How tall is Ted Levine

Ted Levine's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

American actor best known for roles in TV series such as Monk, Crime Story and The Bridge. In film he has appeared in The Silence of the Lambs, Ironweed, Georgia, Heat, Joy Ride and Shutter Island. In an episode of that show Monk questions how tall Stottlemeyer (Levine) is, Levine says 6ft, and monk asks him his real height to which Levine says "5ft 11"

How tall is Ted Levine
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Average Guess (20 Votes)
5ft 11.04in (180.4cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Jan/23
Didn’t Hannibal reel off his height as 5ft10?

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jul/22
Ted must have one of the creepiest voices in show business, certainly in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’!

5ft11. He towers over Jodie Foster.
Stinky 186 cm said on 27/Aug/21
I don’t understand why people feel so insecure when it comes to height now it could be a bias since the average height of U.S. males is anywhere between 5’ 9” to 5’ 9 1/2” but I remember when I was 15 which was not too long ago I was 5’ 11” on the dot (180.34 cm) well at least in the afternoon and I didn’t feel insecure about at all cause a lot of kids in my grade were shorter than me and even around adults like walking around in everyday society I was taller than most in a crowd so 5’ 11” isn’t a bad height at all so it makes me sad when 5’ 11” people claim 6’ 0” cause they don’t feel that they’re good enough cause in reality they are but then again this is coming from someone who has been tall they’re whole life And I was an early bloomer too I had 3 major growth spurts when I was 11 I went from 5’ 3” to 5’ 7” the summer of 6th going into 7th And I was stuck at 5’ 7” for about a year lol I grew 2 inches after that at 5’ 9” and I was around 13 and a half at 15 I was 5’ 11” at 16 I was 6’ 0 1/4” and at 17 I stopped growing and reached the height that I am today at 6’ 1 1/4” but still when I was 5’ 11” I felt tall around most people but anyway let’s get to the point I think that this guy is a legit 5’ 11”
Genau said on 29/Dec/20
5ft11 peak now 5ft10 3/4
Vexacus said on 16/May/20
Haha you know you're Obsessed With Height when you take movies claims , LOL. Good description of Dr. Lecter . I could describe him anything in the 5'10-5'11 range.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Jan/20
Since I bought an Andrew Scarborough fridge magnet on the internet, I've been showered with offers for celebrity fridge magnets and other souvenirs. I was just offered one of Ted Levine as Buffalo Bill. No thank you, but I know a few people who would relish sporting a magnet like that on their fridges!

I just found 5ft11 for Ted, which checks with the figure here, so 5ft11 it shall be!
Daycringeothon said on 11/Nov/19
Buffalo Bill described as 5’10” . In his 30’s or 40’s. 180 pounds powerfully built. Lector’s description of ‘Multiple’ Miggs (for fun) 6’0” mid to late 40’s anorexic. 150 pounds.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 4/May/19
In the pilot episode for Monk, Tony Shalhoub aka Adrian Monk asks Ted Levine's character, Leland, how tall he was. He said he was 6'0, but Monk knew that was off and he asked him, "No, really." And then he said he was 5'11 at last. So, on the show, Ted Levine goes on record with his height.
Vexacus said on 29/Aug/18
I'm watching Silence of The Lambs , Levine is a solid 5'11 . Lecter's description is good.
Sandy Cowell said on 6/May/18
Oh yes, after catching Ted in Film Four's unexpected but extremely welcome showing of the film 'Shutter Island', I have no trouble whatsoever in giving this actor 5ft11!

Ted looked so utterly different to how he did in 'The Silence of the Lambs' that it was his unique voice which contributed to my recognizing him as much as his face and height!

Although the film spans some 2 and a half hours, it is so interesting and enjoyable that the time simply flew by! Films based on mental institutions tend to really mess with one's head, and this film must come up trumps for its capacity to do just that! Ted's role as a guard is fiercely appropriate as his voice and hypnotic eyes would certainly render me terrified to disobey him if it was him sent to capture me from an escape attempt! The aforementioned attributes are equally as fearsome as a threatening 6ft6" guy's sheer stature might be!

As well as giving me a taste to attain more of Ted Levine's films, it has also aroused my interest in many other actors. I Googled 'Shutter Island's' cast while actually watching the film and came to the decision that I have many new actors and actresses to explore or re-explore, including Patricia Clarkson and one guy who measures 166cm and whose first name is Jackie! He was simply brilliant, and didn't need a tall height to be menacing! In fact, one thing all these actors had in common was just that! Regardless of height, they were beautifully chosen for their parts. Ben Kingsley, by no means a tall man, can act as ANYONE! He pulls at the heartstrings in 'Schindler's List' and as far as 'Sexy Beast' is concerned, chalk and cheese spring to mind, the contrast is that drastic. He was so dear and sweet in 'Schindler's List' that it took me a while to realize it was the same star as the filthily-spoken but funny Cockney in 'Sexy Beast'!

Now I think it's time to visit some other pages! I shall enthuse at the thought of seeing Ted in whatever else he has to offer! Oh, I am pretty much hooked in his ability to fulfill any part! Any recommendations would be welcome!
Tall Sam said on 30/Apr/18
Yeah, he was more likely at peak somewhere in the 5'10" to 5'11" range, never a solid 5'11" but for maybe first thing in the morning, he might have lost some for sure by now. I'm a fan of his and seen a lot of his work, in Monk for example he usually looks just a strong 5'10" range guy, barely edging Tony Shalhoub.

He was lean and not particularly muscular looking in Sotl, but he has a kind of seething intensity that makes him kind of a frightening presence in many films. I'm pretty sure most wouldn't want to run into many of his characters in a dark alley.
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Apr/18
Typical! I arranged to see 'Shutter Island' and leave my guess box dependant on seeing the film - and then I can't find it! So I will relent and put 5ft11 for the guy and now I bet the film turns up!

I remember now that I took it upstairs to watch, but was sidetracked as is so often the case! Mind you, while looking for it just now, I did find my copy of 'Neon Demon' and a couple of films still in their transparent wrappings! They are 'Elegy', a tale about an older man (the brilliant Ben Kingsley), who falls in love with a beautiful young woman, played by Spanish actress Penelope Cruz! I have seen the trailer to this film and it looks delightful, and with a cast like this, Dennis Hopper included, it was a cinch to buy and investigate!

The other is called 'Maggie' and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin and Joely Richardson! Another film I bought purely for its stars! I don't half get distracted easily, but that's what happens when you have many 'towers' of films dotted about the house, many of which are nearly as tall as you are!

Before any more distractions, I will put 5ft11 for Ted, and wait until another day to find out whether he still looked like Goldilocks's brother in 'Shutter Island' as well as 'The Silence of the Lambs'! 🐏
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Apr/18
Didn't Hannibal Lector estimate his height as 5ft10? Well, he was described as being in his 30's or 40's with real physical strength (by Clarice actually!) and then when you see him standing in front of the mirror dancing, you think 'deranged' rather than 'strong'; he looks rather svelte in that scene too!

Yup, I am talking, of course, about 'The Silence of the Lambs', in which Ted plays one of the most disturbed killers in cinema history. He does look a great deal taller than Jodie Foster's Clarice Starling, who at 5ft2.5, is by far the smallest member of the cast, which are mainly men - tall ones and those of tall/medium height. I can certainly go for 5ft11 for Ted, as Hannibal was only estimating, and shouting out the information in one of his sudden and hurried spurts!

That's all I have to go on, folks! Ooh, nice... I notice this guy is also in 'Shutter Island', which I have and now, more than ever, I have every intention of watching again! It will be interesting to see if Ted still looks like a disturbed version of 'Goldilocks' - and I would genuinely enjoy seeing this guy, who starred in one of cinema history's greatest films, appearing in something completely different! I can also compare him to Leonardo di Caprio, who is 5ft11 as well!

I will put in my estimate after I've seen 'Shutter Island' this Sunday afternoon!
Scott said on 17/Jul/17
I can believe the full 5'11'' in his younger days. I think he has dipped a bit under it these days. I'd say 5'10.5''to 5'10.75'' max.
Charlie said on 3/Apr/17
He looks 5 ft 8 if anything. I don't think he is 5 ft 10 no way. In heels maybe lol.
Mat said on 25/Jun/16
Rob, Hannibal described him as ''5-foot-10'' Click Here
Sam said on 14/Apr/15
That's also the height listed in the APB for his character a few scenes later in Silence.
benhom said on 11/Feb/15
I don't know if this is reliable but in silence of the lambs Hannibal says he's "about 5'10".
Sam said on 5/Dec/14
Rob, can you up his credits such as this? "US Actor best known for his roles on TV in Crime Story, Monk and The Bridge and in films including Ironweed, The Silence of the Lambs, Georgia, Heat, Joy Ride and Shutter Island".
drammensveien1 said on 25/Oct/14
strange That The Silence of the Lambs is not mentioned here, for me he will always be the actor who played Buffalo Bill. 180 Sounds right, a boring height, not high or low just average height. the Fictional character Buffalo Bill draws inspiration from six real-life serial killers one is Edmund Kemper, Kemper height is quite interesting he is 6 ft 9 inches (2.06 m) and weighs more than 300 pounds. thank you mr. Rob for one of my favorite Websites, you should maybe Consider to mention Ted Levine's role in Silence of the Lambs, that was his big breakthrough role, without it it's not Certain That we would know who he is today. PS to anyone who likes Ted Levine, He plays a very fascinating character together with Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur in the highly underrated 1996 Movie Bullet
Light said on 31/Aug/14
5'10" not 5'11" hes 5'10"
Sam said on 11/Oct/13
He's an actor I want to be taller for some reason, LOL, but I think he could be a 5'10.5" guy. I've been watching a lot of Monk recently and in some shots he doesn't even look a full inch over Tony Shaloub and often looks 2 inches or so shorter than over 6 foot actors on the show. Also back in Heat, he and 5'10.5" Wes Studi seemed to be the same exact height.
Mr. Tempus said on 2/Jan/13
i agree ted levine is 5´11- 5´11.25 tops, and tony shalhoub is 5´9.75
Bouncer said on 13/Oct/12
Rob, why is he mentioned as being 5'10 in silence of the Lambs??
Editor Rob
could he be? I think today he might look it sometimes, but 20 years ago I thought he looked taller than a flat 5ft 10.
George Fergadiotis said on 11/Feb/12
Ted Levine with 5ft 10-5ft 11 David Henrie Click Here
He looks shorter that a max 5ft 11 David Henrie. Maybe after all Levine is shorter than 180cm Rob?
Editor Rob
he could have lost a cm in height by now
George Fergadiotis said on 9/Feb/12
Rob Ted Levine looks about 5 cm taller than 177 cm Tony Shalhoub. Do you think that Levine is taller than 5ft 11?
jasperwazap said on 9/Jan/12
how tall was the guy who played miggs in silience of the lambs 6'1''-6'1.5''
Lebensdorf said on 7/Jul/11
I don't think more than 5'10, next to Tony Shaloub on Monk, and this was the height of his character in Silence of the Lambs.
George Fergadiotis said on 8/Jun/11
I understand that in some cases 5ft 11 means 179cm because if you think if Levine was strong 180cm Rob would have list him at 5ft 11.25 or 5ft 11.5
George said on 25/May/11
Rob how can you be sure it's the right height that they are barefoot, can you say that you maybe give them 1 cm or maybe more?

Editor Rob
it has to be a best guess. Remember in many cases you can change what your estimate is.
George said on 16/May/11
Rob i just want to ask you, you list their height in the morning or in the evening?

Editor Rob
nearer what I'd say was evening than morning, although sometimes if you are not quite sure if someone was say 5ft 10.5 or 11, you might find more often than not 5ft 11 would be listed.
jtm said on 17/Apr/11
i would say 5'11 but sometimes he looked the same height as tony shalhoub in monk and some are claiming he is no more than 5'8.
Aaron said on 29/Mar/11
I figured he was about 5'10". Doesn't stand straight though so I'd call him 5'11". Not a big guy, yet carries himself with enough dignity that it doesn't matter.
Patrick said on 23/Feb/09
In a bad movie with D. Duchovny (Evolution) he appears to be about the same height and in any case "as short as 5'11"! He probably is but that's strange anyway.
fred said on 4/Dec/08
no they say he's 5'10
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/08
in silence of the lambs, when they give the description of buffalo bill, they say he is 5'11" w/baby blue eyes
Anonymous said on 1/Mar/08
Levine is one tall-looking 5-11er. When I watch him on Monk, sometimes I swear I am looking at a full six-footer.
D said on 21/Dec/07
In The Silence of the Lambs they say he's 5'10"
dmeyer said on 11/Jul/07
his build can make him look 5'7
Roadrunner said on 26/Aug/06
I thought he would be on the 6 foot plus side of things
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/06
is body looks not long but 5'11 is possible
Energizer said on 1/Nov/05
ted levine in the silence of the lambs, he gives a chilling performance, he looks about 6'2'' he looks tall, in one scene where he answers the door, he towers over jodie foster.

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