How tall is Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller's Height

5ft 5in (165.1 cm)

British actress best known for roles in films like Layer Cake, Alfie, Factory Girl and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. In Sienna herself claims: "I'm five foot six!"

Photo by Janet Mayer / PR Photos

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5ft 5.03in (165.2cm)
even said on 22/Jul/17
your answer is five five
ana said on 10/Jun/17
she genuinely looks 165
Giorgi said on 14/Dec/16
Why necessarily prphotos, Rob? Just curious if copyright is required for celebheights.
Editor Rob: Giorgi, I pay to use the PrPhotos, it's like $900 for being able to use 1200 photos a year.

Of course there is creative commons photos we can use. I use a proportion of CC photos on this site and appreciate people who contribute photos through places like Wikimedia Commons. Like Linda Blair, Miriam Margolyes, anybody can use those pics I took freely.

Gettyimages also let people embed their photos, which is useful as well, though it is not as good as having a copy served directly from celebheights like those prphotos.
Giorgi said on 8/Dec/16
Rob, admit it, you chose this photo because of her legs ;))
Editor Rob: Giorgi, at the time, probably was the best of a limited choice on prphotos.
JAsPer said on 24/Sep/16
i Saw GI-Joe and made an estimate of 5'5 to 5'6. I chose 5'5 and was sure it had to be that.
Now reading the comments she is actually 5'3 and 1/2. Her slim body makes her much taller
Plus those deadly heels.
If i had bumped into her with her blonde hair i never would have recognized her since i only
know her from GI-J.
truth said on 21/Jun/16
Gorgeous woman. 5'5 is most likely.
Andrea said on 17/May/16
Rob, considering you now have Jude at 5'10 flat, is 5'4 possible for Sienna? She can certainly look 6 inches shorter than him in some pictures...
Editor Rob: with looser posture she might look that short, but I don't know if she really would be. In heels at times she could look anywhere around 3 inches shorter.
AZ said on 10/Oct/15
I see her often and worked with her maybe four times? Frequents similar parties as I do for work. 5'3.5" is probably most accurate. Very thin. Very very pretty.
jtm said on 5/Oct/15
around 5'3
Len said on 4/Oct/15
Looks 5'5" absolute max, and 5'4" might be more likely.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jan/15
Rob, can you add American Sniper?
Pau said on 28/Jan/14
Yes she is 5' 3"
Ben said on 18/Aug/13
I don't know what kind of shoes she was wearing on Top Gear, but she looked damn near 5'10''- 5'11'' next to Clarkson. I'd say she's about 5'6'' because she couldn't be wearing heels bigger than 5 or 6 inches.
Siennor said on 12/May/13
I dont belive she is any taller then 5'4.

In cm I would say she is 162-163cm, she is fairly short and she has admitted that on several occasions.
* said on 3/Jan/13
i met her last summer in greece, she's no taller than 5'3"
m@##j said on 2/Jan/12
she is 5'5 for sure.just saw her with 5'3 mena suvari.
Silent d said on 15/Dec/11
I never thought she was tall but after watching layer cake. 5 foot 5. Nice face.
baseley said on 1/Sep/11
Click Here she is 5'4 . Here is a picture of her with a friend inBerlin, who is about 5'10
SAK said on 1/Apr/11
she was signed with select model management as a model before becoming an actress. I am surprised they took on someone so short, in terms of modelling short, in realty 5ft5 is average for a woman.
Steve W said on 16/Feb/11
Just saw her on top gear and her head only just came above the side window so can't see her above 5ft 2in
george said on 9/Feb/11
thought she was taller.. she looked about 5'6
claudia said on 30/Nov/10
some of the comments on here! come on,, break it upp!!! haha
sienna is so beautiful,she is definately not 5'6, i saw her in london and she was about an inch or two shorter than me and im a 5'6, shes 5'5 on a VERY good day
Lyndsay said on 12/Oct/07
long limbs dont necessarily mean that a person is tall. i have really long legs, but am only 5'2.5. I think sienna is 5'3. especially seeing her in pictures beside other people. she always wears the tallest heels in public too! she is definitely about a foot shorter than her new boyfriend rhys. i think she should be downgraded!
nina said on 11/Oct/07
i doubt she is 165 sm, she's probubly 170 or so. she's got long feet and arms and everythig else....
Anna said on 29/Sep/07
She is up to Rhys' shoulder in these pix...she looks tiny and like she's a whole foot shorter than he is, which would put her at 5'2 if he's 6'2...but I'd say 5'3 is more accurate for Sienna!

Click Here
Madeline said on 27/Sep/07
time for her to be downgraded, Rob...she's no taller than 5'3 in most people's opinion...and from all the resonable evidence!!!
Anon_V said on 21/Sep/07
Recent Glamour article featured Sienna and her designer sister who is very tall compared to the dimunitive Sienna. From all photographic evidence, I'd say 5'3 tops. Just an opinion though, never met the gal.
Melissa said on 26/Aug/07
i think 5'3 is quite accurate. that's actually quite an average height...especially in hollywood, and sienna always wears huge heels to parties and events, making her appear taller. she's beautiful at any height!
anonymous said on 23/Aug/07
Looking at the photo Sabrina you are close although Rhys has an extra 0.5' waearing converses and she is barefeet. She reaches him at most to his neck making the difference between them 12 inches based on Rob's little reference: Click Here which would make closer to 5'3". No way she is 5'5".
Sabrina said on 21/Aug/07
here's a pic of her with Rhys Ifans who is 6'2...she looks tiny next to him - no way she's 5'5.

Click Here
Sabrina said on 21/Aug/07
She's about a whole foot shorter than Rhys Ifans (6'2) in pics of the two of them in Ibiza. She can't be over 5'3.
Meriam said on 17/Aug/07're right...judging by that movie clip, she cant be more than 5'3! her heels were huge!
Anonymous said on 13/Aug/07
i've been trying to post this trailer of "Interview" to show that she's at least 1.5-2 inches shorter when dancing with and stading next to the 5'8 Steve Buschemi...and when they show her boots, they are at least 3.5 solid inches...putting her at around 5'3 - 5'3.5, which is think is accurate.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/07
5'5?? No way. Look at her next to a 5'11 Jude Law in flats. She is walking ahead of him a little, making her look slightly taller than she is, but even so, does NOT look 5'5''.

Click Here
Candace said on 25/Jul/07
sienna was the same height as Mena Suvari in Facory Girl...and maybe shorter since Mena was hardly ever in heels and miller was always in them! she's 5'3 for sure!
andrea said on 25/Jul/07
also, in the pic below with Drew Barrymore, she is only about an inch taller (tops)...and Drew is 5'2. she also looks A LOT shorter than Hayden Christensen (6.05")in Factory Girl...I think she's 5'3. Time for Sienna to be down graded (or at least re-evaluated;)Rob!
andrea said on 25/Jul/07
that other girl is her sister and business partner (they have a fashion line together-her sister studied fashion)she is probably around 5'8...but Sienna is not a tall girl, so that's why she looks so small next to her. i think she's 5.3-5'3.5...i dont think that's short. she also has long legs and wears short skirts a lot....making her look and seem taller than she is.
Chris said on 19/Jul/07
She is a lot closer to the camera than the other girl in that picture.
ann said on 6/Jul/07
judging by the pics here and many other pics i've seen of her, i'd say she's 5'3...which is not THAT short, especially since she's skinny and has longer makes her seen taller.
anon. said on 4/Jul/07
she's soo small... in this picture Click Here with her friend she's wearing HUGE heels and she's Click Here shorter, i don't know how tall her friend is but even if she's a tall girl probably 5'10" or something.. and she's wearing flats, sienna is still wwaaaayyyy smaller
nikki said on 14/Jun/07
well, there certainly aint 10cm or more of difference with Milla Jovovich in getty images, more like 5cm, and Milla is at least 173cm
Nadia said on 13/Jun/07
i would say 5'3.5 for Sienna. No taller, no shorter.
kai said on 4/Jun/07
here is a full body shot of the shot just posted by ellie... i agree that she is shorter, probably 5'4ish
Click Here
Ellie said on 2/Jun/07
check out this photo (from
Click Here

i know that you can't see their shoes, but i don't think there would be a huge difference in footwear. Since Keira is a pretty definate 5'7", from this picture it looks like Sienna's between 5'3" and 5'4"
UNK said on 30/Apr/07
Drew is 5'3". Sienna is slightley taller in the pic, putting her in the 5'4" range... a weak 5'5" is not out of the question.
UNK said on 30/Apr/07
Why are my comments not posting? I must have lost 4 or 5 since last week.
Gina said on 30/Apr/07
Actually they are the same height, roughly. Sienna may be only an inch taller in these pictures and mind you, there are both wearing heels
theheightguru said on 26/Apr/07
You're right UNK, she's CLEARLY 2-3 inches taller, LMAO.
UNK said on 23/Apr/07
ummm - because she is not the same height as Drew in that pic.
theheightguru said on 20/Apr/07
Click Here

How can she be 5'5 if she's the same height as Drew Barrymore in this pic?
UNK said on 17/Apr/07
In order to sway Rob you are going to need to measure that exact ATM and take pictures of the measuring tape, etc... that would be "hard evidence" everything else here is "soft evidence".
Anon said on 16/Apr/07
UK, why don't you silence all doubters by measuring the NatWest ATM she is standing at in the photo I listed below (I think the one in the photo is near Wyndham's Theatre, but I assume they are all the same height off the ground). I agree that 5-5 is ridiculous. Every one who has seen her in person claims in the 5-3 or less region. And if she is 2-3cm shorter than Dustin Hoffman (claims 5-5), how does that make her 5-5?
Franco said on 11/Apr/07
Sienna Miller is definetely 5'5 MAX and congratulations cause the site listing here is accurate. 165cm is right.

picture next to Dustin Hoffman, she's about 2-3cm shorter

Click Here
Antoine said on 9/Mar/07
Sienna Miller!!?? 5'4! Tops!!!
Mimi said on 1/Mar/07 what height to you calculate for Sienna, Dunst, and Theron?
cluedin said on 1/Mar/07
she does look smaller than this next to sheryl crow. Of course, you can't see their feet, maybe free spirited Sienna took off her shoes
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Antoine said on 26/Feb/07
There are a few red carpet photos of sienna miller standing side by side dustin hoffman! she appears to be at least 1 inch shorter than dustin. dustin is claimed to be 5'5"...who knows! she is 5'3!!!
UK said on 22/Feb/07
thank you anon for clarifying.... i think you are right about the mistake.
Anon said on 22/Feb/07
UK, I think "s" meant to write "considerably shorter"?
s said on 14/Feb/07
well she's considerably taller than legitimate 5'7 keira knightly!

Click Here Doubt she's even 5'5 to be honest as her very slim frame and long limbs makes her look taller than she is.
Glenn said on 7/Feb/07
I just last week was turned down by Sienna,Kirsten Dunst and Charlize Theron within feet of each other.
UNK said on 6/Feb/07
Great find Anon. I can't make out Portman's shoes, but it really doesn't matter. Sienna is maxing out in those heels, has to be 4". Jon Stewart is up front about his height, and I doubt a lift wearer. Anyway, Portman is listed here as 5'3". And Basically has the same height difference next to Stewart as Sienna. How could that be?

Rob, hope to hear you chime in on this one.
Anon said on 5/Feb/07
On the Daily Show, in her usual ridiculously high heels, she is still at least one inch shorter than Jon Stewart (5-6.5). Natalie Portman (listed at 5-4) has the same height difference with Jon Stewart, and she is wearing shorter heels than Sienna.


Click Here


Click Here
Anon said on 3/Feb/07
These are the low-heeled boots Sienna wore to Sundance. They have a 1 1/8 inch heel. You were right Rob, but I do think some of our disagreement arose because we were speaking about different boots (her high-heeled Sundance ones and her low-heeled ones).

Click Here
Anon said on 28/Jan/07
UNK, here is another photo of Sadie and Kate (to compare with Sadie and Sienna photo):

Click Here

Why are we still fixating on Buscemi? We don't even have much confirmation on his height. ROB: an inch difference is significant, so I don't think you should say 5-4 or 5-5.
Anon said on 24/Jan/07
Also, how did a 4-inch heel, with a 3-inch advantage, suddenly turn into 1.7-8 inches of advantage? By my calculation, you're assuming Buscemi is getting a 1.2-3 inch advantage from his shoes? Wouldn't that mean he's wearing 2 or 2.5 inch heels? If you think Sienna's lower-heeled boots (where she's wearing scarf/sweater) are only 1-inch, how can you justify Buscemi's shoes being at least one-inch taller? Doesn't compute to me.

[Editor Rob:

I estimate the larger shoe sienna wears gives say 2.9 inches over her barefoot height.

Buscemi's look like they are atypical and give 1.1 or 1.2 over his barefoot, hence, the footwear advantage could be 1.8 inches in sienna's favour. What's hard to compute?

the advantage in the other boots is minimal, if its more than 0.2 inches in sienna's favor I'd be surprised.]
UNK said on 24/Jan/07
Yeah Rob, I agree they are probably more like 3" heels. And Buscemi has some chunky boots on. Hard to say, because if Buscemi is really 5'8" his boots are getting him close to 5'10" and he only has her by about 2". I still think she is close to 5'4".

I could see why you wouldn't downgrade from this though.
Gemini said on 23/Jan/07
This picture shows the boots she was wearing at the indoor photoshoot. It has a very low heel...maybe 1 inch?

Click Here
UNK said on 19/Jan/07
She does look small by the ATM, so cute. I agree she is less than 5'5".
Anon said on 19/Jan/07
Here is Sienna in flats in front of an ATM. All we need is someone to measure the ATM, and we'll have our answer! Take a look at the average citizens around her. She is inordinately small:

Click Here
UNK said on 18/Jan/07
@Anon - I have always been a big fan of Moss, and think Sienna hott.. not really a fan though. Believe me when I say, I would prefer they were shorter. I would rather Moss be 5'4". 5'3" - 5'5" is my ideal height for a woman (although I don't judge a person by height).

I am just trying to call it like I see it. I would NOT be surprised if Miller were 5'3", I just haven't seen enough evidence putting her under 5'4". And I have already said I would expect Kate at 5'4.5", but really haven't seen anything proving her shorter than that. From the thousands of pics I have seen 5'5" seems to be closer to the truth.

Obvioulsy I am not the only one that feels this way. Editor Rob hasn't changed their listings because there is no real evidence.

Let me make this LOUD and CLEAR. I don't think being tall is better, so I am not "defending" them.. there is nothing to defend.
London said on 18/Jan/07
Thank you Anonymous.For all those who think Miller is any taller than 5'3 you have to see the picture Anonymous posted. Isla Fisher is no taller than 5'2 (she has stated this several times! as does this website). There might be an inch between Isla and Miller (Miller seeming a tiny bit taller). Thus proving my original point that Miller is 5'3.
Anon said on 17/Jan/07
UNK, an inch in heel height does not give an inch in actual height! Please read the article "Heel Height Truth" on this website. I also challenge you to try this with your own shoes. And in the photo I posted, Sienna has at most a 0.5-inch height advantage. I find it interesting how adamantly you are defending Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, to the point of ignoring photographic evidence. No offense, but it just seems like you're straining for cm's.
UNK said on 17/Jan/07
She appears taller than Sadie in that pic to me, and Frost's muddy boots definitely have at least and inch advantage over Sienna's flat soles.

I have no idea how tall Sadie is. All I am saying is that Miller seems to have 2" on her.
London said on 17/Jan/07
I checked Frost's height....perfect picture of her with Natalie Imbruglia....and seems that Melissa migth be right...Natalie is indeed no taller than 5'2 since I have seen her at the Ivy..and thus so is Sadie. Thus my dear UNK, Miller is not taller than 5'3 1/2....anything more would not make sense. And what heel in God's name are you talkig about...the muddy boots she had on...common get real and open your eyes properly, and what are going on about this nonsense of an extra 1 inch over Sadie!?!?! There is not difference!!
Melissa said on 16/Jan/07
Sadie Frost is 5'2.5, I've seen her enough times to be sure. there's no way she's 5'4.
UNK said on 16/Jan/07
In the pic Anon posted Frost has the heel advantage by at least an inch, and Miller still seems about an inch taller. How does that make them the same height? If Frost is 5'3", and has an inch heel advantage, that would put Miller close to 5'5"... 5'4.5" maybe.
London said on 16/Jan/07
Who in God's name ever said this girl is 5'6. Again, we have people here who write utter nonsense but do not check their facts or pictures properly. She is no taller than 5'3. Want proof...look at the pic. Anon posted. Sadie Frost is actually 5'3 and they are very much the SAME height. Remind me again why people lie about their height?
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/07
I think she may need a downgrade. Penelope Cruz is said to be about 5'4, this is her and Sienna. They seem to be about the same height, they are probably both wearing heels. Or Sienna is shorter. Also in some factory girl photos, her skinny jeans were so long they covered her entire heels to make it seem as if she wasnt wearing any.
Click Here
Anon said on 15/Jan/07
She looks 5-4 at most to me. Here she is with 5-4 Sadie Frost (I personally think Frost is shorter than this height).

Click Here
Ren said on 11/Jan/07
There is no way this girl is 5'6". Saw scenes from Factory Girl, and Hayden Christensen, who is listed as between 6' - 6'2" TOWERS over her. And let's face it, movies are likely to try to make her look taller. In the making of Star Wars pictures, Natalie Portman is often standing on a pillow or something (out of frame) to get her a little closer to Hayden's height, and she's supposedly 5'3".
Rose said on 3/Jan/07
Right there she is wearing what appear to be atleast three inch heels and no way in HELL is Anne Hathaway 5'7, she is 5'8. For Miller 5'6 seems good.
Elizabeth said on 3/Jan/07
No, 5'5" is too short for her. Here she is with Anne Hathaway (5'7"). Her knee is very much bent, and in the photograph she is only .5-1 inch shorter than Anne. Standing up straight without knee bent makes her about as tall, maybe a little bit shorter as seen in the 2nd picture I'm posting.

She's gotta be atleast 5'6" unless Anne Hathaway is inaccurately listed at 5'7". I mean, come on. :/

Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/07
about the modelling its def true that they lie about heights, my card says 5'6 when i'm only 5'4 + my agency says that it doesn't sign people shorter than 5'8. Also i've seen sienna miller around and i'd say she's between 5'3 and 5'4
gemini said on 3/Dec/06
Guys, check out these photos from the set of "Factory Girl". She's barefoot in all of them and looks much smaller than I imagined her to be! I'm not good at estimating height, so what do you guys think her height is, judging from these photos?

Click Here
Lovely B said on 12/Nov/06
MK is not 5'1. Here she is listed as 5 ft and everyone says she is shorter than that. 5'1 is not that short. I'm 5'1, 5'2 in the morning. Its petite and below the exact average but its not like a midget or anything (Mary Kate is 4'9 or 4'10, different story). Sienna could easily be my height. The height difference between her in heels and Jude is about the same height difference between me in heels and guys I know who are 5'10.
ThisGirl said on 6/Oct/06
I don't get why people constantly feel the need to make celebritie seem shorter than they actually are. Seriuosly... it's kinda weird.
And posting pictures doesn't exactly prove anything since you cannot tell somebody's actual height by simply looking at a photo. Seriously... lets get real.
Plus comparing certain celebrities to others they're standing next to is pointless. A lot of them lie... and a lot of these women love to wear high heels. You can never really tell.
I personally think Sienna is very close to 5'5"... but what do I know other than what I've seen in pictures that are such an unreliable source.
Anybody who claims that she's 5'1" really needs a reality check. That's like Mary-Kate olsen... and lets face it, that girl is very short.
Lucy said on 1/Oct/06
oh and in an interview, the journalist says she's 5'3" and even had a nickname i can't remember in school because of her petite frame.
Lucy said on 25/Sep/06
she also says she's 'way too short' for the catwalk.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
Yeah, they fudge measures to. I have a 28 inch waist (or did when I was modeling) and they always put 25. It's more about build than reality. Like Heidi Klum, she's 5'6". Kate Moss? 5'4". The height/measures myths are how the industry perpetuates it's mystery and unattainability. If you come in and look like the next Kate Moss, attitude and all, and measure 5'4", they'll sign you and say 5'7. True story.
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/06
Well, look at pics of jude with Nora Jones and you will see that Sienna doesn't come any higher. She is 5'3".
bella said on 10/Jul/06
Anonymous is absolutely right. I'm in the business as well, modelling in Denmark. I'm 5'5½ and my card has me at 5'7½ .. They told me they put me a few inches taller, because I'm only 15, therefore still growing, but a lot of the older models have 2 inches or so more on their cards as well.. so I think Sienna might very well be shorter than 5'6. But she is very cool :)
sianna said on 1/Jul/06
i dont no y people think she is so small...all the pics of her i have seen in magazines show that sh has very long how can she be any shorter than 5'5? it makes sense if jude law has been bumped up to 5'11..then with her in heels she is hat 5'9? i think 5'5- 5'6 is right
Viper652 said on 29/Jun/06
So they fudge measurements like waist and bust sizes as well?
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/06
When a model agancy lists you at 5'6", you are 5'4". It's a business not entirely built around honesty, kids. They fudge EVERYTHING to sell you to multi million dollar clients. I was with one of the top in NY and at 5'7" they had me at 5'9" and the measurements on our cards? Yeah right!!!

And I've seen Sienna Miller and she was about 5'3". Take it from the sightings here. No one mistakes 5'6" for 5'3". And look at pics. She's really short. Really short. But her proportions are perfect (besides her lack of a neck!:)
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/06
Seen her a lot. She's 5'4" on a good day.
Anonymous said on 10/Jun/06
Btw, the secret of all those cache links is, you have to mark the whole link with the cursor again and click enter. Then they mostly work. ;)

[Editor Rob: yes, you can hit ctrl+f5]
Tara said on 9/Jun/06
Liana, I just saw Rachel Bilson the other day at a club in L.A and she is probably around 5'1.5, I am 5'3 and you could clearly see the difference, we were both wearing heels, I have heard before that Sienna is 5'3 to 5'4 from people that have seen her all over London so how can you call us idiots when you're clearly the one reading the heighs from sites endorsed by their publiscists? my friend is an entertainment lawyer and he tells me EVERYONE in Hollywood exagerates their heights by about 2 to 3 inches, I see them all the time walking around town so I know it's true. Jude law has said so himself that he is 5'9, and I've seen plenty of runway models who are still very tall but their agencies print even taller heights on their cards,also Sienna was never a runway model, print models can get away with height more if they're very beautiful so I think calling us idiots might be a little harsh of your part.
cluedin said on 19/May/06
ballet flats
Mimis said on 15/May/06
Cluedin, was Jessica wearing flats or heels at the Knicks game?
Editor Rob said on 1/May/06
Click Here

There's a couple pics bottom of that page with Kelly Hoppen who has said herself "I'm 5ft 51/2in"
cluedin said on 10/Apr/06
hopefully this works:
Click Here
cluedin said on 2/Apr/06
Actually, this site is the most accurate of any I've seen...I have seen many of these celebrities in New York and if anything they are slightly under where they are listed here. I haven't seen Sienna, but she's smaller that Jessica Alba by about 1.5-2 inches in the pics from Weinstein's pre-oscar party (both in heels). I did see Jessica at a Knicks game, walked right behind her, she is 5.5 1/2 to 5'6.
Brad said on 1/Apr/06
mhm no ,I think Liana is right. and u have to see the other people. and sienna looks taller than other people on the street,not like 1,65 ,you know. I think so, too. and I also think that this site makes every celeb much shorter than he actually is. only my opinion guys
Haylie said on 1/Apr/06
I'm curious how do you know Rachel Bilson is 5'4 especially when she has said 5'2 herself? Also is about the only place where the information has not be submitted by publicists (and we all know they like to add an inch or 2 on it's naive to think they don't) the info is from many different sources and IMO the most reliable place to find celeb heights
Liana said on 31/Mar/06
haha ,are u all idiots? sienna miller is also a MODEL ,and she's exactly 5'6. and NEVER EVER 5'1. rachel bilson is 5'4 (yes she IS) and sienna is a little bit bigger than her.everywhere is written that sienna is 5'6 ,this is the only page ,where's standing that she's 5'5 ... on other page she's always 5'6 or more ,and jude law is probably 6'0 or 6'1 ... wooah .. soo silly
theheightguru said on 27/Mar/06
I agree, Rick. Time for a downgrade on this one.
Rick said on 24/Mar/06
She's more 5'4". The first pic is her with 5'4" Marissa Tomei and the second pic is with her and Boston Legal's Mark Valley (5'11").
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Click Here
anonoymous said on 9/Feb/06
If Sienna is always wearing around 5 inch heels and Jude Law is 5'9"... exactly how could she possibly be 5'5" if she is about 3 inches shorter than him at premieres???
Roppal said on 9/Feb/06
I don't think Sienna tries to hide her height. So what if she wears heels when at an event/prmiere - a lot of women do. I see her more in flipflops, Uggs and barefeet around London. She's not got a omplex about her heigh - a lot of girls want to look and dress like her these days anyway.....
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/05
She is always wearing four inch to six inch heels or wedges, and she comes up to a little higher than Jude Law's (5'9" frame) chin. So... if she was REALLY 5'5... she would be taller than him!!! This girl is at most 5'3". She needs a downgrade for sure!
Ame said on 25/Nov/05
Saw Sienna Miller at Heathrow Airport and she was wearing Ugg like boots and I'm positive she's 5'3"....possibly 5'2" barefoot b/c she was dead even with my little brother who is exactly 5'3" she def needs a downgrade
Madeline said on 8/Nov/05
I don't believe that Law is 5'10" but if he truly is,
Sienna would be closer to his height if she was 5'5" in the heels she wears.
She is conceivably 5'3" but probably shorter.
Madeline said on 8/Nov/05
She is not 2" shorter than Jennifer Garner, more like 5" shorter.

Keira Knightly is only 5'4"
Madeline said on 8/Nov/05
When you wear a shoe that you clearly stand funny in, it is over 4.5". She looks crippled in those things. 5'5" is an absurd height for this tiny girl.
Real T said on 8/Nov/05
The giant heels she is wearing are indeed built on a platform. They probably raise her up 4" to 5" (with 1" platform and 5" heel). If she is 5'5", she is 5'9" in those shoes. If she is 5'1", she is 5'6" in those shoes. I would say she is between 5'1" and 5'2".
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/05
Pics of designer shoes near 6".
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/05
5'1" - 5'3" is the range to argue within. NOT 5'5" - 5-6".
My guess said on 8/Nov/05
I think she is 5'6
look with keira kngithley
ii said on 3/Nov/05
regardless of 4.5" ot 6", she still only comes to 5'5" or 5'6" with them on. She really is only 5'1" - 5'3" max.
What said on 3/Nov/05
They are most certainly 5" shoes!! No doubt. And I think they have platform which raises the added height. That girl is short as shindig. I am 5'8' and if I wore those suckers I'd be taller than all those dudes. Those are THE single most hilarious shoes I've ever seen in an attempt to look tall.
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/05
Rob, You're certainly no girl. Those are 6 inch shoes. They have a built in platform and a heel impossible to walk on. 4.5" is normal looking in photos. Those are insane stripper-height shoes. At least agree that they are 5" - 5.5" shoes.
What said on 2/Nov/05
She is 5'2" at best. I hear from most of my industry frinds that she is a midget, like obscenely short.
Viper652 said on 30/Oct/05
Honestly, I always thought this chick looked 5-2 at best.
CelebHeights Editor said on 29/Oct/05
Her agency (Select Models) lists her as 5ft 6.
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/05
Sienna can't be over 5'3". Just look at her. And, yes, she can easily wear 5" heels. Sarah Jessica Parker has them especially made for her if she can't find them. Sienna sightings far and wide say "not over 5'4" and I saw Jude Law in NY and he was probably 5'8".
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/05
in that picture from getty, jude law is kind of slouching & sienna is wearing heels... i'd say she's about 5'4-5'5.
charli said on 6/Sep/05
met her after her show,she must be about 5'5'',seeing as in 5'4 and she was only slightly taller
CelebHeights Editor said on 21/Aug/05
A fan from Sienna forum: "When I met her she was smaller than me and I'm 5'6/5'7"

and "One girl said she was a little over 5'5" and Sienna was at least an inch shorter than her"
Paula said on 10/Aug/05
Saw her. She is 5 ft 2.

[Editor Rob: just to offer perspective, I think you submitted 2 other eye witness accounts. Joshua Jackson who you said was tall guy in the 6ft 1-2 range and Beckham 5ft 10. That kind of height of course really supports the old 'Jude Law' 5ft 9 :)]
Luce said on 3/Jul/05
saw her the other day at the theatre. SHe is a MIDGET 5 foot. tops. NO JOKE
British Guy said on 1/Jul/05

God She Is Gorgeous!!

Sorry Though I Think She Is Below This Height,

Perhaps The Lady In Question Is More 5ft 5in, Rob?

Sienna When You Are Tired Of Boresome Jude You Can Come To Me!!
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/05
She is 5'4, 5'5 max.

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