Tub Time Machine. In an MTV video he claimed "I'm Six Foot".

How tall is Sebastian Stan
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Average Guess (134 Votes)
5ft 11.4in (181.4cm)
Miguel Seon said on 15/Feb/23
Y'all capping this dude is 178 max barefoot
QM6'1.5"QM said on 29/Jan/23
Chris Evans is 182cms.
Seb Stan is 180cms, he's probably about strong 6ft-er with shoes on (like photo above).
turtle said on 13/Jun/22
Rob if leo and seb both stood straight and got measured.Who would be taller?
Editor Rob
Who might have the best chance of edging? Ask me on different days and I may well flip between them!
Needsdowngrade2176 said on 10/Mar/22
He looks much shorter than Lutz. If lutz is listed 183 here, how can this guy be 181?? He looks minimum 6 cm shorter

See their pic here together Click Here
Brickmaster said on 30/Oct/21
He is 5”10.5 looks just like my height
Jawilder said on 1/Oct/21
5’11.25”. He’s half an inch shorter than Chris Evans.
emiliooo said on 11/Jun/21
Saw him in LA a few days ago & he was in nikes. I’m 6 ft on the dot, homie is 5’11 on the dot - definitely not 6ft, and not more than a solid 5’11. His date was taller than him but also taller than me lmao
Jasper W Rose said on 3/Jun/21
I believe that Sebastian stan edges out Jake Gyllenhaal slightly look at the angles and leaning when they take their few photos together solid 5'11 1/2
Slim 6'1.5 said on 29/Apr/21
181.5 a possibility, evans would edge him
Vsquad said on 23/Apr/21
After seeing Falcon and Winter Soldier, I think Rob's listing for Sebastian is perfect.

Sebastian looked about 1.5 - 2 inches shorter than Wyatt Russell throughout the whole show, and Russell was listed 6'1 max as a Hockey player.

Russell looked 3 inches taller than Anthony Mackie as well, while Sebastian on the other hand could barely edge Mackie. Even though he usually had stronger footwear than him.
FrankR1 said on 21/Apr/21
For some reason, Sebastian Stan appears “shorter” in Falcon and the Winter Soldier than he did in the MCU movies. I think he wore lifts in the movies to appear more “menacing” as the Winter Soldier, but now he’s wearing shoes with a normal thickness.
Nik Ashton said on 21/Apr/21
He’s pretty tall!
Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm) said on 9/Apr/21
His claim must be with shoes on because he is a little shorter than Chris Evans (listed 183 cm) in all of their photos together and around the same height as Chadwick Boseman (listed 182 cm) - but nonetheless, he gives the impression of a tall guy.

I think 181 cm is a fair listing for him.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 4/Apr/21
I think he's 5'11 3/8 or 5'11.25": Click Here

Winter soldier has solid one inch (3 cms?!) on 5'10er Mackie :)
Rob's list is brilliant.
abdou. said on 1/Apr/21
this guy is 181cm !!! i thought he was 6ft he taller than Chadwick Boseman who about 181-182cm , so this guy is the same height as me wow
JustJoey said on 21/Mar/21
Can’t really see him above 5’10 3/4”.
QM6'1QM said on 11/Feb/21
He has just one inch on Anthony Mackie and always shorter than Chris Evans.
Vsquad said on 9/Feb/21
I think Evans definitely has a cm over Seb, potentially more but I don't want to push Evans' listing any further than a strong 182...

Unless Seb drops below 181, which is possible, but I don't think he usually does unless after a hard workout.
Genau said on 9/Dec/20
My Guesses for the Marvel Mains would be

Scarlet Johannson 5ft3
Chris Hemsworth 6ft2.75
Chris Evans 5ft11.75
Sebastian Stan 5ft11.5
Chris Pratt 6ft1.75
Zoe Saldana 5ft7.25
Samuel L Jackson peak 6ft2 now 6ft0.75
Dave Bautista 6ft2.75
Jeremy Renner 5ft8.5
Paul Rudd 5ft8.75
Chadwick Boseman 5ft11.5
Paul Bettany 6ft3.5
Ryan Reynolds 6ft2.25
Tom Hiddleston 6ft1.75
Bradley Cooper 6ft0.5
Vin Diesel peak 5ft11.25 now 5ft11
Benedict Cumberbatch 5ft11.5
Tom Holland 5ft6.75
Karen Gillan 5ft10
Don Cheadle ft7.25
Mark Rufallo 5ft7.5
RDJ 5ft7.5
Josh Brolin 5ft9.5
Michael Rooker peak 5ft9.75 now 5ft9
PFinder said on 1/Dec/20
Evans might have a slight edge over him, but not by much. I’d say Stan is 5’11 3/4”
Slim 6'1" said on 27/Sep/20
Edged by suspected 182xm Chris Evans so yeah he’s 181.5
Slim 6'1" said on 27/Sep/20
Give the quarter inch upgrade
YayAreaaa said on 5/Mar/20
I was lucky to meet Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie (all at once!) last yr, wasnt a premiere though.. I am a 5’10 girl, . I was wearing flip flops . anthonyy Mackie was my height(!) stan & Chris evans probably are exact same height bc Stan was wearing sneakers & Evans was wearing what looked to be an an 1/2 to 1 inch dress shoe heel ? Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if I chris evans & Sebastian stan are the same height cuz it seems Stan’s posture leans & sinks more than Evans doees. Evans seems immune to slouching lol I got a pic w/all 3 everybody stood up straight in it for the pic & Stan is Evans height instantly, when standing up straightest. very possible for Stans posture to make him look less than chris evans. not a doubt in my mind tho they are both 6ft tall (bf is 6ft so it’s helpful too to compare that as well lol) I thought Anthony Mackie would have been taller than me, I was surprised!
Vsquad said on 11/Feb/20

That's a very random rumor lol and even if Evans did wear lifts to "appear taller" than Sebastian, all it means is that they're definitely both 5'11. Everyone already speculates that Evans might be a little bit under 6'0.


Sebastian can fluctuate between looking the exact same height as Anthony or 1-2 inches taller at other times. Hard to pin down.
6ftgirl said on 29/Jan/20
There's some rumor that says Stan and Evans are exactly the same height but Evans wears lifts very often so Stan ends up looking a bit shorter. I still have my doubts though and would bet for this height
truthteller25 said on 15/Dec/19
He looked 5'10 ish to me no way is he 6'0 he is never taller than anybody it seems. ANthony Mackie whose 5'10 is his same height and he never looked taller.
Vsquad said on 8/Dec/19

Yeah I don't know why but everyone (on this site) is suddenly claiming Evans is 6'1 for some reason lol.

Evans looks like the flattest 6ft guy I've personally ever seen. That's the only reason why Sebastian can look so close to him sometimes.
6footTom said on 19/Nov/19
@Bobby Shane

Evans ain't 6'1" though.
DarkPower729 said on 17/Nov/19
I’d say 181cm is his night height. He probably measures 6ft (182.9cm) on the dot first thing in the morn and gives the impression of a tall fella next to solid 6ft Chris Evans. He’s a weak 6ft or 5’11.5” to me.
Bobbs said on 19/Oct/19
yea this guy is solid 6ft no more no less
essie said on 6/Oct/19
saw him in london over the summer with my boyfriend who is 6ft in flat shoes (he was wearing sneakers). very nice guy, got a pic wiht him guess they were filming something there and it was down time. he was about an inch taller than my bf, but basically the same height, and sebastian stan had flat boots on. certain after our meeting he's 6ft
Latin Mix said on 5/Oct/19
Rob, here's Sebastian and the model Jon Kortagarena he claim 187
*Click Here*
*Click Here*
He looks 185 but no more , can you add Jon, please he is very famous and his height is very interensting, because his skull and hair is big and it makes his height an mistery... Thx
Editor Rob
He could be nearly 2 inches shorter than the other guy, with maybe 1/4 inch more shoe.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/May/19
He look more legit 5'11.25" than Jimmy Kimmel.
Aus said on 1/May/19
He is a Solid 182cm. Next to Evans he looks just one cm shorter
Ray Atikian said on 28/Mar/19
He looks about a couple cm’s taller then Karen Gillian but so my guess is 5’11 but at the same time when he’s next to Chris Evans he looks like he’s a weak 6’0
DarkPower729 said on 25/Mar/19
He looks like a tall guy and isn’t much shorter than 6’0” Chris Evans- sometimes they even look the same height when Evan’s postures a little relaxed. To me, tall starts at 5’11.5”- so once you can round up to 6’0”. He probably reaches 5’11.25” at his lowest at night and measures 6’0” after awaking.
c-mo said on 21/Feb/19
Jafarss said on 14/Apr/18

Yeah, even 180 guys can appear tall tbh. I'm 186 myself and when looking from afar, there seems to be this magical leap from 179 guys appearing almost TOO symmetrical in leg and arm length, whereas 180 guys look more stretched out in either legs or body.


can you explain what you mean ? I dont quite understand
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Aug/18
At first i thought he was 5'11 1/2 like Chadwick Boseman. But look at Boseman more i think 5'11 1/4 suits both him and Stan. Stan is more legit 181cm than Jimmy Kimmel who look nothing more than 180cm with 6'5 1/2 Metta World Peace.
rumka said on 11/Jul/18
I mean, what tall difference is here between Sebastian and Chris? Isn´t Sebastian shorter than 180 cm?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I still would guess Stan overall can look 5ft 11 and a bit, rather than under 5ft 11. He might be a little behind Chris in that shot.
MAD SAM said on 16/Jun/18
He’s definitely shorter to Evans (183 cm), gonna give Stan 181 cm though
Guest66 said on 24/May/18
I meant 5’11 1/2 for Evans, my bad.
Guest66 said on 22/May/18
If anything, he should be claiming just 5’11, as he consistently looking almost an inch shorter than Evans who very well might be 5’11 1/5 himself. Plus, pictures with a legit 6’0 guy like Kellan Lutz kind of speak for themselves.
Leno said on 13/May/18
In a lot of places he is putted as 5'11, so I believe that is his height
Doran said on 11/May/18
He's definitely NOT 6'0. Jeez some of these these feel like spam accounts.

He's always shorter than Chris Evans, and Chris Evans is barely 6'0 himself.
mahi7 said on 10/May/18
definitely 6'0.
Smiles03 said on 30/Apr/18
He's defently 6'0
6footTom said on 30/Apr/18
+sha788 One scene isn't nearly enough though. I'm 6ft but even I can look nearly the same height as one of my classmates who is 6'2" under the right circumstances when he has loose posture.
mannexus said on 23/Apr/18
he does look 6 ft.25 inch
Jafarss said on 14/Apr/18

Yeah, even 180 guys can appear tall tbh. I'm 186 myself and when looking from afar, there seems to be this magical leap from 179 guys appearing almost TOO symmetrical in leg and arm length, whereas 180 guys look more stretched out in either legs or body.
Animus said on 13/Apr/18
He's at the upper end of average. A 181cm man can appear tall under the right circumstances.
Jafarss said on 11/Apr/18

In that interview they either looked up his height on Google or asked Sebastian himself for when they would make the video. Neither is a reliable source.

And you said it yourself; Sebastian is only ALMOST as tall as Chris Evans. Only ALMOST. Evans is only ever listed as high as 6'0. And Anthony Mackie is only 5'10, he inflates his height by an inch just like any other actor does, and he was inflating Seb and Chris' as well to make his claim seem valid.

Sebastian can't just "confirm" his height himself in this day and age of Hollywood. He's 5'11.

Most people even argue Chris Evans might just be below 6 ft because he struggles to look it a lot of the times as well-- but either way, Evans always beats Sebastian. Always.
Editor Rob
He did mention it in the clip, so it is pretty much what he seems to want to claim.
Haya said on 10/Apr/18
In the interview where they ask him to audition for luke skywalker they add his height(if you wanna look for it) so im pretty sure he's a solid 6ft
Haya said on 10/Apr/18
He is a solid 6ft, in the photos with allison janney who is also 6ft she's only taller with killer high heels, and he's almost the same height as chris evans specially when they both stand upright since evans posture and shoulders give him an advantage. Anthony mackie once mentioned how annoying it was to be in that mini car in civil war when their heights are 5'11/6/6'1. He just looks short in pictures standing alone, alot of fans pointed out that he is way taller than expected in reallity plus he himself confirmed his height
Jafarss said on 9/Apr/18
Sebastian was at an Infinity War event today... and, err, look at his footwear -

Click Here

Those shoes gotta give him around 1.5 - 2 inches of height. He looks way too close to Tom Hiddleston there -

Click Here

I've noticed he's been wearing a lot of platform-like dress shoes lately.
Jafarss said on 8/Apr/18
Chris Evans seems to have 2 cm max on Sebastian. I've looked at a lot of mobile/up-close photos at those fan comic cons they've attended, and the difference is nearing the 2.5 cm/full inch mark. And there's been some situations where Sebastian has footwear advantage over Chris, but Chris at the very least still maintains eye to eye level with him.

Seb - 180.5 - 181
Chris - 182.5 - 183
sha788 said on 3/Mar/18
he looked 6 ft in one scene with 6'0 chris evans in civil war.
linda said on 28/Feb/18
he is 6’0”. he confirmed it.
Jimbos123 said on 16/Feb/18
Strong 5'11". 181.5 out of bed 10 hour sleep.
Traviov said on 12/Nov/17
that because kellen lutz is only 6'0.5 cm but he look 6'1 on here
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
Next to 1.82m Chris Evans, He look 1.80m
I think he is between 1.79m/1.80
Click Here:
Junior said on 24/Aug/17
Above picture must be an odd angle of the camera make Kellen Lutz look about 6'1 with Stan.
The Man said on 1/Aug/17
da hell he looks 5ft 8 with Kellan lol look at the eye level jeez
Morris said on 17/Jul/17
175-178max barefoot
grizz said on 13/Jul/17
Any idea on how much does he weigh now as the Winter Soldier? His 78 kg model weight seems ridiculously low for him.
Guest66 said on 9/Jul/17
Something is off about this picture. Lutz is only a fraction over 6 foot, and Rob has a photo with him, yet on this picture everything including shoulders level suggests at least 2 in difference. Plus the ground is even here, and they both have same shoes. I feel that Stan might be a good inch shorter than this listing.
Balrog said on 17/Jun/17
Rob why is he looking 2in shorter than Lutz in the pic? Camera angles? Shoes looks the same to me...
Editor Rob
balrog, I feel the camera has helped Kellan's side, but how much? Enough to add 2cm? Tricky to say...
Guest66 said on 4/Mar/17
Serena, no offense, girls are typically not very accurate at height estimations, and your comment only proves it lol
Arthur said on 2/Mar/17
How in the world could there be 1 inch, let alone 3 cm between these guys in that photo? This is insane. I didn't know who the guy on the right was, and I figured that's a 3 inch difference, so I though he would be over 6'2, and then I find out he is listed 6'0.25, AND Rob has met him, so his listing can't really be argued much. Stan looks 5'10 at best in this photo, and t's a full body shot on even ground? If that photo isn't reliable, then no photo is reliable.
BT said on 22/Feb/17
Evans at 6'0, Boseman at 5'11.5 and Stan at 5'11.25 doesn't look quite right to me. They all can look about the same, but I'd agree that Evans overall gives the slightly taller impression. My bet would be Stand and Boseman at 5'11.25 and Evans at 5'11.5, maybe 5'11.75.
176.5 cm guy said on 21/Feb/17
Wow he looked shorter than everybody except Paul Rudd,Don Cheadle and Iron Man.
Josh said on 3/Jan/17
Either he get listed as 5'11.5 or Boseman gets downgraded to this as well. Sebastian always seems to have the edge on him and he is just a bit shorter than solid 6'0 Evans.
XserenaX said on 25/Dec/16
Well, my guess, Seb is around 185-186 cm. I saw one day a picture, and on the picture was Seb and Jensen Ackles, and as we know Jen is 186 cm, and Seb wasn't shorter at all..
But this is just my guess. The point is that, Seb is so tall. :D
AJ said on 2/Dec/16
Rob don't you think 5'11.5" would be a good compromise. I mean he does look similiar height if not taller than chadwick boseman. Maybe he isn't standing tall in the picture above.
Editor Rob
AJ, his height is still quite debatable. At times I see 5ft 11.5, then I think he's nearer 5ft 11.
Bronte said on 1/Dec/16
Stan with Zachary Quinto last night - Quinto is clearly taller (although his shoes look to have a little more heel) but I don't see 2 inches difference in their height. Quinto is listed here at 6'1" - what's your take Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Bronte it's another case where Stan can look closer to 6ft than 5ft 11, which is why he is a hard guy to pin down, anywhere in that 5ft 11-11.75 zone is arguable at times.
Romania said on 22/Nov/16
Hi Rob, although he is a strong 5'11, can he pull off looking his 6'0 claim at all?
Editor Rob
sometimes he has pulled it off, but not as often as between 5ft 11 and 6ft range, he really has looked everywhere along that line.
The Horse of FUNK said on 28/Oct/16
"Editor Rob: I know it definitely seems that way, but I'm not so sure, if Stan really was 5ft 10.5 range I'd be surprised.

Near Renner, who in person certainly isn't less than a 173-4 range, I think he can look 5ft 11 range."

Found a better photo for you, Rob: Click Here

It's a better photo, in my opinion, due to being more frontal and direct where as the Gettyimage one seems as though the photo taker was crouching and Stan was tilting his head in, as if looking downward to the camera, while Lutz is more erect. I'm also going by eye and shoulder level since Stan is wearing a hat.

Anyway, it's kinda hard with the hat, but they still look about 1.5" apart in that photo, MAYBE 2". Neither are wearing suspect footwear either.

I think it's possible Stan is 180cm and Lutz is a legit 184-185cm guy. The problem with that though is it makes the rest of the Captain America cast even more confusing, as if it wasn't already lol.
Editor Rob
one thing - I think Kellan has a thicker shoe than Stan, how much exactly I don't know, but at least a fraction.
The Horse of FUNK said on 27/Oct/16
"Editor Rob: in reality there probably isn't more than an inch between them, but sometimes cameras and positions can enhance or reduce differences."

There's definitely more than an inch difference there with Kellan Lutz.
Editor Rob
I know it definitely seems that way, but I'm not so sure, if Stan really was 5ft 10.5 range I'd be surprised.

Near Renner, who in person certainly isn't less than a 173-4 range, I think he can look 5ft 11 range.
Chris said on 15/Oct/16
Rob he looks 178cm at best next to Lutz above(and that's given the fact I think Lutz has footwear advantage)
Editor Rob
in reality there probably isn't more than an inch between them, but sometimes cameras and positions can enhance or reduce differences.
S.J.H said on 1/Oct/16
@MD said on 8/Sep/16

Hes not even closer to 180cm 5'10.75 with 6'0 kellen lutz above. Let alone 5'11.25
MD said on 8/Sep/16
The head picture shows him standing with Kellan Lutz. No, he is not taller than currently listed.
Dmeyer said on 7/Sep/16
Look 177cm tops with lutz
Josh said on 28/Aug/16
Why the downgrade? If he's this then Boseman needs a downgrade to this as well. Sebastian edges him out by a bit.
Aaron Zamora said on 12/Aug/16
Why does Stan look so short next to that guy that is 6 foot range? I think Stan is 5'10.5 tops.
Editor Rob
might just be losing some height in camera/posture there, the same way sometimes he might gain a bit.
Sea Bass is a Wizard said on 6/Aug/16
I still do not understand how this guy edges out Chadwick Boseman even when he is noticeably an inch shorter than Chris Evans. Winter Soldier magic perhaps?
Bronte said on 5/Aug/16
He's really hard to pin down...consistently slightly taller than 5'11.5" Chadwick Boseman, consistently slightly shorter than 6'0" Chris Evans - somehow dwarfed by 6'0.25" Kellan Lutz.... Hahah! What's going on?!

This photo is unquestionably a bad example though - it's not level and Stan is wearing a cap and has his chin down...

At least compared to Boseman and Evans, 5'11.5" or 5'11.75" seems most likely....
aj said on 3/Aug/16
who do you think would measure taller him or dicaprio? My bet is on stan.
Editor Rob
at times he does look 5ft 11.5 range, but then so could Leo I thought.
Certainly would be interesting having them face off barefoot!
A2Z said on 29/Jul/16
HAHA rob had Stan at 5'11.5 listing to promote the Civil War movie for the last two months ;).
aj said on 29/Jul/16
182 was a better fit, but if you downgrade him at least downgrade Chadwick Boseman cause he's clearly shorter than Stan.
bojack said on 26/Jul/16
His head looks kinda long. At what height do you think his eye level is at? 5'6.5 or something?
Editor Rob
this guy actually is hard to pin down, he can look anywhere in 5ft 11 up to almost 6ft, actually 181 I think is what I keep thinking is an overall fit, so his eyes might be 168-9 zone.
Toya said on 21/Jul/16
Can you find a better photo, Rob? A headshot doesn't say much about his height ;)
TJE said on 6/Jun/16
This makes more sense since he can look 4 cm taller than Anthony Mackie frequently.
xaoxio said on 6/Jun/16
Rob, how can you explain this photo(Click Here)? Stan looks 5'10'' there. Cause other guys are closer to camera??
Editor Rob
could be a little nearer, hard to say how much though but it shows (even if evans is gaining a little rising up slightly) he could look a 5ft 11 guy.
Lynx said on 2/Jun/16
BGee Hugh Jackman is 6'2 and on the comics or videogames Wolverine is pretty below average height, 5'3.
Josh said on 21/May/16
Looks this to Chris Evans 6'0. Good listing!
Neilsberg said on 9/May/16
hello Rob
In this photos have Chris Evan 6ft0(183 cm) and Sebastian who is seems similar size of Chris.

What do you think Rob?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
there are times they look close, other times evans looks taller, he could fall in 5ft 11.5 zone.
189 cm man said on 12/Mar/16
Yes true he is bit shorter than chris evans
S.J.H said on 22/Nov/15
@Sara said on 18/Jun/15

Steven strait is probably a good 6'0 not even 6'1 or 6'2 as listed else where. Sebastian stan is always listed at 510.75 to 5'11 other site untill rob upgrade him here at 5'11.25
Sara said on 18/Jun/15
in The Covenant movie he looks only 3 cm shorter than steven strait who is 188cm i think he is 185 cm .
Silent_D said on 5/Mar/15
In gossip girl, he was a few cm taller than chace crawford. He looks tall next to blake lively too. 181cm.
BGee said on 28/Nov/14
Stan here is the one actor off the top of my head who is actually /taller/ than his Marvel comic character (Bucky is 5'9). Everyone else is shorter (Evans by 2 inches, Hemsworth by 3 inches, Johansson by 4 inches, Downey by 5 inches and Renner by SEVEN inches, funny how that works out!)
cole said on 24/Apr/14
@MD: Yeah If Evans is lowered to 5'11.75 now, it adds up nicely with Stan being 5'11.25. There's about half an inch between them.
MD said on 24/Apr/14
Funny, because I thought if any height should have been adjusted, perhaps it'd have been more accurate to adjust Evans' height.
cole said on 23/Apr/14
Yes, this is more fitting. Good upgrade.
cole said on 20/Apr/14
@Editor Rob: Can you really see him a full inch shorter than Chris Evans?

I think he should at least get 5'11.25, and even 5'11.5 could be justified if Evans keeps the 6ft listing.
He seems a little taller next to Evans than what 5'11.5 listed Jake Gyllenhaal does...
Editor Rob
yes he can look 181cm
chrisssss said on 1/Apr/14
180cm, coulda swore he was 179cm, but ok lol, but i don't chris evans is 184cm, 183cm max for evans
cole said on 1/Apr/14
In fairness he could pull off 181-182 cm range next to 189 cm Ashton Kutcher in Spread. He looks close in height with Chris Evans and way more than 1 cm taller than Jamie Mackie, although I get the impression that he's more of a 177 cm guy. Maybe 181 cm is a good shout for Stan, Rob?
cole said on 15/Oct/13
Evans could be 1 or 2 cm taller, at least I'm not seeing the full 1 inch between them. It seems closer to half an inch imo. 180 cm for Sebastian Stan and 182 cm for Chris Evans is a good shout.
Sam said on 16/Sep/13
He also looked like he could be around 5'11" at curtain call when I saw him in Talk Radio next to Stephanie March, Peter Hermann and Liev Schreiber, shorter than those two guys but not short-short and close to March in well-heeled shoes.
cole said on 31/Aug/13
He is for sure close in height with Chris Evans. I'd say there's about 0.5" between them in favour of Evans. So if Evans is 6', Stan is 5'11.5, if Stan is 5'11, Evans is 5'11.5. I vote for the latter.
cole said on 2/Aug/13
Always thought he was 5'10 for some reason, but 5'11 seems closer for him.
Sam said on 10/Jan/13
Him and Chris Evans are close to the same height:
Click Here
Jex said on 4/Jan/13
he was listed 5'10 in i mdb 1 year ago,and now grew taller?he was born in 1982 ffs!!!
Lola said on 17/Nov/12
5'11" seems right. He was about 7 inches taller than Lana Parrilla on Once Upon a Time. He might be close to 6'0".
Revco said on 2/Jul/07
Al is such a nice fellow. Always willing to chat. I met him a couple of times in Seattle and at Last years show in Chicago.
Glenn said on 6/Sep/06
I didnt this night.I met him in 1993 and 96 as well.always a gentleman.I think in 1993 he signed my copy of Sympathy.I heard the same too.I will tell him how much I love that album next time I see him.he should be proud.its without a doubt in the top 10 or 20 greatest New Wave albums of all time.underated actually.New Wave,Industrial,Death Metal,the man plays all my loves.couldnt meet a nicer guy.
sidewinder said on 5/Sep/06
when you hung out with him, did you bring up "with sympathy"?
i read multiple times that he totally disowned that album and will not discuss it.
Glenn said on 4/Sep/06
Now Mististry morphed into death metal.they always dabbled in it anyway.
Glenn said on 4/Sep/06
I love even the new wave album too.With Sympathy.
sidewinder said on 4/Sep/06
al j is definately one of my idols. the land of rape and honey is the best industrial album ever. didnt expect him to be 5'8 though, thought he would have been taller!
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
Yes,Rob.also of band Revolting Cocks and a few other bands.thats a crazy good story Rob.I saw Lenny in sandles at 5-9.6ft in boots.
Anonymous said on 3/Sep/06
Whatever happened to the Revolting *****? How thoses guys never made it big I've no idea.
Glenn said on 2/Sep/06
He had the flu in this pic and hunched.5-8.caught flu from him too I of my idols and always a great guy.a security guard in 1993 mentioned we sold autographs,Al shot back"its a free country,they can do what they want".120 new pics coming or 2 surprises, try to have one new pic up a day for now.please.the coming pics are more interesting.thanks.
Derek said on 2/Sep/06
i don't know about the ground or footwear but glenn has at least 3 inches by looking at the photo.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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